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REVIEWS OF Madame Tussauds Las Vegas IN Nevada

Rodney Rickard

It was fun for a one time experience! There is only so much you can do in a wax museum. The best part was the Hangover Bar Experience, the bar was small but just nice to get a drink on the inside. They had a 4D movie at the end that was interesting. I would only do it again if I was with someone that hasn't been before.

Steven Scagnetti

Incredible how realistic the wax figures are. Some look better than the live versions. Lots of fun posing with them. The Avengers 4D movie is worth the price of admission alone!

Shannon Wise

This is a good time if you enjoy celebrities and like taking pictures with them. The wax figures are very realistic. Not the best Madame Tussauds museum, but still good.

Bianca Gutierrez

Love this place. Always a fun pace to take visitors, especially since they have a locals discount. Entertainment on a budget

A2DX Shake

The wax museum was extremely worth it ! Got the gold tickets and enjoyed the avengers 4D show. The detail was very impressive and as a great souvenir get the personalized wax hands to take home. This is a must go for travelers. And get your tickets online much cheaper than walk ins! Have fun!!

Teri Meacham

Very disappointed with the old displays. Couldn't figure out who some of the figures were they were so outdated. They have a fun show after you view the ancient figures.

Garrett Curtis

Awesome self guided tour. Always fun and exciting to see. So many wax celebs and scenes. Fun for a group or couple and kids. They added a marvel 4d show which was great. I gave not one complaint about it here. Even the staff us friendly which usually doesn't hold true for Vegas business. The 4d show is approximately 10 minutes. The gift shop is right outside the doors after the show at the end. They do have restrooms through out the museum. Reasonably priced tickets

Desmond Carr

Very nice you can actually get close to the figures when we went.

sandra walker

Comparing this site to the one in New York, a big difference. Although I enjoyed seeing the stars many were unrecognizable, and it appears they kept the stars at the same height. Inspite of the negative, just check it out and enjoy.

Elias Aragon

This place is great! The wax art is awesome! My family and I had a great time! Even a good spot to take a date they have a bar in there!

Tina E

Save money by buying your tickets and printing them out ahead of time. As for the figures you see, some look more realistic than others. The most realistic for me was The Hangover actors and Whitney Houston. When you get up close, you could see that some figures were falling apart. To me, Jennifer Lopez looked nothing like Jennifer Lopez on TV. The first room also seemed random because it was just different stars standing there with their info card nowhere near them or hidden behind a plant.

Soul McCray

Loved it!atmosphere was great. Dont forget the 10 off coupon. Take lots of pics. This place is so cool and friendly

Lee Mulvihill

Neat to see but, a bit small for the price. Seems like a mixture of old and new wax models. Some looked incredibly real while others were just OK.

Jonathan Kehring

Everytime I visit Vegas, this is a must do. The last time I went was the end of 2017 until yesterday July 13th 2019 and they added more people and even added "The Hangover" bar experience. Oh yeah getting a wax hand made is a must do! I highly recommend this place.

William Tompkins

What a great attraction. Was totally unexpected. We got to do it self guided. I would recommend doing it early in the day so that you can get the full experience, but am not sad that we did it so late on or own. The figures are so eerily realistic... made my wife jump several times. It is set up well. I highly recommend.

Linn Lawrence

If you've never been to a wax museum, this one is amazing. If you had been, it's just ok. Liked that you could get up close and really "interact" with the figures. Some looked extremely realistic! The reason I gave it only 3 stars was that there were several times that I had no clue who I was looking at and there was no plaque to help me. Also, there was a really funky odor in most areas, and I thought for the money it was just "meh". Went to one in Branson that was much better.

Tina Marie

Had a great time here. You can't visit Vegas without coming to Madame Tussauds. It was a lot of fun.

Truly Blessed

It was creepy but cool at the same time lol.. you couldn't tell who was real and who wasn't which really creeped me out. I honestly had a great time.. money well spent. The Marvel show was awesome!

md m

Love this place a must see....wife and I had a ball and the Wax Celebrities look real....5*****

Mark Morales

Really cool to go and see. The 3-D Marvel movie was great.

Sam 1970

One of the best Madame Tussauds we have visited. Vegas celebrity statues were added attractions. Kids loved the 4D show

Joshua Nieboer

Short but sweet tour. The place to go to get selfies with celebrities. They really know how to hold a pose.

Chuck Yeaser

Really cool place to go if you like wax museums! Very entertaining, the setup is very cool I the way that you feel like you are mingling with the stars of the museum.

sunny sandhu

Nice and decent wax museum at center of Vegas City, not very expensive. U can feel live photo with celebrity statues..

Chelaine Carey

Most realistic wax statues you will ever see! Some of them are so vivid, you'd really think the person was standing there. Very interactive and informative as well. Hangover movie set was my fave!! Tickets are $30 a pop so make sure you take those booklets and brochures they hand out on the strip. Coupons in there come in handy.


Definitely cool, all the wax sculptures looked so realistic. Its honestly one of those things you only need to do once in a life time.

Dave Morris

You can pose with the statues and they look so real. The 4D mini movie was great all movies should be like that a must see.

Neha Sinha

Not that great, have seen better displays at other locations. U can visit it if you wanted to experience the first Ever Madame Tussade

Sarah E. Johnston

This fun my nine year old really wanted to do this. We paid extra so we both could get a drink.

waldo salazar

A lot smaller than the other wax museum we've been to! But it definitely something to do if you are trying to keep the kids entertained in vegas!!

Peggy Sue Helms

Such a great experience! We hit the hangover bar up while there on the tour too! So much fun to interact a nice way to do something different in Vegas & still have a blast

Pravin Prakash

Took the parents there on a weekday afternoon. Mom loved it, and was asking me to take photos of her with every celebrity statue. The statues are mostly very well made - some are pretty life like. I was going through the photos posted by other people, and I realized how the wax figures change every once in a while. The "4D" experience was kinda fun - be prepared to have some water splashed on you.

Cody Koeppen

Madame Tussauds was an interesting experience. My wife and I had fun, but the price was steep for what was there. When we got to the end, we couldn't help but think, "That was it?" If there were a few more rooms or the general admission tickets were a bit cheaper, I could easily call this a four- or five-star experience. At almost $60 for two people, though, the value just isn't there. See if you can find tickets at a discount somewhere. This is one of those attractions that's worth going to just to say you did it, but it's not going to be the highlight of your trip or anything like that.

Erica Ngan

Worth the money for admission. We got some free tickets from online games. Love that you get to touch everything and there are props to play with, unlike other wax museums. Accommodates babies. Got a great deal here with games. VR at the end was fun too, but mine had some technical difficulties.

Tanisha Hill

I enjoyed myself as well as my children. Aaliyah was added the day before and she looks cool. I enjoy celebrities so it was cool to see their images in person. All looked pretty decent except Nicki Minaj. They need to redo her wax figure....HORRIBLE! The best part of the experience was the 4D superhero movie. That was BOMB!! My first time experiencing something like this and definitely not my last. I loved the 4D experience and its included in your purchase so don't walk past it thinking there's an extra fee.

Sherri Juarez

This was an awesome place to visit. You have to do the virtual reality game. My husband and I are middle aged and we really enjoyed it. The wax fiqures are amazing and so real like almost scary! I would not want to be in this place alone at night!

Michael Burks

The people were very lifelike. I just wish there was more content.

Zach Wurtz

Was totally surprised at how interactive and lifelike this place is. Take pictures that look like you are standing right there with all these famous figures. Awesome props you can climb in, on, and around. Will be back and bringing friends.

Jermaris Moore

The only Wax Museum on the entire strip in Las Vegas. One of my favorites was the 4D movie. I would definitely recommend this place whether traveling with family, friends or by yourself on business. Great spots and celebrity selections to take pictures with.

christina wall

Amazingly real mannequins. It's nice how they were setup in certain situations instead of just standing there.

Sonja Wimberly

Amazing! I would recommend this to everyone who visit Las Vegas. I took pictures with all the wax sculps and really was amazed at the likeness to celebrities.

Icyy Cellus

AMAZING!!! must go when in Vegas. Life like wax figures. Drake and hugh heffner were my faves. The 4D show is a must see and a cocktail at hangover bar is a must

Jessica Clowers

Bought the Hangover experience. This was so falsely advertised. First, there is NO wolf pack. It is Allen, Phil, and Mike Tyson. The drink menu displayed out front is a complete lie. There are no premium drink options. You choose 1 out of 3 sugary pre-mixed frozen fountain drinks. That's it. There is NO penthouse and NO views of the strip as advertised. Very disappointing.

BJ Barner

We have been to Madame Tussaud’s Las Vegas twice now and this place never disappoints. Love the exhibits and will probably be back again.

rose ciaburri

We had the best time ever here. The wax figures were very lifelike. The place is huge. Every time we thought we were done, there were more rooms. Each one different. Then at the end you end up at the Hangover bar. Lots of fun!!

leslie earll

Great staff to help you. The museum pieces were wonderful. Lots of fun.

Second Job

Super creepy dude

Lynn Kamrowski

Wasnt quite what I expected. Didnt take very long to walk thru.

Chris Thaxton

With a coupon, this is a fun family activity. The wax figures look amazingly real! There's a DC comics 4D movie at the end.

Ashley Osborne

The best time ever. It was fun seeing all the stars

maureen atkins

What a fun place to see you favorite celebrities and get the pictures you always wanted. We had a ball here

Anisah & Chris Jenkinson

Jasmine you rock This was a pretty great place to visit. But, omg, please give Jasmine a raise!! This young lady was like Superwoman and went everywhere she needed to be. And she took time to do the hand wax for my husband and I! Honestly, the place was pretty good, but she made our experience even more amazing! Also, sit with Steve Wonder and pose with him :)

Ray Lai

4D film at the end is a surprise treat. Much better than the marvel station

Martin Wong

A very good place for photos to create memories. The actors inside look super real. I sometimes can't distinguish which person is real human. All characters inside offer you a position to take pictures with them. They also have piano and police car (fake one). It has a 4d cinema and that is the greatest part in this place. That's must see. The only downside are the entire place is quite a bit small. You won't spend lots of time here about 45 minutes, and the tickets are expensive. $30 per person, which means $60 for a couple.

Eddie_ v_az

We had a really nice time. It is definitely a unique experience i would totally recommend it. Some people say its to short but considering it's not timed It's well worth it.You should make sure and check out the 4d movie i thought it was pretty cool.

Ketan Deshpande Minnesota

Great place to rub shoulders with celebrities, fun time for entire family. Props are fun too. Hats off to the artists who have painstakingly created these figures, a few figures need some work but amazing for sure.

Julie Malone

Took us about an hour or so to go through it all, its self pace so we could've taken longer or shorter. I didn't take pictures with everything so we didnt take too long and wanted to go out to eat after. So much fun! Been wanting to go here for years! Loved all the celebrities!

Cait Fox

Definitely not as good as it was a few years ago. They changed a lot of the coolest pieces and rooms :(

Kristi Lyn DeMorgandie

Our group came across Madame Tussaud’s without knowing it was near The Venetian. It was such an awesome experience and pleasant surprise with how much FUN we had here! We took photos NONSTOP! There are so many opportunities to get the perfect picture, pose next to your favorite celeb, and have some fun with the silly props. I love how interactive everything was and had all the guests in our group joining in on the fun! If you’re in the area, it’s definitely worth the trip. They also provide a discount for Vegas locals and Military discount so make sure you ask!

Rebecca Weinstein

Eerily real life like. You see it on tv and pics whatever. You see in person and you be like "oh excuse me" if you bump into one lol. Super creepy and awesome!

Jo Arazi

It was kitschy and fun, BUT the gift shop was great for souvenirs!!! Even better was the virtual reality game thingy!! My adult son (OTS Autism) LOVED it!!! Kudos to the kid running that "game?!". That gets 5 stars!!!

Jan Soria

Found our tickets on Groupon that included two drinks at the hangover bar and a souvenir wine glass the wax figures are very life like to see Nick Cage Snoop Dogg Tupac and so many others the 4 D is also amazing


"Everyone" looks so realistic! Great attention to details in each person's wax figure.

Hawaiian steel

I'd say if it wasn't for the 4D show at the end it definitely wouldn't be worth the $20-something dollars each person. It was cool to see the excellent artwork on the life like wax people. That didn't do anything for me though except I appreciate the talent of the people that made these. The 4D show at the end is a must-see, definitely for that I would recommend. I actually told a couple of friends that we was up there with to go and they did an enjoyed the 4D show also.

Kaushal Singh

Actors, Players and Avenger wax museum. 4D experience was also fun.. This is one of the best place for movie lovers to get snap. If you are Avengers fan then Hulk's statue is the best and you will experience the real Avenger.. They have Tiger Woods wax too... Additionally you can play 2-3 games inside it.. Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Daniel Craig and other famous celebrities. Additionally they give discount (50% is what I got discount) for corporate visitors.. So check for discount before purchasing tickets. It will take about an hour to visit the museum.. Original price of the ticket is around $30 but it's worth visiting if you want to see the wax museum. It is not the biggest. Overall experience was nice. And we can rate as 4/5... It is located in Venecian Hotel... So if you are staying on Vegas strip then it will not take more than 10 mint to reach...


The figures aren’t very realistic. Good figures would be so good that you’re not sure if it’s a wax figure or a real person, and there are virtually no figures in the gallery of that quality. The faces aren’t very good and look waxy, and the hands are horrible. Any other exposed surface might as well be a department store mannequin. They’re on a level with a 12” tall celebrity doll. Considering the time and expense they take to make a figure, the result is unsatisfactory. They also don’t label the figures well. The 4D movie is really lame. They offer discounts for seniors, AAA and locals, but they don’t advertise them, so you have to ask.

Andrew Baldwin

Honestly, some of the figures there look nothing like their real-life counterparts. Nevertheless it's fun to stroll around with friends and horse around with picture taking. I would certainly recommend finding discounts (for which there are plenty of options around), as the asking price seems steep for what you get. Also, avoid the weekends; the amount of people they shove into the building at a given time is TOO DAMN HIGH! C

Haley Lynn

First time visiting a wax museum, and it was so much fun! We took so many pictures and were laughing so much the whole time! Loved the interactive parts too! The 4D Avengers movie was a cute little experience too. One of the most fun things we did in Vegas! Also, purchase tickets online, as they are cheaper!

House Full Of Boys

Had a great time at Madame Tussaud’s while visiting in Vegas. It was great to see such amazing work in wax. The boys loved taking pics with their favorite famous people. Thanks for a wonderful time.

Devan Larsen

I was on the fence if this would be any fun at all but would definitely recommend it now after doing it! Such an awesome time with our group and memorable pictures

Crystal Anthony

I was looking forward to a visit here, but apparently some employees feel they can discriminate against people with disabilities. We arrived at the desk (I was in a wheelchair) and was denied admission because, as the employee put it, “It would take (me ) longer to go through the exhibit than most people and they would be closed by the time (I) was able to make it out.” She had just sold tickets to several patrons who could walk, mind you. It was our last night in Las Vegas on vacation and I literally left in tears. I told her I had even called ahead with our arrival time and explained that the website said it was fully accessible to wheelchairs, and she told me that she had the right to deny admission. Well, she has that right, but mine are protected by federal law. I would not recommend this exhibit to anyone with disabilities—especially if you are in a wheelchair.

Linda Fisher

This was a great time. The 4D 10 minute marvel show at the end was lots of fun.

Cynthia Taylor

Came for a party and got to see the space. Glad I never paid to get into this because it's a waste of money. Way too small.

Cyn M

Really enjoyed this experience. And getting our hand waxed/molded was a great souvenir.

Jose Rios

I was excited to see the wax figures but the best kept secret is the 4d show at the end. I highly recommend it.

Theena Roberts

This was one of my favorite exhibits. The wax exhibits were lifelike. There were times I wasn't sure if I was looking at a person or wax. I loved the Britney and Justin bit. The 3D experience was really fun for me, my husband didn't seem to like it though.

Damien Gill

Some of our favourite pictures of our trip to Vegas was taken here. Like most of these type of places you need to enter into the fun of it. Takes about an hour to go through and we also did the VR games afterwards which is great fun. Definitely would recommend a visit if your looking for some good hearted fun.


Very realistic and immersive... but some of the wax sculptures were disrespected and showed signs of wear and missing parts. Loved it though I'm..but shorter than expected experience

Quinnell Flanagan

SUCH a fun place!! Definitely a must see. The wax figures are so detailed you can see their pores. So much fun for families, couples, individuals..everyone! Definitely worth the money. We got free drinks too!

Tonika Ridley

We had the most amazing time here! We took so many pictures and just truly enjoyed ourselves. We laughed, played, and had a fun time in general. When in Vegas, this location is a must! You'll be so happy you went. They also offered $84 combo tickets which included entry there and for 2 other attractions which is a super deal.

Gerald Tan

Fun little place. They all look almost real. Got in through my rewards and spent 20 minutes inside. If i had to pay full price i wouldn't be too happy.

Kriss Sharp

I was surprised. Expected more. Not that many figures. 4D Marvel attraction was best part.

Sharnina Starling-Buford

Thank you for the locals discount! We had an amazing time. The figures are interactive and look so real. Thank you for adding to an already 45th special birthday experience!

Darrin Traver

Our family had a great time! Well worth the money. Kids loved Avengers exhibit. The virtual reality game outside the gift shop was a blast and we must have done it 5 times. We got alot of great pics for our family vacation

Katherine Riley

Absolutely had a great time here. We thought it would be kind of boring but OMG we had so much fun taking pictures of ourselves with the celebrities. The Snoop Dogg teeter-totter is a must and the Marvel movie at the end was a blast.

Anthony Rodriguez

Our family enjoyed our time here in Madame Tussauds. I'm glad that my wife pushed me to add this to our bucket list of things we wanted to try here in Las Vegas. If you are visiting the area, you should definitely spare a few hours and visit here

Becca Stevens

Awesome family experience! They have a wrecking ball you can swing on with Miley and a 4d movie included in tour. I recommend buying online, it saves you 8$. Way funner than we thought it would be!

Silvia Brooks

Its like $18 online and $29 up front and someone was passing discount for 5 dollars off this wax museum on the strip of Las Vegas. I think this wax museum is creative and very interesting and most common and popular icons are here at this museum. It's small to medium but it's funny and cool. A few years ago Marvel or The Hangover were not there so next time I go to Vegas I will check it out. Last time I went so many cool icons though like 2 pac. Great atmosphere and small fun museum.

Vee Smith

So much fun! Everyone that we came into contact with was nice and polite and very helpful!

Sterling Boyd

Affordable, realistic and cool bar and gift shop at end. Worthy

Nick Jones

Pretty upset. Myself and my partner had purchased tickets last night to go to this establishment. We get there at 6:30pm and it’s closed for an event. Told 4-7 days for a refund. We came from Montana for a small trip, and wanted to see the facility. And here we are leaving empty handed. We will be back some point with in the next 6-12 months, but not sure we want to risk trying to get in the next time we come to Las Vegas. What a disappointment

Luis Cuellar

The wax figures seem sooo realistic in person. The detail down to how the hair is placed on them, facial features etc seem so on point. Price isn't too bad to be able to take pictures with human-like celebrity figures. The pictures don't really do justice. Almost feels like the celebs are really there sometimes, it's a little trippy.

Tanya Khan

Lots of fun! Great rooms and lots of good setups for pictures. If you’re a local but the ticket on their website for a discount.

Robert Hutchins

Very cool and great break from the heat. Do the Marvel movie!!

mlongdin worldline

Had a better marvel gift shop and exhibit than the avengers station across the road and a fraction of the price with a free 4d movie

Janice Hill

Although there's no Chamber of Horrors, the exhibit is still awesome! The wax figures are out in the open so it is easy to touch them or have your picture taken with Tom Jones or Elvis. There are figures of many actors, singers and sports celebrities, plus some Vegas icons. My favorite part was the behind-the-scenes look at the involved process of creating just one of these figures.

Sarah Bouc

I love going to this wax museum when I am in Las Vegas. They are always adding new wax museums. They all look pretty realistic and my favorite exhibit was the hangover exhibit, it looks so realistic! If you buy tickets online prior to going you can get a great deal and some extra add ons as well. I would recommend this museum and bring your camera to take lots of pictures with your favorite celebrities! Lots of interactive exhibits.

Jan Marie Staffa

Had a blast today at Madame Tussaud’s! So fun and incredibly lifelike.

Gerard Roosevelt Jean-Baptiste Cherident Naar

Awesome experience! It's definitely a must-see in Vegas. The #Hangover experience is fun and the majority of the wax figures are pretty accurate. To top it off, the Marvel 4D experience will make the kids happy!

cherrelle charles

If I could give zero stars I would. The manager that works at this location is rude as hell. How do you tell your customers that you need to read. Very unprofessional and disrespectful. This chain do not have to worry about me going to another museum under their name and I would not recommend this museum at all.

Mae Almo

Love it! Staff are amazing! The staff who helped me and my husband she was very accommodating..

Christie Elizabeth

I booked the tickets online and for admission after 6:00 pm which saved me a little bit of money. We were on the strip all day anyways so the evening admission did not bother us one bit. I have always wanted to go to a Madame Tussaud's and it did not disappoint. The wax figures were very realistic (to the point where I was constantly thinking there were random people just standing and staring at me). Photo ops with the figures are great and we had a time where it was really quite empty which was also a nice touch. No need to work around any crowds or wait around for photos. There are different sections which was pretty cool as well. Just when you think you're done and you go "oh that must be it", you enter another section which I did enjoy because it's not the same theme the whole time. Overall, we were happy with our experience here.

Rodrica layfield

Worst experience!! Saddened me Because my husband and l been looking forward to coming here when we arrived to Vegas. We purchased tickets online on their website a month in advance and on website it ask what day will you visit. We select the day and time frame “GOLD PACKAGE “. The site let us purchase and when we arrived it was closed due to “private event”. We was outside with numerous of people who pre purchased as well and some paid through a third party. We asked an employee to get manager she left and never came back. 25 mins later we went in back way to get manager ourselves. We explain the situation. I was beyond upset and explain why no one came out to talk to 50 people and explain why they closed it and didn’t notify anyone. She explain that on website it post they would be closed. But if you purchased the tickets months in advance why would you go back on website to view anything ??? I told them it wasn’t fair because one couple paid tickets and it was there last dat in Vegas and they was at lost. My husband and l had paid attractions and had a schedule planned out so we couldn’t come the next day and we wasted money on Lyft to get to the location and as well as other people. Both mangers were rude quote on quote “ i I’ve been here for 6 years you can’t tell me how to do my job” we begin to argue back and worth which was very unprofessional. She would not give me corporate number stating it was in the UK.. Next day we decided to go back and spent another purchase on tickets and the camera man had the flash off to take our picture. Which we was notified at the end of tour. The lady explained to us that we would have to retake them or take pictures off of our phone no charge. We went back and the guy said he couldn’t. So we left . It was a complete waste of time and money and dissatisfied customers and we will spread the word. The staff was too aggressive and not understanding of the situation and they wasn’t pleasant at all off of their mistakes!!


Such a great way to spend a couple hours in Vegas! Got some really awesome pictures and had a great time about halfway through they have a bar also which serves drinks and is Hangover themed. Definitely recommend if you're coming to Vegas and want to do something other than Gamble.


My wife and I went in with some pretty high expectations, considering the price we paid. We took our 10yr old son. The wax figures were done nicely. The decor was good. The music was a bit in the loud side, but not too overpowering. We probably would've enjoyed it more if we took the time to read about each celebrity star...but we did zip through. I don't know...our experience was okay. I'm not sure what could have made it better?

Holz Toks

It was a great way to beat the heat. Loved that they allow you to walk right up and take pictures with the celebrities. We skipped the movie at the end and was able to leave. They have a bar there too. Vegas style.

Sarah Elliott

I always love coming here, but I remember there being more figures last time.

Diane Bohuszewicz

Not worth the money. Not very lifelike. Heights not accurate & some of the still-living people were designed as if they are 20 years younger, when they were obviously created more recently.

Ingrid Molloy

Super fun waxworks, great for taking fun photos and a good excuse for taking a break from the Vegas heat. A little pricey but fun.

Mike W

We got complementary tickets and were served quickly. Realistic wax stars made it fun for kids and adults. Great to have a marvel movie at the end. Regular price admission may be on pricy side so and discounts would help!

Dexter B.

You can actually get close to the figures and take pictures. Very lifelike and different themed rooms. The 4D show at the end is an added optional feature that rounds out this experience.

Ronditty S

Before this trip I hadn't been to Vegas probably in 13 years and surprisingly they had the same dam celebrities. They did add a station where you could get a wax of your hand, so I did, it was actually fun, it was only 10 bucks. Being the person I am. I posed my hand with the middle finger. You could do whatever you wanted. The young lady working the station was so friendly and helpful. Can't post a pic. Sorry

Jasmin House

I've been to Vegas numerous times and always avoided this place, but my husband and our friends wanted to check it out (First time in Vegas). I've visited various Madame Tussauds and was impressed, I now know why I avoided the Vegas location. We made 3 rights and 1 left and was DONE! I don't think we were in the place for an hour! Totally disappointed.

Michala Craven

Had great fun here! Loved the hangover bar...


For the ticket value of $30....not worth. If you expect "Vow" factor you will be deeply disappointed. The wax models are also NOT to the extent of amazing. Its kind of ok personalities, actors etc. With in 30 minutes you end up at exit door! 4D screen show is somewhat good. Organisers has to improve a lot to display more wax personalities if they want the crowd to come and spend $30 each.

Jared Boudreaux

It's interesting to see, but unless you want to take a picture with every single wax person, it won't take an hour to get through. The 4D Marvel experience is fun though. Grab a discount code online and you'll get your money's worth.

Jennifer Santiago-Cruz

Extraordinary art. It takes like an hour if you don't read all the characters info. Military discount available for ID card holder only, from $30 end up paying $23.95. Nice staff.

Nicola Signal

Really enjoyed this. But one area was closed so didnt get to see it all. We weren't charged the full amount though which was good.

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