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423 Fairy Cave Ln, Branson West, MO 65737, United States

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Where is Talking Rocks Cavern?

REVIEWS OF Talking Rocks Cavern IN Missouri

Michael Harvey

This is a great way to spend a couple hours with the family. The tour and the caves themselves are nice. I've been to many cave systems around the country, and I was impressed with it. They have a nice mini golf course (like every place around here apparently) and activities outside to keep the kids busy if you have to wait.

Mary Benner

Lots of other activities such as a nature trail and putt putt putt. The gift shop is overpriced.

Lee Larkins

The guide was very informative I didn't get to actually finish my tour but my wife and daughter did. Our son couldn't make it through it lol. He's seven we thought he'd do it and he did too. They gave us a refund on our two tickets. Great place would've loved to have been able to go through the tour. Maybe next time.

Joyce Swartzmiller

This was awesome. A short, steep walk in and out. Took about one hour, very damp inside from the water seeping through the rocks. Worth the walk.

Cameron Starnes

Smaller Cave, but knowledgeable guide and other fun activities for the kids made for a fun time.

Rhiannon Poolaw

Great experience! They have a really nice set up. The cave tour is below average pricing compared to others in the area bit it is still a little pricey. The stairs are not for the faint of heart down there so be careful. There are some tight squeezes. Staff was knowledgeable about the caves history and formations. Hunter was a great tour guide. The gift shop has a ton of unique items priced from one dollar to a thousand dollars. There is a playground, mini golf and gem mining. Great for kids and families. There is a nature trail and plenty of parking.

nicholas rickard

The cave was pretty cool. The tour guide was a bit rough... she didn't really seem to know what she was talking about. My six year old daughter was able to correct the guide's geology terms a few times ⛰️⛰️

Amanda Gotshaw

Kenny done an excellent job on giving our tour! Mark and Chuck gave us great customer service! We enjoyed it very much!

Melanie Taylor

I have visited half a dozen caves in the past 15 years. This was the best ever! Josh was our guide and took it slow and explained all the formations. 5 stars with my family!

Potter, Jennifer

Interesting but smaller cave system

Julie Creech

Enjoyed the history of the cave and the beautiful formations. The guide, Shila, was new and did a great job.

Jessica Kratzer

Defiantely go and experience this amazing cave!! Walk through cave with narrow passages but defiantely worth it! Had a great guide!

Jerry Pierce

For a first time Cave explorer, this is a good option. You don't cover much area other than a zig zag decent to 100 feet below the surface. Beautiful to see. Our issue was there were way too many in our group(29) which created a crowded and uncomfortable experience. For a cave of this nature they should limit each group to less than 15. There are a few Very narrow openings you have to squeeze through so if you are large around the mid section, you may have trouble.

Mathew G

Absolutely beautiful place, and a great historical tour of the cavern.

Tim Horn

My most favorite cavern to visit yet!!


Very fun just make sure you don't mind tight spaces!!!

Alicia Andrews

Loved the cave tour. It was flooded so we didn't get to go all the way down but loved everything . Was a chaperone on a field trip with 6 graders. I took my son so he could have this experience as well. Well I had a great time until Chuck was very rude and seemed very inpatient with the last group of kids. My son who is special needs a long with another child who needs extra attention as well . The other child wasn't paying attention to Chuck and teacher was with him, Chuck said I guess rocks are more important then learning. Chuck also said to my child after he thought bat poop was made from mascara " get it out of your head that mascara is made from poop. It's not. me as a parent with a special needs child was like oh my he actually said these things to a special needs child . Not only to my child but another child. I then spoke with the teacher about what Chuck had done both thought it was very rude of Chuck to say that to a child who he knows nothing about We go down into the fake cave and he is just being down right disrespectful to these kids all of them yelling sit down sit down. Ok. Then at the end he was saying did you see all the different stations . well no they didn't bc you were yelling at them to sit down. At this time I was ready to walk out and go let someone know. So as a local I was very disappointed as to how Chuck spoke and talked to these children. Not only the 2 special needs students but all the rest of the kiddos. Almost forgot he was bashing the cave tour guide bc the students didn't know a few answers. I'm sorry you Don't throw your tour guide under the bus bc the children didn't know a few answers. It was an overall dissatisfied. The lady who did the cave tour was amazing and the guy who did bat videos. You two did well and Im proud to say that. Also "Donnie " I think is her name. Older lady. She was such a help and you were amazing. Donnie and I spoke about that day and she had nothing but great news to say about our bunch. Said they were very respectful and cleaned up very nice afterwards. Thanks Donnie.

Jerry Kellogg

Great tour. Beautiful cave. Kenny, our guide, was superb!!!

Kelly bruner

Great guide. Gift shop well priced. We enjoyed the cool temperatures, do this as an afternoon to avoid the heat. Sure glad we did this !

batmans gaming

Way more than I ever imagined. I work for a Branson travel company and learned so much this weekend. Talking Rocks Cavern is in the heart of the Ozark mnts hiking trails endless amount of things to do for all ages. The cave was FANTASTIC and it isn't so long that senior citizens could enjoy every minute and the kids tree houses, maze, mini golf so much more. I can't wait to go back by myself so I can see and do all of it!

Fredrick Woolridge

Excellent experience and worth the price of admission. The guide was very energetic and able to answer any question he was asked, and the cave itself was filled with beautiful rock formations. Be mindful this a vertical cave (nearly 115-ft down) so there are lots of steps and even some tight passes and low overhanging rock formations. Also be prepared for areas of wet and sometimes slippery rock, and wear shoes with good grip. The place also offers nature trails into the surrounding hills as well as miniature golf and a very nice gift shop for those who don't feel like touring cave. Overall, a great place for singles, couples, and families alike!

Whitney Hampton

John was a super nice tour guide. He seemed to be very enthusiastic about the caves.

SoA President

Awesome tour! Great experience, but the stairs are steep so be careful. Overall it is a great place for all ages. You learn a lot about caves too.

Lee & Dreama Beaittie

It was a nice little cavern tour and the tour guide we had was Chuck, very informative and knowledgeable

Bernardo Maldonado

Been to many caverns loved this one. I really recommend it.

Codey Flagg

Great place beautiful cave and not a bad price to see the cave and play some fun mini golf.

Angie Villalovos

Very fun place to visit. Cavern was beautiful with LOTS if photo opportunities. Guide was very pleasant and informative. Mini golf was some added fun.

Angel Green

This is a great tour to take. Lots of wonderful history and knowledge given during the tour. I worried about the 265 stairs, but it was so easy with a few stops for information and questions. Chuck was an amazing guide! I encourage anyone and everyone to make a special trip to Talking Rocks!

Edy Rod

Cant wait to go back one time is definitely not enough.

Tim W

We had a great time at the cavern. Beautiful rock formations and top notch tour guides. Well worth the price of admission in my opinion. We would love to come back again to have another trip through Talking Rocks Cavern.

Ernesto Giron

Nice caverns. Fair price

Leanna Adams

This was a wonderful cave tour. It is a small cave, but goes very deep. Wear shoes with a good grip, and be cautious if you are scared of heights. It was about $20 a person. There are lots of fun things to do around the gift shop like playgrounds and mini golf.

Jill Hazel

The cave was very cool to see, it takes about 50 min for the tour. It is a little tough if you have small children it is narrow and the stairs can be wet. We have a 1yr old we carried the entire time and our 3 yr old walked part of it. Worth visiting if you’re in the area.

Phillip Bridgman

Not a big cavern but a beautiful cavern! Takes about an hour for the tour with an extremely knowledgeable guide to walk you through. Thank you Chuck!!! You were awesome! A definite must see when your in Branson.

Sheila Jackson

The staff helps make this tour what it is. It was very neat and educational but also very entertaining. Kenny was a great tour guide as well and made the tour so much fun

Rachael Foster

This was such a cool experience. The crawl boxes are such creative and fun ideas. I didn’t do the mini golf but it did look like fun. My absolute favorite part was the cave tour, our guide was very knowledgeable and friendly, she answered all our questions well. Thanks to her I can remember the difference between stalactites and stalagmites (stalactites hang tight to the ceiling), we learned what a drapery was, we got to see “cave bacon” and “soda straws” which were both really cool. We heard stories about cave crawling and overall it was just an incredible and informative tour, I hope to go again eventually with some friends who I think would find it interesting.

Bob Barnett

An amazing cave. Beautiful. Tour guide Shaylee made it fun and interesting. Thank you guys! Whole staff was amazing!

Scott Pease

Awesome little cave. I say little because I've been in much larger. Tight spaces to get through in some places. But definitely worth the visit and the price. Amazing formations in there.

Carolina Shank

Don't recommend taking your toddler. Not age appropriate. Rather than that it's very cool. *I'm so sorry you felt offended by my review. That was not my intention at all. My intention was for you to take in consideration a mother's concern and a customer's opinion. Don't feel offended! Take a constructive criticism and make better changes so no toddler would have to get into a serious accident or God forbid, lose his or her life! Money talks!

Brandi Cook

Very cool cave. The columns and formations were pretty great for this size cave. I've been to quite a few, and was impressed. Our guide Chuck was informative and engaging with our kiddos. The shop was nice and the addition of the climbing and playground area was very appreciated for the little ones. Definitely recommend.

Miss Bookworm

Awesome experience. My partner and I were visiting Branson for the first time. We had plans to go to Silver Dollar however, Silver Dollar City was closed on this particular day. At the last minute we decided to sign up for the Talking Rock Cavern tour. Upon entering the establishment we were a little nervous because we weren't sure if this was a diverse and friendly atmosphere. However, after signing up for the tour and listening to the awesome tour guide (John) my fears disappeared. John was knowledgeable. He took the time to explain details of the cave history. I felt so safe going down into the cave. Not once did I have any discomfort and I was wearing a dress and sandals! Be prepared to experience light water droplets in certain areas of the cave. The tour was roughly fifty minutes, the views were absolutely mind-boggling, and the price was reasonable. In addition, there was also a nature trail we were able to utilize until the tour was ready to begin. I highly recommend the Talking Rocks Cavern tour. I appreciate you for taking time out to read my review. I hope you found it informative.


Beautiful and awesome place. The employees and guides were nice and friendly. We panned for gemstones after the cave tour and found two bags full of emeralds, crystals, and other gemstones, the kids loved it. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I wish they would've let us know that it really isn't good for kids under 7 yrs. old or so. If I was working there I would let everyone with small children know that it's borderline dangerous due to steep stairs, slippery surfaces and very tight areas. I had to carry my 2 year old daughter the whole tour which is an hour long down then back up a 150 foot deep cave and there were areas where I was honestly afraid for our safety. So please rethink if you have small children or are physically limited. Other than that I would definitely recommended the cave tour, it was informative and breathtaking.

Leah Green

Loved Kenny our tour guide. Great personality and story telling skills. It was the perfect thing to do on a hot summer's day. Cool off by touring a cool damp cavern. Very interesting. Only advice is to wear tennis shoes. Very steep, narrow, and wet.

Kathy Hull

What a fun place! Our tour guide John was awesome, and willing to answer all questions. It's a steep walk down many wet stairs, so be prepared, it's not for the faint of heart. The tire itself lasts about an hour. The kids had fun after climbing though the spleno boxes. We spent about 2 hours there, and could have spent more playing mini golf or walking the nature trail.

Justin Sharp

Such a wonderful place, and definitely worth the drive. You will not be disappointed. Over the years they have gone out of their way to create more for you to do outside of the cavern, but the cavern is definitely the highlight of the show. Make sure you prepare for lots of steps. You'll go down quite a few, and then you must come up those same stairs.

Carla Milach

Fun place to take the family to.John was a great cave guide. The mining golf was fun.Loved the nature trails too

Liz Thomas

Rad was a phenomenal tour guide. We had such a great time! Amazing history and natural beauty. Its phenomenal. Absolutely recommend this amazing vertical cave! Its breathtaking.

Zack Hawkins

Walking tour slows down to let other patrons catch up. The cave is neat and there are other activities there that you can do.

untrained professional

Little steep on the price for the tour but really neat the kids loved it.

Amanda Donahue

Those most amazing place. The tour is an hour. Wear tennis shoes.

casey varner

Kenny was the tour guide and he did an amazing job my baby and I had to leave because she is only 2 and git scared from all the rain but husband and son continued and had a blast!!! He was very knowledgeable about the history of the cave and when it was found and opened to the public. I would definitely recommend this for people who love history and outdoors activities the cave is very comfortable it stays 68° in their at all times


So cool what an awesome tour I would do this again there's so much to see not enough time

Erica Mendez

Loved the informational tour of the cave. KENNY, our tour guide is great; very entertaining and educated about the caves and history. It is a vertical path to see the cave, our bunch did well navigating thru it. I recommend tennis shoes, and clothes you don't mind getting wet in (there is spots where water is falling down), the temperature was very good comfortable in the cave. Tons of opportunities to take photos and areas to see lizards. A must see for those who enjoy natural history.

Timothy Wall

The formations in the cave were beautiful. My son especially enjoyed seeing where a bear had clawed the walls. The tour guide clearly cared about the cave and paid lots of personalized attention to us and the other guests.

Rad Massey

Awsome experience!!! Gorgeous cave with a lot of history. Chris the guide was superb and extremely knowledgeable. The huge gift shop was amazing with more gems and minerals than I have not seen anywhere else, along with a vast assortment of merchandise. Mini golf is a great value and nice shaded course. The nature trail is free and a wonderful experience in its self which includes a very tall lookout tower. There is an indoor and outdoor crawl maze and a slide crawl area for the kids and the limber adults. The kids can play on these for hours. Don't forget gem stone mining, it is areal value and exciting fun for all. You find a lot of really nice ones. Plan on spending at least several hours or more and bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the beautiful view from the shady picnic decks. No regrets including this place as part of your trip, everyone will love it.

Todd Elliott

Beautiful cave and Kenny the tour guide was very friendly and knowledgeable.

Teresa Treadway

We only went to the gift shop. Love the different items they have here.

Meagan Threlkeld

We absolutely loved Talking Rocks Cavern! I remember going as a child and brought my family that consists of my husband, myself, 5 year old, 3 year old, and 8 month old, back. The cave was so stunning and our tour guide was great! I think his name was David. After we did the cave tour we did the gemstone panning, and ended up buying more bags of the mix because we were having so much fun. Lastly we did mini golf! I loved that there were different cave facts and learning opportunities through the playing. Overall it was an incredible experience and we already can't wait to go back!

Kelsey Ryno

Awesome experience. David, our tour guy was very friendly and did a great job. The caves were gorgeous! And have a very interesting and incredible history. We had to wait about an hour for the next tour, but there is so much to do while you're waiting. From put put golf to a playground etc. We even did the nature walk after the tour and that was gorgeous too.

Dakota Crowe

My 5 year old absolutely loves coming here! We went twice in our 4 day trip. Can't wait to go back!

Kelly Watkins

This place is awesome. First time ever in a cave and I really liked it. The staff are great and very knowledgeable. I will be back.

James Griffin

Great place glad we went John our guide was great

Christopher Murray

Unique cavern as it doesn't go deep along a corridor. You basically descend down and then ascend up, ultimately making a big V. Some spots can get tight and some areas are open. They do have concrete stairs up and down and a few spots can get slippery so take your time. They group you up and take you in and out with a tour guide. The price to value ratio is pretty low.

Caron Scarano

So much fun, we had a great tour guide!!! Amazing caverns!

Jeri VanderVeen

Beautiful cavern. Our tour guide was new, but very helpful. Lots of stairs and tight places, so if you're not young and agile it might a bit of a challenge, but I'm in my early 70's and made it, so if you have an interest, I recommend it.

Benito Carrillo III

Chuck did an awesome job guiding our tour! Thank you!!

Christy Butrick

Very cool cave! Also very long walk down and then back up! I became claustrophobic. Others in our tour group backed out before the tour was finished. I made it till the end! Glad I did. Worth the trip.

Kristen Smith

Hannah was amazing! Very knowledgeable, laid back, and funny! The cave was beautiful, and we will be back with our son soon!

Christine Provenzano

Awesome place if you never gone in a cavern and walked thru it.

Ashley Guentert

Amazing staff! Everyone was so helpful & informative. Rad was our tour guide & he did such a great job! The cave was gorgeous! Will definitely be back soon!

Nora Williams

Went thru 11 am. Our lady tour guide hurried us thru the part where we was walking thru, made remarks when we tried to take pics. My thing is it cost us almost $75 to get in, would have like to be able to take pics THROUGHOUT the tour

Duane Barrett

Beautiful cave. And knowledgeable guides.

Asadila Kali

Great tour. Chuck is an awesome guide. Worth the money and finding rocks in the sand is a lot of fun

Michael O'Donnell

Cave is fun but not too challenging. Tour takes about an hour. Mostly steps but narrow in a couple of parts. I was able to carry a one year old and do it. Our 4 year old had no problem, but steps can be wet so I would not recommend for kids under 4 or so and keep a hand on them, because there are ledges. Very reasonably priced. Military discount is $2 off per ticket. They also gave a refund to someone that backed out after entering the cave!

Meghana Raja

This was such a great tour!!! It isn't a huge cavern like nearby Marvel Cave, but it has incredible features you won't find there. It's a deep, skinny cavern with features all around from the water seepage over the years. There is still lots to be explored beyond just the tour here!

Jarrod Lemon

Nice vertical cave system. Our guide was super knowlegable aboit the history of the cave which was great.

Leslie Edge

Our first visit to Caverns and we we're very impressed. Lots of other activities there and gift shop was very nice. Staff was friendly and very knowledgeable.

john carel

Great formations. Not extremely difficult.

Kevin Gatton

Amazing place an absolute must see. Do everything you can here. Tons of stuff for kids.

Chris Schetter

I had a great time with my family. My youngest was 2

Dre Page

Had a great time exploring the caves! Our tour guide Kenny was an awesome guide with amazing spirit and a huge help with anything we needed!

Joseph Walcher

Deeper than fantastic, more hands on, lots of fun.

Kilee Kaiser

Amazing place! Tour guide was extremely knowledged about history of cave. Has great gift shop to bring back wonderful memories with you. Will definitely visit again!

Gretl Ranch

Amazing tour!! The guide (Chuck) was very easy going, was GREAT with kids and was very knowledgeable. The cave is beautiful!! The tour does have some steep, narrow and wet areas so it is would be a bit challenging for some to navigate.

Tania Sannipoli

What an amazing thing to see, and our guide Connie was very informative.

Alex Lee

Love this place! Amazing sights and a great your guide.

Samantha Rauch

Love love ❤️!!!! It's a great tour into the cave so very beautiful!! I have motions sicknesses so it did effect me quite a bit but we'll worth it. As a point of reference I will do almost anything not to feel queasy from my motion sickness. If this is an issue for you then don't eat to soon before you go. Wear clothes and shoes that are ok to get wet and I suggest rubber soul shoes. Good walking shoes.the stairs into the cave are a bit steep in a number of spots. It's a very great tour!!

Kevin Robinson

Excellent tour and cool things for the kids to do including spelunking simulators, mini golf and gem mining.


Pretty cool place. Had a baby so we left at the second landing. Pretty tight stairway

Joyce Latz

Fantastic cave tour. We really enjoyed it and the nicely done hiking trails. Thorough gift shop, but pretty sure that most of the rock items are not local. Great place to spend a couple of hours. Mini golf too!

Mr. Kris Kumaroo MBA, MS

Nice tour beneath the Earth. The lighting was phenomenal and the knowledge piped through the speakers was spot on!

Bobbi Stimpson

Hannah was a great guide. Beautiful cave

The Wood Chronicles

It is a great time for all ages.

John Goldsberry

A hidden gem. Lots to do above ground as well. We played mini golf, cracked geodes, and walked a beautiful nature trail to an elevated viewing tower.

Nick Herbig

Excellent your. Not for babies toddlers . Elderly people who have disabilities there are 150 stairs to defend and 115 to climb out. I use a cane was fine I enjoyed the tour and Ms D was and excellent and knowledgeable guide. Grand son had a blast and we planned for speciality rocks. Found lots of cool rocks fossels and minerals and stone for jewelery.

Dave Thomas

I was pleasantly surprised at how nice this cavern is. Most of the Branson area attractions are over-hyped, and I expected this to be another overly-damaged show cave. However, the formations are in good condition, the lighting is well-placed, and the paths minimize tourist impact.

Timothy McGarry

Good place to visit if you like caves. It is a nice cave, a little wet but worth the trip. A lot of climbing stairs.

Jessica Ross

Very nice cave. My family and I had fun. Tons to do other than the cave tour.

Keaton Schemonia

I'm going to give this place a 5/5, service was amazing, people were very friendly and funny, prices are great, and tour is great.

The Missouri Traveler

Love this place! And rocks shop by to top it off. Also you can even. Play putt putt putt golf!!!

Howard Hamilton

This was a last minute idea on vacation and we are glad we came. Our tour guide Shylie was knowledgeable and friendly. She kept us engaged during our tour. Try the mini golf after the tour. It can be challenging.

Wayne Swope

Fantastic cave. It's packed with great formations. The staff and guides are very friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend visiting!

George Tillett

This is a pretty interesting cave because it's still very active. There are water drips everywhere, continuing to grow the stalagmites. The cave is very small though. The tour is about an hour, and it's interesting. But you could easily walk the whole cave in ten minutes.

Nick Goodman

My first cave experience and it was a blast. Our guide (Hannah) was great, very knowledgeable. Really enjoyed the guided tour as well as the gift shop.

Ronald Palomeque

This definitely a must. There is some walking involved and cool temperature. You will get wet.

Peter Ribbens

A many steps allow for different viewpoints for the formations. At the time a lot of water drips from above--sometime we're told there's more, sometimes less. More steps than some we've been in, but owing to many stops, time to look around.

Nick Morgan

Awesome cave r tour guide Johnny did everything he could to make my scared 5 year old comfortable we ended up having a great time

Sandi Randolph

The tour guide was great and the cave was amazing. Great time.

Meagan Kris

I wasn't going to review but I see a ton of people saying not to take kids. Not sure why. My husband and I took our 4 kids (twin 5yr olds, 3, and 2) and had absolutely no issues. If you hold their hands, make sure they hold the guard rail and help them over certain spots there's no issues at all. Just be responsible. If you can't manage your kids on dry land above ground, don't take them into a cave. Simple enough. My 3 year old son did great and accompanied our guide (John) with no issues. It was darling and my son did so good "helping" John with his guide of the cavern! We loved it and there are plenty of oppurtunities to take photos. Just be curteous of your flash since you do end up in groups and others are trying to enjoy the experience as well. We even stuck around and grabbed a few bags from the sluice section to hunt gems. My kids loved it! Don't be swayed in bringing kids along. My kids are STILL talking about it hours later! Definitely an amazing memory of our trip so far!

James Branin

The staff were very nice. The cave was awsome and we got a few things from the gift shop got our friends back in Texas. This place is grate.

Audrey Bleu

My family of four and I (ages 6 - 52 years), loved the tour! Very narrow spots and a bit slick...but you know, it's a cave. If you have fears of narrow spaces or complete darkness (at one point they turn off the lights) I would skip the cave. Please dont bring your babies....or anyone caustaphobic. Gift shop....ROCKED....

Mike Dorsey

The cave is cool, be ready to go up and down steep wet steps

b m

This place really cares about caves and it shows! The guides are very informative and seem to have endless knowledge on caves! Be prepared to clime straight down then up! Only concern is that some of the outside of the building could be cleaned up as it looks almost in disrepair.

Jara Fansler

It's a small cave, but very pretty. The tour guide ws so knowledgeable and passionate. The grounds had so much to do. Of you have people not interested in going down the cave, there's mini golf, a playground, nature trail, spelo boxes and a sluice. The gift shop is pretty extensive.

Ashley Gage

NO SMALL CHILDREN. I’m sure this is a cool tour for adults but it is not for kids. When I googled activities in Branson for “small children” this came up. It showed the playground and trail and had good reviews. No one mentioned this may be difficult for little kids. Kids under three are even free. It is an absolute danger - as in danger of death. The railings are too far apart and the steps are way too steep and narrow, besides the fact they’re wet. There should be better advertising and they should not allow kids under 5 or even 7-8. You would expect some of these things with caves - wet steps, narrow passages, but the lack of safe guards and lack of clear communication about expectations is dangerous. We were thankful that they easily gave us a refund when we turned around.

Jeff Harms

That will be 30 pieces of silver please. It's going to take a small child's life or someone seriously hurt before these greedy people warn people the cave is not for the toddlers and the elderly. Shame, is a feeling that should haunt your mind when you purposefully do wrong. They have none.

Lydia Howard

So cool! Our tour guide was great and when my youngest little one freaked out and couldn't go any further, we were promptly issued a refund. My family that made it the rest of the way through the cavern loved it.

Kimberly Hackworth

Very cool cave to visit! Our tour guide Kendrick was awesome. He was very knowledgeable and super friendly. If your looking for something different to do talking rocks cavern won’t disappoint.

Tony Paul

Had an enjoyable time and perfect amount of time. Not to short and not to long.

Derek Taylor

Great cavern! Our tour guide, Shylee, was very informative, bubbly and made everyone feel safe, informed and happy. The history behind the cave and the cave itself is a sight to behold.

Brandon Asarisi

Nice place. A little expensive on the souvenirs but that's to be expected.

Kyle Hayes

It was a great tour. The tour guide was very informative and passionate about her job.

echo ruppert

Fantastic experience! Very friendly, and knowledgeable. Kenny was a phenomenal guide and he definitely loves what he does! Highly recommend. Was an amazing experience!

Adriana O'Brien

Wonderful experience! Our tour guide Hannah was great! My daughter and I went during the off season and it was really nice to have a small group to explore the cave. Highly recommended.

Judy Loughridge

Very enjoyable cave tour with a very knowledgeable and excited tour guide.

Robert English

This place is incredible, starting from the staff all the way to the bottom of the cave. We got checked in by Kenny who was genuinely personable and full of energy. We took our tour led by Shylee, who was funny and informative. She made the tour much more fun. The sites are breath taking. So majestically beautiful. I can't express enough how much I enjoyed the tour. And then there are the gift shop and the walking trails. The shop gives you plenty of options for gifting and remembrances. And the hiking trails have 4 different options for exploring the magnificent forest surrounding the property. An over all truly wonderful experience.

Victoria Hopkins

Was not expecting that at all. It was sooo amazing. My kids and I loved it. Worth every penny.

Michael Markley

Chuck and Kenny were the two staff members working at the time when we came in. Chuck was behind the counter and provided us with information about the cave and took good care of us ensuring we could hop on with the current group instead of waiting an hour for the next tour. Kenny was our guide and he was a blast. Easy to listen to and very educational about the ins and outs of the cave formations. It was a great experience overall. My wife and I had a wonderful time and thought that climbing through the cave was an exceptional experience. Definitely worth a visit if you have any desire to see some awesome cave formations!

Philip LeFevre

This cave is not suitable for small children. I would recommend ages 5 or older. There are steep, wet stairs with cables for guard rails which have plenty of space for a young child to slip under. Your child needs to be willing and able to walk on their own so you can hold their hand while you carefully descend into the cave. I had a two year old that I had to hold while traversing the cave. At one point we set her down and she slipped on the wet concrete and almost went under the guard rail. The fall would have certainly been fatal. At no point did anyone mention that taking a two year old through the cave might be risky. Don't take any chances. We informed the guide that we needed to go back and immediately turned around and left. There are "drive through" caves much better suited for small children.

Amanda Tallent

Had a great time. A very gorgeous rock formation and our tour guide Chuck was awesome too, he is very friendly and knowledgeable. So glad we got a chance to check it out while on our vacation to Branson.

Douglas Benjamin Cavanaugh

The staff was very friendly. The cave was really good. We were able to see a cave salamander and frog. It was one of the better caves that I have seen. Also we played mini golf and that was a lot of fun. The location had an area for small children to play and the kids had a great time.

Karen Jesse

I had a wonderful time here today. Our guide through the cavern, Kendrick, was kind, informative, and very up-beat. The formations were gorgeous, and I'm so glad I decided to go. I read some reviews beforehand where the reviewers mentioned narrow passageways and many stairs and said that large people shouldn't be permitted (which...infuriating), however none of them mentioned actually being on a tour where a big person wasn't able to fit or handle the stairs. So here you go: I am a fat person, and it was totally fine. I'm 5'9 and weigh 300 lbs. Yes, it's narrow, but I promise there is no place so narrow you can't fit, and the stairs really weren't an issue at all. The most difficult part was balancing, because the stairs are steep and uneven and wet, because, you know, it's a cave. The first part of the tour is descending down to the bottom of the cave, and the tour guide will go very slowly, stopping to speak at different points. The trip back up is slightly quicker, but not bad at all. I was sweaty, and my thighs were mildly burn-y, but I felt amazing afterwards, and I feel really happy I got to see something so beautiful. So if you're fat and worried about going to Talking Rocks Cavern, don't be. Go for it.

Dennis LeBlanc

Awesome! Guide tried too hard to be funny. She was good on knowledge!

Naomi Burrell

Beautiful cave, terrible tour guide. Avoid laney as a guide. She made the tour awful. She didn't know facts correctly, her jokes were terrible. She ruined this cave for me.

Jenny Knudsen

We LOVED our tour through Talking Caverns. Our tour guide was knowledgeable and friendly. He was happy to answer questions and allow everyone time to snap pictures along the way. The history info during the tour was interesting and the kids loved it (anytime your kids find history fun is a big bonus). There are a good number of stairs, but the pace is slow with lots of breaks to see parts of the cave - we never felt winded or tired. The gift shop is filled with unique treasures and fun finds. I highly recommend this tour for adults and kids.

mason Hoffman

Lots of stairs and wet but our tour guide was amazing and very patient. He made things very comfortable. Definitely worth the trip.

Braxton Vaughan

Worth seeing. Gift shop had an awesome mineral selection as well.

Natural Healing

They give 1 hour tours for $23. 15 minutes into our tour, they made us stop and wait for 10 minutes for 2 other parties to join us. The other party had an elderly who could only do one step slowly at a time along with a toddler. The tour is 100 steps down into the cave / ground and 100 steps back up. The steps are steep, wet and the cave is dark with water dripping from the rock. it is not an easy climb, the air is heavy and thick. I would not take a senior citizen down there with me, nor a toddler. They do not tell you about the tour until you already have purchased your tickets. There is hand sanitizer dispensed for people coming out of the tour, evidentially because the cave walls and hand rails have bacteria from the lack of sun. This is not a place you want to just hang out in, and I think it very inappropriate that 15 minutes into the tour they made us wait for 10 minutes for another party to join us. Then with the other party being so slow, the 1 hour tour would have taken much longer. My friend and I decided at that point to skip it, went up and got a refund. This place is poorly managed, trying to capitalize on ticket purchases at the sake of customer satisfaction.

Trisha Wright

We absolutely loved it. Our tour guide, Mark, was fantastic and very informative. First time visitors and it was definitely a great experience for the whole family.

adrien chabot

Great staff!! Kids bonked 4 steps into cave so we turned around. Got a refund on tickets without asking. Kids enjoyed the other activities!

Mandi Stapleford

Awesome! Educational. Chuck was a very good guide.

bdog crazy

This place is amazing the caves are beautiful and it's not super expensive.

April Roberts

Guided tour was full of fun and interesting facts. Out tour guide, Josh, was knowledgeable and funny.

Craig Turner

Cool place to be on a hot day. The guides are a lot fun. Educational. A must see while in Branson. The gift shop has some unusual items to purchase.

Michael Russo

The tour is under an hour, but informative. Guides are knowledgeable. Be prepared for climbing down then up in a very moist environment. The associated rock shop has many specimens at reasonable prices.

Stephen Mckenzie

Amazing time. The most fun our family has had in a very long time. Great gift shop.

Kurt Mayer

Great family and couple stop. Very interesting and unique.

Ashley Gagnon

Really cool attraction and great staff!

Elissa Dunbar

Very small cave. We stood most of the 50 minute tour and listened to the guide talk, not exclusively about the cave either.

Bryan Kimmel

Enjoyable tour and nice cave.

Chris Guy

Nice cave. I thought it was a little expensive, but not too bad being a guided tour with paid guides.

Brandon Lee

Had a blast with the kids! Obstacle courses, putt putt, panning for gems, and the cave! Our tour guide was funny and informative, and he helped my daughter when she got too nervous to push forward!

Sheila Schultz

Wonderful tour and an absolutely amazing cavern!! Definitely want to take the time to see this!!

Sarah Plante

Meh. It was a mediocre hole in the ground. The groups are too large and I stood in slippery stairs getting rained on underground for far too long. The sights are impressive though. Light show needs music, but I did enjoy the humor.

Katie Schetter

Really enjoyed ourselves!!! Such an amazing and unique experience. We were greeted upon arrival and we loved our tour guide Hannah. Definitely a must do while in Branson! There's nothing like it where we come from!

Jennifer Barrett

An awesome cave, fairly easy hike in and out. Several stair so watch your steps (some slick spots if you do not wear hiking shoes... some peope had flip flops on and had said it was slick. We had hiking shoes and had no issues) they stop as several landings for viewing and information from yhe tour guide so the stairs are not overwhelming. I really enjoyed this cave!!

Angela Utley

Great cave tour. A little narrow in spots but overall it was beautiful.

Ashley Jesko

Young guy helping us did not seem very friendly. He broke several of the geodes we picked out before the kids even got to help crack them. Prices are a litle high on some things.

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