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REVIEWS OF Golden Spike Tower IN Nebraska

Shannon Nonnahs

An interesting stop! My husband loves trains so he really enjoyed the views from the tower. The workers were friendly and knowledgeable...though one worker (STILL a super sweet person) was a teeny bit too friendly and kept trying to hold our baby...we appreciated all of their information and great customer service

Ken Meade

Outstanding place for the railroad enthusiast and model railroader to watch trains from. Bring binoculars and enjoy the seating on the open 7th floor or the enclosed air conditioned 8th floor. Tables and chairs by the windows adds to the comfort.

Jim Cohen

This is a really cool place for all ages. The guides are really informative about the place and everything that goes on. I really enjoyed both the inside view and the outside View. The gift shop is really neat again it has something for all ages. If you're ever in North Platte it's a must-see place.

Mike Reinke

Huge! The guide that explain things while you're up there looking out was very helpful, the video was too, a nice place. A lot of things you don't usually think about. The indoor and outdoor viewing decks are both nice too.

Colleen Tommeraasen

Such a huge amount of history. It was especially fun for us since our friends had worked for the Union Pacific for 30 + years there. Wonderful presentation.

Spencer Nilsson

The price of entry for the tower feels a little much, but I still enjoyed myself quite a bit. The attendant at the tower was nice, if a little too talkative. I also didn't get all my questions answered very well, which was a little disappointing. On the other hand, the view is great! If you're a tourist in North Platte, I would recommend stopping by.

Night Star

Cool place part of steam shop tour (my trip from Chicago to Cheyenne taking a car for a week)

Angie Blagdon

Nice place to stop for some history of North Platte and the railroad. Friendly staff, very knowledgeable and they also have a gift shop.

Chad Anderson

Great place to see the rail yard. Friendly staff.

Ashley Stenka

Pretty Awesome View and Gift Shop.

Krumrey Photography

Interesting even for non-train buffs

John Churchward

Very good. Plenty of information, parking and great views of the Bailey yard.

Marty Iroff

Mike at the top viewing area was very willing to tell us details about what we were seeing and about his life as an engineer. We were fascinated by the process of sorting the cars and very much enjoyed our visit.

Sondra Kellogg

This is an amazing place. Clear up on top you can watch all the trains. Very interesting place. I am ready to go back.

Maribeth Bertling

Very interesting place, and a great view of the train yards.

Eric Covell

Very cool to see a rail yard in action especially since it is so large. A fun hour stop during our trip

Mark Dundas

Awesome!!! We spent 2 hours here but I could have watched the trains longer. The volunteer at the top was fascinating. He balanced sharing information with giving us a chance to look. Definitely worth the visit!

Will Johnston

Very interesting to see how they sort the train cars. It's amazing how big it is and the amount of cars that pass through each day. Very nice visitor center and gift shop.

Jill Kreikemeier

Cool place to visit! Definitely take advantage of the experts that are there to answer questions.

Carol Roehrig

Anyone interested in trains will love the workings of the largest train yard in the world! Great information from knowledgeable people and the fantastic view from the tower.

Eric Johnson

An interesting overview of one of the largest railyards in the US. Lots of historical information.

Bravo Tango

Like a dream come true for locomotive lovers, The Golden Spike Tower is an epic overlook at every type of rail equipment imaginable. From the comfort of indoors or better from the balcony outside you can watch the is continuous movement of material in the yard. Convenient from I-80, this is a great break on a road trip or a good reason to make North Plate a stop for a night.

Shayn Luinstra

Beautiful views from up above of all the trains and the yard..... Cool opportunity to see how a place so large operates. To listen to the employees speak about how everything works, what is happening, the directions in which the trains are heading, what purpose each area is for, and all the details of the history behind these particular railways. You could just hear their passion! It was well worth the stop to see this with my own eyes. This is a very inexpensive 1 hour long visit! Make it a point to stop and see the kids will love the outdoor observation deck on the 7th floor!

Joe Jensen

A bit spendy, but the displays are well done, the gift shop is well stocked with unique items, and the staff and visitors are friendly and knowledgeable. Well suited to young kids, as well as older folks.

Matthew Marshall

If you like trains, this is your mecca! Bring your camera and a lunch and enjoy the view, lots to see here the volunteers in the tower are former Union Pacific employees and have lots of stories. A train lovers stop for sure!

Paul Jones

I thought this alone could be a destination for vacation in North Platte. For us, it was very easy to spend more than an hour or two. Make sure you pay the low $ to go up in the Tower. That is where the views make memories watching RR history in modern day marvel. A camera with good zoom and clarity will only add to your experience. Look at the website and have questions ready to ask the volunteer on the 8th floor. Mick was our volunteer and a most informative retired RR employee!

Charene Robinson

Great place to see Bailey Yard and all of the Union Pacific Trains.

Kelli Hamilton

What a fun stop. We spent almost two hours there and watching the trains run was fascinating. Definitely worth the trip.

A E Ontis

Very cool, if you like trains

B Parker

This was a real treat - we're still learning about how trains helped to build this country and stopping here was super-informative! You just have no idea how reliant we still are on rails until you see something like this. It's an incredible operation and I loved being able to look over the railyard from the observation desk and ask questions of someone who actually worked the yard. It really is impressive and a must-see attraction for train buffs and otherwise curious minds...


Very cool to go to top and watch the train yard.

Laura Lee

I'm not a train enthusiast, but I really enjoyed visiting the tower and conversing with some knowledgeable railroad retirees!

Allen Pearson

If you love trains and would like to learn more about railroads, this is the place to go. From the Golden Spike Tower, you can see Bailey Yard which is the largest rail yard in the world.

Randy & Edie Stout

From 8 stories up, you get a great view of the Bailey Yard. They have a few exhibits about the Union Pacific RR and the yard, but it is mostly an observation point. Awesome IF you are into trains. Not much to interest you if not.

Nyssa Nabi

So much train history in one place. A full souvenir shop on the 1st floor, an outdoor observation deck and a 360° top floor observation deck. Anyone with even a slight interest in trains will appreciate coming here.

Frank Becvar

If you like Trains you need to come here. The world's largest switch yard. Ps great place to walk your dog's. Watch out for the Jack Rabbits.

Bud Talbot

Nice displays and great views of the yard! A must see if you're into Trains. And the bathrooms are very clean and nice.

Ed Kirkpatrick

It's a big collection of railroad stuff. The tower museum is worth the $7 price. Very helpful volunteer made understanding operation . Nice films.

Jim C

I was there less yhen an hour, as Iwas traveling and did not have the time to stay. But the staff was friendly and Knowledgable. I enjoyed my short visit, and hope to return for a much longer visit. I say this is a must see for any rail fan

Liesel Polichette

Train fanatic's paradise!

Anne Mehrling

We spent a lot of time watching trains in the yard. We talked at length with the man on duty on the 8th flour, and he was very knowledgeable. We also enjoyed the video and the gift shop.

Arianne Kuennen

Just a watch tower of main train hub with a small bit of history stuff. Maybe more interesting for ppl who really like trains.

Linda Helgeson

Interesting place to visit to see all the trains and the yards.

Patricia Tinley

What a wonderful way to see this magnificent rail yard!

Mary Rust

Great view of the train yard, and the sorting activities!

Kim Wilson

This is a great place to view the trains in action as well as get educated on train history. They have a place to watch a video, two viewing areas, a gift shop and very clean restrooms.

Therese Kobel

Amazing place, words cannot describe how awesome it is.

Julie Cameron

Wonderful large spacious tower with indoor and outdoor viewing of a huge train yard where you can see trains switching coming in from the was and west. Big operation and well set up. Big plus is they are pet friendly!!!!

Charles Drumm

Very impressed.

Tam Scherman

Was nice up on the 3 floor and watching the trains work in the yard

D. MN,

Very cool place. Gift shop has some of the neatest train items I've ever seen.

Anthony Caravella

Nice an quiet to observe trains from the largest switch yard. Decent gift shop 10 bucks per person to go in the observation tower. Lots of knowledgeable staff.

Christopher Stephans

Great observation tower with a commanding view of Bailey Yard.

James Medley

Well worth the stop. Great views of the trains. Very informative. Very nice

Sandy Parks

Husband enjoyed a lot. Amazing amount of trains. Great info from the guide.


If you train enthusiasts or not this is a great attraction on your way out west. This my second time here and it always amazes me. I added a picture of the Big Boy locomotive because it was parked at the North Platte station. A sight to behold.

Tim Lewis

Staff were awesome. Helped us get situated and able to enjoy the entire visit. I learned so much that I did not know. Plus it is clean and beautiful facility. The views were phenomenal!!!

Greg Yinger

Fascinating to watch all the activities in this huge railroad yard and the volunteer was very informative and welcoming.

jackie holler

Great for all ages educational and just plain fun to watch the trains. Amazing to watch the train cars being routed to the correct line!


Loved every minute. Soooo interesting, especially if you enjoy trains . The narrated story of the orphaned children was something new so loved knowing a bit more of history.

Grand Pa Mike

Neat place to watch the switching of train cars.

Step 219

Very well built. The view is grand and the staff are very nice and knowledgeable. Worth the entrance fee!


Nice place to visit and informative. Great place to observe the railyards.


This is worth the money only if you really want to talk to a person and learn the details about train history in Nebraska. Our kids love trains but going up in the tower was not worth the money. It is a little bit better view of the yards than when you're on the ground, but you have to pay extra to use the binoculars at the top of the tower so I'm not sure what the $20 is for.

Old Trails Region

Mind boggling! So much involved to get trains running across the country!

Mark Music

Wow! I could have stayed here for hours watching the trains. Matt, our guide in the tower, was very informative, and took his time to explain and answer our questions.

William Best

Clean, informative. A must see for all.

Melissa Seefeldt

Awesome place! The staff were so friendly and the guy in the tower was so knowledgeable. I could of stayed there for hours just watching the trains and listening to him.

Justin Yager

Very friendly staff and knowledgeable. Great views of the train yard can spend a good amount of time watching it all move around

Dalton Deterding

Great if you love trains (locomotives), the history of them and the yard, and if you want to overlook the part of the yard that's next to the main shop.

Tobias Song

Very well organized Vista point for the largest Railyards in the world. I was impressed

June Petersen

Anyone who enjoys trains will enjoy it.

Scott Damery

Awesome view and information if you love trains and their history

Chuck Neeley

Very unexpected jewel in the middle of Nebraska! Overlooking the busiest railyard in the U.S.was a tall tower chocked full of railroad history. This is a must see for railroad enthusiasts.

ricardo garcia

I love this place!

Rodney Schuler

Good view of the largest train yard in the US. Some retired railroad workers were sitting around telling stories and explaining how it all works.

EndlessCaptures Tyson Kinnison

Great view from above of the train station of the union Pacific railway. Definitely worth a stop to check out a sunset from the tower!!!

Jim Gale

WOW, what a great spot with a great volunteer staff. If you're into trains you have to stop and see this rail yard and switch operation

ItoeKobayashi .

If you're in the area, absolutley stop here and see the amazing view from the top! There's a guide of sorts at the top who will tell you all about the place for pretty much as long as you want to listen. We learned a lot! If you have the time, there's great videos playing in different areas in the tower where you can learn a lot of history.

James Czajkoski

Just a little off I-80 not too far, but well worth it to see a working train yard from tower and interesting small museum

jaqueline Prososki

This is a must see if you are interested in the railroad, or if you're in North Platte for the afternoon with nothing else to do. There is a small admission fee to view the railyard. They had a exhibits and videos on the orphan trains, the north Platte canteen, and railroad history.

Kas miur

I wish there was more but it is fun. If your kid likes watching trains then they will enjoy this.

Michael Azalekor

It was a great experience visiting the Spike Tower! I was able to get a clear view of the Bailey Yard.

Carla Mesenbrink

A wonderful place to visit. Without realizing it we spent an hour and a half just watching all the train activity. Very interresting seeing how it all works. Totally amazing!!!! Definitely going to come back and bring our kids and grandkids.

Wisco Simple

Pretty cool spot for train enthusiasts, olny cost 7$ to go up

Trevor Sandidge

A very fun attraction, but it only attracts a niche crowd.

Billie Garrigus

Great place to vist if you like trains.

DAVID I. Klein


lucky fets

The tower was nice and clean. The view was very nice. Friendly staff. Very clean bathrooms. Excellent experience.

Elizabeth Cook

Learned at of history I didnt know

Karen Heyd

This is absolutely an amazing place, the staff does a wonderful job of making you feel welcome, and you can watch trains all day coming and going there is non stop activity all the time.

Drew King

If you're a fan of railroading, especially the Union Pacific this is a must-see stop. The belly sorting yards is the largest railroad sorting yard in the world. It is spectacular panoramic view from the tower as well as many small exhibits and very knowledgeable staff. Two great ways to see the trains one from enclosed top floor or a lower deck that has an open walkway will you have no glass in front of you. It's a little off the beaten path through town. Definitely worth the visit. Bucket List ✔️

D Pedro

This is quite the sight to behold. 8.5 miles of train yard by 2+ miles wide. There is a nominal fee to go up to the observation decks but it's worth the price. There really is no reason to go if you do not go up. Dont pass up the opportunity to see the largest train yard in the world if you're any where close. Oh by the way, they are dog friendly!!

Richard Pearce-Moses

Downstairs is primarily a gift shop, but you'll come for the observation decks. One enclosed to protect you from the wind and rain, the other open for better photographs. Great view of the yards. There were some RR old timers there who could answer questions. Bring binoculars, if you can. There's a couple telescopes you can use for a small charge. You have a good view of both hump yards and will likely see them in use.

Curtis Johnson

Lots of trains, nice historical displays, good views of the busiest train yard in the U. S., And people that explain what you are seeing.

Debbi Walling

Such a fun place to go to learn about trains and see the largest train yard for the Union Pacific. They have extremely knowledge docents who love to talk about trains and answer any question you may have. Definitely a fun stop for all ages. Fully accessible.

Chance Cunningham

Great views and very informative

Kortney Gilbert

Friendly staff and great views!

Christopher Chatoney

Great place to stop by; nice place to see if you're a train enthusiast, Ticket prices & Gift shop prices were a bit high in my book.

Mark Schanen

Our kids (4 and 2) loved it. It helped break up a somewhat monotonous drive through NE.


If you are into trains, this place is a must see. Recommended.

Susan Brackett

Well thought out design. Interesting & entertaining to watch the trains. Super staff! Hands on train & coloring pages for young children. Classy & clean gift shop and restrooms. Do this!

Marcy Beard

Learned a lot about trains we had no idea about, wonderful viewing tower and friendly people. Neat place, fun to watch the constant movements of the train cars.

Chuck Smith

Guild was very knowledgeable

Promod Sharma

A reminder of the importance of trains then and now. We took time to watch videos and read the exhibits. We weren't aware of the Orphan Train before.

Cindy wheeler

Loved the scavenger hunt. You can see forever from the top of the tower. And the outside train toy was fun for my kids.

Samuel Ray

very fun and informative! customer service is great, and we got to learn about trains and the logistics of connecting cars

Dianna Brown

Was a fun way to watch fireworks. Excite a little glare on windows

Jon Walker

A most fascinating view of the inner workings of the railroad. Take 30 minutes to an hour. You will not be disappointed.

Beth Philson

Great place to visit! Plan to spend some time learning how the rail yard works. Watch the short orientation video before going up the tower.

Mark Van Der Heyen

Great views of the rail yard. The world's largest switch yard. A most see if you like trains.

Alexis Shallberg

Interesting information about the significance of North Platte and the RR industry. Specifically, the women who fed 6 million solidera who passed through during WW II.

Amy Rauert

Super cool place, husband and I enjoyed it. Very informational!

Cynthia P

We were amazed by the site. This is one of the largest yards in North America. It was fascinating to watch the train cars move. The docents are past Union Pacific employees. Their explanations and insight were a key factor in our enjoyment and understanding. It was at the Visitor Center we learned about The North Platte Canteen. While we didn't make it there on this trip the story of how the North Platte residents greeted trains and provided refreshments to troops during WWII was touching.

Cindy Walker

Very interesting. Fascinating to watch the cars being sorted down the humps. The size of the yard is amazing.

Kayla Stampfle

I'm not a train person but this place was awesome! Very friendly and informative staff. It was very cool to see a functional rail yard and have someone there to explain how everything flows in and out of the yard. Would be a great place to bring kids.

Jessica Rinehimer

My son loved seeing all the trains.


Nice place for train enthusiasts. Highly recommend

Anita DeLoach

The volume of trains and goods they carry is amazing. The interaction of man and technology that make it all happen is awesome.

Deb H

If you enjoy trains, this is a must see. Trains for miles.

Steven Sievert

If you love trains you have to visit as an adult. Older children 8 and up seem to show more interest than younger children. Love talking with the retired gentelmen who can tell you their history with the RR and how everything operates. They need to record some of their stories.

Darren Myers

Bring your camera! Enjoyed our visit

Chris Raynsford

It was very interesting. The per person fee was a little high to visit the top of the tower. We were glad we stopped.

Andria Copple

Staff are so friendly and informative. Family had a great time here.

Richard Oleson

Very interesting, glad we stopped.

Devin Larson

Interesting place. Lots of history of the railroads.


Amazing culture with rich history

Dan Somebody

The staff are some of the friendliest folks on earth, very helpful. Not to mention the train yard is amazing.

Gary Jackson

Great visit just wish I'd have allowed a little more time. Man by the name of Lynn on level 7 was most knowledgeable and informative. Learned much visiting with this pleasant man!

Andre Hoyt

If you like trains this may interest you. But really, it's just a big train yard. Not convinced it is worth the hype.

June Lauter

Interesting exhibits, and great views of the rail yard.

Carol Pohlman

In addition to watching how train yards work, you can learn about the 70+ year experiment with orphan trains and the community canteen during WWII. Energetic folk can take the stairs...we took the elevator. ☺

Susan Marks

Real interesting. So many trains everywhere, all doing different things. Tour guide present to tell what's happening and answer questions. Will stop again when in the Area. Nice gift shop with lots of train related items.

Diana Johnson

Very informative. The expanse of the rail yard was unbelievable. We enjoyed the short time we allowed.

Frances Brown

8 miles long, 2 miles wide. I learned what the term humping means in railroad terms. Impressive!! Great place for train buffs, those not associated with trains to learn about the value of trains to our lives. Locals on the viewing decks full of education.

Melissa Youngblood

We enjoyed this, the view was awesome, and the gentleman that was up there was very knowledgeable. Trains are a fascination of many members of my family. It was a great history lesson.

Kosta K.

The volunteers are fantastic, many thanks Dick and Bob!

Corey Scysen

Awesome. A must for railfans.

Laurie Hutchinson

I moved to Wyoming 15 years ago but never got a chance to go back that direction and I only have 30 minutes but it is so much fun, lots of information, staff outstanding. It is definitely a half day

Terry Wittgren

Very nice very interesting worth the stop and time

laura roth

Great place to go. You can watch trains. They move the trains to the different tracks by a ramp so they go to the proper place.

Derf Akraj

Pretty cool place with an interesting history. The staff is very nice and helpful. Lots of trains obviously if you're into that kinda thing.

Noah Roach

Although it was foggy and the museum wasn't open you could still see quite a bit from outside. Will have to go back on a better day.

donna rowland

This is the third time I've been here. It never ceases to amaze me.

Andrea Alvarado

It's ok. Not something I'd go see several times.

Matthew Zweibohmer

8th wonder of the world.


If you really like trains, this is the place to be. Get your fill of 19th to 21st century Midwest train history and a view of A LOT of trains at the world's largest train yard. Coffee, videos, and stories related to trains are abundant at this stop on I-80.

James Peters

Awesome visit! Staff was very friendly and very knowledgeable! Nice gift shop with a fun scavenger hunt that really gets everyone involved in learning the fun way!

Marie Price

Good but rather smaller serving fir the price

Steven Marchfield

Love railroads and how they work? Then this is a must see.

Pam Brian

Kimberley and Elyse are awesome. Took very good care of my train group (15). They were polite, informative and just plain friendly. Thank you!

Pd Mccarthy

Very informative. Nice lady who worked there. Cool artifacts.

Alexis Hurt

This place is full of so much information and you learn so much from the volunteers. The gift shop also has a fast variety of things for people of every age.

Antonia Mendez

It a do it yourself kind of tour. Great views and a place the kids like to go and have fun at! We love Rail Days in North Platte!

Alli King

If you are any sort of railroad fan, this place is amazing to see

Sonja Siewert

I guess if you like trains it is great. $7 for adults. Very clean, good views.

Moxie the dog

Great videos. Also volunteers very knowledgeable


Great view of the yard, lots of interesting history shared through out the tower as well. Fun place to visit for a little while.

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