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REVIEWS OF Diana's Baths IN New Hampshire

Bill Davis

Only issue here is the parking. The cars were lined up 10 deep when we first arrived around 1:00 pm so we drove to Jackson falls first, hit Diana's bath later in the day around 3:30 and there were 4 cars lined up took us roughly 30 minutes to get a spot. There is plenty of space to add additional park not sure why they don't.


First time visit.....great fun

Joel White

Like everyone else, easy access beautiful scenery. Dogg friendly.. Only drawback is it's very crowded, and that was on a cloudy dreary day.

kevin gustafson

Easy walking in the woods. Soo many bugs when we visited at the end of June.

Paul Bryant

Short walk.... And fun

Christopher Silva

Very fun walk! Climbing up the rocks was a blast

William Moore

A little dangerous, I see people fall all the time. But it's amazing!


After dust it's really cold, but very beautiful and has a lot of levels so you can find place perfect for you

Gabriel Ferrero

Nice short walk to beautiful falls with good spots to dip in the water.

Erin Colligan

It's an easy hike from the parking lot to the falls. It's truly stunning and awesome to get to splash through the falls. Do be careful the rocks can be slippery.

Duane Hodgkins

Easy walk .6 miles to flat gravel path

Diana C. MiLLer

“For $5, that bathroom should be a lot cleaner.” -my husband Defo the foulest of park bathrooms we’ve encountered. The falls, conversely, are AMAZING. So fun to scramble around, and probably great to cool off when the weather is hot.

robert miller

Great hike for families with kids and dogs. Make sure to get there earlier in the morning to avoid traffic. The small lot fills up pretty quickly. Also remember to bring $5 cash for the parking. Great hike with tons to see and connects to other trails.

Heather Peterson

Absolutely beautiful! Make sure you are prepared with good gripping water shoes of some sort, the rocks can be quite slippery!

Richard Cobb

Great for family to enjoy nice hike and scenery.

Heath Jewell

Easy walking, great history lesson and beautiful waterfalls with swimming spots.

Angelise Sleeman

Very pretty area to visit. I went on a Saturday and I had to wait in line to park, but it wasnt too bad. I was told that during the week is better or after 3pm

Jstmee Adrift

Diana's bath in North Conway New Hampshire is a great place to experience some of the Great Mountain attractions within the White Mountains range Diana's bath is a easy Hike and very Assceeable hike of only a 1/2. mi beautiful & Safe parking Fee $5.00

Patrice Bédard

The site was fantastic and the whole family lived it. If you want to go on the rocks, make sure to bring water shoes or Crocs add the rock are very slippery.

John Paul O'Connor

Absolutely loved coming here but couldn't get near the place on the weekend. Recommend a week day trip.

Lloyd Jones jr.

Really nice during the day, really scary after dark

Peter Paul Lin

The top of the "falls" is quite nice, and you'll regularly see people lounging there. The rest of the falls is pretty meh. Would recommend visiting with bug repellent and swim wear.

Jeffrey Pope

A short and beautiful hike!

Sara Tos

This place was amazing. I actually don't have enough words for how wonderful and unique this it is! I will want to come back for all 4 seasons just to experience it over and over (Live in Buffalo, NY) I don't know why people only stay an hour or so there...I could have spent the entire day walking up the waterfall peaks that flowed from a stream and kept walking.

dave hartshorn

Love going to Diana's bath very peaceful and the walk in is easy

Kim Linonis

Nice short walk. Awesome for all ages. Gets very busy. Go early.


Awesome place to relax and splash around with the kids, a bit slippery in spots so walk carefully!

Gary Thurston

Beautiful. $5 to park and a mile walk in. Make sure you go to the top.

Ado Lozano

What a wonderful place of beautiful mother nature. A place that cannot be forgotten I recall going as a child. Had to make it a point to take my kids. Worth the drive

John Bishop

Easy hike with lovely views of the falls, cascades, and pools.


A nice place to walk around, woods and rocky area stay pretty cool on a hot day. Tight parking, but stroller friendly.

Joseph Boucher

A little crowded even at 4pm, but it was neat to explore and walk in the water. Very pretty.

karen dube

Nice walk to falls. Beautiful

susan sinclair

Easy walk. Large parking area. It's unfortunate some people still think they can litter. But a nice quiet area.


Beautiful scene!! Totally worth the .6 mile hike and easily doable with toddlers. Water is ice cold but saw kids playing in it. Bring water shoes!

Korgi Dash

So much fun to do parkour over the water

C R Brady

It's a beautiful place, but it's getting beat up. It's way overcrowded, parking lot fills up early, traffic jam both ways on West Side Road so no one can get through. People try to park on private property (you will get towed and pay $100.00 fine). There is no parking on the street because it's way too dangerous.

Jeanie Pearson

Very beautiful in the winter. Surprisingly still busy/popular though not crowded per se. Only a little bit icy, but we wore spikes on our boots which still helped. You'd be fine without them, though.

Tanya LaVallee

Beautiful and a fun place to swim.

david s.

Simply Beautiful, great little hike

Joe Lamora

Really cool..nice walk. Gotta be can be slippery!!

Crystal Pannabecker

The rocks can get very slippery in the water, especially the higher up you go. The trail follows up pretty high, we didn't go all the way up.

Christine V

Whenever we go to North Conway we ALWAYS visit Diana’s Bath. Except in Winter. (Wink wink).

Johan van Rijsbergen

Perfect place to visit with kids. They can play in the different levels. The walk to the lowest point is an easy walk of 15-20 min. Parking is an issue. We had our car 10 min north on the right side. From what we could see, this was the first spot where it was allowed. Opposite Ledges. The walk was shorter than the waiting line we saw.

Sarah S. Ocasio

Absolutely beautiful location. Parking is extremely limited and they do not allow street parking. The parking is strictly enforced and they will tow your car if you are not parked in a spot. Go during the week if you can. Also bring bug spray for the walk through the woods.

Jill Chen

Super easy trail and it's not bad. Kid friendly and 20min walk.

Joseph Roberts

Maybe a 15 to 20-minute hike to get to this place but it is well worth it. Lots of waterfalls and flowing water over rocks. A very nice peaceful place to visit.

Karin Cole

We went on a Tuesday morning - easy to park at 9 am, but lot was full and a wait to get in when we left at 11. Easy trail walk to the "baths." Despite the name, there was nothing bath-like about it. The water is cold (as you would expect from a mountain stream) and the part we explored was basically a wide river bed with rock formations and old concrete foundations - lots of fun for my 6- and 9-year old, but would be worried about smaller kids there. The rocks are slippery and the current is fast in some places. There was really nowhere to swim - more of a wading/climbing experience. In some places we were stepping on loose rocks - wished I had some sandals on. Overall a fun experience and worth the time/effort.

Keith Desantis

Was very nice and busy parking is an issue once parking lot is full. You have to circle the parking lot until a spot opens up

gavin s

Awesome park. Views all over, nothing to be missed.

e trager

Great place parking is tough sometimes but for the most part awesome

Chris Parker

Very easy and beautiful hike. Best to be seen after a good rain or during spring thaw.

Karma Gurung

Beautiful scenic place to visit while at North Conway. Very short walk (10-15min) from parking lot and the whole trip took us less than an hour.

Derek Olsson

Beautiful.... Fun to explore with family. Very accessible to children (who loved climbing the rocks in the falls... Not very exciting for adults but the kids got to feel like they were really adventuring). Nothing amazingly spectacular, but given the accessibility, well worth 10ish minute walk from the road.

Sarah Donahue

Short hike, very beautiful falls. Definitely a must see. Not a big fan of the $5 parking fee though...

Michelle Blanchette

Awesome place to spend summer and winter. Summer offers refreshing views with nice cool waterfalls. Winter offers the cool ice everywhere you look and frozen water falls everywhere.

Brian Noury

Best short hike in NH. If you feel you are up for it, you can hike up the side of the falls to where there are larger, and calmer pools. Hiking up the falls Is short, but moderate or hard difficulty.

Erica Linehan

Long wait on a hot weekend morning. Not great for littles. Beautiful and close up nature experience. Worth it.

Paul DeBaker

Beautiful walk along an open path. The water level was a bit low, but still a beautiful backdrop and wonderful experience.

Kristin Hoy

Great for a hot day...wear water shoes! Parking is limited, so you'll probably have to wait. Walk to the water is pretty easy. Once there, you'll do some clambering and the wet rocks can be very slippery so you'll want water shoes and should be fine to wear them in from the lot. Loved by 2yo, 6yo, 11yo, and the adults! A bit scary at times keeping the 2yo from harm, but worth it.


This place is so beautiful!! I’ve been in the winter and summer. Both times were a sight to see. In the winter though, make sure to wear boots because it can be icy and very slippery.

Friscis Sanchez

Beautiful hiking trail, especially in the winter. The frozen waterfalls are a sight that must be seen in person.

Steve Walker

Scenic. Multple Cascades and small falls. Cool history regarding the mill build on location. Part of the mill's turbine is still standing, including a huge brass gear. Dynamic scenery; of with with the most majestic is from the mid falls to the brook at the top. Only negative: When it's warmer, people are swimming and sun bathing. Spoils the view to some extent.

Lemuel George

Cool place to visit...must see

Dustin Tourinho

Great place to take the family.

Shea Bette

Beautiful piece of nature to be enjoyed by so many

Michael Perrotta

Wasn't a great place to swim at. But still a lot of beauty. P.s make sure you dont need to use the public bathroom. The smell and the amount of flies were horrific.

Tonya Turano

Great spot to hang out at for a few hrs, or a day if you'd like. It was a 5$ donation. To keep it beautiful, well worth the stop

Beverly Beckford

The most beautiful hike to this beautiful waterfall!

Brett Lussier

Beautiful and a nice walk to see a magical waterfall.

Sue DesMarais

Fantastically beautiful series of waterfalls a short (.6 miles) easy walk from the parking area. Popular with families with young children. Accessible and gorgeous year round!

Yury Eydman

Beautiful nature. Nice hike. Must see.

JE Bristol

Always beautiful. Easy family hike. Just take steps to be prepared for bugs (where there's water you'll get mosquitoes)

Stacy DiCola

GREAT family hiking. We spent many hours there exploring.

Shaunak Paranjape

The waterfalls are amazing. If you have like 1-2 hours to spend do visit this place. It is very picturesque. Also a good place to take photos and selfies. Several trek route start beyond these falls. Do visit this place.

Joe Mammone

Just a small walk into the woods brings you to the glorious Diana's bath. It is well worth the short trek it takes for you to reach the bottom of the falls. At the bottom is the bath area and above are some smaller falls that run into it. There is certainly more hiking trails that go further then just to the bath area if you want to get more of that pine fresh New Hampshire air. I wouldn't miss the stop.

Laura McGrath

Beautiful!! Pet friendly, family friendly and you can swim!

Zoey D

Easy trail, although a slight incline for some people may make it a bit strenuous (if you have a bad hip/back). Otherwise it's pretty easy. The Rocky waterfall is just beautiful. You can hike up a ways further up the rocks to get a spectacular view. They request (honor system) a $5 fee to park. Went at 11:30 am not to crowded. Although if you are looking for a solitary hiking experience this isn't it. Overall a beautiful spot.

Karyn Drake

We love to visit this place every year. The population of people are always pleasant and the water is beautiful. Definitely a must see if your willing to travel and walk a little.

Gary Gary

Great place for enjoying the season...

Corey Mooney

First time visiting despite living in NH my whole life. I was thoroughly impressed. It is a great place to explore all of the different pools and waterfalls soaking up the mountain. Kids will love this for the pools and natural water slides. There is also a deep home towards the top that kids can pencil dive in which is really cool. It is about a half mile hike in, but the trail is easy and well groomed. Definitely a must visit.

Andrew Allard

Nice scenery but very busy on nice weekends. Especially as the walk in from the parking lot is almost paved.

Jacob Castillo

What a great stop off the highway. My wife and I visited in early January. It's a nice short walk on mostly flat ground. No problem for my pregnant wife. Stop and check it out well worth the detour

Lauren Thornberg

Beautiful place. A nice hike and swim on a hot day. Very easy hike, doable for kids or less experienced hikers. Don't forget that you need $5 cash for parking! You can't use a card. The parking lot fills up quickly, too, so be sure to come early.

Joseph Lee

PLOW THE PARKING LOT! Besides that, this is a beautiful natural waterfall that is probably better enjoyed in the summer. It is beautiful in the winter but only good for hiking really.

Khan Sahab

One of the beautiful waterfall i have seen in North America after Niagara falls.

Ahmed Archambault

A small and beautiful hike. It can get pretty crowded and a heads up for first timers, you have to pay (I think it was $3 for every car if I remember) to go through the trail. Definitely worth it, as it is calm and relaxing to hear the water flow down the rocks. I've gone with some amazing people, I would definitely recommend taking someone who may be special to you, here.

Neva Fooled

Beautiful and easy to get to. Dont forget the bug spray!

Timothy Carpenter

This place is absolutely amazing I love how the water ate away the rocks to to form waves in the creek. Diana's bath has been a place that I've been coming as a child it's been 10yrs. since I've been there and it's still as gorgeous as ever just climbing up and following the creek down or just climbing past the waterfalls and then rock hopping in the middle of the creek. This place is a MUST see please in North Conway, NH

Aaron T

Great place to take the fam

Jeremy M

Great trail head. Bathrooms. $5 day pass as of 8/24/19

Nicholas M.

Simple hike, beautiful place to hang out. Bring a picnic and make your way up top.

Sosanna Blocker

Would say is a must go to in that area. What an amazing walk with loads of different kinds of mushrooms and the falls with all the different rock formations and the bath area are breathe taking. Cost $5 to park but so worth it.

Rick Muise

Beautiful waterfall, nice walking path in the woods. Definitely would go back there again. Family had a good time too

danielle perrino

Awesome place!! Thanks to the reviews we went around dinner time and we all got parking spots! The waterfalls are beautiful and great for all ages!

Edmund Leung

Hidden gem! After 15-20mins walk we encounter a series of waterfall and ponds. Absolutely stunning.

Ed Andrews

Beautiful spot with cascading river falls, old power plant foundations, wading pools, natural "hot tub" quality water massage (but the water is warm at best, not hot). Also the trailhead for several nice hikes. The bad news is that the parking lot is purposely small to "gate" the crowd size, and your car will get towed if you park in the street Go early, beat the crowd, and eat a picnic breakfast vs lunch :0)

Sherri V

Great place for a picnic be careful on the rocks but a great place to wade in shallow water with a water fall parking limited so go early

Patty Brown

Very easy walk with benches along the way. Very nice reward at the end. A few picnic tables. Bring 5.00 cash for the self service parking pass. We went in June the GNATS were terrible. Very crowded.

Millard Fillmore

Diana's Baths is a beautiful, scenic location that is definitely worth visiting, if you can even get in. I had been there once before last year and enjoyed the sights, but when returning with family just a few days ago, there was no way to enter as the parking lot was completely full. The parking lot is extremely small and cannot fit many cars at all, especially considering how trafficked the area is. This is very unfortunate and I would like to see it changed in the future.

David Demers

Highlight of our trip to North Conway. Really cool place to be with friends, family or even with your dog.

Micheal Jacques

Love to go here everytime im in the area. Great hike. scenery is awesome.

Emily Fredey

Nice little hike! Easy for beginners! Multiple waterfalls and shallow pools. There are bathrooms at the beginning

Steph Karl

Small easy hike. Peaceful, keep going all the way up the waterfall, it gets better!!!

Mahima Srivastava

Beautiful falls in Conway. A serene walk to the falls through the foliage is gorgeous. People were lounging near the falls and enjoying the cool waters. There are a lot of bugs and mosquitoes so double up on the deet spray before heading here.

Andri Mahegan

Loved it. The water was a bit cold, not much you can do about that though. The hiking up was amazing and the end result was well worth it. The famous hole in the rock is all that it's cracked up to be and is a great thrill if you're brave enough. Make sure you bring a change of clothes and towels.

Nick Erickson

Pleasantly surprised by this place - we just went this weekend (early November) - and it had been super rainy the day before and the day of - well that just made it even better because there was so much water coming down the falls. A lot of the pictures I had seen made it look pretty tame - but not today! Very cool site to see.

David McFadden

Nice place. Have to walk half a mile from the parking lot to get to the river. There is a slight incline while walking.

Allan Harris

Lovely, multi tiered falls. Soak in the sights, have a picnic, and take a quick dip (if you're impervious to cold and sure on your feet!)

Michael Dinsmore

Beautiful place to go with the family. You have about a 10-15 min walk in to reach the baths and it is well worth it. The sights are beautiful and good for all ages. This was a pleasant surprise that a friend had recommended and we were glad they did. If you are in the area definitely make it a point to stop here...

Rosanna Chu

So beautiful! Easy .6 mile walk to the waterfall.

Drew Barber

Beautiful views and great spot for family fun

David Franklin

Make sure you don't go around the holiday you'll have a good time

Kelly Cusick

One of the coolest most interesting places to explore outdoor in NH! So beautiful!

Philip Hardebeck

Beautiful falls, easily accessible (even by wheelchair). Nice place to relax and enjoy the scenery and peace. Bring your National Park pass, or pay $5.

Arata c

No even a 30 minute walk there, shaded walk for children 6 and up with adult constant attention. Water feels amazing it's cold, but that is glacier ice water for ya. Rocks, rocks and more rocks. Beautiful womanly site! Go if you get the chance, wouldve stayed longer if there wasn't as many people out there. Really want to see and explore more during the peak of winter.


This has been my favorite of the falls so far. Easy 10 minute walk from the parking lot, on flat terrain. Then at the falls you have to do a little climbing but nothing kids can’t handle. In fact, they’ll probably love it. You can go swimming or just sit and relax. I was able to get right into the falls in various places without wetting my sneakers. We went on a weekday afternoon so there was parking with no problem. Have small bills with you to pay for parking. I saw many cars without the parking pass that you gave to get yourself at a pay station, but why risk a fine. You’ll want to be there a while. There’s only a table or two if you want to hang out. And I heard the bathrooms were unusable. Keep that in mind. Willey’s House up the street had bathrooms and better/free parking.

Kari Beaulieu

Such a beautiful place just outside of Conway. Google maps took me to a spot down the road but there are plenty of street signs when you get close. Get there early (especially on weekends)!! I arrived around 10am and the smallish lot was nearly full. When I left about 1 the line to get in was really long. Well worth a visit and I'll return again.

Amanda Bundt

At the time of the year the falls are frozen solid, and it's just the BEST adventure for young and old to forego the trail and just hike literally right on top of the water!! So many great spots to stop and check out, we loved every minute.

Jeffrey Vancura

Falls were fun but, the water's a bit cool & refreshing

Gregory Jones

They changed the parking couldn't even get in....horrible

Rob Sutton

Can't say much since we didn't get to go in. They require you to put $5 in an envelope (then tear off a receipt to put on your car) and put it in a drop box before you go in to avoid a fine. We only had a $20 and no checks with us. No one had change so we left.

Chris Ballard

Lots of fun and very relaxing. Could use more parking

Karunya Rao

Gorgeous falls and a short hike to it. I wouldn't miss it if I were you.

Kenny Lehtonen

Fun spot. Parking is a little tight so be prepared to spend some time waiting for a spot.

Gregory Rosic

Really amazing cascades for the length of the hike! A short trail takes you to the base of the cascades and I really recommend going all the way up as there are several small falls along the length of it as well as pools. A hike the whole family can do.

Marie Ellis

Easy walk. Waterfalls are terrific! Loved the place!!

John Nadeau

Amazing! Short hike to a unique and beautiful spot :)

Barbora Winterová

Amazing! Beautiful waterfalls.

Luke Bailey

.6 of a mile gradual walk, and you're at a great swimming spot

April Swanson

Idyllic views, easy/ moderate hike, well maintained trails

Ivy Desmarais

This used to be my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE place to go while we were in NH, the last 2 years in a row we haven't even been able to go because you can't park on the side of the road anymore and the lot is always full. Why can't they jusy charge the same $5 to park on the road? It's pretty devastating to our entire family that we haven't been able to enjoy our favorite place while on vacation. Please fix this New Hampshire!!!

Liz Varney

Great place for hiking. Absolutely gorgeous!

Paul Pacheco

This was one of the most beautiful outdoor sceneries i have seen in my 29 years of life but parking is ridiculous and should be managed better people are swearing and using vulgar words over parking when u pull in ffg irst they still get mad

Satish Tumne

A small treck in wooded path to gushing waterfall through rocks

Kaylee Kaiser

Easy walk. We were able to take the stroller for our 3 and 4 year old. There were lots of people but it didnt feel crowded as there are lots of different spots for families to enjoy the water. We will definitely go back!

Ryan Gerry

Beautiful and still wild enough. The parking is tough but that is a good thing because it keeps the numbers low.

grace stroman

This is one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen and been to. I came here a few years back with my grandparents and family and I had a really good time and I still remember how nice the water was and how clean this place was.

nancy perrotti

They desperately need to expand the parking. Otherthan, the 45 min. Wait in line for spot to open, It was a wonderful day!!!

Matt Bodoni

Since I was a young buck I remember my parents taking me to this seemingly magical waterfall. It continues to blow my mind as I get older, because you start to gain appreciation for the force of nature and the pristineness of the land around you. The trail itself is relatively flat, which makes it popular with families/dogs, but as you continue, it gets rocky and steep. People usually stop at the falls to eat/rest, and to indulge in the views around them. You CAN continue on after the resting point, but you will be battling the force of the waterfalls, as well as uneven rocky/slippery surfaces. I think everyone should at least try and test their will and continue on past the rest stop. There is usually always people around so you don't have to worry about getting caught out here alone. The trails are also well-marked so you'll always have an idea of where you are. Keep this place LOWKEY, because it is truly a hidden gem!

James Messer

If you love to hike in nature, I highly recommend this place in New Hampshire.

james leo

Loved it but get there early it fills up fast

In The Surf

Beautiful scenic area. Short walk. Family friendly for all ages and abilities. Great year round activity!

James Lahr

Easy hike. Very long trails not marked further up past the typical falls area. Very nice hike, easy, right along the river side.

rick melise

parking spot is a gamble. be prepared to wait for a spot. and bring 5 bucks for parking no change os givin. but place is awsome

Laora Naggan

Beautiful! Fairly easy walk to the water, several different pools, great fun for the whole family. You may have to wait for parking, but it's well worth it!

Zach Foote

Breathtaking, family-friendly piece of nature that must be explored at least once in everyone's life. Smaller children must be supervised at all times due to the often slippery and/or jagged terrain. As long as you're smart, pay attention to your surroundings, and - of course - carry in/carry out - you'll be fine. Arrive quite early if you hope to have any luck whatsoever finding parking.

Nello Colecchi

Absolutely beautiful and amazingly clean for the amount of traffic it gets. If you go take your trash with you when you go.

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