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REVIEWS OF Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center IN Montana

Karen Clever

Best times to go are early morning or early evening when the animals are most active and one of the wolf feedings happen. Friendly, well-informed staff who clearly case deeply about these animals and their well being. I'm not surprised to see that they are planning on expanding their residents to include otters, a third group of wolves and a more expansive grizzly enclosure. Well worth the admission. Take your time, enjoy and be amazed by these impressive creatures.

Brian DiVasta

Very nice educational center; rotates different bears through the habitat during the day so you can see more than a few bears during a visit (which includes 2 consecutive days of entry). The wolves are in separate enclosures of 2, and were pretty active late in the day when we went. The staff are knowledgeable and the chats and presentations are well delivered and informative. Considering the work they do, it is well worth the price of admission.

Candi Phillips

It was a fun experience. Not too expensive. Admission was for 2 days.. The animals appear well cared for. We liked that they are rescued animals not captured for show. The animals have a story that is shared to educate how they came to live here. Only wish the keeper kids times were posted more clearly on the website. We arrived and were told the entry for that was closed 5 minutes ago and they were already in progress. With the next time being 5 hours away. Wish they would have allowed 1 more kid to join 5 min late ... there were only 4 kids in the current time slot. 5 hours away isn't really a great alternative.

Dustin N

This place is doing a terrific job with conservation and is well worth the stop to see the wolves and the Grizzlys. They also have some bird of prey including a hawk and an owl pair. They are building a otter enclosure which will open soon. This is a good place for kids, they have a playground and lots of areas to go inside and keep warm in the winter. The gift shop is really fun with a giant stuffed bear seat for photos!

Cassidy Pfaff

Incredible place, very educational and amazing to see. Great info on each individual animal and their personalities and stories.

Peggy Zeimer

This place is great and the river ottar were great. Love how close you can get to the wolves.

Andrew Godlewski

This was my favorite experience staying in West Yellowstone. It is 100% worth the admission fee, if for nothing else than to support the great work this Nonprofit does. I learned a ton about brown and black bears that inspired me to read up more on these amazing animals. Don't miss out on this if you are in town or passing through.

Erica Marie

The idea of this place is awesome! Definitely NOT WORTH $35 for 3 people. There was only one bear, wolves and some eagles. I think I was expecting more or a cheaper price to get in. The wolves were sleeping so we left after 15 minutes.

Alan Montaño

There's an amazing story behind every animal they take care of in the sanctuary. It was a great experience seeing these animals, staff really tries to help the animals have a great life, even if it's in captivity

Jason van der Valk

Our family had a great time here. We just happened to visit during a grizzly bear cooler test, which was very cool to witness. Facilities were very well taken care of, clean and very friendly staff who were willing to share throughout information about the animals under their care.

Rhonda Scott

I did like this place and they take care of their animals but I hate seeing these gorgeous animals basically caged. I may feel differently if their bad boy grizzly was ripping my car door off for my cooler! It was educational. I liked the fact they test and rate coolers after filling them with bear treats and putting them in the bears habitat. The Raptors our beautiful.

Dawn Kaufman

This is a wonderful place to visit. We enjoyed every minute. The kids had so much fun hiding food for the bears to find. It was a great learning experience.

Karen Ellwinger

Totally worth it! It's more than just bears and wolves. And looks like they're adding a new exhibit. I'd come back again for sure!

Stephanie Taylor

The premise of this place is really neat, and it's nice that admission will get you in for two days. Though I think it will be much improved when the new exhibits are completed!

Stacy Mayren

It was very cool to see bears and wolves up close. The exhibits inside showed different facts about the animals, and conservation efforts that have been made over time. It was interesting to read about the history of the animals' habitats, and how they've changed. It was also neat to read about the different individual animals and how they came to the center.

Cindy Doyle

Got to see wolf pups!! Bears, wolves, birds of prey.... Can't go wrong with a visit here. Ground squirrels were adorable. Enjoyed watching them play around. If you are in the area definitely make the effort to stop, the kids will love it.

Laurie Mesch

Very informative with so much to see inside the main building. We loved watching the grizzlies play and splash around in their pond. The wolves were sleeping the entire time we were there. Lol lazy bones!

senthil vaiyapuri

Nice place with a bunch of bears, white wolfs and big birds. They have about 7 bears which comes out in rotation. They hide food in multiple spots before they let the bear out and the bear finds and eats when it is out. The staff are friendly and answers all the questions. There's also a bunch of white wolves, bald eagles, vultures and other big birds.

Zach Holt

The bear and wolf rotation is very cool. If youbstay all day you can see all of the animals they have in captivity. It's not a very large facility but the price reflects that.

Tom Fraser

A wonderful way to spend a couple of hours. To see and learn about some of the animals that inhabit Yellowstone! Well worth the trip!

Brandon Drake

Good education center but lacking on animal exhibits at the moment. A family of 6 was around $60 which is too high for what they are offering

Cheyenne B

This place does a great job of helping animals they would die normally. Many of the animals were taken from the area because of their risky or dangerous behavior towards other animals or people. It is always sad to see wild animals in smaller enclosures but this place does a good job of making it work. The raptors were incredible. All of the animal’s stories are heartbreaking so I am glad that someone is doing something to help them out.

Cameron Rail

Yellowstone was closed for the season, but the family still got a taste of the wildlife that wanders the wilderness. The staff at the gift shop had a great personality and provided great customer service. A great experience for kids (or adults) that want to learn about bears and wolves.

Jonathan Hertz

An awesome place! We were able so see bears, and wolves among other animals. Can't wait until the have the otter exhibit open. The staff was friendly, and knee knew their stuff.

Sarah Apodaca

If you're going through Yellowstone, take an afternoon to stop here! It's just a few minutes outside the West entrance, and totally worth it. They house some huge grizzlies that had to be relocated due to dangerous interactions with humans in the wild, and their presentations are really interesting. If you've got a wolf fan, there is a good sized habitat for the wolves as well with various viewing locations. The biggest hit with our 7 year old was the ground squirrels, which were pretty adorable. There were some exhibits inside but most of the cool stuff was outside, so dress for the weather. Don't forget to stop in the gift shop for some huckleberry jam :)

Heather Humann

The boys loved the place. It is small right now, but I anticipate that over time it will be larger. They are in business to teach the people about animals and the struggles to continue to coexist with people. It was worth the money.

Cliff A nator

This place was so amazing. They had staff that was knowledgeable about each bear and there story. When they unleashed 3 bears, it was beautiful and mesmerizing to see these glorious creatures roam around so close to us. They hid food in various areas and it was a treat to see them go look for it and unravel everything. The wolf's were stoic and magnificent. They were resting on top of a rock unhinged. There were a bunch of big birds there too. There was a huge owl and another that looked like a bald eagle

Russell Weir

The people here genuinely care for the animals they are keeping. If you have a Tesla, they have you covered. We loved the ground squirrels, wolves and bears.

Patrick Laird

Such an amazing place to see wolves and Grizzlies when being disappointed by YNP. Having being able to see the behind the scenes of the operation makes me feel great about what they are doing for the animals. This is not just a place to see the animals, but a place that takes care of them and does a great job of conserving their existence. Watching the bears and the wolves is definitely worth your time and then spending some time with the birds and soon coming otters is amazing. We spend a lot of time in West Yellowstone and the park and always block out time to spend time at the Discovery Center. The naturist and staff are amazing!

Brian G

Definitly worth visiting if you are going to yellowstone national park. There is zero percent chance you will see a wolf in the park but there is 100% guarantee you will see a bunch here! The bears are awesome! The otters are mad cute!

Melissa Watkins

Amazing experience and I love how the animals are still able to exhibit natural behavior. For example, the bears still have to dig and hunt around for their food rather than just having food put in their living area.

Dana Orr

Besides bears and wolves they now have a fun new otter habitat. Love this place!

Brynadette Powell

Wow so nice to get close but not be in danger

David Schmitz

This was a very good learning experience. Seeing the wolves, bears and otters was awesome.

Todd Naber

The new wolf pups are so healthy and playful. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

Jim Sorokes

They have a lot of very informative displays that help you understand the various types of bears. The focus is more on the bears than the wolves or birds. All of the animals are cared for well and most were in situations where they could no longer survive in the wild. They also have a very nice gift shop. This is a worthwhile stop if you are looking for a break from the national parks.

Randy X

Complete waste of money. Any random zoo provides a better experience. Never again. Saw 2 sleeping “wolves” that look no different than large white dogs. Waited 30 minutes for 2 bears to come out of the holding pen. The bear viewing is almost completely obstructed by high overgrown bushes. Felt sorry for all the kids who didn’t have a strong parent to get lifted up onto their shoulders. Only other viewing option is from a very far away viewing platform which is too far to appreciate the bears from. Attached photo is a realistic view taken from camera height of 5.5 feet at front of cage. Left feeling completely ripped off and scammed.


Very neat place. They feed the bears and animals in front of you for a close up look at wildlife. This park does wonderful things for orphaned and injured animals.

Aaron Daniels

Definitely worthwhile. This is as close as you will ever get to a grizzly bear or a wolf. They also have several other animals including birds such as bald eagles. Also has informative displays in the museum. Give yourself a couple hours to enjoy it.

Adrian Solis

So helpful, small but it was cute and very informative, I learned so much about bears. If you have the time and patience, I suggest doing the adventure hunt. Remember, never judge a bear by its color. This place is also handicap accessible. The red tail hawk was my favorite. Here's a brave free Robin.

Hadley Youbles

This is a very cool place to see and learn about grizzlies and wolves. Seeing the aspiring bear proof coolers and trash cans is very interesting and a good reminder to be smart and safe in bear country. It3s always a little sad to see wild animals in captivity but they are there for a reason and seem pretty content. They are cared for by a knowledgeable staff.

Brett Bursell

This place is like a small zoo and an even smaller museum put together. Very clean and and well staffed. Price is a bit steep but it's a non profit. Animals looked well taken care of as far as I can tell. Great rescue stories for every animal.

Troy Pichelman

Awesome time! Very knowledgeable staff, informative sessions, and several grizzlies doing what they do. This is a highlight of our trip!

Solo Akporere

See the bears up close. There is a bear here that at first sight I thought was a horse or baby elephant. So so big!

Sage Geyer

Pretty cool place to stop if you’re passing by! They had a bunch of cool activities for the kids. Beautiful creatures to be sure!

Gabriela Adams

Amazing. Great exhibits that allow close viewing of all the animals. The staff is super informative and nice.

Anthony Berry

It was a fantastic experience for me and my family. I really enjoyed seeing the wold pups and the bears. Cant wait for the water exhibit.


Small place, high price. Only one sad looking wolf out by itself. However, at least it's a good chance to see a grizzly and a wolf up close, as sad as that is. And it is a "not for profit". Nice bird display.

Andrew H

They are updating/getting new exhibits. Lots of information about how some of the animals have been rescued/relocated. No information about if any of the wolves were rescued or why they were there. Not much else to do in town though, and the price wasn't unreasonable

Rita Whittington

I loved this place! The wolves were absolutely beautiful. It was nice to learn about the wildlife here.

Clark Singleton

Great place. Still expanding the property and animals, so something will be new if you have visited in the past.

Ruben Gomez

Very much worth the visit. And do note that the animals here are those that for various reasons can no longer live in the wild. And thus they're well cared for and given the best of treatment. There's also a theater with informative different movies the whole day through. Plus they are expanding and adding a fish and river otter section. A must see if you are staying in West Yellowstone!!!

Jamie Colborn

Watching the bears eat was really cool but I wish they had more animals.

Maxim Moroz

The animals here are amazing. But the $15 entrance fee is a bit steep for an inconsistent show. To get your money's worth you would have to sit and watch the bears for 2 hours just so you can watch them do something interesting.

Miles Lougheed

This center is will managed and does an excellent job handling their animals.

Patrick Kocurek

Really enjoyed the opportunity to see grizzlies and wolves up close. The kids enjoyed it as well. Beautiful environments for the animals, not like a zoo. They are even expanding it to be much larger, should be great.

Nehemiah Robenstine

Unique presentation of information and display of grizzlies and wolves, a balanced blend of educational and fun. I may be biased because I watched the juvenile wolves play fight over a bone, but I think the point stands.

Anthony Raynor

There were quite a few exhibits. Plenty of Photography to be had. Roaming bears and wolves. An educational area. A playground for the kids. Plenty to to do while there.

Perry Bugbee

This was a great way to introduce our children to bears and wolves. Very knowledgeable people there.

Dohn Guyer

I think the ballot is a little stuffed on this place. It was good, but worth five stars. I think not. $15 dollar entry fee. Good to see bears and raptors there as a rehab/retirement location. Not clear if the wolves were here for other than show and only one of the 3 packs were present. Probably off season, but that would have been nice to know before dropping 12 x $15 for our party. If you are easily enamored this might be for you, but if you are outdoorsy you will not be impressed.

Jesse Hernandez

My kids loved the experience! Absolutely recommend to stop by before going into Yellowstone. We're planning to go back once they expand, it'll definitely be worth the 8 hour drive

Angie Johnson

I loved visiting here with the family! The animal exhibits are amazing! The wolves and grizzly bear are majestic, as is the ground squirrel enclosure! This place exceeded my expectations and as an added bonus, we can go back again the next day for free, provided we show our receipt!! Highly recommend the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center!! The employees are all very friendly and knowledgeable.

Betsabe Rubio

The animals seem well taken care of and I appreciate their mission to save animals. The bears and wolves are great and lived the eagles and owl! Great visit.

sue hancey

This is a great sanctuary for bears and wolves that for whatever reason cannot live in the wild. Plus a wonderful oppertunity for people to get fairly close to the animals and learn about them. And seriously, when the wolves start a howl....its so beautiful and haunting! Here's a tip: when in West, we like to stay at a hotel near this center, then we can hear the wolves howling at night, magical

Midnight Lotus

For the price I totally recommend as a must see. It's a small cozy zoo with wildlife native to Yellowstone. The gift shop has some items that are cheaper than the Yellowstone gift shift, specifically the stuffed animals .

Jessica Lloyd

We got to see them feed one of the bears. The 3 wolves that were out were lazing under tree. The birds were cool.

Joe Traveler

Excellent museum and exhibit. Life size stuffed animals, metal life sized statutes. Plenty of free parking. Historical info and maps, photos and displays. Great views with plenty of open green grass pastures. Good place to get info and restroom stop with modern facility. Bring your camera and take some time to visit

Cindy Rinker

We really enjoyed the wolves and bears!! It was really fun getting to see them up close...I just wished the otter display was open.

Gwen Gephart

This is a must-see when you visit Yellowstone Park or West Yellowstone in particular!!! The animals are beautiful, well cared for, and have such big, beautiful areas to roam freely. It needs to be advertised more so people know it's there!!!

Miles Boyd

Very informative and can easily spend a few hours here. Construction and upgrading going on. Will be even better when completed.

Ezekiel Wettstein

Very informational, they take great care of the animals, but it is way overpriced and a few of the employees seem bored out of their minds when sharing information. Worth a stop if you need a break from the park and dont mind dropping a chunk of change.

Deana Hayes

One of my favorite places EVER!!! Friendly informative staff, kids love this place as the animals are so active! Play park for them too! Gift shop is well stocked. Absolutely GO here!!!

Lauren Studley

Great stop in W Yellowstone to learn about the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Includes wild-born grizzlies, captive-born wolves, raptors, and now river otters. Trent was a great educator!

Bethany Hudson

Beautiful place for furries to live out their lives. The animals looks so well cared for

Andy Birch

How incredibly fortunate are we that this location exists? We would all love to see these animals in the wild. However, these animals are living out a life instead of being terminated from learning bad habits. The enrichment is very well thought out, and the animals are well taken care of! I remember coming here when it was first built, it is now much larger. Birds of prey exhibit is now available. We were there when it rained, which made it a little less enjoyable. The cost is 15.00 for adults, but it goes all towards conservation efforts.

Austin Neves

Lots of fun for kids and adults. We enjoyed seeing the grizzlies and wolves up close. They also have a handful of raptors ie golden eagle, bald eagles, and great horned owls to name a few as well as a ground squirrel area which the daughter really liked. I wished that there were more animals but very cool regardless. They also had a lot of mounted animals inside.

Donna Culpepper

Fantastic place to visit. They do great work with their animals. This place is educational as well as a wonderful look at some animals that you might never see in the wild. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit.

Chris Gee

Staff was rude to our family. I have been here several times as we have a cabin in the area. I don't think we will ever go back. The wildlife is interesting and the mission is fantastic. I don't think I can go back to a place where an employee was telling at me to the point that other visitors were asking the employee to calm down.


It is sad to see animals behind bars but it is for their own good. The are crippled & can't take care of themselves. The care takers are doing a great job taking care of them & giving them quality of life as best as they can.

Mike Walters

It was very informative and you get to see animals up close. Not cheap but monies do help keep up the ability to preserve what would otherwise be the euthanasia of many animals.

Liz Norton

I absolutely love wolves! This is a fabulous place to see wolves, Grizzlies and birds of prey. Highly recommend!

greg sykes

Great was expecting to see the will pups but they were in there den when we came thru

Hannah Anastasio

This is an awesome place!! They are small but expanding. All the bears they have seem to have come through rescue situations which is awesome! They have a variety of birds as well! They have two packs of wolves which you can see as well. Great place. Educational and fun!! Worth a stop and best priced stop of the vacation so great for the whole family!

Melissa Hodges

Our kids participated in the Keep Kids program. Such a once in a lifetime experience! A wonderful place to go and support.

Abhishek Modi

A good and safe environment to see and learn about Grizzlies and wolves. Recommended for families and kids.

Angie Somerville

I had the best time here. The pup wolves are only 3 months old and looked all grown up but beautiful as can be. 2 black and 1 grey in that pack. Than there were 2 more packs of grey wolves that were in separate dens cause they were siblings from different paks.

Idaho Boy

I'm impressed with the development of the center over the years. They are taking in animals that otherwise would of died or had to be killed. Great exhibits and animal views. I would give it five stars except for the high admission price. It gets expensive paying for a family to get in.

Rellie Lawyer

What a delightful place. Lots of interesting exhibits and you are able to get close to the animals without disturbing the animals or the people. My 3 year old granddaughter had a great time. The film was also very interesting and informative. The price is particularly economical if you can use it for both days. Our family recommends this attraction.

Megan Daffron

Such a fun experience and you can tell the people really care about the enrichment and happiness of all their rescue animals. The place is definitely primed to grow with their new otter exhibit and their plans for a more extensive bear habitat. The wolves were gorgeous. Would definitely recommend.

Tara Chabis

We always have a good time and learn something new each time we visit. The enrichment they do for the animals is fascinating and such a good way to help keep things interesting for a captive animal. They recently brought in 3 more wolf pups to help educate people and continue the population. Their wonderful care for injured birds is amazing as well.

Rob Davidson

The place is beautiful and informative. However for me it was just sad especially the stuffed baby bears. Only 1 bear and 2 wolves when I was there. Hardly worth the money. Walked through in 10 minutes. Spent more time in line at the gift shop. Geared for little kids so they will enjoy it.

Barry Abrams

Outstanding, to see what they have done to help these animals stay alive.

T Ferry

An absolute must when visiting Montana. The education i received by visiting was so appreciated. Enjoyed watching the bears wrestling & the serenity of the wolves has stuck with me a year later.

Jody Kliska

Wonderful! Glad we could see the bears, wolves and raptors up close.

Narmada samudram

It's a good visit, if you are in town and have time to spare. We saw 2 bears and 3 wolves which we couldnt see in YNP. Little pricey entrance fees.

Kym Lockwood

Excellent stop. Small local refuge. I loved that they told every animal’s story throughout the park. The workers were extremely friendly. Gift shop was stocked.

Jillian Bohach

This was a really neat place to stop by. I enjoyed seeing the bears, wolf's, and birds of prey. They switch the bears about every hour - so you might only be able to see 1 or 2. The wolf's were sleeping when we were there but still so beautiful to look at!

Don Dobrenski

Great opportunity to see active bears fairly close, but the wolves are very scarce, hard to find or are usually asleep.

Vern Patrick

Small enough to easily to walk all of it. It was informative. However, I thought the aviaires needed a lot of improvement.

Christine Siemens

So kid friendly! Kids loved seeing animals up close. They were able to hide the bear food in it's enclosure. They were shocked when the bear tossed aside the rocks they'd hidden the food under, like pebbles

TallGirl Life

I have gone to Yellowstone every year since I was a child. This place is always amazing. You can see bears, wolves, and birds in an educational setting. They rescue all of the animals, and take care of them well. It is a great place for kids.

Ester Carballo-Jane

I am impressed by the excellent care given to the animals in GWDC. A must visit while in West Yellowstone, in order to learn about wildlife.

Carter Brown

Wonderful faculty. I could sit here all day and watch the bears and wolves. The staff was nice and informative. You could also come back the day after you purchase a ticket. :)

John Vining

Beautiful animals that are kept here because of inability to survive in wild. Very well organized, guides are kid friendly. 7 grizzlys brought out at different intervals in 1, 2s, or 3s depending on their temperament. 4 wolves in 2 separate enclosures. Cool activity for kids to hide food for the bears in the exhibit. About 4-5 bird enclosures with bald eagles, golden eagles, hawks, and owls. Inside natural museum and exhibits. Coming soon is a new bear habitat and otter exhibit. Very good place to spend 2-3 hours. Well worth the price and staff are friendly.

Tina Julian

Enjoyed seeing and talking about the wildlife. Nice gift shop too.

Beverly pickett

Absolutely a wonderful and informative place to visit! I heard the wolves howling before the doors were opened, just calling for you to visit. Grizzly bears were wonderful to watch. Majestic huge animals. The wolves were playing hide and seek, but when you saw them they were just magnificent! Museum is a must to visit, as well as the gift shop. Be prepared to do some walking and watching. Highly recommend a visit.

Jonathan Ewert

Wonderful learning center. All of the animals and birds have great stories and they have provided fantastic information on each one. Catch a show and ask plenty of questions while you are there!

Ken Harris

Very well kept place, very informative staff and reasonable prices make this a great place to visit. It is one of the better wildlife refuges I have seen.

John Johnson

This is a wonderful opportunity to see and learn about the wildlife of Yellowstone. They have incredibly knowledgeable staff who are friendly and patient with visitors and will explain, share and advise you about your visit. A must see for family and friends.

Sheryl Hansen

Awesome place to see Grizzles, wolves and birds of pray that have had to be removed from the wild due to some sort of contact with humans...

Jenny H

Great place to spend an hour or two. All animals (wolfs, bears and bird of pray) are rescues and there for a reason that prevents them for living out in the wild. Knowledgeable and friendly staff who happily answers all questions.

Alberto H

Great place if you don’t want to miss the chance to have a close look of a Grizzly bear of wolfs, the kids will have a better chance to observe them here than in the park, especially the little ones. They were renovating some areas but most of the center was in very good condition

Michael M

This place is amazing went to the back and was within 4 feet of these bears with a fence between of course. They had 3 wolf pups and mature wolves as well I really recommend a visit

Dennis Woodruff

My daughter loves this place and hopes to work here when she grows up. It's amazing and usually always get to see all the animals including bears, wolves, and various raptors. Highly recommend you visit.

Kirk Lancaster

There is nothing like watching a video about wolves with actual wolves pacing back and forth. Bears and otters were pretty cool too

Nora Kirsten

I liked seeing the bears and wolves, and especially the ground squirrels, but there wasn't much to do at this place. I didn't mind paying $15 for it because it is a non profit that does a lot of good, but after about 20 minutes we had seen everything and explored the museum type area and watched a short film about otters in their theater. They have a handful of birds, ground squirrels, wolves and bears that are only out 1 or 2 at a time in the bear enclosure.

Ray Pabs

We had a tough time finding a bear or wolf in the woods of Yellowstone and Grand Teton. This place has a wonderful collection of live bears, wolves, eagles, hawks and owles to help make our trip of the national parks complete. Entrance fee of $15 for two days was fair. I recommend this place.

Chad Richeson

Worth the price of admission. Only takes an hour or two to see everything. While we were there, the bears began playing in the water, wrestling and pawing at each other, the kids loved it. The wolves were asleep the whole time so we really didn’t get to see them. I found the birds of prey exhibits impressive.

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