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Where is American Computer & Robotics Museum?

REVIEWS OF American Computer & Robotics Museum IN Montana

Masato Naito

This is a low-key museum in campus-type building but has a lot of amazing stuff. It's worth spending time and unbelievably it is free. If you have time before your flight from Bozeman, I recommend you to drop by here. It is 20 minutes to and from the airport. I definitely want to visit again if I have a chance.

WG Gamingthomas

Absolutely wonderful museum the man that ran the place was very kind and nice making sure to not over explain something during the museum introduction. The movies they had were fun and educational and i even got a floppy disk at the gift shop so i could remember that place. I traveled from indiana to see that place and it was well worth the trip

Sarah Croteau

A cute little museum. Small, but still managed to spend over 2 hours there. Several interesting exhibits about the past and future of technology. Perfect spot for anyone interested in computers!

Kristin H

Such an amazing collection of interesting exhibits. It's amazing the amount of computer and robotics history covered in such a small space!

Julie Eiseman

Fascinating - a gem of a museum rich in history and facts from printing to the first main frame and personal computers. Worth the trip.

Bryan Sperry

Lots of history. Very authentic. small but packed with history.

Zachary Sutherland

Good experience. Very relaxed atmosphere.


This place was absolutely amazing. Very interesting!

Charles Gabel

Amazing museum.

judy cressman

Awesome ancient artifacts !!! Very nicely done !!!

Valerie Roche

Fabulous gem of a museum. A must visit for locals and visitors alike!

Farzad E.

A very interesting exhibition showcasing everything from a Babylonian stone tablet to the Apollo mission's onboard computer! Highlights include: -) The first ever personal calculator (signed by inventors) -) Copy of Altair Basic (signed by Gates and Allen) -) A missile guidance system (onboard computer) -) Many original historic documents including accounts of payments to Samuel Morse by the US government and several original war telegraphs from Lincoln's time -) A NASA ground control mainframe (last of its kind) -) An ant's brain (under a microscope, of course) Plus an exhibition dedicated to the history of the Enigma machine and the Turing Bombe. The staff were extremely friendly! Admission was free but donations were welcome.

Kaylee La Spisa

Simply awesome! Way cooler on the inside than it looks on the outside! Definitly worth a stop.

Aliselina Strong

This place is fabulous! Absolutely recommend making the time.

Tech Wiz

Solid little museum. Great way to spend that spare hour you are not sure what to do with. It focuses on information so you have many things that predate modern computers.

Ross Maurer

It was good history but not much current tech.

Jim Dean

I feel you like computers and technology you'll enjoy this museum. Many interesting items in the history of computers.

Colin Pittendrigh

Fun to see all that evolving technology

Billy Joe Bretzke

Geek heaven

Steven Atkin

Cool place

Spencer Schwartzbach

Incredible assortment of historical items, informative, could have spent all day there.

John Markley

Great little museum with lots of interesting displays especially for those of us who grew up during the PC boom and used early computers of the 70s and 80s.

Michael Baker

What a neat place. Good collections, self guided. Geeks paradise.

Keith Barham

Such an interesting place! Good examples of communication devices through history, including the beginnings of the computer age. Plenty of focused information on the space program.

Robert Perry Hooker

An entertaining collection of historic computer equipment - certainly worth an hour.

David R. Fordham

Free, and fantastic for those of us old enough to remember the 20th century.

Arlene Butler

Free admission. Lots of great informative and artifacts. Highly recommended.

Gary Miller

They have some really cool stuff!

Jonah Hall

Really nice collection. Spent an hour with the kids here and it was fascinating. Free admission.

Jason Daughenbaugh

World Class But not well known. I don't get here enough, but it really is an awesome museum. Go! You won't regret it.

Ashley Reardon

So informative and interesting!

Jessie Gunning

Beyond amazing! Small but a hidden wealth of knowledge. Truly engaging for all, whether you know a lot or nothing of the incredible history and creation of technology

Edward Johnson

Absolutely love this museum. It's one of the only computer specific museums in the whole country and it's here in Bozeman of all places. Features exhibits signed by Steve Wozniak and Apollo mission computers. So cool.

Jeremy Johnston

Great museum!

Katie Mullens

Definetly a reccomended place

Landon Klick

Well worth the time even if you aren't into computers its worth the visit its free to look around but they ask of you to donate so they can bring you even more exhibits

Pieter van Dongen

Very nice stuff and very informative

Phillip Hauer

Loved it

Marcellin Kopandru

The hostess was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the museum. That sort of sparkling behavior tend be contagious. She was good too: answering questions, training a new employee, checking in other patrons, etc. The museum is small. Very small. It's free, and I found it educational. The enigma machine took most of my attention. I will absolutely recommend the museum to those with curious minds.

Andrew Smith

We rushed through during the last hour they were open. It was information overload! I would highly suggest a minimum of 2 hours to really appreciate everything they have - from 1rst edition Origin of Species by Charles Darwin to the autographed Apple 1 by Steve Wozniak.

Adrian Kuhns

Incredibly cool museum! Can't miss for any lover of history or computers.

Benjamin Heymann

Very cool experience. They have a lot of extremely interesting computers and general technology from the 1900's. I would definitely recommend going. Please do be mindful that it is a non-profit organization and admission is free but donations are very helpful.

Richard Guice

Ok for a short visit and they do have some interesting artifacts I grew up experiencing

Draco Volans

For what it is, it's an excellent museum. The volunteer on staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. Don't expect an "all out" museum, but it was delightful and pleasant. Just don't expect cheap merchandise on the way out. I give a lot of props, though, to the condition and display, considering the low funds. Very nicely arranged and explained.

Gmail Tom Westheimer

If you love computers this is the museum for you

Greg Morgan

This place was awesome.

Mitch Thompson

Very educational trip down memory lane!

Martin van der Jagt

The museum is an amazing place. I've learned a lot and enjoyed the museum for over 3 hours. It was great to see they have many iconic items. The highlight for me was the enigma, but it was also fantastic to see the first home video game system, the vacuum tubes, the apple 1 and many more things. A big thank's to the lady at the front desk who explained a few things to me and who was very friendly.

Craig Nadig

Small in footprint. But huge in outstanding historical objects and displays from ancient times to latest technologies.

Evalyn Block

Absolutely wonderful place if you are really into the evolution of computer science or technology. It is a small museum that is very well done. There is no cost but if you go, and enjoy it like my husband and I did, you should at least make a sms donation.

Todd Marshall

Awesome, just wish it was open later

John Pyrich

This was an amazing museum! Almost every inch is covered with fascinating items. The museum also has items dealing with the transmission of information from before the computer age. Do not miss this collection!

A wolf

There are so many cool artifacts there. Many of them signed by famous people. The staff is super friendly and there is a little tour that they give. The admission is free but I would recommend a donation.

Eric Nelson

What a great display of technology through the years, definitely go if you're in the area!

Dustan Diede

Very interesting place. Who knew?!

Jay Szott

Completely surprised by this place. Stopped in with minimal expectation and was shocked on the quality of the exhibits and the unique one off items they had on display. It's free but bring some cash to donate so they can keep this fantastic tribute to technology running.

Steve Porter

Small, hard to find, and unique. I loved it. Not what I expected at all.


Such a cool place!

Steve Albin

This place is tucked away discretely in a shopping plaza near the MSU campus, but don't be fooled by the location - it is a special place. You don't have to be a computer nerd to enjoy the exhibits. The displays are well done and communicate on a level anyone can understand without dumbing it down for the non-computer savvy.

Alexander Roebers

Fantastic museum. I never thought a computer museum could be so interesting. The history starts incredibly far back, but covers the most important aspects of computer and electronics history. The collection of old computers and electronics is amazing. I can't believe such famous people donated to the museum. There is tons of stuff from Steve Wazniak and tons of other famous people from the computer and electronics world.

Pat Carver

Excellent displays. A wide collection of early personal computers.

Josh Roberts

Awesome collection of computing history pieces, dare I say artifacts...? This place is a treasure and an imperative stop for any geek traveling through Bozeman. It's not a huge place, and it may seem a tad underwhelming at first, but I've never seen anything like it before. Just don't bring any naysaying luddites... Only true technophiles will love this.

Kyle Bjordahl

Definitely worth the a couple hours of your time. We spent 2 hours here and I don't feel like I took it all in, despite it being a relatively small museum. I thouroughly enjoyed the exhibit on the Enigma encoding machine from WWII, as well as the quantum computing display.

Luke Medcalf

Wonderful little museum!

Meghan Hollenbach

Amazing collection of relics! Pretty quick to get around if you are short on time before a flight. Definitely recommend.

Nate Blaseg

Awesome museum. Lots of stuff packed into a small space.

Richard Day

This museum is great. I am amazed at some of the materials that they have been able to collect. Anyone who has a long history with computers will love seeing some of the historical items on display

Ryan Trefethen

One of Bozeman's best kept accidental secrets. One of the coolest museums I've ever been to, with incredible artifacts and information, and it's free! (Make a donation, because they need to stay open) Hard to find, hidden in a building that looks like it could be a dentists office. Worth the adventure to find it.

Andrew Nakas

Some really cool stuff. You would be surprised how many computers are in one location


This is a hidden gem that had way more than I ever expected. Definitely worth the time!

Megan Good

A must see in Bozeman!!

Deany Goode

Don't pass this one by. It has a lot of interesting information and exhibits. Enigma machine!

Sherri DeVarennes

Best little museum, very educational....well worth a viewing by all.

Jeff Heys

Interesting collection that brought me back to my youth.

Pilar Wyman

Excellent place, excellent contributions

Ken Cummings

Very interesting and well worth the time to stop

Carmine Mowbray

Wonderful display from Cuneiform to the latest communications and technology. Enigma display and description on Bomba de-coders was fabulous. I highly recommend a tour for all ages.

Samuel Quick

Hostess is extremely knowledgeable and very enthusiastic. Had a blast looking through all their displays. Truly some very rare wonders! Gift shop has some fun finds as well!

scott hampton

Awesome place to see some history of computers and how far we have come.

James LeGoullon

A must visit. They give everyone an introduction

Jack Medlin

Very cool and unique museum. They have a lot of displays about computer history, and the staff are friendly and have a lot of information. Definitely recommend if you’re in the Bozeman area

Comrade Sythar

What a great place to visit

Lucianno Pierre

As a huge nerd, I had to come to the legendary American Computer Museum. I had a blast! Some of the old tech this place has is legendary! If you're a nerd and love tech, visit this museum!

Parker Kay

Perfect for nerds, perfect for everyone.

Carrie Vandersloot

I've been to this museum twice, I've learned something new both times.

Chris Faxon

Very cool

Troy Spiewak

Awesome place. Would recommend taking an hour or so out of your day to stop by!

Jonathan Combel

Super cool. Lot of information, neat exhibits on computer and information management history. Free to public, donation box at the front counter.

Sara Sisemore

Fun museum! I'm glad we stopped in as we were passing through.

Loni S.

This place basically has the history of all technology and how it became and developed I don't know how they got it all but they have everything this is a excellent place to go and excellent Learning Place also I was very very pleased not one to go to museums would go back

Elo Nielsen

Amazing museum! Very interesting and well set up for a free price museum. I'm not a computer nerd, nor an engineer, but I really loved the exhibition! Of course if you are it's gonna be a blast!


Pretty interesting and the price can't be beat.

John Yee

Lovely museum - brought back happy memories! I even owned a few of the old exhibits (80's).

Ritchie Carroll

Quite the collection even though it's in a smaller space - worth a visit.

James Goudy

If you are a computer geek, then you'd have to put this Museum on your list. They have a lot of cool stuff. Museum with small and you can easily spend an hour here. They have a lot of great pieces and displays. A large portion of their displays is tracking the history of the PC. I would highly recommend this Museum.

Ryan Schellhase

An unexpected pleasure. I did not expect to find such a great description on the history of computers with awesome exhibits. Reccomended to anyone with interest in computers.

Matthew Pham

Really cool information about computers and technology, worth the $6 donation I gave.

Rose and Mike Farmer

Not large but some good displays and varied topics

Dewitt Latimer

Inch for inch, this museum is packed with more history than you might imagine; 30,000 years worth. Ancient and rare books, some of the earliest computers used by the Greeks, all the way up to modern day marvels. They have some of the most rare pieces of modern technology that have ever been preserved, like one of Steve Wozniak and Steve Job's first computers made in Job's bedroom and Bill Gate's first operating system he sold with a hand signed note to "call him" should they have any problems whatsoever. Each year they honor some of technologies most significant minds and contributors with the Stibitz & Wilson Awards, and they have lots of autographs of the award winners on their original inventions. Well worth the trip over. Within minutes of the Dino Museum (a.k.a. Museum of the Rockies) so you can easily hit them in the same day.

Agnes Kiss

Informative and inspiring, even if you are not a nerd. Paradise if you are a nerd.

zach bain


Gary Levin

An amazing find. I need to learn the story of how so much history was collected off the beaten path.

James Hamilton Healy

We will be back, such a cool place with amazing "blast from the past" computers and electronics. Highly educational too!

Chris Sotraidis

Insanely awesome museum with some incredible computers and things I never would have expected from a museum this size. You could easily spend a couple of hours here. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable, and the computers and artifacts here will blow your mind. If Steve Wozniak has been here twice, you know it's good.

Gentle John

Very educational. They display only 1/6th of the materials they have because of facility constraints. It is a must see for anybody who uses a cell phone or personal computer.

UpCycle Engineer

This is by far one of the most unique museums I have ever visited it’s definitely worth stopping by if you’re coming to town they have some very unique artifacts on display everything from clay tablets to books.Last time I was here it was free admission so it’s definitely worth a stop

William Stearns

Amazing collection, if you haven't been you need to go!

Greg Griffin

Small and donation based, but had some special items. Nice for geeks.

Jill Deppel

We stopped here on our last trip through Bozeman. Very interesting. Lots of exhibits. Self guided.

Agnes Alvarez

Lots of devices and historical pieces, and the staff is well informed on their pieces, every question answered and more.

Seth Lyden

Very interesting

Megan Coburn

While it may seem quiet and unassuming from the outside, this museum if filled to the brim with fantastic exhibits and materials. I can spend the whole afternoon in here as an adult, and my kiddos stay occupied for a long time too! Admission prices are on a donation basis.

David Berkowitz

Terrific exhibits and a bit of nostalgia about the history of computing - worth a stop

Eric Laaksonen

Impressive collection!

Karl Molina

Great place to learn about the history of computing


Really fun and interesting!

Cory Jackson

Amazing hidden gem.

Des Cha

Absolutely wonderful place to visit in Bozeman. My son is 4 and loved it!

Destry Walker

It was so much fun the AI was my fav

Jayson Thomas

A must stop if you are traveling through Bozeman.

Emerald Admin

Must see if you are nearby and into technology, big surprise for an odd and small location


Very cool place inside with very interesting things.

Cody Vukonich

Incredible place. They've got some absolutely priceless artifacts in there, truly amazing.

Pavel Kasík

Amazing little museum with a lot to offer: old and new technology, nostalgia, education and fun comparisons. Free entrance and enthusiastic staff.

Mika Winslow

Fun place with kind people and a lot of cool historic pieces

Scott Wojahn

Great information and tour guide!

Prof. Ampharos

Had a great time

Jenny Belport

Awesome place to take kids and help them learn about technologies and history!

John Blixt

A well established museum of computer knowledge. Hope it can remain in Bozeman.

Matthew Brickell

Don't miss this place. One of the most interesting museums I've been to in recent memory. If you are interested in computers or just technology in general, I totally recommend taking the time to check it out.

Paul Whiddon

Absolutely fascinating and quite a surprise that such a small museum would have the astonishing amount of cool computer and technology artifacts and items. I recommend this for anyone interested in computers, technology or just enjoys history!

Deb Vahl

Very interesting

Matt Sponer

Really good collection and presentation

Alvaro Moreno

Cool and interesting!!

Kyle Martin

Nice place, but the day I went there today the quantum computing video wasn't displaying anything, tv was on a file navigation menu.

Daniel Kim

Impressive collection for this small a footprint.


Very neat collection of the where, how, why of computer history

Andy Bochmann

We've been to Yellowstone National Park and stop here spontaneously on our way back. This museum is really worth a stop for everyone who is interested in anything that has to do with computers. I'm sure I will stop there again someday.

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