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3235 W 76 Country Blvd, Branson, MO 65616, United States

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REVIEWS OF Titanic Museum IN Missouri

Matt Haviland

Amazing place to visit. Don't take your kids to the gift shop. I spent $120 on one child ha

Lee Larkins

Very neat, lots of history. Didn't care for the little recorder type thing they give you to carry around and listen to different people tell bits of their story. But it was an excellent exhibition.

Teresa Montejano

Was pretty cool. Lots of photos of passengers. Would go again. You can put your hand in water to see the temp of the water

Anthony Berry Jr

Very interesting peace of history. I enjoyed it very much.

Austin Heinen

Thought the admission was a bit high, $60 for 2 people, but otherwise this is a really cool museum. It really captures a lot of the elegance and feel of the ship.

Scott Liszewski

Very educational. Nice audio tour. I enjoyed this museum a lot more than I thought I would!

Jeff Jorgensen

Very detailed and excellent exhibit. Well worth the price of admission.

Kady Z

We did the flashlight tour. The tour guide was amazing. We took our two children ages 9 and 7. Everyone loved it. It was moving and made you feel like you were apart of the history. I would recommend this tour.


I'm not much for museums & I had pictured this place alot differently in my mind but it was amazing I loved it & learned so much!

Jo Ryder

Outstanding museum with information for visitors of a wide range of ages. Audio your great for adults and there is a special audio tour for younger visitors. Workers within the museum are very knowledgeable and can answer most any question. Take your time... Watch available video clips... Read as many placards as you can... And learn something new each time you visit.

Richard Eshelman

Detailed and authentic. Well worth the price of admission. Lots of knowledgeable staff dressed in time period costumes.

Diana Turner

Very cool tourist attraction. You definitely get a sense of who the people were on the boat, what happened that night, and why it occurred. Very well put together exhibits.

Tamara Metcalf

An wonderful experience! The staff made it seem so authentic! The gift shop had nice variety too.

scott raby

Interesting exhibits and very knowledgeable staff but watch your pocketbook it's a bit pricey

Sherelle Harris

Very interesting. I wish we could've taken our own pictures as we toured the facility.

Rachel Christine

Really interesting history. No way you can read everything in one trip. I wouldn't take young children though.

Whitney Schrock

This place is as good as the Titanic Museum in Tennessee. What impressed me was the sizabe amount of personal items "aboard". The "crew" was courteous and helpful and knowledgeable. They did fairly well at trying to help you understand the setting of 1912.

Joshua Kingsley

This Museum was absolutely awesome! The characters we're alive and well at this exhibit. The historical accuracy as well as it's significance, was overwhelmingly astounding. This is a great family place. As you enter the place you are given a boarding pass with an actual name of one of the passengers on board, afterwards you get to learn their fate did they live did they survive, or did they perish with the rest. Numerous actual artifacts and photos were present. You are also given a listening device so as you go through the entire exhibit that you can listen and learn about all kinds of different people artifact photos the makeup of the ship how it was built what happened it's really got a lot of detail!

Jennifer King

What an amazing experience. Really thought this to life. I and my children enjoyed the audio tour that shared so many details about this event and the people and time.

Michael Grady

Very nice & equally as sad. Curators were nice, also informative.

Esther Good

Loved it. It has a lot of info in an easy-to-understand way. Being a passenger adds a personal twist!

Lalonnia Gatewood

Very informative self guided tours. Their inventory changes from time to time and you have the opportunity to experience the actual water, and air temp that the people of the Titanic had to endure. This was our second visit.

Pamela Cook

Very interesting museum. It's a self guided tour,and you're given a recorder to listen to whichever you want. Well worth the price of admission. We paid $14.00.

Brittany Howell

The audio recorders are nice having when thier crowded, but I remember going when they had tour guides. I felt like that was a better experience. Still had a great time with the family.

Shelley Seguin

Wonderful. The museum is well-laid out and very informative. Self-guided audio-tour is so well-done. We spent a very enjoyable afternoon here.

lafe denton

YAWNNNNNNNN Unless you are stuck in the 90s and liked the movie. This place is just another overpriced tourist trap. If you need to see a replica of the stair case, some broken plates, rusty spoons and photos then go.

Anne Callcut

So much history. You learn about the ship being built. You learn about the crew and passengers. The staff is very knowledgeable. If you have any interest in the is a must visit.

Pam Gerhardt

Good place. Like that they had audio for kids too. Would like to have seen more relics from ship. Otherwise it was a nice museum.

FAB AFTER 40 MeliBloom

I enjoyed the museum it was awesome. I have issue with the audio things they give kids. Kids swung them around some over their head. I was there yesterday and I got hit no less than 4 times by little brats.

Steve Creech

Really enjoyed the history and drama of the story. Laid out before your eyes with wonderful docents to explain the details.

Kevin Whipple

Great time & go at your own pace. Head sets give you great insights


No cameras which was disappointing but understandable. All 3 of us were survivors!

Ray Tay

We love Titanic exhibits, and have seen many.. this one fell a little short of what we expected, but a nice trip still. No regrets, very cool

Bradford Ogata

Very cool experience. I recommend doing the hands on parts. They have a separate self-guided tour specifically for kids.

Peggy Shimkus

This museum was a touching and educational memorial to all of the people who lost their lives on that fateful night when the Titanic sank. Kevin, one of the tour guides, was extremely knowledgeable and very passionate about his position in the museum. Another must see!

randy rehmert

Good and helpful but too much reading and listening to stick thing that nearly can hear? If you have hearing problem it is not good to go?


Loved the history part of it. They have a very knowledgeable staff, my 6 and 8 year old like having an audio guide they could carry with them.

Kimberly Schueler

So much fun. My person lived and so did my family.

Betsy Dunbar

Had wonderful unique 'hands on' exhibits, like shoveling coal into a boiler, the pitch of the ship as it sank, and how cold the air and water was. You're given a card at the beginning of the tour with the name and bio of a passenger or crew member, and as you go through the museum, you can learn about what happened to them. The docents are scattered throughout and are very knowledgeable. Especially enjoyed the enthusiasm of those who were history students.

Larry Haufle

My wife and I found the experience to be very interesting. It is possible to get through the museum very quickly, but If you take the time to read all of the information that is posted throughout the museum, you can really start to put the story together of what took place. The time you take to absorb the material will determine your experience—this will not be a quick trip if you read the material and watch the presentations. The staff was also very friendly, and extremely knowledgeable. Be sure to ask questions because they can fill you in on details that are not posted in the museum. We asked the gentleman who was playing the piano about the how accomplished all the musicians on the ship were and he was able to give us, in rich detail, information about the those who performed on board and helped separate the facts from the fiction that was brought about by the movie

Emily Crain

This place is amazing! The only negative is that you can't take pictures inside. Younger have so many artifacts as well as being modeled after the titanic. The staff were extremely knowledgeable. When you go in you're given a boarding pass of an actual passenger and at the end you find out if that passenger survived. My entire family enjoyed the museum, including my 3 and 5yo boys. We all learned something new too! It's definitely worth a visit!

Lara Denniston

Loved it and will be back! Loved all of the history and two of the guides, Jack and Rod were so informative.

Wendy Trester

Very well done museum to capture the memory of the Titanic. My 6 yr old was a bit less inclined to read the memoirs, but my 9 yr old loved it. He did a science project on it last year and it truly enhanced what he had learned. You become a passenger and can discover if you lived. It makes the story more humane and tragic. The favorite part was the room dedicated to the musicians. All of the workers were true to the parts and made you feel as if you were a true passenger.

Bethany Zemaitis

So well done. Best titanic museum yet and I've been to a few. Very thorough and detailed. Staff was knowledgeable and they paid respect to the event. A little pricey, but worth it for the experience.

Kathleen Walker

Great museum! Tons of real artifacts and information about everything Titanic. I feel this museum does a great job paying tribute to the ship and it's passengers. My husband and I got married on the grand staircase 5 years ago and we just had to come back for our anniversary

Kaitlyn Caldwell

I loved it! The iceberg, the coal, the grand staircase, the stories, the sinking in stages, the freezing water, my passengers story, all the information gathered about those people. ♥️ This was amazing. My two year old even enjoyed dancing, the photos, the hands on stuff, etc.

H. Webb

Great experience. It takes approx. 2 hours to get through the entire experience without rushing, listening to the audio guide and reading most of the luterature. Even my 7 year old cousin was able to stay with it for a good hour and a half before becoming weary. Do pay a visit!


Fantastic experience. The fun started just waiting in line. Way more than I expected, and I'd love to go back sometime.

Kristina Clark

We came to Branson specifically to see the Titanic Museum. My husband is a huge history buff and loved the experience. I especially loved the room with info about the musicians. There are no photographs allowed, but they have a place where you can take a photo in front of a green screen.

Angela Perry

A lot of artifacts. A lot of info about the Titanic and the event that led up to the sinking. Interaction, photo, simulation will keep you interested through the approx 3 tour

Jay Cozart

Great experience. Learn alot of the history and how it truly went down. The artifacts are amazing. You get a boarding pass of people who.were on the ship. You find out at the end if you were a survivor or not. Plus see the history of the survivors lives. Literally got lost in time hearing and reading the history. Great place

sue johnson

I loved it , so much history there . I could spend all day in that one place .

Grady HT

We spent 2.5 hours in this attraction! From the moment you walk in you are greated by very friendly staff dressed in period clothing. You will be handed a boarding pass with the name of one of the passengers that was aboard the ship and you can find out if the survived or perished. I love that this is self guided and you can take your time looking at everything. You can become totally immersed in the whole experience! I'm not going to say anything more about it because I want you to have the same awe struck experience that I had! Photography is not allowed. Phones need to have the fingers turned off. They will have a photo staging area where you can purchase photos.

Katie Kelly

I could've spent an entire day here, but I only had two hours. The staff were very helpful and knowledgeable. The survivor stories at the end were very interesting, but I didn't have enough time to read many of them. This museum holds your interest with the many true-to-size exhibits. The entrance fee was very reasonable with the Groupon I purchased. I loved every minute!

Sara D

I've been wanting to go to a good Titanic museum for years and I finally went. What a great and in-depth experience. The detail of having a passenger assigned to you makes following their story feel very intense. I love all the models of rooms of the different classes and the grand staircase is breathtaking. The staff is very knowledgeable and happy to answer questions - really I couldn't have had a better experience. We took 3 hours and read almost every plaque so that's about how much the place has to offer. The gift shop is also very reasonably priced!

Amanda Aynes

This museum is great for all ages! My 8 year old daughter loved it! It was really educational and my husband enjoyed learning more about the small facts of the Titanic. They give each "passenger" a card upon entering telling you which passenger you are on the ship. You learn towards the end if you lived or died. Anyone coming to Branson should go to this museum.

Kris Krahenbuhl

Visiting the Titanic Museum was a treat. This was a self guided tour with a portable audio box that provided you with an audio history clip at every point of interest. We enjoyed viewing and hearing all about the Titanic!

Chocolate Chip

LOVED IT! There were so many people I was rushed through. WOW what an amazing way to capture such a horrendous event. Loved seeing the size of cabins, getting to feel the temperature of the water that night, seeing photos of passengers! I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to go through the museum!

Teresa Treadway

Great place. Have been here several times. Love taking the grandkids.

Bethany Toates

We loved it. They print the photo they take of you and if you don’t buy it they throw it away... for the price you should be able to take a photo they already printed home with you. you’re not allowed to take photos either.

F Middleton

Very interesting and informing. Artifacts and history are top of the line. I recommend this as a must see when friends and family go to Branson.

Karri Alexander

Just the BEST experience! The staff was knowledgable, made it a very emotional tour... I actually teared up when our excellent tour "guide" told the story of the musicians that perished with the ship...they were so very brave. All the stories of both survivors and victims made it very can even feel how cold the water was on that fateful night....

Jules Crego

One of the highlights of the trip. I wanted history and education, not entertainment and 5 was not disappointed. The staff who covered the areas of the tour were very knowledgeable and enjoyable. You receive a passenger card when you arrive of an actual passenger and learn their fate at the end of the tour. Great tour!

Janet O'Connor

This was an amazing self guided tour.. Huge displays of incredible artifacts. We loved the pictures and stories of who survived and who did not.

Sheree' Wood

I was honestly surprised at how much my family and I enjoyed this museum. It is very well designed and informative. I recommend to anyone in the area that has a couple hours to kill. My kids are 11 and 15 and both said "that was pretty cool" upon leaving.

KSMO Phones

Although I appreciate the history, I was very unhappy they chose to the use of this tragedy in such a commercial way. I expected a memorial atmosphere, and was instead, greeted with a boarding pass with the name of a passenger and asked to discover whether I lived or died. It was heartbreaking to hear others making this a game, and the photo we had to pose for to move on, acting like I was in the movie was very inappropriate. I did find however, that I may be related to one of the passengers, so will look into that.

Michael Schneider

This place was really interesting. The story is so impactful. It makes it very real to read the different stories of all the passengers

Bianca Clymer

It was very intresting. I would have liked some more interactive things for us while there but it was very cool and I love that we got to be a passenger and found our fate at the end.

Kenny Phelps

Would go back very informative. Fun to explore

Marlin Thompson

Very interesting exhibits and knowledgeable guides who were friendly and made the tour even more enjoyable.

Gordon Freeman

Definitely not worth the $27 a person admission plus no video r pictures will not visit again although the staff was friendly

Eric Van Deusen

Very informative. Has ALOT of artifacts from the actual Titanic. The people that work there seem to really are about what they are doing. Highly recommend.

Angela Muse

We loved visiting the Titanic Museum. Mick the captain gave us a cup of tea and we loved listening to the stories. Each person knew so much about the Titanic. Well worth the visit.

Catherine Greco

Was a very nice experience, I loved that it was a self tour so you could go at your own pace. The staff was incredibly nice. My only issue was paying $75 for three people and not being able to get one small photo for free. Instead it was an extra $20+ for one picture. Other than that I have no complaints and it was a great experience!

David Josiah Berryann

The Titanic Museum is an amazing experience. Every visitor is a "passenger", taking on the identity of an actual person on board during the fatal voyage. No photos are allowed once inside, which is the only drawback.

Danielle D. Davis

Very neat museum! Go at your own pace. They did give us all people who were on the ship and the fates of each were revealed at the end.

Meghana Raja

There is so much to learn about the Titanic!! I had a really great time reading everything and spending two hours there. It was really interesting to learn about, and the museum is very well done.

John Smith

This was an amazing museum full of information that I've never heard about the Titanic before. Honestly, I wasn't expecting much given its it's a museum about the Titanic in Branson, MO, I was really surprised on how great it was. It was well worth the trip and I highly recommend it!

Mark Feiden

Really neat place to visit. Lots to see. Be sure to put your hand in the 28° water and see how long you can last. Very courteous staff. Had a wheelchair companion with us and the entire staff went out of their way for us with every courtesy and respect.

Connie Wiley

$30 per person, no cameras allowed. Would be more enjoyable to read a book than hundreds of typed messages on the wall! Very little actual titanic recreations, except for the stairway- but again NO PHOTOS! Because they take a picture of you-use multiple fake backgrounds cheapest is 1 plain photo $25- $45 for booklet of faked background photos! Ridiculous!!! WISH I HADN’T GONE AT ALL!!!

Phillip Perot

Not as good as I had hoped, but it was interesting and informative. Even though you CAN'T take pictures, there are pictures of possibly every passenger. You can have your picture taken(see attached) for $25 to$40. The grand staircase(built with original blueprints) is actual size and one of the highlights. With groupon for two, picture and a couple of souvenirs we spent a little over $100.

Matthew Nikkel

A very humbling and informative museum. There’s a room that is cold it’s like you’re on the deck of the titanic then there’s water that you can touch that’s the same temperature it was that fateful night. Over 400 real artifacts, there’s no pictures aloud but there was so much stuff I’m sure I missed something.. there’s also an exact replica of the staircase that was on the ship. It’s definitely something to admire! Wouldn’t mind going back and seeing it again!!

Kerry Goforth

That place is amazing. Make sure you have a couple of hours free to walk through because you will definitely need them. I was told that they have over 1100 artifacts from the titanic. Its kind of pricey to walk through but its definitely worth it.

Franz Bruyere

It was a very interesting exhibit, and very sobering. When you start (at least for us), you are given a card with a name on it. The card talks about someone who was on the Titanic, and as you go through the exhibit, you have the opportunity to see if that person survived. The artifacts were amazing... think about it, a deck chair that actually was on the Titanic right there in front of you. I thought it was a very good way to show what happened that night, as well as tell about the people who were aboard (and who may or may not have survived).

Brian Stonge

Staff are awesome. Beautiful displays of this horrible tragedy but they honor those who perished in a respectful manner. Self guided tours are great in my opinion because you can go at your own pace and go back if you missed anything. No photos can be taken which was fine because that takes away from the essence of the tour. Also the First class stairway that was featured in the movie was there and wish I could have got a picture there. Awesome tour!!

Valerie Baker

Great place to learn about the great titanic. Great displays and story tellers.

Sunshyne Walker

Loved it very educational and my husband held his finger in water for 1 min 30 sec. Awesome experience!!! Encourage anyone to go! Today was actually the anniversary as well which made it even more better as we adventure throughout!

Sarah Wells

Very sobering but nice detail throughout. I liked that their was a kid option to listen to so it was a little less intense for younger museum goers

Amber Golden

I really don't recommend going here. Yes they have tons to look at but they don't let you take pics of nothing. So I see no point in paying $50 just to go look at something and have no photos to look back on. I understand some things are worth a lot and they don't want them stolen but that shouldn't stop people from being able to take photos. They could simply have certain things they don't let you take pics of. A lot of us don't live local so it's not like we can simply just go there anytime we want but what's the point in spending $50 on something you can never have photos to look back on? I wouldn't recommend going here.

Stephanie L

Was a wonderful experience. Its felt like we were actually boarding the Titanic. I knew it would be good but it definitely exceeded my expectations

Christina White

This was truly amazing! It was so nice being inside the replica titanic and the history writings, names and pictures of the passengers on board was simply amazing. Loved every bit of this museum. I brought home a replica tea set they used in first class!.

Liz Fifield

Loved it here! It was a solemn experience, of course. They had a wonderful balance between respecting the memorial and sharing the stories in a fun and entertaining way. I learned so much about the Titanic, and absorbed it because they keep it interactive and engaging. Definitely a good place to bring kids, since they have displays specifically at their height for they to look at and feel and learn from. Definitely recommend!

DeAndra Smith

Very enjoyable! Good customer service. Interesting to feel and empathize with the Titantic passengers! Who will you be?!

Anne Hardy

Very interesting. Learned a lot about passengers and their ordeal on the Titanic. Felt a little like I was there onboard this ship.

Erin Gwaltney

Incredibly moving. It was a nice mix of reading and hands on so my 6 year old didn’t get bored.

Daphnie Peak

Great experience but not good for young children. Save your money if you were planning on taking children. They would have more fun doing other things.

Nicole Atterson

Such a great experience. A lot of information. Well worth the money.

Jamie Trobiani

Well worth the money. My 9 and 12yr old love it. They make the experience fun for the whole family.

Donna Reed

Truly awesome! The staff are so in character and welcoming. The exhibits are so worth seeing. Highly, highly recommended!

John Simmons

Larger and more interesting than expected. I definitely learned some things.

robyn Tramontina

Very informative & interesting!! It's a self guided tour and is very well set up. When you go in, you get a boarding pass of a real passenger & at the end, you find out if you lived. My girls loved it!

Lester Epps

We were not impressed. We saw all of maybe 4 actual things from the titanic. A lot of drawings of the ship. The grand staircase reproduction is really a bust we were expecting to see this grand staircase and all you see is about one and half flight of stairs. One of the things in life where you say been there done that. Would definitely not recommend wasting your money. Taking pictures outside and going through the gift shop is the only thing I would recommend.

Oehlerking Farm

Awesome learning experience. Staff was excellent. It is a self guided tour so other people can be a distraction but still worth the money. Staff is very knowledgeable.

Nick Goodman

From the moment you enter you are met but friendly staff. The atmosphere of the entire museum is outstanding. The displays are mind blowing. Overall the displays are informational and entertaining. The staff are always nearby to greet you and help in any way they can. Definitely recommended for everyone. My only complaint (which I also understand) is photography is not allowed.

Jeff Snell

Fascinating exhibition with self guided tour. It is cold in there. Dress warm.


It’s really impressive that so much detail and care is taken into showing how these passengers must have felt. You really are able to put yourself in their shoes. Great museum. I do feel I got my money’s worth. I would love a cafe attached for some titanic food afterwards.

Rob Koogler

Very cool! If you're interested in the Titanic this is a must when you're in Branson. The kids will love it.

Rashele Shoun

Looks super cool. I didnt get a chance to go in but here are photos of the outside of the building. Its interesting for sure!

Deborah Everson

This is a fun exhibit. The pianist they had played beautifully and shared great stories about the musicians. I loved that it was an interactive museum.

mo dc

Horrible accident, but very well done attraction. Very interesting and very well done. The staff was friendly and helpful. My only complaint, because I'm cheap, I thought it was over priced for the admission. But I know most tourist places are over priced.

Sandi Middleton

Eerie and sad. But a part of history. Highly informative and very interesting.

Cody Willcutt

This is such an awesome place to visit! I spend more and more time in here every time I go! Last time was 3 hours. But I think I could spend a whole day in this museum, and I still wouldn't see everything!

Linda Bliss

It was outstanding. I had seen the traveling exhibit several years ago. This is even more amazing. Lots more to experience. Well worth the price. Spent over 2-1/2 hours So much to see.


The best museum I have ever been to. Kids and adults should all be apart of this. Great price, very interactive even for all the kidos. Definitely over exceeded my expectations.

Melissa Frandsen

I was thoroughly impressed by my visit to the Titanic Museum on Friday, July 27th, 2019. It is a self guided tour, but we spent 3 hours in there going at our own pace. You are given a speaker to listen to at different stations throughout the museum. The staff at Titanic are always in character, and they are so knowledgeable with facts about the Titanic. The museum is really well done with so many different artifacts and is a great memorial to those that lost their lives on the ship and to those that survived. You are given a boarding pass at the beginning of the tour with facts about a passenger on the Titanic. You find out at the end of the tour if they survived and some more information about them. It was lovely. I also liked the different interactive exhibits they had. You are able to stand on different slanted versions of the boat that was replicating different times of it going under, and they also had water you could feel of the temperature of that night. If you have a chance to visit the Titanic museum in Branson, I would highly recommend it!

Ashlee Finley

This was super interesting. It is kind of pricey (30 dollars a person for adults) but it really does a great job honoring all aspects of the Titanic. You aren't allowed to take pictures. They have several really cool exhibits that show you how cold the water was that night and there are several slants that show you the angle as the boat was going down. Truly amazing

Sarah Stanley

This is a really cool place to visit for history buffs. The museum walks you through the building of the Titanic as well as life on board and the unfortunate events that took place during the voyage. It is fun for all ages. I remember traveling to the museum as a kid and I liked it enough I wanted to come back. They create an interactive experience and you are even given a passenger character sheet so you can see if you "lived" or "died" at the end.

Patricia Edwards

It was an exceptionally wonderful experience! It was a dream come true! I love the walk through of the museum and appreciate anything that I see or learn that I may not have done so before. I love the displays of everything! It seems to match everything that was in the movie. You feel like you have your own personal unique experience with every beautiful breathtaking scene that you walk through and their little shop is wonderful! You can buy your favorite types of things to take home as treasures to remind you of that wonderful love story movie Titanic! And they take your picture with your family and friends so it is like having your own experience because you can choose to buy the picture if you wish! I love it and I want to keep coming back all the time! The beautifully made tiny ships that you can buy and countless other items make the place well worth the visit.

Jo Bly

Very informative and interesting. Can go at your own speed through the exhibit. Having a ticket with the name of a real passenger made it more real.

Ray Eaton

One of Bransons most heart touching attractions. A chance to step back in time and make new friends who lived large in 1912. Captain Edward Smith, Jocko Hume, Violet Jessup extraordinary lives worth remembering. Well worth the time to visit for the whole family.

Tyler Hicks

A place indeed worthy of me being here, not many museums out here are as great as this one, much respect for this museum.

Pat Vaughn

Everyone that work there we're kind and courteous. I'm handicapped and it was all very easily and accessible for me. The history the information we're all right on the money well worth the cost

Susan Bartlett

This museum had amazing artifacts and was a wealth of information along your "voyage". The experience of following along one of the passengers was an added bonus that kept everyone engaged. A good place to visit, my recommendation is most fun for ages 10 years and older.

Berk Berkley

Must see attraction, move at your own pace , kid plus family friendly, handicapped accessible. Great details , the entire staff can answer questions at drop of the captains hat . I would go back thru this location in a heart beat . We got free concert by a great pianist. Every step of museum was great experience need at least one hour half to devour great history knowledge, history buff haven..

Michael McConaughy

Very engaging experience. You can walk through at your own pace. They give you a device to use that will give you information about all things Titanic. They even have one that will explain to children in a way they will understand. Due to laws you cannot take pictures. When you go in you get a boarding pass with an actual passenger's name. When you get to the end you find out if your person lived or not.

Tammy Mccabe

There were lots of very interesting artifacts to look at. And we were given an audio speaker to listen to additional info about them, too. Unfortunately, we were stuck between 2 rather large tour groups full of seniors who would not move out of the way for us to be able to see much, and their guides spoke so loud that the audio speakers we had been given were useless because we could not hear them with so much other commotion going on. We finally gave up and left because of it all.

Mandie Lorge

I would say this was a cool experience overall, especially for someone who knows a bit about the Titanic already. I'm not sure we went at the best time because it was busy. I envisioned it being more like a museum where you could walk freely but we ended up basically standing in line waiting behind people to look at exhibits. Plus, we were only given 2 listening devices for 5 of us. They said just to share them but that wasn't ideal at all. My favorite part was the card they give you at the beginning that has a real Titanic passenger. You can find your "person" throughout the exhibit.

Victoria Nabual

This was an excellent museum. The staff was courteous and dressed in character. They were also patient in that they answered all of our questions in detail. The museum itself was intricate, clean, and full of interactive activities and plenty of artifacts of course. We enjoyed our time as this was a family trip and I'm so glad that we put this into our plans while in Branson!

Jeanette Johnson

Informative guides, great displays, audio to pull you into the time of the Titanic. Liked concept of becoming a passenger. Needs outside area to take your own pics with family. Photos taken by staff inside, but none were good shots and a bit expensive.

Jasmyn Tucker

Breathtaking! The self guided audio tour is really neat, I would rather look and listen at my own pace rather than keep up with a group. Their hands on exhibits are really cool also. You really get to understand what it was like; the ship sinking, the cold air and water. Family friendly and just a really interesting place.

CR Rodriguez

This museum was so good. The music room was the emotional. The staff was very knowledgeable in the events that took place so many years ago. We will definitely be back.

Tina Mischke

Maybe a little pricey for my taste but they try to make it worth your while. Probably best to go on a less crowded day so you can spent more time with the exhibits and audio tour. No photos or video allowed inside.

Terry Vaughn

Great attraction. A lot of history and sadness. Sad that so many more lives could have been saved. A lot of great artifacts you won't find elsewhere. Staff was so friendly and informative.

Rebecca Poage

Great tour with some authentic items and convincing replicas. Emotionally moving experience. Educational. Staff are warm and period costumes fill out the picture.

Gay Kramer

I don't think it was worth the price you pay. It was interesting to learn some facts you didn't know & the pictures were very interesting also. It was also sad to see, especially the families that stayed behind because there were not enough life boats for all to go. There were only a few original artifacts there, but interesting to see.

Rayce Reynoldson

Extremely over priced for the small amount inside. Pictures cost almost as much as it is to get in. Save your time and money. Not worth it in any way.

Ashlee Wofford

Our first time visiting and we loved it, the staff were amazing, the audio tour worked perfectly. It was very informative and really gave you the whole picture of what and how everything happened. It was a very emotional experience, but we enjoyed it and had a great time

Stephanie Swatzel

I have always been interested in the Titanic and this museum did not disappoint. I loved all of the information and the interractive displays were a lot of fun. The only improvements i would personally enjoy would be the opportunity to take live pictures on the grand staircase, and more artifacts, as some of the recordings talked about items that were supposed to have been there but were not.

Chalee Johnson

I was here for a few hours and very easily could have spent a few more. The history of the titanic, the stories of the passengers and crew and several artifacts. This was well done, a great place to get a little History and beat the Missouri heat.

Mary Meridith

A fascinating and well organized exhibition using many different media to keep one's interest. Also very moving: I left feeling rather sad. Highly recommend this for both adult and children. There is a self guided tours available for adults and a different one is available for children.

Rojin Tiwari

Great learning experience, authentic and realistic impression of then Titanic, bit expensive ticket but it’s worth every penny

Sarabeth Moore

We have watched and read information on the Titanic, but learned so much more in the museum. It brought the more personal side of the passengers to the forefront.

Scott Phelps

Love this Museum it opened my eyes to the people on the boat and the lives they lived and what happened to them. Plus the band that never stopped playing. Would like to go back to learn more.

Muhammed Rasheduzzaman

My family members like this 'Titanic Museum'. Good place for the family and definitely they will like this place. Just remember one thing there is a big restriction to take the photograph in side the 'Titanic Museum'. The stuffs are welcoming.

Jlindsay 04

Very Historic vibe, tells an amazing story. The whole time I feel like a passenger myself.

Daniel Rivet

This tour was very good, you get an individual handset that allows you to move through the museum at your own pace explaining the places and items that you want to be explained the tour is very emotional. I highly recommend anyone who can appreciate history in real life stories to go to this Museum and event.

Richard Jensen

Great place to visit while in Branson Mo. Very enlightening and lots of stories about the passengers and crew.

Emily Mathis

Phenomal experience. Loved walking though, seeing all the recovered artifcats, and learning about my passenger. So many neat stories, really makes you think. The audio tour was really well done as well and kept us entertained.

Candace Berryhill

Definitely a full experience! We went to the one in Panama city beach Florida. It's not the same! Loved every bit of it


Loved the artifacts. The personal stories really made an impact on us. The museum did a great job in putting you on the Titanic itself. It was heartbreaking, yet you experienced the love and compassion of the crew and passengers. What they did, what they gave.

James McIntire

This museum is amazing. It was exciting for my 10 year old and also very educational. The tour really hits you in the feels throughout by connecting you to the passengers and crew on a personal level. I will definitely be going back next time I'm in Branson. They do not allow photographs inside the museum would be my only critique but I completely understand why.

J Patrick

Honestly.. this was the most incredible experience! I cant get over the details they put into this museum. The remaking of the cabins, photographs, Titanic ship model, the ability to feel the water that these poor people had to faulter in. Such a sobering feel. A wonderful employee told us a story as he played a grand piano, about the musicians that played for the passengers that were at their last moments.. just to give them peace. I'm still in awe!

Robyn Horn

I would of given 5 stars but it was a little pricey... however it was a nice way to cool off on a hot day *it is really cold in their* i liked that we could do everything at our own pace and they have things small children can do as well! The guy who directed us upstairs was a lot of fun too!!

David Fogarty

Better than I would've imagined! Definitely worth the time and money.


Great, interesting museum! Outside of building look just like the Titanic and the tour is very informative with great displays.

Dora C

Everyone should have this experience & DON'T rush thru it! The personal stories are Beautiful & Unforgettable! Also check out the awesome unique gift shop!!

james hodges

I've wanted to see this for so long! Well worth the wait, learned a lot! Very nice informative and helpful staff.

George Meador

Very thought provoking. Great artifacts and displays. Staff was always there to answer questions.


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