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6321 Hwy 20, Chadron, NE 69337, United States

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Where is Museum of the Fur Trade?

REVIEWS OF Museum of the Fur Trade IN Nebraska

Chris Bloomfield

We learned some new things visiting this museum, but it wasn’t phenomenal. The staff was unfriendly and the gift shop was way over priced. The museum had almost nothing for younger learners and seemed aimed at adults. There is a good variety of displays all about the fur trade. Not horrible, but nothing to write home about.

Robert Lee Pedersen

It is a great place to experience History of Fur Trading and also buy Furs. Well worth a Visit. Very Clean and Helpful and Friendly Staff.

Glenn Koster

Very informative! Don't be in a hurry. You'll be surprised what lies behind the doors of this excellent museum.

mikki goulette

Great place ,loved all of the history

Linda Gartner

Bruce Dahl

Very nice museum. Have a lot of fur trade artifacts and the people there will answer your questions.

Annette Pearce

Jon Potthast

Quite a lot to see. My family had a great time looking at all the old artifacts.

Lydia McKenzie

We love visiting this place! The exhibits are fascinating and are changed regularly. The staff are very knowledgeable. If you are interested in the history of America and the fur trade, join the museum and receive their quarterly newsletter which is always interesting.

Jeff Dugal

We learned lots about the fur trade. Lots of interesting items on display.

Edith Weber


Poke World

You will learn lots about the history of fur trading in Nebraska

Eli Hill

It was cool

Joseph Branin

margaret polifko

Has historic artifacts. Worth stopping.

Lisa and Burrell Albee

Wonderful historical site to visit. You can't believe all the artifacts they have. Plan to spend several hours there at least.

Ryan Lembke

Jake McDowell

Good displays of history of fur trade.

Janelle Taylor

Great place with lots to see!

Robert Kouba

Gives great insight to the era of Indian...traders interaction. Very interesting exhibits. Well worth seeing.

Jennifer Burrous

Wouldve like to see more stuff ,information of things that happen in dawes county.but still neat.lots of stuff to see.should go ,visit.

Doug Abele


John Fenner

Becky Paulsen

Susanne Sprague

Great history lessons and original sod huts

Scott Berndt

Krista Oscar

debbie knoell

Amy Olberding

One of Nebraska's best hidden gems! Fantastic. Admission is cheap. Highly recommend.

Andrew Hanzes

Beautifully historic, like a time capsule.

Zach Sivits

It tells an entire story that's barely known

Paula Sykora

Great info about US history that you likely didn't get in High School.

Bill Oelklaus

Impressive collections well presented. If it was relevant to the fur trade, examples are here, often several examples of each. Well worth quite low entry fee!!

Mary Alice

Being interested in neither fur nor guns, I was not enthusiastic about this museum, but I am very glad I stopped. It takes a long time to see everything, so plan accordingly. If returning, I would take a break/snack outside in the middle of my visit. So many historic things to see and think about - much more than fur and guns.


Kevin Kathmann

Lin Brummels

Great exhibits. Friendly staff.

John Conkell

Tim H

Great exhibits! Lots of information, covers the subject matter pretty thoroughly with plenty of interesting artifacts to keep your interest!

Chris Wagenet

If you really want to understand North American history (even World history), the relationships between Native Americans & Europeans (and also the Chinese & the Russians), the Museum of the Fur Trade is worth the visit!

P Limbach

There's a lot of information and relics from the fur trading times.

Lisa Hooker

The collection is extensive and well interpreted for a museum and history lover. The signs are 'dated' rather than jump-out-and-throttle-you fancy, but this allows the curators to display so very many items. Some new videos are available on the displays. It was interesting to see the Revenant movie costumes and learn of the Museum's role in that production.

Michelle Inman

Amazing amount of stuff to see. Good detail on the fur trade.

P Bellaudeau

Kristy Lucas

Very modern and great displays.

Steve A

Kari Meyer

The museum itself was cool and I highly recommend it the staff member didn't seem to care about the museum or the people visiting it.

Rick Reeser

Very thorough museum. Be sure to see the video and to go outside to see the sod house, etc.

Douglas Friedman

Interesting museum with unique exhibits like Tecumseh's actual rifle.

Gain A Laugh

rich french

Its a great place all family

Mark Garcia

Everyone should visit this place, especially if you are interested in American culture and history.

Ayn Woodruff

amie menking

Kateland Smith

Fun and inexpensive. Very deserving of its high rating.

Little Hawk Yarns


RJ Monson

Great place for the family. This museum was very interesting and unique. This made for an educational trip for the kids.

Elizabeth Klonowski

A great gem in Nebraska! I'm so glad we stopped!

Ronald Edwards

Fun place to visit

Julius VanGlorious

This was such an amazing museum. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and was pleasantly surprised with a place that I thought I would send 20-30 minutes in. There is a wealth of information and artifacts in this museum as well as a yard with a trading post. Highly recommend. Dog friendly.

Bob Crouse

A little bit out of the way but well worth the trip. Collections inside really nice. Don't forget to take the time to go out back and look at the dugout trading Post.

Harland Schuster

Lots of stuff here, probably more guns on display than some small countries have in their whole army. Wish they could do a better job telling the story. Displays are sort of random. Museum gift shop has a section where they sell random used books..sort of like a flea market booth.

Terrry Sickler

Excellent collection. Well organized. Amazing displays of the old west fur industry. Go outside and see the old fur traders store buildings. First rate museum... especially if you are into this era. Many authentic exhibits. We want to go back!

John Balza

Mixed feelings on this museum. 5 stars for the visiting "Indian" who explained the cultures of the plains Indians. But we lucked out to see him that day. The video explaining the history of the fur trade was very good, but it made the rest of the museum feel like a repeat of the video, but with artifacts to see.

Holly Crawley

Amazing collection of mountain man era paraphenalia! Well worth the stop!

Anthony Mincu

Great little museum, great subject

Sara Neave

Another spot I found courtesy of the Nebraska Passport Program. I didn't have a lot of time, which is a shame as there was so much to see I could have spent hours wandering around. Interior and exterior displays, and so much wonderful information!

Mark Megee

Very interesting musuem with a nice atmosphere and lots of history.

Ricky Wohl

Great experience and lots of good information of fur trading, as well as time period history.

DeLisa Olson

Was full of good information and artifacts

Dawn Berrier

Forrest Simpson

hal Wittman

Very cool place

Rob Sohl

Very nice well-kept and informative

Kevin Griger

Very detailed history.

Rob Crowder

Nathan Schmidt

Kelli Armstrong

Marianne Rohdin

Lovely Museum.

Marvell Simmons

Wonderful collection of artifacts from rifles to clothing from mid-1840's. Awesome!

Dan Merzke

Robert D

TaFu Lin

Has Both local and well known historical cars. Worth the visit.

Tony Johnson

There is a great deal of information here, one of my favorite museums in the area.

Jessica Anderson

Liz L

I was thrill to see the traps used by Manuel Lisa & Ewing Young & even more impressed with the captured weapons display. The 1870 captured Cheyenne .45-70 stock & .50-70 receiver. The Colt model 1873 .44-40 Peacemaker captured by C.W. Allen at Wounded Knee, 1890. The Native American trade rifle, one of 90 surrendered in 1877 by Sioux & Cheyenne warriors. The Sharps "Old Reliable" .50-70 rifle captured at wounded knee, 1890. I highly recommend this museum and have added it back unto "My Bucket List". Plenty of parking, clean restrooms, introduction film, & gift shop.

Bruce Brenner

Dave Snodgrass

Tom Johnston

A really nice roadside Museum well worth the visit! No, it won't get into the ethics of fur as viewed today, but does present a good overview of the history of fur trapping and trading in American History. Lot's of good items on display, and if you are into firearms...they have plenty to see. That being what it is, the overall presentation seems balanced and fair to the topic and the times with some acknowledgment of diversity (i never knew there were at least a few Hawaiian fur trappers in North America) and to the unintended outcomes the fur trade sometimes led too.

Michael Young

Wow, very good and informative without being overwhelmed reading.

Ashlee Dodge

They have a lot of good information about the fur trade. They also have audio's that you can listen to at certain stops while going through the museum.

mauro ovando

Good for what it is. Definitely in need of a deep cleaning.

Maylene Pearce

There is a lot of history here. Great place to visit

Dawn Donker


Mot Hedges

There is lots of historical items related to North American fur trade history. The items are displayed well with good information explaininfo what you are seeing. The museum is very reasonably priced.

Joetta McKissack

Very good. Interesting. Could have spent the entire day if I had had time.

Jodie Eggerling

Great place!

Curtis Sandberg

Fantastic place for those interested at all in western history. Lots of info on the fur trade, furs to look at, guns (from specific famous people), We almost passed this up and we were so glad we stopped to spend an hour. Took 3 kids in and they also loved it. People were very friendly as well. Place was very professionally built, clean, and well cared for. The outside of the building was unimpressive but the inside was like a larger art gallery. Don't miss it.

Kayla S

Kathlyn Nauta

What a great hidden gem. Would definitely recommend stopping if even for an hour.


Simply incredible collection. A must see.

Susan Fowler

Have been trying to get there for fortytwo years! IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT!!!

Derwin Worcester

I visited with 4 of my grandchildren, they really enjoyed it. My daughter and her husband are avid hunters, trappers and fishermen. The grandkids 6,8,9 and 10 really enjoyed it.

Nick Gruman

Loved this museum it was amazing!!!!

Jason Olsen

Ginger Brockman

I can't believe there's so much stuff there. Plan to spend some time there.

Elaine Waldron


Outstanding exhibits! Great research center.

Katkat Mendenhall

There is a short film to watch before looking at the exhibits. Lots of fur trade & Indian memorabilia. Lots to look at & read. Don't forget to look up to see the canoes! They do have a small area that is a gift shop.


Though I have not returned for years, this museum has left me with so many gems of information that I still think about today. Although it is not big and sterile like some may feel museums should feels organized with care and by people who want to share a history that is being lost.

Charlie Purcell

If you enjoy a good history museum than you will love The Museum of the fur trade. For a small Museum it is one of the best if not the best in America. The artifacts and their history runs from the early colonies in America up through the mountain men and somewhat Beyond. It is in my opinion a must-see Museum of American history.

Gwen Bye

Renita Oakes

Really cool place very interesting all ages would enjoy

Eugene Steffen

Harlie Strain

Joann Holmes

Lots of good history and nice gift shop as well!!

Fred Cline

So much to see. So much to learn. A national treasure!

Heather Ramsey

Such an amazing place. Great collection and history.

Brandy Anderson

Great information. Clean with a variety of history to discover.

Kathryn Davidson

Wonderfull friendly and knowledgeable people! Lots of antique goods! History!!

Jim Lord

Really nice place must see

Stephanie Mccloud

Fran Scranton

Enjoyed the total collection. One question on Ted Cloud's rifle. Was it the same rifle taken from Jack at the Battle of the Rosebud June 17, 1876??

Robert Burress

Awesome museum. We will be stopping by again next time we're heading that way

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