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Where is Truman Home - Harry S Truman National Historic Site?

REVIEWS OF Truman Home - Harry S Truman National Historic Site IN Missouri


Our guide was amazing and funny. Would love to have seen upstairs or bathrooms or other room downstairs but we understand the need to conserve the home. Loved it

Lynn Morris

We took a tour through the house, our tour guide had so much information. It was a pleasant trip, a president that was truly a working man that loved his family. A simple home, with such a huge amount of history.

Jill Blakeley

Such an amazing place!!!

Dan T

Well worth the visit. Informative and well done.

Joel from Seattle

Historic records, photos, newspapers show the lifetime of Truman, "The Man From Missouri".

Richard Batte

A great guided tour. A wonderful place and really enjoyed it. Makes one really appreciate President Truman.

Richard John Zarr

One of our best presidents!

Mari Campbell

Educational and entertaining. I now have a much better understanding and respect for our 33rd U.S. President. A must see for all ages.

Jim Young

It was nice to see where President Harry Truman lived most of his life.

Dave Conner

Great tour highly recommend for history buffs

Paul Werner

Give em Hell Harry!

Janos Perkins

The visitor center gives a good introduction to Harry Truman's life through the film. After looking through the visitor center, touring the home is special because it has been left like it was when he & Bess lived there after his presidency. You get an appreciation for how simply they lived their lives, especially considering that he had served as a senator, vice president, and president. It gave me a new appreciation for who he was.


Take the tour! Truman lived the rest of his life here after his presidency. He was a humble man. No pictures allowed in the house. For more fun stay in the sercret service house across the street... It's an Airbnb!

Stefan Kunkoski

Nice place. Learned a lot about Harry Truman.

Mark Boyer

A very interesting glimpse into the home life of the former president and his family.

Liz Savery

This was a fun little detour for us. We learned some things we didn’t know; the museum is lovingly maintained if sparse. Stop by!

Marcia Byers

It was nice. We didn't get to go inside. They visitor center was out of tickets.

Bryce Caster

Harry Truman's house can be visited on guided National Park Service tours. The house is pristine- his hat and coat are still in the exact same spot he last left them.

Michael West

Beautiful History. The Nolan House. President Truman's Cousins.

Melissa Morgan

Very interesting. I learned a lot.

Graciela Pacheco

Be sure to go to Visitor Center first to purchase tickets for the day. They run on the half hour, first come first served.

Maggie Dixon

Took my 4th grader for his Missouri report and enjoyed it immensely! Beautiful home and so much history; our guide was very helpful and funny! I would have given it 5 stars but the tour was very short in comparison to the size of the home. The guide said the upstairs wasn't open to the public, which was disappointing but overall it was very interesting.

Eric Torgerson

Great wish u could go upstairs though

Day Tripper

Get tour tickets at the visitors center (223 N. Main St.) for the ranger guided tour. (Free if you have a National Parks pass). It was amazing to learn the Truman’s donated nearly every single thing they owed in this house to the American people. Seeing everything left as it was to the very last day, it’s now like a time capsule. We visited March 2019

Barb Graham

Very interesting Museum. There is a replica of the Oval Office, great detail on Harry and Bess. Lots of artifacts and detailed information. The graves are on site at the library. We spent two hours there, and could have spent more.

Escobaria Gracilis

Interesting presidential home. You can really see how simply this former president lived. Good visitor center.

Chad Hembree

Wonderful history and lots of stories.

Emily Crain

It was kind of disappointing. We got the at about 9:30 (because we had to drive around searching for the visitor's center) and they were already out of tickets for the day. The visitor's center is about five blocks away and I guess you need to be there when it opens if you want to get tickets for the tour. So we could see the outside and that's it. There isn't really anything in the visitor's center besides a gift shop and a 12 minute movie. We were lucky to stumble across people coming out of the Noble House b across the street (Truman's aunt and uncle's house where he stayed while courting his wife) and it's set up with displays like a museum so that was cool to see. The ranger DID NOT inform us that this was here and part of the historic site even though we (and several other groups) were upset that we couldn't do the tour or really mitch of anything.

Matthew Shoe

Good tour of the Truman's home. Remember to get your tickets at the visitor center, located a few blocks east.

Adam Wiener

It was closed due to the government shutdown, but even closed there's lots to see, and on the NPS website there are videos you can watch or listen to while you walk around the area. Very enjoyable visit even being closed.

J Williams

Like a time capsule, you literally step back and see everything preserved in the home of our 33rd President. Surreal, even the calender where the housekeeper stopped marking the day Bess passed. Everything is kept immaculate, as if it was still being lived in. I have been twice, once with my father who grew up walking to school and waving to him, "Hi Mr. President." To see him tour the home was awesome. You stay on plastic runners and do not go off of them. As well, are not allowed upstairs. Tours are $7 I believe and in small groups. A must see. They did not live extravagantly by any means, but did own nice things. The house originally belonged to her family, but guide will give details. Both times I've been the guides were very informed.

William Butler

History loved it!!

marjeanne fisher

Learned more about President Truman than I did in school.

Eric Glock

It's not really a library, but a (historical) research facility--didn't go to the museum since it was $6--students; $8--adults. Also the library hours are more restrictive than the. Museum's!

Adolfo Olivas

Impressive in its simplicity

Tara Byard

The house is just as Bess left it. Beyond expectations.

Charlene Jordan

The Truman house is amazing. The tour guides are wonderful. You will be fascinated.

Mason Bryant

Really fun visit. Be sure to get to the visitor center EARLY to reserve a tour of the house. The house was so cool and very beautiful. It was left the exact same way from when the Trumans were living in it. Great weekend trip!

Phillip P.

Interesting place. Buy tickets downtown.

Gary Durrett

Very interesting to see

Nolan Martin

Very interesting. The house is just like Bess Truman left it when she died in 1982. Good tour guide. Small groups keeps it personal. Take a look at Harry's hat and cane hanging where he left it.


It was very informational. Worth the trip.

Ashley Johnson

A nice little piece of history but the phone tour peices need repaired as well as a few other interactive things that appeared out of order. It's cool to realize that you were standing in Truman's footsteps!

William Chittam

Really enjoyed touring the President' s home and neighborhood. Truman was a great man.

Barry Kindsfather

Amazing piece of history

Lynn Zook

You get a very interesting tour of the former President's home. The park ranger really was knowledgeable and let us ask all the questions we wanted.

Karen Simon

Very informative, Dave was funny and knowledgable!

Robert Riccelli

Excellent all around. Great displays and collection of memorabilia. Will give you a better association for Mr. Truman.

John Hodson

Harry & Bear's home just as they occupied it. Excellent narrative by the ranger/docent. Get free tour tix y blocks away; in mid-May we arrived around 1 and we're able to get the last 2 tix for 4 p.m.

Dave Marrs

Very well done museum. I visited after reading David McCullough's book on Truman.

Robert Matschiner

It's a very small but attractive late 19th Century home. 2nd floor access prohibited as stairway not designed for 30,000 visitors a year. If you're already in Kansas City you should see it sometime but not worth a destination trip.

Richard Carpenter

Everyone needs to refresh memory of our history and former presidents. President Truman played such a pivotal role in the end of WWII and the following war years. My lasting impression from our visit was Truman was very likely the last actual man-of-the-people who served as president. He actually lived a life in Independence that most of us live daily. I gained a renewed respect for this president.

Kristin Miller

What a great experience in history!! Really enjoyed the guided tour! Our tour guide was knowledgable & shared fun facts with us. It was engaging & so neat to be able to walk a day in Harry's shoes. Highly recommend to others.

Jeff D

President Truman is my favorite of all. This home captures him and his life, as well as his character and style. Very thankful we had this opportunity to visit.

DiAnne James

Beautifully preserved and presented. Nostalgic and informational

Deb S

Great displays. They have interactive ones for children.

krista carlile

Loved the history and preservation. The guides were very knowledgeable

Ronda Bell

A great day.

Ben Smith

The Truman home tour is only about 30 minutes. Stop downtown at the park office to watch the video and for tickets (each tour has a cap of 8). It's also where your Junior Rangers will complete their workbook This tour, and the Presidential Library, really showcase what the Presidency is supposed to look like.

Shawn Cloyde

Love the history... I can't imagine Truman road being called VAN HORN ... Glad it happened.

Kim Oswalt

Loved visiting this place. There was only 3 of us on the tour, so we were able to ask a lot of questions.

Susan Stevenson

So much fun while learning about his life

Denise Craigen

Make sure you plan this stop. Get to the visitors center early so you can get a spot in the tour before they "sell" them all out. The home is just as it was the day Bess Truman died in 1982 so it is a phenomenal place full of antiques and treasures. Unfortunately no photos were allowed inside.

Patricia Franco

Wonderful! We had a very comprehensive tour from Jeffrey. Thank you!

Kerry Vinson

Awesome guided tour of a great historic site. Well worth the time!

Brian Stephenson

Took our 2 scout troops to visit. The staff was great and we did get to see a lot of history. I had been here years ago and still found new things to see. I recommend this for all scout troops in the area to visit.

jill floden

Worth visiting as you get a first hand glimpse at President Truman's home life. Get to visitor center early to get free tour tickets as they only have 8 per tour group and it fills up quickly.

marie valenta

Very nice.

Ruben Villarreal

Beautiful place.

Gerry Morris

right down the street from our daughters house

Charley Clarissa

#LetsGuide family friendly The visitors center across the street has bathrooms and quite a lot of information in each room. If your children are young it may be difficult going through the home and staying on the path. The tour doesn’t extend upstairs. 5 and over would probably be fine. Under 1 would be ok, because the tour is short enough to carry your child. If you’re unsure. I’d split and have some go to the visitors center and the rest to the home. The Piano in the home is one of my favorites and check out the paint color in the kitchen. Tickets should be available on the Independence square.

Missy Lentz

Place was beautifully kept. Our guide was personable and nice. Was neat to see, but expected a little more for the money I paid.

Kathy Silance

We had a great tour through the Truman house.

daniel Meyer-Abbott

Great time.

Christina Cowan

My 1st visit to a Presidential Library! My husband and I had A Super Great time!♡

Don Martin

If you have a Nat'l Park Service card, admission is free. Tour of house is about 20 minutes long and only covers the first floor. To make the tour worthwhile, come prepared with questions to ask. Our tour guide was, in the main, a responder, not an initiater of information. Still, enjoyable the very simple life of a small town man who guided the U.S. through some big time crises and decisions.

Ruthanne Gash

Tours are in groups of 8. Sign up at the visitor center. It's a long 6 block walk to the house. Drive there if you're not up to the walk.

Harley Walters

I loved the tour. Very informative.

Deb Twy

The Harry S Truman National historic site preserves the longtime home of the 33rd president of the United States in addition to other properties associated with the former president. Tours are offered Tuesdays through Sundays, from 8:30 - 5, and tickets are first come first serve and limited to 8 people per hour. Starting on Memorial Day tours will also be available on Mondays. Tickets are required and can be picked up at the visitor center- located at 223 North Main in Independence. The home is meticulously maintained as it was when President and Mrs Truman were alive and features thousands of artifacts on display, including Truman's famous cane and hat. If you come on a sunny day you can also see the car Truman drove. The home gives visitors a glimpse into the personal life of the man often referred to as the people's President, the man from Independence who never forgot where he came from.

Berry Dennis

The Truman home is beautiful and it is a free tour. We would like to have seen more of the home though.


It is a very nice house, I know all the presidents, years of presidency, and more. I like the juinor ranger badge. The movie was great. If you live from Jefferson City, Missouri going west to Salina, Kansas I suggest going ☺ also go to the library

Peter & Teresa Friend

It was nice to learn and see how simple and true the Truman's lived.

Donna Criswell

Disappointing. We arrived on a Thursday morning at 10am & were told the next tour would be at 12:30. Not possible! Here is the problem: the tour is generally only conducted for a total of 8 people every 30min to an hour. If you want to do the tour, and we certainly wanted to but couldn't wait 2 1/2 hours, you need to arrive when they open, regardless of what day of the week, and block out the whole morning. They had a nice film & related artifacts. Also, a nice picture book of the house. I won't be back this way & wish we'd gotten to see this historic home of a special former POTUS. Block out the time if you want to see it!

Josh Carlile

Neat artifacts and very knowledgeable tour guide/rangers. Would rate higher if pictures could be taken in side

Ric Anderson

Very interesting, cool how the house is just as Bess left it.

Shelly Word

Truman had a tough job and made some momentous decisions. The museum exhibits offer a chronology of his time in office as well as some family and local history. Pres. and Mrs. Truman are buried in the courtyard. Students, historians, and citizens can all glean knowledge from this memorial to the president famous for the oft-quoted line, "The buck stops here!"

Lisa Jimenez

If you like history, this is a great place to visit.

Pamela Rhodes

Very friendly and helpful staff, quaint little town made this a very pleasant experience. Truman's house is beautiful, defiantly worth seeing.

Tatiana Ahad

Very nice and well kept. Easy to stop and see. I did not take a tour inside but it seems like the tours run often and are well liked.

Kathy Moore

President Truman’s home is very interesting. He returned to Independence after his presidency and lived a very frugal lifestyle unlike the presidents of today who come out of the job well off financially! Don’t miss this tour. It’s done by the Parks Service and you’ll need to pick up a free “timed” ticket for your tour at the Parks Service Visitor Center. You just see the porch, kitchen (amazing for its 1950s simplicity), dining room, and front foyer & rooms. The Park Ranger was extremely informative and knowledable.

Judy Johnson

The guide is very knowledgeable and relates well to visitors. As a child, I lived thru HST presidency. I learned more about the former president, his home in Missouri, and his personal interests in one hour than I knew in my lifetime. I would visit again in a heartbeat. Don't miss this area or the Truman House. He was the President of the People.

Jack Jinkerson

Its alright not bad but alright

Doris Odell

We could not go inside because of the government shutdown. However I know it is going to great when we come back next year!

jessee reeves

Awesome place.

Craig Hawkins

Really nice learning experience

Emanuel Mavres

The library was actually very interesting. You can watch a 45 minute video of Harry Truman's life story. There's a replica of the Presidents office at the White House. Harry and his wife are buried here as well. Definitely a must see for history buff. $8 charge to get in for adults. Some discounts are available for military.

Ken Harrison

Having grown up in Independence but moved away 30 years ago it was great to come back and see Harry Truman’s home on the inside led by a very knowledgeable national park ranger. Everything was well preserved down to the 1972 Chrysler Imperial parked in his garage.

Sonya Lucito

Very informative watch the videos first then take the tour. Allow about 2 hours.

Greg noway

Love history, and it is very well set up.

Sandra Curtis Aamold

Wonderful. So glad to see personal more humble side of these leaders. Makes history more real. Thank you

Tricia Bilodeau

I wish I had more time to explore this Presidential Library. We arrived about an hour before it closed. Will have to do additional research on my own.

Ray Allen

This is a great place where history is related in a interactive and sensitive manner. I’ve been to almost all the presidential libraries and this one is really really well done. Spend at least 1/2 a day here. It is the best thing in Independence

Brittany Kersting

Would have liked to go upstairs. But the tour guide was delightful!

William Smiley

Really. He was from here? Oi Vey!

Star Power

Let's go back in time to the right experience with our President of Missouri.

Heather Campbell

A very important piece of American history. The rangers are great, and the home is well-maintained. The tour itself is pretty short, because it is just the ground level. The site extends across the street to the Noland home, so make sure you stop in there. You MUST buy your tour tickets down the road a bit on the square, at the visitors center, before you arrive at the Truman home.

Donna C

I learned a lot about him and his wife. The home was well done, and the guide well informed and entertaining. It is not with the Truman Library, so plan to get your tickets and schedule information directly from them.

Mark Jansen

I didn't get to go inside, they have very limited number of tours on the weekends. You have to go 4 blocks away from here to the downtown office in order to buy tickets to get into the tour. Then they will let you know when the next tour is scheduled up, and you can go on the tour. You can't just walk up and walk in after buying a ticket.

Kathleen Gray

A place everyone needs to visit! Getting to know the history of our Presidents should be on everyone's list. Going to a Presidential Museum and Library of a president is the only way one will get to know the facts.

J Jinx

Cool place and worth checking out, especially if your a history buff or just a Truman fan but independence is not a great place to put mildly

Shawna T

Wonderful tour guide named Al when we went though the home. I love that his car is still in the garage like he never left the place. Very cozy home. I felt like I was at my grandma's house visiting. Very fun place to visit

Richard Pinkelman

We'll preserved

Nancy Something

Go to the headquarters near the town square first to schedule a tour at the actual house. The headquarters has interesting info, and is next door to a jail Frank James (Jesse James' brother) was held in for a time, too

Neil Lambert

Doesn't feel like a museum house. No velvet ropes to stay behind. You feel like a guest in the home. Fascinating view into how they lived after the white house.

Rick Black

Very interesting, worth the stop if you like history.

Gordon Ruth

Thoroughly enjoyed our visit. Thought the museum was well laid out and all displays we're very informative. I'd highly recommend it!

Bryce Kuder

Very informative.

Auston Wheeler

Had a great historically inclined time.

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