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Where is Absecon Lighthouse?

REVIEWS OF Absecon Lighthouse IN New Jersey

Sally R

If Following Google direction I suggest Getting a ride there!! Edge of town!. We walked 2 miles up the boardwalk to be disappointed, we had to walk another 3 blocks. Exhausted we couldn't climb up. Otherwise a beautiful site. Nice friendly gentlemen (Buddy) inside the store area.

Aaron Lee

Really nice historical site. They have done a great job preserving this landmark. Step away from the casinos and visit this place and support the lighthouse. There is a visitor parking lot on the site.

Jason Sherman

Great little lighthouse in the middle of Atlantic City. The climb to the too is easy with multiple landings to stop and rest. Volunteers there are welcoming and friendly. Nice on sight parking and restrooms.

Michelle Ricciardi

The staff here is very friendly. They have a little gift shop to grab a souvenir. You head up the steps to the top where you are greeted with a little card to say you made it. Beautiful sight from the top with a great breeze that hits the spot after hiking up the 228 steps.

Sankar A Tanguturi

Old light house. It will be a good exercise taking the stairs and getting to the top. It will be fun. Make sure that you collect the discounted tickets for other attractions (Lucy elephant and other attraction) at the ticket counter.

bernadette lovallo

Nice didnt climb sure the view is awesome.

Mary Kay O'Brien

Gorgeous views. Fascinating history.

Heather P

This was a hidden gem that we stopped at and were able to easily take photos of.

N Gager

Great views..interesting history. Climb gets the heart thumping.

Jonathan L

Great tour with great history. Be ready to walk! Meet the famous light house keeper at the top.

Peter Royal

Chilling out so so great

Jeremiah Daye

Awsome must see

Chi Ndukwe

Provided a good view of the area.

Theodore Chickey

Nice historic place. 228 steps up 228 down

Trudy Moseley

A secret Lighthouse on the outskirts of the city. Just stop by and acknowledge her beauty .

Natalie LeBron

Great history great staff

Hazil R.

Land is well cared for. Most of it is free to explore. to climb the inside of the lighthouse.

Corey Plunkett

Super great history to visit. Loved the older gentleman at the top. He was so knowledgeable and he had passion for the light house. Loved it and so did my kids. The 228 steps was a little rough for my out of shape body though

Iurii Novak

Usually the Lighthouses stay too close to the shore without big buildings around ones. This area of Atlantic City became a historic.

Jodi Lynn

I highly recommend the tours they offer during halloween! The history behind the lighthouse is eerie enough to make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck but if you make the climb to the top it only takes a few moments before you can feel the wobbly sway of tower in the wind! The incredible VOLUNTEERS that lead you through the tour are chalked full of knowledge including unexplainable occurrences both first and second hand. They even had a team of paranormal investigators (N.J.R.O.P.E) standing by with shocking images and recordings captured at the lighthouse that would have any skeptic second guessing their beliefs. They even had a live session in one of the side buildings so you could see how all the meters and tools they use actually work! I wish I could remember the names of all the wonderful volunteers that led us through the tour so they could all appreciated but I hope you do get the pleasure of meeting Buddy and Dan and all the other tour guides that volunteer their time to keep something so incredible going!

satya dasika

Meh! I saw lighthouses much older.

Theresa S.

Well worth visiting this historic attraction in Atlantic city. The staff is friendly and well informed. Definitely worth going to take the climb to the top.For those who can't do the climb there is A lot to see and learn about in the museum at the base.

Henry Porvaznik

Nice tourist attraction. Good presentation. Gift shop on site. Great view from the top. About 90 minutes for about $10.

Elizabeth Gorka

Buddy was great and full of information you wouldn't even think of.

Francis Donahue

Two blocks from the ocean with no views except north

Gloria Medina

Nice place to visit for the day

Craig Allen

A nice peaceful place to go just to clear your mind and see something of historic value

Daniel Bordner

beautiful and well maintained. The only complaint I have is that I wish they opened earlier. We were there and had to wait quite a while because of their hours.

Cecilia Osorio

In the middle of the city hard to find parking to visit

Silpa Mohapatra

Very cute place to visit.

Mary Reider

Cost to much to get in for the tour not worth it

Stephanie Troyer

Amazing to climb to the top. So much history here.

McKenna Long

I lived right across from here and got to wake up to this beautiful lighthouse every morning.. definitely a stop to make if you are visiting Atlantic City

Aime B

Awesome. Great view. Fun going up to the top. Cute shop.

Dawn Pecci

It was so beautiful as we drove down the road but we just didn't have time to go in and up. Maybe next time, we're visiting from Florida!

Mccain Chance

A wonderful historic Lighthouse with a great view!

Anirudh Srinivasan

A lighthouse that's pretty tall and the only one in Atlantic City. By the bay area

Wendy Taylor

Very cool place.. Guide at the top was super nice!

Thomas Sheckells

Great old lighthouse and great staff.

carl milligan

Easy to get to and wasn't busy. Heck of a climb! 200+ steps. May be a bit scary for those afraid if heights. Great view at the top as you can walk completely around the top in the outside. It's all caged in at the top but the wind was intense on the day we went. Good time.

stacy wolff

This is a really cool place to visit specially if you are into history my husband and I enjoyed the learning about the lighthouse I would go ba k and do it again


Pet friendly, free, free parking lot, clam historic place

Mark Farparan

For me it was the history of the Absecon lighthouse. I love history and everything that goes with it. There was a man in the lighthouse who gave me a very comprehensive look into a lighthouses past. I enjoyed my visit tremendously because of that man. I cannot remember his name but he was fantastic...

Muminahbint isaac

that is my hometown and I enjoy visiting as much as I can and the lighthouse area was a very popular area in Atlantic City

JoAnn Catuosco

Tallest lighthouse in all of New Jersey. It is a gem nestled along the Jersey Shore. Quick visit and great views.

Carrie Kiesel

Pretty cool landmark

aseem saurabh

superb light house, third highest in US. 228 steps, 17 floors height from ground.

Francis Benjamin

Grew up here


Climbing all 228 steps of the lighthouse wasn't easy but Buddy, the lighthouse keeper, is so friendly and informative and greets you at the top.

Art Szcykalski

Cool place to visit before hitting boardwalk. Nice gift shop.

Gennaro Basso

Beautiful view. Great if you want to work out your legs

Seidy Marquez

Very good place.

Nigel Nicholas

Relaxing veiw

Karen Christmas

I am not a fan of heights, but I wanted to go to the top of this lighthouse, so we made it a part of our Atlantic City adventure. Accessible from the boardwalk, but just a few blocks away, this lighthouse is we worth the visit.

robert ermisch

Great history lesson loved Buddy

G Aquino

Historic lighthouse, one of a few remnants of Atlantic City's early success as a commercial city. It's great that it was spared of demolition after it was abandoned and despite the threat of further commercialization with the arrival of …

Sudeep Barua

Excellent...takes you back to centuries old history...!!!....must visit if you're a history buff...

Mike Farrar

Its a long way to the top.........

Brian Wyatt

This was a nice break from the bustle of the boardwalk and a great little day walk from any of the hotels on the boardwalk. The views are great and the history of the lighthouse is fascinating. The all volunteer staff were super friendly and knowledgeable. The climb is not as hard as one might think and there are landings along the way to take breaks and look out the windows. There is a nice gift shop and the grounds are immaculately kept and primed for exploring. Overall this was a nice escape from the busy casinos and boardwalk hustle.


Great piece of Atlantic City history!


Great place to visit!

Manuel Fuentes

Easy to access and local staff providing snippets of historic info. about the Absecon Light. Charming tour, too!

Karlene Wilson

Loved it. First time seeing a light house. The views were amazing. The climb was tough but again the views were amazing and so was the cool breeze at the top that also made it so worth it. The admission price was fair. The little souvenir shop was very nice and the staff made you feel welcomed. So worth the trip. Several buildings you could see and little things to do.

Jessica Brucas

Crazy amount of stairs but the views were worth it

Kate Tkach

228 stairs to a spectacular view.

Casey Sherman

Lots of history, great view and welcoming people. Definitely climb to the top on Friday so you can meet Buddy.

Benjamin Hake

Beautiful. Historical. Loves it!

anirban samanta

A truly wonderful place to visit in Atlantic city...sadly most people stick to the casinos and the revamped board walk for touristy attractions..but that is a piece of history right there...we had wandered off the board walk to reach could take a cab or a bus also...$8 per person....walk up the old winding metal steps..take a break at the middle platforms to catch a breath...but once you reach upstairs, you would understand the pleasure at the end of the effort.. simply breath taking views of Atlantic city...

Christopher Wirtz

nice historical place. sadly I just missed the opening hours.

Keith Hoover

Worth the walk and view at the top. "Buddy" the guide at the top was excellent and full of information.

Nikita Khvastunov

If you want to listen to wonderful stories of 91 yo Lighthouse Keeper, you definitely need to be there on Friday! Views are astonishing, staff is wonderful, and Buddy's stories and knowledge about this place are fantastic.

Maria Cerda

A must experience and see if in Atlantic City. There is a fee to walk to the top of the lighthouse but it's worth it. Have water with you!! Takes about 20 to 30 minutes to walk up 228 steps and back down 228 steps. The people that work there are super friendly!

Tony Miehle

This was my first visit to the lighthouse. I was surprised that I made it to the top. When we got to the top, we were greeted by Buddy, one of the most memorable tour guides we've met throughout our travels. I highly recommend that you take the time to visit this historic site the next time you're in AC

Brenda Brooks

Really love the history and on all six of the levels their card for you to breathe deep catch a breath and read the photos of the Old Atlantic City starting in the 1800's are really cool to look at. And the man at the top is a real gem.

Rich Bielesch

Please remember there are a little over 200 steps to the top with 6 landings for a little rest. But, if you can't climb 1 flight of stairs without gasping for air, don't go. But if you can, it's a wonderful view.

Kimberly Shepard

Quite a climb.... but great veiw and history.

Waheed Tariq

A place worth visiting.

Paul Knarr

Took the time to climb the 200 plus stairs to the top and worth the view. Guides and displays will give you plenty of information on the oldest structure still standing in Atlantic city. The lighthouse lens is truly and amazing piece of science and architecture.


I came here but unfortunately it was closed when I got here. But you can still take some selfies and pictures on the outside. But its a cute lighthouse but the sorrounding area is a bit cringe worthy.

Francis Smith

Lots of history. Tallest lighthouse in Jersey and 3rd in Nation. Worth the trip.

Dina Pascua

Friendly atmosphere, beautiful lighthouse

Jeff Stilwell

Omg....beautiful evening watching the moon come up. They had a special evening ascent that allowed us to watch the moon rise. Buddy, the docent at the top, is amazing. He's no youngster but he's up there and he's passionate and he's just a pleasure. Delightful way spend our anniversary evening.

Adam Chornesky

Did you know that Absecom Lighthouse offers a map of famous shipwrecks just off the east coast of the United States? An inspiration for anyone who dreams of treasure diving.

william mastro

One of the best stops on the New Jersey historical trail


The best attraction in AC. Make sure to go there on days when Buddy is there. It was a pleasure to meet him.

gina cavanna

First lighthouse I've ever been too. I myself couldn't go to the top. $7 to go up. Height issues myself. Quaint shop! Very nice!!⚓

Alfredo Matteo

There isn't much to say nice place to get distracted.

J Santiago

228 stairs to the top. Great views.

William Rojas

Beautiful. Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday though.


Excellent historical place to visit

Matthew Cook

Was awesome, great knowledge was

Hamdi Ceylan

It was a cool experience. I climbed up all 228 steps under two minutes

Cori Wagner

Very old largest standing lighthouse in jersey, 3rd largest in the country. Its 228 steps to the top and i believe it stands 171ft in the air. Be ready to take this climb with a few rests in between landings.. Ive done this climb to the top 2 years in a row and I'm a pack-a-day smoker and weigh well over 200lbs. So if i can do it so can you....NO EXCUSES!

Kristin Anderson

We went to this lighthouse on a spur of the moment idea because we were in the area with some time to kill and it was such a great idea! We were met at the top of the lighthouse by a volunteer named Buddy who was the sweetest man! He was so informative of the lighthouse and the operations. He informed us he was 90 years old and climbed the lighthouse three times a week!! The view of Atlantic City and the beach were beautiful! Recommend visiting if in the area. I believe the cost was about $10.00 per person to climb the lighthouse.

Joanne Ciccone

Historic lighthouse in Atlantic City, NJ . Enjoyed the climb and top view.

Beth George

Local history is so important to preserve. Super affordable and a nice addition to see besides the boardwalk. Didnt take long. Not crazy about the surrounding neighborhood but still nice to see it.

Olga Kovalenko

That was a really good workout to go up 228 stairs! $8 in my opinion is a little overpriced.

Priyalakshmi M

Well.. I went with an expectation to see a bigger place with a bigger bad! But we definitely came back with the joy of being able to see a bit of history

Anish Malik

3rd tallest lighthouse, steep and narrow stairs, excellent view from top. Not greatly maintained just the lighthouse section

Kellie Greene

This was a interesting piece of history in Atlantic city. It was great the you could still climb the steps to the top. It is kind of tight and winding staircase. Its 228 steps to the top; but there are landings along the way that you could stop and rest. The stairs aren't solid-you can look through the bottom and sides of them...I know this bothers some people. But there's a small museum which is original to tour and the staff is great! Worth going if you like history and lighthouses....

Laura Yuhas

View was amazing!

dj immaculate

enjoyed going here alot of steps to the top but well worth it n the tour guide was very informative n loves what he does

Houda Derkaoui

Loved it. I thought I was not going to be able to make to the top since I am scared of hights but I was surprisingly relaxed. The staff were very nice.

Nini Kaur

A visit to this historical place was amazing and educational. 150 years old and still here. The staff volunteers are amazing they answer all your questions and part with all their knowledge about the lighthouse. The climb is 228 steps with breathtaking 360 views of the whole AC strip and the ocean. A must visit for anyone travelling to AC.

Jeremy Escott

What it's a light house and you can see it from the water, great job!

Moriah Colton

Only 10 dollars for adults to climb the light house! Worth every penny! Beautiful views! And something you don't get to see very often!! Breathtaking!! The staff is so friendly and nice and knows a lot about the history.

Toni Sterling

Very nice light house! Found a good deal on Groupon for tickets.


Great to see, wish area around lighthouse was better maintained

Phillip Ward

Very nice view from the top... staff are terrific, if you have a height or stair phobia it will be very difficult but worth the experience and story

Michael Cruz

Amazing view. Great historic site. Be ready to climb 228 steps. It's hard but it worth it. Personel are really friendly and gift shop is small but cool.

True leader NG

Who does not enjoy a lighthouse? Always cute to look at.


It's a bit of a hike up the stairs, but a great view.

Karen Dinsmore

Love this lighthouse! You must meet lightkeeper Buddy, he is a treasure!!❤

Keisha Willis

Always a pleasure to visit.

Amanda Knight

the guy working at the top of the lighthouse is full of information!! had a blast but if you're scared of heights, definitely dont climb it! (youd think that's common sense but turns out its not)

Zy'neka Roberts

Loved walking by the place, wish that I could get a tour.

Sneha Walia

Breathtaking views of the ocean and this place is beautiful.

Harry Singley

Great historical place to visit

Jose Bazurto

Long climb. The breeze up top is nice and so was the man waiting up at the top. He gives you some history of the lighthouse.

Peter Denaro

Its a fun place

Teddy Almodovar

Excellent service and great atmosphere

Monica Harris

At night its beatuiful lit up it was peace at that end

alice menzano

A wonderful bit of AC history. The price is reasonable, and Buddy at the top is worth the effort to get up there alone. The views are great. Then go to Gilchrists in Gardners Basin just a half mile or so away for breakfast or lunch. If if it close to sunset go to Back Bay Ale house.

Ron Beaton

Wonderful historic NJ Lighthouse. One of the tallest. Lighthouse keeper, Buddy, is a wonderful wealth of information. A joy to visit.

Irina Tsar

You can take boat trips from there. Dolphin watching, happy hour trip, fishing trip. They have a fish and chips that you can buy from a trailer, very decent.

Dave D

Just a very special historically relevant location to visit before the casinos call!

Jennie Arent

Beautiful! $8 to climb to the top

Christina Gissentaner

Cute lighthouse. Needs to be cleaned

Holly Koehler

This was really cool. It's the tallest lighthouse in New Jersey. If the weather is good the view is amazing and if the weather isn't so good it still pretty good. You have a water view from the majority of the viewing area and some land views. If you have the opportunity to visit you should.

Ricky Rickson

Very neat. Historic, and we'll preserved. Haunt too!? So I've heard..

Danny Mcguiness

Really cool to see the history of Atlantic city

will rodriguez

Affordable gift shop and free light house town tour. If you on Atlantic city you should stop here. A few minutes from the boardwalk.

David Haney

Love it. 228 steps. Went up to the top 3 or more times. Love it Every time and know the history on why it's there

Anthony Growalt

Atlantic City doesn't have very many historic places to visit. Although I have lived my life I never visited to Lighthouse before. I thoroughly enjoyed myself learns a little bit more about the town that I live in or I've lived in. Views from the lighthouse we're quite astonishing and the guide guide was thoroughly informational and her presentation about the lighthouse . I would recommend to anyone to take the time to visit lighthouse and to bring their youngsters with them for a great day

Jasmine H

looks nice from a far. the prism looks nice but it cost 10$ to get to the top

Destiney Maher

Great staff. Third tallest lighthouse in the usa. And the view from the top is incredible.

Novice Quads

It was dark the light wasn't on big disappointment

Satya K

Nice historic place to visit. Takes 258 steps to climb to the top for the scenic view of the city. But we never climbed. The incharge of this light house , a 92 year old person climbs every day up and down for the visitors. One should not miss this.

Paul Santini

Right in the heart of Atlantic City. Friendly helpful staff

Yara Elborolosy

This was such a cute lighthouse! Climbing up the stairs is tiring but totally worth the view!


this is a little bit funny but it was not funny I was thinking this lighthouse is bigger originally and when I first saw you I don't like it is so small but it's actually quite big to climb the steps once you get to the top you get to feel …

Rhonda Boyles-Newhouse

Enjoyed the view. We had a group of 5 with my mother being almost 70 and we all enjoyed our climb at our own pace. Very cheap for what you get to do.

Jyoti Wilson

It was a nice place to visit. Knowledgeable staff.

Janna Ellis

I climbed Absecon lighthouse in Atlantic City New Jersey, first lighthouse in New Jersey, and a tallest. 228 steps. One of only 13 Lighthouses in United States that still has a first-order Fresnel lens. They give you a little business card size certificate at the top. Both Lighthouse Keepers were incredibly kind and informative.

Imran Sayeed

If you want time away from casino's, this us the place for you. Relaxing and soothing place where it let's you go back in past.

Maryanne Hayes

Meeting Buddy 93 at the top!

Julia Mor

Nice climb up the tower, beautiful view and good explanation from the guide up top. It's a short trip but worth the visit!

Ian White

Well worth a visit with great views in all directions. It's quite a climb to the chamber that contains the lamp but worth the effort. The visitor centre has very helpful guides and some nice souvenirs as well that are suitable for all ages. The people there are friendly and knowledgeable and pleased to share.

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