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I loved this a lot

C Dear

We have been to many children’s museums (Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Arkansas) and this is a great museum for the price! The dual membership is a good deal if you think you will go more than 2 times or if you have several children. The dual membership gets you into the children’s zoo in Lincoln as well as the museum.

Vickie Lonowski

Had a great time with the grandsons

Carl Luke Wid

Fun place for kids and adults

Robin Nolte

Love this place!! Amazing staff and always a blast with the kids! It’s a true treasure in Lincoln!!

Jake Schutte

Always a good place for kiddos

Jonathan Clark

It was a great way for us to get out and spend some time out of the house on a Saturday afternoon. We only spent an hour there today, but it was more than enough for my son. He had a blast playing in all the different areas. He loved the …

Tony Carloso

This place is just so much fun! Whether you want to come with your grandkids, kids, nephews, nieces, it's sure to be a pleasant time. You can be a pretend post office worker, or pizza chef, or maybe you want to be a doctor for a day? You can do all of that here at the wonderful Lincoln's Children Museum! I STRONGLY recommend a visit!

Laura Tvrdy

We had gone earlier this year and then again today. Already there were tons of new exhibits! My kids especially liked the cool water play area.

Big Red Worms

What a fantastic place for children to roam freely learn and play at the same time.

Karla Goerl

What's not to love? LCM is an incredible place for children and families. It's well managed, clean, and hands-on fun!

Angelica Hitchcock

Great place to take kids. Lots of exhibits. 3 floors to play on.


Great place for families with little kids full of energy.

Jamms 4

Always a good time. Kids love it.

Tim Gebers

To often parents just let the kids run wild, there is lots for kids to do but it is just crazy the way they are unsupervised.

Nikkola Forget

I love this place! There is so much to do and my kids always have a blast! Only downside: very limited parking and it's metered, unless you want to walk from a parking garage.

tonia lenore

Not impressed! Why charge adults if there is not one interactive thing to do with the child. I will never suggest or go there again

Cynthia Goth

Absolutely totally awesome and for all ages!

J Miller

We love this place!!! Fun for kids 1-12

Amy L

We've been members for years! And will be until our children are too old. There's so much to do and they are always keeping it interesting with small displays changing, and adding new things! One of our favorite places to visit, and surprisingly clean, I can't remember a time that we thought a child caught something there, which says a lot to cleanliness in the fall and winter months. The parents nights out are a wonderful deal for a dinner and movie night for parents, and the day camps are amazing for a day off! I know I'm missing something, but there are so many great programs!

gloria davis

This place is so fun! My kiddo is 2 and really enjoyed himself!!

Mike Schill

One of our new favorites! The cukoo clock as.a centerpiece is such an awesome idea! My kids loved it!

Brandon Hirsch

Rented for a private birthday party. Worth every penny. The kids can run around and play at their own pace.

Wade Howles

We always have a great time at the Children's Museum! My son loves the big vehicles, trains, and the clock tower. The only drawback for adults is that there are a lot of stairs to climb, but it's worth it to see how much fun the kids have. This is definitely a must on the list of things to do in and around Lincoln.

Danielle E

So many fun activities for all ages.

Jessica McWilliams

We went on a Thursday during the summer around 2pm is wasn't busy at all and that's how we like it. I have a nephew with Autism and COACH syndrome and he loves to sit in the fire truck and play dress up. The parking for handicapped isn't great, we had to park in a structure and walk because there is very limited to no parking in the lot for the museum. I understand it's in a busy area but damn. The prices are somewhat fair. The employees are nice.

Newb Perfect

Ok so those of you who are disgusted with the lack of cleanness, well everyday there is around 200 toddlers who go there so you should be prepared. Seriously bring some handsanatiser or something. They do clean it but not every second of …

Jessica Weyer

We LOVE the children's museum. My almost 2 yr old loves it here. And I love all the options I have to play with her!

Todd Diehl

Finally a place that cost more for a child then an adult and for good reason. Could have spent all day there, and almost did.

Justin Case

Very overpriced for what you receive. Had staff basically taking toys from kids before they were done playing with them

Sarah Fehringer

Such an amazing children's museum! An absolute must! Our toddler didn't slow down - he could have spent an entire day but a few hours was plenty. Great for a range of ages (parents included!). You're allowed outside food and drink in permitted areas too. Nearby parking garages are cheap or there are street meters too.

Team Thorne

Love visiting the Lincoln Childrens Museum, so fun and always variety!

Eric Hughes

A fun place to take the kids for an hour or two.

Rob Santoro

My family and I have been to about a dozen children's museums across the nation and I'd say this location is easily within the top 3. Boston and Ann Arbor were the ones that were slightly better. Hooray Lincoln.

Dan Krueger

Great place for kids!

Mike Hanson

We have a family pass and it's the best money I've ever spent. They are renovating right now so new exhibits are being rotated in.

Dan Kottas

Great fun for kids. My son always comes home and takes a good nap after tiring himself out here.

Brian F

Always an enjoyable time at the Children's Museum. Had my Daughter's birthday here and did the Goodscents meal deal. Glad we did, it was the perfect amount of food for a big party. Just the fact that you can have the museum for the day is the best part! Keep up the good work, your service was greatly appreciated.

Brittany Szydelko

Always have a blast here! Such nice employees too!

Tasha McDonell

Fun place for all ages. Great learning and to run off energy.

Christy Pierce

This place is a ton of fun even for parents. Lol My 13 year-old just recently begged me to take her and a friend because they used to love this place when they were younger. They had just as much fun as ever.

Desiree Jacobson

Amazing place! Lots to do, lots to see, and my littles love all the places to play and learn. Wonderful place!

Pop Rocks

Currently under construction for renovation and several exhibit stations were closed. Would have been nice to know beforehand or been offered a discount but my son still had tons of fun and once the renovations are finished it'll be AMAZING! Can't wait to see what they do!

Janna Kittle

This is the best children's museum we have ever been to. There are 3 floors of child size experiences of the adult world. There is a real fire engine, plane, and tractor. There is a 3 story clock tower to climb in and feed bricks into. My 2 year old loved every minute of this museum.

Katelyn E

Very fun place for little kids, so much for them to do. It can be pricey without a membership though!!

angel m

Always a fun place, the kids never want to leave

miranda roode

We always enjoy this as a family and to bring along friends. They frequently update but also keep classics I remember from my own childhood.

Rebecca Von Gunten

We went on a weekday, so there was no crowds. Our 4 kids ages 3, 7, 9 and 12 had a blast for about 4 hours!

Kyley Weaver

Some exhibits show their age and wear, but my kids still love it. Great family fun!

Chelle Baker

Lots of fun. My daughter loved it!

Sam Eddy

My kids love this place, and so do I. So much to do we can't usually get to everything in one trip. Thankfully they have great memberships so we can visit often.

Lancia Barry

I enjoy all the atmosphere of the whole place. It's clean. Well organized and super fun for the whole family. If you haven't visited, i would highly recommend it.

Dave Mohr

Grand daughter had such a great time

William Nolan

My kids love the Lincoln Children's Museum. The activities are entertaining. I wouldn't recommend for older kids if you're looking for a great learning experience. But if you want to keep little ones entertained in a safe environment where the can see a mini snapshot of Lincoln, and learn a little bit in the process, it's perfect. Especially if it's cold outside.

Heidi Reinke

Lots to do here for kids. Great learning opportunities through play. If your kids need something to do, please take them here. I loved this place as a child and taking kids here is super fun too!

allan Pettit

Price great. Clean.

Matt Rinne

It's a pretty good place for kids to use imaginative play. Because of the high traffic some of the materials get worn out quickly. Also the water play area is neat to look at but rarely functioning at full effect. I really like the STEAM room they added. I've noticed new activities each time I've returned in the past year or so.

Joshua Olsen

Great place for kids to play, with lots of activities. Parking can be a drag though.

B.J. Wheeler

My grandchildren beg to go back. Lots of interactive displays. Need some attention to updating and sprucing up.

Mathew Kumbier

My daughter loves playing and learning here!

mia wallace

Lots of fun for the kids!

Jill Day

We love the children's museum and are super thankful it's part of our community. After getting a membership and spending more time there this winter I feel inclined to leave a review about the HEIGHT of all the exhibits in hopes that as renovations take place, maybe a change could be made? EVERYTHING IS SO TALL! I have a two year old who is very interested in all the items/activities they have, but she's unable to reach so many, which is a shame because I also have a baby and can't be holding her up to everything. For example, she really wanted to make pizza yesterday and she literally couldn't reach any items, not even the table to set items on that I handed her. I'm always so disappointed when this happens because it's a place for small children after all - I'm not sure why things can't be slightly lower for more children to access. She's a peanut so I don't even think she'll be able to reach for a year or so - Sad!


I loved Lincoln Childrens Museum when I was a child, and my child absolutely loves it now! We get a pass every year! The constant updates and changes are fun for the whole family!

Keri Ankersen

Great place for kids!

LeShea Avery

Many activities! My second-grade granddaughters loved the two hours we spent there and would've been happy to spend more and this wasn't their first visit. Spread across the floors with great seating for accompanying adults.

Marcella Donner

Always fun and educational. A great place to go with the kids!

Libby Evans

This place is always great for the kids and their birthday parties!

Samantha Willis

Absolutely wonderful! My three year old had so much fun. We will be going back very soon. The 0-3 room is kinda lacking for those that are 0. Would be nice to have blocks or other little toys for a baby to have fun with. Not worth losing a star though. We didn't go there for the baby!

Samantha Brown

What a delightful place. They have so many fun things to explore for various ages. They also carry the kids newspaper that has a lot of excellent info for kids summer camps.

Jonathon Fleming

Make Believe Midnight is truly an awesome event to make sure kids enjoy new years with out trying to keep them till midnight, you could even get it done and go out for your own New Years adult night if that's your thang.

Nancy Lawson

It was really fun.

Jason Branker

My granddaughter thoroughly enjoyed herself today at the museum. Her favorite activities were the gopher holes and the Nebraska Ninja.

Martha Martha

Great indoor place to go with little ones so they can learn and wear themselves out.

Mike Mathies

Amazing place. Great to take the kids here for fun. It's one of the few places that truly caters to kids and not money.

Tori Nagle

This place is the perfect place for kids to be kids

Jason Eckert

Our 4 yo had a blast.

Tim Koch

Amazing variety of activities and exploration opportunities.

Heather Klassen

My daughter loves going here we always have so much fun!


An excellent place to wear out your kid! Lots and lots of interactive exhibits, well maintained, and very clean. The main level has both a mother's room and an exclusive area for small babies to play. The one caution I would give is that the staircase to the lower level is very wide, very steep, and is closer than I'd like to some of the exhibits and play areas. I have a toddler, so this freaks me out a little and I hover quite a bit. But I still bring him here ever week to play.

Colette Kiefer-Barton

Great place for kids to play and learn. They have a lot of interactive exhibits, flight, time, cooking, sports. This is spread over three floors, with an elevator. You can also have parties here. My grandkids loved it!

Adam B.

Great exhibits, lots of space and variety, only reason for the four stars it that it would be great if a snack shack could be included on the outdoor patio. Otherwise, this place is perfect for little ones.

Chris Reid

My daughter loves this place and we have a blast everytime. I love the new additions and different events they throw through out the year.

Randy McClure

Great place to take younger kids. Friendly staff for what they have to deal with all day! !

Shawnna Gardner

We will return. My sons are older, 14 and 11, but we found plenty to do! Great educational place! Lots of fun too?

Chris Bourque

Pretty fun place for the kids 3 levels. Many of the buttons and switches did not work on attractions but would still go again.

Kim Metzger

Great place to explore with kids from toddlers to grandparents.

Nancy Naprstek

Helpful friendly staff, clean, fun... great place for kids!! & adults

Marlon Sarmiento

Good place for kids fun

Amanda Renee

Very cute place for the kids to learn and explore. Could be improved by having more staff to clean and organize more. Was a bit chaotic and messy. Especially the grocery area and face painting area

Sonny Nutz

This place is amazing. I don't know how anyone that brings their small children could disagree. It is for smaller children in my opinion but so worth every minute spent there!

Chelsea Briones

This Children's Museum ROCKS!! Tons for the kids to do. We were there for three hours and could have stayed another three and nor been bored. Plus, bathrooms on every floor and it's not super pricey.

Alexander Halsey

This place is my childhood. It's awesome and so much fun. I never got tired of it, and my mom took me at least once a week.

Angie Diaz

Kids had a blast there. Only complaint is trying to find a parking spot.

Jonah Christensen

Loved it when I was a kid and your kids will too. I still volunteer time to time, a great way for kids to have fun off their phones.

Yolonda Henderson

I have been bringing my granddaughter since she was 1year old. She loves it there. If we miss going by 3 months, she is begging to go. Today is the 1st day I brought her brother. He just turned 1 year old this January. You could see the wheels turning in his eyes when we walked through the front doors. He loved all 3 floors. Especially the box that blows the air out to suspend the yellow plastic ball. Thank you for the fun afternoon.

Rob Hackwith

Grandkids love this place. Needs some minor fresh ups.

Nicole Watson

Awesome place! Super friendly staff. We were visiting from Missouri and my son (2) and I needed something to do for the first half of the day and this was definitely the place! So much to do!

Joel Holmquist

The childrens museum in Lincoln is a great place to take kids of all ages. It spans 3 levels with different attractions on each level! Our son is 17 months old and had a blast! Kids from 1 year old up to 12 years old would have a blast here! I would highly recommend taking everybody there!

Ryan Ellison

A lot to do for the kids, and there is 3 floors!

Shanice Cushinberry

Both adults and kids will have a great time here!

Josh Weyer

Great place for kids. My daughter can play all day. Became a member this year and really enjoy going here as a family

nick tarlowski

The Lincoln Children's Museum is pretty awesome. Its like a hand-on science fair theme park, only indoors. Its hours of fun for kids 2 and up, even if you go frequently. Exhibits rotate, so the fun stays fresh. A couple things: If you think you are gonna go more than once or twice in a year, get a membership. If you have a zoo membership, the children's museum family membership is discounted. I can tell you how nice it is to have a place to explore and learn on a rainy day. (One day tickets are a bit pricey but worth it.). Also: Kids 2 and up are gonna get the most out of this place. Everything is so hands on that very small kids wont really enjoy all that the museum has to offer.


We had a very good time

Pampam Jr

Not cheap but lots of things to do if you arent rushing to get out and actually enjoy it there is some fun things for your children to do and to make memories takes about 2 to 3 hours to get to do and venture through everything

Ethan Christiansen

Had a birthday party, the set up the room with decorations my son loved it.

Alicia Ramos Gordin

Very nice place! Tons of stuff to do but not overwhelming. The kids LOVE to paint their faces. The grocery store is one of the most fun exhibits. The kids LOVE shopping with their tiny carts and scanning all their food. Every single floor is jam packed with fun stuff to do. You will not be dissapointed!!

Brian Bale

This place has a lot of different activities for kids. There are 3 floors and lots of space for kids to explore. Well run facility.

Rebecca Frazier

So much for the kids to do! They love it!

Alyssa Sanchez

Had a really great experience with my son Lincoln here! Lots of fun, we stopped here for a break during a long road trip even though he’s 2 1/2 there was plenty for him to do!

Will Devine

Always a great time with tons of activities for all ages of kids.

Jo Ann Camarillo

Nice place for kids to explore

Patricia Ballesteros

My son loves it. The best cover place to play in winter weather.j

Eldredge Money

We visited the Children's Museum with a 2 and a 5 year old on a Friday. Our first impression was that it was large with a lot of activities for the kids. But admission was $9.50 no matter your age. This is normal for other Children's Museums but just feels expensive. After all the parents don't have anything to "do" other than watch and participate with their children. Plus while there were a lot of activities each station seemed to lack props. For example, the little post office had no mail, packages, or anything really to do.

Rebekah Hefner

AMAZING PLACE TO TAKE THE KIDS ! Everything and more! They have a place downstairs where the kids can play in water oh, they have a clock tower where they can climb up and slide down, a face painting station, gopher holes, American Ninja Warrior section, interactive toy area firefighter, doctor, vet, pizza maker, an auto mechanic , treehouse and a real shopping experience through HyVee with shopping carts. And upstairs they have an asset type simulator a huge train section a plane that the kids can get in and they even have a section for babies to play in. Employees are kind courteous and helpful. And we absolutely love the new makeover they've done

Khuong Nguyen

Good playground for young kids

Stephen Scherrer

This is an absolute must for families with young children. There are many quality exhibits and things for the kids to play with. You can spend a few hours in here easily. Every time my family travels to Lincoln, we make a point of taking the kids to this children's museum.

Rebekah Yohman

An absolutely amazing place to take the kids where they can learn and grow and socialize away from the outside and elements

Tracy Howes

This museum has so many fun things to do! While everything is for younger kids, my older kids didn't mind and they still joined their little brother for some fun. The cucoo clock is one of a kind and the water room is amazing! The water …

Monroe Bonnard

I used to clean the museum for high school volunteer work. They have a ton of cool exhibits that all have some sort of educational value (a pretend super-market, an educational magnetic apple tree, doctor's offices, stuffed animals, aerospace exhibits, face painting, I could go on!). Really good place for kids to have fun and be active - I'm 21 and still enjoy the place a lot. Staff is really friendly, in fact the girl in the Twinkle suit is super good with kids

Katrina Jones

It was great! We took our 1yr old while visiting family from out of town. It gave us time to catch up while she stayed occupied and safe. There was lots for her to do ever being so young!! Highly recommend if you're in the area at all.

Gwendolyn Farewell

Lots to do! The kids love the grocery store and the clock tower. Sometimes there is face painting and science exhibits and we appreciate being able to bring our own food with a nice place to sit and eat, inside or out.

Vapester cloud

They had an event that was just for children with autism. Thank you so much for this event & making our son so happy. He had fun.

Daniel Hedrick

Main floor has been redone to include a lot of different career type activities. The girls loved climbing the clock tower. And in the New temporary exhibit room is a American Ninja course; my girls earned Girl Scout patches by completing it. Awesome time all around.

Andrea Nelson

Perfect place for our 2 year old to run around on a cold winter day. Not too crowded and plenty of space

Sara Nuss

It was ok but they are in the process of remodeling. So some of the exhibits were not opened!

Erika Bruening

One of the best places to take my son. The members only First Friday nights are great for families, especially with the parking validation. I only wish that they had free parking all the time. Parking downtown can be a hassle.

Janelle Schneider

What a fun and educational place to spend time with your grands. So many different areas to explore and experience. Good for 6 months and older. We will sleep well after all of the running around to different stations we did today.

Bj Stein

Great place for kids lots of fun things to do to keep them interested all day long.

Miranda Kramer

This place was so much fun! My daughter had a blast. There was so much to do and I loved how interactive everything was! The only thing is that some of the stuff was worn down and dirty. Other than that, great place!

Will Mullins

I wish this place had more of a science feel to it. It reminds me of an indoor theme park and not a museum so much. I recommend Morrill hall for the more fun museum like experience.

Stacey Arbuckle

Fun place for the kiddos! Everything is made just for them and imaginative play is encouraged. Your little one can be anything from a doctor to a cashier to a farmer to an actor. The choices are endless. A definite must visit while in Lincoln.

Ellison Clark

One of our favorite places to go!! We have a 2 year old and he loves it here.

June Kimm

Kids love it every time we go they find something they didn't see before

Jewan Amin

Great place to take kids and so much different activities to be apart of.

Keziah Nelson

It is full of fun activities for the kids. Each station is unique and well kept. I would highly recommend this place.

Mandy Ennen

Not much for the smaller kids. Definitely was more fun when I was a kid

Missy57 GarnerPatterson

fun loved it!

Lela King

Kids had fun

Max Artistina

My friend and I are disappointed in the website. We looked everywhere to see if we needed to have a child with us but it never said. We went there and the employees asked if we had a child with us, we said no and walked out. It is also deceiving because it also puts the price for adults 16 and up, it never says you have to have a child.

Ed Kelley

Good experience for the grandkids.

Celina Beatty

I have been to various Children's Museums across the U.S., and the Lincoln location is my favorite. My kid loves the water room and the construction area. It is nice to see the employees walking around regularly cleaning and disinfecting. If you have small children, I do not recommend going on a weekday during the summer. There are often too many daycare and summer camp groups. We finally left one particular day after only 45 minutes of play, as there were seemingly unsupervised children running all over the place. After the third time my kid was almost taken out by kids not watching where they were running, we left.

Sarah Kennedy

We love this place! They frequently change exhibits which is great for variety. I think the water station is our favorite.

teri Baker

Love it and it's an excellent time for children. We all had so much fun.

Bill Wineman

Really fun and educational place to spend time with your grand kids

Jeremy Smith

Kids loved this place

John Oshay

The best place for kids in Lincoln Nebraska

Erica Haack

Great place for kids big and small. Good variety and lots of fun learning activities too! #childrensactivities #learning #familyfun #thingstodo

Sally Pulley

Very interesting. Children had so much fun.

Stephanie Eads

Fun fun fun gets busy so earlier the better. Also enjoyed volunteering there.

kyle mcdonald

Great things

Angeline Roberts

This is a great place to take your kids for and hour or most of the day. Sometimes the front desk staff can be a little stand offish, but don't let that ruin your trip! They have a quiet room for nursing mothers and their babies, there are elevators to help with getting around, they are always adding something new and the staff can be a real asset. Wonderful local spot to take your kids especially when the weather is not cooperating with your 'field trip' plans. It is located downtown which makes finding and place to eat and wonderful end to your day!

Frank and Jacklyn Ruscio

There's no end of fun and creative things for kids to do! Plan to stay a long time.

Brian Sexton

Kids love the whole place. There is a very open feeling to the building and they are constantly updating for a different experience each time.

Darren Sproles

Absolute must go if you have children. One of the best children's museums I've ever been in.

Shannon Greeson

No as big as some in other states but still will keep kids busy and entertained.

Shaun Melarvie

Great place! Play grocery store under construction but still plenty to keep kids engaged.

Candice Parra

Had an absolutely amazing day! Fun for the whole family!

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