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Where is Patee House Museum & the Jesse James Home?

REVIEWS OF Patee House Museum & the Jesse James Home IN Missouri

Julene Younger

Love visiting this icon of the city. Things are changed up a little every once in a while, plus sometimes there are new additions. Everything is always interesting to view and study. Entire displays have been opened recently for public viewing, which is exciting to see. There are numerous photo ops as the museum is toured, plus one may also play a little game by purchasing an inexpensive game card. One should plan for adequate time to thoroughly enjoy the museum displays.

Chad Melton

A neat museum with lots of 1800 and early 1900’s artifacts. Had an amazing section with what shops used to look like as well as correct era collectibles. It had 3 floors and one could spend hours looking and reading all the interesting information they have with the objects.

Digby Worgan

Great history, lots of neat things to see.

Brandon Wilson

A wonderful part of Saint Joseph history!

Rob Greene

Facinating place if you like history. They have a little bit of everything from 1800s-early1900s engines, pony express, trains, telephones, cars, merry-go-round, furniture, stage coach, old fashion rooms, ball of string, tallest man, etc. My only problem with the museum is it's about as random as that list. You never know what is around the next corner. But it was fun and I would definitely do it again.

Sandra Stoops

This museum is a must see. Its huge inside and takes several hours to see everything and believe me you want to see everything. I took the original staircase up several floors to the ballroom. So beautiful and everything is out on display so that you feel you are visiting an actual hotel. The displays of the street are so well put together. I just loved it. Plenty of street side parking. And just loaded with history.

Bill Calkins

Wow so much for little fee! You name it they seem to have it! Looks like everyone in town donated everything from attic to basement to barn ! Several of "Shops" were first o have ever seen anywhere - oculist telegraph office to name two If you are interested in western or Victorian life in the heartland this museum is a gem ! Don't overlook the Penny arcade things by carousel - try the " foot ease" vibrating machine - must be the last one working from the 1950s ! T

James Bullard

Loved it!! Spent 2 hrs there and still didn't see it all!!

Lisa Wiese

Awesome museum, something different around every corner. Give yourself at least 2 hours, you will want it.

David Duffey

Very very interesting.A very unique place,like no other place

Christina Rice

Loved it, and so did our kids(14 and 11)

Barbara Mendez

A great place for any history buff. We absolutely loved it. A must see and it isn't expensive at all!!!

Kathrine Tobias

Very interesting

Bob Alexander

While interesting, the Patee house seems as if someone emptied a building of everything they collected over the years and put it on display. The Jesse James house will take all of 15 minutes to get through. A good way go spend a couple of hours, but not something I would go out of my way to sw

Christopher Loins

Pokestoos n ny pops work here

Liz Savery

We stumbled onto this place quite by accident. We decided to drive to St. Joe and see the Jesse James house. The town, on the whole, is kind of depressing. This place, though, made the whole trip worthwhile. It's fascinating! There are many small exhibits, including a "street" taken out of the old West, complete with a barbershop, dentist, grocery and other shops. We spent several hours here poking around among the exhibits.


Very extensive and well appointed collection of displays, pieces, and historical information about this building that has served so many purposes! Leave some time to see it all. It's well worth it!

Mary Holden

Too much to see in one trip

Maria James

Great museum, much larger than you would expect to see. Very family friendly. Truly a jem.

nathaniel soper

This is my favorite museum

Larry Ripley

Kool to see the younger generations need to keep these places alive

Master T.

Very very cool to stand on Jessie James very home!


There is a lot to see in this museum. Give yourself plenty of time to get through here if you like to look at everything in detail and read the info cards.

Leah Chapek

It was really cool and nice

Deana Cover

Great history!!

Carl Johnson

Really nice museum, well worth the price, lots of interesting stuff.

Joey Chipponeri

Awesome place must check this place out

Carrie Rodman

Best museum I've ever seen.

Tara LaMonte-Frederick

Wow. It's like taking a ride in a time machine and heading back to the late 18th century. The exhibits are fascinating and the hotel remains very much the same as it was back in the days of yore. Patee House was the headquarters of the Pony Express and a grand hotel back in the day. The ballroom is set up to look how it would in the late 1800s. There are exhibits about the Buffalo Soldiers, medicine during the Civil War, old automobiles, and even a vintage carousel for the children to ride. Jesse James' home where he was murdered is on the same property as the museum. It's morbid and extraordinary at the same time. I learned a lot about the life and times of Jesse James, as well as the good old days in St. Joe's, MO. A definite must-see if you love history or are in the vicinity. You won't regret it!


This place exceeded expectation I loved my experience here. So full of history and the exhibits do a great job of giving you the feeling of being in those times. Make sure to check out the merry go round, you're never too old to ride!

Lisa Reynaga

NOT DISABILITY/ SERVICE ANIMAL FRIENDLY The lady behind the counter refused to let me bring my service dog in with me. I was first told they had a group of school children touring and they may upset him. My husband and myself explained that he is well behaved and trained, and they won't upset him. She then changed it to "some home-schooled children" and the children may not be behaved. At that time, another lady came over and said no, that if their boss saw my service animal, she would get upset. my husband and I asked for a refund (we never left the front counter area), and I told them that I would contact the ADA. at that time, the 2nd lady said we could take him in with us, but not to let their boss see him. After repeatedly asking for a refund at least 10 times, we received the refund and left. We had also drove 4 hours to tour this museum as well as the Jesse James house.

Elizabeth Mocek

LOTS of informative exhibits, cosy atmosphere, helpful staff, friendly place

Jamie Farren

James house was small but exciting. Patee Museum was huge. I spent four hours there and felt extremely rushed to leave at closing. The Patee house was full of antiques, and tons of history. It was fantastic to visit.

Steve Padgett

Pretty much a hodgepodge of stuff. Didn't really seem to be a theme other than a bunch of old stuff. But lots of cool old stuff. Second floor was neat , it was mostly done up as original. Plus, grumpy rude people running the place.

Stephanie White-Mansfield

This was one of the best museums I’ve ever been to!!! It’s huge! Prices are unbelievably affordable at $5 a person, carousel is beautiful and priced at $1.50 a ride. And let me tell you about the Seek and Find Game...for $.25 you search the museum for something out of place in each exhibit...if you find 16 of the 20, you get a stock bond with the railroad. It’s worth the stop!!!!!

Pam Dilbeck

A lot of great period antiques along with informative back stories. Plan to spend some time there if you are a history buff.

Drew Aggus

Seems kind of small and sketchy, but it is very cheap and very cool. The guy working was very nice, and the information and displays were very interesting.

Matt Wert

Very interesting place definitely worth a visit

Lena glt

A good place to explore with family and friends. A lot of history of St. Joseph and the United States. All historical artifacts were well described, documented and detailed. Friendly staff and helpful. Our favorite parts were the walks down old Saint Joseph (dentist office, mail office etc.), and the scavenger hunt in the exhibits.

Tyrus Messa

Probably my favorite local museum. You can easily spend a few hours looking around at everything. A lot of interesting and neat history along with excellent setups to show it off.

Scarlet Thompson

I have been to museums all over the country and this is one of the best. The staff was friendly and helpful. I have never been to a town that has saved so much if its history! The Jesse James home is small but packed full of information. I would recommend going through Patee House first.

Constance Peterson

So much St Joseph history .. loved my visit plan on going again.

James Hagan

nice museum, lots of history from mid 1800's to mid 1900's

Jonna Gagnon

The museum was one of the better ones I've been in, it covered alot! The James house was small and kind of creepy knowing someone was shot but the history was priceless!

Logan Jenkins

Wonderful museum with fun for the whole family!

Lee Gilgour

I hadn't been to the Patee House Museum in over 20 years, since I was a kid. I'm impressed with this museum much more now, and I think the exhibits have improved over the years. The third floor is now open, displaying hotel rooms as they would have been circa 1860s. Our family, including a 3rd grade and kindergartener, spent three hours here and will be back again to ride the carousel and see the Jesse James home.

Miguel A Perez-Vargas

A very interesting place to visit. A humble museum, very well kept, you will experience first hand how was the lifestyle of America in the 19th and the begining of the 20th Centuries. Highly recommended...

Dave Ayers

One of, if not the Best Historical Western Museum in the United States! A must see for any History lovers or Tourist from other Countries. Do Not pass this one by Folks!


SO MUCH TO SEE! And they have a working antique carousel! Admission includes access to the Jesse James House. If you like to look at everything, plan at least 2 hours to see everything. If you you want to just walk through it will still take about an hour!

David Alford

Wonderful experience. Well worth the time. Exceeded expectations.

Mark Maple

One the best museums in the Midwest. Exhibits are hands on and presented very creatively. Huge breadth of topics covered. Historic building and cheap entry price.

Ma'am Fitzgerald

Very neat museum. Lots of interesting things. If you have time to stop and look around you'd be glad you did... it's very neat!


This a very great place to learn about the pony express buisness. As well as a bunch of other things. The item seeking was a nice touch. And its very fun to explore the manor.

Eurich Garcia

Big part of history. Shows the house where the coward Bob Ford killed Jesse James. Very cool place.

amber alcorn

Was great for all ages!

Eldon Janzen

Good place to to go

Michaela Hines

Amazing , everything was so interesting to see and the presentation of items was well put together . Will definitely be back. Only down side was the carousel and the old time bar were both closed while we were there which was disappointing since it was a Saturday morning.

Rachel Marie Guernsey

Lots of history here! Jesse James home is neat to read about and see. Awesome place for kids there is a scavenger hunt.

Patti Belk

This is an amazing place and I would give 5 stars except poor operational practices and poor website maintenance. The website said they were open until 5:00 pm. When we got there we were told they were closing at 4:00 pm. The cashier said; “we haven’t been open until 5:00 for a long time!”. Website needs to be updated with this info. Travelers rely on updated website info. Then at about 3:50 they began to turn off lights and close off exhibit doors. I understand, you have worked your shift, but at least leave the lights on and exhibits open until 4:00. Finally, the beautiful carrousel was non-operational because only one employee can run it and she went home ill.

Dana Terry-Pettigrew

I came to see the Buffalo Soldiers exhibit, but there was so much more than I expected. Will have to come back soon to see what I rushed through the first time.

Michael Hancock

Great museum. So many things from the past. The actual Pony Express office that operated from the hotel, Walter Cronkite's grandfather's dentist office, an actual old train depot complete with an old train inside the building. Way too many things to list here AND right next to the house where Jesse James was shot. A day well spent.

Patti Nash

Good variety of exhibits and pieces. Well laid out. The staff is very friendly and helpful and volunteer to share very interesting facts and first hand accounts of local history. Great pony express exhibit and a beautiful Carousel on display is one of a kind.

Shane Weeks

If you enjoy museums and history you will definitely have a good time here

Sandy Capaul

So great! More people need to take the time to visit it. We were amazed at all the stuff there to look at. Clean Beautifully displayed

Dondi G

Wow was awsome planning to go back again. didn't get through it all, but we like looking at every thing. So second floor today..

Allison Crawford

What a wonderful stroll through time! Enjoyed the beautiful carousel as well. This is well worth the small fee for entrance. I also had a strange experience (a haunting?) on the third floor yesterday. It was my first visit and I was walking down the third floor hallway and peeking into the beautifully restored rooms. As I approached a tiny room on the left, I felt dizzy. To my knowledge, I have never had a 'dizzy spell'. It lasted only a few seconds, but I grabbed the nearby door frame. I attributed it to the heat, because there is a noticeable difference in temperature from the downstairs and upstairs. After steadying myself and looking into the room, I noticed the plaque beside it. It stated that the room was the living quarters of one of the workers who had a dizzy spell, fell off the balcony, and died. I told my husband about it who was further up the hallway (he felt fine), and he laughed it off. Just an odd moment. I don't know what it was. I didn't feel any hostile presence, just a little bit of dizziness. I wonder if any of the other guests have experienced something like this?

Laurence Gray

A very well done museum of the west. Small rooms themed for the type of enterprise enclosed. The curators of this museum should be very proud of this place. Well presented and displayed. Found some interesting items and learned about new things I didn’t know about. The mail car for the train was added to my knowledge now!

Joshua Norris

Feel like a younger you and imagine the chu chi in it's prime rolling Thru the years this train is still here

Tiffany Schmidt

My son's all loved the train and carousel!

Deb Heen

Patee museum is very interesting. Skip the Jesse James home and the other Pony Express museum if you are short on time. This one has it all!

Nelson Nissley

Awesome museum of late 19th century life. Great full size exhibits. Jesse James' last home where he died is next door, but is a separate museum.

Bruce Vance

Wow soooo much packed into this place you can't see it all in a day!! Take your time and totally do the numbered puzzle search... You'll see things you'd miss otherwise

Chris Larsen

Great place

Cathy Fulton

What a fun museum! A friend recommended we stop in here while on vacation in MO. Our 11 year old quadruplets loved the “scavenger hunt” they had for kids to do while touring the museum. First of all this museum has a lot of history to share. Probably one of my favorite stops on this trip. There’s many stagecoaches, Model T cars, a train & many exhibits that show life in the 1800’s. The $25.00 admission for our family of six was worth every penny. I would highly recommend this museum to anyone traveling through MO.

Doug Wells

Worth the visit! So much history in a relatively compact place. You can find out a lot about the Pony Express here as well as the early days of St. Joseph and Missouri. I'd go again if I am ever in the area! Very friendly hosts.

Kim Martin

If you love history, this place is amazing. Plan on a day at least to see it all. Cool place!!

Little Red

Loved it!

Mark Woodhull

Went through the Patee House Museum last November and was duly impressed with how much the museum has changed for the better since my last visit. All this through the hard work of the Chilcote Family. It is truly a destination to see for people visiting St. Joseph or for city residents. Well done! Best regards, Dr. Mark D. Woodhull, Kerrville, Texas

Michael Robinson

The best museum in the Midwest by far.

Katie Jo Peiker

A favorite place to visit in St. Joe. There is so much history and you could spend hours looking at everything. The scavenger hunt is fun too!!


The reviews said you won't have time to read all of the displays, and they were right. I have never visited a museum with so much totally interestung information. Great place to visit, a hidden treasure.

Michael Thiemann

A very eclectic mix of stuff. Very interesting and a great place if you have a couple hours to kill in St Joseph, MO.

Crystal Gomez

Awesome experience.


Small but nice piece of history

Tom Hernandez

They had lots of neat stuff to look at from the 1800s early 1900s and a scavenger hunt for to do as you go through the exhibits

Tisha Branstetter

The Museum has 3 floors jam packed with things to look at. If you have kids, make sure to purchase the .25 card to find the things that dont belong in each exhibit. A fun way to keep the kids engaged. They also have an old carousel that still works

tracy hall

Very nice and clean. Staff was a bit rude shutting out the lights and basically shooing people out even though they weren't closing for another 30 mins.

Cheryl Huffstutter

So much to see here! Plus Jesse James house where he was killed and his history.

Beth Condit

It has several exhibits covering 3 floors. There is a carousel to ride. For a quarter you can get a scorecard to write down what is wrong with 20 of the exhibits. If you get all 20 you get a prize. It was very enjoyable.

Mark Carter

What a historical hotel, and to see the train that actually pulls in to the inside of the hotel is incredible

Armando Vega

This historic place is amacing! Full of a lot of history and legends.

Timothy Doorn

Very fun lots of cool stuff to see

John LeClare

Fascinating museum filled with local historical items, get there early to fit everything in.

Donna Criswell

A nice museum with a good representation of local culture. The Jesse James house requires a separate fee & is very interesting to visit. If you are used to shopping antique malls & related show events, much of what you see in the museum is readily available for purchase at those such venues. We would say that if you are in a hurry, just visit the house & pass on the museum.

Joy Schultz

Huge displays! Very interesting information, worth the visit.

Nicole Davis

Very neat! Has some unique features. Examples: part of the museum is a town street back in the Patee Hotel days, then you get to go through the Blue Ball room which is beautiful! You can take the original staircase to the second floor and see another ballroom, 1800s hotel room, bathroom, stables set up, toy train room, and other artifacts, then take another staircase to the middle of the hotel where the train, saloon, and toy room, train depot, and carousel are all housed! The carousel is beautifully built and is extremely inexpensive to enjoy!

Chance Palmer

This place was amazing and full of cool artifacts!!! Definitely worth going to!!

Darrell Jones

My favorite museum in Missouri. Patee House Museum transcends time with the main street building mock-ups, including a general store, jail, and other stores and shops found in a western town main street. The museum has multiple floors and has a multitude of exhibits to excite everyone in the family. Fun, educational and addictive. You'll find yourself wanting to go back again and again.

Tom Christoff

One of the best museums in the midwest

Gary Yates

This place has such a rich history! If you enjoy historical sites, this should be at the top of your list

Faye Sortor

So many interesting exhibits, allow at least 2 hours. Learned a lot about Midwest history. St Joe was super important back in the day.

Reace Hester

Was really nice enjoyed the seek and find idea

Stephanie Larison

Walked in and was told no strollers allowed. My family walked out disappointed. There was a wheelchair ramp out front, but no strollers allowed? What about kids with special needs? Last time we were there, there was a carousel in back for kids. Yet, no strollers? Very disappointed.

Mary Zitter

My kids were tired and acted up a lot. I wish I had more time. There is sooo much history and information. Its self guided. I like that. I could spend hours looking at each piece of history! Cheap too!

KnuckleDraggerzRatRodz Ratattude

Aamazing place,get there early so much to look at. Great history of stjoe

Brandi Steinbach

Affordable! Good information! I didn't have the kids with and had fun trying to find the items that's didn't belong. So much to see and learn! I'd 10 star this museum of I could!

Kenisha Huddleston

Fantastic! And so pact with fun and exciting things to look at!

Raymond Schelp

Hours listed as daily 9-4pm but found door locked at 3:30pm.. could not get in. Then went to Jesse James house and same story.. closed early. Apparently a small town thing where workers leave immediately at 4pm and can't be bothered to stay later.

Debra Hutton

The Patee Museum has a great eclectic collection that is well worth your time. Their displays are well done and entertaining.


Was blown away by this place. Ran onto it by accident; was looking for a local antique store when we stumbled upon this gem. Insane cheap entrance fee, and more authentic period items than I imagined. Plan two hours for this visit, including the Jesse James house (on property, behind the main building).

Kenny Mitchell

Very nice place to visit

Faye Stohr

This museum features tons of information while still being the perfect place for families with children of all ages. An 1800's locomotive sits right in the center, with the vintage carousel (that you can ride for less than $2!), streets showcasing period appropriate business fronts, a grand ball room and so much more!! Give yourself plenty of time to see this museum, as there are 2 floors with so many fantastic items that you won't want to miss. Strollers are not allowed inside, though children of all ages are welcome. Prices for Patee are: Adults- $6, Seniors (60+)- $5, Students (6-17)- $4 and children under 5 are free (with paid admission) The Jesse James home, where Jesse was shot and killed, is also on the property. This is a separate museum and charges separate admission. Prices for Jesse James Home are: Adults- $4, Seniors (60+)- $3, Students (6-17)- $2, and children 5 and under are free (with paid admission) **SHOW YOUR AARP MEMBER CARD FOR JAMES HOME TOUR DISCOUNT**

Dennis Fite

If you enjoy history you will love this place.

J Moore

Very clean, lots of history related to the Money Express. Staff very friendly and informed.

Darlene Lanphier

Had a wonderful family outing. This is a great museum and a must see. So much history!

Kelly & Rusty Glen

This is such a wonderful experience. So much to see and read. I loved it. We were there for 4 hrs but still didnt get to see everything. This is a must see place. $4 for adults. If your a AAA member you get 50 cents off a ticket. They have a carousel to ride too. So very interesting.

gwen moody

Great. place you can be there all day and have a great time

Kea Wormsley

Amazing! Fun and lots of historical information! Real life exhibits are awesome!

C Jones

The whole museum was great! Went with my granddaughters 5th grade class. We had so much fun. Lots of history and very good displays. Kids did a scavenger hunt. They even have a merry-go-round the kids rode.

Terisa Winstead

Had to pay admission for my 82 year old mother just to sit while Grand kids went through museum.

Mark Jansen

What an incredible place! I travel all over the country and I occasionally find little Jim's like this. It's really is a fascinating place to walk around, I wish I would have had more time to look. A very interesting glimpse into the time., And the original Pony Express headquarters. Definitely worth your time if you have the time to do it.

Eva Nagy

So many interesting things to see there! Fun activities, I will come see these museums every time I'm in town. Grab a sarsaparilla at the saloon and enjoy the still working Nickelodeon tunes! Take a ride on the merry go round a find yourself hoping on a real train! Bring the kiddos for an awesome experience full of interesting educational but fun memories to be had kind of place

Chris Dale

Great exhibits and my favourite museum in USA. Just go and enjoy it for its old history and the shooting of J.James

BA Fisher

Awesome museum! There's so much history and interesting things to see. I would have given it 5 stars but Gary Chilcoat was grumpy and a bit rude to my 2 granddaughters while getting on the carousel. The prize for completing the seek and find was a fake stock certificate. Kids would appreciate a souvenir or a toy.

Megan Trautman

Our 2 year old daughter really liked seeing the train and riding the carousel

Notie Pate

Knowledge about the past! Awesome museum!


I was so disappointed in this place. My mother and I are handicapped and rely on scooter or walkers to get around. As soon as we entered the building to pay we were denied entrance. We were told we could not enjoy the museum because we could not walk on our own (Gary did not allow scooters or walkers in the museum.) My mother cried because we had driven 7 hours to get there just so she could show her great children where she lived and the museums she loved when she lived there. The Patee House was always her favorite. I myself was so angry to be treated in such a way at a public museum, in front of other patrons, but I held my tongue to keep my composure. The lady at the counter was very kind however and was sad that we could not enter.

Nancy Yeakle

Great place. It has a lot of historic pieces and information from old flags, to old 1950 television and old cars. You will need at least 2 hours to do this place right.

Michael McGlothlin

As a toddler I'd go with my mother to see the train multiple times a day. Back then you could sit inside and work the bell and whistle. The saloon was a good place to sit and enjoy a root beer. I'd continue to visit the museum with my friends as I grew up. It was always full of interesting things. The telephone switchboard was fascinating as you could call each other and see it work. Lots of gadgets filled the rooms. Very well may have played a part in my becoming an engineer. As a teenager in the 90's I created the museum's first web site. This was just before the general public was really aware of the Internet and I had to reach out to the city's assistant mayor and the manager of the museum to get it figured out. Now I've taken my own children to the museum to see the train. I've lived all across the country but Patee House is still the gold standard I compare all other museums to.

Karen Gottstein

Excellent displays. The scavenger hunt made it even more fun.

Hwei En Jyan

Cool place could spend a lot of time

Diana Woodbury

This was a awesome museum! I wish we had more time to go through it! We only had approximately two hours. Definitely want to come back again!

Marv Meske

Awesome ,allow time lots to see.

Paul Anthony

Always awsome coming here... must see while your in saint joseph...

Nate Raterman

Hrs say 9-4 staff says she will be here at 9:30 it's 9:40 and door is still locked! Don't waste your time. Staff Not friendly at all!!

Victor Holman

Checked out the exihibits

Marilyn Littlepage

This was a really nice museum to tour. They had loads of stuff to see. Whoever set it up had some serious knowledge about the area and time period.

Wendy Reynolds

Lots of cool stuff to see

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