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REVIEWS OF University of Nebraska State Museum IN Nebraska

Jasmine S

Morrill Hall is absolutely a highlight of Lincoln. It had been one of my favorite places to visit since I was a young child in the early 90's. It has held up as one of the best museums I have visited throughout my life, up there in the ranks with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan. The new exhibit on the 4th floor is great as well... a bit of a different feel with SO much to see. All around I'd definitely recommend going, whether you've been there before or are visiting Lincoln for the first time. Nothing like seeing the Mammoth room right when you walk in!!

clifford lobberegt

Love fossils, you'll think you've died and gone to heaven. Parking can be an issue but perserver. ITS WORTH IT!

Tad McDowell

This is a really nice museum for the price. You can easily spend 4-5 hours here with a planetarium visit. Lots of hands on activities for the kids. The recently remodeled top floor is a gem.

Homaha Mom

What a greta place for kids! Our elementary school went for a field trip today and the kids loved it! The 4th floor is great!

Joseph Bakura

Great tools for learning.


It was very nice. I had good time.

Abigail Meyers

It was fun going and seeing everyone that I haven't seen since I was a little girl

Jaime Zorrilla

Very nice museum! The 4th floor is all new and very interactive. My family liked it very much. The rest of the museum is very nice collection of paleontology, geology and other sciences.

Robert Terkelson

Amazing place, with displays & activities geared toward kids but just as interesting for this 70-year old. Really enjoyed the local fossil history which I'd heard of but hadn't realized the richness of. I'd have paid more (and did in the jar) for this experience.


This museum is a must-see if you live in, or are visiting, Lincoln. It’s a hidden gem. The collection is impressive. I went in with low expectations and I was happily surprised. The only issue is parking since it’s such a busy area of campus.

Kathy Norris

A fantastic place to visit. Super interesting and informative, my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit and will return Thursday evening for free entrance. Mineral exhibit was very nice.

Melanie Dondlinger

We loved the huge exhibits and the planetarium movie was so relaxing. We will be back for sure. Its a great family outing

A Nunez

It was nice experience

Kraig Motzko

So much to look at, could spend a day there and not see everything.

Hai Kuo

Amazing place for the family to visiting, lots of vivid wildlife specimen.

Elizabeth James de Uvalle

Came here as a family in celebration of our son and daughter's birthdays. Everyone enjoyed it very much.

Melissa Leija

Love, love,love the "elephant museum"! So much to see and learn. We have a membership and have been visiting regularly for 10+ years. We never tire of visiting and find something new to see and learn about everytime we go. The museum is a favorite place for my kiddos to go. It is the perfect spot to go to get out the house during inclement weather. The membership is such a bargain, $65 a year for the whole family to go as many times as we want. Also discounted tickets for the planetarium and a discount in the gift shop. The reciprocal program has gotten us in to so many other museums for free as well. We easily save twice what the membership costs us, in visiting other museums as we travel. I highly recommend keeping a membership for your family. Worth every penny.

Rob Bradshaw

A good museum. Friendly staff, and great focus on Nebraska history.

Rezowan Kabir

Wonderful place!

Jeff C

Great natural history museum. Top floor is very interactive and entertaining for all ages.

Brianna Bunn

This museum has always been a staple of my life and childhood. I cannot praise highly enough the quality of information and specimens on display. Never bored and never left wanting, there is great variety here. The perfect place to spend an afternoon.

gr hafford

Very good displays. Parking is a bit of a problem. Staff is helpful.

Kimberly Wilson

There is a new level that features a parasite lab and more exhibits, which definitely adds to the experience. Plan on spending at least a few hours here.


We take our kids here and they love it. They have lots of displays with 20% of them with some sort of interactive activity. They have a play area that is lots of fun and a shop with a variety of items to purchase

T. Bathke

This place is packed with amazing stuff. Plan to spend the entire day there.

Justin Case

Could definitely use some freshening up

Josh Sloan

Well worth the visit. Took the family including young children. We spent the whole afternoon and still didn't check out everything.

Jolinda Holden

So much to do and a cool new exhibit

Stephen Postier

Great exhibits and staff. Looking forward to the new exhibit opening in February

George Tickle

Very hard to get to we got lost and had a hard time getting in and out of the parking lot. Never actually went inside.

Sovida Tran

Always doing something new and adding things. Have a monthly children's event on Saturdays where the kids do activities and earn prizes the more they come.

Tim Storey

Great place to spend the day, very well put together, my son and my father and my uncle spent a good half day and it wasn't the first time we've been there. We always have a great time there my dad is is his late 80s and my son is 20 so people of all ages have a great time

Joy Dannelly

Hadn't been there in decades!! Still the same stuff I remembered but fresh and updated!!

Remedios Hemmingson

Interesting place. If you like history and to know how life was then in Nebraska, millions of years ago, this is the place to go. If you read and look at the history, you will totally learn from the displays. You do have to pay a small amount.

Frank Musil

This a wonderful museum housing some of Nebraska's prehistoric treasures. I've enjoyed "Elephant Hall" nearly a dozen times starting fifty years ago as an elementary school student and now when I have my children in Nebraska on vacation I enjoyed the museum with them. They're anxious to return the next time we're visiting Grandma and see the new fourth floor and it's new exhibits. The entrance is a bit of a hassle for those of us that roll, but its possible. There is a family price of $13.00 which was helpful. Don't wait, grab some family and friends and check out the three toed horse skeletons, florescing rocks and elephant hall.

Scott Jensen

Always love the different laser shows.

Carole Saylor

We went to the Museum of Natural History. There were a lot of kids touring with teachers and parents. They were quiet except for asking about stuff. I really enjoyed my visit. A well kept display.

Linda Beveridge

Great Great museum, can't wait to come back and bring great grandchildren, I did not know all the elephants that use to live in Nebraska's, even has skeletons of them!

Matt Rinne

This is a treasure in Nebraska. I'd you haven't taken the time to visit you're missing out. The fourth floor exhibits they've opened in the last year are amazing. And the connections to ancient NE throughout the museum are important for all Nebraskans to appreciate. Their second Saturday kids investigate program is always engaging. It's a sure win for a family outing. And who can argue with deepening our scientific knowledge?

Desiree Jacobson

Amazing fossils and skeletons with great interactive areas for kids and adults. Absolutely a place to visit!

Грязный волк

The new 4th floor is amazing. Great museum

Lynda Yoder

Family sized fun

Orion Nebulus

Been here many times always satisfied got a real nice bat plush in the shop

Rikki Goldsby

We love the museum! Parking options, while I imagine are often hit or miss, are horrible when amiss. If the very limited museum guest only spots are full, there is an option of possibly parking in extremely limited metered spots just north of the museum but if neither of those options are available they suggest that you park in a garage located far north of the museum, I’m estimating 3 blocks probably. Completely not an option for parents with little kids on a cold Nebraska winter day. Unfortunate that the University didn’t allow for more reserved museum parking.

Gary Drahota

A tremendous learning experience for the whole family. Highly recommended for all ages.

Jeff Walters

Had an 8 year old Birthday party. Got a tour, cake, and Plantiterium show. Plenty to do any see

Shelby Baldwin

The museum it's self is great. When we walked in the women at the counter asked if we would like to see the planetarium show. We agree it would be fun for our kids (1yr and 8yrs). We walked to the doors to get in for the show and the lady said they didn't allow any one under 4years old to enter. She said she would make an exception this one time. We get in, they start and she continued to restart the show 4 times because there was no sound. She said we could get refunds. She had to play a totally different video that was more for little kids. I left the room due to my 1 year old getting fussy. When we went to leave I asked for a refund and was told no. The museum is fun for my kids but I'll never pay for a show again.

Beth Schurger

So, there are neat things here. Some of the exhibits haven't been changed in many decades. Ever want to see an old school style dinosaur mount? You can here!

Dwayne Paul

Wow what a great place.

Paul Bernhardt

Nebraska is rich in fossil remains and this excellent natural history museum, founded in 1871, is their home above ground. If you're interested in Ash Fall National Monument in northeastern Nebraska, or the many sites along the Fossil Freeway in western Nebraska and South Dakota, make room in your itinerary for a visit here.

Mahendran Hariharan

They have a very impressive collection, a must see for the kids

Tyler Duckworth

Very informative and so fun to bring the children. No kids? No worries it's crazy fun for adults to.

Crystal Ridder

1st time at the new 4th floor exhibit and it is amazing! NE themed exhibits included animals and historical information as well as weather and insects. We could have spent the entire day on one floor. Staff and volunteers were great at interacting with my 2 small boys and helping them to develop an interest in science.

Michael Gurevich

Good museum of natural history

Dave Field

One of my favorite places to go. Check it out.

Brandy Keeney

Love it. My 4yr old daughter can't get enough.

Laura Grams

Every kid needs to see this wonderful place.

Paul Vrana

Nice new exhibits on the 3rd & 4th floors in addition to the classics.

Nancy Friesen

I hadn't been to Morrill Hall for many years. The displays are great, informative and many interactive. You will be amazed by the amount of fossils found in Nebraska. Newly remodeled 4th floor - Cherish Nebraska, was a must see.

Jonny Famous

Actually cool for kids I'd say probably ages 5+ lots of hands on learning and interesting facts about nebraska.

Ruby Capizano

Cool place to take the kids.

nick ussery

As always an enlightening visit! The 4th floor is a new and exciting addition to the elephant museum. With volunteers showing techniques for bone extraction, definitely inspiring the visiting younger generation to a summer of museum volunteering!


Very nice and unexpected exhibits.

thomas martinosky

Lobe this place, seems like I find something new everytime I go. I've taken my daughter here since she could walk, and she decided she wanted to have her 6th birthday party here. It was a fun experience and the staff is phenomenal

David Humphrey

Very fun place, even for a couple of 7 year olds

Lori Mast

We went on a school field trip, and had a blast!!!

Steven Markham

Awesome museum. Great exhibits. Reasonably priced. Kids love dinosaurs!

Mitchell Warren

Family favorite. Addition on top level a welcome exhibit with interactive displays. Daughter loves the elephant/mammoth hall. Great staff.

Wilson Ellis

Very cool! You just got to see it for yourself!

Haley Meyer

Love all the new stuff I learned although I've been there a few times before

Haley Kottmeyer

Really cool museum! I was impressed by the things we saw, the cute gift shop, the awesome kids explore room, and the fact that they just kids birthday parties!!! We had a great time exploring and loved every minute of it!

KateLynn Elizabeth

This is a wonderful Museum! I would highly recommend getting this place to visit. There's so much to do and see it's quite educational for every age. There's so much to do at this Museum you could probably spend all day there!

Amanda Bacon

Always love taking the kids here! So much to learn, I've been going there for 30 years, learn something new every time!

Michelle Stalker

Such a fun time! The exhibits rotate often and the dome is a neat experience.

Robert McCormick

Great exhibits

Duane Buerstetta

Morrill Hall is a great museum. Plan to spend a lot of time with the informative, challenging, interesting exhibits filling 4 floors.

Nathan Duff

Loved it. Definitely coming back

Lourdes Marie Cabello-Schomburg

Impressive collection for adults and kids to enjoy. Wanted to see more. Warm welcome by staff members. So far the best museum visited.

E.J. Lava

A truly wonderful museum.

Sean Brozak

This is great. Could use a little update as not much if anything has changed in at least 20 years. I really enjoy the rock exhibits. The skeletons of different animals are great to see as well.

Stevey Murry

Wonderful museum. A bit scary but I love everything they have. They have live bees ..

Heather Lenoir

Thus museum is very reasonably priced, exhibits were well played out. Lots of interactive things for the kids as well as a planetarium and gift shop. Right next to the stadium, it's an easy place to find.

Heather Grizzle

A great place to take inquisitive kids! The fourth floor has been completely renovated and has interactive displays. The children's play area is wonderfully imaginative; 2 year old and six year old had fun!!

Eldredge Money

This is a fantastic place to go as a family or to have a playdate. They offer a variety of things to see and hands-on activities for all ages. Look for special events and two months of the year they offer free admission on Thursdays. I have two boys ages 3 & 7, we have a blast when we go here. I love looking at all the old stuff and explaining it to my kids and they love to make up stories and check out all the interactive parts of the exhibits!

Jessica Walston

Amazing new addition on the 4th floor! If you haven't been there recently, I highly recommend you revisit!! Very state of the art!

Chris Hamilton

Loved it could be here for hours

Adam _

The new addition is really well done and the classic floors are still intriguing. Everyone should go here.

Ct Midnite

Real lot of fun in the escape room and it is quite a museum. really enjoyed it.


It was interesting to see history


Such a fun place with a ton of amazing animal displays. On a side note, all the halls echo so kids will tend to be noisy but the staff doesn't seem to mind and actually welcomes the enthusiasm.

Imogene Wargo

Pretty cool prehistoric exhibits!

Alexis Bry

So much to look at and learn about. So many cool exhibits!

Pam Bonebright

Great new fourth floor interactive displays

Shelby Larsen

Absolutely loved visiting! Went with my boyfriend, and I wasn't expecting too much, but I think it's a must see!

Chris Canterbury

Incredible place and a must see for everyone. Glad to have a museum like this so close to home

Mateusz Tomczak

Visiting with a 2-year old and it's a blast for both of us

Julia Remsik

New exhibits, great interactive exhibits for kids and adults alike (the escape room is great, but leaves in Dec 2019, so check it out if you like activities like this!). Admission is extremely reasonable, and with four floors, it doesn't feel crowded when it is reasonably busy.

Sean Davenport

Nice museum. The new top level is really nice and lots of interaction. The basement really needs an update as it was likely really cool 40 years ago. Lincoln doesn't have many museums and revamping this would spark new life into a very old museum. It is worth the time to see regardless.

Kent VanderVelden

Amazing place, perfect for inspiring young nature lovers. There's a play room on the lowest level and the top floor just opened with modern exhibits. The collection of elephants after the entrance is amazing. Near other museums, the capital, and children zoo.

Mohammed Alali

Great visit. Kids enjoyed it a lot. Sunday with a Scientist event was amazing.

Heath Dumler

New 4th floor exhibit is stupendous! Will be buying a family membership!

Louis Hesse

The escape room is lit

Mark van Roojen

Nice place to spend time..

Stephen Cowan

Really enjoyed it, and so did my boys ages 9 and 6. A lot of interesting dinosaur and mammal fossils, most of which are within 500 miles of the museum itself.

Genevieve Randall

The State Museum at Morrill Hall is a gem full of history. One of our favorite places to go and has been since I was little. Great natural history, social history and science. The Native American exhibit is cool. Love all the fossils. We love Archie. The rocks that glow under the blacklight are cool. Planetarium and laser light shows. Takes more than one trip to do it all!

Edward Lyons

We visited the Rock Climbing Center with my grandson. The people running this Center are doing excellent work. They are always willing to help anyone that comes in.

Aaron Price

Must visit museum especially the renovated 4th floor. Many great plains topics are covered. Well done UNL

Jaden Holmes

i love this place ive been going here my whole life and i love the chips too and the they actually have a great double cheeseburger lowkey

Katie Yunghans

We are members of the museum and visit regularly. Our two sons really enjoy the animal exhibits and the kids' activity room in the basement. We also really enjoy the special events where we get to meet and talk with scientists and students. My 6-year-old son had his birthday party here and it was very well run and fun for the kids.

Barbara Gardner

This is my young grandsons favorite place to go. Very educational, but I think his favorite spot is the Museum Gift Shop! I remember going there as a child and was mesmerized with all the skeletons and displays. Can’t say enough about this place.

Chrissy Ristow

So fun!!! So many different things to see and learn. Cost is completely reasonable, too!

Beef State Ben

I absolutely love this museum. Everything from the classic exhibits to the brand new fourth floor is great. I can’t wait to go again.

Todd Berke

Inexpensive way to pass the day. Most of the fossils and skeletons were recovered in Nebraska. Don't miss this stop.

Mason Brown

Cool place that shows a lot about Nebraska. My son loved it also. Plenty to see and a lot of cool exhibits.

michelle miller

Great history of the state, region, and city of Lincoln. So much to see and discover for all ages!

A Whitaker

A Wonderful learning experience for the whole family.

Dave Morgan

The fourth floor is great!

Jason Bailey

New 4th floor was very cool!

Miss E

You have to pay for admission to see planetarium shows. Our 4&5 year old were a bit young for grasping the significance of the displays. They love the planetarium & "fossil dig site" sand box.

Sue Smith

Wonderful! Lots of prehistoric skeletons. Large variety of things found on earth...lovely gift shop.

Monroe Bonnard

Great museum with four floors of stuff. Newest floor just opened in 2019 and is very modern while some of the other floors are more dated, but all were very interesting. New exhibit is history of Nebraska area from geology to animals to how it all comes together. Does a great job of addressing climate change and how it can be seen through what's happening in the natural world. Coolest thing was the Hall of Elephants with all the prehistoric skeletons of the different kinds of elephants that used to roam here. Features the largest mounted Mammoth skeleton which is just HUGE. Loved the modern barnyard exhibit as well.

BlahLove Q

The museum isn't open for many hours, but it was VERY enjoyable! They had many different topics, from the Nebraska plains to ancient fossils. They had many different interactive exhibits as well, so I 100% recommend this place for small children. I also went to the planetarium, and while it was enjoyable, I think it is more suited for young children. They have a very extensive collection, and the amount of information in there is extensive and thorough. Another really cool thing in there was the lab where they were opening casts of fossils on display. The entire facility was very clean, and the bathrooms looked a little old, but also clean. The bathrooms were a little weird to find, but not bad. Overall, I highly recommend this place if you are a fan of history and science for sure.

Ben Bir

Came by this museum with wife, SIL and FIL during our recent Nebraska trip. The museum had a TON of exhibits on display ranging from mastodons to Charles Darwin. The exhibits were all very interesting and the layout of the museum was very good. It was my first time, so I did not share this opinion, but the others in my group stated that this museum is in need of updating. They said little has changed in probably 20 years. The building did look like it needed a little TLC, but this did not spoil the experience.

Anna Stillwell-Edler

Have tons of fun stuff for kids and great exhibits always can find something new.

juan perez

Awesome place for kids and grown up people and family as well

isabelle Corondoni

What an amazing experience

Kim Grove

Awesome as always!

Tonya Swan

Took our 3 year old granddaughter and she had such a great time. Plenty for the young and the young at heart! Entertaining and educational.

Tracy Howes

This was an awesome museum. The second floor is the floor you enter on. On this floor are the mammoth fossils. They are larger than I thought. The museum has horse and rhinoceros fossils too. I learned a lot about nebraska past and present. On the 4th floor are interactive science exhibits and information about the plains. The 3rd floor had animals, gems, and native American information. The 1st floor had a nice kids play museum area and information about plains animals and birds. The kids loved this museum.

Craig Taylor

Wonderful place. Miss the Apollo capsule though from when I was a kid but my kids still loved it!

Bill Doering

Really something to see when visiting Lincoln, neat museum

Pauline Martinez

It was Fantastic .Excellent displays

Jose Matamoros

The museum may not be huge, but it still has a numerous amount of exhibitions. All Nebraska students can go for free with the exception of the planetarium. The greatest exhibition for my taste was the mammoth and elephant section.

Lola Asch

Pooh. One the the most impressive museums in all of Nebraska !! A must see attraction if in Lincoln !

Ivars Augstums

Great place to observe history.

Joanna Kerby

Excellent museum in a very neat old building. Tons of very different displays with activities for kids of all ages.

Patrick Hunter

It is amazing place to be.

Bill Bryant

Great addition to the one the 4th floor. Must visit in my opinion!

Amber Longe

Lots to see and do. Staff are very friendly and helpful.

Veranda Johnson

Great place for all ages! They do an awesome job of rotating exhibits and displaying work from professors!!

Celeste Sexton

The new 4th floor exhibits are fun!

Gabriel Long Soldier

Very interesting and fun

kyle mcdonald

They keep expanding

Madison Harris

Great museum, especially for younger kiddos

Ryan Bradley

Great museum, low admission pricing. Able to park close for free on a Thursday in the middle of the day.

Rakesh Goyal

Located in the Morrill Hall, in the heart of the Universirty campus, a.k.a. Elephant Museum, this is a hidden jewel. Enter the surprisingly cavernous halls displaying fossils of mammoths, elephants, and animals going back to Mesozoic era (nearly 250 - 65 million years ago). Very long ones and some taller than their spans. Many from Western Nebraska. Proof positive that elephants roamed the Western Hemisphere way before their current abode in Asia and Africa! The museum distinguishes itself in not dinosaur focused, and displaying fossils with rare forms (I had never seen before). A traveling National Geographic photo exhibition was a stunning treat. The museum needs support to keep up. It is a national treasure.

Rose Snocker

Want your kids to beam with excitement in every turn? Go here. The room with kid friendly interaction is so worth the visit.

Jonathan Swiatek

If you want an awesome place to take your kids (or yourself) and learn about human history, the vasts amounts of wildlife there, or perhaps the new 4th floor, this museum is perfect for you! I am a student at the University, and I try to go to the museum at least once a week, to hang out, study, and learn. Highly recommend.

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