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Joshua Willoughby

Cool exhibit, they even have pina coladas in case you get thirsty Only problem I have with it is the polar bear exhibit. It looks ridiculously small for an animal that spends it's whole life wandering. Although it's cool to look at, I can't help but think about how sad the bear must be

Krystal Colburn

This zoo is by far the coolest one I've been to! It has free admission, which is a great start! Tons of different animals and close up viewing spaces. Lots of activities for kids and they have sea lion shows! They are very environmentally conscious and are definitely doing their part!

Jessica Ramsey

We had an amazing time at this zoo. Def some tips for any trip get there early because parking fills up fast. We went in the beginning of August and thou it was warm we still had a great time there. The food was decent there but maybe it was the choice because there is a big selection. We also purchased our tickets online which was great because you save money that way and it's available right on your phone when you get there. There is a great place to nurse too if you have a baby and we brought along a compact stroller that fit fine on the train. We were able to see all the animals and the gift shop was a great stop as we were leaving. We would def go again.

Sarah Jackman

Best Zoo ever ! We love bring our family here and spending the day. The zoo is kept up , bathrooms are clean and people are friendly. Each time we have gone the animals have been out so we could see them.

Gordon Beachy

Amazing! World Class zoo experience. And it's free! Well, $15 to use the zoo parking lot. But you can park free in Forest Park and walk in. Lots of shade and gorgeous landscape.

Dave Churby

My wife is an animal lover, so a trip to St.Louis would not have been complete without a trip to the zoo. And what a surprise it was. One of the nicest zoos we have seen. And it is free ! But the best part was how well kept it was. Great visit

Jesse Vielbig

This zoo is the best one I've been to! Everyone was nice. Its free! And the pass deal is totally worth it. And even if you get the pass, it's still fairly cheap to go and enjoy this wonderful zoo!

Dezere Achey

Such a big and beautiful zoo! They recently even became ecofriendly. My family had a blast even though we only went one day. A bit of advice, plan to spend several days here to see all of the wonderful exhibits. It's well worth it.

Sue Anderson

Because it is the best zoo I've ever been to. Perfect day. Took a California friend & she enjoyed it too.

David Collignon

Always a fantastic visit. Internationally recognized zoo, basically free. I'll pay to park. I'll pay to eat. I'll pay to ride the train or the carousel but if I don't want to do any of those, I can still have a fabulous experience for FREE. Been to other zoo's, some (but few) were as good. None were free.

Daniel Hauger

So many animals to see....very exciting! It's definitely worth doing all the attractions and buying the adventure pass....make sure and do the 4D's an experience you would want in your lifetime! The St. Louis zoo is like adventuring the world...the sting Ray's were amazing! Oh my goodness I loved it!

Laura MacCaskey

So much fun, so beautiful with all the plants. My granddaughter loves the penguins (so do I). Everyone so sweet and helpful. Great tradition.

Colin Shipley

This zoo deserves the love it gets from locals and tourists. Not only is the zoo a great destination for both young and old, but it is mostly free! Parking adjacent is paid but the rest of the curb side parking is free but it goes quick. Membership is worth it for anyone with little ones!

Ronald Higgs

High end zoo, great place for parents, couples and children alike. Whole day activities available, would recommend sea lion zoo. Food and drink available around the park with a main lunch centre with burgers and hot dogs etc. Best zoo in America!

Kathy Ferguson

Best day EVER. Parking lot was full, but there is tons of other places to park. We spent the entire day and still didn't see everything. This zoo is beautiful, clean, and great staff. I thought the grounds and the overall feel rates better the the National Zoo in DC

Emily Smith

I love this zoo so much but one thing that was upsetting was how the staff at food stations acted. Almost every single one was rude to us. Like you work in a zoo where people are trying to be happy and have a good time and you act like that?! It just felt like a downer

Paranormal Society

We love going to the zoo and it is amazing experience for the whole family. It is so much fun to see all the animals. If you live in the area I would get a membership to get the full experience plus it helps out the zoo. The cost is free so anyone can go. There is parking here for $15 dollars (for now). Or you can park on the street for no charge. The walk will be longer. It is all very accessible and the staff is very friendly. The animals seem happy and the place is only going to be getting bigger from here. We cannot wait for the next expansion!

Jessica Leuchtmann

The St. Louis Zoo is a treasure that we gladly support every year. If you are a regular zoo goer, I would highly recommend a membership, even at the lowest level it is worth it. The zoo makes great conservation efforts and works hard to keep the grounds clean and in good shape. My family loves all the renovations and new additions, and it's always a blast each time we go. It is free to enter, and a great place for a family outing.

Colin Cummings

Very grateful to live so close to this zoo. Definitely one of the best free attractions in the country. It was a beautiful day when we went and not ridiculously busy. We made a good decision to get there right as they opened, as it gets busier throughout the day. Huge selection of different exhibits and interactive and educational areas. Great for kids and adults alike. If you're ever in the area, it's a must visit.

Fallon Moore

The St. Louis zoo was so much for for the whole family. My favorite was the elephants and seeing all the big cats. They have so many! Tigers, lions, jaguars, snow leopards, puma. My 1 year old really loved the walk in butterfly garden. The zoo is free but you have to pay for parking which is totally worth it. I highly recommend supporting the zoo and will definitely be back in the future!

Marni Jarman

Large, clean and fun zoo. Lots of animals to see. Numerous drinking fountains, refreshment and food areas. Highly recommend the ez pass and if you purchase online, it's a dollar cheaper on each pass. It more than pays for itself, even if purchased at the zoo.

Carlos Rivera

In general zoo was good and cozy. In general found animals to have areas that were spacious while others were more contained causing some of the animals to seem sad specifically speaking of gorillas, penguins, eagles, birds. Outside animals did have ample areas and at least I was concerned with the heat level with the days heat index being at 110.

Amanda Mounce

Always a fantastic experience!! Totally worth it to show up in the first hour to get my kids into the children’s zoo free! Exhibits are always changing & improving. Tons of educational opportunities for everyone along the way.

Tim Byford

Great experience for the whole family. Can't believe it's free to get in. Staff very friendly and knowledgeable

Ji Xiaonan

We visited the zoo in a rainy afternoon, very excited to “interact” with so many animal friends(o^^o) Please definitely say Hi to seals and sea lions, they are super friendly, elegant, and smart! We also enjoyed the plants especially in the “river edge jungle” area (if I remember the name correctly).

Audrey Webb

Loved it, amazing animals, friendly and knowledgeable docents!! I will warn you though parking is $15, unless you are able to park in Forest Park. It is great for kids and adults alike and they do sell alcohol for the adults!! The food, souvenirs and extra exhibits are a bit pricey so be prepared to spend some money. It was a great experience and I plan to go again soon.

Mom Madi Mitchell

We were in St. Louis on vacation so really didn’t know what to expect of many of the points of interest. First we were impressed that parking is in close proximity to the zoo, there are much smaller less impressive zoos with parking problems. After that the landscaping is marvelous, sculptures well placed throughout the zoo. It’s beautiful! See “The Sea Lion Show!” Have a special fresh pineapple drink and visit the Candy Shoppe. When you need something more substantial, there is a comfortable casual sit down restaurant with a/c or heat. This is where we charged our phones. We enjoyed a train ride around the zoo and the 4D theater, which was a blast!! As for the animals at the zoo, they seem very well cared for and have roomy enclosures. Even when it was a little too hot for some of the animals to be out there are plenty of indoor things to see like the impressive bird habitats. We’re well pleased with our visit to The Saint Louis Zoo.

Brandy Asher

Best Zoo Ever! Hands down! The children's zoo is so much fun for the kids and adults. Always new cool stuff to learn about and see! You can spend hours here having a blast. Of you're lucky enough to stay at the Clayton Plaza Hotel, they will shuttle you to the zoo for free!!

Jeremy Radford

One of the best zoos in the country! It's awesome to see apes playing, hippos up close and personal, and cool off a foot away from the penguins. Don't even get me started about the awesome grizzly and polar bear exhibits. And it's all free!

Marvella Ying

Love this zoo! Clean, friendly people, and well cared for animals. We went while they were setting up for all the Halloween happenings, and I'm very excited. But our visit was great and made even better by wonderful weather. A beautiful day with a breeze really had the animals very active.

Mary Thomas

Love it! Parking can be crazy just because you may have to park far away but hey it’s free and so is the zoo. So I’ll do some walking lol! You can bring your own food as well. Be prepared to walk up and down hills. Great exercise!!!

chris c

First time every visiting entrance fee is free the food, souvenirs are quit pricey for families better off bringing your own lunch, snacks. Zoo was well maintained, clean, wide variety of animals. Lots to see fun outing for family, friends. Staff is pleasant, friendly. Would recommend the zoo to anyone

Caleb Barrett

Very attractive stroll, with interesting settings for the diverse exhibits that had traditional and unusual wildlife. Literally on/right-off the interstate, it's well worth the reasonable parking price (admission free) to take a stop along your trip for an hour or 2, or 3.

Keri Suk

It's hard to believe admission is FREE!! It's such a large zoo you can't see it all in one day!! Plus the workers were all nice and helpful! Not to mention you can see that all the animals are well taken care of, given enrichment, and that the workers care about the animals.


This place is amazing. It's free to the public except for the extra activities. If you just want to see the animals it's free. If you want to see time sea lion show that costs money. 95% of the zoo is free. Of course food or drink cost money. If you're well fed and hydrated enjoy this park and be educated.

carmon kammerer

Nice Zoo, food & drink options are great. The only thing we didn’t like was the parking & long walks. They need a large parking areas, even if it’s off site from the zoo, with free shuttle service buses running constantly for free, taking us to the zoo & back. Or build up with parking garages. I loved the animals & staff there.

William Headley

What a beautiful zoo! We had such a great time here and look forward to returning to see the things we did not get to on this trip.

Aubrey Sydow

Being from a different state, it was a sweet and pleasant surprise to learn that STL Zoo is free admission! From the engaging shows to the interesting exhibits, this zoo boosts a special day. Not to mention, there’s restaurants, coffee shops, and booze bars, to pull ya through the day. It can be possible to get lost, but the staff is very helpful and friendly, sending you on your way. Thank you for making the general admission free, making it possible for all families to have a great day at the zoo!

Esther Krepel

Our grandsons birthday party was held at the zoo. Top notch. He and his friends had so much fun. First they played in the hands on room, then they learned about and got to touch some live animals. After that they had refreshments and cupcakes. Then in into the main zoo to finish up the day.

Elyssa Kirkland

Amazing!!! And free!!! Just make sure you wear comfortable shoes because it's a lot of walking. Of course since it's free, it is very busy so plan on that too. You can bring any food and drinks in and there are a lot of good spots for a picnic! Make sure you visit the penguins and butterfly house. My kids favorite s!

Isabelle Smith

This is a wonderful zoo that does so much conservation work! The animals are well taken care of and the zoo offers so much space for them here and out in the county at their reservation. The zoo has plenty to see and do, and it is also free!

Kasey Moyers

Great place. Enjoyed a quick visit with our teens on a road trip. The Penguin habitat is so neat! Can't wait to go back and spend long than an hour!

Renita Koehn

A really fun day. Can't beat admission price! The train all-day pass is well worth it for getting around. Has a "happy place" feeling. So completely worth a day visit.

Mark Wilkins

A free and beautiful place to take the family for the day. I would recommend packing food to barbecue or have a picnic. Food prices in the zoo are quite expensive. But there are a lot of places around the park just outside to enjoy a meal that you bring.

Gabriella Hymbaugh-Sparrow

It's no wonder this zoo is rated number one in the nation! It was fantastic. The animals are well kept and the staff is friendly. The entry fee is free, and if you decide to add on other experiences, the prices are reasonable.

Ray Heskin

Haven't been there in 15-20 years. The exhibits are larger and nicer but far fewer animals. I like this better, I don't need to see 12 different types of bears in simple garage size jails. I really don't like the new wooden signs with just the animals name carved in it. I like when there is a picture and some info and stats. Directions within the zoo could be a little clearer so you can find things easier.

Thomas Weaver

They say that the park and the zoo are free. That is not the case! Certain sections of the zoo you have to pay to get in such as the children's petting zoo. Highly recommend if you don't want to spend money to avoid certain places in the park

Laura Downey

Love the zoo. Wonderful place to take the kids. They love being able to pet the stingrays. A little advice though. See the penguin before the stingrays. The penguin place is cool and if you are wet, it is cold.

Cortny Marshall

The STL Zoo is one of the best zoos in the country. These folks take pride in what they do and it shows. Best of all... FREE admission!

Eric Brooks

St Louis Zoo is the best free zoo in America. I am absolutely in love with the grizzly and polar bear exhibits. They space for these bears is massive, the animals seem very happy, and they are always playful. My wife loves the elephants and rhinos and STL zoo has an incredible exhibit for both. The sea lion exhibit is AMAZING. When we were there, nearly all of the animals were active and all had large enclosures and were well cared for. The St. Louis is as much, if not more, for adults as for children-they even have adult beverages throughout. It's easy to walk and easy to navigate, despite being very large. Free parking is abundant on the north side of the zoo, especially on weekdays.

Cody Hurt

I love the zoo, even as a kid growing up. I take my kids every now that I'm older. The only reason I'm going 4 star instead of 5 is because of an issue we had with a single rude employee at the restaurant inside the main building. Didn't ruin the experience for us, but it was enough for me not to give the 5th star.

Carrie Smith

Best zoo I have been to. Loved being able to be so close to the animals. There is a lot to do and see at this zoo. You could spend all day here.

Dellerium Firefox

We love coming here a few times a year. The exhibits are great and before you realize it the days already gone. Great place to spend a day.

Juanita Magness

I enjoyed this place to the fullest. I especially enjoyed the train ride and the cooling sprinklers! Oh, yea! I enjoyed visiting all of the wonderful animals❣

Eric Osborn

The zoo is free admission (which is amazing) but it's one of the best zoos in the nation. The penguins were out favorite but all the exhibits were great. The food is good. The shows are good. All of the attractions were exciting. We love this zoo.

Keith Johnson

Touching stingrays was incredible. Sea Lions move amazing in water. The act was pretty good also. Train ride is a great way to get around the park, when your feet are tired. Cool off with the penguins. 4D movie was fun. Well worth the parking fee of $15.

Tina Olszewski

Absolutely wonderful! This is such an amazing zoo for any budget. Free entry and amazing animal exhibits. You. An truly have an amazing family outing here! Lots of new or updated exhibits in the last couple of years. We did the sea lion show, stings rays, children's zoo and the train for a nominal fee and it was well worth it.

Angelia Garcia

St Louis Zoo is 1 of the best in the country and admission is FREE! Great place to go if you want to do sightseeing or have a family. You have to pay if you want to go into the Children's zoo for feeding, ride the train or the carousel. I think it's free the 1st hour after opening. Confirm on their website. DEFINITELY wear comfortable walking shoes!

Matthew Long

This is an awesome zoo to visit for free. My kids and I had a blast. They have all sorts of animals. My daughter told me she wanted to go to L.A. zoo to see the rhinos but we where able to make the shorter drive to St. Louis to see these animals. All the animals have nice in closures and the pins are kept very clean. The penguin enclosure was awesome you got to get very close to the animal. The staff is very knowledgeable about the animals as well. And you can’t beat the price.... free I will recommend to family and friends to visit. Also the arch in St. Louis is very close to the zoo.

Belle Messenger

Love this Zoo! Make sure you visit Rahja the elephant and his family! Its free admission but you might want some spending money for souvenirs, food, Children's Zoo, train, etc. The newer Bear enclosure is very neat. Hopefully more renovations are underway.

runner 3367

Great place to visit if you are a resident or visitor alike. Free admission, but parking in the zoo owned parking lot is $15. Get there early and park on the street for free, but don't leave any valuables visible or you will get an unpleasant surprise when you return to your car after your zoo visit.

Monik Foschiatti

Clean. Friendly staff. Good beer selection. Decent food. Great place to enjoy a relaxing day. I don't go on weekends because it's so busy.

Ben Mansfeld

Great free zoo! Amazing how close you can get to some of the animals. Big habitats and an emphasis on preservation and global climate change

Robert Lister

This zoo is remarkable, even more remarkable is that it is free to visit. We did pay the extra for the sea lion show and the train ride and still spent less than I would have for admission into my hometown zoo. We visited on a Saturday and expected it to be crowded but it didn’t feel overcrowded. The sea lion show was the perfect length to be entertaining and keep the attention of the audience. The train ride was great and gave enough information to be interesting but not too much. It was a very hot day but there were more animals active than I expected to see in that heat. My wife and I visited and had a flight later in the day and rented two jumbo lockers at the north entrance for our luggage that were very convenient. I was expecting to pay $10 each for the lockers but was given $5 back for each locker at the end of our visit. Every employee we interacted with was positive, helpful, and polite. They even filled our water bottles with ice and water several times during our visit at no charge.


Best Zoo hands down!Gorgeous garden all over the zoo! All animals looked very well kept and healthy. Free just pay to park! Well worth the visit! Not over crowded.

Suzanne Meade

I love the St Louis zoo. You can spend as little or as much money as you want. The zoo has free admittance and there is free parking around Forest Park (or paid parking in closer lots). We are zoo members so parking is included and we can do many attractions for free. Seeing the animals in their neat exhibits is free and the zoo is quite large and amazing! You can pay for other attractions like petting sting rays, visiting the children's zoo, carousel, train, etc.

Rick Ross

Always a good time. Can be very economical too. You are allowed to bring in a cooler and your own food. Plenty of nice restrooms. We enjoy having a snack on the picnic tables overlooking the pond where the pink flamingos stay.

Jeff Stout

It's a very nice free zoo with a pretty good amount of free parking. There's a fair amount of construction currently but still a good visit

Coahomma !

Recently voted Best Zoo and America’s Top Free Attraction, the Saint Louis Zoo is dedicated to connecting people to animals. Annually, approximately 3 million visitors get the opportunity to experience 17,000+ animals in the Zoo’s care; many of them are rare and endangered. The Zoo is renowned for its innovative approaches to animal management, wildlife conservation, research and education. And as a free zoo, visitors are encouraged to come back again…and again! When you visit the Saint Louis Zoo, you’ll have no shortage of things to do. The Zoo has 90 acres of animal exhibits, attractions, shopping and dining for you and your family to enjoy. You can also find Zoo activities and programs for people of all ages and abilities. Check out our Zoo zones below, which highlight unique habitats and animals you can see.The Saint Louis Zoo wouldn’t be “America’s Top Free Attraction” without your generosity. By giving to the Zoo, you help ensure that people of all ages and abilities can continue to connect with animals. Your support also helps provide the resources we need to save endangered species, here and around the world.A day at the Saint Louis Zoo is one of the most fun and affordable ways for families to spend time together. And when you become a member, a great value becomes even better. Plus, your membership will help support the Zoo's wildlife conservation projects in St. Louis and around the world.

Jacob Oswalt

Awesome free zoo! Excellent upkeep and animal habitats! Upgraded for the adventure pass with the kids and it was definitely worth it. Stayed at the zoo from open to close and still didn't get to see everything!

Cathryn Hutchens

I used to work here. On this day, it was a Friday, my very close friend Justin asked my daughter if she wanted to go to the Zoo. He looked at me & asked was it ok. She had the best time & he really enjoyed himself too, especially the Sea Lion Show. I didn't know Robbie had grown to be such a beautiful mammoth of a Sea Lion.

Cindy Dickerson

Awesome zoo. Beautiful plantings everywhere. Happy, active, well adjusted animals. Will come here again!

James Jett

Enjoyed the zoo inside. It was clean and very spacious. LOTS of animals when they are out. Went on a holiday weekend and it was a mad house. The worst part is parking but if you can get in the north lot for $15 it's well worth it. Free to get in but there are options to purchase food

Deborah M

I think this is a terrific Free Zoo! I happened to park on the South street, for free, and walked down to the South entrance. The docents were very nice, and the Camp Kangaroo workers seemed to take great care of the groups if children, and the exhibits are Outstanding. I visit Zoos throughout my U.S. travels and this is one of my top 5 favorites.

David Cohen

St Louis Zoo is 1 of the best in the country and admission is FREE! Great place to go if you want to do sightseeing or have a family. We absolutely enjoyed our visit here! To think that it is free and is so massive it is hard to see it all in one day. They have a train that helps you get around the zoo a lot easier and I highly recommend you get the train pass to move around the zoo.

ana hollingsworth

The zoo is great for being free. Parking is 15 but thereare free spots alongside Forest Park if gotten here early enough. Also there are a couple of places having construction so had to go long way to see a couple of things.

Delmor Donald

This is one of the best zoos I have ever visited. And best of all, it is completely free. We did pay $10 for parking in the lot as Forest Park was pretty busy Saturday morning. However, if we really wanted to, we could have hunted for a free space in the park and walked a little further to the entrance.For being an older zoo, it had been kept up pretty well. There are a lot of corporate sponsors which support this zoo so I suspect that had a lot to do with it

Sarah Randall

Over all we love the zoo. We don't feel the Children's zoo area is worth the $4 to get in. There is a splash pad and play area along with a few animals but being in other areas of the zoo is more exciting. I would highly suggest a season pass with upgrades to cover other expenses while in the zoo.

clarence cooper

Incredible experience. Plenty of animals to see. Beautiful grounds. Clean and good parking. safe area and worth the drive. We will defiantly be back.

Masha Holistic Cure

Great fun with the kids. They have lots of fun activities and animals. The only thing we didn’t like is signable isn’t clear and we didn’t know where to go a lot of the times. Otherwise it’s great

Abigail Dickens

Awesome St. Louis zoo that’s free! You only pay for parking, which is not bad at all! Kids had fun along with the hubby & I! Lots of animals and friendly staff!


GREAT!! Going to this zoo for 55+ yrs. Street parked my auto directly in front of main entrance. This will likely never happen again. Usually a 2-3 block walk. The zoo itself is wonderful,no charge to enter(free). A train ride is available for small fee which allows you to get on and off at various locations throughout the zoo grounds at no additional charge. The zoo has spent millions on upgrades over the past two decades to enhance the animal's habitats and improve the visitor experience. Considered to be one of the best in the world. If you like the outdoors it is a wonderful place to spend a day or more. There is a lot to see so plan for a long day. ENJOY !!


Free public zoo, street parking or pay for lot $15 for cars. Advise to go when a little cooler, when it is hot and humid, some animals will seek shelter so they are harder to see Great zoo, lots to see and some paid attractions like Butterfly house, though they do run early mornings you can get in for first hour free.

Frank Fontaine

When the most expensive part of a beautiful day outside is parking for $15, there's very little to complain about. The staff was friendly and helpful, and the park itself is beautiful. I'll be coming back here whenever I can.

Kay Genotte

This is by far the best Zoo I have been to! I definitely suggest splurging and getting the adventure pass. Its only $12.95 per person but it gets you into everything including unlimited train rides.

Abby Scott

There is free admission, which is awesome! It is one of the best zoos in the nation, with tons of different animals, snacks, rides, and shops there. There are also hands on learning activities for children and even a huge train! Be sure to stop by the St Louis Zoo when you have a chance

River Lady

Except for super crowded weekends this zoo is great. And its free. If you get the chance this year check out the event they have every year around Halloween called Boo at the Zoo. You wont be dissappointed. This event does cost I but its well worth it.

Anita Calorio

The atmosphere is clean and the pens of the animals are well kept. It is not smelly as typical of most zoo. And there is a train that takes you to different point if you do not feel like walking much

Presto FryDaddy

One of my favorite places in St. Louis. Beautiful place to spend the day. Voted best zoo in the US and one of the only free zoos of n the country.

Natalia Rasavong

Excellent free zoo. It has 4 different habitats. The animals are great and the environment is fabulous. Everything is a la cart and may be a little expensive . I believe because they are free. However, if you bring your own food and park on the steers, it would be the best free activity ever.

Paula Anane

I love that the St Louis Zoo can be completely free if you dont want to use the train or see any of the shows. The staff are very knowledgeable, helpful, and nice. My 18 month old loves exploring at the zoo!

Kathlyn Edwards

The zoo is free and always a good time. It was hot, but they gave humans and animals plenty of places to keep cool. A big hit is the seals and penguins. Elephants are great to watch when it is hot, they know how to keep cool! Highly recommend this zoo, it is a favorite and has only gotten better over the years!

Sean Hall

Can you believe that you can go to one of the top 3 zoos in America for free? We parked outside the north entrance for free parking as well. The zoo was especially lively today: grizzlies wrestling and lion roaring! Maybe because the rain beforehand?

Shon Brown

Loved the zoo. Was on knee scooter due to foot surgery.. And was able to see 3/4 of it.

Laura L

Awesome setup. The sea lion show was so fun and memorable! Petting the stingrays was a very unique experience and I will do that again! Kudu cafe had yummy and affordable food, surprising for a zoo. Definitely recommend the band pass if you want to try all the activities. Staff was friendly and helpful. We'll be back!

Charlie Michael

Super nice Zoo can spend the entire day with the family and spend as much or as little as you want but most of the new attractions cost money. If you are anywhere close to the Peoria Zoo just go there. You can see all the best stuff and then some. You can walk miles and see spectacular plants and no animals at the St Louis Zoo because of the maze they've crated.

Mark Hollandsworth

The St. Louis Zoo is free and always has been. It's just simply a wonderful place to visit. But do yourself a favor and bring your own drinks and eats, because it is expensive. For example, a 16oz. bottle of water will set you back $4.00. Can easily see all exhibits in about 4 hours. Great way to spend ANY day in this terrific town.

Nathanael Burnett

I took my family and spent a day at the st. Louis Zoo we really enjoyed it. Zoo staff were very helpful. many animals! We purchased the family ticket plan which offered 48 tickets with our $80 purchase including covering our parking ticket. We carried a picnic lunch in a wagon and were made welcome to the tables in dining areas!

Andrew Schwartz

The fact that it is one of the few free zoos is already amazing. The fact that it is well kept makes it outstanding. The fact you can bring in your own food and drinks kicks it up to exceptional. The penguins and the polar bear are pretty playful and that makes it fun.

Rachel Davis

We had a great time. The zoo is very large and mostly clean. Most of the bathrooms needed some cleaning, but we came on a very nice day, on Saturday, so it's a given it was going to be busy and a little messy. We still had a great time!

Dan Murphy

Such a wonderful place. Absolutely free, and the carousel is free for the first hour but that might only be on Saturdays. Still, good food wonderful attractions and kind employees make this an amazing destination :-)

Irandira Gonzalez

So beautiful and believe it or not it’s free! Parking is only $15 or you can find a spot in the street. Also this Zoo is next door the Forest park which is also another jewel

Anna Molitoris

Great free zoo with lots of kid friendly activities and animals to see! They are very conservation aware with breeding programs, recycling, etc. Seasonal fun activities too like Boo at the Zoo and Wild Lights!

Jim Ernst

I don't have words to adequately describe great Sue is they have a little bit of everything. Buy the pass to ride the train and you can get anywhere in the zoo otherwise plan on renting a scooter because it is huge but it's the best I've ever seen.

Clint Brannon

My 3yr old son and I are in town for the week from Georgia, and went for a short visit this afternoon and I must say I was blown away. The facilities and layout are beautiful and very effective at funneling the traffic through the exhibits. We couldn't begin to see everything. The sheer number of exhibits is staggering. Will definitely be back!

Vanessa Winslow

A free zoo and its gorgeous! So many animals and my kiddos loved the hepatology house. The monkeys were a favorite of the baby! Definitely a good zoo, and the parking inside their lot is only $15. Not too shabby at all.

sandra blair

So hot! Didn't make it around the whole thing in the 2 hours we had. But loved what we did see. The Grizzlies were cool & the polar bear was massive. I loved the orangutans.

Candy Bailey

The zoo grounds are well kept. There are many nice exhibits, butterfly, penguins. This zoo is also free, and definitely well worth visiting. Much nicer than many zoos I’ve visited and had to pay admission for.

Angie S

This is the best Zoo there is. It's free and the animals seem so incredibly happy. The grounds are beautiful, the exhibits are awesome and are being upgraded gradually to enrich the lives of the animals there even more. Tons of learning opportunities and areas to explore.

Eric W

One of the best rated Zoo’s in the States. Oh, and it’s free (minus special exhibits)! You can also bring in your own food and drinks. Free street parking can get hectic or a long walk but you can use the lots they have for 15.00.

Heidi Short

Free to walk in and view the animals. There are some paid exhibits and a paid train ride if you would like. It's generally clean and well staffed. You can bring in your own lunch and drinks as well just no glass containers.

Divya Jain

Really good zoo. The best part was to see penguins that close. Zoo is neat and tidy. Staff is great. And the best part is it is free. Though parking is charged. Like other big zoos in USA, get ready to walk a lot as area is pretty big.

Hawkeye YouTube

What a great place, big and nice the sea lions were amazing and the penguin exhibit was like you were in the habitat of them it was amazing. We brought food and water the train ride was the only down fall it stopped at every train station but besides that it was amazing.

Angie roddy

St Louis Zoo is the best ever.... Nice healthy animals and the food was delicious without a long wait time. All the employees were friendly and helpful all the while showing the way to a great experience and adventure......

Joshua Jacobsen

Best zoo in the states! They take great care of the animals, and you will always see something exciting. Plus it's free!

Jeff Smith

How can this place be free of charge? I have been all around the country and this is one of the best zoos. I especially love the gorilla exhibit. I will never stop coming back to St. Louis with my family to see this place! Thank you so much St Louis, Misouri!

Makayla Trim

The cutest zoo. You only pay for parking and food you can just walk right in. They have many animals and even a gift shop for when your done. They even have a drink made in a pineapple!

Melissa Durbin

Have been going to the zoo for over 30 years, taking my children, now my grandchildren. Love the variety of animals , Just wish if they were not in the exhibit there would be a sign posted, Granddaughter wanted to see one specific animal and we walked all the way back into the exhibit and it wasn't there. wasted 30 minutes time..

Kellie Williams

Always love the zoo. It's clean and has a lot to do. They take good care of the animals. They look healthy and happy! Plus you can't beat free!

Matt Hoover

I've been to quite a few zoos but nothing quite like this. Several areas I wasn't all that excited for, blew me away. This seemed to be the general theme, every aspect of the zoo was above and beyond anything I've seen before. It's even free to get in, but the activity passes are worth their weight in gold. My only complaint is all other zoos have no real chance to live up to the high bar set here.

Andy Miller

Wonderful Zoo. Well laid out. The animals are well taken care of and therefore healthy and active. Lots of shade and indoor exhibits to escape the heat. Great for families. And you can't beat the price (free!).

Nyza Stillwater

A wonderful zoo and I've been to several. The landscaping and decor might be the best I've seen. We did find it rather easy to get lost in (that's both a bad thing AND a good thing!). Plenty of parking and close to the other attractions in Forest Park. Be sure to set aside at least 4 hours to see everything!

louisa manchak

The best zoo. The grandparent membership is more than worth it. My grandkids and I enjoy it every chance we get. You never know what the animals will do. There is something for everyone there.

Josh Dowdy

Great mostly free place to visit. You can easily have a nice long day without spending a dime. But if you buy a drink, just buy the souvenir cup and refills at $1.00. It's well worth it on the long hot days. The food here is below average and expensive. I just recommend walking across the bridge to the local tavern. You'll save money and get great food!

Nick Hudgins

Not only was this one of the best zoos our family had ever been too, but it’s free! And you’d never know, nothing is cheaply done here. Animal areas are so awesome, well done and all the animals seem well taken are of! Will definitely revisit!!

Michelle Mattingly

We love visiting the animals. The St Louis zoo is a nice place to spend a day. So much to see there and a beautiful place.

ian bone

I love the zoo! Probably one of the best free zoos in the country. The animals all seem pretty well loved and cared for and the staff are friendly and accommodating. Lots of interesting exhibits no matter your favorite animals and stuff for kids to do. Bring a picnic though because as expected prices are high for food and drink (or pay the high prices to support this excellent free establishment).


This zoo is so much fun. I come here often and it’s never a disappointment! There is so much to see and so much work put into the entire zoo from the enclosures to the plants. The animals seem always happy and never miserable. Love and recommend this zoo!

Mindy Moser

Had a blast solo at the zoo! Go... It's free. Take an umbrella if they say it's going to rain! #Zoo #Animals #Life #Solo #Rain #Butterfly

Eric Lorenz

The St Louis Zoo is simply one of the best in the country. The zoo has really invested in some new displays and environments that benefit both the animals and visitors' viewing pleasure. Food inside is way overpriced but that's to be expected. Navigating the zoo is also easy with large, clearly displayed signage. There's something here for everyone. It doesn't matter if you're an infant or senior citizen. The zoo provides ways for you to get around and take in everything it has to offer. When visiting or passing through St Louis, the zoo is a must visit place.

D Par

This is probably the prettiest zoo I've seen since we visited the NOLA Zoo. It's $15 for parking and free entrance. They do charge for certain things like stingray petting and giraffe feeding, but overall a really good value. The animals habitats are large and clean, and the grounds keeping is magnificent. We were able to see most of the animals with no problem and they had lots of restrooms and stops with food and drinks. We loved this zoo!! A perk is you can take your own food and drink in with you.

Amy Moore

Soooooo much fun exploring! Our family loved it so much! We all were able to see our favorite animals! And the train ride is pretty amazing! Definitely worth the extra money and it gets you around the zoo faster, too! Staff were friendly and knowledge! Great experience for sure! We'll be back!

Marc O'Hara

Amazing zoo with so many things to do and see. My two favorite parts were the train and petting the stingrays. Perfect for a whole day outing with kids or just as a couple.

Jeanette Johnson

All the critters have nice, natural looking exhibits. The indoor exhibits feel as though they all have climate control. You may take in your own snacks and drinks in a small wheeled ice chest with you. Handicapped accessible.

Andrew LaCroix

Free entry! Great layout that makes you feel like your in the animal habitats. We enjoyed the River Walk to see the elephants and watching the grizzly bear. We rode on the train, which was a nice break on a hot day. The only downside was the crowds on a busy summer Saturday.

Heaven Ogilvie

So much fun! Sea lions are a must see and giraffe's!! Very clean well kept. Beautiful scenery getting to the entrance. There are some steep walking hills, so mindful of strollers rolling away. We took our 8 month old and she loved the penguin's most!

Eric Forsberg

The St Louis Zoo is great! We had a wonderful time. It is Free!!! The staff were all very courteous and friendly. The park was easy to navigate and clean. I recommend parking in the North Lot as it is easier to get in and out of on a busy day. The train ride is a lot of fun for the kids and if you are not in the mood to walk an excellent way to get from one section of the facility to another.

Rogelio Gutierrez

Free to get in. If you can find a parking spot on the street its good but if not it will cost you 15 dollars for parking. Children's petting zoo area cost, but not too much. Almost has the same feel of a small Disney but with Beer. Well hopefully go back.

Jan Niskala

This zoo is beautifully done! We recently visited the San Diego zoo and St Louis beats them by miles! Well done! Recommend it to everyone.

Brittany Arnold

BEAUTIFUL!! It's free to enter but some of the attractions have fees. You can pay a small $12.95 price & get an all day pass to all of said attractions. We are members of another zoo so we got ours half off. My daughter loved it. We will return!

Stephanie Bland

Great experience overall. Clean facilities and very friendly staff. Food and activities were very reasonably priced considering it is a free zoo.

Maksym Zymin

It's a must to visit this zoo while in St. Louis. Plenty of indoor and outdoor exhibits. All animals are well taken care of. The place is huge. Admission is free, just have to pay for parking.

chad robertson

Was very impressed after hearing about it for years. Just a short family trip and was very easy to get to and a must do for any St. Louis trip!

Bonnie Luna

So much to do and doesn't require spending a lot of money. We're do have a zoo membership, which we've been loving. They even have an allergy friendly food stand. Love their doll whips.

Heather Weekes

Best zoo ever! We have been to lots if other zoos, but this one is so much more fun. Not only is it completely FREE, but the 99 acres of animal enclosures all are so spacious and well kept. The options to do some extra things for a charge are still a decent price point. (Ie the petting zoo, sea lion show ect).

Allison Pike

I love coming to the zoo. It's a free activity that is fun for kids and adults. We only did a short trip recently. So we did the insectartium so my husband could take pictures and we went to River's edge so my daughter could see the hippos.

Dragon Yeet Squad

Great place!! Big Zoo and its FREE!! You can take your own food and drinks! Which I highly recommend! And DO NOT STAY ON THE OUT SKIRTS....

Douglas Black

Small zoo that has a lot to offer. Found street parking for free nearby so our whole visit was free! $15 parking otherwise and small fees for petting zoo, train, carousel, etc. Enjoyed landscaped grounds and architecture of old buildings. Penguin exhibit was amazing and upclose. Some enclosures on the small size and giraffe enclosure renovating but could see them inside barn. Enjoyed as a couple, great for all at this price!

Dustyn Taylor

Fantastic zoo. Always clean. We love the penguin exhibit. Bring your own drinks because everything there is $4.

Tin Can Trucker

We went on Wednesday 9-11-19 and their was only a hand full no problem getting around or anything. The park was pretty clean and stuff was friendly and helpful. The park is free to get in besides the kids zoo park.

Amy Word

Just like any other zoo. I just moved to Illinois with my kids and their grandmother invited us to the Saint Louis Zoo. It's big and the scenery is fantastic but again, just like any other zoo. You barely saw any animals which is what you go to the zoo for to see. My son loves trains so we took the train ride around the entire park. The train driver was a very nice man and honestly my favorite part in the whole place.

Felix Boecker

Fantastic place to bring the kids. And it's free so no guilt if you have to leave because ... kids, ya know?

Tiff Nicole

It's free! On crowded days, it is worth the money to park in the zoo parking lot instead of trying to find street parking. Street parking is free though. Food and drinks inside are reasonably price, as are the souvenirs. Clean park, beautiful as well. They've truly maintained it over the years.

Teya Foley

Absolutely incredible. The best zoo I have ever been too. I can't believe that entry is free. Our favourite part was patting and feeding the stingrays, such an amazing experience!!!

Robert Conway

This Zoo is amazing! We absolutely enjoyed our visit here! To think that it is free and is so massive it is hard to see it all in one day. They have a train that helps you get around the zoo a lot easier and I highly recommend you get the train pass to move around the zoo. The otters and the penguins were the family favorite. Also the child area was really fun for our 2 year old. She loved playing on the little playground and seeing all the animals in the area. It does cost some money to get into certain areas and they also serve alchohol and beer right inside the entrance. The train runs every 15 minutes or so it seemed and that makes it a lot easier to get from one side to the other. There is also a tunnel that is really neat. I would definitely plan out your day and make sure you have all day when you visit because there is so much to see. It is definitely worth the time and any price you may pay for certain places in the zoo.

Cristin Harris

Loved finally getting a chance to visit! This zoo is huge and I wasn't able to see everything in the day that I went. I plan to go back before it gets cold. Free entry is a huge plus, and one I'm very grateful for. My daughter had a blast.

Richard Barigela

Literally the best zoo . It’s free to enter, kid friendly, there is a kiddie zoo, sea lion show, what more can you ask for a day out. The zoo has events all year long for the zoo parents or Halloween or even Christmas. A place you can visit all year long.

Aaron Smock

The zoo is probably one of the best you can find. They won't disappoint you with the various things that they offer. They have a train you can ride, tons of animals, and even a sea lion show! It really felt like an adventure!

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