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REVIEWS OF The Neon Museum IN Nevada

mt 2018

We took a guided tour. Our guide was amazing, so knowledgeable and passionate about Vegas' history. Our tickets only allowed us to go with the tour, so next time we totally will buy the ticket that allows you to wander around by yourself and later with the guided tour.

Cole Abel

The Neon Museum was a very cool experience. We opted to go in the evening to see the signs lit. (Pro tip, if you do go at night, don’t take the bus, go ahead and spring for an Uber. Trust me) Kim, our tour guide was very knowledgeable. She shared the history of the signs and explained the processes of restoring them.

Sandra Loo

We ordered tickets online which saved us $2 per ticket. Going in the daytime was less busy but super hot! They do provide umbrellas so make sure you grab one. It was really cool to see all the signs. Could have gone in the night time for the lights but then we won't be able to get these nice photos. Good experience!

Eric Peterson

There's a $22 entrance fee which was a little steep for me to see some old neon signs. It looked like it could have been a fun time though. I guess it all depends on what you want to see just around the corner is the Old Mormon Fort it's $3 to get in and provides a good history lesson about Sin City before it was Sin City.

Owen Harcombe

The old signs are interesting but it would be nice to have a placard on each one giving a bit of information on each one (though there were staff on hand). Expensive for what is probably a 20 minute visit though that may be longer on a tour. Probably best done at night.

Hugo Gamboa Schekaiban

A must go place. We took a quick tour with the staff and they were really insightful and helpful. It was pretty hot at noon because there’s no roof to cover out the sun, but they do provide you with umbrellas you can use for free while you’re there.


This is a great place to visit if you're a tourist in Vegas and enjoy history. If you decided to go, it's near the Fremont Street Experience, so its easy to visit both.

Derek Tenney

A must see place in Vegas. I would recommend doing the guided tour (at night) and the bright show too. It's so neat to see these old Vegas signs come to life while learning about what Vegas was like and how these signs came to be in the museum.

Nick Golden

Loved it. Never knew that was there. Lived in Vegas for four years, never heard about it. The night light show is great. History at it's making. Never throw away history or nostalgia . Guess that's why my house is busting by the seams. Guided tours gives lots of history and visual attractions. Talks about the mob, yes mob influence and participation. Also about Binions casino place in history. Where and when it all started. One stop you should go before wasting all your money on shows and slots . Ha! Ha!

Madeline Hundley

This is a very fun afternoon stop in Las Vegas. The staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. It is just a little pricey when compared to the amount of time you'll spend here. Even so, it's a good time.

Stephanie Carter

Very small museum, but it was fun and something different. Would definitely recommend going at night. I really enjoyed the tour because you learn about some Vegas history. The entire thing is outside, so make sure you check the weather before booking tickets.

Geoffrey Walker

We absolutely love this place. The addition of the Hard Rock Guitar makes it even better and more impressive! We'll be back for sure, it's always a nice place to bring family and friends when they visit from out-of-state.

Adam Householder

Amazing History..... going at opening was awesome. We basically had the place to ourselves for 40 minutes. The guides are well versed in the history of the signs. Wishing we could have also experienced the night showing.

Joseph Gill

Finally after five trips to Vegas I made it and amazing weather! This museum is a must see no questions asked! The staff are amazing, the restoration work they are doing and have performed is top notch. The history that sits in this old bone yard is unreal. The stories your tour guide tells will be a great part of the experience. The brilliance tour is nothing like I've seen before. Thank you for preserving Vegas past!

JR French

This has been on my must see lists forever. It did not dissapoint! It was much smaller than I expected but they do a great job of filling every bit of space. A nice feature is that they have umbrellas to use to help block the intense sun during the day hours. You might not think about it but once out there you will definitely appreciate it. There are volunteers spaced about the exhibit to answer any questions, give you a bit of trivia, snap a photo for you and just keep the neon safe from people that can't respect keeping their hands off. It is in a sandy lot so it's very dusty. They have all sorts of tours and special events. Definitely look at their website for information. They do not allow professional photography, cameras or tripods except for certain events or appointments. You must prepurchase your tour ahead of time for the hour you want because they don't want it to be crowded. There are also times of day that are better for taking pictures with your cell phones. Sunset is an awful time for photos but a great time for seeing the neon lights turn on. They have a nice souvenir shop with really unique Vegas memorabilia and snacks and beverages which you'll be glad for after a visit in the summer.

Debra Cecil-Rettich

Seriously a fantastic, not to be missed stop. Go after sunset and get the combo ticket for the boneyard and brilliant! The brilliant experience in the north gallery is the most innovative and incredible use of projection mapping. It’s one thing to make buildings look fluid, but making non-functioning signs come to life is awe inspiring. The neon in particular popped.

Nicole Follins

It’s a Neon Sign Graveyard! The Neon Museum is a must see if you love Las Vegas. So many new and old signs of famous casinos and so much more. It was extremely hot that day; it was a nice touch to see they offered umbrellas for you to use as you walked around outside.

Mike Anderson

A lot smaller than I thought. Plus saw it late afternoon when it was hot and the signs were hard to see. Better to go at night and also see "Brilliant" at night. Gift shop was cool.

Shyanne Kamai-Sionesini

the experience was absolutely amazing. Opportunity to meet Tom and spent quite some time with him exploring the history of each time. he was very detail-oriented and it was such a pleasure to take a stroll down memory lane. I remember when I was younger seeing most of those hotels that is no longer here. You can spend as long as you want. They have a snack bar and seating area. They have fans on the outside and umbrellas for your comfort. It was worth every penny.

Steven Davison

A really good time and the extra light show is fun and worth the time and money. The best part was the history, hearing how the fashion of Vegas has changed, why it happened, and where it's going. Totally worth it for the nostalgia too, they have the concha motel lobby building for their entry. Totally worth it.

Diane Mckerry

It's a cool place in the fact all these signs are original. The place is tiny and the $22 you pay to get in is used to renovate the signs. It's way to hoy for walking around they do give you unmrellas for shade. They should have a canopy it was even hard to take photos in the sun not being able to see the screen. Staff are dotted about and say ask them if any questions, but not much to ask if you don't know what your looking at. It would be good if they walked about dropping facts as your looking at signs. All in all a good idea.

Alicia Farber

This place is very unique and full of old Vegas memories. The signs are vintage and those that light up are so cool. The Brilliant show is fun. Different then expected but you should do it once. They did a great job with it!!

Vickie Kaczmarek

The history stored in such a small area was amazing! The guides knew everything about each piece. Loved it!

Robert L

The Neon Museum is a must see for all visitors. Take a walk through Vintage Vegas and hear great stories about the neon signs, the places they belonged to and the folks who designed and created them. Pro tip: Go at dusk!


I loved this place! The display area was small, but I felt it was worth the ticket price ($22 for one adult). All the employees were very knowledgeable and came to me with information as I was walking around. They were able to answer any questions I had! I really enjoyed the free guided tour as it provided a story telling aspect of the history. Everything is outside, so definitely bring sunglasses, and a jacket on windy days.

Keren Elizabeth Joyce Harris

If you love neon you'll love this place. They even have umbrellas you can borrow if you visit during the hot hot day. They need to republish their book though.

Aaron Hastings

Amazing experience. We had a self-guided tour, but there were plenty of tour guides roaming around who you could ask questions. One particular guide, Sweeney, gave us the most fantastic experience. He told us story after story, each laden with history and quirky Las Vegas facts. He told us about things to look out for in Las Vegas; little things that would otherwise go unnoticed but, once you know about them, makes the whole city so much more fascinating. The museum is relatively small, but is fully outdoors and allows you intimate access to the neon historical artifacts of Las Vegas. Parasols are available to shield you from the baking hot sun. One thing to note is that DSLR-type photography is not permitted, but mobile phone photography is. Well worth a visit. Be sure to take in Fremont Street on the way back.

Marko M. Knežević

A rare glimpse into history of Las Vegas casinos and their signs. Many casinos went up and down since the beginning of the 20th century. And with them many stories, people and lives were intertwined in how they came to be. With a help of (in our case, very knowledgeable docent/guide) you will be learning about how (sometimes quite large and very expensive) these signs were made, about their artistry, meaning and perception by general public . Be sure to visit it during the night time in order to really appreciate it. This museum was almost too surprising little gem in the sea of somewhat limited list of things to do in Vegas, or better yet, what is generally expected when visiting Las Vegas.

Marlene Delaguardia

Brilliant show is not part of the museum. This takes place next door in another yard after dark where laser light brings A few of the old signs to life with music and documentary footage for about 15 min. NOTE: You are NOT allowed to enter the main yard without a general admission ticket and that closes at 7pm so you can’t do both. This is unlike most true ‘museums’ which this is not. The show was moderately entertaining but not being able to walk the yard made it a bust.

Kristen Ahlenius

EDIT *********** Visited the Neon Museum a year after originally visiting. If your schedule permits do the night tour. Well worth the extra couple bucks. I cannot recommend this enough. The tour is guided and allows you to hear history on the neon signs of Vegas. Our tour guide was wonderful. You could tell he was really passionate about the city and educating others on the history. Remember, this museum is outside and you're in the desert with zero shade. When they offer a complimentary umbrella at the beginning of the tour, don't be shy, take it!

Karen Henderson

This is an amazing place to go. The history! It's an awesome place to learn about the history of Las Vegas and the signage. It's so cool and even if you aren't into history you will love the lights. The Brilliant light show is worth the time and cost. I say definitely do it. Please do not let it go by. You will regret not going. Take some time out of your busy life and make this a must see.

Noah Thomas

We loved visiting the Neon Museum. The day we visited it was closed from 3-6PM because it was over 100 degrees. This worked well because the signs were much better seen at night. We only purchased tickets to the boneyard which let us leisurely walk around at our own pace. Parking was not an issue at all. Would definitely recommend to a friend

Akane Fox

Always go at night. It's a neon museum. DUH. Seriously though, I went here last year in December and it was delightful. Specifically, our tour guide was delightful and he made the entire experience so enjoyable. If you have a choice (and if he still works there) get Sweeney (sp?) as your guide through this. The fact that this gentleman has such wonderful energy and is genuinely enthusiastic about the history of these lights, made me wish we could have stuck around longer at each stop in the tour instead of making sure we didn't get caught up to by another group. A teacher that clearly loves and is interested in the thing they're teaching you about is the best kind. They make you want to learn more and keep your attention naturally. You'll learn a lot about the history of Las Vegas itself and its neon lights, while also having a blast checking out this little resting place for many of the signs from the city's most iconic casinos. Especially if Sweeney is your guide. Get Sweeney!

Ben Burns

Lots of signs. The guided tour is great, lots of local history. The tour is an hour long but not at all boring. Tour guide wore a mic with small portable speakers, made it really easy to hear even at the back of the group. Not all of the signs are functional due to age, but still interesting thanks to the tour guide. The neon experience show is ... well, it's an experience. Digitally projected lights on non functional signs in a small arena while music plays. Lights turn on. Lights turn off. But with music.

Ersin Sulukioglu

Soooo neat! We purchased the combo package -- guided tour and brilliant show. While the guided tour can feel a bit long and heavy with facts, if you're a history buff you'll enjoy it. Just seeing the old signs and learning about their history and how local Vegas and Nevada culture developed was fascinating. Brilliant is amazing!! It's hard to describe, but just go! It's a remarkable show and celebration of art and life and humanity!

Deborah Lopez

The displays of the old signs should have pictures added of the Neon Signs as they were on the buildings. Historical pictures. It was great, parking was free and right next to the museum. Clean bathrooms, gift shop great. Very nice and friendly staff. Thank You


Worth a visit albeit a little pricey and small. Make sure to take the tour for much needed historical context. I certainly was wishing for more by the end of it. I'm sure their collection will grow over time. Pls take a moment and look at the amazing architecture of the main building (Which used to be the old La Concha hotel and was moved bit by bit to its current location)


The night Brilliant Experience light and history show. Great. Then 1 hr tour with guide explaining history.. worth seeing.

Timothy Owens

Go at night. If you like neon and discovering the history of Las Vegas then go. Veterans discounts available!

Michelle Conley

I really enjoyed this place!! Truly! But, you really don't get your monies worth. It is a very small walk around in extreme heat. I spent $78 for a family of 4, for seriously what was probably a 5 minute self guided tour. The old neon's sure are neat though. The staff was super friendly!

Amber Wacker

I did the night tour of both parts of the museum, I loved it so much! To see a different side of Vegas was super interesting and educational. I definitely recommend this to those seeking a different side of Las Vegas and something else to do outside of the typical experience.

Terrell Gamble

Very disappointing! We paid $21 for the Brilliant package which ended up being 20 minutes of a light show and music. The signs themselves didn't even light up! The light was projected onto the signs! We got a better show on the strip! I wouldn't waste my money.

Hope Lynch

We had a fantastic visit to the Neon Museum. The staff members were friendly and really knowledgeable - even if you don't do the guided tour, they're ready to help out and answer any questions you have. There's a great mix of signs to look at. We went in the day which was great, you get to see so much. It's slightly cheaper to book online rather than when you get there. Also they do not allow cameras, only phone cameras. It is away from the strip, so you'd need to cab there but it was very cheap. I'd highly recommend this as a different kind of activity for Vegas!

Harry Mackenzie

This place was a lot of fun. Can't wait for their expansion. Would like a little bit more history without having to constantly return to the guidebook.

Kirk Teeters

We got there early. They asked rather than wait a half hour, would we like to be moved to a tour that was starting in two minutes. The tour guide was very good. He knew all kinds of information about Vegas. It is well worth the minor cost of the tours. They have two different tours. Take both of them, and take them after dark. Next time I am in Vegas, I am going to go back. By now they said the large hard rock guitar will be displayed.

Eric Cox

This was a great place to not only learn about the history of Vegas but also a great way to remember some of my favorite casinos from days past. We did both the Bone Yard guided tour and the Brilliant experience and I highly recommend both.

Mike Bramati

Great experience and history. Wish there was either more to see if a cheaper price but a fun place to visit


The tour people were very nice n knowledgeable. But very boring n not worth what u pay. N not a must do or see while ur in Vegas. Just looking at bunch of old n disposed signs

Angela Masciale

Wow! So much fun! There are lots of classic signs! The pamphlet provides a high level overview of the history, so utilize the tour guides for all the detail you need. We spent about an hour or two there taking all sorts of pictures! Go early in the morning- so there’s not too many people!

Kevin Mckenna

Really cool trip through the history of Vegas via the old neon signs that adorned it. Our tour guide, Harrison was knowledgeable and pleasant. Would definitely recommend.

Dalyn Tardy

What a wonderful learning experience. Step into a world of Old Las Vegas with nostalgic signs from back in the day. If you take the time to listen to the info on the cool link the museum provides then the exhibit will take you less than 20 min to walk around, but there is so much cool information and history given on each sign and the employees walking around are beyond informative.

Don Thomson

$20 for average tourist. $17 for veteran. A little steep. In and out of entire museum in 15 minutes or less. Self guided tour. Heard an interesting story about the Beatles and the Sahara, and one quick one about the Hard Rock Guitar. That was it. Don't waste your time or money

Roi Edward

I remember every one of these signs when they were still in front of their original buildings. Very cool place.

Angie Bellant

The guided tour at the museum was very informative. Definitely go at night so you can see things lit up (and it's cooler!) I do think the tour could be cut down in time. No need for an hour. The "Brilliant" show was awesome! Definitely worth the extra money. A must see!


Love this place. Great vibes. You have to experience a newly designed twist to 'ol Las Vegas.

Jesica Vital

It was nice to see all the old signs. Wasn't as big as I thought it was. It's also gets hotter in there with the reflections off the old neon. They do give you umbrellas to block some of the sun.

Samantha Buswell

Staff Inside are Alot More friendlier. Very Strict On Taking Pictures Have To Stay Behind The Ropes Straps Provided Treat You Like Your A Criminals that Your Going To do Something Wrong !! I get That its Vintage Signs . However, Its a Bit Excessive!

Dor Zhang

Very cool place to visit if you’re looking for something off the Strip. The tour is an hour long and has a lot of great information about the history of Las Vegas. Definitely book your tickets in advance as the peak hours tend to sell out. I recommend going at sunset or at night to see the full range of lights. We also bought tickets for the Brilliance show, which was cool to see. There is a parking lot and spillover parking across the street. It gets hot, so don’t forget to bring a bottle of water!

Derek Flores

Great place. If you love old Vegas, you will love this. Go at night for sure.

G Elli

I was super excited about this, but then it was kinda sad. Just a graveyard for cool old signs. I guess it was cool to see some of the iconic signs in person, but knowing they're out of use and some are rusted was sad. Still a neat idea, though and staff was nice.

Sarah Polnow

What a hidden gem! More people need to know about this place, its definitely something cool to see. I would love to see this at night (if they're still open?) with the lights on! This is cool just checking it out yourself but I think a tour would be the best option to really get more background. This is a great place to check out if you want to avoid the drinking/gambling scene whether for kids or adults.

Royale Sounds

After visiting Las Vegas for many years, we decided to visit the Neon Museum. We were extremely disappointed with what we got for the price of it all. The "Brilliant" show was definitely not 30 minutes. The neon lights didn't even light up themselves. The lights were projected onto the signs. Not to mention we were standing in an open space, and it was boiling hot! We were looking forward to learning more about the history of Las Vegas. This was misrepresented on the website, and we did not get what we had paid for. We entered the museum just before 9, visited the gift shop and were back in our vehicle driving away at 9:30. We all felt cheated.


Nice museum and fun to look at the old signs. A little bit more space outside would be nice. The shop and the staff are super friendly and help you at anytime.

Kathryne Dykla-Wells

Great Memories! We found the wedding bell from the Silver Bell Wedding Chapel. The Flame was also there. Great food at the Flame. Steaks & Prime Rib! Such a fun place to visit. All the people who work & volunteer there know everything!

Scott McDonald

Not at all what I was expecting. Pretty cool experience. Some of the workers take their job way too seriously and are pretty rude, but besides that. Neat spot.

John M

Very disappointed. Total waste of time and money. Its been a while since I've been here here. I did the boneyard G.A. tour and was not allowed to bring a camera to photograph the signs .What other reason would I come here other than to photograph the signs. Asked why I couldn't and the lady said it was because people were taking to long doing photo shoots. The general admission does not restrict your time so what's the problem. I had to use my phone to take pictures.. Also they have ropes and lights around the signs so you can't get a clean shot of anything without the ropes or lights being in the picture. I suggest walk around downtown. Theirs plenty of vintage signs fully restored and operational. And you can use your camera to take pictures of them.

Jan Poscovsky

I went during the daytime but think the evening Brilliant tour would have been better. The signs are wonderful but are stacked in such a way that you can’t fully appreciate them. They offer a free guided walk around the yard which is very interesting and full of history. There are umbrellas available to shield you from the sun - grab one as you head into the yard.


So cool to see these signs but I would rather have done it at our own pace. Tour gets to be very long in hot weather. Why allow pics with phone and not with camera? Makes no sense? These signs are a part of Vegas history..

Oshadhi Tilakaratna

Great attraction, definitely worth a visit.Lots of history and amazing neon signs here. The show is just awesome I was mesmerized.Very informative tour.

Sam Bartleman

I’ve visited the Neon Museum in both the daylight and evening and I would highly recommend coming in the dark. The signs are not lit but they shine spotlights on them and it makes for some pretty neat photos. Takes less than an hour to take the full tour. Very neat walk through Vegas history!

Liz Fifield

The signs are sooo cool, but make sure you bring sunglasses! The Nevada sun made it hard to enjoy the experience, but they do provide umbrellas. You have to talk to the guides, though. They are so knowledgeable and entertaining, really made the museum what it is.

Kevin Murphy

Cool museum. Small outdoor space, packed with fun signs. Some have been restored and are lit up. The visitor center and gift shop after inside a relocated morel lobby with a unique shell design. Price is a bit steep for the size. They don't allow cameras other than cell phones. The colors during the day are better in my opinion than going at night. They offer you an umbrella because it can get warm out there with no shade in the yard. There yes a covered stirring area with a few tables just off the back door. Enjoyable walk through on your own, even without the history component. About 30 minutes if you are on your own. Many opportunities for great pictures.

Clark Worsley

We had a fantastic visit to the Neon Museum. The staff members were friendly and really knowledgeable - even if you don't do the guided tour, they're ready to help out and answer any questions you have. There's a great mix of signs to look at. We went in the day which was great, you get to see so much. It's slightly cheaper to book online rather than when you get there. Also they do not allow cameras, only phone cameras. It is away from the strip, so you'd need to cab there but it was very cheap. I'd highly recommend this as a different kind of activity for Vegas!


One of a kind museum featuring retired Vegas neon signs. Some of these signs are still operational so when visiting at night you get a really cool experience! You get the feeling of nostalgia visiting here since some of these hotels and casinos don’t exist anymore but they live on through the museum. It’s a must see when visiting Vegas.

Luanne Pettit

It was pretty cool seeing all of the old Vegas signs. It was very hot but they offer umbrellas to use while touring. There are several staff members around to give you history on the signs and answer any questions you have. They do need a bigger location though. The signs are stacked one in front of the other and could be displayed better on a bigger lot. Its something to say that you have seen but I don't know that it is something I would visit more than once.

blake kinney

Be nice if you could just go in and walk around yourself without having a guide.

Skye Hakes

Such a great activity to do while in Vegas. I love neon signs, and it was fun to hear about their history. We had a fantastic tour guide! Definitely recommend!

Miss Barbie

This place was very cool to see. There were a ton of really cool vintage signs, some lit, others a great memory of Las Vegas history. That being said, it took 10mins to walk through without a tour guide and still cost $22. Probably worth it if it was say $10, but this "museum" is way overpriced and felt like a tourist trap.

Patricia Henderson

Love this museum! Definitely visit this place when you are in Vegas if you want to step away from the casinos for a bit. I went at night and I was able to see all the signs (even the ones that weren't on). Our tour guide was amazing. He gave us time in between every 5-10 signs to take pictures and he was very informative!We also got tickets to the "brilliant! show". This was a great experience and after the show was over, we were allowed to take pictures with all the signs. Highly recommend this place for people who love to take pictures or bright lights

Dwayne Bullock

If you love Everything about Vegas you'll love the Neon Museum.... daytime is cool nighttime is awesome... to see the old signs relive their glory days... the stories they must hold if they could talk....

Alan Szablewski

If you love unique places full of visual history, make sure you call and make a reservation! Our Sons took us here and the show is amazing! It will give you chills when the music starts!

Irish Stark

I've been here for a couple of times for a field trip being a literature student. I was able to get information especially with the artifacts in here. The staff is so nice. They patiently answer all the questions that me and my classmates had. The place is comfy and really looks good. I would love to be get back i here and learn new things!

Mark B

Cool museum! You can tell the employees truly enjoy and respect the old signs. Even at 109° they were out there making sure everyone was helped. Free umbrellas to keep you out of the sun. Check out the unique books in the gift shop.

Daniel White

We went on the tour around sunset and I’m convinced that it was the best way to see it. The guide was friendly and knowledgeable and the tour was fascinating. Lots of great photo ops too!

valerie flanagan

A fairly priced museum. Was smaller than I expected. Enjoyed the walk around but couldn't sit on benches as they were far too hot so maybe a bit of shade over these benches might be beneficial. Nice way to spend an hour

Cookie Monster

We went during a hot summer day. I think it would be better to see at night with the signs lit. There's alot of old cool signs, but many are stacked in front on others sitting on the ground. It's fun to visit.

Gregory Wingo

Overall the museum is really cool because of the history it holds. It’s slightly overpriced for what you get if you just do a self-guided walk as you only get to see about half of the collection. During the summer you get ripped off from seeing any real lights or anything as the days are longer if you are doing the self-guided tour. Also, you’re not allowed to bring a camera in; cell phone photography only.

Sierra Pugmire

1 star. It was interesting to see where the signs came from but that is about it. You have to pay extra to see extra. You could walk through in 10 minutes if you don't read every little thing. Waste of money and time do something worth your dime.


Very cool place. Ya have to go see the "Brilliant" presentation - very well worth it. I think it's one of the hidden gems north & off the strip, that doesn't get the credit it's due! The staff was really nice, and were very organized. It may not be that hard, with it not being that popular... but, it's worth a visit, with how they bring all the old signs "back to life"!

megan byers

With the student discount the price wasnt too bad but the park is definitely small. The more time you spend the more you see. I loved getting a feeling of vintage Vegas and seeing all of the classic signs and old typography. Only a few of the signs are working but personally, if all of them were you'd be blinded. Its a very eclectic spot and I highly recommend it!

Michael S

Great historical information. I say a must go if you enjoy history facts!

Lori Hudson-Janowski

I actually enjoyed this, but felt that for the amount of signs they had, it could've been laid out better. The had signs stacked on top of other signs, so you really couldn't see them all. Maybe they need to get a larger piece of property (?) All in all it was ok and interesting. Neat to see old pieces of history.

Dante Orsini

Totally worth a visit! The docents are incredibly knowledgeable, and the overall experience is engaging and really fun. The history of Las Vegas is interesting, and even if you just want to see some really large signs you will get your fill. Finally, if you have any question you should call the museum. My group was a little confused about a type of ticket we wanted to purchase, and the staff was very helpful in clarifying our misunderstandings.

Denise Hervey

Nice venture. It was nice to see the neon signs from the past. Fabulous museum and trinkets to purchase. Even better to tour at night! Knowledgeable tour guides and staff members.

Vicki Dravenstott

Neat to see all of the old iconic Vegas signs. I don't recommend going in the middle of the day, it is HOT but they do have umbrellas you can borrow for shade. I only gave it a 4 because it wasn't as big as I expected!

Russell Sykes

Was very interesting place to visit. I have been coming to Las Vegas for 40 years and remember many of the old places. Not sure it is worth $22.00 per person. When you can pay $10.00 to park in the down town of Las Vegas and see the signs still working.

Ray C

very disappointing. I was so excited about visting but it turned into a boring short walk thru Vegas history. maybe cut the 20.00 entry fee in half to make it reasonable

C Ranee

Such an awesome part of history. I loved the signs and the tour guides were readily available to take pictures or answer questions. It is an outside museum, but They provided umbrellas and had a fan with water misting to help cool down on a very hot day.


The light show was $20 for 20 minutes. It was so so. After it was over you get 5 minutes to take pictures. 5 whole minutes. Then when they allow you back into the regular park, unless you’ve purchased an additional tour, you can’t leave the patio to see any of the other signs. The signs are beautiful. It’s just a shame that the experience is cheapened during the night hours.

Joe Prunty

Fantastic place of history for old signs and a glimpse at old Vegas. On really hot days However, like when I went in early August... The heat from the steel will add 20-30 degrees to the temperature already, and I actually had my phone give me an alert that it was too hot to operate.

Whitney Steele

Even in August heat, the shop and visit were amazing. Magnificent!

Eric Briskey II

This was a great place to visit. Many signs on display. It's set up just like an old sign yard. Some of my favorite signs there are the Stardust and the Hard Rock Cafe guitar.


This is probably one of the best places I've been during my first visit to Las Vegas. These signs will tell you a story on how Las Vegas was hundred years back. This is a very interactive tour and the guide was very informative. The tour runs about 20-30 minutes depending on your pace.

Kathryn Murray

A unique experience to be able to see signs from long gone hotels. Fascinating! The light show on the unlit signs is spectacular!

j 149374

It was cool to see all the signs. The people who work there are sociable and knowledgeable. I only wish there was a little more room so they could stand up the signs or space them out more.

Anna Light

So neat to see all the old neon signs. The museum building is an old hotel lobby. The design is beautiful and reminds me of my childhood vacation travels. Go at night or during the cooler times of the day, the sun is hot. They do provide umbrellas to keep the heat down while you visit. They also offer military discounts. Buy online if you have a large group, you save money that way.

Alberto Moreno

Really good experience. The price was a bit high for the size of the museum. It was scorching hot but they give you umbrellas to help. The part that made it really special was one of the guides, Sweeney. He was extremely knowledgeable and entertaining. Would come back just for his enthusiasm.

Doug Roth

Not worth the price of admission. Signs are stacked behind each other and not well displayed. They need more space to properly erect the signs. I rarely write reviews, but thought the high rating by others needed to be balanced with another perspective.

Mom Ster

We went in the afternoon to check it out. It was great. Then we were told we could come back before 730 or so to see the signs lit up better. So we did. And then we came for the 930 showing of brilliant. It was amazing. So much love!

Opie Janzer

The museum was smaller then I expected but I liked the items in the gift shop. Be prepared to walk around in full sun at 100 degree weather. I recommend going in the evening when it's colder and the signs are lite up.

Hannah Van Belkum

Definitely go to this museum when you come to Vegas! The employees are so knowledgeable. We talked to Sweeney while we were there and he could tell us the story of practically any sign in the place. It provides a different look at Vegas when you know the backstories of iconic neon signs.


It was really nice to see all the old Vegas signs in there. Everything is built up outside so it's better to go there when it's not so hot outside. It was really interesting and you can learn a lot about "Old Vegas". The price is just a little too high to be honest. 15 Dollars would be enough instead of 22. But anyway. It was nice.

Dante Lewis

Great sample of Vegas history. Very quick visit which is a necessity in 110 degree heat. Lots of great photo ops and a great gift shop that's a little pricey.

Gabriel Espinoza-Lira

This place is as awesome as advertised! The staff was very pleasant, professional, and knowledgeable and we left feeling privileged to see some pieces of Las Vegas history. We will definitely be coming back to this museum in the future, and I highly recommend that you do the same!

Stacy Anne

Incredible experience! I highly recommend the night time guided tours and Brilliant! It's a great deal for both. I love Vegas history and I learned a lot, and Brilliant was absolutely wonderful. I'm so glad I finally visited. The pathways on the tour are dirt, so I recommend a bottle of water. Luckily, they have some for sale in the gift shop, for a better price than I paid at my hotel beforehand.

Sheryl Trester

This place was awesome, so much history!! Went during the day, but I'm sure it's more amazing at night..

Robin Tice

Always wanted to go here and it was bittersweet. Seeing the signs from Treasure Island and the Stardust brought back so many memories and to realize they are gone, here's the proof. But it's also pretty cool too see all this old signage. I want to go back at night.

Kelley Wheeler

So cool! It was a must see! We really enjoyed it and the tour guide was awesome, I just wish I got his name.

Julie Schetley

I'm giving 5 stars before actually visiting. They were closed to set up for a Tim Burton exhibit. Looked super cool through the fence. Hit what I expected at all. Will go back when they are open.

Jennifer Reinhart

Super cool place to visit while in Vegas. You're provided a booklet that you can use for a self directed tour, and it provides background to many of the signs. There were employees throughout that were available for questions too. Definitely gives a different perspective to the signs of Vegas.

Ingrid Molloy

I love the old neon signs and this place was amazing. We went on the tour around sunset and I’m convinced that it was the best way to see it. The guide was friendly and knowledgeable and the tour was fascinating. Lots of great photo ops too!

Mark Stazzone

This is a must visit. Great picture opportunities, and very helpful and informative staff. The Neon museum was one of the best ways to experience and learn about the history of Las Vegas. Highly recommended if visiting Vegas.

Nancy Wolfinbarger

Gosh I absolutely loved the tour and our tour guide. She gave us alot of fascinating facts about Vegas. It's a must to do!

a r

Fabulous time walking down memory lane. The gift shop is amazing, thank you to Lucas for showing me a number of pieces and the history behind them. My family was very happy with my purchases. A great experience I look forward to again. Thank you all.

Titaness Themis

It takes less than 5 minutes to work through the whole Museum! The signs were cool to see but not that impressive. If you plan on going, go late afternoon right before sunset to enjoy them at least lit up.


I had an amazing time here! Loved seeing the old signs of Las Vegas past. I went during the day and i still had a great time in the heat. They do provide umbrellas for shade which I think is awesome and the staff know about the history which is great when asking questions.

Pablo Perez

Wow great little gem. The staff really knowledge and helpful in answering all the questions

Lola K

Amazing museum, tour and experience. However, DO NOT walk here from Fremont Street. It was 1.5 km away from Fremont street so we thought we could walk... however, we found ourselves in quite possibly the most sketchy ghetto area I have ever seen. I googled it and the area is called "Cultural Corrider" named the most dangerous neighbourhood in all of Vegas. Super scary and I'm lucky we made it safely to the museum...

Matthew Arthur-Gray

Wonderful experience. I’d recommend doing a guided tour at night. We got to hear history of Las Vegas and then the individual signs. It’s off the beaten path (don’t walk from the Strip). Wonderfully curated and their gift shop has interesting and unique items.

Odie Ordonez

I live behind this place and skate up the streets surrounding it. The security is A+. ALWAYS kind to me when they’re super busy and ask me to please not skateboard when they have lots of foot traffic (tourists). Most security guards at other establishments always try to flex their authority on me; not this place. I wish more places would hire whatever security company they use. Always professional. Definitely will be paying to see the Tim Burton’s display that will be coming in a few months.

y g

Great idea to preserve this patrimony. Unfortunately, very poorly made. It should be called the Neon storage place. Very little care to show the signs in a good way, they are just piled up one on the other, like a cemetery. They would need much more space and care. Also, it closes at 7pm and does not allow you to see the signs with neon on. It would be worth to invest in a proper lighting concept (for the signs that do not work anymore) and allow us to see the working ones at night time. Not worth the 22 dollars entrance fee. You’ve seen everything in 10 minutes.


(7/15/19 visit) The collection of signs were cool but the museum was smaller than expected. It's a 10 min walk around to see everything. It was a different experience but wish there was more. Staff was friendly.

Scott Fenstermacher

Awesome little museum but best visited at night! Continuously updating and fixing up new fixtures, definitely worth a side trip from Fremont Street!

david hadgraft

You need to book this in advance or you get what's left and could be waiting a while. We saw the "brilliant" light show that was quite good bit not worth the $25pp for what was supposed to be half an hour that was actually 20 minutes. For the next available slot on the tour of the main area it was a two hour wait and had to be guided as they stop allowing you to go unguided at 8.

Quinn Williams

Remarkable experience. Had high expectations and was not let down. Be advised of all photo policies as guided tour is stills from phone only and the Brilliant experience has very limited opportunity to take pics.

Tish V

Great to see older signs, neon, backstory on them. Free parking. Free app that provides info on 25 signs. Staff was incredibly helpful & so nice

Carol McKinney

Interested in Vegas cultural history? This is the place for you. Mostly outdoors. Plan for the heat.

Oscar Schechter

Staff was extremely knowledgable about the signs and they provide umbrellas to shade yourself from the sun. I really enjoyed learning about the history of the town. They do not let you bring in any other camera than your cell phone so leave your SLR camera in your room. It's a shame because there are so many good photo ops.

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