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REVIEWS OF American Museum of Natural History IN New Jersey

Patrick MacDonald

I love museums. There is lots of great exhibits and information here. Definitely a must if you are visiting New York.

Farhan Siddiqui

One of the most amazing museums I have been to! There is no entry fee to view general exhibits and you can pay any amount you like to enter. There is however a fee to view the special exhibits. It’s a huge museum and it can be crowded, so it can take nearly 4 hours or more to explore the museum completely. Definitely check out the dinosaur exhibits because they are amazing!

Honest Reviewer

This museum is the single most amazing museum that I've been to. Very huge and extremely informative. Do not do the mistake I've done - to try and cover the entire museum in one go. Instead visit multiple times and spend time leisurely. There is a suggested donation for the entry ticket. But, you can purchase the tickets for as little as $1 per person. So thankful to all the people maintaining this amazing gem of a museum!

Jamil Amarti

This place will definitely leave you in owe. It gives you the chance to see the whole world inside one building, and also takes you back in time to visit every civilization that you could think of. I spent 4 hours and probably seen 1/4 of the museum. We will definitely come back to finish the journey. There's a parking on site if you can't find a spot on the street

Fullmetal Autobot

I was here back in July. Been here a few times. It's always fun and lots to see. Not enough time for everything either. Love the dinosaur section.


My family and I visited AMNH a couple days ago and it has cleaned up immensely from the last visit almost 7 years ago. However, as a Creationist there are no exhibits in a public museum that take this heavily researched field of perspective into consideration. In the huge spaces that are filled with everything from Plankton to Meteors, there could be a corner dedicated to these well researched and documented fields of Creationism.

Sara Weaver

I am really disappointed in how the butterfly garden was treated during my visit. Initially, walking in, you are supposed to be let into the area so that no butterflies escape. The worker sat in a chair across the room signalling us to go in, not having a care in the world as to whether they got out or were killed in the doorway. If you view a small insects life as insignificant, fine. But maybe your career should be pondered when its specifically to take care of that kind of exhibit in a learning and respectful facility. There were parents with children running around stomping and swatting at the fragile creatures. A butterfly landed on a child and the child started screaming and flailing violently, nearly smashing the butterfly to bits. There was another butterfly on the ground and the woman working said she "hopes for the best" that it doesn't get stomped on when I asked her if I could move it to safety and she said no. This is supposed to be an educational experience where humanity learns about nature and all of the animals that we coexist with. Children incapable of not smashing a butterfly when it lands on them or running around should be in a parents arms or simply not in such a fragile environment. "Hoping for the best" is not a wise option when there is something to be done in the atmosphere you WORK in. I am disgusted by the lack of respect given to this site, and frankly Theodore Roosevelt would be too. When his quotes are on the walls leading to the site they should be respected. I still have nightmares when thinking of the absolute bloodbath that took place in that room.

Hipolito Romero

Very large and informative place to visit. Some more popular exhibits tend to get over crowded (dinosaurs & food court, for example) but you can beat the crowds by going on weekdays and when summer school programs are finished. Don't be discouraged by the "admission price" they'll happily take a smaller donation for dull admittance.

Alexander Barrett

I love this museum. Especially the bird dioramas. The painted landscapes behind all the animal displays are amazing. The Squid vs Whale display: there was garbage under the whale. Arizona tea bottle, waste paper, and a few bits and pieces. Quite funny. Who throws their garbage in a museum exhibit?

Jerome Ng

Do not get me wrong, I do not hate the museum. In fact it is informative and that it has a nice coverage of things. The downside is that my kid is already a teenager so that it was less interesting for her. Though in fairness to the museum, dinosaurs are truly represented which is part of my interest. Also, there was a part where guests were allowed to touch skulls and a tooth. I found that interesting.

Patricia Harrison

Amazing place. Everyone who visit NYC should spend some time at this museum. Make sure you have 4+ hours, because its huge!

Niv Pai

Just wow!! This museum is absolutely amazing. You can easily spend half a day or more here. Each exhibit is beautiful and well made. The animal exhibits are the best part with some gorgeous dioramas. The taxidermies are so lifelike for the most part. I have visited this place multiple times and I never get tired of it. Would highly recommend.

Sarah Armoto

The museum itself is a fantastic place to visit. Tip: If you're on a tight schedule pick up a map and hit up your must see areas and skip the rest. You could spend hrs. Inside. Would have been a 5 star rating if it weren't for the nasty bathrooms. A lot of the toilets seemed to not be working the day we were there so they had been used multiple times without being able to flush. Disgusting!

c Qiang

Definitely come here on a Free Days At The Museum day! Or else pay fifty dollars for two people. The museum is so big, it’s almost impossible to finish it in a day. Look for your favorite places before you go in, and keep in mind there will already be a line of fifty people waiting for the museum to open twenty minutes before it does. My boyfriend and I had a great time wandering the museum, and especially enjoyed the space and dinosaur section.

Carole Goldman

What a great and interesting place to visit. Went early so crowds not too large. The cafe has fresh foods and is a nice place to take a break. Museum personnel kept everyone moving and were very helpful. All places kept real clean and pleasant.

Abdallah abu ghalyoun

Huge range of displays and exhibits for a very reasonable entry fee. Could have spent much longer there, but was pleased with everything we managed to see. Of particular interest was the discovery room. It's aimed at kids but adults will find it fascinating too, especially the upstairs area (kids 8 and over only up here) where you can view a variety of creatures and items under microscopes while the science is explained to you. Our host upstairs was Barbara and she was do knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommend a visit here if visiting New York.

Travel Eat

This place is magnificent! You can literally spend days here and not be able to see all that is showcased. Meticulously maintained possessing charm and warm character. Thousands and thousands of interesting items and artifacts within well organized displays. I have been here several times and, each time I visit, my expectations are exceeded! Courteous staff. Easy access from the subway and Central Park. Great fast food at the cafes! Be sure to put this on your To Do list when you visit the fabulous city of New York!!

Kevin Fulston

My wife and myself absolutely loved it here, kudos to the staff for the upkeep. The overall appearance inside of the museum was also very realistic inside of the displays. We can’t wait to come back again someday and enjoy it all over again. We would need a day or two to fully explore this magnificent place!

Toon Shader

Absolutely breath taking. I am a HIGHLY educated individual. I take my dog for walks and know how to set my clock. And believe me while I tell you, them DAMES!. Drop low and feel that crop before they hop, it ain't slop. Just line a good soda pop before a good flop.

Themis Thomassin

Highly recommend coming here while in New York! They have great exhibits and also special exhibits that always change. It's a massive building so make sure you bring a lot of time with you. Prices are reasonable. Very friendly staff that will always help you. I would recommend not going on the weekend or on holidays or afternoon/ evenings as it is extremely crowded and loud making it hard to concentrate and enjoy everything. Besides that we had a wonderful time!


Awesome museum! It’s massive and so many diff exhibits- i kept on thinking that I’d seen it all but then there was even more to see! The exhibit for the oceans was really nice . When I went the lines to get in were quite long - idk if it’s usually like that. You’ll want to save a few hours for this museum as there is so much to see. Can be a little hard to find one’s way around, but the employees were very friendly and helpful, and I believe they have an app as well to give turn by turn directions . All in all - a great place for those interested in natural history, and even somewhat great for those who are not as into such things

Florencia Valdes

Spectacular museum! Our family enjoyed every moment we spent here, you could spend the entire day and still not fully appreciate every exhibit. We purchased tickets that included the special exhibitions and we are so glad we did. They were so worth the time to experience. My youngest, 7, had a blast in the T-Rex exhibit, it was wonderful and he could’ve spent the entire day there if we let him. My older son enjoyed the VR feature, I can’t say enough good things about the entire museum. My personal favorite exhibit was the Ocean room, the giant blue whale is just breathtaking in size. One thing that families should know, they have a cafe there fully stocked with lots of food options so don’t worry about being there all day, you can stay inside and enjoy a meal. Their service is also stellar. Very helpful, patient and kind to tourists like us. Thank you all :) Next time we visit NYC, we will 100% come back.

Monica Mehmi

This was one of the highlights of my trip!! Spend the entire day here, it's got so much to offer. They have wayyyy to much too see and explore and read and learn about. I could not stop taking pictures. It was pay what you could. They had additional exhibitions you can participate in for extra cost. As I said spend the entire day here, you will not regret it. This is the first place I'm going back to when I visit again. Awesome for solo excursion or family time, all ages!

spencer seitz

I was very disappointed to be honest. I was expecting some really cool things. Yeah, some of it was ok, but overall I found it boring, gross, and/or dusty. The majority of the time I felt like I was on a budget school field trip. One dusty decomposing taxidermy after another, it was depressing. Also I felt like there were as many gift shops as exhibits, literally one around every corner. If you have a bland life, love dead animals and are easily may love this place.


A great place to visit in New York. A single day is not enough to explore the museum since it is really huge and is a storehouse of knowledge. One can learn about the theory of evolution, animals, their habitats etc. It's the perfect place to bring students as it provides immense knowledge through life sized models, equipments, sculptures etc. One can find a variety of manuscripts here. The museum also has interactive exhibits which attract a lot of young explorers. This place is often visited by families. One definitely has to visit this place twice or thrice to get the most out of it. If you are a history buff, do visit this place! It's phenomenal.

Leandro Mega

Spent a couple hours in here and it was really great. You could easily spend half a day here without too much effort. Would be nice to have had a guided tour through it all but I’m sure this would have taken the whole day if not more as there is just so much to see. Not sure if the animals inside the glass were real but they sure looked real!

Vandana D

Wonderful museum. Amazing exhibits. You need plenty of time to enjoy all the exhibits throughly. Loved this museum. Would definitely like to visit once again. They have covered natural history of many major countries. Must visit location in your NY trip.

Richard RENAUX

It is a very good museum. The animals are really well made, from the toes to the fur it really feels like you are in front of the different animals of the world. The dinosaurs are beautiful as well. It will take you a solid three hours if you want to see 3/4 of the museum by walking fast and focusing on the main rooms. A whole day may be wiser if you planned to see all of them

Frances Loke Wei

Especially loved the exhibition on North American forests and the large cross-section specimen of the Californian sequoia tree on the first level. ♥️ A nice peek into the natural flora and fauna of the US to be explored in a day.

Rick C

What an amazing museum. I could spend eternity wandering this place and still find new and amazing things to learn and discover. Well curated and well designed. He artifacts are incredible and there is plenty of space to sit and enjoy the space without feeling rushed. Also tons of interactive elements

Julian Miranda

This place is so epic bro like actually I could spend days at a time in this museum. I used to go all the time when I was little and now I go up to NY to visit and I will always come back to this museum every time because of how much stuff it has to offer. This place is so amazing and I highly suggest really taking the time to sit there and read about all the different species and learn about the history of earth and the universe. Instead of just walking around and naming the animals and touching the fossils actually read and learn lol. Also the food is very very expensive so I would suggest eating before or after a visit there. Super awesome museum one of my favorite places on earth.


Go by yourself or with someone who is highly interested. I'm the type who likes to read about each piece bit by bit. It's still worth it though. The only problem is that many things are fake, which took away from the experience, since it was super obvious for some areas. Also, come on a day where it isn't so crowded if possible...


Amazing artifacts at this museum. Many floors of stuff to see from all over the world. I think the price listed for admission is about $25pp but if you read the fine print, it says suggested donation. Meaning you don’t HAVE to pay $25, it’s only suggested. We paid $5pp but technically you could pay 25¢. All museums in NYC are donation only.

J Short

A great museum with grand exhibits and small hidden away gems. One of the best dinosaur exhibits that does a great job walking you through all of the ages. The hidden, quiet area are the best and worth getting lost as you find them. It’s easy to get lost or turned around as you make your way through. Don’t plan on doing everything in a day.

Nelia Gonzalez

This place was AWESOME my son went crazy when he saw the Tyrannosaurus Rex

Richard Fuller

Superb. An incredible mix of all sorts of wonderful exhibits and shows. The venue is cavernous and you could spend days just walking around and to totally explore could take much longer. I highly recommend the Dark Universe in the Hayden Planetarium. It introduces you to one of the biggest mysteries in modern physics, dark matter and dark energy.


Wonderful place to spend hours and really have a good time with the family. Get there early as the lines can get long. The cost is based on you, they give suggestions on how much to spend, but don’t question you or give you a guilt trip if you give less. Spend the time on each floor and really enjoy all that this place offers

Shirly Niego

Amazing museum! We've spent 5 hours here, and we left only because we couldn't stand anymore! This is a pay as you wish place.

Jeremy Carter

My new favorite museum. Get here early to beat the crowds. This museum is massive. I was mind blown how big it is. Saw the T Rex exhibit and it was incredible.

Piotr Bober

One of the best museums I've been to. It's huge, enormous, so you have to choose what you want to see. Animal section, or rather divided by continents and classes, is very cleverly made - they dioramas, so a background painted and the animal and some of its surrounding real. Very impressive and let you see each animal in its natural habitat. The dinosaurs section is also great, tons of skeletons and bones. There are ethnographic exibitons as well, so everyone will find something for themselves.

Jian Yi Zhang

World-class natural sciences museum. I really appreciated the free guided tour, but be warned that it's quite short and only scratches the surface of what the museum has to offer. The fossil exhibitions on the top floor are superb.

Alvo von Cossel

I had an excellent time wandering around this wonderful museum. It has some brilliant wildlife displays, as well as some very interesting sections on Native Americans (North, South and Middle America). As a European, I thoroughly recommend the sections on Native American history because there's very little in Europe about this topic. I also found the room discussing the large statue outside of the museum particularly fascinating. It's a very well thought-out exhibit dealing with the history of the White Man intervening in American life. Entry is free, so you are welcome to make a donation of any size if you so wish. You can spend hours in this place, or not long at all. It's all up to you. A lot of the wildlife sections are very child-friendly too, so bring the whole family as well!

alex mills

A must for New York, we entered via the subway and this saved a lot of time (would recommend). As the kids had just gone back to school it wasn't too busy which was nice. Loads to see and do, we spent 6 hours in there and didn't fully look at everything. The deep space talk/ film is well worth it. Only down side is that it was really cold in there for some reason, you could see the staff were cold, especially in the t-rex section. Overall a really good day out just should have bought a coat.

Abby Halluska

I do not recommend this museum. It is overpriced for what you get. The exhibits do not look real and are outdated and old looking. There are no interactive exhibits like I have seen in other large museums. The atmosphere is dead and dark. The staff was also unfriendly. Go to smithsonian museum of natural history in DC 100 times before you go there. (It is free of charge).

Pearline Long

Great place. So much to take in. Definitely need to check out the dinosaur exhibits at the museum.

amber palka

Absolutely awesome. You could spend days in here there is sooooo much information to take away from this place and lots of awesome exhibits to see.

Kenneth Johnson

Don't bother buying your tickets in advance. They make you wait in the ridiculously long ticket line anyway. Once inside it's boxes of dead things for about 50% of the area, 25% of the space for gift shops and another 25% for upselling opportunities. This might have been a museum 50 years ago, but it's a tourist trap now. Your time and money is better spent doing literally anything else in NYC.


It is time to take this adventure! Attention everyone! A treasure and masterpiece of cultural dynamics. This museum is a must see for everyone globally. I have had the opportunity to come here twice in my life, once as a youngster when I was in grammar school and the other as an adult. It was just last year. My son and I had an incredible time. I recommend the American museum of natural history to just about everyone in the world. Amazingly enough, it's breathtaking. It's educational. It's cultural. It's useful. It's mind blowing. It's good for everyone in the family. We learn about the origins of life and what existed possibly millions of years ago. It's a great time table of existence. The museum is rich in information that spans the globe. From birds to dinosaurs, from ancient civilizations to current day, from artifacts to clothing, from culture to revolution, fro m oceans to space, this museum takes you on an exploration in time of land, sea and space like we cannot even dream about. It is worth every step, dollar, thought and fascination that the human being can fathom. It takes the whole day and yes there is good food too. Go on a guided tour if you can. This is essential to a great learning process for young people. Go and enrich your life soon. Your life will be changed for sure. Visit soon! It's a beautiful day for the museum!!! Do not miss this. Try it.

Chanel Page

Wow!! Breathtaking museum. Huge. I wish I had a whole week just to visit this museum. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and kind, but unfortunately as it was the last tour (4.15) the other employees were constantly kicking us out of the exhibitions. I'm definitely coming back another day for a longer visit!!

Darlene Jordan

First let me say I read the other reviews in this museum before going and have determined you all delusional or dramatically deprived of what a great experience at a museum should be. The museum is over-priced and my family and I were extremely disappointed. We paid $98 To walk through little rooms with exhibits that were so simple a 4 year old could have designed them. The Mummy exhibit which I paid extra to see was also disappointing. Information was repeated to give the exhibit a larger feeling and was also incorrect which was noticed by several other patrons as well. If you can save your money and enjoy the free things available in Manhattan like Central Park. Take the Staten Island Ferry which is also free and see the Statue of Liberty. Avoid the American Museum of Natural History at all cost. It is a compete waste of time.

Chewman von Chewman

Poor signage everywhere inside, dimly lit and hard to read a map anywhere, even in hallways. No wayfinding signs. Exhibits themselves are sensational. The space, science, earth and T-Rex exhibits were amazing. Excellent for kids (if you don't loose them in the dark or get lost). Perhaps the maps could be updated and or put static maps in open areas with where and how far to next exhibit.

Joris Frenkel

There are so many interesting things to see here, you could spend several days. Although I am not a fan of stuffing animals, I appreciated the displays of those animals within representations of their natural environment. These are made so well that you can almost imagine the scenes coming alive right in front of you. I don't recall having seen anything like it before. Then of course there is the amazing collection of dinos, mammoths and many many other animal skeletons or replicas. Even without much effort it is very educative. And then it is not just natural history. They also have very interesting sections about non-western cultures. And the space center seems very interesting too, but I didn't have much time left to see it.

nanae yokohama

You never have enough time to be here. So much things to see even general admission. We considered to buy to see extra exhibition and didn't at end, but that was good idea for us. Even the range of general admission, we just saw part of 1st and 4th floor. Everything is so interesting. We love to see ancestors of current animals and see how they developed themselves. Our 6 years old daughter was so happy to see dinosaurs.

Banky Chalk

The museum is huge as most people know. There was an extremely long line when we arrived. The security was instructing people to turn the corner And head to the other entrance since that entrance had no line if they didn't but Very few people left the line. I was glad I was one of those people that laughed because a second entrance had no line and we entered the museum without any problems or waiting time. It was just nice to see statues and fossils and learn about the body and African animals and explore the different exhibits.. The weather was cold and I had friends from out of town so this was a great opportunity to learn, take pictures and have some educational fun. It was crowded with families and kids but still it was a good time.

Hervé Grangeret

The American Museum of natural history is a beautiful museum. Lots of interesting artifacts. The short movie about the bug bang is stunning. We did the Museum Highlight Tour with Bernard. He is a very kind guide and we learned a lot with him.


Loved this museum. There was so much to see, I'm not sure if we had the chance to see it all. Definitely something fun and educational for the family. I recommend it. Make sure you wear some comfortable sneakers you will have a lot of ground to cover. When I went, I was able to offer what I wanted to pay for a general ticket with no extra shows. The price they give you is a "suggested" price. I'm not sure if that's an everyday thing now but go check it's worth it!!

mariana aigner

Amazing! Learning about more about history always is a good thing! This is an incredible museum and they have so many details about other parts of the world! It's so good to see how they include all the parts of the world in one single place! Fascinating!

Cassy Dietrich

It was very informative. I liked that they were willing to point out problematic things. I didn't like that they called animals "gifts" to the museum.

Shell We Eat

Amazing museum that is very educational and inspiring! The only star I deducted is about the ticket system... there’s no “suggested price” on the self-service express ticket machine, so if you do not want to pay $23 for one adult ticket, you can wait in line for getting a ticket with your donation price


My first visit to New York! I had to visit this museum since I love dinosaurs! The customer service was excellent! I made my donation.

Tom Wood

This place is fantastic. Go as soon as they open, start on the top floor and work your way down. If the kids are into dinosaurs, they will love that part of the museum. There are a few parts that look a bit dated, but no matter, this is the best museum of it's type in the States. If you have time, you should also hit the attached Hayden Planetarium as well.

Jennifer Bailey

Amazing! Simply put, you have to visit this place if you come to NYC. I've been in several museums around the world, but this honestly takes the cake! The dino wing and exhibit for extinct creatures were fantastic! Loved it. Seriously loved it. 6 hours wasn't even enough to see it all. I'd go back absolutely no questions asked <3

Brayden Mora

The exhibits were wonderful, as expected of a ranked world-class museum. However, areas such as the larger exhibit rooms needed some audience flow & traffic control implemented. Some of the smaller cafes and restrooms needed TLC, i.e., plastic covering over the ceiling tile in the stalls. The main cafeteria was A-free-for-all with no order, something that needs to be managed much better in the Museum's physical layout. I believe this has produced a cause-and-effect and explains why some of the Museum staff have a negative attitude towards the patrons; I witnessed firsthand several staff being very short and impatient in their remarks toward patrons.

Katrina Waggoner

Having been to many museums in San Diego, D.C., and other places, we were looking forward to our visit and really wanted to love the museum. The exhibits, however are tired, many very very dark and all are dusty-dirty. Even the bronze sculptures are only partially dusted. The grounds are beautiful, but the interior of the building is not maintained, with many floor tiles loose or missing and parts of the ladies restrooms broken. Also beware, the entrance fee does not include the Dino exhibit. I’m glad we went, but wouldn’t go again or recommend it. Wish we’d spent our time somewhere else. So sorry!

Nicosia Hammond

So much to see. Get your tickets online. The lines are ridiculous. Plan to spend all day here. So many exhibits. The trex exhibit has many interactive area which are great for children.

Simon Landman

First time visit to this historic museum, and had a great time. There is a ton to see and do here. Plan to spend at least 3 hours, but ideally more. We did the basic admission, which was more than enough. The exhibits are in very good condition, and you get a sense of classic displays that have been well maintained. It’s a good idea to start at the fourth floor, and work your way down. The rooms are impressive, especially the entry hall with the dinosaurs and the ocean exhibit with literally a giant whale suspended from the ceiling. This is an affordable gem for anyone who likes museums and history. Definitely recommend going.

Helen Kalde

Displays and exhibits look nice, but they are little bit outdated and dusty. I expected more. But it was still fun to visit, because I remember the movie "Night at the Museum" from my childhood and it that was filmed there.

Nico Amatullo

Being here in New York City for so long and not going to this American Museum of Natural History was sort of a mistake. It’s the largest in nation and includes 4 floors of different exhibits by region. The museum layout can be a little overwhelming but there are guides near every entrance to different exhibits and were quite helpful, don’t know if this is just a summer program but they have guides that also let you hold bones of some of the different creatures in the exhibits. If you have kids, this is an ideal place to go on a day trip with them because there were so many of them present with at least 5 or 6 different school/tour groups that are in blobs running all over the place, so if you are looking for a peaceful and quiet time you will probably not get that. Overall I was happy to finally visit the museum where at night it (May or May not) come to life (like in the movie)

Sarah Rogerson

Perfect for a day out! We spent 6 hours here and we still didn't get to see everything! I would highly recommend going to see the shows that they do during the day. The space show was the best one out of all 3 definitely worth the extra price. The only thing I would recommend is to bring a jacket as it is really cold in the museum.

Karan Prasad

Highly recommend the Forest, Blue Whale, Dinosaurs. Great for tourists to see some something unique

Dylan Thacker

A great museum to check out! Pretty easy to navigate without any trouble, and everything was jaw dropping. You can check out whichever exhibits you’d like, and get through in 30 to 45 minutes, or easily look through everything and spend well over two hours.

Jaris Starling

Very accommodating staff ! Lolita in the cafeteria.& Big John ! Were from philly just here to see the A.A Museum. Today they had a power outage so we cam here. Just wanted to take a minute to leave a review about a particular staffer in the cafeteria. Very accommodating, very nice, great service

Maiara Rocha

Breathtaking museum. Huge. I wish I had a whole week just to visit this museum. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and kind, but unfortunately as it was the last tour (4.15) the other employees were constantly kicking us out of the exhibitions. I'm definitely coming back another day for a longer visit

Colin Liew

Takes more than one day to see all exhibits. Be prepared. Tons of stuff, dinosaurs, different people's cultures, history and origins, animals from over the world, the earth, planets, space exploration and much, much, more! Really enjoyed myself. Ran out of batteries for my phone so remember to take your power-bank with you. I had only one day and ran it off time. Did not get to the space, planets and earth sections add well as Asian Civilisations and most of the animals and birds on the 3rd floor. Next time then...

Nicholas D'Uva

It was great except it was hard to find restrooms. Not clearly marked. Also suggest you eat and bring a drink as food was a bit expensive for what they had.

Elaf Mohammed

amazing place to see. i saw night at museum movie during my 13 hour flight from Istanbul to Los Angeles then i decided to visit this place when i reach new York during my USA trip i recommend this place for every one adults and kids. please try to watch night at the museum series before visit it will add a special taste for you adventure here thanks

Brooke Gardner

One of the greatest museums in the entire world no doubt and probably my favorite museum I've ever visited. If it's your first time here be prepared to be overwhelmed in the best possible way. This museum has 5 levels all packed to the brim with an endless collection of artifacts and exhibits to see. The great part is that if you're not there to see a special exhibition or extra show then admission is pay what you wish. You have to donate something to get in but it can be as little as 50 cents or a dollar and trust me this museum would easily be worth the 25 dollars suggested admission price.

Jeffrey Horwitz

Great science and natural history museum. Amazing dinosaur fossils on display. Most of the special exhibits are well done. The planetarium has interesting exhibits and shows worth seeing. You can't come close to seeing it all in one day

Gurban Jalil

There are too many amazing exhibits and artifacts for me to mention. There is certainly something for everyone. That being said, I think we can all agree that this T-Rex poop is pretty remarkable.

Mark B Borg Jr

How does one begin to rate a place that you could visit every other day for, what? Perhaps the rest of your ever-lovin' life!! So, lived here for a couple of decades plus, began career, fell in love, had/have kids...this place is a compelling destination through all of it. Yeah, yeah, maybe a bit more during the kids stage, but--yeah--we love this place!!!

Heather Sturges

This has been one of my favorite places in the entire world since childhood. It's undergone many changes since I was a kid but it still has the same magic. it could be free or "donation based" for just the museum none of the special attractions or Planterium. The cafe and restaurants are good here- pro tip grab a sandwich from a local deli and eat outside because it is expensive to eat in the museum. If it's your first time here or it's been a while I suggest grabbing a map because it can be confusing. My only criticism- and maybe it's my faulty childhood memory- but you can tell what parts of the museum do not see the love they deserve. The gemstone section need a proper cleaning and dust off- and native American sections were so sadly neglected to name two sections. The areas that needed a good glow up- felt like those siblings in a family that are just kinda there but never really hyped up for their accomplishments.

Anne Fernandena

My memories of this museum from my childhood days (almost 60 years ago) are of the dinosaur exhibits. The exhibits are first-rate, awe-inspiring, and make a visit to this museum a must. Yes, there's more to see, but this is the main attraction. (Political aside: unfortunately, the dino hall is sponsored by one of the Koch Brothers, in his continued effort to assuage his conscience for the damage he has done to the environment and political comity in the USA).

sarah teague

This is the most incredible artifact collection you will ever see in one building. Explore for hours and geek out!! Loved it!!

David Stiewe

Beautifully curated museum with wonderfully in depth histories of the various exhibits. My personal favorite was the dinosaurs, but the animal exhibits are quite beautiful and well made. It was a wonderful first trip to the museum and I can't wait to come again.

Krystal Skinner

The place is amazing only because of what it holds. The place needs a lot of work put into maintaining the inside. The security around the place need to be ok w people approaching them for directions. Being grunted at by security is very unprofessional. The displays are so dusty and dirty. Months worth of dust everywhere. Toilets and water drinking fountains broken on 2 levels. I suggest they educate there security and get a better cleaning team in.

Chelsea Graham

What an amazing museum. I could spend eternity wandering this place and still find new and amazing things to learn and discover. Well curated and well designed. He artifacts are incredible and there is plenty of space to sit and enjoy the space without feeling rushed. Also tons of interactive elements

Maddalena V

Beautiful museum, worth a visit, with terrible management. First, attendants outside yell at people who ask information. Second, people with tickets and passes cue with the others for “bag check”. The check is nonexistent; plus, the rest of the museum in the world manages different cues for those who have pass and tickets. It’s pretty simple and I don’t think this particular museum lacks space or personnel. It lacks wit, management and customer care though. Third, we redeemed ticket and we were not even noticed that we had the 3d show included. Or got any info on time or position of this show by the four (4) people who were in charge of my one (1) ticket. Fourth, direction indication in the museum are non-existent. Only maps, with some wrong indication on toilets. I suggest the managers to go and take a look at other museums, Toronto Natural History for instance; they may learn something on how a well organized museum should be.

Sharon Chang

An interesting place to visit! Lots of different things going on and a few fun activities to do. The circulation was however really hard to understand, the layout of every category wasn’t well planned, it’s a bit confusing. Overall the exhibitions were great!!


Today was my first time to explore this museum, it’s soooo interesting and there are so many things to do. Definitely make sure you have plenty of time to enjoy it, you will need at least 3-4 hours to really enjoy yourself and immerse in all the exhibits. I love that you can just hop off the train and walk right into the museum. I can’t wait to go back and explore some more

Alex Mathers

This is a very nice museum. It has lots of historic things it would take me for day to get through. It had lots of cool bones and exhibits. It also have a giant squid and other cool sea animals. They also had a nice dinosaur exhibit with lots of large bones.

Tim O'Sullivan

This is a great museum! Lots of exhibits here, but the star attraction for us were the Dinosaurs. Most museums exhibit bone casts, but here they are actual fossilized bones on display. Amazing to think these creatures roamed the earth.

Michelle CC

Awesome museum to visit. This was my second time visiting and I had a wonderful time exploring the history of this museum all over again. The exhibits are well thought of and vividly brings each theme to life. A must place to visit with family and friends. Hard to explore the museum in a day as there are so many exhibits to see. So much to learn.

Олка Макарова

Great museum. Interesting place to visit. Friendly stuff. Unfortunately not so much for adults anymore. Exhibitions are made for kids and overpriced in my opinion. Adults has little to see there. Like “Unseen ocean” for example. Unless of cause you really like to dig in a sand pit and interact with not so great computer animation. There were also couple of gloomy fish tanks with two scorpion fishes, few seahorses and an eel, not at all “unseen”. And may be because of the lack of lighting those tanks seemed to be overgrown with brown algae. Not exactly what I expected to see for additional 25$. I hoped to learn more about deep water species and may be see some actual footage, not a 3D animation of a sperm whale hunting squid. And of cause there was a toy shop (one of many) strategically placed right on the exit from the exhibition so you could not avoid it. Specifically for parents with kids I guess. I definitely recommend to visit this place but on a weekday and get general admission. Not all exhibitions worth visiting. The best I saw was with real butterflies. .I got a feeling that making as much money as possible is a priority of museum management.

Tara Santiago

Great museum experience! The exhibits are very well done, detailed and realistic. The admission is a suggested amount, but you are free to pay whatever you want to enter the museum. This museum is magical and everyone should go at least once in their lifetime.

Nithya Michael Arockiasamy

We chose to visit this museum to see the dinosaur fossils for the sake of my daughter. We went directly to the dinosaur section and spent ample time there. When we moved to the next exhibit, we were awestruck on seeing the wide range of magnificent displays. Everything was well categorized and organized. We didn't have time to cover everything even after spending 4 hours here. The food was good in the cafeteria but a bit pricey.

Jody A. Smith

Buy your tickets online before going! I went to AMNH with my wife and 10yo son. After about an hour of looking at fossils, my son was more than done. There are hours and hours of bones and it can be redundant and boring after a while. I get it, millions of years of history but it was a lot for a kid to endure. There were some other really cool exhibits that we rushed through since we spent so much time looking at fossils. I wish we would have cut the fossil viewing shorter or spaced it out with some of the other (Native American artifacts, animals of the world, etc.) exhibits. I would definitely go back but I would be more strategic and better prepared if I go back with my son.

Befuddled Southerner

High praise and a complaint: first, my children (ages 7 &8) love this museum, especially anything to do with dinosaurs. There were enough diverse exhibits to keep my whole family interested and occupied for the 6 hours we were there. We received excellent customer service from security when we misplaced/lost a backpack and had to return the next day. I’m sure that given the number of daily visitors that lost and found is overflowing with items, but security was able to quickly find our backpack and return it to us. I was impressed. HOWEVER, we did experience an unpleasant situation in the very poorly planned and executed food court. A cashier (Rosa) loudly accused us of trying to steal milk even though we had already purchased it and we were able to produce a receipt showing that it had been paid for. Her response to the proof? “Likely story!” We ultimately had to get the cashier who had checked us out originally to verify to Rosa that we had I indeed paid for a cup of milk. Rosa never offered an apology for falsely accusing us of theft and to add insult to injury told us that we shouldn’t have gotten so upset. So if you go to the AMNH (which you should do), I recommend not eating at the food court.

Ralph Roberts

More than you can see in one day! Sets a high standard for children and adults in all its exhibits. Very helpful people every where.

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