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REVIEWS OF Story Land IN New Hampshire

Tara Daley

This place was great :-) came here with a friend because she had two free tickets. I got here around 2 p.m. and they gave me 3 free tickets just coming in later in the day. I thought that was great :-) so I only paid $38 to get in for four people. We will be back.

Kevin T

Something to do for kids of all ages. I'm 33 and used to come when I was a kid. My dad who is 62 came and has come since he was a kid. Bringing my own kids brought us all back to when we were kids. Great memories. Clean park. Tons of fun.

Lisa Usenia

We had a real nice time we have 3 kids 9 and 12 and 18 we rode all the rides the lines moved fast and we all had a great time. It was 179 dollars to get in. It would be nice if they had free drinks like lake compound. You figure your dropping 200 to enter then u get hungry and all the vendors in there can add up. Like a slushy is 7.99 or shaved ice 5 bucks. Between gas and food. You spent 4 or 500 dollies then gift shop right. Either make the drinks free or more affordable its like everything is priced at its max. We buy dip n dots for kids in any store or machine for 2.50 and there they were 5.49 they should consider most people are bringing 3 to 5 kids. 5 slushy were 40 dollars that's just a drink. We like the family amusement parks that go a little easy on your pocket after u get in. Most people drive 4 or more hours to get there. They shouldn't slam u for everything. Including water.

Alex N

A family favorite park, we've been going here since we were kids, and now while we take our kids the park is better than ever. Check online for meal deals, free parking is included, dog kennels available on site, and the grounds are clean and pretty. Worth the nostalgia trip, make some memories with your kids.

kevin gustafson

The best amusement in North Conway. Simple old fashioned car rides, to a fast wooden dinosaur coaster.

Tabatha D

Excellent. Thank you Peter Pan Tinkerbell and Red riding hood. You made better than awesome. Red capet dancing is an awsome way to end the day.

Vanan Mani

Kids would love this place. Plan to be get in early to cover everything. They allow for 3 hours previous day of actual ticket day and make use of it.

Edward Sarty

I agree with Lisa. You pay to much to get in and food with no drink. The kids had fun. Better value at canobie lake park and longer hrs

Matthew Russo

Great experience for kids. My son is almost 4 and loved it. Could easily spend 2-3 days here. Easy re entry process.

Kelly Taranto

Came to pick up passes during the sensory awareness weekend. Really enjoyed the atmosphere and quietness of the park. Staff was friendly. Food prices are reasonable and you can bring your own food to picnic! Grounds and bathrooms were very clean. One thought for the awareness weekend would be to turn off the hand dryers and offer paper towels as the noise can be excessive for those with sensory issues.

Marilla Couch

A lot of fun. So grateful you offer the Grandparents Day Special.

Matt Daubert

Absolutely wonderful place to take the kids, we go several times per year, but something really needs to be done about the preschool pass lines. Arrived at 10:13 and got into Story Land at 1:06 even though we prepaid and all but one of us had season passes already activated. At least it's just a once a year problem. Otherwise a really great consistently wonderful experience for the kids and adults.

D. Roy

Kids had a blast, even the 15 year old had fun. It was after Labor day so some rides and so many eating places were closed. Waiting in line for food and then waiting for food took a long time. I won't complain about the price because it's an amusement park so it's to be expected, but the "last pizza they had in the park" was undercooked and we had no other options, the kids did love the amount of cheese on it though.

Mary Fitz-Gerald

I've been here numerous times, this time, the park just seemed "off". There wasn't any music playing throughout the park, the bathrooms were all really disgusting and multiple staff members were just not the norm. Don't know if it was because it is towards the end of the season or what. But will definitely make it a point to go earlier next year. As far as the rides, attractions, food and gift shops go...they were all good.

Patrice Bédard

A perfect place to spend a day with our family! Our kids at 3, 6 and 8 years old and they all had a great day and as parents we also had a lot of fun! Make sure to look at their web site as they have a lot of great offers. The fun factory was a great surprise and a new concept for us; we had never seen something like this in the kids theme parks we visited before.

Andrew Small

If you have kids then this place is a must, with rides for every age, plenty of shows and events, all set against majestic backdrop of the White Mountains. Prices are reasonable and pretty much everything is included with the exception of food and drinks. Staff are welcoming without being pushy and the whole place is well run. Kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the adults were still sane by the end of the day, win win!

Matt Pina

Loved going here as a kid and now I get to bring my son. It's a great time. Unfortunately this is probably his last year since he's getting too big (he'll be 11 soon) no matter how many people attend this park, the rides are so spaced out that's there's never really a wait to get on them. They do an awesome job keeping the park cleaned

Vicki Bienvenue

Took my 19m old twin boys here . they loved it. They where very excited to see Daniel Tiger. But very upset when the kid working the line said sorry come back later . was very hard trying to explain that to 2 little boys who idolize Daniel Tiger. We went back 2 more times that day to be told the same thing. Finally one of my little boys had enough and crawled under the chairs to be stopped and told NO. He cried for awhile. Other then that they loved it.i enjoyed it also last time i was there i was 5 years old. Hoping the aquarium opens soon

Sarah Shoemaker

Fun park for families! Easy to do in one day, including some of the shows. Lines for rides weren't bad the day we went and the park is extremely clean and well kept. The only thing that needs work is the food. We make sure to bring our own, but what we have tried there is just not good. Love that we can bring in our own snacks and drinks. Our favorite rides are the Loopy lab, polar coaster and flying fish! And if you love Daniel Tiger don't miss his show!

Vinicius Carvalho

The park is really fun, lots to do. We came on a busy day and I'd say we didn't have enough time to see all rides, some lines were 30 minutes long. I wish they had wifi on the park too, looking forward to return on a not so busy day and enjoy it.

Carolina Lannes

Cute amusement park for the young ones. My 4yo especially loved the Daniel tiger show and the fact that for the first time he was tall enough for all rides in a park (42in tall will allow you even on the "worse" roller coaster). Lots of water areas for kids to refresh during the day. Would definitely come again.

Joe Randlett

What a fun place to take the family. Very clean and well kept and the kids had a blast.

Nicole Tardif

Great amusement park for kids. There are rides for all ages. If you buy your tickets ahead of time you can save money. They have free kennels for dogs, they are first come first serve, but I have been twice and they are never full. Its was a good day kids had a blast!

David Normandie

Awesome safe place to bring the little ones. Worth getting The season pass of you live close or visit the area frequently

RMC Chainlift

A very cute park! Great for all ages, but I would recommend ages 2 - 12 to get the full experience. They have everything from rollercoasters and water rides to playground equipment and reading time. The park itself is well maintained and nicely presented, and the staff are very friendly and happy to help. A great place to visit for the day!

erica adamson

I had accidentally left my lights on in my car while spending the day at the park alone with my children yesterday. The friendly and helpful staff followed me to the alternate parking across the road and took care of my dead battery. Thank you Storyland!

Aki Riaz

Absolutely awesome place to visit. We are doing a tour road trip in an RV from Boston to Montreal Canada. Stopping in New Hampshire and Maine. Truly fantastic. This stop at Story Land, was wonderful. Rides very safe & child friendly. So much to do, has a pet stop and plenty of water rides to keep you wet. Kids have it a big thumbs up. Awesome campsite next door with a great outdoor pool. Do not miss this one.

Joshua Santerre

Even in the rain this place is fun for everyone. No lines, rides to yourself, enough to do inside for a break. Well worth a rain trip, especially in the last 3 hours as you get tickets for the next day as well (hopefully it will be nicer day).

Daniel S

Took our son for the first time last week, was not disappointed. Very good value for an amusement park with a little one under 5. My wife and I enjoyed the rides as well. Will most likely get a season pass for next year.

Christina Riddle

Always clean, great customer service and so much fun. Rides and fun for most young children. Older kids and teens may not enjoy as much but the Roarasaurace is great for all!

Mary Swartz

Had a great day at Story Land!! The best place to spend Grandparents day with our grandchildren. Thank you for the free admission

Vidivici Veni

Kids absolutely loved it, and the place is a true classic, with ole Humpty-Dumpty still there. The place has been around forever, and they keep growing and updating it, while also keeping and maintaining the classic attractions, as well. Reasonable prices, great rides, actors/actresses, etc. If and when they add a water park (like Santa's Village and other such places), it will justify another point, for me, boosting it to five stars.

Allen Casaletto

Food is adequate and priced in line with similar places, lines for rides weren't ridiculously long. Lots of stuff for the kids to do, including very young ones. All the characters were great, and interacted with my children very well, even remembering my daughter's name. Would recommend. Better than Santa's village, which we went to the day before.

Haveabanana Productions

A truly perfect place for kids and even fun for adults. Been there 9 times since I was little and just went again now. Highly HIGHLY recommend the pirate ship tour. Only disappointment was that they ruined the safari by making it both dinosaur and (far more abnoxiously) rap themed. Either way, great time. Reasonable prices for photos and food, although unlike most places they let you bring in your own food which is awesome. The staff even acts as if they are having fun, even though I’m sure that by the end of the season they’re dreading it, but it’s great that they at least try. Highly recommend this place for kids and even adults. Just an all around magical time. Also on a side note, I love the flying fish. Just a cool ride design.

Robert Rastelli

Had a blast here with the family. I highly recommend the "After 2pm entry". We got 3 hours later in the day and the entire next day in the park. Great value. Kids loved the rides and shows. The park was overall really clean and very family friendly. Lots of family rest rooms and calming areas.

zack paul

Great for children of all ages. My child had a blast and knocked out when we got back in the car after 4 or so hours of playing on different things.

Katie Guinard

Nostalgic night was a blast!! Great to see people reliving a small piece of their childhood. Would have been even better with all the rides open and some good food available

Nahum Dimond

Great place to bring the kids to have a good time and have them see all the characters they see on TV in real life. Great for the younger kids but also very fun for the older ones and the parents/adults.

Casey Bourret

What a wonderful experience for my family! I dare even say better than Disney. Sure the rides aren't as extravigant but there's still plenty of fun rides, and stuff to do around every corner. It's much more reasonable on the wallet, and the park employees are all super friendly and accommodating! Thank you Storyland!

W Reid

Other than issues with the online meal ticket purchase, we had a good trip. We had a great day. I recommend you not purchase the meal deals that are offered online. It was badly done. The cashiers should probably update to accept modern forms of payment, like chips, or Google pay, or Apple pay. The kids running the rides and the food stations/attractions were nice enough, but they are kids and so maybe not quite as conscientious as an adult might be.

ambrose nikale

It's a nice place for kids and toddlers. Liked the bamboo chutes and roarasaurous ride. If planning for visiting the white mountains with kids, this place they will definitely like.

Patricia Feyler

We had a great time at this park. It was great to relive memories of when I was a child with my son. Prices for snacks/gifts were typical of an amusement park although cheaper than some. You are allowed to bring in your own snacks/drinks which is great. You are not searched when you go in the park which could be a good thing or bad but it was okay with me. I felt safe in the park. This place isn't very crowded like other parks so not long lines to have to deal with. Waiting in line with kids is tough but wasn't bad here at all. We loved meeting Daniel Tiger and may visit again in the future to check out the new aquarium.

Teddy Davis

I was dreading this trip...but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised and we had a great time with our two kids (4 and 6). The rides were fun and well-calibrated to the kids' ages, and things were kind of timeless in a way that's hard to describe. It seems like a place that could get outdated quickly, but if you think about it, the stories they tell (Cinderella, mother goose, etc.) probably haven't changed in a few hundred years. Also, they have a "science lab" that is totally awesome. Will go back as long as the kids are still into it.


Crowded but fun. Shops are over priced, but the staff is very friendly and helpful. Parking is a challenge. They are accepting and understanding of different people's needs.

Momo Ko

Small park not too crowded. Perfect for young kids under seven.

Brad Ouellette

Lots of fun for little ones! Our One year old loved it!

John Holchin

What a range of activities! Roller coasters to sand boxes. My five year old and 2 year old had a strong overlap in interests at the park. The characters were friendly. Lots of locations for good family photos and a nice variety of themes. We were there early in the season and everything we saw was in good working order and freshly painted; a good indication of the care put into making this a great experience for visitors.

Chris Pierz

My kids from ages 3 to 8 had a blast. Rides for all ages and so many options to keep them busy and entertained. My 3 year old loved the Daniel Tiger show. I will say the food was horrible and has no option for gluten free food except the fudge.

kevin thibdeau

A great trip now with kids of my own. Brought my parents who also went when they were kids. Things have changed and some moved but the feeling was still as I remember it. Food was expensive, maybe bring your own or just be prepared. Ample parking. Clean park. Stuff for kids up to 12 I would say comfortably.

Rosa Diamond

From when we walked on the staff was great. Especially with a child who has Autism. Staff looks like they were trained on how to work with these kids.

Raymond Giraud

Great place obviously for children. A lot of focus on shows for children though they are a little short(some lasting only 10 minutes it seemed). The rides are good but the polar roller coaster is not recommended for younger children even though 36" height is apparently allowed on. The cast members are very friendly and the costumes are well maintained with the staff wearing them with pride.

kayode mason

Fun for the kids. Food and drink expensive, just like any place like this. Lots to do for the kids that doesn't cost any more than the entrance fee, a few extras like face painting that are fun for the kids. Very well oriented for young children.

Stephen Priest

Aimed at toddlers to young kids, there are things that adults can join in. All sorts of rides, though the water rides, except the flume, are not open all season. My favorites, roller coaster, ferris wheel and flume. The train, safari and buccaneer/boat rides are short. Other activities for toddlers abound. Dunkin's is now there,as well as food trucks. The food trucks are cash only. The park has stores and places that sells their own food. Parking can be tight, but, there is an overflow parking lot across the street. Bathroom was in good condition. Family changing area and nurses station available. I recommend a visit.

Heath Hadley

A truly wonderful park to visit with family. There's something for everyone here! The staff was lovely, especially those playing characters. My little one is very shy and Cinderella played to their comfort level by asking for a high five instead of a hug. Daniel Tiger and Katerina Kitty Cat actually got down on their level and they were instantly reassured. Thank you Story Land for making our first big trip such a wonderful experience!

Andrew McClement

This brought back some memories of old! It was a super fun trip for my three year old. Very reasonable prices and luckily when we went it wasn't too busy.

J. Nappi

My six year old granddaughter had so much fun! Nice variety of rides, shows, etc. Park is clean and staff super friendly. Food & drink prices too high...$10 cheeseburger, Yikes!

Brittany Mulcahey

I haven’t been here since I was a kid and it was just as I remembered! Got in line about 15 minutes before opening and we were the third family in the park. It’s exceptionally clean, with plenty of rides and attractions. Also, several places to eat and get treats. Prices are fair.

Hillary Thibodeau

$147 for 4 people in my opinion is too much for what was there. There was nothing to really eat anywhere and several areas of the park were closed. Will not return. Santa's village is much nicer and the staff are all much friendlier.

CaLeB BuBieR

Great for kids, and fun as an adult too. Don't bother going on the pirate ride though. Long wait that wasn't worth it.

Ashley Harding

So much to see! Very clean and well maintained. Our daughter loved it. We will be back.

Tim Linden

The entire extended family loved it (kids 4-12). The variety of rides was great, and there is a Dunkin on site if you need some caffeine to keep up with the kids.

Lauren Sweet

Great for little kids and really convenient to North Conway. It's expensive though and there really isnt any good food. Bring your own food if you can. Definitely worth the trip,.especially if your kids are into characters.

Na Bechard

Lots of fun! Wish they had sliding fee for low income. Those kids would love this place & need a morale booster.

Carrie Sullivan

This park is perfect for young kids. We went on a Saturday and Sunday in early summer with our four-year-old. Crowds were low, line lengths were very manageable, and there was plenty to keep her entertained the whole time. The place certainly lacks the polish of Disney World, and some of its attractions border on hokey having been created in the 1950s, but little kids will look past this and simply be enchanted. Our daughter met the park's fairy tale characters with total excitement (and reverence), and loved the short performances offered at the theaters. She was also able to go on all but one ride with us. I noticed a lot of changing and nursing stations, which is great for moms with infants. A bonus is that you are allowed to bring in your own food, which helps to keep costs low and allows parents to control food options for their kids. Overall, the whole place was very family-friendly, and we would definitely go back!

Devon Kierstead

I've been going here for over 20 years now. Good price. Good food. Stuff for everyone to do. Performers are enthusiastic, even when it's hot out.

Cynthia Parise

Plenty of shady places to sit and rest. Everything seems clean and in good working order. Helpful staff, who seem concerned for safety and welfare of all. Only disappointment was a couple of water rides not up and running.

Kirsten Fournier

This was our 3rd year coming. My now 3 year old (almost 4) and also my 8 month old had a blast! Being our 3rd year my daughter wanted to just skip the houses in the front and the animals and get to the rides lol its a very enjoyable park with lots to see and do! We cant wait for our trip next year.

Jessica Lawson

A full day of fun for kids usually under 10. You can pack a lunch but there are plenty of lunch choices. Buy your ticket on-site at 3 pm or later and it is good until closing and the full next day.

Amar S

Story-land is not as over whelming like Disney but is definitely an exhilarating experience.We reached at 4 in the evening though we targeted 3 .so we could take rides for 3 hrs until 6 and then they give a ticket for next day too. So it gives the kids a two day experience with one day entry fee. Story land was started by a couple who collected dolls from Europe and initially had few rides now it has rides good enough for up to tweens.Apart from the rides , staff here are charming young peeps from Europe who come here for exchange programs and the restrooms and eating joints are very conveniently located so makes your experience better. It is a concoction of kids nursery rhymes and story themed area, some water rides ,some dinosaur rides , Alice in wonderland cup tide, and few big rides and two pretty good shows and dance at the end done by all the characters.But one ride which I felt was a marvelous experience was when they take you in a pumpkin carriage to Cinderella ‘s palace and then a picture with Cinderella. My kiddos enjoyed that and they have a tea with Cinderella which cost another 10$ ( but I lost one ticket accidentally and had to buy another one☹️)where each kid is allocated a table where they sit with other kids and are served tea, snacks and cookie and Cinderella comes and reads a story and tells them some table manners and a pic with Cinderella at the end.

Miriam Phillips

Best place ever!! Finally have grandchildren old enough to take! Was thrilled to go back.

Sharon Marcos

Admission is very affordable for what they have to offer. The place is much bigger than it looks from outside. Our 4 year old son had a blast and lasted the whole day. Great Family Day!

Steph Karl

Fun place. Love that they have adults night now. So fun! Loved acting like a kid for a night

michael clow

My one year old loved it; my 3year old loved it; my older nephews loved it. We will be back again. The whole North Conway area is a kid paradise.

Kelley Moreira

We have been going to story land for 6 years now and always have a great time. Never had to really wait in line very long for a ride. Kids have a blast each year and even more as they get older. Fun for all ages even my mom and I have fun on the rides with them. Just some pics of our 1st trip this summer. We didnt go on all the rides.

Aaron Parent

Wanting to recapture my childhood, if it still existed I'd have loved to go to heritage new Hampshire too. Both places were great places to visit as a child.

Shmuel Shmuel

Charming place. A 3 year old kid (and not very tall even) can go on almost every ride. Not crowded, has a lot of shade. Good for kids 2-10.

Haylee O'Brien

Great time with kids. Lines aren't crazy long, could definitely use some updating but otherwise a good time with family.

Mindy G

Super family friendly with lots of places to rest and shade to keeps kiddos from getting sunburned. Went first thing when they opened during the week and never had to wait in line longer than a few minutes for any ride. My 3 year old walked the entire thing and was able to enjoy about every ride. Bringing a lunch to stop and have a picnic when ready is the way to go. Will definitely be back.

Shannon Poole

Story Land is a great place to bring the little ones. There are rides for kids of all ages but the park is tailor made for kids between 2 and 10 or so.

Kathleen Cho

Wonderful amusement park for younger children! It was clean, well kept, and had a good variety of rides for the kids. I highly recommend it!

Tim Pond

Story land is a great park for the family. Toddler rides and fun things to do at every turn.

Danielle F.

Fun theme park for kids and families. Story Land is a great place to bring younger kids who aren't ready for bigger, more intense theme parks. There are lots of familiar characters like Cinderella, Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, and Mother Goose. You can also see the Three Billy Goats Bluff (though you can no longer feed them), the Three Little Pigs, and other story book animals. The goats are especially adorable. Rides are fun and don't have ridiculous wait times, and the theater shows are fun and engaging.

Chris Ouellette

As always this place is awesome for kids and families and the occasional adults only night. They have a good assortment of rides for families. I do feel they need more rides for toddlers or younger. They do have very nice landscaping and definitely take care of their grounds. They do need to work on training their staff that they do ride swap for families with young children as some staff were very unaware of this. A few more rides for toddlers would be great. If they stayed open an hour longer would be amazing as well as I feel there is so much to do with not enough time to do it all.

jacob overbey

A kids dream come true. This place had our kids excited about the experience for days. It was well worth the trip. Not to mention it's beautiful up there.

Rainbow The Macaw

Great place for children under 8 yrs old. Crazy admission price for adults and so it's that do not do rides. Definitely NOT Worth the price. So many other family parks for a lot less money

Kathryn Sheehan

We went for nostalgia night! It was a great event, but there were some things i hope they change if they do it again! Obviously this was their first try, and they got a waaayyy bigger response than they expected. But story land really isn't equipped to stay open after dark so the rides closed early, some weren't open at all. And alcohol was only allowed in a tiny portion of the park. I hope next time there's some better lighting, longer ride times, and some food trucks!

Damian Cote

Pretty good overall. Perfect for 3-8 year olds. Only complaint is online menus are no accurate. Walked all the way across the park kid in tow, because one place had wraps on the menu. Once there it was grill cheeses mostly. Park workers didn’t believe me so I had to show them the online menu. Response was..”no response idea, we never had those here”

Spring Stembridge

Love it, great little amusement park. Some of the staff are fantastic and some could be more friendly. Happy faces are always more appealing.

Charles Johnson

We had a great time. Really appreciate the medical pass for our grandson who is autistic. Allowing him to go to the front of the line was the only way he could have done the rides which he loves to do. Looking forward to bring him back. Thank you.

Sarah Smith

Such a great place to spend with your family! My 7 year had an ear to ear grin the whole time. Even though it was extremely hot we beat the heat in the misting tents. And many spots with air conditioning to get some relief. Worth the visit, definitely going back!

John F

Classic family theme park in northern NH. Little kids up to adults will have fun. Different levels of rides and activities for each age group. Keep an eye out for storybook characters walking around and look for the ice pole on a hot day.

Jeanna Ziminski

We visited story land with my three kids, my parents and my aunt. We were able to get the Veterans discount which was good. The train conductor was a very sweet gentleman. Bring your own food and cooler with beverages, because 1 pizza will cost you $25.00 or $4.13 per slice. Was disappointed that aquarium was not open despite being publicized. Overall, the kids had a good time.

kathy kostelak

Great time with grandson. Haven't been in awhile but still a fantastic place to visit

Brian Bell

It's been a childhood favorite of mine since I was a kid and my family took me. Now, I've been taking my daughter for the past nine years. Sadly, this was her last year going (she's too old now) but I look forward to visiting again as a grandparent someday. This place is a multi-generational life experience. Thanks for all the great memories, story land... As a child, as a parent, the magic never dies. We'll see you again in the future.

Jillian Shivers

We have two kids (6 and 8) and they love Story Land. We've been here a couple of times now and it's always a great time. Very clean, well-maintained, and fun for everyone.

elizabeth burns

Perfect for ages six and under. Small enough to be manageable and enough rides to keep everyone occupied and excited all day. The deal they have with free entry from 3pm to close on top of a full day pass the following day makes the whole trip worth it.

Ken Dickerman

Beautiful day when we went. Plenty of shade throughout the park. We were early in the season, so not many rides we're open yet. Might be a little overwhelming for a 2 y/o, but there are smaller features of the park that they'll still enjoy (sandboxes, Dino dig, coral reef splash pad, etc). The mist tents we're a life saver in the heat and little ones love running through those as well!! We'll be back when our little one is a bit older.

Matt Pike

Excellent park. It's well maintained, clean, and the rides are fun. The employees seem to have gone downhill over the years, how can you drive Cinderella's pumpkin out of costume? Same with the mine, 2 or 3 years in a row now, the employee wasn't in costume, and wasn't speaking loud enough at all. The food/ drinks are very overpriced, but that's typical of any amusement park. The new raptor safari was a hit with the family, and the raft and flume rides are still tons of fun. I highly recommend going to storyland if you've never been.

Daniel Demers

I love this place. It has rides for all ages. Albeit more for younger kids. The 2 roller coasters are real fun as well as the Bamboo Shoots. I love going there every year.

Adam West

This place is all you need if you have a young kid (2-8). Forget the $500+ trip to Disney where your kid wont have any fun rides to go on. Or Sox Flags where they can't enjoy anything they have to offer. It is worth the look on their faces!


Great place to take your little kids. It’s a nice place because you get to spend the whole day and you wouldn’t wonder what else could make your little one happy and excited. This place has a lot to offer and you don’t have to think about what to do next. The staff in general is very helpful, pleasant and courteous. We visited only once on Memorial Day weekend and we all had a great time; adults get to have fun as well. We travel for 2+ hours to get there, so I wish this place was closer to Boston.

Pamela Williams

Fun time as always, staff are all friendly and helpful; we especially liked Dolores at the antique cars - it was the very end of the day and she was still chipper and friendly, and would take your photo with your camera before you set off. Disappointed that the river raft ride was shut down. Park was very clean and we were SO happy to find it non-smoking in the whole park. Thank you, Story Land!!

Amanda Cee

Perfect for our 5 year old! Plenty of space. Covered waiting areas with a tiny wait time if any in places. Excellent diversity of type of rides and activities. For our first time, it was a great experience and would highly recommend!

Steve W

Story Land is a great place to take your younger kids. They love seeing things they know about ( three bears house) and then they can get their antique car drivers license! Older kids will like the rides too.

Brian Donovan

Great fun! Bring some $$$. Food prices are high! One note, you can bring your own food to help keep costs down.

Nate Kujawski

A lot of playgrounds for the kids, reasonable prices at gift shops, ice drinks have $1 refills, splash pad play areas, etc. A good mix of things for boys and girls. Plenty of shade and benches. Our kids had a great time!!

Jaydogg Doggydogg

I was surprised at how big it was and how much there was for the kiddos to do. We spent the whole day there. There were so many fun rides and things to do for my 8 and 6 year old. It was a great experience and North Conway is absolutely beautiful. The park had some great views on some of the rides. I was quite surprised at food options as well, I like the taco truck, and bbq truck. Smoked brisket was awesome. The tacos were delicious. Definitely a place everyone needs to bring there little ones too, at least once or twice.. maybe even three or four times.


Always a joy to visit here.. entertainment is great as well. Fun for all ages!

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