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5235 Oak St, Kansas City, MO 64112, United States Located in: University of Missouri-Kansas City: Volker Campus

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Where is The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures?

REVIEWS OF The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures IN Missouri


Welp it's a toy museum. I took my boys assuming it would keep their attention for awhile but a majority is doll houses and dolls. Most kids I assume would not appreciate museum's and turned out to be a kid torture chamber. Kids look at all these toys but u can't touch or play with any. Definitely geared towards adults. An hour there is plenty of time to see it. For what its worth some of those doll houses are true works of art

Francis Wong

This museum is simply fun and amazing! If you love to see the awesome details of miniatures and have the love of toys... this is a must see.

Hunter Shoptaw

This place is amazing. Even if your not overly enthused about miniatures you still need to see this. The artistry and craftsmanship exhibited here is nothing short of exceptional. At the miniscule cost of entry this museum provides a look at not only awe inspiring constructions but also brings back memories of childhood no matter your age. There toy collection is probably one of the most laid out and amazing collections I've ever seen displayed. Everything, including the staff, was thoughtful and welcoming. I have the feeling my wife and I will make our way back many times to enjoy this hidden gem in Kansas City.

Elizabeth Campbell

I took my son and we just marveled at the older toys and our memories. He loved the two-story revolving structure with all the toys on it and we sat watching the marble installation for probably 20 minutes. Can't believe we haven't gone sooner!

Tina Sheppard

We loved walking through and seeing all of the toys we grew up with. Their collections of vintage toys, dollhouses and miniatures are amazing! I wish we lived closer so we could explore more of it!

Cory Capps

Very educational and a fun collection. The minatures show an insane level of and offer a window into little world's. The toy collection has something for every generation. It's a fun way to show grandkids what you played with as a child and learn about the history of toys going back before world war one and then wrapping up in present day.

Spencer Redman

So much to see!! Many high quality miniatures and toys.

Charles Benjamin Gay

Best place to spend the day with your family. The moments you share together will be the greatest you will ever spend. They will THANK you.

Haley Short

Honestly so cool. We spend a little over two hours here and could've spent more, but they were closing. Truly amazing stuff

Angela Muir

This is a unique and fun stop in Kansas City. Get ready to be taken back to your childhood in the upstairs toy galleries. You'll see all the popular toys from each year/decade, SO fun to reminisce! The museum is beautiful and all the exhibits are thoughtfully and creatively curated. My kids loved it as well as my husband and I. This is a great family activity in Kansas City!

Regina Erickson

Such an amazing museum, so much to see. I would have liked to have seen miniatures for sale in the gift shop (but you saved me lots of money by not having them!). Amazing miniatures, lots of hands on opportunities, informative videos. The toy museum brought back many fond memories of childhood. I look forward to visiting again in the future.

Kathy Bird

I find miniatures and toys extremely interesting.This Museum really made my day.Below I have posted photos . Items displayed within this museum.

Angelique Rickhoff

The miniature collection was vast and amazing. The second floor was a little more sparse - but since I love dollhouses was pleased to see more up there as well.

Nancy Steinacker

It's an amazing museum that allows you to relive childhood memories and marvel about the art of miniatures. Required stop for all visitors of the city.

Kel V

Staff are clearly passionate. Nice collection. 2 hours worth of great exhibits. A complete treasure!

Livin' like Jr

I loved it and I visited with my family. It is very interesting and fun. If there was a little bit more interactive parts, I would have loved it more but overall very fun.

heather reeves

this place is fantastic!! the whole first floor is filled with the most amazing miniatures. the most detailed dollhouse sized furniture, clothing, tools, plates... you could imagine. the craftsmanship and details are phenomenal. truly blown away. then the entire upstairs is a walk through the decades display of toys dating back to the 1700s!! very nicely done and inexpensive. your heart will smile with nostalgia.

George Edge

love the optical toys!

Shirl Maldonado

Beautiful amazing love it

Mike Maurisak

Fun place to see some highly detailed models and vintage nostalgic toys.

david Larson

This was way cooler and more interesting than I anticipated. Mind blowing craftsmanship in the miniatures and very cool collection of toys. Great deal for the $5 I think we paid for admission. Go here.

Rachel Ruebner

What a fun and interesting museum. The miniatures are fascinating! And the doll houses are incredible! Loved my visit here.

Sherri Foreman

Fun museum to see all the miniatures. Amazing !! Take your time to enjoy. Is tricky to find tho. It's not part of the University but it's on their grounds near the law school. Near the corner & diagonally across from a church. It's set up off the street on the right & the sign shows M/T. I'm sure I drove by it twice. LOL

S. Bills

Adorable new exhibit called A Space of Our Own--a must see!

SuLin Sehorn

My go to place when I have visitors! This is one of the best,interesting,fun places to visit in KC. Inexpensive and so worth your time. Every person I’ve taken leaves the museum in awe. I can never tire of the place! Many childhood memories will be remembered I assure you.

Brent Davidson

This is a toy museum, but it has a heavy dollhouse collection. In fact, more a doolhouse museum with toys.. However, i highly recommend it. I really enjoyed it.

Tashia Rogers

This was a delight. The miniatures are astounding! And the admission is quite reasonable.

Cathy Nelson

Wonderful walk through time.

Tina S

Had a lovely visit here. They have a wide range of miniatures, lots of toys, price is reasonable and military is free. Would definitely recommend to anyone!

Alankar Patel

A hidden gem. Entertaining for children and adults. They have a playhouse upstairs for children and fantastic rotating exhibits.

Paul OBrien

Was super impressed!!! I have lived in KC my whole life and knew of this museum but never went. Must see.

Sarah Eibeck

This was an extremely long and in depth tour for no more than I paid for that ticket, it was very very cool and I'm glad that I went. It was surprisingly busy to you would think this would be a small out-of-the-way attraction but no it was actually quite popular. The downstairs area has all the miniatures and there are a lot of them, I will say I was surprised that they were as recent as they were I was under the impression that they were much older but they are very cool nonetheless. The upstairs has a collection of dolls as well as toys that I think a lot of us could easily remember from our childhoods, there's the first PlayStation in there and that's embarrassing because I still own that and still play it on occasion

Moe A

Retro, modern and classic toys. It's more than that. It gives you a unique look into history.

Lindsay Herrera

We had a great time with the kids! It was much more interesting looking at the tiny furniture than I had imagined. I wouldn't be surprised if we visited again!

Paul Johnson

Awesome but had a very poor representation of 80's GI Joe, take the kids and the kids at heart. Miniatures were awesome.

Matt Gipson

Awesome place! Well worth visiting more than once

Dalma Kuti

Home to the world’s largest collection of fine-scale miniatures and an impressive size collection of toys ranging from antiques to more modern times items. I loved everything I’ve seen on a display and it brought back so many memories! This place is a must for all ages!

Matthew Bales

Lots of cool stuff not stroller friendly

Madison Durham

I've been twice now and loved both experiences! Both times I went for school-related reasons but this last time I was able to look around and not be lead by a guide. The guide was amazing but being able to look at what I wanted was very nice. The exhibits are fun and interesting and if you stick around to read and watch everything you really get more from the visit. I've included some random pictures I took on my phone while we're were there. I needed to take notes on my experience in the Toys From the Attic exhibit specifically for my course, but my favorite exhibits are the dollhouse one and the miniatures section on the first floor.

Michele Velasquez

It was awesome! Can't wait to visit again and bring the family.


More fun for adults than for kids. An hour is plenty of time there❤.

Marcy The Diesel Gypsy

This is a fun, quirky place to visit. The only problem I had was feeling dizzy from going dark to light so often. I understand that the artifacts are delicate and must be under subdued lighting. Lots to look at. Hard to take it all in with just one visit. Lovely little gift shop.

Lee McGraw

Unfortumately, this is one of the best kept secrets of our city. Everyone should take the time to visit this first class museum. You will surely come away glad you took the time to see some of the greatest artistic endeavors in the entire world. Kansas City is fortunate to have, in my opinion, one of the greatest creators of miniature pieces in the world. I cherish his friendship and therefore will not share his name in this post for his privacy but if you visit the museum you will see some fabulous examples of his talent. We are blessed by his ability and his artistic gifts (as well as the owners) and Kansas City thanks you for your time and effort in helping to create and maintain the Miniature Museum of Kansas City! Thank you...this historic treasure is one of the best of it's kind in the entire world. I eagerly anticipate the day I watch you on your upcoming TED performance.

Juanan Hill

Such an interesting place to visit. The scavenger hunt was perfect for my grandson and helped keep him engaged. I always recommend this museum to those who have never been.

Jonas Oliveira

Great place to visit!

Sally Casey

I'm not really into toys or miniatures so if I was just rating this for myself I'd give it a 3. A toy/miniature lover would probably give it a 5. My father in law brought us here during a family reunion. It was very clean, the staff were great, and the quality of the displays was very good. They had a children's craft that the kids enjoyed. I'd rate the craft at about a 4 out of 5 for both boys and girls age 3 to 11, but we had a bunch of older teens with us and they all also did it and seemed to enjoy it.

Amanda Sweetpeach

I really enjoyed this museum. The miniature artworks, replicas of actual paintings, furniture etc was amazing . Definitely a place to check out more than once

Anthony Zuccarini

Such a great place to take the family. The kids loved learning and seeing all the interesting toys and miniatures. I was even in awe.

Kirby Carder

The toy and miniature museum is a really interesting stroll down memory lane. However, it's not really for kids, so parents should know that. You really are looking at beautiful custom dollhouses, historic toys, and fine art miniatures. There aren't toys for kids to play with, but you buy some toys in gift shop so the little ones might be swayed to get over the disappointment of not being able to play with the toys that are in the glass cases. I went with my mother is it was fun for us to look at the toys that she and I played with when we each were children. When we went there was a special exhibit on marbles, which was really neat. I believe that they rotate these special exhibits, so there will likely be some other unique display when you go. I recommend that everyone check out this museum, it's a interesting space that I think most Kansas Citians don't think about checking out when they are out on the town. You will not be disappointed you did.

Daniel Israeli

There are so many different miniatures that are so creative. Like a mini piano that even though it may not work it still looks magnificent. All the little details are so interesting. The toys and the history of toys is also very interesting. From marbles to paratroopers this place has everything.

Nicolai V

Great fun for kids and adults

CT Holz

This was an interesting place to visit. Has a historical appeal for adults. Not a kid friendly entertainment activity.

David Pentimone

Great place to have your mind blown with some world class miniatures. Only $8 for adults and $5 for minors.

south house

It is amazing to see what people can do with their hands! Some have to be surgeons. The attention to detail is beyond belief. The Miniatures in this Museum are incredible! And I struggle to keep my shoe laces tied

Neil G

I was hesitant to go at first, but I'm very glad I did. The toy section is interesting, but the miniatures section is stunning. The level and amount of craftsmanship is just incredibly. If you have ever worked with your hands, you will appreciate the details in the items.


We took our grandsons (2 1/2 and 9) yesterday. It was so cool. The neatest thing happened. Some boys were asking about marbles and how to play. So one of the museum employees came and taught them and our two how to play marbles. She was so patient and so kind to the boys. Thanks for a great experience.

Ronnie Smith

Very amazing! If you like odd and mind blowing should go. 3+ hrs

Kristan Stewart

Took my kids here recently out of remembrance for my dad. My dad took me here when I was a kid too! I'm definitely attached to this place! And its $5 a person under 5 is free! So it was only $10 for myself, my 9 year old and 4 year old!

Yang Cheng

Awesome position! Expected to visit again with my friends in the future!

Miguel A Perez-Vargas

Beautiful Museum...impressive collection of miniatures

Julie F

Great place for children and adults. First floor is fascinating with the tiny furniture. The craftsmenship is amazing. The second floor will bring back memories from your childhood. There are toys from many different decades. A great experience.

Emily Kirklin

This place is a hidden gem. You would never expect something that sounds so boring to be so fascinating! The miniature works are seriously impressive. Favorite pieces are the desk with working lock and secret compartments (watch their video), and the painting on a pin head. We bring all of our out of town guests here, and at just $5, why not?

El M.

Absolutely adorable place. Much more miniatures than I expected. My mother and I walked around in absolute awe the whole time. We weren't so much interested in the toys and games area upstairs, but if you like tiny things you'll LOVE this place. There are tiny plates, clothes, pieces of furniture, dollhouses, etc. Anything small you could think of! The detail on every piece of art is astounding too. Definitely worth a visit!

Nicole Rachlin

Teally neat! Fun little scavenger hunt. Great for a few hours of entertainment

Tina Lloyd

Really Cool Place. The miniatures are amazing.

Josh Hendren

This museum is so much fun! First off, it's 5 bucks, and I so really, why not. But it's totally worth it! Within the first few minutes, I was already amazed at the things on display there. It's not just doll houses I assure you! The miniatures are fascinating, I kept having to remind myself that all these things I'm looking at are handmade! Then getting into the toy section, it's was so much fun to reminisce seeing all the history displayed. This place is definitely on my list to visit again.

Doug Abajian

Lots and lots of interesting items. Love seeing the toys of years past.

liz Elizabeth

My spouse and I did not even finish. Next time we will go upstairs where all the toys are. lol I was so amazed and fascinated with the miniature stuff, it is awesome!!! I am so glad we went today. Bathrooms are clean, staff was very very nice, it was wonderful time. We got to make Christmas trees. We will be going back! P.S. I've lived in the area all my life, 43 years and I cannot believe I've never been here. Shame on me

Morgan Owens

Very cool and interesting. I would for sure come back.

George Gould

Amazing. A lot of memories and fun.

E Boxx

One of the most memorable museums you will visit! Amazing collections. They sometimes have cool traveling exhibits (my favorites was the Barbie exhibit a few years ago).

Patricia Hanley

Have been here four times in the last two years and haven't seen everything yet. Going back today for trip five. Even though are only yearly visitors, we became members.

Sabrina Dooley

Beautiful handmade art .I love this place

Justin Klinger

Top floor is toys, bottom floor is miniatures. We had never been before. We stayed for four hours and we could have easily stayed longer if we hadn't brought the kids. Come for the incredible miniatures, stay for the fascinating toy history. $5 admission well worth it.

Danielle Payne

A must see! Toys for all generations! Very well set up and enjoyable!

Emily Abele

The most fascinating museum I have ever been too! The miniatures have so much craftsmanship and artistry - I wish we would have had more time to experience this museum (we spent 3 hours there)! Looking forward to going back the next time we are in KC!

Todd Konitzer

We really enjoyed this... time flew by.. great memories...

Susan D Cearley

Awesome very cool. No too crowded! Saw some amazing things! Fun for adults and children!

Alexander Vallar

I would use one word to describe this place and that word is nostalgia! The muesem was a constant journey through my childhood. Everyone in the muesem that day had smiles from ear to ear. This place is definitely in my Top 5 museums in Kansas City!

Suvra Roy

While visiting this museum, all I had in mind were toys and the fact that my little one would love to spend some time seeing them. As I entered here, it turned out that the miniatures were the ones that caught our notice and we all enjoyed it thoroughly. Not that the toys were not good even the toys kept all of us interested. It is a unique place to visit for the $5 that you pay. Minute details captured in figures including furniture, musical instruments, crockery, houses, tools and what not. Every object were amazingly finished and did not give a feel of cheap machine work. Many of them were interactive with voice overs, videos, etc. They toys take you back to your childhood and although might not be the only reason to visit the place, can still keep you engaged and kids would love it.

Ramona Bolton

Relived my childhood and my children's childhood. The miniature scenes are awesome!

Hrushikesh Vasista

Be sure to visit this. For 2-3 hours it could take you to a wonderland, irrespective of your age. The displays are really classic pieces of extraordinary and meticulous design and miniature craftsmanship. Each piece would evoke a 'wow' from you and proves that it's not a 'child's play'!

Elle Bea

My husband and I visited the great Kansas City in our 1 year anniversary. One of our fav stops was the National Tou Museum. The my size Barbie is 100% spot on from my childhood, and my hubs loved the army toys and Teddy Bear section. We will be future donors and we highly recommend.

Casey Hermanson

We spent the day there! Much to see and marvel at!

Carissa Small

Incredible little secret of KCMO!!! ❤️ Who knew this place existed or was so awesome?!!? Totally worth the visit!! Will be back. Loves the miniatures and the fun walk down memory lane with all the toys!!!

Nakoma Leone

AMAZING, great miniature furniture and houses/sets. It's especially fun with the activities they have. You can also see the marble museum and toys from your childhood!

Mona Whiteman

One of the best museums I've ever been in.

Sara Redd

Best collection of miniatures I have ever seen. The attention to detail and the variety of scales made it truly amazing. I also enjoyed the toys through the ages display. Kids enjoyed the scavenger hunt. Great place to visit and enjoyed by all who came from ages 6-63.

Carrie Feebeck

So cool. I liked to see how they put the miniatures together. So many teeny tiny minuscule pieces.

Keanen Farr

Really nice place with amazing miniatures and toys. It is not free but the price isn't too much for what is there.

terry goodman


Christy L'Esperance

So much fun for adults and kids. Make sure you pick up a scavenger hunt booklet at the front desk.

Patrick O'Farrell

Fantastic place to spend the afternoon browsing around all the exhibits, seeing what a lot of us "BabyBoomers played with. They have it all, from huge doll houses to great collection of HOT WHEELS.

JoAnn Taylor

It was close during the week...should be open Monday THUR Saturdays

Anna K

This was a neat stop. I've never been exposed to a lot of miniatures but the collection here is incredible and beautifully displayed. The toy collection is large and a lot of fun to look through. There's a good number of videos and interactive activities to see. Cute little gift shop too. A nostalgic person's dream!

Lauri Paniagua

Fun and playful content for all ages. I saw grandparents with their young grandchildren; college students; and groups of teens. They have a way to grow though. Some areas were dark without apparent reason. Some of the art work was not documented as to artist or medium. Two particular works were placed by what appeared to be the building's fans so when the fans 'kicked on' it was scary and unexpected to us viewers and it disrupted the 'mood' of the room. The store was nice and the flow from room to room was smooth. Very interesting.

Ashley Van Ross

This place is a great little spot hidden in KC. Their main exhibit changes often so there is always something new to see. The museum is “small” and I would say is more for older children and adults who enjoy vintage toys and thinking about their childhood. I would definitely recommend going and experiencing the museum.

Reality Check GA

Very Cool Museum with very little traffic. The Minatures are absolutely amazing with their level of detail. And the Toy Displays brought me right back to my Childhood. Worth a visit for Kids and Adults alike.

Paul Haushalter

Visited the toy museum and was surprised of all the small doll house toys which was an amazing collection. Felt they could have done a better job collecting more toys. I only saw one Lionel train. But the setup and interactive fact based knowledge and insight was very informative.

Roz Sillitti

Awesome. Want to go again.

Bills Schedule

A true gem! First floor fascinating miniatures....Second floor the Story of TOYS! If you are a bit older, you're sure to recognize some thing from your childhood.....and bring back a flood of memories!

Jordan Williams

My husband and I had a good time here. There were a few things kids would like but it’s definitely not a TOY museum with lots of interactive things for kids. We knew what to expect so we enjoyed it. Quietly walking around and sometimes Reminiscing over old toys. There were certainly more miniatures than there were toys. Very awesome though!

Jo Povall

I had never heard of this place before seeing road signs. A little hidden gem. The collection is amazing. We'll set out worth an exploration around with children and without.

Joel Snyder

Hi there, I took my mom, my daughter and myself to The National Toy museum after myself, my mom and I went to the National Toy Museum. My daughter really, really enjoyed going to the museum. I didn't take any photos of the museum when I was in there last Tuesday afternoon after we all ate our lunch... My daughter would like to give the museum a 5 out of 5 stars on the scale of 1 to 5 stars. But I give the museum a 4 out of 5 stars. If you're looking for a really cool museum to visit when you're visiting Kansas City, please consider going to The National Toy Museum in Kansas City by the Plaza library on Oak Street in Kansas City, MO. Sincerely, Joel Snyder

Derek M. Divito

An awesome museum. Much better than expected. Great to see all of the toys from the past. If you remember toys from the 80s there is a good amount of those there as well. Would like to see more interactive stuff but still an all around great museum. The rebranding of it definitely helps.

Ginger Murphy

Magical! The miniatures transported us into their impossibly tiny world, while the toys reminded us what it was like to be little kids! Worth a visit! We'd go back.

Lawrence Potter

Very interesting lot's to look at

Lance Jones

Really superb museum that is great for all ages. My 7 year old daughter loved it, as did my girlfriend and I (in our mid 30s). Exquisitely and painstakingly crafted doll houses from various time periods over the past century +. Vintage toys ie. Star Wars, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Lite Brite, Pogs, and so many more. And at only $5, and inexpensive afternoon for the family.

marcia hurlow

We didn't expect to enjoy the museum so much! The miniatures are on one floor and the toys are on another. They are organized by period as well as theme.

Scott Shanks

Truly a place that people of ALL AGES could enjoy! No matter the generation, all would enjoy and have nostalgic memories of childhood. I had a great time visiting that museum. The staff was very helpful if I had any questions. The downstairs of the museum is more "miniatures", while the upstairs is more "toys".

Raising 3Dinosaurs

Absolutely incredible. Took my children, and we all loved it. We loved the miniature portion the best, as we love to make small things, but the old toys were really cool too. It's an awesome place and a must go for KC.

Jolisa Doakes

Fun place to visit with the family. It brings back a lot of memories from childhood, and it's fun to remember the fun that was had with the different toys. I didn't see any See N Say's, maybe I missed them but good time.

Jackie Creamer

Saw many interesting toys, knowledgeable volunteers.

Andy Greenwald

I think the museum needs to make the experience more interactive and lively. The process of making the miniatures and the decisions would be so interesting to learn. There is some of that, but not enough. The toys should also be enhanced to explain the different era's and what changes took place to match that era.

Miboy Mathew

Great place to see toys!

Rachel Anderson

We only had about 2 hours so we had to move through pretty quickly. The miniatures and interactive activities were awesome. Was fun to reminisce and see how toys have changed over the years. Not really geared towards young children as many of the displays are at an elevated height; I had to repeated lift my seven-year-old so she could see what the rest of us were so fascinated by. But my 9,11,13-year-olds could have looked for many more hours. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Great way to spend a hot afternoon in the A/C.

Arron Centeno

Great place to see art and look a little into your childhood or the past. Great place to relax and bring kids.

Ginger Dereksen

The most unbelievable place I have ever seen!! The miniatures are incredible the artists are world renowned. What a wonderful hidden gem. After being there for 5 minutes I joined as a member and I don't even live here. Online several people have said you can see it in an hour I don't know what they were thinking. I could be there for days and still not see everything. The artisanship unbelievable. It only cost $5.

Terry OBrien

Wife has wanted to attend for some time. Wish I had gone earlier. This is treasure for Kansas CIty. Well presented, immaculately kept museum. I dreaded the 1-2 hours it was estimated it would take to tour, At 2 hours and 15 minutes after hearing dozens of 'wows' from my wife, 20 year old daughter and others, we were ready to go. Incredible miniature furniture on one floor and 2nd floor housed miniature toys and plenty of nostalgic toys as well. I highly recommend!

Diane McLendon

Fun museum with lots of interesting things in it!

Tay Forest

Very interesting to see a hoarders collection turned into a museum. The museum is awesome. The first floor is for adults and the top floor is children. The building itself looks like a sorority house and not a museum until you go inside.

Paul Vasquez

I’ve always loved miniatures. All of the intricacies and artisanal skill are absolutely magnificent in every piece. I love anything anatomy due to the field I work in, this is by far my favorite piece. Kudos to Loyd McCaffery “Articulation” 1993.

pam miller howard

Unique and interesting museum with rare miniatures, entire scenes! Toys from many eras. The volunteers love sharing stories and facts you might miss. Ask for a large "spy glass" to appreciate all the details.

Alyssa Rose

Definitely had a great family day there. My 5 yr old definitely enjoyed looking at all the toys.

Melanie V

i brought my 6 yo niece and she loved it! she was so excited to do her very first scavenger hunt. decently priced and fascinating for all ages. i especially loved the miniatures.

Clyde Thornton III

Great place to take the kids

Lisa Tracy

Fun place to take kids who enjoy history. The miniature museum was very interesting. We had a large group and we were able to be together but not crowded. Facility was nice and clean.

Molly Sachs

It was a great place to stop while in town visiting. The miniature dolls, furniture, houses etc were absolutely gorgeous and intricate. So much to look at and take in. The toy area was great and brought a lot of nostalgia to the childhoods of all ages. Incredible collection and very diverse.

Andrew Siegman

So cute and interesting. There's a lot to see here.


The miniatures were so extremely fascinating. A flea dressed in a top hat and tails was one of the marvelous miniatures. The toy exhibits were very interesting too.

Skie Pearson

This place was so magical! The staff was extremely nice and knowledgeable. I can't wait to go back!

Haydee Rios

Fun place for them family and informational really clean i went with my parents and my two girls everyone loved it so much the only down side is the price but is worth the

Bruce Smith

The National Toy and Miniature Museum is on my short list of TOP attractions to visit in Kansas City. Absolutely amazing collections, and beautiful facility!

William Robison

Very wonderful toy and miniature museum.

Heather Coleman

Took my 5 year old here, and she loved it. Was the perfect way of spending a couple quality time hours with her. They have all sorts of toys. The dollhouses were our favorites

Michelle M

Our entire family - grandparents and grandkids included - visited here and had a great time. SO many interesting exhibits. It’s like walking down memory lane. I learned about so many toys from before my time. It helps you see what life was like, what was going on as a society and what people were dealing with. They had a little scavenger hunt that kept the kids interested too. It’s definitely worth a visit!

famlly colliers

This was such a fun family museum! Only need about 1.5 hours to get through.

Keith Glasch

Why have we missed this place for three years in KCMO, it’s great! Very friendly staff and memory jogging exhibits are the highlight of this museum. Parking is free and it’s a nice visit for 60 or 90 minutes.

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