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REVIEWS OF Lincoln Children's Zoo IN Nebraska

Rocky Bouma

Great for all ages! We took our niece and I think we enjoyed it just as much as she did! This is the most interactive zoo I’ve ever been to. There were so many animals that we were able to feed and pet. Many zoos have exhibits that are far …

Celeste Chapp

Love this place. The additions are GREAT! So many new animals and new activities! My daughter and her grandma have a membership and go weekly. She knows the place like the back of her hand! Still doesn't get old either! She loves the playground

Debra Luce

It was awesomely amazing! A wonderful, calming place with beautiful animals. Very clean. Volunteers and staff are very friendly, knowledgeable and efficient! I will enjoy coming again.

little black cat

They really care about the animals and make sure they're taken care of with large well maintained enclosures. Honestly they seem to take care of their animals better than the Omaha zoo. They're just smaller but they're working on that. Spend your money here and help out a good company.

Darla Christensen

Very nice & super clean zoo! Employees were very nice & friendly. Prices are affordable to take the whole family. Kids loved the train ride around & the tunnel tooo! Can't wait till we go again soon!

Lacey Peters

This zoo is truly a children's zoo. It has play areas and animal interaction opportunities at nearly all exhibits. From feeding animals, touching to shows, it's just the right size for a day trip. It is especially great for elementary age kids as well as toddlers.

Amy Huntley

The zoo was always a fantastic place to bring the family. We have been coming here for years.

Jake Schutte

Perfect for the family. You are able to see it all before the little ones are bored or sleeping!

Sherwin Gilbert

Their expansion is going well. Both my 7 and 4 year old loved playing in the secret jungle where they could climb around the play place and watch the monkeys from the top of it!

Jeff Co. Is Cool

Awesome zoo! I've been to the Omaha zoo several times and I personally think this one has a good few more things going for it

Amy Zuhlke

Love the zoo!! Riding the train is my son's favorite

J Miller

Very fun small zoo! A lot was under construction. Should be great when it is done.

Sherry Hawley

This is the most interactive zoo I have ever been to. I loved it. My grandkids had a blast but I think I may have had more fun than they did.

JenaRae Kelley

It's an amazing zoo!! We love it perfect for young families just the right size not to overwhelming! Perfect for an afternoon outing!!!

Mike Kenaston

Lots of hands on things to do. Lot of shade. Nice.

Jason Dunham

Took the kids here this summer and they absolutely loved it! My son got to touch a snake and he thought it was the coolest. They fed a camel and some fat Billy goats as well. The best part was the atmosphere, it is such a wonderful place to take your family. We spend half the day there. Can not wait for them to finish the additions to the zoo! We will be sure to come back this next summer as well!

Jon Terry

Have only had great experiences here. Both with the kids and the fundraiser Brews at The Zoo. Beautiful area of the city. All staff, including the youth volunteers are happy and helpful!

Paul Juengel

My children love it here and it reminds me of my childhood as well

Anne Kingsley

Worth the trip. The giraffes!! Leo the garbage lion is still there...yeah! Ride the train too.

Matthew Goeller

Great place for kids! The new exhibits are very well done

Sena Adelman

Great zoo for little ones, though my eleven year old still enjoys it all. Parking is terrible on busy days. Expect to walk. Exhibits are well spaced with viewing areas. The new parts are not all completely finished but it's looking good!

Danielle Cicada

Visited whilst under magnificent reconstruction. Can hardly wait to visit again!

Nicole Tooker

All the new additions are great. I purchase a membership every year because of my 1 now 2 daughters. It's a fantastic place especially for kids 10 and under.

Sergio Price

Lincoln zoo look presentable to this community and the location is so amazing. I recommend to coming yourself and see it if you like it. I like it this zoo.

Michael Ryan

Had a great time there! Got to relive some childhood memories and then new exhibits were a ton of fun!

Oluwatoyin Alabi

Haven't been here in a while but they have done some nice changes to the beginning of the zoo. Like that there is an equal amount of hands on and visual and play activities. While it is not as big as Omaha zoo it's good enough to keep the …

Ken Kavanaugh

Great children's zoo that's just gotten better with the new expansion. Love that kids man the exhibits. Wish that the food/drink options were better but thats my only complaint.

Ardith Rut

Super place for any age. Neat animals. Shady. Lots of places to sit and rest.

Rico Patterson

I never been here before. This was my first time and it was also my grandchild very first time to this Zoo. We came all the way from Omaha Nebraska. And we are fond of our Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo. This was a nice change of pace very comfortable very delightful very uplifting and informative

Danielle Trout

So cute! Love animals they know what there doing.

Ron Malandrini

Zoo was good overall. Staff was friendly, mostly high school kids. Restrooms were not easily accessible due to locations in zoo. Enclosures in some cases were dirty and not kept up.

Amelia Steck

All the new additions are so much fun! My boys spent a good couple hours there and had a great time!

Tammy Timm

Overall, it's a nice little zoo. Like most places like this, they have to turn a buck on other items to keep admission reasonable for all. So, expect to pay higher than normal costs for food, drink, train, feeding the camels, etc. The usual really. I really also liked the secret jungle! So did the boys. As a mother/grandmother I understand that when a group of kids get to running around and playing together, accidents happen. That being said, when it does happen, please follow up as a courtesy. Maybe even a zoo themed 'hope you're better' postcard for the child. What you don't do is take all the adults information under the guise of providing follow up and insurance information if necessary, if you never have any intention of doing so. I guess in such a litigious society, the zoo has to protect themselves, but it reflects poorly that no one even called to follow up to make sure the child was okay. For the record, he hit his mouth so hard on that bar (talk to Emma, she can show you which one) that his tooth pushed back and up into his gums and had to be removed and get some stitches in his gums- that was his first experience to the dentist. He's okay and we didn't/don't want to sue anyone. We were there Sunday, June 23, 2019. I held off giving this review hoping that some outreach would be shown, but nothing. Just wish someone would have called just to follow up and make sure he was okay. It would have shown a better commitment to the customer experience and their wellbeing.

Jessi Gibson

Every time I visit our Lincoln Children's Zoo, there's something new & fun that I learn.

Kriol Guy

Great interactive experience for you and the family. This zoo may not be the biggest but has enough interactive exibits to keep visitors entertained and the smaller size means planning a trip will not eat up all the time of your day. Animals may be rotated out due to season and weather conditions.

Ayesha Shinall

My kids and I enjoyed seeing the new buildings and animals that were added. It was nice to not have walked through the entire zoo in 10mins. Kids enjoyed feeding the giraffes and watching the tiger play.

Seth Springer

Wonderful zoo! I went recently to see all the additions and improvements made over the last couple years. Nice zoo without huge crowds and lots of walking.

Roxane Mohr

Excellent! Feeding the Giraffes is great! Take time to see all the new Animals and don't forget to ride the train!

Sandy Navas

Our first visit to Nebraska and at the zoo. So clean, cozy and easy to navigate


A fantastic destination for anyone of any age. You can see the entire Zoo in about 4 hrs.. This zoo has considerably more animal interaction then most other zoos. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly.

Matt Rinne

A fun community zoo that is just the right size for little kids but expanding enough to accommodate a whole city. And I like how they incorporate students and volunteers in the daily operations.

Sploinkydink 0

Amazing place for you and your family to just, relax and maybe laugh a little bit. Very fun and I love the new additions

onigbinde Bukola

I was actually surprised at what I see around here, because it was a different story I heard. I love it. It's a good place for both Children and Adult.

Jonathan Cook

Not too large. Good variety of animals to see. Nothing like the Henry Doorly zoo but still a very fun time. Can't wait to see how everything is after all the construction is complete.

Cathi Sanchez

I'd never been here but I would highly recommend to everyone. It is a great zoo!! Had the best time and staff was so nice. Loved it!!

Scott Susman

I was blown away with this zoo. You can get so much closer to each animal and with so much less walking between them than at the big Omaha zoo. My family will definitely be back - probably a lot.

Becky Gaffney

Very nice zoo. We love the upgrades and new additions. Fun place for younger kids .

Jackie Lunzmann

So many improvements have been made. It's so nice! Great family day!

Desiree Simpson

Upgrades were a much needed, and well done improvement. The whole family had a great time.

Katie Miles

We loved it! They really put hard work and effort into their exhibits. We will definitely be back.

Duane Buerstetta

Really nice job renovating the children's zoo. I'm sure when it's finished it will be a full 5 stars

Bob Compton

Haven't been here since the 1970's. Talk about completely different as far as layout & exhibits. The staff is as friendly and informative as way back when and the train engineer didn't even get us lost on the trip around the zoo! (Ask the conductor when you get on...). A great family outing with much to see and do.

Stephanie Ponce

The new splash park is so much fun! Love all the new zoo features

Mike Mathies

Child friendly. A lot of places to play. Some cool animals. A great place to visit.

Randy Halder

Nice small zoo, recent improvements adds 100% to visit to the zoo.

Beth Beardslee

This zoo is perfect for young kids. Mom, Dad, and older kids will have fun and learn tons too! It is small and quaint, which deems it less overwhelming than other zoos. The staff is quite welcoming. Definitely a must see.

Molly Johnson

This zoo is great for parents and kids alike. The old exhibits are great but I cannot wait to see the new ones! This zoos volunteer program helped teach me about responsibility and how to be a good employee.

Alexis Bry

By far the most interactive zoo i have ever been too! I highly recommend feeding the giraffe and the butterfly exhibit!

Jordan Keefe

Very fun! Easy to do it all in once day. Their new tiger and giraffe exhibits are stunning!

Shelby Larsen

Very nice for a smaller zoo. You could be in and out in 1-2 hours - great for the younger ones. Love the new giraffe and red panda exhibits. Go early to feed the giraffes!

Ryan Bjornberg

When I lived in Nebraska my mother signed me up for a "zoo crew" at the Lincoln childrens zoo. I thought I would just be going there and like raking leaves for a day and nothing else. Little did I know that it would be one of the greatest things I have ever done in my life. I was able to basically be an employee at the zoo. I got to show people the animals and Information about them. We would hold the horses while kids would ride them, we would give water tattoos to little kids and let them pet chinchillas. We got to spray kids hands with sugar water to that butterflies would land on their hands. It taught me to respect animals and how to work with other people. This zoo has such an amazing variation of animals and they take care of them so well. I would rate it higher if I could.

Nur Murni

Have only had great experiences here. Both with the kids and the fundraiser Brews at The Zoo. Beautiful area of the city. All staff, including the youth volunteers are happy and helpful!

Ben-JoAnn Kadavy-Hirsch

Great zoo! We love the interaction with animals and zoo keepers. Also combining fun (water wading area, and various playgrounds) throughout the zoo. Not too big of a zoo so that its easy to do and see everything in less than a day.

Amy L

This is a nice small zoo that would not be overwhelming for children. There are a lot of improvements making it much bigger with nicer facilities.

anita prockish

This is the perfect place for an evening outing! The grounds are well maintained, there are lots of opportunities to learn about the animals and watch them. Feeding the giraffes is definitely the best! The train ride is fun too and if you enjoy corney jokes, you might get the engineer who'll share some. Other honorable mentions...

Genevieve Randall

The new giraffes are so beautiful! I've been going to this zoo for years, and it just keeps getting better!

Kortney Gilbert

Great zoo that you can visit without spending the entire day. Nice additions of giraffes, tigers, monkeys and children's play area. My kiddos love the Train and Pony rides!

Mrs Craftyhands

Had a great time while stopping at Lincoln for one night.

Dan Wesely

A staple of any family visit to Lincoln. The new "secret jungle" kids' play area is insane[ly awesome]. Don't go there first or you will not be able to see the zoo.

Jessica Myers

This is quite possibly one of the best zoos I've been to. I was able to feed a giraffe, and see the coolest play place for kids in the world: right next to the spider monkeys! The youth volunteers were knowledgeable and had a wealth of information and you could tell the staff had taken the time to make sure they were able to answer questions properly. The penguin feeding game was also fantastic! Can't wait to see more after the expansions are complete.

Barbara Gardner

A truly great children’s zoo. Are used to buy my grandchildren season passes every year for Christmas when they were preschoolers. They loved the extra train ride tickets grandma would get them and we’re always excited about going to the zoo. Now that the zoo is remodeling and expanding it is going to be even better than before. This is an experience you really should take your children to

Pam Makovicka

Great place to visit very beautiful setting love spending time there with my grandchildren

Keith Jurgensmeier

Very nice. With the new and the old. Nice quiet afternoon at the zoo!

Anthony Lollmann

Fantastic improvements made in the past few years......great place!

Darby Lytle

A very pleasant experience. Easily walkable. Exhibits are very nicely done.

Christine Stillwell

There is a lot of shade and my child loved the wading river/waterfall

Eldredge Money

Just an amazing place for Lincoln, NE!! This zoo is a wonderful attraction for the Lincoln community. Omaha has the best zoo in the country, but I feel that Lincoln has the best children's zoo. It's great for children to get up close to …

technical kinda guy

I've been here multiple times with my kids and they love it!

Matthew Dibbern

Recently remodeled, very kid friendly with lots of animals and interactive exhibits for people.

Karl Seamster

The new expansions are definitely making the zoo more enjoyable.

Sherry Bothwell

Great to walk. Large enough to have a wide variety of well cared for animals. Small enough to comfortably walk. Young or old. Lots of changes this year to check out.

Adam Johns

Pretty good few hours there. All of the upgrades are not finished yet. A decent set up and the food was decently priced.

Keri See

Easy to walk around. So much fun! There are new attractions. Well worth the money

Harika Yedidi

It’s definitely more than a children’s zoo. My favorite part is the flamingos and red panda.

Monroe Bonnard

I love to take the kids here. My toddler enjoys exploring the paths and sandboxes and my 12 year old loves the classes and exhibits and it's small enough that she can venture on her own on uncrowded days. All of the animals seem in …

Erica Christianson

We loved visiting the zoo! The giraffe exhibit was by far our favorite, but all of the animals were great! I loved that there were opportunities to interact with the animals throughout the entire zoo. We will be making this a frequent stop when we're in Lincoln!

Jill Carpenter

Big changes since my last visit two years ago. Went with a group of 18 friends between 55 & 82 years young. You can rent a wheelchair. For easy parking, enter from 28th & A for easy parking. Very hot day but you could usually find shade or A/C. We all enjoyed it! Penguins, tigers & giraffes, oh my!

Jeralee Hahn

Great zoo for kids! So many animals and hands on experiences. You can feed goats, giraffes and camels. Your kids can ride a pony. There are always little animals out with the Zoo Crew to pet. Demonstrations are fun like feeding the penguins. You can get through the whole zoo in about two hours with kids depending on how much play time you allow.

Brett Jagels

We love the new giraffe exhibit and how close you can get to the animals. This is a very kid friendly and easy to get around.

Curt Underwood

Had my wife, two boys, my mom and my half brother with me and it was a blast!! Spent most the day there despite the heat and never had a full moment! Definitely excited to come back once everything is finished and have another great experience!!

Hannah Petersen

I had never been before and it was so awesome!! A lot of construction but you are still able to get around without troubles. So nice to have a play structure every so often to keep the kids moving! Just enough to keep the kids entertain and learning for a few hours. Every staff member were came across was friendly. Will definitely be back again!! Excited to see all the new additions!

Tracy Howes

Lincoln's Children's Zoo is centrally located in Lincoln. Even though it's sandwiched between a triangle of busy streets, you would never know it once you've entered the zoo. The trees and foliage are natural sound barriers, as well as great habitat for the zoo's creatures. It is always clean, and the staff are friendly and helpful. Be sure to let the kids ride the zoo train! That is always the perfect way for our grandkids to unwind before getting in the car for the ride home. The park is easily walked (although there are some inclines) and handicapped accessible. There are plenty of benches if you need to stop and rest for a few minutes, or to just watch the antics of the animals.


Great for younger children. It's a small zoo, easy to see in 2-3 hours, but includes many play areas and interactive exhibits that keep kids engaged. There are some great updates and additions underway, too. Kids can get up close to many animals and interact in a lot of ways (feeding, holding, petting, etc). For a family of 5, it's worth a membership, since it would pay for itself in two visits.

Delores Stewart

So many animals to see and nice cool places to sit and observe. Many things for children to see and do. Awesome place!!

Kimberly Mayfield

Ut was awesome. Its It's so nice that the zoo has been expanded.

John Lambert

Great giraffe addition. Kids love it.

Justin Sitzmann

The updates are amazing. Still the perfect size to get small kids thru in an afternoon. Love to see all of the youth volunteer programs.

Amy Gannon

More relaxed atmosphere then the big zoo :-)

Kali Fitzgerald

Wonderful, kid friendly zoo! Not huge, but that is a good thing for small kids. Feeding the giraffes was a lot of fun!

Judy Stubblefield

Enjoyed the new additions but thought they would increase the railroad tracks and improve the older area

Cindy Laws

It was so nice. I had a great time.

Jill Wynn

I love this zoo! It's perfect for just a two hour outing with the kids. We love all of the fun programs and events the hold and the train is so great!! It goes around the zoo twice when you pay to ride. With all the additions, it's really great and I'm looking forward to it being open year round. The only downfall is that parking is terrible. There's a small upper and lower lot that fill up really fast.

Mya Stecher

Wasn't too thrilled with it. They had cute animals and was clean. We went through it is not even an hour, and of course, the food was expensive. Went to leave and someone had put rocks on my hood and scratched it. Won't be going back

Patrick Sipes

Our family loves going to this zoo. There are unique animals. (This is the only zoo, to my knowledge, that has Red Pandas in the U.S.) The foot print is compact but feels spacious due to the meandering paths and mature landscaping that separates exhibits. There are many ways that you get up close and personal with animals, especially in the new expansion where you can hand feed giraffes and have the possibility of sitting next to a tiger in a Jeep. Food is available for reasonable prices but we usually take advantage of the Zoo's policy which allows you to bring in a picnic lunch and eat at one of the many tables that are provided. In addition to the animals there are also many places to run, climb, and dig at the zoo. Bring a little extra money to feed animals, ride ponies, or ride the train.

Marcus Powers

If you have kids, this is a must-visit in Lincoln. While the Omaha zoo just down I-80 is amazing in it's size and breadth of animals, the Lincoln zoo is a hidden gem. One of my favorite parts is how most of the zoo is shady, so even in the summer it feels cool once you're wandering about. Kids simply love this place, and it's laid out in a way that doesn't wear you out walking for what seems like miles between exhibits. A good balance of cool shade, well curated animal exhibits, and other elements for kids play make this a very special zoo. They just expanded to add girafes, tigers, and some other exhibits. Pro tip: Never miss a train ride. Buy the tickets at the gate and catch the ride on the way out.

Tony Rouse

Our family loves this zoo. It's great for our 6 and 8byear old boys. They're continuing to grow and improve. It has fantastic play spaces in addition to fun animals.

Pamela Pumphrey

Great place to enjoy with the grandkids, recently added new exhibits and more to come. Got to see and learn about lots of neat animals

Celina Beatty

We love going here!! It is just the right size to keep my little guy entertained, yet wear him out at the same time. We enjoy the train, and all of the play areas. We can't wait for the girrafes, lions, and monkeys!! We highly recommend this zoo for anyone with young kids.

garrett folts

I've lived in Lincoln for ten years and never been here until I took my son. This is a great zoo, my boy had a blast. He lost his shoe in the giraffe enclosure, but they got it back.

C Adkins

Great zoo! The giraffe exhibit is very cool. This zoo offers many attractions without being overwhelmingly large in size.

Marilyn White

Nice sized zoo! Giraffes are a wonderful addition. Staff very inviting!! Enjoyed animal and kids interaction with feedings and shows offered.

Bobbie McGowan

We attended a birthday party there and had a great time. The kids loved the indoor play area and feeding the giraffes.

Amber Longe

Cute place, nice for small kids. Smaller zoo and Omaha zoo is only 45 miles or so away.

Everett Henry

Incredible landscaping. Beautiful tree and flower varieties. You can look at all of the exhibits in the morning. Very relaxing and enjoyable walk. Nice and cozy compared to the Omaha zoo.

Keithen Hamilton

Second only to Henry doorly. Why is Nebraska so good with zoos?

Mary Caples

The Lincoln Childrens zoo has a lot of great potential but the animals didn't seem actively happy. A couple of employees seemed to match the animals.

Rodney O'Dell

Awesome time with my granddaughter. Great interaction with a wide variety of animals. Staff was wonderful. Thank you!

Ben Ore

We visited the new giraffe, tiger, and monkey exhibits. They were great and well worth the wait! A good time was had by all.

Kevin Rohrer

This is a great place to bring the kids on a nice day. There's plenty to keep them occupied from petting and feeding animals, pony rides, a train ride, and plenty of cool creatures to check out. Capping the trip off at the sandpit where they can dig for dino bones while you grab a bite to eat is a perfect way to end the day. We got our money's worth out of the membership passes in no time!

Sabra Rodriguez

Great little zoo for any age! I brought my three younger siblings (15-17) and they really enjoyed it.

Nicholas Kshywonis

We love the Zoo! Perfect size so you can enjoy and see everything and not spend all day if you don't want. Playground and a splash stream to cool off when it's hot. Very interactive and kid friendly.

Sir Manguydude

Zoo's probably fine, but because they don't have near enough parking the neighborhood nearby is packed with cars. This means, since I don't have a drive way, I sometimes have to park blocks away, which is pretty inconvient when I have to lug a bunch of groceries two blocks to my house.

Joyce Scheneman

The new layout of the zoo is great, and all the new things they have added are outstanding!! We can't wait to see what else will be added next year!! If you haven't been to see all the new things, I highly recommend you go check it out!!

Moxie the dog

Really nice. The show's were a lot of back and forth for the times. Would ne nicer if they were at the same theatre for back to back performances. Great zoo.

Saundra Powell

The new exhibits are excellent, but some of the older ones really need updated. I feel sorry for the animals in them. Great that it's going to be open year round.

Nancy Kaspari

The zoo keeps growing and keeping all ages enthused! We went on the 1st day of grade school and the parking lot was full but you would never know it as the zoo is so large that no place was crowded. Of course before we left we rode on the train..there since the beginning.

Chrys Brock

Wonderful Zoo, the staff is really helpful and friendly. The animals always look happy and have lots of things to keep them entertained and cubbies to hide in when they want a nap.

Fred King

Granddaughter loved the new exhibits, especially feeding the giraffes. Lots to see and do - can't do it all in one day. We'll use our season pass for frequent visits.

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