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Where is Waterton Lakes National Park of Canada?

REVIEWS OF Waterton Lakes National Park of Canada IN Montana

Habeeb Quazi

Very scenic although ive heard it was even better before last years fire. Nevertheless its still worth the travel. Saw some deer too.

Raj Kunduru

Good place to visit in summer time, small town with lot of gift shops , specialty food

Undine Ptascheck

Wonderful place for hiking and relaxing. Currently very interesting to see the park coming back to life after tue fire in 2017.

Kevin W

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Alberta / Canada. You can still see the affects of the 2017 wildfires that swept across the Waterton National Park. I highly recommend the boat tour as that share so much information about the park and its rich history.

Rosanne Allen

It was a beautiful day to visit this mountain village. I visited with a group of friends and we had a great day walking through the town and along the water.

Linda Marie McDonald

Pristine. Utterly gorgeous. Check out the horse back riding. Waterton village so charming. Hotels pricey. Consider camping.

Thomas Rogers

Beautiful place to visit with lots to do. It is a national park so there are entry fees you will need to pay for entry. Many places to stay, eat and adventure. If you are tired of Banff and Jasper, you need to add Waterton to your rotation.

Dave Low

Mother nature is incredible. It's nice they are renovating a lot of the infrastructure...but it's still a very small town that is getting too cramped. They should develop it more and let more people enjoy this beautiful park.

Brian Burt

The best place to visit. My home place. I love Waterton.

John Elson

Beautiful Park even after fire - mother nature working on re-greening, spectacular display of wild flowers. We were there 50 years ago and watched the moon landing from our hotel room! Have been back many times since - great memories. Only Park where our tent trailer blew down - always windy - more memories!

Janelle Neil

They are working hard to build or replace things affected by the fire. Too much "for your protection" fencing that ruins the whole affect of why I go to the effort to go out to see nature in the first place. The path to the Cascade is so narrow, with fencing on both sides, that you can barely pass someone going the other way.

Raj Kapoor

Very picturesque. The park has majority of its area in the US of A and a small portion of it extends into Canada. Visited the Canadian side which was rather pretty.

Wade M

Super cool and very European feeling. The lodge and small town was fun to visit and there were some cool little restaurants. Keep in mind that the border closest to there closes at 6pm.

Amethyst Mueller

Gorgeous views even after the devastating fires. New growth is colorful and trails are in great condition. Cute little town with plenty of shops and ice cream

Jacqueline Telljohann

We only got to spend a day here after we were on the Glacier side for a couple of days, but what we saw of the park was gorgeous. Unfortunately, most of the hiking we wanted to do was still closed from wild fire damage. Red Rock Canyon, Bear Paw, Cameron Lake, and many others were all closed. We did the boat tour of Upper Waterton Lake which was gorgeous and we got to see a bald eagle. We did a hike through a meadow that I believe was called Belluve. There were a bunch of wild flowers in the meadow which was pretty, but overall it was a bit underwhelming. I wish we would have hiked Bertha Falls instead. This park seems to have a lot to offer and I would want to come back when more of it was open.

Alejoa Crozier

Waterton Village is little town on a shore of Waterton Lake - huge glacier lake on the south most point of Alberta. It’s located in a small hub, surrounded with massive mountains of Canadian Rockies, deep and cold water of the lake, amazing hiking routes, wildlife that roams around freely, but it’s not recommended to touch or disturb them, lots of small hotels and overlooked by adorable Prince of Wales hotel - hotel that was built three times, as first two versions were blown away. Literally blown away by strong winds that blow in between mountains. Waterton is hub for cruise ships that are making tours around the lake and that will take you to US state of Montana. What I found amazing is that this little town lives only during few summer months and after that it becomes practically a ghost town as it becomes too cold. All hotels and businesses are closed. I’m happy that I visited this place. What I liked equally was the trip to it. Prairies that eventually become mountains is so beautiful. I recommend to make this trip, you won’t regret it.

kirk Nelson

I love this place, not too expensive to get in but some shops and restaurants are quite high. Lots of trails from easy to hard. beautiful lake front. Camping, playgrounds. dogs allowed on leash. friendly people. water park. lots of animals to see. Great for everyone. All amenities.

Kim Ditchfield

Beautiful scenery and so many things to do and the town site has a wide variety of attractions

Jordan Dyck

Beautiful place to visit. Summertime it's nice and cool, beautiful sunny evenings. The restaurant's in this town are all 4-5 star restaurants. Also there are some amazing dessert shops such as ice cream parlors and and the very rare "BeaverTails". I would definitely recommend this waterton! As far as winter goes. It has some nice cross country skiing but the restaurant's are few beings this is more of a summer town.

Owolabi Abiodun

This is a fantastic lake for family, a whole day trip. We did enjoyed our stay here at the park.

Desi Princess

Beautiful national park! Can be hot hot hot and on other days it can be so windy that you can lose your children! Must see

Randy Wollf

Okay. Everyone has heard of Banff and Jasper, but what about Waterton? It's one of Alberta's hidden gems. It's just as beautiful as Banff and Jasper, but without the overwhelming number of tourists. Lots of great hiking, boating, shopping and eating. I can't wait to go back!

Lallaine Garcia

Nice place to will learn alot from the tour guide in lake cruise about the history of the place.

Nishay Shah

Such a beautiful place with breathtaking views wherever you look. If you plan to go here stay for at least a day since there is so much to do. To get a good view of the lake, hike up the Bertha falls trail.

Robin Gemmell

Opted for the hike to Lake Bertha. Before setting out we visited the visitor centre - recommend doing this as they were very helpful. The park itself is still scarred from fire but this doesn't detract from the park and hikes. The hike itself (to lake Bertha) was fairly difficult but only due to the switchbacks in hot weather. The views on the hike were impressive and we managed to spot a bear on entrance to the park.

Danica S

This place reminds me of a Disney movie. Its so beautiful its magical. I love visiting in the summer!

Shirley Kintner

Nice town. However all the areas that was recommended to see the roads were closed. Disappointed to say the least that we drove in from Glaser

Jerrid Driedger

A wonderful spot for some camping, fishing, hiking , dining etc. The town is very small but a great place to visit. At the time of writing this (mid July 2019) the Crandell campground and all nearby areas are closed for construction which is unfortunate. Hopefully some great new services and amenities are on the way. There are lots of bears in this park so please be bear smart while on your visit.

Dave Yee

So beautiful and peaceful, great little spot, truly a hidden gem. So much growth and revitalization, especially after the forest fires over the last few years, great ro see.

Michael Nguyen

Rentals available for canoes and paddle boards. Also has a cruise that crosses through the US borders which is cool. Beautiful lake that's crystal clear and refreshing to go in for a lack of words.

Christopher Damian

Beautiful place in Alberta. Around two and a half to three and a half hours from Calgary, depending when and where you're coming from in the city. Not too far at all for a day trip. Watching the sunrise coming up enhances the beauty of the landscape. Amazing scenery of mountains and lakes, you can easily send the day by the lakes and/or take a hike in the many routes around the area. Awesome whole fun for the family. The village has plenty of food places for everyone to enjoy. Not crazy expensive either.

Taylor Sluzalo

Absolutely beautiful! Had no problem getting into the park thanks to the friendly staff at the gate. Keep in mind the wind is pretty strong, but the town has all the shopping you could need

Benjamin Foote

Such a good place to take the family. Alot of fun things to see and do.

Abner Shoemaker

Great place to visit. Love Waterton as a village. That being said: 1) The visitor’s center is being rebuilt. 2) Neither of the roads past Waterton are open for traffic and we were told maybe next year or longer. 3) Construction around the falls. Necessary, but still present. New beautiful handrails to climb to the top of the falls. We want to return to camp there. The park campground appears to be a very well maintained area. The lake, beach, and scenery from Waterton is great. Head to the east side (near the entrance) in the morning to take a beautiful photo of the “Prince of Wales” hotel. You can still see bear trotting across the hill on the north side of the entrance road. I think we’re going to return in 2020 or 2021 to go further into this beautiful park.

John McCollum

Americans, get up here if and when you visit Glacier National Park of the US. Smaller crowds, better facilities. Be careful though- some trails are closed due to last year's fires as of summer 2019, but still plenty to do.

Curtis Morrissey

Waterton Lakes NP has something for everyone. Hiking, biking, boating and so much more. Great dining. Friendly and helpful people. Fantastic scenery. A must item on everyone's bucket list.

Shea Houdmann

Tremendous views! Waterton Village is a quaint and interesting little town, but not much to do.

John K

We love this place because it's not Banff. It is small but not too crowded. We like the hiking, flowers and birds. We are saddened by the damage from the fires, but will not give up coming here to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Lars P

We were very impressed. Far less crowds than the US side and not dangerous.

Linda Bowden

A beautiful National Park. Wish I had done more homework as a lot of the trails were closed to automobiles due to previous fires and road maintenance work. We enjoyed the cruise on the lake and some shorter hikes. Community of Waterton very friendly.

Kelsey Morin

Beautiful views! Get a national parks map to explore the hikes this place has in store. Red rock canyon is a beauty spot to go for a swim on a hot day

David Baptist

It's the Rockies! Great friendly people lots of shops and restaurants close to the foothills making easy quick access for a day trip.

Kristy Suik

This is a beautiful National Park with many great trails and scenery. I recommend bringing a canoe or kayak to take on the water or many people love to bike the trails. I really enjoyed walking the beach shore and collecting drift wood.

Penny Hodgson

Waterton is incredibly peaceful

Michael Stewart

Great little mountain valley town with tons of history. Shuts down in early fall so visit in spring and summer if you like people, fall or winter if you don't. Fun gift shops and nice treat food abounds.

Aman Dharamshot

A good location for a quick getaway. They have very nice biking trails which we all loved. One of my most memorable trips in recent times. we’ll go there again whenever a get a chance to escape from this city life.

Carmen Farmer

Beautiful scenery. Very windy up on the Hill of the Prince of Whales Restaurant, but great food and service, and wonderful theme/atmosphere. Cute, small town. Decent amenities. Difficult to find parking. Kid- friendly. Nice waterfall right in town to take in as well. We enjoyed our day.

Jean Welch

It was my 1st time EVER being in Canada. Waterton Lakes was very beautiful; we enjoyed our visit very much. The town of Waterton was quaint; we enjoyed shopping! The Prince of Wales Hotel was the elegant. (Loved the help being dressed in kilts)

Herbie Dare

We havent heard about Waterton until we arrived in ALberta and we are hooked. Its one of our favorite places in Canada now. First of all, its a quiet place and not crowded. The ferry cruise on Waterton Lake is very rejuvenating with the cold spring climate despite the strong winds which we were told was common. There are also several hikes and waterfalls which are quite accessible. There are small shops that remind us of Niagara on the Lake. Its an ideal place to commune with nature.

Kathleen Beck

Waterton lakes had been my second favorite place to be since I was a baby. So beautiful

Ludolf Boiten

Magnificent far sights, beautiful red rock canyon. Hope nature will recover soon and park can be fully re-opened

Kevin Buehler

Waterton Lakes National Park is a national park located in the southwest corner of Alberta, Canada. It borders Glacier National Park in Montana, United States. Waterton was the fourth Canadian national park, formed in 1895 and named after Waterton Lake, in turn after the Victorian naturalist and conservationist Charles Waterton. Its range is between the Rocky Mountains and prairies. This park contains 505 km2 (195 sq mi) of rugged mountains and wilderness. Operated by Parks Canada, Waterton is open all year, but the main tourist season is during July and August. The only commercial facilities available within the park are located at the Waterton Park townsite. This park ranges in elevation from 1,290 meters (4,232 ft) at the townsite to 2,910 m (9,547 ft) at Mount Blakiston. It offers many scenic trails, including Crypt Lake trail. In 2012/2013, Waterton Lakes National Park had 402,542 visitors. The park was the subject of a short film in 2011's National Parks Project, directed by Peter Lynch and scored by Cadence Weapon, Laura Barrett and Mark Hamilton.

Mike Kinsella

Such a great place! Stayed in the town campsite. No fires but gorgeous views in all directions and the shower, bathroom, facilities are awesome. Did a few hikes, saw waterfalls, horseback riding was amazing and the wildlife was a highlight. Still lots of areas closed from the fires but still so muck to do.

Allan Hyde

Great place to go. Lots of attractions. Bit of construction going on now so some things are closed.

Jaimie Braaksma

Waterton is exceptionally beautiful. Plenty of hikes to do in the area, you can travel across river for some longer ones but many short local hikes as well. Be bear ready if you're in the season, also prepare for lots of wind - it comes and goes but it was quite intense at times.

Stephanie Van Roessel

Don't go there! All the roades are closed. You can see the red rock canyon by bike, but that is a 30 km trip. And the bike rental is not cheap.

Michael Brinkman

They could have a sign that says all of the roads are closed to the cool places. Essentially we got to go into town. But we really had hoped to go to Cameron Lake. Road was closed. All roads appeared to be closed. Drove 4 hours for some lake wading.

Candace K

Absolutely breathtaking views! I can't believe this is apart of Alberta. Love the dark sky initiative as well! Will return

Andrew McMurdie

We come here every year and it's amazing. The fire took a toll on the park though and most of the trails are currently closed.

Chris Thompson

One of the best places to visit in Alberta! Lots of day hikes for beginners and experts. Views are incredible and chances to see wildlife is great. Town site is full of shops to visit and make sure you check out the Waterton Hotel.

Rachelle Wilde

This place is magical! Perfect place to spend quality time with family or just by yourself to meditate, surrounded by God's beautiful creation! Waterton will always be my favourite place on earth!

Louise Kidney

Beauty in nature is found here. Imagine tranquility and you will find it.

Dustin Iczkowski

Such beautiful views, granted alot of hikes were being rebuilt do to a wild fire that devastated the area, but there was still so much to see and enjoy. The people were all friendly and extremely helpful!

April Stacey

Beautiful views, friendly wildlife (from afar...don't be stupid).

Surinder Arshi

Every thing about this place is great, just wished red rock canyon was open to go by road.

Christina Hallmeyer

We walked the gorgeous trail up to Bertha falls and it was wonderful

Matthew Christensen

Grew up going to Waterton every year. Came back after 14 years and it's as fantastic as ever. We went to Banff for the first time and while beautiful, nothing beats Waterton especially considering the crowd difference.

Aaron Maass

The world's first International Peace Park! A fascinating history and story rivaled only by it's majestic views. Note that much of the park near Cameron lake is closed due to a terrible wildfire in 2017. We stayed in the Townsite Campground and had a blast nonetheless. It's a bit crowded, but Canadians are the friendliest people on Earth to be surrounded by. The nature is stunning. Gahhhhhh you need to come check it out!!

Tricia Litt

So much to see and do. Hike, take a boat cruise, browse the shops, sample local cuisine. Great camping right within the town

Jad A. Dizon

Lots if great hiking trails, not much to do in downtown other than lodging and eating so prepare for experiencing the most of mother nature!

Michael Patino

Quieter than Banff and very beautiful. Recommend to stay the night if possible

Taylor Holmes

I love Waterton! I've been coming here almost every year for my entire life. My father used to come and live here during the summer as a kid and my grandfather was a bellhop at the Prince of Wales Hotel. I love the atmosphere of waterton and that is been pretty much the same since my grandfather worked at the Hotel. I hope to be able to continue to bring my children here for years to comeand share with them the same hikes, bike trails, and swimming holes that my father has been able to show me!

eve barnett

The guides on the boat were fantastic, gave some great fun facts about bears. The hike itself was incredible yet challenging

magdalena dunn

This was such a lovely place, nice walks with great views. Prince of Wales hotel is a must see with amazing views of the lake

Ron Wutke

Looks good now after the big fire. Only drawback was some roads closed to vehicle traffic. This made our stay shorter than we would have liked but still enjoyable enough.

Simran Sidhu

Beautiful place, closer look of amazing nature at its best. Great for hiking, waterfall, lake, cycling, boating.

Dan Gaiser

Absolutely beautiful! Not just the amazing scenery. The town is great. Nice people, good restaurants, and a great little chocolate shop.

Amanda VanderHeide

Nice new playground and spray park in the works. Perfect place to let the kids burn energy and cool off

Petra Sedlmajerova

Beautiful nature, the lake is amazing and I love the old houses in town. We went to visit during the long weekend and it was way too busy for me, people with picnic equipment everywhere. I’ll try to come at fall, hopefully it’ll be more quiet.

Sheldon K

Amazing hidden gem of the rockies. Great for hikers and water sports

Shelley Raines

We try to go every year... much easier to park your car and 2alk... just lovely

Tom wildfire

I saw a bear and honestly didn't know if i was going to make it out alive but i was fine! It's a lovely place

Francis XIV

An absolute pleasure seeing the town and its surrounding nature. Very beautiful location, the lakes are plentiful and the sights numerous. A definite must see place.

Social Kidney

Stunning vistas. Beautiful and open landscape. Quaint little village. A superb roadtrip.

Al M

Just close enough to calgary to do a day trip. Bring towels and water gear. If you can find a spot to park, bring it all to the water and enjoy a dip in this crystal clear water.

Mark Eagle

The mountains tower over the town, they are amazing. It's a beautiful park with so many different places to see and so much to do.

Michael Brassard

Great scenery, and fantastic for anyone that enjoys to hike. Only drawback, it's full and have to camp outside the park unless you book a long ways ahead. Water is crystal clear, trails are well marked out.

Megnath Ramesh

The hikes are excellent and the lakes are pristine. Great photography material. The town could be better though

Rainey Roecker

Great waterfalls. Great lake great employees over all a great place to bring family.

Gabriel V. A.

Mostly closed and full of burned trees. You need an e-bike to get anywhere and they are in short supply, not to mention VERY pricey. Great views though.

Gordy Marchant

Always a great time with the family when we head here. Can't wait until more trails are re opened

Verginia Zuidema

Waterton Lakes is always great, no matter how often you go. It's too bad that the Red rock Canyon and Cameron Lake are closed. Had family over from Holland and they were kind of disappointed about that.

Rick Grant

Beautiful place to relax. Be prepared to pay for services and fees.

Emma Brown

We havent heard about Waterton until we arrived in ALberta and we are hooked. Its one of our favorite places in Canada now. First of all, its a quiet place and not crowded. The ferry cruise on Waterton Lake is very rejuvenating with the cold spring climate despite the strong winds which we were told was common. There are also several hikes and waterfalls which are quite accessible. There are small shops that remind us of Niagara on the Lake. Its an ideal place to commune with nature.

Phil Roberts

Super family friendly place, townsite is perfect for strollers, not to overcrowded or super touristy like other National Parks

Fay Jorgenson

My family goes to Waterton Lakes National Park at least once a year. At the end of the season we love to shop and check out every store and boutique, great deals. In the off season only one restaurant is open and the chef is excellent and everyone is so kind. It is my all time favorite place to visit.

Tamara Melnychuk

Beautiful place that hold many precious memories for me! Love the mountains, hiking, Zums, renting bikes, walking by the lake. Cameron falls is always beautiful.

Olga Morozova-Gelmici

Amazing place! Small, cozy, but windy :) great hiking trails, good restaurants and very friendly people. Loved it!

Eric Ringger

Beautiful Canadian park. Unfortunately the interior roads are closed for now (August 2019)

Kunal Sharma

Best drive from Pincher creek to waterton park. Cruise is a must visit with great story telling from Keith. Cute little town. Only bad thing is that the whole town shuts down before sun set in summers.

Jas Singh

Amazing place to take your family or significant other or just friends. Plenty of food choices in the town itself and many amenities. Be sure to pack a towel the beach is great!

rita shamo

Love this park. Sad the fires have parts closed but it is beautiful.

Gale Payne

Went to the Prince of Wales lodge for lunch on a very dreary day with lots of rain. Food was wonderful but the service was over the top. Best service ever! The view from the dining room is beautiful. Left very content and uplifted.

Rowi Joules Puson

My friends and I have a wonderful experience in this place! This place gets you so close to nature and appreciate even further the wonders of nature. With so much places and stores to visit, you will never run out of things to do

Shayan Rabbi

Beautiful place with a lot of natural beauty. Many trails to follow so dress appropriately and wear comfortable shoes. The town is small and dainty but friendly, however most things close by 2pm.

Lynae Eakett Greene

Had a great time hiking to bertha bay! Eating at Trappers mountain grill. They did a great job of making sure my food was safe for me to eat. As I can't have gluten, soy, or dairy. Love Waterton Lakes National Park!

Jackie Huynh

Amazing atmosphere. Gorgeous scenery. Will be back here again

Ilario Kreecjer

Lake Louise is one of the most beautiful resorts I had skied in North America (I have been to at least 10 different places). The views are spectacular. There is so much variety in runs. Although I visited on a long weekend, I never had a lift line longer than 2 minutes. The runs were very well groomed and if you get out just as the lifts open, you could make the first track. I recommend the Men's Downhill and jasper jungle all the way down from the Top of the World lift. I took the tour at 10 am offered by their volunteer hosts. Anne Marie and Marianne were exceptional guides and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend. The tours are free and they group you by ability. This is a wonderful service, that I, very much, appreciated. Thank you.

Jigna Alysha

If you want to see the boarder of USA- Canada, with natural beauty, the waterton lake and mountains surrounded, everything together is this National Park.

Kent Abbott

A surprise visit for my wife to Waterton! Beautiful scenery and great people too! Walk along the path down along the lake and check out the Prince of Wales Hotel!

Wyatt Raymond

Decided to come down form Calgary and checkout the area for the first time. Glad I did because wow, great restaurants, lake, and views. Since there’s no through-traffic in the area I find it’s a lot more relaxing than a trip to Banff park. This place pushed me to get the Canada parks pass since I’ll definitely be back.

Devkaran Patel Narayan Patel

This beautiful place give peace to all visitors. Natural view of this place is memorable.

Edward Hofer

It'll take time to rebuild everything back up. But keep it up

Al Whittle

Absolutely beautiful place! There's so many gorgeous trails, the water is beautiful, the town is quaint and tidy. A great place to spend a day or weekend!

Joel Rigby

This year is of revitalization for the park after the fires in recent years. Much construction is occurring in the park as of June 2019. The venues are significantly updated in the areas that have been completed. Many areas are still off limit to traffic due to damage but hiking is encouraged. Beautiful, great hikes, wonderful boat adventures. Visit one of Canada's greatest national parks!

Harshvardhan Gupta

Waterton is beautiful! Much beautiful and powerful. Loved it.. it was my first time at Waterton and I wanted to stay there. Beautiful views and powerful winds - almost amazing. The view from Prince of Wales hotel was amazing. Totally loved it. I sat there for good five minutes and just tried to absorb the view. It was so peaceful and windy at the same time. I would like to go to waterton for a longer trip next time.

Neil Smith

Since the fire, many tasks are still closed. The ones that are open now have a somewhat spooky feel to them now. Still really beautiful. Vistas are easier to see, too, with the canopy & brush all but gone.

Stacey Edwards

Beautiful national park. We hired a canoe and kayak and took a trip out onto the lake. Also hired bikes and went for a ride and looked at all the souvenir shops. It has a similar vibe to Banff but less crowded.

Kendall Larson

This park is a very nice extension of Glacier National Park in Montana. It has many of the same views with some other unique things to see as well. Best part is it isn’t nearly as crowded as Glacier always is. The town of Waterton lakes is also a very nice place to stay. Great to relax and get away from the Glacier crowds while also enjoying the same nature.

Ponasen Pather

A must visit site in southern alberta. Take the river cruise which allows you to see every inch of the lake as well as the boundary line between Canada and the USA which you do cross through. Keep an eye out for wildlife on the hills and make sure to dress warm. It gets extremely chilly on board the cruise.

Nettie Clark

We had a great time hiking. So many trails to choose from that are for the beginner to the experienced. Shops to look through. Very beautiful scenery.

Chris Sinclair

This is the worst park ever! Stay away! Kidding... it's so great with few people. Alberta's best kept secret

Amberleigh Strang

Stay at Belly River Campground. It is the best price for non serviced sites (tenting) and they supply firewood!! The picture is of the view from the belly river. The park itself is so beautiful!

Robin Chester

2nd favorite National park after Jasper. Hope it gets cut restored soon

pam garcia

Beautiful place with a really cute town nearby that has tons of nice restaurants with quality food and shops selling quality items made in Canada and USA...wish we could have stayed longer!

Nicole Soltys

The scenery in and around the park is stunning. It’s unfortunate the surrounding parkways are closed as they rebuild from the massive forest fire of 2017 - but it’s also scary to see just how close Waterton came to being wiped off the map and yet it still stands. Even as they rebuild from the fire, there is still a fair bit to see if you don’t mind exploring in your car just outside of the park gates. The town is small with a few amenities - nothing fancy but it has what you need within walking distance. It has a very casual, small-town feel. September was a beautiful time to visit as the leaves were changing colour but I imagine summer is just as gorgeous (probably a lot busier, though). I will definitely be back - especially once the parkways open up.

Kirby Wallis

Beautiful park. Breath taking scenery and everyone is in a relaxed happy mood. Did the Bertha lake hike. More challenging than they make it out to be but so worth it. Very nice options to turnaround at the falls if you don’t want to do the full climb.

Doug Bailey

Lots of wildlife around to see in town. Great views everywhere and such a cute town. Not too busy either, although I was there during the week

Angela Is Awsome

Fun I went on the berta lake hike it fun but do not recomend the hike for none active people other wise really fun

BY Park

Please don't visit this place. This is fantastic place for my family. I hope this is not becoming famous.

Bill Fisher

It’s a beautiful park. The fires have changed the landscape a bit, and some of the loops and trails are still closed, but it is still a worthwhile destination.

Brad J

Just beautiful. I love visiting this area. The lake, hiking, hotel, scenery, etc is amazing.

Will Schultz [Del Sol HS]

Even without a majority of the trails open due to the 2017 wildfire, this place was majestic and surreal. The boat tour and walking around this quaint town were both awesome. Can't wait to come back here in a few years!

Peter Otten

The little brother of Glacier NP in the USA, but really worth the visit, especially the area around the small town on Waterton itself. You can cross US/Canadian border within the park limits and Canadian border stuff was really friendly and made you feel welcome. Some great views on the way from the border to Waterton and the village itself has its charme, nice and priceworthy restaurants and a campground I would love to stay and spend some days. All in all a good alternative to often crowded Glacier NP

Dona McIntyre

Lovely little shops. Beautiful views. Saw a little bear cub. Nice day!

Marcio Maganha

I have no words to describe this place, it’s simply amazing !!

Shegufta Islam

Loved the view of the farms, the rolling hills and the mountains in the background driving in. Very different from Banff and Jasper but no less pretty. I found the crowds more manageable, parking was easier to find. There aren't a lot of places to eat although I did enjoy the Windflower Coffee shop for some baked goodies. Wish Red Rock Canyon and all the other spots affected by the fire will open soon.

Ryan Nelson

Even though the weather was not great our family had a great time driving up to one set of falls, throwing rocks in the lake, and wondering the shops. We went up to the hotel and say the great view from the cliffs edge great picture opportunity.

Sarfraz Ahmed

I love this place. It is truly gorgeous

Miss. Cimon

Great places to take some beautiful photos. The Prince of Whales hotel is absolutely breathtaking. Not to mention Ice Cream shop was open in late Sept. Can wait to take the hikes.

Tyan Creed

Waterton never disappoints. The views are spectacular! Whether it's hiking, hitting the shops in town, or just sitting on the pebble beach putting your bare feet in the cool glacier-fed lake, there's always something fun to do in Waterton.

Chris Wallace

Absolutely stunning area. If you go, I highly reccomend camping at the lake. Wildlife is abundant in the area, including black bears, so be sure to come prepared with appropraite coolers and bear spray if you plan on hiking.

Patty Riske

Loved the hotel! Classy place to visit. Views were great. People were helpful

Mikki Fritz

The hikes were great and the little town is wonderful! Lots of great souvenir shops. Everyone I talked to was so kind and helpful. The only bummer was that the roads to a majority of hiking trails are closed due to the 2017 fire. The upside is, you can bike or walk the roads to the trails. Not everyone is up for that so there aren't crowds of people unlike other National Parks. I found it blissful!

Valerie Mills

It was such a short visit, but so enjoyable. My sister and I sat looking at the mountains while our granddaughters played in the water. This was my first trip to Alberta and I cant wait for the next.

Anita Kingree

My husband and I took the Waterton Shoreline Cruise across Waterton Lake. The crew were very informative and interesting. The views were gorgeous! The hiking on the other side wasn't great, but the views when you got through the brush to an opening were breathtaking! We hiked and fish for the day and then caught the boat back to Waterton in the evening. We saw several bears throughout the park as well.

Ashley MacLean

A beautiful place! Very busy though, I personally would not want to camp so close to others.

Axa Borja

This is our happy place. Visited all seasons of the year but fall is the best. The color is glorious and the road is not busy. Just relaxing.


Waterton Lakes National Park of Canada en Montana
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