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REVIEWS OF Pioneer Village IN Nebraska

Debra Barlow

I really enjoyed our visit to Pioneer Village. It was like stepping back in time, a very rare thing to do in this age of modern conveniences. I have always wanted to learn more about how the pioneers survived & what they did to survive and settle the west. So I really enjoyed the pony express cabin, seeing how it was made, and also the broom making booth & the loom for making rugs etc. There was no one doing brooms that day, but I would like to see it sometime. But I was glad to see the lady making rugs on the loom. She was very kind & told us all about how it works. She also sews on the treadle sewing machine. I have always wanted to learn to sew on one. I keep dreaming of all the neat things the village could offer, like a class on how to bake on a wood cook stove. Or how to do 101 other pioneer things. I wish you good luck & hope you can continue to build on the amazing place you have there. A friend recommended it to me & it was certainly worth the visit. Thank you!

Hank Harp

Coolest Museum I've ever been in all kinds of antique cars trucks motorcycles farm equipment stuff from the 1800s up into the 1900s

Amanda Robbins

If you like history or even if you just like antiques it's very interesting. Wear comfortable shoes, and if you go in summer then wear comfortable breathable clothing, buildings don't have air conditioning really. Some small maintenance is needed in areas and a few outside signs need replacing but overall it's a great place to take kids who are learning about the times. Or people who are into older cars, or vintage and antique decor and furniture.

Leo Peterson

Visited in the past and decided to go again. I was not disappointed. Very educational for the young and old alike.

Glenn Koster

Make sure you leave plenty of time for your visit. One day will not be enough!!!

Joy Machado

Pioneer Village is a real treasure. We visited the museum on our Nebraska road trip. It's probably an hour outside of Kearny. My husband and I loved the museum and their collection. Some of the collection was acquired amd some of it was preserved from the town it's located in which was a good balance. If you love vintage cars and airplanes, this is just the place for you, the collection was huge and we loved looking at the evolution of cars and the technology behind it. Overall the museum is well maintained and clean, the staff is helpful and courteous. It would probably take about 2 hours minimum and about half a day to do it in detail. The tickets aren't too expensive and absolutely worthy of the cost. Highly recommended

Jessy Archer

Lots to do and see. I enjoyed this very much so! Though I had not been here before like others I thought it was awesome. A little pricey but overall I thought it was worth it.

JT Hechler

Well worth visiting! I wish it was publisized more but an incredible experience!

Carol Denniston

The whole Village was awesome

sherry muro

The possibilities to expand the mind are endless, a wonderful place to take young children to show them the items of yesteryear. However bring your walking shoes and plenty of water to drink as it is a bit pricey.

Kami Bulin

Comprehensive collection. A lot to see! I've found this place fascinating since I was a kid. Definitely a must-see in my opinion!

Simon Bachofen

Huge museum, don‘t miss. There is something for everbody: Many, so many cars, trains, household items, have to go yourself to see how big it is. Probably too big, as they really should upgrade many of their displays, buildings. So many lamps are burned out, the roof needs fixig...please keep the place alive!

Dean Howe

Has things there from old days that you will never see again

Lyle C

You won't believe the amount of Americana in one place. $14.75 adult entry, but it's worth it for an afternoon or all day visit.

Peggy Hickman

Great place to stop and look at historical items

Sherrill Stramara

So much to see! Great exhibits showing advances in technology over the years from farming equipment to planes, trains, and automobiles and much more. Well worth visiting.

Daniel Evans

Lots of different things to look at... Was tons of fun! Bet it's even more fun in the summer

Corita and Paul

Worth the time and effort to get here. One man's well-organized hoard of Americana. A history lesson in building after building of everything from old appliances to a blacksmith shop, covered wagons, quilts, clothes, classic cars and furnished, typical "living spaces" from the late nineteenth century to the 1970s or so when the founder (and collector) stopped collecting and said "enough". And there's enough here to keep you occupied for hours. While Pioneer Village isn't in a state of arrested decay, it is a bit run down which sets it apart from many of today's sanitized and frankly, boring museums. This one isn't.

Bj Mathis

Wonderful collections of many aspects of early pioneers lives. Great exhibits of transportation and farming tools thru current times.

Michael Cook

Really neat museum

Timothy Osborn

This is a great road trip stop comfortable clean and a musium that you can spend all day at.

Gerrie Moffatt

Love the history.

Carol Fagan

Very informative!

Bob Pelshaw

I remember going here as a kid and always wanting to return. Still impactful and a recommended visit but it was sad how much the buildings and surroundings have deteriorated. Re-painting the signs and and re-painting the display descriptions would go a long way towards I'll improving the experience. And do they need so many of the same car? Why not sell some of the duplicates, and use the money to do some much needed improvements? Besides the collection would greatly benefit of there was enough space the walk around the displays. Hope they get things together s this important collection needs to be viewed for many generations to come. The way they are managing it makes me doubt it willake 10 more years, sadly.

Eric Cook

Great museum, (although I haven't been there since the 70s)

Laurali Garrett

One of the cabins used for this village beloned to my husbands great grandmother.

Sara hillix

We both loved it.

Arctic Minibike

Huge! I've been there 3 times, each for many hours. Hard to see everything, at least, not if you want to really take time to look at the details. Everything from mechanical pencils to a full-sized antique locomotive. Covered wagons to modern cars. Multiple huge buildings with hundreds cars, tractors, motorcycles. Full-sized airplanes hanging from the ceiling. Antique out buildings, sod house, windmill, one-room school house, antique general store, thousands of examples of industry, products, interior decoration, farm equipment, pony express station, train station, prarie artwork, antique engines, even a full-sized yacht housed indoors. Hard to describe. It's taken decades to collect these items. You could never build a collection like this again. Hard to even describe. Must see to believe. This is a spectacular collection. Only a few miles from I-80. Worth the detour. See it soon. Give yourself at least a couple of hours, but could spend a half to a full day.

Lucy Robertson

It was hot as Hades out I had my sons for their first long visit with me for a few years stopped in to see this because they were all excited to do so and they charge an outrageous amount to go in and look at the place we were all very disappointed because we were unable to go

James Wilson

Every school should bring kids to see very informative


A cross between Disney's "Tomorrowland," exhibit and the best tool and equipment museum in the world, this incredible collection of interesting items is a MUST SEE, especially if you have school - age kids! Phones and music players through the ages, the history of vehicles from carriages to Edsels (and beyond), planes, boats, and two-stroke engines - anyone with an itch to see "how things work," will adore it! And for the not-so-mechanically inclined, there is a section of American artwork (sculpture and paintings, clothing and textiles, just to name a few), as well as a full 1800's era schoolhouse, taken and reassembled right there, filled with the books that were on the bookshelves, the teacher's desk with accompanying huge dictionary, and even the bill of sale for the whole building framed and up on the wall. Anybody who wants a diversion and a fascinating way to whittle away a few hours will LOVE this place! Great 40's era dinerette with food, drinks, and snacks, too!

Dorothy H

This is a charming place to see American history from pioneer days to the 1980s. If you have kids, it's a must-see!

Tiffany Vanort

Need more than 1 day to go threw every building and look at everything very amazing place

gr hafford

Great place. Tad worn on the edges. Needs a coat of paint. RV spots are mostly level. Bathrooms are not really useable.

Ian Dawson

Just incredible. I wanna go back and spend at least a full day there so much to see

Carol Christensen

Many many awesome treasures here! But looks like in need of funding, many things especially buildings are starting to come into disrepair.

Lucas Nielsen

Pretty cool. History and what not. Wish the little restaurant shack took cards or let ya know beforehand they only took cash.

Gene Kokayko

Absolutely Amazing. The amount of history at this vast museum is mind blowing.

Michael Sherer

This is a museum of history and Americana that has huge collections of things from fine pottery to women's dresses to oodles of farm tractors and implements. Takes a full day plus. Very good history and documentation on most exhibits. NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE COME HERE AND IT FEELS LIKE IT IS IN TROUBLE!!!

Tasha M

Lots of interesting things from the past 200 years.

Sandy Hepburn

This was such a amazing surprise, the outside does look like a goodwill store. Which for a moment was disappointing. Then you enter the building and you are amazed! There were 30 or more vintage carriages of all style and she. As you go into the other half of the bottom floor is boats, televisions, radios ect. Then you leave this building and there are 25 buildings all loaded with items as listed on the building. There is a building with displays of China from 1840 to present day. Each building contains a complete collection of some sort of Americana. I could go on and on. Let me just say they tell you to plan on 1 to 2 hours , no to see everything you need 4 to 5 hiours. This is a must see!

Gretchen Arroyo

This place was really cool...but also REALLY run down. Still worth the trip for history buffs. Awesome collections. I wish a museum would come in and buy everything so that all of the items on display would be in proper temperature control displays instead of behind fluorescent lighting or worse... exposed to damp outside air.

Erik Mace

Quite remarkable. Opens our eyes not just to Nebraska history, but also US history. Tons of beautiful (and weird) vehicles and "tech" from every generation. Well worth the 13mile drive down from I80, but.plan to spend at least 2 hours, could easily spend 4+ hours.

Amanda Campbell

Very awesome collection of stuff! Simply amazing!

James Frey

This place is definitely one of America's hidden gem. If you ever find yourself in Nebraska, make sure to visit it!

Hannah Rothchild

So much history in such a small area. Im 14 and i have never seen this much old stuff not even at my grandmas

Rebecca Williams

Was on a bit of a time crunch and almost didn't stop. The old cars I could see through the window hooked me in. I am so glad they did. This place has an amazing collection, and a thorough representation of every part of life from the late 1800s to late 1900s. Would take a full day, maybe two, to fully appreciate but even if you only have an hour or two, stop in!

Charlie Hrobsky

We should have planned to spend more time there. It has something of interest for everyone. The chronological order of the layout shows the progression we have made over the years mechanically and just how easy we have it today. I'll get back, some day!

Gus Morrow

This is a PHENOMENAL collection that will leave any history buff, transportation enthusiast or patriotic American spellbound. Do NOT be put off by the weathered exterior. As soon as you enter you will get excited as if you had discovered a hidden gold mine of American history. Your hesitation about taking the 12 mile detour off the interstate will quickly dissolve. I've traveled the entire nation and this place rates with the best of family friendly historic and educational attractions America has to offer. No flashing video displays or annoying recorded messages repeatedly playing, just amazing, eclectic, collections of inventions that made America what she is. Plan on spending several hours here because you will not want to leave and several hours are required to take it all in. Very friendly staff. The name is a little misleading because this is not just a "pioneer" museum. It is a documentation of the progress of man. This attraction is obviously a victim of the interstate highway re routing traffic miles to the north. If it could only get more publicity countless more Americans could enjoy this magnificent educational presentation of their heritage. Only negative is the food prices are ridiculously high so bring your own snacks. Never expected to find an attraction so unforgettable in the middle of Nebraska. You will leave here feeling that your money was well spent on the entrance fee and you'll have a much better appreciation of what your ancestors endured.

Terry Ruiz

Great. So many cars and more. Must see.i am glad we didn't have small children and we're able to take our time.

Randy Nelson

Lots of vintage cars in original condition. I loved that part.

Tammy Cramer

A great place for a history buff. A good variety of everything from old cars, planes, buildings, etc. Please consider visiting they’ve had a loss in visitors with many families choosing high-tech destinations.

Paige Colquette

An awesome collection! Well worth the trip!

Daniel Stajner

Great place. First time ever being there, and spent almost 5 hours there. Loved it!

William Million

One of the best places to go and see some of the best History around America. A must see experience.

Frank Smith

Was there in the 1975 and again in 2015 enjoy both times a great place to spend a day. Hopefully a little maintenance can bring it back to the 70 condition

Raven DeVoue

What an AMAZING little find... if you mind the corn! ;) I will be back!

Jim Woodcock

Really nice

Ted Sirek

An interesting museum with a Twilight Zone feel. The best comparison I can come up with is the Twilight Zone, Elegy, where the astronauts land on the cemetary planet. There was a lot of interesting stuff, but the entire place had a used up feeling, too, as if the batteries of the cosmos had run down in this place.

Stuart Spillman

Crammed full of interesting stuff. Takes a whole dsy to see it. What other museums have one of, they have 5 of them.

Dangerous stunts

It was so fun great for the kids

Melissa Seefeldt

Great place. Wish we would of got there sooner, so we could of taken our time and seem everything!

Kay Leibel

While most items were not restored I put it on a level of Dearborn Village as far as things to see. Need a day to cover and the buildings are not air conditioned.

Linda Mashburn

Glad our tour bus stopped

Walter Labrie

Great place to visit learn and grow

Matt McIrvin

This vast, fascinating and weird museum complex has to be seen to be believed. It's built on the personal collection of 1950s plastics tycoon Harold Warp, and his aphorisms about life and business adorn the place on hand-lettered placards. Warp collected... stuff, in unbelievable quantities. This place has huge, building-sized collections of antique cars, historic airplanes, dolls, typewriters, guns, washing machines, radios, musical instruments, school equipment... a couple of locomotives, several entire antique buildings relocated from their original sites. It's all so huge that it starts to resemble a sort of ad-hoc Nebraskan Smithsonian, only organized in a more matter-of-fact, stuff-sorted-by-type way. Some of the buildings aren't air-conditioned, so be prepared to brave the heat if you come in the summer.

Diana Belcher

Very educational shows the past in a way we do not see it. It's a take your time kinda place. It's also a place to get lost in but in a good way it puts u in the past if you like history and like to see how things where and for us antique lovers this is a great place. It's has everything from then to now. I loved it

Haley Kottmeyer

We considered getting married here... Beautiful outdoor areas, adorable little church, and fun for everyone! Lots of things to see and plenty of history to go around!

Erika McCleary

Stopped here at the tail end of a trip home from Chicago. Thought my daughter would like to stretch her legs. I underestimated the awesomeness of this place!! Very unassuming, and even a little overwhelming!! There is SO much to see here!! I will be back for sure! The interactive displays and the little village outside.. The walk thru homes in order of era... We for sure stopped in the gift shop, because I wanted to support them! Highly highly recommend!!!

Janice Holstein

Amazing place to see. The history was great. Would go back again.

Scott Cooper

My wife and I hadn't gone through the museum in probably 25 years, so it was fun to go through it again. Some of the buildings are getting run down and need some work, but it was still fun looking at the old airplanes and cars. Many of the things we remembered seeing there as kids--much more than 25 years ago!

Karin Christensen

So much history in order of development. Amazing!

Teresa Wolford

Well worth the time and effort to see!!!

Chris M

Have been there when growing up with my parents and loved it. I took my kids on the way to Colorado on vacation. They loved It. Said it was one of the best parts of the trip. Yes it's old and showing its age, but you'll never find anything else like it anywhere.

Ryan Hinds

Awesome cars and cool history.

Mark Borngrebe

Very impressive! Much larger than expected. Wish the main building had air co conditioning or more fans, as it got pretty warm in there.

Angie Johnson

A childhood favorite. As an adult, it didn't disappoint!!

Sondra Dubbs

Astounding collection of over 50,000 pieces from the 1850s to 1950.

Judy Wade


Jon Dymond

Very interesting , a little pricey , friendly staff

Dawn Otto

Very interesting and knowledgeable place LOVED IT

Carl Shankle

Great place, lots of stuff to see. My main problem with this place is the maintenance, they don’t seem to care enough to keep this place repaired, trees rubbing on buildings several leaks in the roofs, buckets sitting everywhere to catch the leaks, water dripping on displays. The other problem is, lable the displays, everybody doesn’t know what that stuff is. Overall it was enjoyable

Ralph Pohl

A must see place and it will take a day if you like to go back in time and reminisce. Might be boring for kids, unless you have smart, good kids and you want to teach them something. Much better than any book. Wear your sneakers.

Joan Short

Do not camp here. Did not go to the village.

Jane Nunnenkamp

Impressive museum. A real treasure for anyone interested in history. Don't miss this place and do support it fully. It has much to teach modern America if we are to reacquire our historic values

April Peterson

Enjoyed as a child and as an adult.

robert hunter

Very interesting place

Heidi Salway

Place was awesome, loved it that they had rental scooters....

Deborah Baughman

Very interesting, I'm glad the someone preserved those old things!

Kelly Dunkeson

Our family LOVES this place! My parents brought us as kids, I brought my kids, now I brought my grandkids!!

City of Abscissæ

You'll see things that you've never seen or heard of before as well as things you've heard of but never seen. This "museum" is worth visiting if you're interested in American consumer products of all types--from the smallest of trinkets and toys to the largest collection of vintage automobiles many have ever seen in one location! If you like history, plan to spend 2-4 hours here. Those slightly less interested in history, but curious nonetheless, will enjoy the sights to be seen inside and outside the buildings. This place is in need of some maintenance and housekeeping, but otherwise it is a tourist attraction that is worth visiting if you find history appealing and if you're passing by on the nearby Interstate or U.S. Highway.

Brad Pay

It is a must to see. This is a museam that should be on everyone's bucket list. Excellent layouts in chronological order with signs on everything telling the backstory and history of the item. It is so big is takes about 3 days to go through it properly so plan ahead.

debi roberts

Love this place so much!

Sirenna McDonald

My husband and I just left from there. To look at it from the outside, it looks forgotten about, but when you get inside, it is worth every penny!!! We were truly amazed at how many things are there to look at! We like to read about items so it took us from 9:30 until they closed at 6 to get through everything! We could have stayed two days if we had the time! The hotel on site was good. The room was clean and there was hot water!

Irene Messer

The place was hard to find, the campsites were uneven, the road to get there was all broke up. The people who worked there were indifferent with a take it or leave it attitude.

Susan Woodward

Love history and tacky tourist sites. This was awesome! They have stuff I have never seen before. This family collected things for every decade through the 80's. I believe it to be more fun to see our History is a dying America and enjoy!

Lettie Whisman

We really enjoyed going through all the building's!

Jeff Mitchell

It's actually been awhile since I've been there. Some of their exhibits are awesome.

Stonewashed Fitness

Amazing history and experience of the old West. Come and relive old days, and see the styles, handiwork and modern conveniences that have evolved into what we use in our lives today.

Jen Richardson

Everyone that loves cars or American history HAS to visit. It was amazing!!!!

Anna Kraft

Nice. A lady named Ellie told me about this place!!

Aunt Psy

Fascinating place. Plan to spend the whole day.

Steven Hegemann

I absolutely love this place. My parents took me here when I was a kid and now I take my kids here. Most amazing collection I have seen anywhere. Be warned the place hasn't been updated since the 80s. (Which I think makes it super cool) and it is a little worse for wear.

Tim Ables

Once a great place to visit, it has been neglected when we visited.


I wouldn't consider myself a history person, but the HUGE collection that this museum has along with the low price of admission gave me no choice but to give it a 5/5 rating. We planned to stop on our way to South Dakota and and got there about 3:15 thinking they closed at 4:30. We were still planning on visiting anyway because we figured it wouldn't take us more than an hour to walk through. Due to the amount of stuff they had to look at, we were quite wrong and ended up saying till almost 6pm. To the person who enjoys history, they could easily spend a whole day at this place.

Carlo Emanuele Barbi

First of all: The collections is impressive, there is really much to see, so many things from a past era! Incredible. The staff is also very friendly. But: I could notice that since the founder passed away in the 1994 not much happened to this place. The collection is massivly compacted, imagine how wonderful if you could walk around each car. Instead they are pressed together with not much space between them. Admiring them is difficult. When I went in to the hangars where the Ford's where I could have started crying: All packed together. I don't know if it's for space reason or lack of money but many of the things (espescially outside) are starting to fall apart. The signs are old. The museum itself becomes a museum. That is so sad. Please go visit and maybe a day things will get better.... Highly recommended!

Aaron Tinsman

Very cool. Great way to spend a day

Devin Royce

Awesome place to stop and learn about the lifestyles of America's pioneers. Absolutely worth the visit. Walking through each building and learning each additional tidbit of information about the Warp family's history is a lot of fun.

Cassandra Lawrence

This place is awesome. We toured for five hours and didn't see everything. I think everyone should go here. They need to stay open. There is so much history here.

Dawnelle Pagan

Very nice place for tourists and others!

Eve B

This was a quaint local... There were two things in the gift shop that I wish I had purchased, but perhaps I'll make it back

Murph Lee

Fifteen years ago when we visited we found a hidden gold mine of American history. Surprised our group and we wished we had more time to explore. Sorry to read of tax grab effort by govt. This should be supported by govt and not taxed a penny nor its supporting auxiliary functions. Hope it is able to persevere because it has amazing collections.


Great place to take the family or if you are a history buff you will enjoy an outing at pioneer village. Pack a lunch and enjoy .

Patnode James

Thousands of interesting artifacts to see, bring your walking shoes.

Chad Deshane

Pet friendly and plenty to do within a block from the motel room. There's also camping grounds with shower's and restrooms.

Scott Bensen

It is a nice stop if you have lots a time on your hands. There's something to see for every one.

Jim Hebbeln

A plethora of artifacts - cars, tractors, trolley, phone switching system, airplanes, train...

Carolyn Walter

This place is incredible!!!

Charlcie Koster

A fantastic collection of our history.

Jan Openlander

Lots of interesting history. Needs some mai

Barry Meyer

First time going here and was very pleased with the layout of displays showing history of our country.

Bernadette Blevins

Was one of the best places we stopped at. Seeing how the people from the early years to present live is amazing. We really enjoyed our visit.

Gay Dybwad

Overwhelming collection of Americana by a Minden man who made it big in manufacturing. Budget lots of time. Needs more volunteers for maintenance and fund raising. Recommended.

Dean Paterson

Time capsule, so many displays and cars,trucks and planes

Matthew Barron

A must see for anyone!


Plan to spend almost a whole day here. There was so much to see that it was hard to take it all in. I loved that it had a retro vibe and so many of the exhibits were interactive. The only thing I would suggest is to come on a cooler day. Most of the buildings aren't air conditioned so it can get a little warm! Definitely worth the detour off the interstate.

Cliff Kinnunen

Interesting accumulation of old cars and other items. Worth a visit

Angie Wolf

This place is amazing for just the size and amount of items to see. It is sad that the place is kind of run down.

Lyle Coe

Fantastic museum of Americana artifacts. Agriculture, cars, inventions, electricity, communications you name it it's there.

Lena Hill

So much fun history! Such a cool experience!

Mark Kraus

Does not look like much from outside but wow is going to take three to four trips there to see it all.

Mitch Hudson

I love this place it has the first to the newest of any item you can think of and a few you you wouldn't think of from tooth brush to automobiles

Heather Brandon

Wonderful place to stop and spend the day.

Marilyn Gosda

It is a wonderful place to recall a lot of memories

Robert Sherard

Museums great place Campground just beware of chiggers but completely avoidable if you know about them

Chad Christensen

Great place to see time gone by

John King

EXCELLENT collection of Americonna from 1830 to 1960s. We christened it the Smithsonian of the West. Don't miss it!

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