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226 Mary Ln, Dayton, NV 89403, United States

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Where is Republic of Molossia?

REVIEWS OF Republic of Molossia IN Nevada

Bambang Suriandi

(Translated by Google) Wow ....

Jared Solomon

Great place! Bring the kids, just make sure you make arrangements with his Excellency first !

Md Sumon


Itz Pro

Such a nice country

El Maxi man

(Translated by Google) Cute country... (Original) Lindo país...

Universal Fact

Karin Nordlander

To enter the grounds you need an appointment. There is really not much to see, just fun being able to say that you have been there.

Leonardo Martínez

Cuz it's fake


The Book Loving Villain

Fun, creative, cute, and pretty!

Munggo_Boyz 69

I like it

Androided Movie

a brick

Honestly I love it

Kransberg Schloss

Claire White

We had an AMAZING tour! The President and First Lady have a lovely country. We loved that we could get our passports stamped and exchange currency without every leaving Nevada! Definitely worth a visit for all.

McDonnell Douglas MD-11

Inspired me to make the Republic of JanfebSpetemuary

Reşit Bilgi

Cute nation

Nicole Mendez

It's the smallest country


this pleas is not a country

Noah Sabaj

An ambitious experiment, but the leader doesn't take it very seriously. It's also quite a funny joke how the subtitle of the location is a "Tourist Attraction." Hah!

Mlg Masta

Can I enlist in the molossian army? And If I join, can you hire me, in uniform, to stand and guard this nation?

Ahir Ram

Nice this is great city

Casa Di Giorgio

(Translated by Google) A zi is the verb (Original) A zi è il verbo

Angel Calderon


Collin Campbell

Its so small that you can't see it from the view of the earth!

Iconic Ash 営


Dominic Lingg


Cherry Bomb

Inspired me to make my own micronation. Thanks Molossia!

Pat Cummings

We were thrilled to meet personally the President of the Republic, his wife the First Lady, and the Chief Constable of Molossia on our recent visit. There was a slight contretemps when my spouse was discovered in possession of a walrus (don't ask!), but we were graciously given a get-out-of-jail card, so it didn't spoil our visit! It's a beautiful land, and so convenient to visit.

Mitesh Shirsath

Nice country

cumbia vieja

(Translated by Google) Good country (Original) Buen pais

Maggotis Sepputist

Long live Molossia

Reaper Gamer

(Translated by Google) A Great Place, I Love This Country. If I Am Big, I Want To Stay In This Country. Hopefully The Population Will Increase. The State's Credit Is Very Small. Hopefully Local Government Has A Lot Of Money To Hold Large-scale Regional Development Projects, And Hopefully This Country Will Be Better In The Future. Min (Original) Tempat Yang Bagus,Saya Suka Sekali Negara Ini.Kalau Saya Sudah Besar,Saya Ingin Sekali Tinggal Di Negara Ini.Semoga Penduduknya Bertambah Banyak.Kasihan Negaranya Tergolong Sangat Kecil.Semoga Pemerintah Setempat Mempunyai Banyak Uang Untuk Mengadakan Proyek Pembangunan Wilayah Secara Besar-Besaran,Dan Semoga Negara Ini Akan Lebih Baik Kedepanya.Amin

Jonah Wungnema

I can't remember what was there sorry

Libyan Mapper

Guillaume Marechalle

(Translated by Google) Small micronation that can become a micro state (Original) Petite micronation qui peut devenir un micro état

Fauzan Ikhsan

Please join my nation, it's called Narnia

Tito Noni

Magnificent, incredible ... dreams come true and if you can not, will be, a clear example of man's courage and greatness that we can become

The Rock

most wonderful countries I've ever seen

Emma Doty

I'm from Carson City and I was in the Nevada Day Parade right behind Molossia in 2013. I now run my own micronation, the Republic of Ducermenia. Good times.

Herbert Tanner

very special place and love to visit there.

Callula Alesha


Brady Lasher

They are like the best micro nation

Mbak Mbak

Don't be afraid.Molossia has ben protected with U.S.A.That's mean Molossia is strongest country in the world with smallest size.

SquishyNinja Lite

Very cool. But that is not a country,that's is a family

Dave Loughton

Cool place. Its so odd its intriguing. Took about a hour for the tour and then you could explore some marked trails self guided.

Thanaphat Chandrasugree

มีจริงๆ ด้วย

lj nv

What a fun, albeit unusual, adventure. Really wonderful people with a sense of adventure and silliness. Highly recommend, children will especially enjoy.

Hoang Pham

I went here it was good 10/10 ign

Johann Hardy

I love micronations

Onilevir Martins

N.S.G Fastiks

(Translated by Google) I'd say most Molossia good country that I've seen. (Original) Что скажу Molossia самая хорошая страна которую я видел.

all good names are taken

I want to go their one day with COOKIE DOUGH RIGHT


Rumor has it that they are developing weapons of mass destruction

Steve Wigginton

Andres Zalowitz




Erberk oyunda

المغترب في بلده

Hello there what can i do if i want to come there i want to go over there if theye some want to help me

Devin Hawthorne





Vitor Peruchi

(Translated by Google) Smallest country in the world. With only 7 people and with only 0055 square kilometers. I do not know how this country was established more should not be so difficult to manage. (Original) Menor país do mundo. Com apenas 7 pessoas e com apenas 0.055 quilômetros quadrados. Não sei como esse país foi criado mais não deve ser tão difícil de administrar.

Gurpreet Singh Bedi

(Translated by Google) Mr. president I want to immigrate to molosia and become molosian citizen how to get molosian citizenship thx sir (Original) Mr president I want to immigrate to molosia and become molosian citizen how to get molosian citizenship thx sir

Mika nagata

(Translated by Google) Molossia, I became like a new island (Original) Molossia aku jadi kaya ko pulau baru



Horrible tourist board. I wanted to spend some vacation time in Molossia, but cannot find any way to get a visa.


(Translated by Google) I have not been to this country, but I think that it is very good! I wish to become an independent state! And also to find oil)) (Original) Я не был в этой стране, но думаю что она очень хорошая! Желаю стать ей самостоятельным государством! А так же найти нефть))

The Republic of Balboa

A wonderful country that inspired the Republic of Balboa to be created.

Valentino Zagheno


vhieeuoncdhkgfgb gj

yoko widjoyo

Griffin Rogers

Its about time for the OPPRESSED Molossians to expand to the corners of the earth. Mollosian empire NOW!!!!!!1

Timbamba chereny

(Translated by Google) Is there only one family there? or the population is only 7 people? (Original) apa bnr kh cuma 1 keluarga di sana ? atau penduduknya cuma 7 orang?

Lisa Fisher

Yair Lomeli

(Translated by Google) That beautiful nation but should improve more and spread (Original) Que bonita nacion pero deberia mejorarla mas y extenderse

Pitchfork Union

I run my own too. Pitchfork Union

Oren Shelef

Hope to be here soon!

LoganTheOne _

I made my own micronation in Weldon Spring, Missouri called Domolica

RawEggTheGreat IX

I respect this country and if I pass it, I'll go to the park to enjoy some tea. (If Fred will let me)

seven park 1954

(Translated by Google) I would like to have my micronacion it is not allowed to become citizens only family members do not come without warning to bring cameras to take pictures and share to the world is not allowed to become citizens only family members do not come without warning to take cameras to take pictures and share molosia at world (Original) Quisiera tener mi micronacion it is not allowed to become citizens only family members do not come without warning bring cameras to take pictures and share molosia to the world no se permite hacerse ciudadanos sólo familiares no venir sin avisar llevar cámaras para sacar fotos y compartir molosia al mundo

Pablo Stafforini



Pretty cool.

Ryömies 7710

andi bound

Smart Country

Christian's Channel

Very Nice Place

Reza Ghorbani

(Translated by Google) I think that's a good place. I'm ready to live with my child ... (Original) به نظره من خیلی جای خوبی هست .. منکه حاضرم با فرزندم در آنجا زندگی کنم..

German Mora

A Unique Place

Al muattha Al muattha

(Translated by Google) Make a vacation (Original) Buat liburan

rahman tamiz

Mark Hollinger

Not sure.

Alpinism Utilitar Bucuresti

Today we would be talking about a micro-nation, a nation within a nation; where would be dedicated currency, their own culture, own rule. Do you want to experience it? Then go to Molossia, the micro-nation in the USA. President of the micro-nation Kevin Baugh spent a mere $10,000 to build the nation. It is only of 1.3 acres and situated just 1 hour away from Nevada. Molossia is actually the attraction for the tourists. Here you can find its own bank, and own currency which can be bought against the US dollars. Are you thinking that I am joking! No, these all are true. A Nation Within Nation: If you go through the world geography, then you can find approximately 200 micro-nations in the world. The most interesting thing is their recognition. The micro-nations are only recognized by other micro-nations, but not by the countries. The micro-nations do not have any official designation. They have just a collection to deem them as real. There are 22 human and 6 canine citizens in Molossia. And also note that the human citizens are all Americans. However, if you start living in Molossia, you would be under its own rule. And the rule is real. Dictatorship in Molossia: Yes it is true that this tiny nation is run by the dictatorship; however, according to the President there should be an honest dictator to rule the country. But we can tell that the dictatorship is not in the iron fist, rather it is in the velvet hand. Many times he takes the suggestions from the First Lady of Molossia, his wife Adiane; and his 11 year daughter who is the chief constable of Molossia; but at the end of all Baugh takes the ultimate decision. At the end it happens what he says. Molossia Specific Laws: There are some fun laws which are only for the micro-nation. Some items like spinach, tobacco, catfish etc. are not allowed here. The people have to wear proper dress. According to the President, the dress up should be proper to impress others. According to the report, this micro-nation has 25 holidays. Everything is present there. It is a special nation within a nation.

Chirag Rangani

Amazing country

Arfa Tanjung

a country with only 7 people

Daniel church

Mark Tjurlik


Jorge Sarmiento

look up logan looked up asians. look at the 2nt link description dont click it

John Rincon

This is just ridiculous. This piece of land is and will always be part of the United States. Some people are really bored and come up with such idiotic ideas. And having customs with a passport checkpoint only discourages outsiders from visiting. As a game to play with young kids, must be fun. But real life? Gimme a break.

kurd gevara

I am an Iraqi living in the north of Iraq, Ge, Mei Kurdi, and Ana Mujib in Dahl and Taikum, and in the north of the city,

Dvd piazza

(Translated by Google) It was good (Original) Estubo buena

Aaron Goach

Very unique, and interesting country!

Said Ahmed

(Translated by Google) Wow (Original) Waw

Finn Barhorst

very.... unique, but nicely built


Arian Sajadi


Now I want to start my own micronation...

Krystian Kowalski

Great example of someone following their dreams, and defending their land so that it still stands today. Great place! If only I could become a citizen.

Cheese Assault

For everyone that thinks this is just a family. No this is a real micro nation they also had a war with another micro nation they also have a currency called the valora and they have an economic system

Jack Luger

this Land belongs to the kingdom of Ritzalvania and we request Kevin Buagh steps down from power. the ritzalvania government is peaceful and dose not want war.

zacki coff

(Translated by Google) Very good initiative especially for molossiaphone that produces Extremely harmonious melody (Original) Très bonne initiative surtout pour le molossiaphone qui produit une mélodie extrement harmonieuse


Alan Flores

Keep on trucken.

Yin Kwa Kah


Leonardo Santiago

(Translated by Google) Very well, I want to go and look for work there. I know that I work. I am Mexican but I live in Los Angeles California. Leonardo Santiago Sandoval #LeonardoSantiagoSandoval (Original) Muy bien yo quiero ir a buscar trabajo ahi aver que trabajo hay yo soy Mexicano pero vivo en Los Ángeles California. Leonardo Santiago Sandoval #LeonardoSantiagoSandoval

James Evans

I believe I remember reading about the Republic of Molossia online when I was a teenager so it was a happy surprise that it came up on Atlas Obscura when I did a search while visiting my uncle in Stagecoach, Nevada. Unfortunately it wasn't during a scheduled tour but I was able to see into the country across its border.

Julian Glickman

I did some research about Molossia and it is a real country. Google Maps should really consider it as a country.

Nick Gallon

I now run my own micro nation in Chorlton, Manchester in the U.K. called Xykon. P.S. Not for public

Andrew Talancon

Sandy wang

I think this is very,very small


I'm gonna move here once Donald Trump does more damage. I'll be there soon MOLOSSIA LIVE ON!

mohan babu

Micronation to I like to visit place


I never went but I am a micro nation myself (Federal Republic of Senatilania) and it sound very cool.

Fauzan Ansari

World's smallest country


Is this country still having a war with East Germany?

Rifan Hermawan

(Translated by Google) Hey Nevada could have followed the Molossia country and followed California if the country was better than US (Original) Hei nevada bisa saja mengikuti negeri molossia dan disusul california jika negeri ini lebih baik dari as

Michael King


Some people saying this isn't a country, live a little, it's obviously not but just chill out


(Translated by Google) My favorite country love the small countries and has its own space agency (Original) Mi país preferido me encantan los países pequeños y que tenga su propia agencia espacial

wibu gaming botak goblok

(Translated by Google) E.EK RIDIC ASSOCIATES (Original) E.EK PANTAT KONYOL

Silvia Silvia

(Translated by Google) I also believe my own nation can be found as the Republic of Mitosanon and very good the nation of molossia (Original) yo tambien cree mi propia nacion se la puede encontrar como Republica de Mitosanon y muy buena la nacion de molossia

Alexander Fryc


Allosaurus Productions


Destiny Poulson

This little nation is amazing! They provide an interactive tour with lot's of interesting background history and information. Get your passport stamped, meet the king and queen, and purchase souvenirs from the greatest micro-nation in existance!

Ali Usama

My beautiful micronation, I will invade you one dah. :-)

Suíça Europeia

(Translated by Google) garbage, nor is it a real country, only 1 soldier with pistol without training destroys everything in time of war (Original) lixo, nem é um país de verdade, só um 1 soldado com pistola sem treinamento destroi tudo em epoca de guerra


One of the best micronations!

Munif Syayiqullah

(Translated by Google) Hopefully more inhabitants (Original) Semoga makin banyak penghuninya

Jetpack Boy09

I now declare my micro nation, Jetnet League, is now real

Hazel Zel

(Translated by Google) I look at Kasian (Original) Kasian saya liatnya

[gd] darkness

A micronation with a big heart!

Steverick2007 -blogs y entretenimiento para ustede

(Translated by Google) This place is an independent nation (Original) Este lugar es una nación independiente

Robert Safran

Trevor Patnode

What even?

Kaitlyn Cowan



Glory to Molossia! The greatest country on Earth!


Sealands better

Jai ganesh Jai ganesh

Super country

Mr. Red Shirt Guy

Desto Pesto

What a beautiful nation!

Anthony Luu

Doni Deco

Nice country

Sebastián Soriano

Is incredible

Genji TheGamer

OML its the best place ever. I will spend the rest of eternity here

baran nerev

Nikola Leo Mitić

Long Live The Republic Of Molossia

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