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REVIEWS OF Six Flags St. Louis IN Missouri

Gregory Gilliland

Great time for the teenagers. Six Flags has the rides and activities that allow for some great unplugged time. Being a member makes the trips affordable and watch for flash sales to pickup great perks at discounted prices. The park shows it's age, yet the activities are what it is about and the rides don't disappoint. Ask for what you need and they help. I know that they are delivering a great experience for a great price. It is the best membership to have in the St. Louis area if you have kids who want fun outdoors in the amusement environment. I will keep coming back during all the open seasons.

Thomas Weaver

This place it is what it is. However, in my mind evidence is clear. This place is losing money and losing money fast. Grounds were not kept pristine, restaurants were not open, and certain rides were closed. I understand it was off peak out of the summer, however it just shows that this site of Six Flags is definitely suffering. My recommendation? It's not worth the $70 for a one day pass to go to somewhere that you don't get the full experience. Again, it is what it was. A good experience to enjoy the rides, however don't expect much in the way of entertainment beyond that

Angelia Garcia

Been going here since a kid.1st visit since the 90's. Could be spruced up a little. Seems like other locations look like they are maintained better. Should be open later during summer. Overall, decent visit and nice to make new memories with my family.

Lee Hufford

July 13 2019 One of worse visits ever! We have been pass holders for our family for the last 3 years, each year seems to get worse! Today we get there couple rides were shut down (typical). As we are going through out the park trying to …

K Liu

Six flags is definitely a must-visit in Missouri. From roller coasters to games to rides, the fun lasts all day. There are several notable coasters including Batman, Mr. Freeze, The Boss, American Thunder, Screaming Eagle, and Ninja. Several rides can feel fairly bumpy but Batman is the smoothest. Lines can get long but going at the right time can mean riding almost instantly. At night several rides light up and the ferris wheel displays a giant clock. All coasters and rides are free except Dragon's Wing and the go karts. There are concession stands throughout the park. The turkey legs and funnel cake are highly recommended. The fudge and caramel apples near the entrance of the park are made fresh every morning and they're a great treat to take home with you. Prices can be very expensive but that is to be expected. A season pass is pretty worth it, especially if you plan on returning several times during the summer. It's a fun summer staple for all ages.

John Dow

This location was quite rundown. I suggest avoiding Ninja and Justice League. The former was a neck breaker, the latter was boring. Batman was by far the best ride. The owners need to overhaul this location with better routing, bathrooms, and entry.

Hussan Al-rubayie

Well I got a EXTREMELY GOOD memorial day discount which got my family free parking, access to any park, unlimited access to the park and dining passes which get you lunch and a snack, and the rides are super fun and the food is great, I recommend the turkey legs.

Dave Churby

In it's day, I'm sure this would have been a great park to visit. However, it could sure use a little fixing up. We bought a drink container to get refills, and everywhere we went, they were out of ice, or the soda was flat. The park is WAY understaffed. The kids did enjoy the waterpark, but overall, there where too many out of order signs. We will not return.

Kathleen Draper

It's a fun place, great family n fun activities. I hadn't been in 30 years n alot had changed. But I wish I would have known that the train was free, n you could get off or stay on as much as you like n I wish that they would gave advertised that there were shows that were available, (in AC bldgs where one could sit down, cool off n enjoy a show)

Justin's studio vlogs, animations, and more!

Was pretty expensive. $25 to park. Soda was $6. Got stuck on a ride for 30 minutes and all we got from it was 1ride flash pass. If u don't like roller coasters or fast rides there isn't a lot to do. Not hardly any shows. No tunnel water rides. Need more tubes for water park. Had fun. Need more rides for people who don't like scary rides.

Trista Stolte

I haven’t been here for probably 20 years and I was so sad to see the grounds. There used to be so many pretty flowers and the landscaping was so nice. This park looks unkept and run down. The grass needed cut and weeds everywhere. Everything needs a good power washing and a coat of paint. Two of the major rides were down and many things were closed

Janet Lomax

So many rides were closed. Each time I go more and more rides are not working. You let young people walk around with there pants half down there butt. I even seen one of your worker walking around like that. I don't care if he was on break or not.. I'm getting were I'm thinking about not buying a season pass next year.

Anna Laws

Park was okay. Felt like nah if the rides were riding very rough. Still had a great time. Parking was easy, and finding a place to fill your cup was simple

Jossette Bennett

Best amusement park I've been to in a long time. The fast pass was well worth the money. Waited in no lines, best part!

William Ritchey

Picked a good day to go..short to no lines. Park was clean and staff was friendly. Rides seem to be mostly kept up. The Batman ride needs new paint..lots of rust and burned out lights but awesome rollercoaster! Also lots of neat rides. FYI Parking is $25.00 which is extortion bording on theft as the lot is a mess and needs resurfacing and painting. Will not be back in a long time due parking fee. I will not be forced to pay a quarter of a hundred dollars to park..just so I can enter the park to be ripped of on food. Eight dollars with tax for a large coke.paper cup and no lid and straw. 11 bucks for a funnel cake..I passed. Ye have been warned!!

Deedee Chatty

Absolutely awesome experiences every trip. Great food, shops and things to do for both adults, teenagers and toddlers! We visit almost every weekend;)

Paranormal Society

Park has good rides for both kids and adults. It has friendly staff and lots of side activites to do. But the park is starting to show its age and it has not changed any in the past 5 years. It's been getting to be boring doing the same thing over and over again. The prices in the park in expensive but it's to be expected. Do not get the membership program as it does seem to be a deal but in the end they will threaten you even after you have canceled and agreed to the 2 month advance cancellation policy. I did that and paid 2 months after that and it's been 3 months since and they are still trying to get me for my money. Even with a cancellation confirmation. It's a joke. Just get a season pass or a daily ticket if you want to visit.


We were invited to celebrate Mother's Day at Six Flags with some friends as their guests. We arrived about 11:30 am and were able to get close parking. We walked right through the checkpoints and ticket booths with ease. We had a great day going from ride to ride with very short wait times. The lines were short and we were able to ride every single ride that we wanted to go to on. Everyone was well-behaved and polite to each other. There were no line jumpers or rude groups of people. The employees were very helpful with any questions we had for them. At closing time, we were able to walk out without having major crowds running us over or traffic jams trying to get out of the parking lot. The entire day was a great experience for all of us.

Jessica Leuchtmann

This is a very family friendly place of business. They keep things respectable but fun. It is a blast every time we go, and they work hard to keep the park running smoothly. Review the rules before you visit and be prepared to spend money. Once you're inside the park, though, the fun is virtually endless. Hurricane Harbor is always a great place to cool down on those hot summer days, and fright fest is some fun spooky time leading up to Halloween. We have seasons passes and that has been worth it ten times over.

Joshua Williams

I don't know what I can say about Six Flags other than it's Six Flags. If you like Six Flags, this is the Six Flagsiest place you can go. I always have a good time. Vegetarian-friendliness: Surprisingly high.

Jason Finley

Was very happy with the way the park did not feel overly crowded, despite the almost full parking lot. The day we went here was perfect weather on top of a “bring a friend for free” day. We had a flash pass, but the lines we did have to wait in all seemed to move very efficiently. Six Flags STL has plenty of choices for eating inside the park, but if you choose to bring your own food, there are more than enough shaded grassy areas in the parking lot for you.

Rusty Smith

The park was not busy at all so the ride wait was great. The park employees where not friendly, I had to force employees to speak to me and after I did they struggled with conversation. The lady that checked our tickets did not smile or say anything to us. In the 4 hours in the park I didn't see any security past bag checks. At bag check I seen one armed officer. Rarely did I even see an employee out walking around. While standing next to a water ride waiting to see my kids I could see trash in the landscaping and the fence was loose, deteriorating and in need of repair. Made me wander how well the rides are maintained. Maybe I expected to much but this place is not for my family.

Stephanie Alvather

Best amusement park! Have been to so many and six flags is our favorite! It's always clean and the rides are fun. If you want to ride the batman get in line early. The waterpark is great!

Michael Egan

We had a great time at the park!! All the staff are friendly and helpful. The wait for rides was never too long. I really enjoyed all the roller coasters we went on especially American Eagle and the Boss. There's nothing better than an old school wooden roller coaster!

Timothy B. Ottison Jr.

Lots of family fun. Our experience was greatly enhanced by having a membership. Unlimited drinks and the myriad of rides for adults and lids made for a great experience

Amber Avery

Fun, family friendly. Bring a stroller for the little ones even if they don't use them normally. It's a big park and a good amount of walking between rides. Food and drinks are a little on the expensive side. If you plan to visit more than once it's best to grab a diner food pass to get a free meal and snack and drinks

Mark Buckman

Kids had a great time! Restrooms could have been better maintained. Food was very good and priced as a person might expect for a theme park.

Robert Wood

It's been 19 years since I was there last. Place feels tired, worn, probably not really worth the expense. Seen better in other cities. Crowd was well behaved, not unpleasant.

Jim Cakalic

Always fun but this year got a membership so even better. Still early in the season so a few rides are not open but most of the attractions are. Was only mid 70s and a little rainy but still did Hurricane Harbor. Rode The Boss and Batman multiple times, never waited more than 5 minutes in line, a couple times just stayed on. As always, staff are courteous and helpful. Can't wait to go again

Rain Jeanne

Great theme park, genuinely fun rides with a variety of "thrill level" that fits literally all ages. Good live shows as well. Loved the caricature I got too-- such a fun memory of the day!

Weston Gordon

Fun place to visit. Bought the fast pass and never had to wait to ride any ride. Literal skipping hundreds of other riders for priority boarding. Would recommend it.

Edom Gelan

I only experience Six Flags because of y friends. It was so much fun and much of scary.. It was somehow you have to experience to understand.

Tim Wales

Very fun rides. Sometimes the lines are long and sometimes they only take 10 minutes. Would recommend riding the rides that you want to ride first, then ride others because of occasional crowds on weekends. Staff is nice and friendly for the most part. Some of them are rude or just very closed and unfriendly.

Eric Tappel

It was really fun, but extremely crowded. It was reasonable priced if you have a season pass. The rides are cool and the lines flowed fairly well for the amount of people.

Wendy Keener

Always a great time even with so many rides closed/temporary out of service. This was our 2nd visit to this location and both times there were several rides not operational. I do appreciate being cautious & believe in safety first, just surprised at the amount of rides that was down. Hopefully the next time the other rides will be back up and running

megan lynn prather

We love this park! There is lots of shade if you need to cool off. We especially love to get the giant ice cream cones at the ice cream shop, with fresh made waffle cones! They are a must! This park is not as busy as Dallas which is our other go to. We went on Memorial Day and didn't wait in any lines. Most rides you got right on, it was great!

April McGee

Had a fun filled day. We had a great time and the weather ended up needing very nice. We went with members! I'm so glad they took us. There are a lot of rides now at these days. It is a little pricey but it pays off in the end.

Matthias Wood

Went in a small group and had a great time. The water park is fun, but nothing beats the boss, my favorite ride. The swing is really tall!

David Williams

The lines are lengthy this time of year...but, always a fun time! I love the caramel apples, perfect for fall.

MRP618UCMEx3 Reese

It's not as fun as it was when at least 1 good ride was up n running and good luck finding ice

John Browning

On top of admission, we spend over 70 dollars. We bought photos once, a tiny bucket of popcorn was 9 and I didn't want a plastic bucket, just a small paper bag for a few bucks would have felt fair and a pretzel was $8, very surprised I wasn't charged for the cheese. The $17 bottomless drink was also too high (they refused our $2 coupon) and although we can come back and fill it for 1.99, you guys still make a huge profit. We know that drink with ice only cost you 20-30 cents at most to fill up. We'll eat before we come next time if there's a next time. I weight 260, the wood coaster was hard to fit into. Attendant crammed the safety bar into my gut to make it click. Seems this device could be adjustable for larger people instead of "one size fits all". Merry-go-round ride was stopped early because I was holding my phone said the employee. She thought I was doing video which I see no harm in either. I merely had it out in my hand, standing by a non-moving horse I held on to with the other hand. But many that got off the ride let me here about their disappointment as well. I saw no safety issue or a need to stop the ride. Need more places for older folks to sit in shade and rest. Park appeared to need many repairs and cleaning. Played darts, 2 throws cost 5 bucks. Our 10 year old missed of course due to small balloons and a fan blowing them around. I thought how petty it is for a theme park to overcharge for everything and take advantage where they can. Rides were fun.

Kristin Welch

Still love the rides. The park is getting a little rough. But they have great deals.

Jennifer Wenkel

Six flags is fun and always has a great variety of rides for all ages and thrill levels. Staff is usually friendly and fun. The park is usually clean. We only go on week days because weekends are no fun with lines. The water park was not well staffed when we were there and we did 2 rides in 2 hours. The lines were NOT long but were moving slow.


The food at Fresh cafe. Was less than desired they did not have lettuce therefore no side salad o lettuce for the sandwich the chicken finger didn't taste good there was no bun for for the grilled chicken sandwich no tomatoes either. Food is not cheap.

Anonymous User

Rides and attractions are great. The place needs some cleaning and painting! It's looking bad. Staff was rude and not helpful when asked questions. No smiles. No hellos. I'm not racist but the attitude and lack of friendliness came from the black men and women staff.


Overall, great rides though some may need updating/repairing due to roughness (Boss/Ninja). Food is high priced, but is expected at any amusement park. We usually never get anything anyway except for drinks. Speaking of drinks, I’m not going to lie or sugar coat this...the water here from the fountains and even the soda machines is absolutely disgusting! I would say it might be the water district, but Denny’s down the road had cold, clean water. Seriously, 6F, look into this. Your water is bad. All in all, a decent fun park for everyone of all ages to enjoy!

Josh Avers

It’s a great park. The rides are awesome and the member ship fee was not bad at all. I do have an issue with how they have let the place go. There are many things that just don’t make sense to me. Why would you build these million dollar rides but not mow around them? Or clean anything on them? Every line area was dirty and dusty. If you look at the bat symbol while you are waiting in line for Batman, you’ll see what I mean. It looks like it’s been in a barn for years. There is a broken TV line the line for it as well. And who wants to see old signs and other random maintenance equipment laying around? Outside the freeze a lawn mower is just sitting there like it ran out of fuel. The place HAS the potential to be super clean like it used to be years ago. Just needs some cleaning, paint, and tuck away the back room riff raft. All in all, the place is still fun. The price isn’t bad either. I just think with how Six Flags stock has been recently, I figured stock holders would expect the place to be cleaned up a bit.

Gary Nipper

Spend your money elsewhere. I purchased two season passes and a parking pass. Everything worked fine until my fifth visit when my parking pass didn’t work. Lot attendant and security were no help. Customer service was no help (Kathy M). They’re telling me that I did purchase the pass but I never picked it up. The previous five visits my parking pass was accepted and they have no idea how that happened. Good luck speaking to anyone on the phone much less an adult that is rational.

Echo 22104

Fun rides and good time but the prices are super high. 5.50 for a regular 16 oz. Water was crazy. I was also not allowed to participate in some rides cause I had a backpack. I wasnt allowed to just put it on the exit side. Once I was forced to keep my backpack on a water ride even though it had electronics and a book and the bag got soaked. So be prepared for those and you'll have a good time.

Projectile Objects

It was fun but half the rides were closed all day. It's clear that they are under staffed and or under contrstuction. Admission is a little high but season passes are decent buys if you go more than once. Also the park wasn't as busy as you would have expected.

Jen Ulasiewicz

We have the season pass this year and have visited the park almost every week. The weekdays are less crowded than the weekends so we try to only visit during the week. Lines are still pretty long but that's to be expected. Today was our …

Rusty Gunther

Great rides. Well kept. Parking lot and water park need work.

Jeffrey Howard II

I got the platinum flash pass for a really sweet deal. And just recently discovered that the platinum pass, along with a few of the other membership passes like gold, ect have great benefits. one of the jaw dropping benefits the platinum flash pass is good for not only six flags saint Louis but all other six flags and associates of including any roller coaster theme park in the USA. As well as water theme parks. Get exclusive skip the line to the very front on all available rides. On a regular ticket or regular season pass. U might ride 4-6 rides. With the'll be riding all the rides if operational and possibly double triple rerides. For instance...some friends and I got on every ride except the ninja and we rode each one 3-6 times. And the day wasn't over. Thank you six flags. :)

Dustalynn Durbin

Always a good time for the family. Cost $25 to park, you can pay more to park closer. There are metal detectors and a bag check upon entering. A daily ticket grants access to the park and hurricane harbor. You can purchase a meal pass for $34 to dine all day. Buying tickets on line saves you $$.

Joseph Romine

I ordered a season pass in late April and when I bought the pass they had a special offer for a free season parking pass. This was all ordered from the six flags website. I didn’t have a chance to go until July and, when I showed up, they told me I couldn’t have the parking pass because I didn’t pick it up in time. Now, granted, from a technical and legal point of view, this was my fault. There was fine print saying that I had to pick up the parking pass by a certain date. But, that condition was not at all obvious when I bought the ticket. I asked if they could make an exception, or at least refund my parking ($25) for that day. They said there was nothing they could do. In my opinion, this is no way to treat a customer - sell them something, then don’t give them what they bought because of hidden terms and conditions. Second, this really isn’t a good way to do business. It makes no sense. Now, I am not going to use my season pass and spend all the extra money I would have spent on food, drinks, etc. And now others will know of my experience and they may choose not to spend their money at Six Flags either.

Eryn Sutherlin

Lots of activities of course and rides. Only issue was they way they had the set up when you bought a season pass with a meal pass. You had to get the bottles from guest relations which we weren't told that at the gate which was an inconvenience just because it was at the front and we had already entered into the park. There should have been stations at certain restaurants to make it more convenient for patrons and their families. But its an amusement park so I understand, they have certain rules in place.

Grace Sibbitts

I love visiting this Six Flags. It has always been my favorite! Batman is for sure my favorite ride, but Mr. Freeze is a close second.

Nevaeh Lisalda

The Batman is actually the least scariest and smoothest ride I think the scariest is the boss but I had fun and got a season pass on sale Wich is awesome! LOVE IT ❤️

Hannah Buenting

I’m absolutely at the end of my rope! The customer service for this park is non existent! I have had a terrible experience trying to get a simple question answered about tickets I purchased. I sent email inquiries weeks ago and no one answered, then tried to call not only the local but the national customer service lines; the local was a bunch of automated messages and I tried everything to get to a live person to no avail and then the national line did have a human that answered but wouldn’t help me they “transferred me” but it wasn’t a transfer the line hung up and this happened each time I tried! I live hours away and am very concerned when I get to the park I will have trouble because the tickets are for specific open dates but those dates are for 2018 when I check the website, which is insane since I have proof of purchase of these tickets on June 7, 2019!

Carol Schnitker

Wasp homes in the upright tubes of the ferris wheel. Ran out of food and requested by staff to wait 20 minutes. One of the food booth employee walked away from the booth with guests in line, leaving no one to man the booth. The soda machines were not working at 2 of the booths. Another one had no ice. No one to talk to except young people who were obviously not trained to help, just to say I'm sorry. At this point I am sorry I purchased a season pass for next year....maybe things will be better next time I go.

Abbie Catania

Great place for Six Flags pass holder or for just a day of fun, lines were all super short and the rides fun. It is relatively small compared to Six Flags Great America but still enjoyable. A lot of up hill walking, but lots of places with shade to rest.

Joel Gordon

Buy your tickets online a day ahead of time. Very anti consumer policy to offer discounts only for prepurchased tickets. Several rides were closed, water fountains didn't work in all locations.

Yvonne Hearst

Six Flags has the worst customer service. We are still waiting in line for food to be served at JB Smokehouse at 12:50. I already tried to get my 2020 cup at the ice cream parlor to no avail! I ask why did I ever buy another pass and food deal? This park sucks according to visitors from GA and IL this summer. I totally agree with them. ST LOUIS SIX FLAGS IS HORRIBLE FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. It's now even later than before and not open. You need all NEW MANAGEMENT!!

Nirupama Balakumaran

The fun never ends at this place. We wanted to see the Freight Fest and went again to this awesome place. Its a once in a lifetime experience. All the shows were thrilling.

metro fox city

I love Six Flags mainly because of the water park. Having a pass makes it all the more worth it. Now that I've got older, I don't ride the big rollercoasters anymore. I'm the one who takes the kids to ride their rides. The food prices are ridiculously high, but I understand they have to make money to pay employees. I would've gave 5 stars, since usually they deserve it. However, my last visit wasn't great. It started with having to stand in line for almost an hour to get into the water park, then the wave pool was closed because someone pooped in it. So all I got to do was one trip around the lazy river before the water park closed. After waiting on food, once leaving the water, there was only enough time to ride 2 rides that didn't have lines. Next time will be better though. I still recommend going here for a fun-filled family outing, if you have money to spend.

Alan Dunahee

Dirty water park with long lines of people unhappy because of no tubes. Even had to wait in line to leave. Go to Holiday World, there you get free parking, free drinks, free sun screen, and the cleanest friendly staff . With lots of great rides and fun. Low cost food and lockers.

Katie Dasenbrock

I've been to the Atlanta 6 flags a lot, so comparing to the to each other there's a difference. First I noticed that the check in is very different, in ATL the metal detector at up from where they scan your paper or card. Second I noticed the food prices are a lot more like just about 20$ more so I was not use to that. But it's a great place to have fun and go swimming. Lots of rides I prefer all metal or metal and wood so it won't be as rough. That's I would recommend for them to do with the 2 wooden coasters.

Connie Jagels

Went here today. Visiting with in-laws and my kids' cousins from 4 hours away. We have made one trip here every year for about 8 years now. My family loves Thunder River as it is great to cool off and the one ride everyone will/ can ride ( age range 7-50, and some of us can't tolerate coasters:-) ). We had checked the app ahead of time and it said it was closed. Come to find it dry as well as Tidal Wave dry. Asked an employee and were told that Thunder River failed safety inspections and Tidal Wave water was too unsanitary and it is to be removed. Cannot figure if Thunder River needs repairs, why are they not done yet when it is almost July, and if Tidal Wave is to be removed, why is it just sitting there. The kids had fun and rode some coasters, but couldn't ride The Boss ( closed?) Maybe its staffing. New daily meal plan which only some employees knew how to use. Understaffed in food places and undertrained. Not sure what is going on here, but we are definitely going to carefully consider these problems before our next visit. Shape up 6 Flags. Get your stuff together......would give it less stars, but waits were not bad and staff are always nice. Family had fun but walked away disappointed.

Viking Queen

3 stars due to the fact that yes it's a great park to go to but it's in need of some TLC. I remember the vibrant colors from my childhood and now they are dull and rust strewn. Take some time to polish the place back up, get the bathrooms back in order there were cobwebs, rust and just lack of care there. Take pride in your park again and stop thinking of it just being a cash cow.

Wanda Williams

It was OK. The workers didn't know were anything was located at. They weren't helpful at all. They were more helpful towards people who didn't look like me. They told me and my family you couldn't take bags on the ride but they let other people who didn't look like us to take their bags, and some was bigger than ours, on the ride. I'm just saying.......

Eric Sheets

I would have given 5 stars but i had to wait in line 1.5 hours just to get in the park. They only had 2 windows open for customer relations to buy season tickets then another .5 hours just to get in the park. Once in though, me and my daughter had the best times of our lives! It was awesome and very worth the wait the wave pool is very cool!

Michelle Spayer

The 2020 Dining Pass drink cup is flimsy, no straw and leaks. Nothing like the 2019 cup It is cheaper than cheap!! Junk!! Cup! It will never last a full year! Come on Six Flags you can do better!!

Cory Dastous

Great fun for everyone. The little ones even enjoyed the coasters.

AJ Taylor

We really enjoyed ourselves. My family and I want to get away for a couple of days and decided to go to six flags. We went 9-7-19 and the water park was already closed but we still had fun.

Scott Deunk

Sis flags is has great thrill rides and an awesome water park. We love spending weekends at the parks cooling off at the water park and riding roller coasters at the theme park.ti lets are affordable. Dining option are plenty but the prices are somewhat high. All around a great day out for couples or familes!

Tina Slaby

We had a really good time here. We're season pass members and like to visit different locations in other cities whenever on vacation. Everything was great as always. However this is the first location I've visited that Could, use some TLC to their restrooms. Any other locations I've been to have definitely had more visible maintenance and on sight attendants in each restroom keeping up with the restrooms continuously for better hygiene purposes as possible to their guests. Otherwise, our visit was as pleasant as the rest of the six flags locations we've been thus far.

Kim Comer

This is a great theme park!! The roller coasters were awesome, the park was very clean, and there were many trees and shade from the sun. In a couple places in the park, they could have had more benches, but in other places there was plenty of seating.

Ronald Branstetter

Pretty good amusement park. Several classic wood roller coasters. And a few more modern steel roller coasters. The food is pretty good, the condition of the park is pretty good. A kid area is also decent to good. Six Flags hasn't invested in a modern big name roller coaster at this park for many but, all things considered it is a great place to visit. If it's your first visit, be sure to study the map and plan your route around the park accordingly. It can be a little confusing. Also has a decent water park during the summer.

Christina Feyen

Love going on cool almost rainy days. Zero wait time for rides and can ride it multiple times without getting off.

Tonster Tube

I do think they should add more rides than mostly roller coasters. But overall great park all in all. Enjoy !!

Jeff Thorp

We get season passes for each next year on Labor Day sale. Lines move too slowly like Aldi grocery store, if there are not at least 15 people in line, they remove a cashier from the cash register. Food passes are good if you visit at least 5 times per year. If you have a child who won't or is not tall enough to ride the roller coasters, don't East your money on them here. Leave non-roller coaster riders at home or with a baby sitter.

TERRa femmer

Ok, so overall it's not bad. The food and souvenirs are definitely overpriced but most amusement parks are. They do sell dining passes and if you go frequently, it will definitely be worth it. One gripe is that I wish they treated their employees better. I see a lot of workers standing in the heat for hours looking miserable.

clarence cooper

Rides are fun and we always have a good time there. Get the drink special it will pay for itself. Lines are not bad, parking is good and the water park is a blast.

Amber Mynhier

If you enjoy being treated like a number and not like a customer, by all means go to Six Flags St. Louis. If you enjoy having all of the money squeezed out of you in exchange for deplorable food, nasty customer service and malfunctioning equipment in return, by all means visit Six Flags St. Lewis. If you enjoy waiting in line for an hour in 90° weather with your two babies just to get into the park, by all means visit Six Flags St. Louis. Or, on the other hand, consider spending less money and supporting your smaller local theme park. Just a thought...

Christine Gazelle

Love the rides and water park. Its the employees maybe there to young? We got drinks 2 for the deal last sat but the vendors did not give wrist bands so we ended up paying the $1 for refills.

Liera Krasnoshapka

Cool place. Been at same in Dallas. Wil come here again many times

Laurel Gilmore

Rides are great. Park is reasonably clean. They take great care of the rides, but they are out of order way too often.

Amanda D

Food and drink prices are ridiculously high. I understand places like that upcharge but $5.50 for a 20oz bottle of water..

Robin Watson

It was incredible! first night of fright fest! It was my first time ever going to six flags! You will definitely want to eat before going though because food is ridiculously over priced.

Leslee Etheridge

It's showing its years. Parking service was slow for what you pay, lines to get in were unnecessarily long. Quite a few rides were closed. Workers were very nice and polite. Shows were good.

Chase McDowell

I always have a good time at Six Flags. There are always rides that are randomly closed that I would like to ride but still it is entertaining and some of the rides are a great value. Superman and Mr. Freeze are the best rides at the park. I have never been on the boomerang because it's never been open on any of my visits.

Heather Culley

It was super amazing! Got the top notch flash passes no waiting in line for real the only thing that could have been better is if the staff was more educated on how the flash passes work. The guy at the booth couldn't figure it out told us how to work it wrong. But other than that it was a super amazing day

Lil Messy

Pandemonium is a must to go on! The food here is good. I love the atmosphere. Such a great place to bring all your friends and family and hang out. Just wish the bathrooms were kept up with, it is not nice when you have to go and there's toilet paper flung everywhere.

Eric Stoner

It was dirtier than Gurney Illinois. The kids and adults rides were close together which helped out. Johnny Rockets hamburgers sucked, I had better frozen hamburgers. Other places to eat was good

Laura Talley

This place is great! The rides are fun and my daughter and I had a great day with her school group. There are rides to suit all preferences and fair style food. The gift shops aren't outrageously expensive and sell a wide variety of things.

Marquita Rucker

It's a fun place to go during the summer but the food, drinks, and souvenirs are all way too expensive. Not to mention having to pay for parking. For how expensive the admission is, you would think the food and drinks would be more reasonable. It feels like they're double dipping. We bought season passes but we really don't get a lot of perks with them. They don't even include parking. Why is there a charge for parking anyway? In order to get a lot of perks, you'll have to buybthe more expensive passes. It was really a waste of money to buy the basic season passes. For less money, we could've gotten the same benefits with a thrill pass; minus a couple of added benefits.

Mike Luigs

Six Flags St. Louis is a fun and enjoyable place for the family to go or grab your friends for a fun outing. They have roller coaster, water rides, kids side to the park, a water park. Fun for all!!!! the park is large so bring your walking shoes and a great attitude as their can be lots of people here at times. Other times there is almost no one and you can do whatever you want quickly!

Jaron Hutton

Rides are all pretty fun. (except one, read warning below) However rides are very often closed or broken which makes the lines more cramped than they need to be for a park that size. EVERYTHING is highly marked up. From a soda for almost 30$ or a paid seating, the park is expensive. Pro: If you and a friend/lover have a couple hundred dollars to spend and you drink ( it's costly ) you'll have an amazing time. Con: If you're sober and broke you're gonna regret a lot of it. The employees don't typically care unless a manager is next to them. There is no storage area to hold your bags at 60% of the rides, you cannot ride with them, yes you have to pay a lot for a locker. !!!-----Ride Warning-----!!! The ride called "Ninja" should NOT be ridden unless you feel like your neck is indestructible. It's a steel coaster however it jerks your head too hard and cracks necks very quickly, making you unable to ride anything else due to pain. Not very fun even if it wasn't jerky, ruined the trip for the family. All in all: 2.9stars

Elle Jae

Fun place to take the kids or relax all by yourself. We went Sunday before Labor Day and had a ball. The staff is very friendly and accommodating, but they can do better with the restrooms. The food is great too.


We love spending the day at Six Flags. If you plan on visiting more than once this year, I highly recommend the membership. It offers so many perks! You can also opt for the regular season pass which offers a lot of great discounts as well. The rides are fun. So far this year we have been twice and the longest we had to wait in line was 25 min. Staff is friendly, park is clean. There are a few areas near the older section of the park (by the log flume) that could used to be resurfaced due to crumbling asphalt. This could pose a trip/fall hazard for guests. I was disappointed to see that thunder river and tidal wave were not open so far this year. Overall, I love the park. The membership and dining pass are well worth the money and pay for themselves within a couple of visits.

Elizabeth Montalvo Ortiz

All staff was so nice and helpful! I do feel like the rides could use an update. The foam is falling apart and things like that.

Jorge Carrion

If you think the lines for the rides are long... wait until you try to get something to eat. I may have made a mistake buying season passes. My kid has been on 6 rides (average ride time is about 2 minutes) and I have been here since opening today (12pm) it is now almost 8pm and have been in line for dinner since 6:45. Not sure I see value here. Things gotta change around here. Too much demand and not enough supply. Six Flags folks in charge... have you been here lately? I have never seen it this bad.

Jeremy Wilson

This place is a ton of fun and there's lots to do. The only downside is how expensive everything is. Typically, a normal ticket will run you $40-60 depending on what day of the week you go, and all the food in the park will cost you close …

Bitter Grim

The park is very dirt all over the staff has been all right but I have been to many different theme parks over the years and by far this has been the worst one. When I can see rides ripped apart and left out in the open and ride perimeter wide open on the Excalibur where a kid can fall into the pit! The only positive of the whole trip has been Ashley Nostalgia has been awesome and very helpful and very friendly. The only last part that disturbs me is some staff walk around ignoring what's going on around them or if you walk up to a ride where they're supposed to be interacting with you directing you are you need to go they do not.

Cathy L

Not so fun with all the lines, lines, lines. I don't just mean lines, I mean some really long, like hour wait lines. Not fun enough to get park, parking, and food passes. Kids were bored with all the lines. If you enjoy sitting in lines, you will enjoy it.

Brandon Lish

The park is wonderful, however if you're looking at purchasing a 12 month membership to the park make sure you contact them multiple times about the terms of when the contract begins and ends. I've had nothing but issues with them about my contract that I signed in May of 2018. 12 months from that date would have been May of 2019. However Six flags has stated multiple times I am obligated to continue paying my monthly dues for the membership up until July of 2019. For no more than we used the membership living 2 hours from the park I would highly suggest never giving them any of your bank account information.

Allan Armstrong

Several rides were shut down... including Mr Freeze (the best looking roller coaster in the park) and a couple of the water rides on a 90+ degree day. It is also a small park with an older(aged) feel to it. The park needs some upgrades and some additional rides asap. Also, extremely expensive foods and drink if you are not a club member.

Allan Chapman

The price for admission was high. Parking was high. The food was high. The games were high. The rides needed to be worked on. No staff at the games. Not like the Six Flags I grew up visiting. Totally disappointed.

George Gallegos

Was a 10 all the way through and through. The operators on the screaming eagle and the super girl were all fantastic. They in their own way Left us impressed. Definitely made our trip to six flags a awesome one. The 5 hours trip to was all worth it. If I had anything negative to say and it's not really negative more like constructive feedback. It would be awsome if all the rides had led lights so the park would light up at night.

Kaitlyn S

Fun rides, a great atmosphere, and amazingly short lines if you go during the week! I'd definitely recommend going at least once in your life, but make sure to bring your wallet. My only complaint is how expensive it is.

Jesika Fulton

Absolutely love this place! I feel like a kid again. Membership worth it! A few things have changed but for the better! I'm so very sore right now.

Jamie Jacob

We visit our local park Worlds of Fun several times a year as we are season ticket holders. Weve been to many other parks throughout the nation but not to the Six Flags St Louis. We took off one weekend and drove there. I was disappointed in how dirty the park was. Especially the water park. We went down one slide and left it was so gross. The rides were fun but the dirty environment trash all over, number of dead mice throughout the park and tall grass was unacceptable. The staff was not friendly. This made me really appreciate Worlds of Fun. We will never return.

match 86

Do NOT waste your money. This place has gone completely to hell. Many of the rides and other attractions are closed. They are woefully understaffed. Even some of the rides that are open, only run one car (instead of two or three), so the lines are twice as long as they should be. And if there is even a drop of rain anywhere between St. Louis and Kansas, they will shut the park down for "safety reasons". It is really sad just how far, far down this place has sank. You could have a better time at your local swimming pool, for 1% of the money. Pitiful, just pitiful.

Josh Wilson

We were driving back from the East coast and this was along our route. We are members from another park and wanted to check it out. We have been to San Antonio and Dallas quite a few times and The Great Escape in NY. I think this one might be the best of the six flags parks I have been too. The justice league ride was Disney level of emersion. It was a ride combined with a video game and sensory ride. The wait times were short, compared to Texas. The food was good, but we couldn't find a place that had popcorn for some reason, the vendors said they weren't given any to make.

amanda rogers

A lot of amazing rides with pretty quick rides. The water park is great too, with adventures for all ages.

JC kooko

The rides were good but I must admit for my first time there they don't have the best impression on the surroundings, looks like it's least kept like it was when it was built, I could tell from the grasses around that was barely cut, the parking lot too,then lastly the funnel cakes got so much grease that I couldn't tell if it was fried in fresh grease.. What i loved was their famous Turkey legs..

William Waters

Nasty! Staff is rude and most have ZERO knowledge of the park. Many places in the park smelled like raw garbage. The worst of all was the girl running the carousel tonight! So nasty! If you hate your job, find a new one! Rides were down A LOT and many in states of disrepair. I couldn't have been more disappointed. This was my first visit to a Six Flags and my last! I'll be sticking to more reputable theme parks like Busch Gardens!!

Alexa Wolf

The rides are pretty fun, but the park is rather warn down.... The rides aren't taken care of. And their "no bag on the ride" policy is just another way for them to take money from their customers who already spent a ton to get in. Seems greasy.

Ivra Vaughn

I had a great time. The park wasn't very crowded. The " Rocking with the 80's" show was entertaining. The food was good. Overall awesome time!!

MR Kaosu

It's a theme park. Some of the employees care. Some don't. Because of the location the water and soda taste a little off to me. They have several areas with freestyle machines but they are frequently not working or out of several options. Last time I went they didn't have a special gate for people that left with a hand stamp so to get back in so I had to wait in line again. That sucked because we waited almost an hour to get into the park in the first place.

TyTy Stamm

This place is fun and I'd say its a fun family excursion. One of my few complaints is on a few of the rides you are not allowed to bring bags. I was not aware of this (mostly because I thought that all of the 6 flags amusement parks had the same rules) a few really good things I have experienced here is shorter waiting times for food and easier to traverse the park. The roller coasters are unique and I enjoyed most of them

Andrea B.

Family Fun! The park is a lot of fun with kids. Lines are usually short and the rides are a blast. There are usually great deals on season passes and memberships. The season pass deal we cashed in on included two season passes, free parking and admittance to the water park for $99!! (But just as a side note, the amusement park and waterpark are together and there isn't a separate entrance or charge to get in.) Have fun!!!

Robert Darroch

Kids always have fun here and it takes up the whole day. Food is not the healthiest but that's what kids like.. Can't go wrong with Six Flags.. During summer you get the bonus of the waterpark..

Michael Amico

Love this park. All their roller coasters are great. Not the tallest or fastest but great fun. The staff has always been friendly to me and seem like they're having fun too. Just be ready to walk some hills.

Ajit Kumar

I loved the place. Best place to enjoy with your entire family!!! Lots of rides which suits for kids and adults. There are high octane rides best for adults. There is option for availing lockers which needed for certain rides as you can't take backpack and ladies big handbags. Since park is too huge, therefore be mentally prepared to walk quite a bit distant which will be tiring for you and your family. Water park is just beside entry which is very enjoyable. Best to go for season parking which also covers free parking. Additionally, various types of membership is also available. Staffs are super friendly.

Jessica Bouton

So far so good, we are going several times this week. Things did look alittle outdated, and we were frustrated that a lot of the food carts/restaurants were closed, but it is a fairly small park. My family has loved the short lines and the rides. I was excited that they let me fill my water bottles from home with free ice water, great to save money where you can! Overall I am happy.

Lindsey Swanson

A lot of the good rides were closed and none of the employees seemed to know why. The Boomerang, Superman, Fireball, Tidal Wave, Thunder River, and Boss were closed just to name a few. Took a lot of excitement out of the visit.

kaliey oneal

Today was a great visit. Not to crowded. The hurricane harbor was super nice with a lot of lifeguards on duty. The only disadvantage is the cost of food. Some families pay so much to get into the park that the cost of a whole pizza with bread sticks and 4 drinks should not cost $50 .

Darryl Jones

I live in Chicago now, but the St. Louis Six Flags was the one that I visited as a kid. The St. Louis Six Flags still maintains real steam train engines to pull you around the park. You won't find that at the Chicago location. The St. Louis Six flags is situated on hilly terrain which (in my opinion) makes the walks and views from the rides more interesting than the Chicago location. The St. Louis location also has more trees and shade. Chicago probably takes the prize for the variety of rides and roller coasters, but be sure not to miss the classic wooden Screaming Eagle.

James Aleman

A nice theme park when crowds are not too bad. Younger people will enjoy all the rides and roller coasters. A good family location. Expect to spend some money while there.

Virgil Reasor

Convenient online ticket purchase. Organized parking. Easy, friendly access to the park. Some rides and shows were closed or simply out of service. Fountain drinks associated with membership were not satisfactory. Food at restaurants was pretty good. Park was pretty clean as was stores and restrooms. Foliage needed some maintenance. Overall a pretty nice day.

Andrea Martin

The staff that ran the rides were great for he most part, the ones working guest services didn’t even turn on their open signs. I felt like no one exceeded any expectations and only a few fell below. Excited to continue to return with my season pass and enjoy the coasters.

Christine Barnett

Many foodservice locations were closed, leading to long lines for food at the places that were open. Giant portions with giant prices - share with a friend if you can. The Palace was closed to prepare for Halloween. It took forever to get in the park due to security screening and then each person with a pass had to get his/her picture taken with a phone at the actual entrance. Maybe for facial recognition for the pass? I'm not sure, but it sure made entering painful - standing in the sun with no shade. Forcing you to pay for a locker to ride roller coasters if you have a carry-on item other than a Six Flags drink bottle. My family really enjoyed Hurricane Harbor. And there was fun to be had in between the frustrations. Just an OK rating due to the frustrations.


Not worth the money. Several rides were closed. The lines weren't bad at all until you went to the water park. Waited at least 30-45 min for the toilet bowl water ride when there was hardly any people in line. There was too much time in between the riders going down the ride and the next riders going down which seemed unnecessary. You and the people you are with have to carry the 4 person tube to the very top of the ride (several flights of stairs) which is exhausting with 2 people. There needs to be something that carries the tubes to the top. Not to mention the water park doesn't have enough decent water rides. There needs to be more water fountains throughout the park. Overall, the park was cute and looked pretty clean. The workers seemed pretty nice.

Debbie Cornejo

Great time of year to go not crowded short lines. $25 parking I think is outrageous when there's nowhere else to park plus the ticket price but it was a nice experience I just wish I could make it a little more affordable

CuteTube Haynie

Kids loved it. It was not crowd. My 2 years old could go on a bunch of rides with me (surprise). His favourite was water log. They let us go 12 times without getting out, because he yelled "again!" every time we parked

gamer boy and girl

We are having a great time. It is very hot so make sure to keep hydrated. We are here on a Friday at the end of June and there are hardly any lines. It's been a fun day so far!

Ashley Tyler

Good family experience. The gentleman at the ice cream parlor was awesome!

Wesley Gordon

Last day before school starts is a little bit of tradition for my daughter and I. Had a great time. Where else can you get a 6 pack of soda for 36 dollars? She loves the power rides. Did pretty well on the games. We had a pretty good day all in all. They have some updated rides. If you haven't been in a while check it out. Fright night is coming up...

Michael Munie

It's getting run down and old looking, not like I remember from back in the day. They need to spend some time and money to spruce up the place a little. Heaven knows it costs enough to go plus what you have to spend to eat and drink. Come on Six Flags! Show a little pride In your establishment.

Cat Valentine

Six Flags is a place you go to when you want to have fun with your family, husband, kids, boyfriend, girlfriend! The lines are so worth the wait!

Lori Shumake

The only real complaint that I have is that at most of the places where you get food and drinks.. it was completely not staffed properly.. at 7pm we waited in line for over a half an hour because there was 1 cashier and about 5 or 6 actually available with no one on them. The cashier was also completely lackadaisical . It wasnt that she seemed overwhelmed.. she seemed like she could not care less about being there.


I've been here several times and love it each time. The water park is fantastic and I love the rides. They have wonderful food to go along with it.

Silent Assasin

The wait time for rides were shorter than I expected. I haven't been in years, but nothing has really changed a whole lot. Their are some new rides and some that no longer exist since I've last visited. Six flags is fun and scary.

Ben Waldron

Man where do I start. Bathrooms are disgusting, often out of paper towels or have broken hand dryers. Food was disgusting and undercooked at the Fowl Ball "Sports Bar" where you can catch some daytime soap operas offering violence and sex for your children to watch as they chew on some undercooked processed 13 dollar hot dog on a stale bun. The app is useless for determining wait time (used to put a sign out front of the ride, now just have a sign telling you to download an app). They pay high school kids to run this place. Not cool, at the price they are charging let alone the $25 to park they should be able to pay a better wage to employees so that the place gets cleaned efficiently and food gets cooked thoroughly. Often rides are closed down or only running part of the ride so the line takes forever. They only nice thing is that they have good rides. They may be rusty, unclean, overgrown grass, parts covered in spiderwebs and poison ivy sticking out, but they are fun to ride. That's worth the one star I guess, but it is just not worth the investment of hundreds of dollars just to sludge through this disgusting unclean park run by underpaid children only to escape the sheer disappointment for 30 seconds on a roller coaster just to get off and step back into the vile wasteland that Six Flags St. Louis has become. Really ruined the nostalgia of returning to the park I went to as a child. I can't say I will be back unless there are drastic renovations and upkeep effort.

Paint Drywall

How do you explain to a 6 year old that even though we just waited in line for an hour, now the ride broke and we have to get out of line? Now, how do you explain it happening the 2nd and 3rd time on the same ride? (Justice League) ... Big fat thumbs down!!

Amanda Donaldson

Rides are really fun. Lines are long with little to no sun coverage or fans. Food tastes old and overpriced. Entire park is understaffed so every line you wait in is unnecessarily ling (we waited 65 minutes to get food). They get a new ride every year but overall customer service is absolutely horrible. Skip Six Flags St Louis and go to the next city.

trey mccoy

Fun place. We went on a Thursday in late July. Short lines and most all the rides which was nice. Seems the park is a little unkept in certain areas. Grass not mowed, weeds, paint not aging well. Also the following rides were down: Superman drop, tidal wave, Excalibur, thunder river. All in all was a good experience and good time. We spent about 5 hours there and rode over a dozen or so rides.

Christina Roth

I love Six Flags St. Louis and I have Season Passes because I love it so much! I like that they have a water park which breaks up the day as far as fun things to do in the park but I also love Fright Fest as well! Overall a great place to get away from it all for a day and have some fun!

Elissa Stewart

I though this place was fun to go to. I had a blast riding the rides and use the flash pass. However, as someone who has Celiac and has to eat gluten free there was not a lot of accommodations. I called before coming St Louis to the park about bringing in food that I could eat and they said it is recommended to have a doctors note. I know there are people out there that will say I have dietitian need just to save money, but for the people who really need it, it would make a difference. Allow people to bring in lunch stuff for their visit. It would make things a lot easier and make it cheaper for families. The park does need some updating, it looks like there hasn't been anything painted in a while. The Flash Pass could use some updating. I like the idea of having different levels, but having to wear a watch is ridiculous. On top of that having a $150 charge if it loss, stolen, or damaged. What does the money I pay for the watch to begin with go towards?

Miles Alexander

Love this park. Honestly surprised more people don't come to it. We have Six Flags season passes, and if you plan on getting some yourself, pick them up here, as it's almost half the price of getting it at Six Flags Great America. Staff are friendly, prices are fair, and rides are fun. Honestly one of the most underrated theme parks. Looking forward to coming back for the Halloween event.


The rides are so much fun, and so is the water park. There workers always bring me cheer when my family goes. It is so worth going. And I would recommend going on a Wednesday or Thursday because that is when they are less packed:)

Kaylie S

We visited on 7-1-19. I read some rough recent reviews that morning and I was worried about what our experience would be. Those worries were unnecessary, we had a great time. This park hasn't changed much since I was a kid. It's fun taking my own kids and seeing them experience it. Food prices were high, but they were when I was a kid too. We brought a cooler and ate lunch in the car like I always have. We got drink cups with the single day free refills since we don't go there more than once a year. I think it's worth the $$$ so we can stay hydrated. I've seen some posts about rides being closed but the ones that were closed weren't anything great. Thunder River, Tidal Wave and Boomerang. Maybe they'll replace them with better stuff? No idea. We rode all the big coasters and they were in great shape, the wooden ones have obviously been improved so the old spine can handle more than one ride. American Thunder was the overall favorite in our group. I took a star off because of the cleanliness. The whole place could do with a good power washing. Bathrooms were okay, the changing houses in Hurricane Harbor were gross. They seem short staffed but are obviously actively trying to hire and that's all they can do, I get that. The wait to get in was only a few minutes and we got there when a bunch of other folks did. We bought our tickets online though which saves time AND money (and the tickets came with coupons for $2 off the price of the refillable drinks which I definitely used). Overall, my family had a great time and we'll be back next summer!

Drew Helton

Fun park if you can get discounted tickets but could use some renovating and cleaning

Lori Strong

I cant give anything more due to the customer service is very unprofessional and poorly ran. The park is fine but trying to get answers to questions that is not on the web is like pulling teeth from a baby. I've been a member since 2015 and trying to upgrade but cant get no one to assist. Went to my local park and walked to the back of the park and stand in a hot line for them to tell me I have to call in

Donna Jones

We had a great time riding rides and didn't have long wait times. My only complaint was the food. My family of 3 went to Mooseburger Lodge. Our Waffle fries were cold and hard.

Hayley Mattern

The rides are fun. The staff overall are alright, but a good amount are rude. I asked for one thing and they gave me something else and when I said I had wanted something else and she said i had said yes to something else and before me she …

Jeffrey Lemaster

Great amusement park! Fright Fest was a blast. Good haunted houses, scare zones, and shows. I enjoyed Freaks Unleashed where all the monsters come out for the night.

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