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REVIEWS OF World Museum of Mining IN Montana

Jason Barney

Absolutely worthwhile if you're into mining history, or even if you're not. Down into the depths of the mine you shall go and see, smell and feel what the original miners did. Great tour by a knowledgeable guide that is fifth generation from a family of Butte miners. Cool museum with lots of relics and a mineral display. Don't miss it if you're lingering in Butte for a day.

Chris Brooks

Lots of fun. Not as scary as I thought it would be, going down the mine a hundred feet underground. Everything is old, and you could only see the above ground attractions from the outside, but they have some neat stuff. If you like rocks, go to the mineral museum at the Montana tech college.

Jody D Gustafson

Great place. Fun and learning altogether!

Heather Smith

Fantastic rock display but absolutely awesome mine tour. Do the deeper one. Takes about and hour. So different seeing the mine and tools than just photos.

René Schwietzke

Nice museum. Friendly staff. Worth to drop by and learn about local history.

lori toomas

The 'Remembering a Fallen Miner ' is most appreciated; found my great grandfather listed

Elle Monty

Amazing (and slightly confusing? but awesome) doll collection. Amazing (and scary) scarecrow. Cool how you can touch railroad equipment and explore the mining town without a tour guide holding your hand.. Sad that a lot of the buildings are ones you can only look in through the windows, but.. Gorgeous location. I'd definitely consider coming here again

Shelley Huneven

Our tour guide, Jim, was kind enough to take us on our tour early since the 12:30 tour didn't have any reservations, and we got a private tour. He was a great conversationalist who did a wonderful job of explaining everything, while throwing in entertaining stories and tid bits along the way. All of the staff were very friendly and welcoming. The "town" displays were really neat, and since we came early in the season we practically had the place to ourselves. Really cool place!

Sebastian Dötterl

The museum itself is ok. What really makes the visit worthwhile is taking a tour underground.

Joeri Van Acker

If you are in this area I would surely recommend to visit this museum. Really nice buildings and eye for decoration. A must see if you are nearby.

Robert Wilson

Basically the only thing to do in Butte, so, you gotta go. Pretty educational and interesting.

Toasha Farrell

We visited and went on the 100' mine tour. It was amazing and we loved our tour guide. The walking tour in the mining town was fun too but I suspect getting a tour would always be a better choice. Totally recommend this!

Sean Moriarity

Awesome museum and tour of the orphan mine

Carol m Wicks

Great tour and guide. Loved the mineral and dollhouse displays

Kristin Paoli

We got there at 5pm so we didn't make either underground tours. There is a lot to see. Plan on spending 2 or more hours there if you want to see everything. If you can't spend that much time it is still worth stopping to see what you can. There is so much history there.


Wonderful amount of history and geology.

Neil Bates

Great place to take your kids

Skye Budney

Hidden gem! Love this place, absolutely worth it!

Justin Davison

Awesome old-town feel. This place was well worth the price of admission. I highly recommend!

Ross Maurer

Do the 100 foot tour. So awesome!

Samantha Van Norman

A must! Call ahead and book mining tour. Very cool and you lean ALOT.

Wendy Turner

Fabulous place to visit.. educational. Will visit again whenever we travel to Butte Montana in the future.. awesome!

Carla Anderson

The history was interesting.

James Kelly

A good underground tour. Lor of stuff to look at and read. Great rocks and mineral collection.

Don Linsey

Excellent guide who actually woked at the mine before it shutdown.

Mr. B

A great way to spend a couple hours. Especially if you like antiques and old mining equipment.

Sandra Meske

Cool place..great underground tour of the mine

Robert Cude

Great experience, knowledgeable staff.

Lizzy N.

Very interesting place also for kids! We did a guided tour in the mine which was very cool. The restrooms have been a mess and there are no German information available.

Mike Bolle

I had a great time. I think it was worth every penny. I took The Hundred-Foot down tour which is as far as you can go since the rest of the shafts are flooded with water due to poor engineering on the big mind companies part. This is quite a loss there's tons of History down there buried and water not to mention all the environmental and structural issues. As far as the museum goes it's awesome there is a whole small City back there you can check out tons and tons of mining equipment lots of equipment you can actually touch. You can go up to one of the top of the many visible metal structures throughout town this one they allow you to go up on platforms and stairs and see how it actually all works. Our tour guide was a local man who actually taught history! What a bonus extreme shout out to you sir great job I won't mention you by name. But you rock great tour excellent time. Good for kids to as long as they have good footing for the Underground Tour. It gets a little wet and rough here and there

Lindsay Johnson

Definitely more interesting than it appeared. Had things for all ages to enjoy!

Ethan Bean

Interesting exhibits, good way to get to know a little more about the history of mining.

Don Schrooten

Great museum, lots of things to look at!

Isolino Ferreira

Didn’t know what to expect from this museum, but it was very interesting. Would recommend it.

Bill Mulokey

Fascinating museum and mine tour. Excellent guide.

Janet Raymond

Fun place

David Fenner

Really important to visit here to understand the history of Butte and mining

Kayden Hogsett

A lot of history is stored here about Butte, amazing tour of the mines as well

Craig Larsen

Interesting. Glad I am not a miner.

Chris B

Very interesting place, with plenty to see.

leonard hawkes

As sad and corpse-like as Butte itself.

Ryan Ewer

We did the 100' tour and it was amazing, we will likely go again in the extended future. Tour guide and front desk person were extremely nice and knowledgeable. Nice rock museum and replica mining town to look at.

Logan Smith

Great day spent at the world museum of mining. We did an above ground and below ground tour with fabulous tour guides. This is a Butte must see!

Ray Searcy

Went in the 100’ tour yesterday and loved it. Tony was our guide and really knows his stuff on local mines and mining history. The tour was not rushed lasted 1.5 hours. The museum is a nice recreation of what an 1800’s mining town would be like. If your into mining history this tour is a must.

Michael Cooper

Awesome place to include in a Tour of Butte , especially if you take in other Mines and the local history for the day . Make sure to do everything , an underground Mine Tour and walk around the grounds to look at everything . You never know what you might find peeking into the windows of the Shops and Businesses in the Ghost Town . Friendly Staff .

Jim Fay

Great Butte and Mining History Museum. Hell Roaring Gulch has actual buildings from Butte's past!

Rod Buffingto

Lots of history from the early days of the mining and the Butte area

Vicki DeVore

The World Museum of Mining is a must do while in Butte. There is a whole mining town all laid out, lots to see. Plan on spending at least a few hours there.

Zyre 117

Very fun. I brought my 8 and 5 year old and we had a blast.

Samara Howard

very cool cute buildings very interesting

Robb Luther

Super intersting experiencing the life of a minor 100 feet below the ground. Butte's mining history is amazing and under appreciated. Go see this if you are visiting.

Josh Sperle

Cool little place. Definitely check it out when in town.

Amy Weidner

Loved the tour through the mine!!!! The town was well put together and a great educating tool for those wanting to know more about that era.

Steve Wilson

Full off history. A must see

Jay DeVore

A day visit is just not enough time to see every thing this place had to offer.

Frank Green

A wonderful place for the history buff. The tour guide, Raven, was very knowledgeable and could handle every question I asked. This was a composite of all the mining facilities in the Butte and area but the museum had expositions from all over the world. Go for it.

Gordon Gideon

Must visit for Montana history! Dress for the day, a lot of outside.

TerryLee Schiller

Absolutely AWESOME ‼️‼️ Great Vintage Items .. will definitely be back with Family ❣️

Marvin Baerg

If you're a history buff this is an ideal place to live a dream of experiencing the old mining days of Butte, Montana!

Kathy Harvey

We had a fabulous experience with our 8th grade touring the mine and participating in the scavenger hunt!

Dan Turco

lots of cool stuff, great place to take the whole family

John Corso

Fantastic. Our tour guide was entertaining and answered all my inane questions.

Jeff Garner

Was worth it. An original old west town. Didn't do the underground tour but was still interesting.

Wise Warrior

So informative. Really takes you back in time!

William Pickett

Located on an actual mine site the tours are pretty awesome ask for Tony Hoffman. It is the coolest place in Butte.

Amie Opie

Was a good time and fun like it

Judy Scharf

Lots to see here including a mine tour with an ex miner that was very interesting and informative. Plenty of mining equipment on display and a quaint old town. Enjoyable time to be had for young and old.

Jessica Scanlan

My favorite museum! The underground tour takes about and hour and a half for the 100ft tour, and it is well worth the time and money! A great stopping point between Glacier & Yellowstone!


Didn't get a chance to do the underground tunnel.

Graham Martin

Recreated mining town, but not a lot of information about mining. You cant walk into the shops so you have to peek in thru the window. Nice rock collection

Paisley Violet

I loved everything about this place!! Bring the whole family, there's something for everyone!

Rachel Wallace

So much to see! We could have easily spent the day there!

LaVern S

Great museum, allow yourself plenty of time to view the exhibits.

Naomi Abbott

Lots of fun.

Pchere Hughes

Very historic and cool

Eric Hutchings

Above ground is interesting, if tired. The "world" part of its title is overstating a bit.

Clara LaChappelle

What a fantastic bit of history. A must see adventure. Plan to spend sometime. It is worth it.

Warren Sullivan

Interesting place to visit if your interested in Butte's past..

Heidi Schramm

Great place to visit with kids! Do the underground tour and be fascinated with the mining bells. I got to ring too! Provides kids with cool way to understand mining in Montana.


Really cool place to go. Highly recommend.

Bryon Hadaway

Was expecting more


The museum and tours here are wild!!!

Klaudia Höller

Very interesting. Was good exercises. Fair prices.

aaron smith

Great tour!

Kari Kalous

We had a great tour guide(84 yr old retired miner)who did a great job giving us a taste of what a miners life was like. We did not have time to see everything, but loved all we did see and definitely plan to visit again!

Denise Barlock

Just a fantastic experience! We took the 100 foot mine tour and just loved it! We really enjoyed the talk and learned so much about mining, the history of mining and of Butte. We now have such respect for the men who worked those mines and put their life on the line. Highly recommend this tour

Leslie Cadby

This was an interesting tour, but I thought Matt, our guide relied too much on our questions when giving the information. So if you go, ask a lot of questions and you will get the answers. Matt, our guide appeared to really know the information. But over all it is worthwhile going on this tour if you are in Butte, MT. It was very interesting to go so deep into the earth and see the actual tunnels where so many miners have worked for over 100 years.

Jeff Harrits

Plenty of old buildings and mining equipment to check out. There is a "mine tour" but I haven't taken it, just heard good things about it.

Nancy Carpenter

Loved all the antiques and mine history

Ila Smith

Cool rocks and historical buildings


This place is super cool! Want to go back!

Carol Smith

Very interesting! I enjoyed looking at history. I loved the vendors. Neat items.

Daniel Carpenter

Very good displays and info.

Margie Boyle

Very interesting place... we took a self guided tour because we missed the last mine tour. That would have been the best!

Patti Payne

This place was so much fun & so much to look at. You could spend HOURS here. They had a really cool room full of old Doll house, another room full of rocks, plus the whole whole old town set up with each building full stuff.

Seth Thrustershaft

It's a good museum, but the price of tickets is too high for what you receive.


Awesome underground mine. And awesome musuem to explore.

Kelsi Sharp

Very neat tour. The tour guide was friendly & very informative! The walk down into the mine is a little steep and the footing can be a little tricky at times. People with limited mobility or who are uncoordinated may want to skip the mine tour. But the other museum buildings up top have easier accessibility for those members in your group who might not be able to participate in the underground part of the tour and are still fun to see and worth the visit.

jarred parnell

Great, History lesson!

Greg Sharpes

Better than expected. Some of the exhibits are showing their age, but if you have the time and willingness to explore the whole museum you will have a new found respect for the historical aspect of the mining industry. The underground tour was great, my kids favorite part of the museum.

Sean O Feic

Great tour by Jim today. Informative and educational and a great way to understand the blood, sweat and tears that miners had to deal with on a daily basis. Thank you Jim. Highly reccomend. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Dennis Johnson

What an experience. Tour guide made it so interesting. He had us all turnout head lamps off at 100 ft below. The Black/darkness! And to think the miners and the mules worked by candle light at first. Is no wonder the mules went blind, living their whole lives in that darkness.

debbie Walta

So much fun. It was great!

Greg Roth

If you are the least bit interested in mining history, this is a must visit place when in Butte Montana. The staff was very friendly and exhibits very interesting.

Warner Arthur

Great history here . Must see to understand mining.

Larry Hoffman

Great place for the whole family to explore and learn. Take the underground mine tour and see what a miner's life is like. Make reservations! Constantly adding exhibits.

Richard Savage

I was a little short on time and then you get to spend as much time in the mining areas I would have liked to. It was also lightly raining what was well worth the entrance price.

Katie Butcher

I believe their layout of an old mining town, which includes original buildings and replicas was very well done and gives you a very good idea of what the mining camps would have looked like during their time of operation. The grounds allow you to see numerous pieces of actual mining equipment, and they have signage with great information about the different pieces, all of which you can see on a self guided tour. We also participated in the underground tour which takes you into the Orphan Girl mine - it was fascinating! We were outfitted with actual battery operated lights and were given the opportunity to see the inside of the mine with a tour guide. Our family thoroughly enjoyed the tour and the guide was extremely knowledgeable and did a fantastic job! We would highly recommend spending some time here - plan for 2-3 hours to explore everything and take the underground tour. But if you plan to participate in the underground tour check with the museum first as our littlest wasn't allowed to go underground. This is a great way to see what made Butte America and explore its rich (literally) history.

Patrick Cooney

Interesting and well done. 100 feet underground tour a little muddier than expected.

McKenna Schnaubelt

Loved the mine tour. Great price for a good experience

Teresa Drouyor

Fun and educational

Diane Holmes

Every One Must Go And See This Place. Wonderful.

Dave Voice of NH

I went here because I know NOTHING about the subject. It was a great introduction for me, from these people who live in this mining town. In the mine tour (down 100 ft.) they point out that the local college uses it for some lab classes, which tells you the quality of information there. I was a little nervous about going down there, but an older couple mentioned to me that they had just gone on it and she recommended that I go ahead and do it. I agree with her recommendation, and if you think you should, then go ahead! My group had a dozen people in it, and everyone had fun and asked lots of questions. Our guide was a college student who knew the subject quite well, and wove some mining history into her presentation as well.

robert wiens

Been there many times, very interesting and educational about Butte Montana's history

Francis Shawn Bawden

Great underground tour!


Really enjoyed learning about mining. We took the 100 ft underground tour and would recommend it. The tour guide was great and seemed very knowledgeable and personable.

anna salini

Great place to visit history

Raymond Sullivan

Great place to visit. Took tour of mine. Guide was very informative.

Beth Templet

We were especially lucky to have a local history teacher as our guide! Very informative!

Heather Curl

I love the little town set up inside, we were there is August 2019 and they were adding some history from the Columbia gardens. A must see when you go to town!

Susan Xiao

We visited the museum in the morning on Aug.10th.2019. The museum is good and we think it worth to visit but we have a very bad experience from the museum staff, a lady at the reception When we arrived the museum there was just a lady at the reception. We visited many other parks, museums and usually the reception staff would greet us and ask if we need any help. When we arrived this museum, the lady just looked us with cold face and didn’t say anything to us. We said hello and asked her if she could give us some brief introduction about the museum and some suggestion for the visit, she almost said nothing and seemed reluctantly to give us any information. We still bought the ticket and thought it might because people have different personality, some people are warm and some people are cold. But when I finished my visit and I stood at the entrance to wait my husband and son. At that time I found the lady at the reception was warmly greeting a Caucasian people and they were talking and laughing. It seemed she was totally a different person from what I had saw an hour ago. I still tried to look at this matter in good faith. I thought it might because we were not very good at English and the lady felt difficult to give us detailed information so she said little. So I still said “Thank you” to the lady before I went out of the room. The lady replied “Thank you” to me in cold manner and she even didn’t bother to look up her head. She just kept looking down to her paper. There just only she and me in the room at that time. So I totally understood we were not welcomed in the museum just because my Asian face. We are Chinese living in Canada and we travelled during the summer vacation in U.S. It really the worst experience for us during our this year’s trip. I sincerely hope the museum could post on their website or other place to state they have own preference for visitors. So we will know we are not welcomed in advance and we can avoid to visit. Thanks!

Cynthia P

We had an excellent tour of the Orphan Girl Mine led by Michael. The World Museum of Mining focuses on the mining in Butte although there are displays that weren’t used in the Orphan Girl Mine. The displays in the mine are interesting. They have an eclectic collection of items on the property-some vintage from the era and town and some from other areas. Much restoration is still needed on the mines and grounds. Included in the modest price is admission to the doll house/doll displays and rock display from around the world. Worth a stop if you’re in the area.

Paul Super

Unique place to visit! Not entirely wheelchair accessible. A person using a wheelchair will need a significant amount of help. There is a lot to see and read about. Could easily spend a few hours here reading and learning. Would definitely recommend visiting. I would recommend to the staff to find a way to provide better lighting to the individual "businesses" on display. Very friendly staff! Would enjoy a guided tour next time!

Deanna Turner

I was a bit hesitant on this tour. Very glad we did this. Matt was our tour guide & very informative and answered questions. Had a good sense of humor also! We only did the 65ft tour as the 100 was sold out. Also has a old miner town set up you can look at & walk around.

Heather Oltrogge

I've been going to this museum since I was a kid. Awesome staff and amazing exhibits. It's very fascinating to learn so much about Butte's history and about mining town in general

Brett & Patti Butler

So interesting! The underground tour is the best part, but the town they created is super engaging too.

Jacob Anawalt

Loved the mineral display and our very kind to guide. I could have spent more time looking in the buildings. Interesting doll collecting.

Patti Scanlan

A must visit if you are in Butte. Really enjoyed the history and underground tour is fun and informative

Mark Johnson

This is a great place to bring the youngsters. Great learning and really makes you feel like you where in butte in the early 1900s. Very friendly staff and all kinds of fun for the whole family. Highly recommended by my family, and by me when I was a young kid.. they are adding more and more as the years go on..

Melissa Burnett

Great way to learn about mining and history of Butte, Mo. Our tour guide was an actual miner from the area in the '60s. There is a player piano, mineral exhibit, and little town to view in addition to the tour. I highly recommend the tour ($37 for 2 adults). Easy access to the mine through a sloped portal that was cut into the mine for tourists. You don't go very deep (~65ft) but you still get a feel for what the miners lived with. We were told the tour would last about 2 hours but our lasted closer to 3. Tour depends on # of questions asked I'm sure.


Very interesting! We did the 100' walking tour. Not something I would recommend for the elderly or small children. It is overpriced for what you get. However the old town tour was cool and worth it. I would recommend doing the tour and then going to Pizza Ranch after!

Beverly Silva

Museum did a great job of collecting and making a town you can stroll through with all the intersting artefacts.

Ashley Day

Very neat!

Tiffany Dillon

Very cool place. Very knowledgeable guide, funny and great with all ages. Fun little old timey town you can walk through and see how life was years ago. There is also a scavenger hunt for the kids. Interesting history of how life was for the miners.

Lion Master

Loved our experience! The owners running the museum are very nice and respectful. They have a nice rock and mineral collection. Under ground tour but remember to call ahead for reservations. Old mining equipment, toy collection, antiques, memorabilia, etc...

Barry Gackle

Awesome mine tour, given by actual mining engineers. Tons of historical equipment that you can get close to and mostly touch. If mining is at all interesting to you, go here.

Paul Rosenthal

I am so happy this slice of American history is being so well preserved. I loved looking at all the technology used over the years and the underground mine tour was awesome! Having docents who are veterans of the mining industry brings a whole new level of understanding to the history of mining.

Timmy Zhou

Unexpected fun as a museum. A faithful recreation of early day American industrial history.

Iren Reger

It was a great experience! An open air museum, you walk through history itself. We took the 100ft tour and it was more than worth it. Our guide Raven was amazing, very knowledgeable and passionate about mines! Would love to visit for more.

Garth Seehawer

The World Museum of Mining is one of those quick experiences that may be memorable and may be not. Thede is an underground tour that is muddy and is part of the old mine. You don't necessarily get to go that deep, only 100 feet. The souvenir shop is mediocre. If your super interested in mines, then it's worth a look.

Shanya Savacool

Great tour. The guides really know their stuff!

Greg P

I loved this place when I visited. It's existence is an act of love for the past. I wish more people would be more generous with their donations, so they can get down to finishing all the restorations and developments they have planned.

Emmalee Harvey

This place is so Awsome!

Lisa Urbano

This was my second time going to the museum. I love the old town they have set up. The first time I was there I did the 65 feet tour which was great. This time I did the 100 feet tour and the tour guide was a volunteer previous miner, it was amazing! He had great stories and even showed us how the equipment worked. Thank you for the great tour! I also liked how they give you a dog tag when you purchase a tour, great souvenir

D Fox

Very extensive collection in an old town reconstruction. We had a very enjoyable visit. And well well worth the price of admission.

Gregg Fuller

Very interesting

Lorelei Mcleod

Overpriced and run down.. to call yourself the WORLDS museum of mining you would think it would be more interactive and not so shabby looking. Big Pit in Wales UK is free!!!!

Bob Swihart

Very nice. Much larger then expected. I will go again. And it is hundreds of miles from home.

John Riley

Awesome! Great walk through history.

Terry Kienitz

Very interesting, and informative, really enjoyed it along with everyone that was with, will definitely do another tour

Erin Smith

Really really cool!!!

Jeannette Fell

A glimpse into old Montana

Ryan Ortmann

We drove well out of our way on a road trip to see this place due to the raving reviews. For the life of me, I can't understand how this place has any more than 1 star. We did the mining town walk around and that cost $17. This place looks like something a high school student would put together if his assignment was to build a mining town exhibit and he procrastinated to the last moment to do the assignment. Most of the buildings are totally generic and destinguished by a sign. City Hall looks just like the blacksmith building except it says "City Hall" and the balcksmith building says (you guessed it) "blacksmith." The only buildings with any sort of character were the bank and the church. Also, for some odd reason, many of the manikans are without arms. Where are their arms?! Surely the didn't come armless. All of the manikans are in buildings except for one arbitraily placed one across the street from the bank. The street manikan is in awful condition and looks bewildered. I assume he is the town drunk. Overall, if you want to see an incredibly tacky rendition of what a mining town is supposed to look like, give this place your $17 and enjoy the delapidated town and armless manikans.

Sam Mamedov

Great experience. Must visit if in town!

Alicia Calvert

Awesome tour! Super informative and awe inspiring to learn what the miners went through. Cute mock town to wander through.

Glen groves

good presentation of history of mining in butte, nice mineral samples and mine tour.

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