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Where is America's Stonehenge?

REVIEWS OF America's Stonehenge IN New Hampshire

William Mccartney

This was a fun and cool experience. Of course my son wanted to go because of the alpacas and not so much for the ancient rock formations, but we both had a really enjoyable time looking at everything and taking in the idea of this mysterious site. The one thing I will say is that a lot more things are chained off than appear in the pictures and some of the videos I watched before going. It looks like there's a lot of accessibility, but in reality there's not as much as you're led to believe. Still a lot of cool stuff to take in, and the chipmunk population is incredibly fearless and friendly.

Hunter Brannan

Very cool spot to visit. We loved all the history and information. It was 29$ for my family of 4 (5 and under free) with a military discount. Prices are 13$ for adults, 7.50 for kids. A bit steep, but I understand they need to be able to maintain the grounds. The alpacas were my favorite.

sarah jackson

It was very interesting to visit here. Lots of facts and theories about the stones and their uses. The trail is easy and well marked. The map with number key to each site was super handy, but I would have liked more detailed info. Tons of bugs in summer, use the bug spray in the mailbox near the sundial before hiking. Staff is friendly and the video was helpful.

Zach Olson

The kids absolutely love it here! We go at least once every year.

Rise Riyo

Our family would go here to celebrate the solstices and equinoxes. Not too far from Boston. Great place to bring the family.

Abigail diamond

Went at 10 on Sunday it was hardly anyone there. Beautiful trails, but definitely bring your bug spray.

Adon Berry

Very pleasant and relaxing.

R.T. Weedermann

Ancient Alien theriorist.

Jorge Roa

Very interesting place!!!

Christine Fusco

So much history!

Jaimee Clerc

Really seems like a gimmick. I'm going to buy some rocks in the woods, circle some gouges in them, and tell people it was part of the underground railroad. See how well that flies. But if you enjoy just wandering the woods for awhile it's not a bad way to waste an hour or so. Also, their alpacas are adorable, but they have 0 effs to give about you or anyone else. They are not there for it

Robin Swanson

Never heard of this place until my wife pointed it out when we were in the area for another event. Be sure to wear decent hiking shoes, as the trail is full of rocks and roots. They now have an app to guide you to all of the points of interest. Who knew there was antiquity right in our backyard!

Meredith Thomas

There’s a ton of history, you have to stop and follow along with the pamphlet to learn about it, which can be tedious with little kids. Being bug spray or they have a mail box of bug spray for you to use. The mosquitos were horrible and we rushed through a lot because of them.

Cassandra Russell

I think it's a great piece of property and even a nice gift shop. However, very controversial and does not seem authentic if you actually read into it... still... it's a great place to walk around all day with the family and picnic. If you're into celestial and solstice it's a good place to go. I just enjoy the trekking around.

Janelle Burgoyne

A hidden treasures in New Hampshire. We loved walking in the woods through this well preserved historical and geographical wonder. Well worth the visit.

Jessica Mahoney

It's really quite amazing. Whoever built it cleared out paths of trees to be able to see the horizon in all directions. Expect some steep walking, but not too bad

Adena Boxer

I was not expecting this place to be so huge or for there to be as much as there is. It was really interesting to walk through and feel the history. Very neat having this amazing piece of history in our backyard!

Patrick Rosinski

Great nature trails to walk. Lots of interesting things to see. Bring the bug spray !

Mark Mooers

It was like walking back in time. Great place to bring kids who love adventure.

Maria Cruz

Good secret hidden history spot, loved the outdoor feel and nature all around

Joshua Yelton


Jim Bagley

Who knew we had 4000 year old impressive stone structures with celestial alignments right here in North America!

barry lozzi

Great place

Kathleen Martin

Awesome site to visit. A lot of history to discover

Don Juan

If you are into / studying Archeology you will know that this place is not totally fake, as the Petroglyphs and Glyphs are real, I think what many see is that they have and are repairing some of the walls and not doing it / keeping it in the original form (a big mistake) and the Alpacas as an attraction is a big mistake as well as it gives it more of a '' roadside tourist attraction" feel & appeal than a serious Archaeological site Archaeologically speaking there is much to see and identify / learn about it if you are not into Archaeology, then you will not see / spot the things that speak out / points to being authentic

Kristie Wiggin

Kids had a blast it was a nice little walk through the woods...

Joseph Kelley

Pretty cool, worth a look. There's a gem. Dig for the kiddos

Julia Bruton

Very interesting, easy to follow thanks to their pamplhlet and fun!

Old Goat

Very nice

CECAP Ing. Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas Solórzano

You can feel the energy of this amazing place

Heather Lantz

Very cool. Take the kids .. bring a picnic and think about a way different time

Ryan W

Interesting historical site with a cute, kitschy gift shop. Be prepared for a short hike; it's not well-advertised, but the actual site is a bit of a walk from the main building. Trails are well marked and sites are kept clean and easily identifiable. Picnic area in the front is a good size and well shaded. Alpacas showed no interest in us, but it can't be helped.


Great historical location to walk around! You should get there early to take time to see all the sites.

Frank Horn

Not life altering, but very interesting. The fact that it lines up perfectly with the Stonehenge in the UK is crazy to think about. Free parking & @ $13 a head it's not bad for a couple hours of a history and archeological lesson.

David Bowers

Great place. Very interesting. Enjoyed our visit.

Sarah Herman

Beautiful scenery, great hiking

Garnet Ulrich

Very cool place. Should be a national park.

carra fansler

IIt was very cute but do not expect it to be anything like Stonehenge. It is a self-guided tour and I wish it was an actual tour provided by somebody from the facility. I do believe the price is a little steep for what they actually offer for you and for what the actual location is about.

Miervaldis Amatnieks

Totally worth touring the location if you like ancient history and really neat archeological sites. Watch the film before venturing out. Ideal way to do the walk is in a light rain (complimentary umbrellas provided) and use the mobile app to give you the narration as you walk.

Mandy Lynn

Had an absolutely great time exploring with my family while on vacation. Great for all ages, my husband and I both plus our 13 and 4 yr old. Everyone was very friendly. Highly recommend! My 13 yr old gives 5 stars my 4 yr old gives 90!

Tony Moreira

Great place to visit bring mosquito spray very friendly people it's amazing with the ancient people built take your family enjoy this day I don't know about young kids Etc so learning experience enjoy it have a great time.

Lauren Tardif

Possibly the most ancient and significant ceremonial site in New England, if not the country. The last time the sun matched the alignment of the sprawling 30 acre astronomical calendar was 4,000 years ago... ignore the closed-minded opinions of others and stand within it for yourself. Highly recommended to anyone with a creative interest in human history!

Tetra Grammaton

While not the most amazing thing ever it was nonetheless intriguing. This attraction has been tastefully set up and while the whole of it is not full on pro, I have to commend them. The history of this location cannot be denied. I would recommend a visitation.

AJ Carroll

So it was both kind of cool and disappointing. I didnt read up on it so I could go into it blind... it was very touristy. The history had seemed altered or manufactured. Personally, I wont go back there but I'd still recommend it if you look into and read up on it.

Susan Kains

Fascinating place, the Stone family owns it and faithfully, for three generations is preserving it for people to ponder Our Ancient history.

Kelvin Mays

Wow so cool must see


Super mastery

Rhoda Bombard

Loved it.

Anon Ymous

Awesome! Nice roadside attraction to visit of you're in the area. Baffling, intriguing remains.

Kyle Barker

I am a Geologist and I have a second degree in History. There are features here that are ancient and amazing, but there is a lot that was created within the past century to sell tickets. There is more nonsense than facts about this site.

William Herbert

An amazing place that keeps you asking questions. Need more time to explore the whole place.

We will rock you Rock rock

Nice trails

Reina Ramirez

It was a fun and educational place to visit during summertime! It was very quiet and peaceful during our visit — not for the easily bored tourist/traveler. It was a nature trip and a long nature trail through history and archaeology of the Native Americans who once lived in this area. It’s a very physical task to walk up and down rough terrain and go through man-made caves, so dress appropriately, bring water, sunblock, and hats and shades. It is not advisable for visitors who have poor activity tolerance. My 73 year old grandma had a couple of sits and stops, got lost a while, but she made through it. I didn’t have tmobile service up there so we had to stay with the crowd to keep from getting lost in the woods.

Matt Hawkes

Friendly staff, well laid out site and the paper guide was very helpful along the way. Lovely surroundings and the wildlife was spectacular... also loved the fluffy Alpacas.

Elana Rabinow

I love the Alpacas!

Barbara Carroll

Lots of strange things there. Had a Ovilus with me and found out I was under a sacrificial table. Creepu

Nick Sorvillo

Cool sight if your into ancient artifacts. Well laid out path. Use the app to get an audio tour. Walk is maybe a total of 3/4 mile along mild terrain. Recommended using the app. Okay for small kids. We spent about an hour without watching the video.

Sarah T.

Amazing experience. Worth the price of admission. You can download their app and take a self guided tour. Even though it's wooded I would wear sun screen.. I think it cost $13 for adult

Ken Gifford

Nice place to kill a hour or two

L Linfield

Spectacular experience for those interested in Neolithic and Bronze Age history. This site (though clearly compromised over the past 250+/- years) offers visitors the opportunity to contemplate that North America was visited and/or settled by early European peoples. This site also highlights the need for rigorous, ongoing scientific research of important archeology locations such as America's Stonehenge. Many of theses sites remain in private ownership, were proper preservation and scholarly inquiry are not happening.

Matthew Ingles

Overall A great walk and interesting information, would be 5 stars but some of the spot markers on the trail could use some updating to be more visiable.


Visited today with my family. It was fun and educational! The guided tour phone app definitely made it worth every penny!

Azamahotep Z


donna seymour

Was very cool to see, I think its a bit over priced.

Jason Walker

It's just weird and cool

chris wood

Great place

Kay Renee

We went when it was covered in snow because it was a "spur of the moment" trip that landed us there. I can't really say it was as nice as it would have been during the summer because it's hard to tell where all the rocks are and there were puddles everywhere so we couldn't really venture too far. But, it was something cool to see and explore. There's a storefront with many nice things for purchase like candles, maple syrup, jewelry, incense, etc and they also have really cute Alpacas on site (they were hiding inside their home when we went but I don't blame them because it was COLD!). They also sell coffee, snacks, and rent snow shoes if you need them. (We didn't use them, but we also regretted that decision because the trails were hard to walk through with just simple boots). There's a video that explains the history of the site and it was actually really educational so I recommend sitting down for the 10 minutes just to learn more about it. The site owner/manager was very friendly and inviting, too.

Md Reza

Not interesting. Do not suggest to visit. Place look artificially made and most likely fake.

Jill Schnorr

Totally a unique spiritual experience. A very personable man was running the gift shop/museum. Those stones definitely have a history. This location made me extremely grateful to a reiki practitioner. Thank you.

Ana Rocha

Beautiful location and the walk wasn't that difficult for me - a person with low fitness ability.

Bridget AL-Rafie

As a family day, we had fun

Marshall Klaus

The signage and background information provide a sound explanation of a civilization that had a deep understanding of astronomy. The staff are very helpful. Altogether, a fine experience in the woods with a fine trail network.

Erinn LaJoie

My kids and I loved it! We downloaded the app so we got information along the way... very educational and interesting! A lot of photo opportunities, not a far walk, and they liked the mini gem mining activity...

Devin Marie Marcinkevich

Just moved to the town of Salem and this is definitely something worth seeing. They had beautiful trails and sculptures. A very nice gift shop also!

Michaela Therrien

As a NH native and history enthusiast it was only natural that I visited this place sooner or later. I first heard about it on the history channel: "History's Mysteries: American Stonehenge." This year I finally got around to seeing it myself and I wasn't disappointed. The site was expansive and there was so much to see and read. It's an adventure from start to finish. Everyone there was so friendly from tourists to the staff, it was delightful. This place is a gem and I'm so thankful it has been preserved so beautifully. What a curious world we live in. Seriously, check this place out if you love history.

JP Magoots

Absolutely amazing place! My only "complaint" is the use of the name "Stonehenge." This ancient site stands alone and isn't simply a smaller version of the site in England. In fact, I've visited both and spent more time here and enjoyed it more than Stonehenge in England. It is very well run, the staff is friendly, and best of all, they allow near-total access to the site.

Grace Costello

Super cool. A must see & read so you understand.

Jim Pecora

America's Stonehenge is a treasure Trove of information on many topics. Plus a wonderful gift shop with very affordable items from gemstones, to necklaces, active-wear, great books, Etc... this sacred site has a four or five star rating just like the big guys Disney or Universal Studios. You owe it to yourself to check it out and learn more about it. For my wife and I, and several others, it has become a "pilgrimage site" and each visit, including today, it feels more and more like home. We love it there!! Make it a priority to visit, so many people that we encounter will say that they want to visit just make the time and do it now, you'll be glad you did! A gift shop visit will take for 15 or 20 minutes, more if you bring children. You should take the tour of the site, and allow an hour or two it's all you'll need. Visit on any one of the many solstice days, or like them on FB and attend one of those very special functions throughout the year. This astrological calendar / Observatory not only only tracks the Sun, but of course the Moon, yet did you know it also tracks Venus with its 40-year cycle! And more than that it observes over a dozen stars with Cycles as long as a hundred and eighty-five years, woah who plotted out those stones? . . . this place rocks!

Kevin Mccall

Wonderful ongoing archeological dig you can walk around in

Ali C

This place was a complete surprise to me. I was visiting friends in New England, and they took me for a visit. The site itself is fascinating. The walking tour is self-paced, and at the end of it, you can check out the resident alpacas. For a knitter like me, alpacas are always a bonus. The museum is rustic, and contains tons cool artifacts found on site. I'd recommend this to families with kids, and anyone interested in Stonehenge and similar monuments.

Derek Cloutier

Amazing to see and realize how old it is and the relationship to Stonehenge across the ocean.

Jessica English

Been here a handful of times with my family. It starts with a museum with a lot of historical artifacts and information. Then you get to see the Alpacas outside, followed by the fun and fulfilling hike around the property!!

deborah kline

Interesting place

Torri Kelly

If you live local it's a cool and quirky place to go, part museum and part nature walk. It was a fun date for my husband and I, we went in the fall and had lots of fun and found it very interesting! It's self guided so you get what you make of it, the app makes it easier to follow. My favorite part was the evidence they have of it being part of the underground railroad. Total we spent a little under 2 hours here. We also loved the alpacas and the gift shop

Tyler Middleton

Awesome place if you're interested in astronomy and/or archeology. It doesn't have the grandeur of the true megalithic sites (Malta, Central America, England, etc.) but it's still plenty-cool imo.

Eriks Goodwin

This was a completely unexpected find as I was exploring Southern New Hampshire. I saw the road sign and was intrigued. When I arrived, I did not know what to expect. At the entrance Lodge, the staff is extraordinary really friendly and the admission price is extremely reasonable Most of the tours are simply self guided, and I highly recommend downloading their new app which contains all of the audio tour recordings and additional information and photos. The walk is about a half-mile, round trip. I have to admit that I was not expecting much, but I was very pleasantly surprised by the amount of Relic stone work that is still in place and the extensive archeological research which has been done on the site. I found it strangely impressive that they have discovered that the primary alignment wall of the sight lines up perfectly with the Stonehenge in England. I have no idea whether it is coincidence or somehow an amazing achievement of people's more than 2000 years ago, but it's still kind of cool. Right as I started out on the path, it began to rain. No worries, though. They have loaner umbrellas which work great. I found the combination of learning, seeing, walking, and enjoying the woods in the rain was both Pleasant and relaxing. As an addict of good tourist spots, I love to look at gift shops but don't often buy anything. In this case, I found the prices on there Collectibles to be far more reasonable than other places and bought quite a few things. My only disappointment in the whole Adventure was that the gift shop was out of my size of their t-shirts. All in all, America's Stonehenge was well worth a couple hours of my time and quite the Intriguing find in Southern New Hampshire. I highly recommend this private park and encourage others to explore it.

Dustie Lessard

Lots of walking, and not stroller friendly but with your 5+ kids, this place is fascinating. Highly recommend for nature lovers and history/lore fans.

Paul Morehouse Jr

Clean facility, patient staff, extremely informative. Worth the trip

Aaron Jacobs

Had a great time. Beautiful scenery great history a pleasant walking trail

Steve Clark

Amazing place. Really makes you think. How did they build such an amazing thing so very long ago

Jim McSherry

Great history. Amazing artifacts! Awesome hiking!

Douglas Cave

Interesting place to visit. Recommend downloading the self navigation app it tells the story.

Nick Hagen

Excellent adventure for the family! No climbing necessary for the old folks and some sweet structures and rocks for the kids!

Samuel Sawan

Fun, quirky little site. Feel like much of the research is dated or not that in depth. Recommended as a light physical activity for family members, just don't expect high level engaging details.

Katie Pare

Super cool place to visit. Simple hike to the location and back. My 4 and 5 year old loved it but didn't understand much of the history obviously. Still fun for all ages. Cute gift shop too. A great local morning or afternoon activity.

Jesse Mulinski

Unique place to adventure with the kids!

Joan W

Not worth even the Groupon ticket. So much is modern man-made and most of the descriptions/stories are not true!

Roma S

So cool to wander around at. Beautiful site. Would definitely go back!

Luc Nicknair

Well worth seeing!! You basically are walking through and in a very large sundial!! One has to imagine the manpower and thought process of a culture 4000 years ago to do this. It’s not as sexy as Stonehenge in England .. but it is amazing nevertheless... loved it!.. was fun using my sunrise sunset app to line up the sun with some of the solstice markers as I was there late in the afternoon

Joanne parillo

Nice, relaxing hike through the woods looking at ancient ruins of Americas Stonehenge.

Mason Lugo

It was cool to see how they believe it’s aligned with the stone hedge in Europe. Definitely worth checking out

Dorothy Maggio

Easy to follow self guided tour of the features of this site. You just wonder how in the world did they build this so long ago.

Lavonna Skeans

This was AWESOME!

Steven Burns

It was a lot of information it was really cool to learn about it

Michael Teoli

I spent my formative years in Salem, NH and NEVER visited America's Stonehenge, which was literally about 10 minutes from the house I grew up. I don't know what I was thinking! I finally visited with my wife on our last visit home and had a great time! Keep your expectations in line. This isn't Disneyland. But the oddity factor is what makes it awesome! I very much enjoyed the visitor's center and the video that was clearly made in the late 80s or early 90s. I LOVED that!! Watch the film! There are alpacas to look at here too. Get a map and follow it to see the different destinations. The more you read, the cooler you'll think it is. Let's face it... it just looks like piles of rocks for the most part... but once you read what they are and where they came from... it's REALLY cool. It gets cooler and cooler the more you go in. We did it in the snow, so we may have missed some things too. There is even a SACRIFICIAL TABLE!!! If that doesn't get your attention, I don't know what will. Check it out! We really enjoyed going in the winter. Check your local library for FREE TICKETS!!!

Michael Orlinski

Not sure I believe the narrative of History they believe is true, but a cool place nevertheless

Orly Buchbinder

Great place. Very organized and educational. Friendly stuff. People are eager to elaborate and explain. Kids and family friendly.

Tracy Kratzer

Best and interesting place, be sure to watch the film first...bugs were horrible, we were nearly eaten alive

Matt B

A must see attraction for history nuts. Interesting place to visit in new Hampshire.

Stephanie de Nesnera

I feel this is one of the best kept secrets in NH. I never heard about it until my 30s. My husband and I went and when you get started you see a cute tomb like structure and take a bunch of pictures thinking it cant get any better than that......well BAM huge massive structures EVERYWHERE. I love how you can line up the cleared paths with certain rocks and lunar/solar lineage.

Sean Corcoran

It's crazy to learn that people of a long time ago were able to make a calender out of rocks! Great little side attraction. I liked the little Indian pieces at the beginning of the trail and wish there was more stuff like it along the trail. Don't go in thinking of the Stonehenge you know. They need to update the video they show, lol. It served its purpose though. Nice little gift shop!

Ron Aur Hod

Great to visit if you're in the immediate area. The land is lovely and the ruins tell a very intriguing tale of ancient people coming from Europe 4,000 years ago, possessing astonishing astronomical knowledge and building a sacred site to celebrate that knowledge. Bonus points for a fantastic gift shop, featuring reasonable prices and an interesting collection. Few extra points for having alpacas, something kids are sure to love. And the trails around the property are great. But the ruins are few and poorly maintained. I feel it's great to visit if you're near anyway, not sure I'd make a special trip to get there.

Jesse DiGioia

This is a cool little stop. A little pricey to walk through, but the kids enjoyed it

Tracie Chandler

Enjoyed the hike and history

Deborah Blair

Whether you will like America's Stonehenge and ll find it an interesting visti is really dependent on whether you are a history buff who has been following the theories of possible civilizations and/or colonies that were here in North America. If you are looking for a nice hike and/or a good tourist attraction - then perhaps one of the great state parks would be better for you and your family. If you do plan on visiting - spending some time doing a few hours or more of research will help you to have context for what you are seeing. Also -youtube has some great - and not so great - lectures and reviews of theories of the origins of this site - When you get there - make sure you keep your map so you can better understand what you are seeing - the staff is very helpful if you have questions. I have been visiting this site since the eighties - and as the new research has become available - I find it more interesting - - BUT if you don't have a lot of interest in history and have not done the research - this site may be best passed by

Frank Maxey

Beautiful nature walk, interesting ruins, without hype

Dean Blackburn

Its a great place to visit. It will inspire you to check out more monolith sites here in New England and across America. There is so much to explore; a lot of easy walking. Its a really special place.

Wendy Mullins

AN ABSOLUTE MUST VISIT, if in the area. It's a bit of walking/light hiking (uphill to & down returning to the gift shop). I had seen it on a couple shows between History & Travel Channels- how I ended up talking the rest of the family into going. I would recommend watching at least one before visiting, it give 'a bunch of neat old rocks' MUCH more significance. If not, there is a short video in the gift shop. There is an app. that features an audio tour (or something similar, I believe). I hadn't seen signage until the ladies room wall afterwards. There is no public wifi. I found everything just fine with the complimentary pamphlet map.

Wendy Waisman

A Most Fun Ad Historical Adventure For All Ages!

Carolee Tustin

Beautiful place with astonishing history

eric bergendahl

Amazing place.. Nice little self guided tour. Was a good time

Dick Rosco

A great aspect if American history never taught in schools. A lot of unknown questions presented. Worth the visit if you have any inclination for history, or mysteries.

Daniel Lapointe

Awesome piece of local history that needs to be Preserved.

Jason Paradise

Very interesting place. Great history here!

Jannes Rost

Creepy fun, nice nature walk, historical and spiritual

Jennifer Thissell

This outdoor prehistoric & historic site has an amazing story. The grounds are very well kept, the staff is always friendly & helpful, and it's affordable. Going in the fall adds New England folige to the sights. Family friendly, and a small gift shop.

Hansel Sylvester

Very friendly and helpful staff. The informational video and tour guide map are informative. A great place to take the family. The alpacas are great! In the summer they have bug spray available for the public to use.

Dedee Greenleaf

Great views, lots of walking, some areas can only be viewed from behind a fense.

John Carey

The rocks here are millions of years old and predate Columbus' "discovery" of America. You can also buy T shirts.

Susan Souza

You watch a short video before going to the site, dint ship it. There are some neat gift ideas in shop. Enjoyed the information, experience and the Alpacas. They sell items from the Alpacas they have on site. Cool!

dave martinez

Amazing place that isn't well known. Would highly recommend this to anyone who likes interesting things. Great for all ages.

Ed Haack

Cool place

Robin Lacey

Very disappointing. Should not be called Stonehenge. Just a short walk in the woods to small stone caves. Should be free.

Leah Haviland

Very cool historical archelogical site! Very interesting to see how people lived so long ago. Definitely recommend bug spray! Also should note that this costs per person as it did not mention on google we were unaware.

Crystal Hartwell

Awesome experience. I love the app which provided a guided tour.

charles creteau

An amazing place to visit, I recommend getting the tour if possible. This is truly one of the more amazing things in the Americas today.

Lisa Chartier

Super cool place. Ppl complaining about having to pay like $12 and not have a tour guide are silly. Wouldn't you rather not be supervised in a large group and take your time (or not) walking around? You can even download there app that tells you about all the markers in order, marker A is this, marker B is that's awesome. Short little hike up a hill, watch your step. The gift shop/ museum is cute and worth walking around inside before you head out to the trail and watch the short video first! Buy a t-shirt and magnet and enjoy the rest of your day. Worth every penny. Download that app!

Lindsey Trousdale

This place is in my backyard and I never knew. It's highly underrated and needs much more awareness. Please go see this site! From Celtic origins to native American layers, and then 'modern' tooling, this place is astounding.

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