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Where is Heartland of America Park?

REVIEWS OF Heartland of America Park IN Nebraska

Chris Magana

Beautiful park. You can rent a boat ride around the lake for $4 a person. Good place to have a picnic, and sit in the shade. There is a water fountain in the middle of the lake that shoots about 60feet in the air. When the wind picks up you get a nice spray on a hot sunny day. The park is around bars, pubs, and restaurants. It's a cute park.

Tyler N Tarra Brandle

We brought some food and relaxed at the benches to eat, very nice sunny day was helpful in bring this park to life! Ducks and swans swam while we ate, my baby played in the side little garden and then we went on a boat ride for only 4$ lots of bugs from the river are unavoidable so bring bug spray!

William Swett

Great place to go for a leisurely walk, a run, or just just hang out and enjoy some nice weather. There's plenty of wildlife (for Downtown, anyway) here, including lots of ducks and geese, a resident swan, turtles and even some monster Koi you can see lurking in the shallows. Be careful being downwind of the fountain on a blustery day, though!

Alexander Dahlquist

Simple park with nice loop around the lake. Fountain is nice to look at.

Carl Davis

Great place to walk around, get exercise, picnic, enjoy the lake, & more! Have been dropping by throughout the years and it has only gotten better. Recommend checking out if you haven't already!

Jared Osmers-Ozmers

Beautiful view. Would love to ride the ferry. When are you bringing it back?

Jake Farrell

Very pretty hidden gem to downtown Omaha.

Lissa Relford

Free stuff for your family and kid friendly

Vanessa Dimmer

I love this place in Omaha. The water fountains are beautiful especially at night. This place is reachable by public transportation. I love relaxing here while reading my favourite book.

Allen Rummel

Went to the taste of Omaha and it was a great place to have it. Lots of scenery and plenty of walking paths. Pretty easy walking around the water.

Molly Hawkins

Wonderful place to go for a walk however homeless people

Jane Day

Nice small park, paths are wide.

Lori Keller

Beautiful and grateful that they share this with the public.

Dustin Cotter

Nice place to walk around with a good view of Omaha's skyline.

Carmen Boston

Bug infested with flying insects. But still nice to walk around.

Michelle Gonzalez

Great place to walk and enjoy the view of Downtown Omaha

robert donavon

Great place to take your family for a walk and enjoy life.

Gaurang Mehta

Awesome area for walking, running or admiring the river, "sister", as called by the natives.

shefers sarkar

It always one of my favorite place to stroll around.

Teri Malfait

Nice but it was raining this day but a great place to go to take senior pictures

Brad VanKley

Path around a lake with a large fountain in it good for walking. Lots of different kinds of birds to see/feed. "With that brings lots of bird stuff on the ground" there are a few boats you cab pay a fee and go for a ride "not open when I was there" just an average place.

Ginger S.

Very nice. Loved the fountains. The park, like all of Omaha, is overrun with those electric scooters. Watch your back. But we enjoyed the scenery very much.

Thomas Sullivan

The park, the people, the geese are all amazing. The fountain in the middle of the pond is just gorgeous i recommend it at night time when you can truly see the lights of the fountain.


Beautiful park with a paved walking path. Fountain is really neat to see. We rented bikes just up the street and rode those through.

Aaron Wisti

Beautiful park. Please don't change a thing.

Michael Wilson

I like going at night great scenery


Nice park that is very well maintained. Its the park with the spurting water you see as your driving downtown.

Louis B

Awesome walking track with usually some sort of event going on.

Eliezer Garcia

It’s a good place to take a walk and walk your pet, I hope soon they take care more of the park. The water seems to be always little dirty and trash all over! Other that that the place is good for a small walk!

Christina Mether

This park seems to he going downhill a bit. Sidewalks were pretty worn and hard to push a stroller at times. A few homeless around and in general not necessarily a family place like it ysed to be.

Mary Hester

The fountain is absolutely beautiful. The pathways are a really great way to spend time with your loved ones and nature while exercising. It's a great use of tax dollars at work for once. We took a ride on the boat $4 per adult it was great. The Gondola is $25 per couple that's a romantic way to spend time with a loved one(or propose)to the one you love. In the moonlight at the lighted fountain as it puts on it's light show.

Matthew Ramold

Would highly recommend to people looking for an interesting afternoon. The park offers great views of downtown, a beautiful fountain display, and semi-maintained walkways. It's only a short walk from downtown as well so there's tons of places to adventure after you get a nice walk in around the park!

Greg Jerrett

This location is a remarkable example of its type. If you like places like this then you will definitely love this place. It's got everything you would want from water features to walking paths to that public/private corporate park vibe.

Eva leon-francisco

Great place to take photos or go for a walk with family.

Mike Kaley

Beautiful... a great place to stop and take some pictures enjoy the scenery or go for a walk

Christina Douthit

It was a nice park. The parking lot was alittle dirty but over all we enjoyed it.

C Tang

Beautiful place to go for a stroll. Fountains, gardens, and even a gondola. You could easily spend a couple of hours walking the park and surrounding areas. Some people bring "treats" to feed the geese, birds, and swans, although I am not sure if you are supposed to do that. I don't see signs posted not to! A short walk from downtown proper and plenty of off street parking.

Mercedes Garcia

Beautiful, well maintained easy path to walk and just enjoy the afternoon.

Duane Swaving

Went twice to this park, first time was during the day, it was beautiful. But my wife wanted to go back at night to see it with the lights. So at night when it was dark out and the lights where on the fountain we went back to check it out. If you are in the area I think going to this park should be on your to do list.

JJ Andregg

We had a really good time.

Angela Chatmon

You think itll be hot but the rivee gives off a nice cool breeze. Entertainment in the Park. Sunday 6 to 8 pm

Kolton Mann

The heartland of America park is an absolutely spectacular place to visit. If you love exploring places in the city it is a must. The park is open late and during the summer there are gondola rides around the fountain in the lake. Not to mention, there are some spectacular views of the Omaha skyline as well. I recommend going and taking a walk during the evening. It is well lit and much of downtown Omaha can be seen from various areas around the park.

Kim Gray

The fountain and the streams at night with the ducks is breathtaking


I saw lightning in many places but Omaha is really different at this job, specially this place. I loved this places arrangement from lights to others attempts to bring a perfect holiday feelings.. I was really enjoying this place but It was a really cold

Kathy Konopik

Beautiful park!! Went for the taste of Omaha...saw white geese and Canadian geese which fly over Washington state all the time....beautiful fountains in heartland America grass. An oasis in the middle of downtown Omaha!! Would go there again just for the was a beautiful sunny day when I took this in the midday...trees over the island where the geese and ducks were..

Philip Vanderhart

Beautiful place. No amenities. Bring whatever you need with.

Fay Lee

I can only stay in my hotel room for so long. Boredom hits me hella hard at times. During those times, I put on my go faster's and get to some leisurely runs in.It so happens that as I was running from my hotel. I saw a park in the middle of the city. With beautiful water features and eccentric modern sculptures. Well funded too might I add. The lawns are well manicured, no plants in the sidewalk cracks. It runs all the way to the river walk.There's a sculpture and a dock as well... I seen people walking and fishing too. About 1/4 of a mile down, there's a foot bridge that takes you to Iowa. Pretty cool huh??Anyways, I had a lot of fun seeing sights as I ran. This is definitely a very nice place to be.

JoAnna Kelly

Ran the scooters through the park, loved the water feature and the families out playing.

Brian Hawley

Beautiful place to walk w your loved ones or serious training ...

David Yokelson

Nice place for walking, running or just sitting out in the sun. Grassy areas and military statues surround a small lake that has fish, birds, waterfalls, and a fountain that pumps water as high as 150 feet. River views, and foot paths that lead to Lewis and Clark landing, downtown and the Old Market district (which is Omaha's prime restaurant/shopping/nightclub area)

LA Bear

Amazing fun if the wind is blowing. High risk to get wet.

michael sasscer

Very peaceful lake walking path, but most of it is private access with limited public Access.

Toriel Dreemurr

Everything is amazing here! I love how this area has a bridge that crosses into Iowa and Nebraska. Sometimes, if you look closely on the Bob Carey bridge, you can see where Nebraska becomes Iowa. It's also kind of fun to stand with one foot on the Iowa side, and the other on the Nebraska side. It makes the "illusion" you're cut in half. The little fountain that you can play in is amazing too because one, it's fun, and two, the water will shut off after a certain amount of time that the button that turns on the water isn't pushed. I love the wildlife and the swamp type area! I hope to come here again!

Exa Ian

Great example of brutalist design. Raw concrete construction on the park truly makes it feel like it was carved out of the very foundation of the city itself. It is behind on maintenance though, and the bathrooms are no longer open.

Jenni Davis

Nice for an evening stroll around the lake. Good photo ops as well. Parking could be a challenge, be prepared to pay. Would also be a lovely place to picnic. Lots of seating options or blanket in the grass.

Peter Carlesimo

Great park to visit whether you are a resident or just visiting. I was in town on a business trip with a friend and we took some time to stroll around. Extensive walking paths, proximity to the lake, and excellent memorial dedications.

Jan Hall Synacek

Alway a good place for a nice walk its always clean

M Scott

Of course the water fountain is best part at night when it lights up.

Michael Thornton

The park was clean and well organized, the water was refreshing to look at, the wildlife was not threatened or in the way and it had enough shade from the sun. Everything there has some historical significance to the Lewis and Clark landing as well as paying homage to the military. The surrounding areas also have a great selection of venues to explore as well as dine in. All in all, it seems to be a good place to visit.

R Byers

Very nice park! To make it 5 stars a couple more shady picnic tables would be nice as well as the path around the entire park not closing early making only half usable.

Linda Schneider

It's on the river for one it's just calming and my friend and I love for that reason

Blanca Gonzalez PRYOR

Very well maintained, landscaped, and cared for park. Right down town omaha

Steve Carey

When down to help feed the homeless and It was a wonderful feeling.

Dave Jenkins

Nice place comfortable and safe. Friendly atmosphere. Ducks geese water fountains...

Jeremy Branco

Its pretty and quiet a swell place to relax i guess.

Mr Gomez

Good place to stroll around if your. With ur lady

Ron Carlson

Beautiful Park, can't wait till it reopens

Becky Tague

It's a beautiful walk after dark and it's close to the pedestrian bridge and also close to the old market which are also beautiful walks after dark

Rome Cottrell

I just got done visiting Heartland of America Park this Memorial Day and I enjoyed my visit

Salvador Vega

Always beatifull. Butt water a little bit dirty by the water falls lots of trash in the water otherwise great is always

Uriel Carreon

Fantastic Park super clean i will only suggest more security it was very lonely when i was there

Mike Brodbeck

Cool park to walk around and enjoy nice weather. The big fountain in the center is cool. Lots of ducks, geese and swans to watch. I recommend walking around it if you have some time to spare.

Sam D

I come to this park after school for relaxing

Denise Vacanti

Great play to have a picnic, walk, run, or simply sit back and feed the birds! Covered areas for shade are available and in the summer, boats rides around the lake..

A Dude

So it's nice to go for a walk but I can't shake the feeling that this is where meth heads come for thier weekly sales meetings.

Mary Taylor

Beautiful walks and pretty lights on the fountain Love watching the ducks

Sharon Carr

Nice park and close parking to Old Market.

Ryan Deckard

Public access is kinda weird. It was difficult finding the right way in and I felt like I was trapped by the businesses surrounding it when I tried to leave

Kayla Moore

Gorgeous place to watch the sunset and be around nature. Such a cool spot with a water fountain that shoots up pretty high. One of our favorite spots!

Richard Ruzicka

Beautiful place to walk around.

Leanne Swager

Saw it at night. The fountains and bridge are awesome!! The memorials need more lighting.

Antonio Pierre

Fantastic place to walk or ride a bike! Kids love it.

abdullah nather

Great family area. Parking lots are free near by, so don’t worry

caleb harris

I saw 5 dogs. A squirrel tried to attack them, but luckily the dogs were able to fight back. They had to merge together to form a super dog named Dogtron. It was glorious and terrifying


Had a blast walking around at night. There is a boat ride that goes till 10 pm. Definitely recommend!

Rhonda Rooks

Is not so great till the Mayor project gets finished? No thru way to get to it now.

Kay Thompson

Large park with good views and adorable little off-shoots

Tom Stull

Nice peaceful park on the East edge of downtown. The fountain is great, on a calm day ir sores high Into the sky. There is a walkway around the lake and park benches are available to sit and enjoy the day.

A Chambers

Love to walk and work out there. It's safe.

Christian Meek

A great park to take a lover to

Estefany Gonzalez

It so good you can do anything love it.

Janet Kragen

Bellagio fountains of Omaha! Nice cool place on a hot summer day. Great place to run.

Lisa Burnett

Very tranquil place. The fountain is amazing. Well kept lawn and landscaping. Lots of families enjoying the park when I visited. I'm from Kentucky and was in Omaha for business. Was really happy to find such a beautiful place.

Cylena Knowles

Just plain pretty and cool fountain

Avineet Agarwalla

Good place to visit with family. ESP check out the fountain.

April Freeman

We were very impressed with the whole riverfront area & walking from the pedestrian bridge along the nice paved trails & elevated boardwalk to the park was so nice. The lovely lake with the geysers of water is so pretty. Then the multi level waterfall at the other end is spectacular too. If only we had more time it would be a great place to just sit & relax & enjoy the beauty!

Debby Leigh

We took a boat ride for $4 there. It was amazing.

Debby Payne

Loved it, never saw a fountain shoot so high before. Definitely like a geyser.

Christina Olmedo

This place used to be pretty now it's just dirty and old. The fountain is still pretty but it's just not a fun place to go anymore

Torie Allemann

Always nice to walk around. Pretty park. I'm not fond of getting sprayed by the water when it's windy but not too much to do about that.

Daniela García

Great place to walk through with your kids and dogs. So quiet and clean!

Marissa Loge

Walking path is nice. Water is pretty dirty looking and has dead fish floating in it. Geese and ducks were friendly and hungry. There are some homeless who sleep there but don't bother people.

Kevin Galvin

Nice scenery for a stroll. Might get wet depending on the wind and timing of huge fountain!

Julia Elizabeth

Very pretty and peaceful walk around the pond! Got a little wet with the fountain but it was refreshing.

Bryan Smith

You can stand quietly and watch what is happening to the park next door. You can go over 1,000 times and if you pay attention it is always good. No boat rides lately? Family times...Family times. You get it. Omaha did good with this one folks and it is very welcoming of all.

Larry Johnson

It was a great place to meditate and figure out some life situations

will Bruce

Historically I found it to be an excellent meeting place where at night there's an entertaining light show against a water works display at night

Kishan Gandhi

We always go there for the beautiful fountain. After a long tiring week, couple of peaceful evenings near the fountain just freshens up the mood. Nice walking area. Sometimes there are lot of mosquitos and bugs around it but overall always a good experience..

Rodrick Washington

Great location by the river front, and a good place to relax and people watch.

Cyndi French-Ryan

Beautiful park! Wish I could have stayed longer. The water fall stairs were amazing and the water fountains were amazing

Timpulse !

Nice place to have a wedding for cheap and just to walk around at night

Matteo Stucchi

Nice quiet park between the Old Market and the river. Nice walk there near the water

Cody Moninger

I love this place. I used to come here every weekend when I lived in Omaha and I still take my family here any time we're in town for a visit. Very serene.

Upendra Chalise

This is one place in Omaha,Nebraska which I would visit after bob kerry bridge, often. In summer it's too hot but in cooler days it would be awesome to go with friends or your loved ones and enjoy. They have amazing fountain, that's the major impression on the park. But, I would also say other water bodies they have built are commendable. I suggest for going there for a visit or for a romantic date.

Darby Bird

This is a great place to see waterfowl and small fish, especially if you bring food.

Donald Dumler

What more can I say... this park is gorgeous.

Brandon Turner

I like how relaxing this place can be.

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