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Where is White Mountain National Forest?

REVIEWS OF White Mountain National Forest IN New Hampshire

Lisa Mentes

I loved this place. If you like beautiful spots out in nature, you will love this national park. Scenic vistas, waterfalls and abundant trails crisscross the forest.

Pete Roy

So many things to do in a small region. Something for everyone especially if you love the outdoors. And when you're done outside there's plenty of enjoyable food choices.

Priscilla Arthur

Absolutely gorgeous fall follage

Karen Tasker

It was so beautiful. My son took me to Polly pancake parlor for the first time. I loved it. Beautiful views of mountain range. Excellent food. Would return again.

william lewis

Absolutely Awesome! Definitely worth a trip. Amazing views, great friendly staff, and tons of stuff to do.

Jacob R

This was a fun yet difficult hike. It was the first of the 48 that I hiked and I underestimated how difficult it would be, but the views made up for it. The trail is 11.5 miles so be prepared to spend a good amount of time out here though every minute is enjoyable. This will definitely be added to my list of hikes to redo.

Al Rodriguez

What more can you say about a national forest mountains fresh water clean air enjoy go visit nature in everything else it offers

jamie wolcott

Great area to visit scenic drive and lots of camping!

ralph itup

Everything you cannot get in the city, Peace and quiet ,clean water and fresh air.

Heng Tee

Beautiful mountains. Lots of mountains suitable for day hiking. A 4-5 day road trip would be ideal to explore the white mountains. Do check the weather forecast to avoid rainy days or rainy climate, it would be a waste if dense clouds or rain foul the beautiful sceneries or spoil your road trip. Lots of delicious cafe to stopover for tea break or a nice meal. Clean air and environment. For foreigners: Would really recommend hiring a car for this road trip. It’ll be a beautiful drive.

J Fuller

The boulder loop trail is a lot more rugged than people say it is.

chris raven

Great hiking. A little scary at one part where you have to walk across a log over water to get to the other side. Other than that very fun and challenging at the same time. Make sure to wear your hiking boots

Kelly Artsy Birdlady

One of the nicest festivals I have been to. Organized, clean, friendly, and accommodating. Like visiting family. The entertainment was top notch.

Tim Smith

This place is beautiful and is so picturesque you'll regularly find photos of it on reddit. There is a ton to do up here, including hiking a plethora of mountains, normal trail hiking, camping, swimming in the swift River, or just traveling the scenic Kancamagus highway. I camp here every year. Yes, it can be busy on weekends, especially the holiday ones. But if you head out on a weekday you'll see less crowds, be able to find a good camping site, and be able to enjoy some of the best nature and views that New Hampshire has to offer.

Mary Fox

Always beautiful. My daughter lives there so I have to visit! ;)

Justin Carter

Rumney has some dope climbing. The views are fantastic. If you find a crag with a breeze, this place is a dream. I have yet to see any snakes. I saw a black bear while driving nearby!! They're such cuties. The AAC rattlesnake campground is a cool little spot to meet other climbers. Parking is probably the most unfortunate part of this place; there isn't much. Except for in the campground. So definitely stay there!!

Matt Wildes

Greatest place to visit so much to do restaurants are great .lots of hiking trails , great roads for motorcycles to ride.

Bridget champlin

This place chapney falls was beautiful. I loved exploring the whole falls and all the different rock formations.

Sandy LaValley

The most beautiful place ever... especially in the Fall

Nicholas Vertefeuille

A real gem I New England. So much to do so many natural wonders to explore.

Claire D

Given this is the East coast and we don't have mountains it's very nice. My review is based on passing through in summer. If you need to get from A to B take this route NO pull offs, no photo ops, no services, no food or gas. Tram looked frightening, wasn't moving but was 1/4 way up. Good times..

William Pouliot

Absolutely amazing. Hiked up Garfield trail to the peak. The hike is a little rough and icy in spots but but the view from the peak is absolutely worth it

Marianne Goldberg

This is one of the most beautiful places in the country. If you get out of Conway it becomes quiet and peaceful with so many amazing things to do! Hiking up here is Heavenly!

Don Smith

These are photos of Mt. Chocorua. We went up the Piper Trail which is 4.5 miles one way. It starts as a very moderate climb and gradually gets tougher as you ascend. Once you gain the ridge where there is ledge and A good look at where you are going it becomes more balanced between climbing steeply and traversing. The summit offers beautiful views or the Sandwich Range and the White Mountains including a great view of Mt. Washington.

Renan Marx

Being outside of everyday' life, couple hours away. Mind clearing and refreshing

David Holden

Absolutely amazing views, great hikes, great campsites as well. Highly recommend visiting!

Sachin Chaudhary

Amazing place to spend a few days with the family. There are lots of hiking trails, with different levels of difficulty. Multiple ways of going around - Own car, or park buses or carriage rides. The entry is 30$ per car for a 5 day pass. The bus rides are free, and run from Trenton or Bar Harbor.

Akshay A

Love this place. Have been to the White mountains twice now. The campgrounds are good. During summer, the campgrounds are usually full. Need to search a lot if you haven't reserved. There are beautiful hikes all around. The staff in visitor center are really nice people. If you are lucky, you will get to see some animals. Lot to see just by driving in the Kancamagus highway and making some quick stops. Night sky is also good. Also love the Mt. Washington road. The views are good throughout and lot of opportunities for photographs. A beautiful place to explore the nature and get away from the urban life!

Gregory Rosic

The white mountains are a site to see, and not comparable to the other Appalachians, since they offer both an alpine feel with New England character. It never gets boring because each season is different. It is also accessible year round. The only time I would advise not going is during mud season which is in late April and may and extends into early June not because of the mud but because of the bugs which can be beyond bearable. I live in the state and seeing large wildlife is uncommon in forested areas you have better luck on roads or near towns.

Joe Phillips

My favorite place on earth. Each time I'm here I discover something new. Definitely my happy place. The scenery is incredible! The sky in the evening, over the mountains, is sometimes unlike any sky I've seen the world over. Definitely worth making the trip!

Robert Carinci

The White Mountains ate a beautiful area. There are plenty of hiking trails. Mt Washington is very cool, I did the drive up. The Basin and the Flume are great spots for an easy walk. If you want to get outside and into nature, this is a great place to do it.

Meaghan Winders

Get outside and explore! Just be sure that when you do - everything you take in with you, comes back out. Leave the forest in better condition than you found it in. It's a shame to see such beautiful places in nature littered with trash; so take good care of Mother Nature during your adventures, and respect the wildlife!

Paul Butters

It's all right but they could let ATV ride on their dirt roads which we pay taxes to

Naomi Segal

It's so gorgeous, each time of the year is different, in Franconia Notch and in the surrounding mountains. It can be very peaceful off season, and lots of traffic for Fall foliage. But so beautiful. Don't look for The Old Man in the Mountains-- he fell down, although there are still interesting things to see there, to help you imagine what he looked like. Be sure to walk the Flume, boardwalks and pathways along a thin river gorge. Or ride up to the top of a mountain to look around.


Beautiful scenery and majestic mountain range. Take the cog railway to reach the summit of Mt. Washington. Pack a jacket, it's cold on top of the mountain.

Susan Hull

Beautiful day at Flume Gorge in Franconia State Park, buy your access ticket with a ticket on gondola ride at Cannon Mountain, great deal!

Hiker Gal

Stunning! If you love to see nature at its finest, you won't be disappointed. The colors were beautiful!

Silvia Alejandra Herrera

Omg, so many awesome hikes to do. So many beautiful landscapes.

Kenneth Eaton

Welch-Dickey trail. Great hike with excellent views. Expect about a three hour hike unless you stop a lot, then maybe four. Either way, it's a great way to start your day and the views are worth it.

Brandice Schumacher

Such a beautiful national Forest. Nice areas to camp and explore. Dog friendly hikes and nice shaded trails. You can't go wrong with a visit to the white mountains.

vaishakhi verma

Beautiful mountains and forest. Mount Washington is a must but there are many other beautiful mountains, hikes and lakes. Great places for camping and hiking.

Lisa Dunbar

So many hikes, easy to extreme. Breath taking views!

Tom Jennette

The white mountains are one of the most incredible places to be. I've been coming here my whole life, and have not missed a year in the past 20. I hike up Mt. Washington evey year at least once, and always make a visit to the Cog. Visiting the white mountains is a unique experience that will cleanse your soul simply by standing in its beauty, or next to a river or on top of a mountain. A must visit if you like the outdoors.

Wesley Smith

Wonderful hike. Ammo to Crawford on the way up was very manageable for novice hikers like my wife and I. We went on a hot summer day in July with beautiful weather. That said you should always go prepared for any hike.

Alphonso Davis III

Amazing place to go if you are looking for a great outdoor experience. Some of the triails can be rigorous but its totally worth it.


Terrifyingly beautiful. I am afraid of heights, and with no guardrails on the road and two way traffic on a winding mountain road, I was glad that I didn't drive myself. The views are magnificent.

Brian Gallucci

Such a beautiful spot for anything... from camping to picnicking and hiking the trails or just driving through in the autumn months and admiring the foliage

Bronce Perez Matos

First time visiting the White Mountains and will definitely comeback. Completed the Fraconia Ridge loop hike (Little Haystack, Lincoln and Lafayette) and was amazing. I usually hike in the Adirondacks but will be coming back more often here.

Edward Hobbs

What a amazing place. Well maintained roads great scenic over views and the park Rangers were extremely helpful. I cannot wait to make it backup there next weekend as being from Ohio it Is extremely flat plus getting into the mountains it was a lot cooler being so hot this weekend thank you for the great experience New Hampshire

lori keenan

The views are awesome. The whole experience was mind boggling..there are no words. You HAVE to do it!

Michael Dube

Unreal clear amazing water inside the Kangamangus. Beautiful views. Right before the Kangamangus road there's a spot that sells delicious grilled cheeses and ice cream. Good spot to eat after.

Nancy Johnstone Wilson

Beautiful area, something for everyone whether it's to getaway with nature, shopping, fun parks or just driving around taking in the scenery

Tonya Turano

Love spending a few months a year here. It's breathtaking. If I liked the cold I'd live here all year

Nathanael Verrill

There is no place I've visited across the USA like the White Mountains are absolutely their own. They are like no other mountain range I've explored. The old range holds many unique wonders; hikes, waterfalls and more. You could spend a lifetime exploring this range and never get enough.

Bryan Boulanger

Love the mountain views and hiking trails. Very tranquil.

Nick Clarizio

Came in the summer and it was absolutely beautiful; can only imagine what it looks like in the Fall. Plenty of photogenic spots for the photographer in anyone and a plethora of trails and locations to visit. Could schedule a short day trip here or spend a whole week there's truly that much to do and see. If you're looking for a beautiful and temperate place that offers outdoors activities, then look no further. You can also see it by car, but hiking and such allows you to truly appreciate this expansive natural gem.

Mick Harris

This is the view from the beginning of the trail to Iron Mountain in Jackson NH. The views at the top can be spectacular.

Tom Stevens

This place is amazing. You can't go wrong no matter where you go or what you do.

Adiel Nissanian

A great little campground at a fair price. Check in is easy and the facilities are generally clean. Avoid sites near the bathroom as they tend to stink. Be warned reception does not work for any carrier. The nearest town is a 15 minute drive for supplies and groceries avoid buying firewood on site as it is very expressive.

Glen Comstock

I laugh every time Google says, "you visited here," Heck... I live here! lol I couldn't escape it if I tried. But it is an absolutely beautiful place, and I can't believe I'm privileged enough to call this my home!

Darneitta Jones

Beautiful views from the mountain top but prepare to be in great shape if you physically climb

Cj Maslowski111

Its always relaxing. Put life on hold and just enjoy sights sounds of running water and the smell of pine trees and wild flowers

Richard Fine

I camp and hike this area annually with a youth group. Trails are available for all skill levels. Pick up a guide book with topographical maps and trail descriptions to best select those trails that match your group's ability. NOTE: you should always check weather conditions when planning a hike AND your group can only hike based on the least skilled member in your group. Hike safely.

Steven Cheshire

Hike it if you dare! Did the Presidential traverse last weekend. Eight summits in 12 hours, starting with Madison, ending with Pierce. It was a long day, but amazing.

dominic auger

Very nice place to hike! We started the presidential hike but abandoned at washington. I personally completed 4 half ironman and this hike was too rough for me at least in one day. The view is unbelievable but prepare yourself to see rocks, rocks and rocks

Ute Mattfeld

Autumn is great, wunderful. We stayed at dry river campground, a very nice place.

Francois Soucy

Perfect place for hiking! This is my favorite place on earth! I would love to stay there.

Sanjay Shelat

Great hikes, Mount Washington is super fun, some nice cafes in the area. 5 stars!

Molly Bennett

Always beautiful. A note to visitors - please be respectful and do your part to help take care of this beautiful forest. The NFS can only do so much! Carry in, Carry out, and Leave NO trace. :)


I love coming here, such a beautiful place. We camped at Lincoln Woods for 2 nights and it was absolutely amazing. Don't forget your parking pass for overnights!

Greg Lepine

We enjoyed the hike up to the crash site of the WW2 B18 aircraft. It took just under 2 hours to get to the site. On the way we passed a beautiful waterfall. Its worth the hike to see this memorial to those that lost their lives.

Bryan Seablom

Absolutely Gorgeous! I am proud to live in NH and have the pleasure to enjoy this state park so often. The views are amazing and there is so much amazing natural structures to experience. The one downfall is that is is getting crowded from so many tourists visiting, but that wont stop me from enjoying it regardless.

Yvonne Smith

Just stunning views from anywhere, well maintained and a must for hikers.! Motorcyclists will have a blast going up this amazing trails. Mother nature as its best...

Kat Johnson

One of my top 5 favorite places in the world to go hiking and camping and just being a wild woman! ❤ The parks and trails are clean and well maintained with plenty of information, maps, trailmarks, etc. You should still have experience and proper equipment/supplies before attempting to hike Mt Washington. Or other difficult trails. People are so nice and helpful. Just a wonderful, healing place to be... ❤

Mariusz Dusza

Beautiful mountains! Lots of things to do all year round. Great place to spend vacations or holidays.

Samantha Kenney

Love hiking in the national forest, cause its the only place that the woods are left alone and there's a lot of old growth forest! Which makes it pretty cool that everything is left natural!

Bobbi Gagne

Wonderful lands very well preserved. Busy in the summer but definitely worth the treck up.

david lheureux

The NH White Mountain National Forest is the best place to be! You can find all manner of outdoor recreation to keep yourself busy. Hiking, biking, leaf peeping, fishing, hunting, canoeing on a mountain pond, or kayaking one of our rivers, it's all here! Not to mention the surrounding areas are all set up for hospitality, good eating, and accommodating travelers. My favorite place in the world! Leave it cleaner then you found it.

Mahima Srivastava

White mountain National Park is gorgeous. Drive is even more scenic. Pick a nice sunny day to explore this beauty. We drove in an open top mustang and savoured the views. Stopped multiple times to relax and also had a picnic.

Jason Houle

Hiked up Moosilauke and it was a tough but awesome hike. The views from the summit were amazing.

brent capener

As always it is a new experience every time and everyone you meet is always friendly and knowledgeable. An amazing adventure.

Wayne Jacques

Great place, even on a holiday weekend if you know where to go. The regular spots have to many people. Go to the places that are out of the way

Clayton James

This place is just amazing. Its a sight to see and there is so much to do. This is a must visit if you just want to get away, or love hiking and trails etc. Will definitely visit again

katie sherman

Well maintained, well marked trails. Plenty of options for all skill levels and activities like biking, hiking, snowshoeing, depending what the weather is. Waterfalls, pools, lakes, gorges that are beautiful, some that you can swim in, the waterfall sounds are great for relaxing. So many options within the white mountain national forest, definitely check it out if you are in the area

Liz Phaneuf

What I loved? Outdoors! Put your phones down and enjoy life!

Andy Detwiler

A fantastic hike! If you Iove the outdoors and hiking, the White Mountains should be added to the list of places to go. No shortage of difficult trails here

Tim Pond

Do you like nature? Then you will like this place. Do you not like nature? Why you not like nature? Maybe you haven't really experienced true nature. You should check this place out.

Aleksey Ovchinnikov

It was so interesting trip. We are happy. Beautiful mountains. Fresh wind. Next time I hope to hike this place. We paid 55 dollars for the car and 4 people. We received disc with audioguide and bunch of stickers. Gas station is presented there. Price is good. Couple of parking spots on the road are presented.

Mike Taylor

Love eating here when in Bethel every Fall for a Jeep event. Good food, friendly service.

Daniel Sheehan

One of the best places in all of New England. Always worth the drive.

Mary Dunn

Fabulous views and scenery and climbing up a mountain is a great physical high.

Rick Taylor

OK, Have pretty much lived up in the Whites for the last month... As scenic as anywhere in the US... Crowded on weekends but not as crowded weekdays. Always cool and nice and green.... Love the White Mountains!!!!

Frank Georges

A wonderful place to hike. Truly one of America's treasures.

Roxann Tyger

Fantastic place with spectacular views! We loved the flume gorge, even in the rain it was beautiful and a great walk. Also did the cannon mountain tramway and Mt Washington auto road.

Courtney Egan

I love coming to the White Mountains. Have been coming up here since I was born and bring my own son now. Nothing like unplugging. The lack of cell service is AWESOME! Not to mention the natural beauty is breathtaking.

Paul Moller

Great place to take the family or friends. Go for a walk or a drive. And take in the beauty of the park.

Michael Knowles

The views from the summit of these mountains is breathtaking! We are so lucky to haove these in the Northeast

Joyce Barker

I have been going here since I was a little girl and still find it breath taking. With much to do and show my children and grandchildren.

Mario Zapata

What an amazing place to go and get away from it all. Great hiking trails, wonderful views, lovely waterfalls and so much more.

Barbara Rapoza

Iron mountain hike. Short, steep but worth the views! 1.8 miles to the ledges. Scenery is breathtaking.

Joe Schechter

Perfect Nature scenery, marred only by our human scuffings.

stuart fishman

Great trails for all skill levels...avoid holiday weekends whenever possible as trailhead parking is insane. Fall weekdays makes for great times.

S4V8GE Horch

This place is absolutely perfect. The summer is full of all sorts of outdoor activities The fall is filled with beautiful sights and changing leaves The winter is filled with white fluffy snow. Honestly this national forest is perfect for everything.


Nice place ,driving car is really fun ,need to just be care full otherwise drive is not Bad

Nathaniel Worthley

I have been all over the Globe. I've seen the waters of the Philippines, the Sands of Qatar, and the shores of Scotland. The White Mountains is still by far one of my favorite places to visit in the entire world. Not much else to say.

Sean Ardley

You say, they don't have real mountains in New England. And they punish you by putting the trails straight up the massive hills. Very strenuous and beautiful out there, with views from the tops and pretty forests throughout.

Daris Boggs

Beautiful! Fall is the best time to visit but the park itself is always glorious!

Jake Lee

Nature is beautiful! Did the Layfaette ridge trail twice and it's always a pleasure.

Melissa B

Fantastic experience for the entire family. Pack a lunch, and hit the road. So many little nice stops along the way, shops you can go to, place to take photos at. Waterfalls to look at small hiking trails, long hiking trails, anything and everything a family could want to do together for the day. Make sure to pack lots of water, your camera, sturdy shoes, a flashlight, and some rain gear, cuz you never know what's going to happen

J. Doe

Beautiful! A definite must see. If you don't want to hike up then drive, if you don't want to drive then take a guided tour or one of the trains that go up. Absolutely beautiful views. Make sure you plan on a drastic temperature change! It could be thirty degrees colder on the summit than at the bottom.

John Merrifield

The White Mountain National Forest is awesome. There are so many hikes it would take a life time to hike them all. There are many in the elevation that are exposed and have fantastic views. There are those as well that are wooded and serene. Any of the Notches are worthy of a visit. For those from away if you could even drive the four Notches in a long day trip it would be well worth your time!

Arata c

Life! Ugh going back. The views, the smell, the air, the wind all life thank you Mother God for Nature Spent a week out here. You should too! Hiking, auto tours, sky cars, biking, mountain climbing, rafting, the northern woods.

Kris Lovley

Beautiful rolling mountains. Unforgettable views all over

Patti Shaw

Peak season.... the best time to go.... the leaves are absolutely stunning!

Alphonso Sorhaindo Jr.

Black Cap trail. (Not part of the White Mountain National Forest.). Quiet, easy hike. Great views.

Dusty Fiero

Being mountains, much of it is not accessible for people with mobility issues, but there are some places you can still enjoy, such as The Basin and Mount Washington. Beautiful place, but come prepared. If you're new to mountain hiking, consider a class or workshop before you visit. The Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC), and companies like REI and Eastern Mountain Sports host them from time to time

Anne Phelps

Great hike not for beginners, a little rolling rock. Awesome 360 view

Jeff Isaac

Got to enjoy some scenery and didn't get eaten by a bear.

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