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REVIEWS OF Nathanael Greene/Close Memorial Park IN Missouri

Richard Mccutchen

What an awesome and amazing place this is to take your family and friends too! There is a butterfly garden and tons of great toys for them to play on as well. Oh don't forget to check out the flower garden and walk around with the doggies because I can guarantee that you will get plenty of exercise and so will those pooches!!! My family and I absolutely loved the place and will be going back again and again!!!

Christopher M. Bingham

In my opinion this is the best park in Springfield. The only close competitor would be Rutledge Wilson which is more of a multi-purpose park, local farm, and occasional special event that has a museum / historic society feeling to it leaving it a little less park feeling on some days. My kids love Nathanial Greene and all of its amazing little additions including the butterfly sanctuary, Japanese botanical garden, and the duck pond to name a few. It's free to enter and open to children from 0-100+ with plenty of parking and 3F (fun family friendly) stuff to do. Check it and the trails that go through the park the next time you need any of the 3Fs...

Jeffrey Fender

We really enjoy this park. Beautiful gardens, fun play areas for the kids, and extensive walking trails all over the park. In addition, it's connected to the Ozark Greenways trails so it makes a great stopping, starting, or even rest spot along the way.

Ginelle Graham

Always a wonderful experience. Park has several different options. Grassy areas, walking paths, botanical gardens, butterfly house, Japanese stroll gardens, live music on occasion as well !!! Beautiful area.

Sara Blanchfield

Beautiful gardens and lake with lots of paved trails to enjoy.


Great park for kids, taking wedding pics, walking, riding bikes and much more

joyce mcfarland

We had a very good time playing in the creek. But unfortunately there was some of the play equipment being resurfaced. We will return.

Jordan Uphoff

Always a beautiful time at Nathanael Greene. There are a few great trails, for a variety of different occasions. There are walking trails, bike trails, and a few moderate hiking trails. In my opinion, this is one of the best parks in the Greater Springfield area. This park has playgrounds, things to climb, a butterfly house, a botanical garden—which is a must see—a great lawn, various flower gardens, a couple streams, a small lake, various memorials, and history museums. This park really does have it all! If you have not been there it is a must see, during any season. For those who play PoGo, this is the best place in Springfield to play. For those who enjoy Geocaching, this park has a few really good spots! They also have areas available to rent for parties and events and a community center that has space for meetings and indoor events as well.


One of the Best Parks in Springfield GARDENS, JAPANESE GARDENS, BUTTERFLY HOUSE, WALKING TRAILS and much more! ENJOY!

Cameron Cauthon

My family and I love going for walks out there. The little stops along the way for the kids is so much fun for the kids to walk and see a new adventure around the corner

Joni Rosenwald

Beautiful landscape. Nice walking on the trails.

Melody Cutbirth

Great trails. Beautiful flowers. Nice festivals

Remy Elizabeth

Nathanael Greene is my favorite place in all of Springfield. Good weather, bad weather - it doesn't matter. It's no national park or anything particularly special, but I think it is the most beautiful, most wonderful place in Springfield, no contest. On days with good weather, when people are out with their kids and their pets, it's very grounding. It helps, at least me, feel connected to the world again. On days when weather isn't so great and it's empty and quiet, it's oddly peaceful and serene. Again, it helps, at least me, feel connected to myself again. My advice is that if you only have one day in Springfield, make sure you spend some time at Nathanel Greene.

J.F. F.

Always so beautiful the peonies were beautiful and fragrant and they had these pretty pom pom flowers in purple that were pretty and fragrant too!! So beautiful and peaceful!!

Rachel Frazier

It's was so fun and interesting. Everything was so realistic and the people there were absolutely so wonderful we had a awesome time

Heather May

Such a pretty place! Great to walk around at and enjoy the gardens they have.

Melody Pierson

Always a wonderful place for early morning walks!

Casey Quinn

Fun place to hangout and walk around. Great for picnics and walking your pets

Eve Krit-Anderson

A wonderful place. Just a stop in for a stroll can soften the edges of a sharp day.

Myka Watz

Beautiful, sometimes crowded with many dogs. If you're dog doesnt do well with others I would go early on a weekday. The trail going through the golf course can be scary so watch out!

Devilboy D

Took my pre wedding pics here beautiful place

Toni Tallman

Take some time for yourself go on a walk, breathe in the fresh air, disconnect, reflect, and know that there are some things no one can take away from you and enjoying some nice time to yourself outdoors is one of those beautiful things.

Linda Stevens

On time. Very courteous. Very knowledgeable. Reasonable rates. Years of experience.

Naya Smith

The fact that this place is free and close to home is amazing. My son and I killed a few hours here. We (he) pokemon hunted around the pond while I got steps in. We stopped by the butterfly house and saw some caterpillars, cocoons and butterflies. We also took a break and sat down at the farm house. Before we left, I sat in the playground area and watched play for a good hour or so. I will say that you should watch out for goose poop. I didn't realize I stepped in it until I smelled the smell of something smelly at home on my left shoe.

Kayla Seifried

Absolutely beautiful! Took my engagement photos there and they turned out beautiful! Definitely recommend for pictures and they have a nice size park to take the kiddos! Definitely a great park

Autumn Stultz

I love the park. Does need to be maintained better by because the bathrooms didnt have the materials in them and I seen a lot of people using the trees for their hammocks. I was under the impression that people wasnt allowed to do this for it hurts the trees. If individuals aren't allowed then you might want to post these signs around the park to help protect the $500 tree. I do love the park. Its beautiful and peaceful.

Emily Nemeti

Beautiful park. Very lovely to take walks.

Steve Ontiveros

The most amazing park ever and huge. The park is free of graffiti and trash , plus the landscaping is very well manicured. Tons of places to sit under the shade of a tree and rest your feet .

Cindy Van Iwaarden - DaddysGirl99

This park is a gem. It's very well maintained has flowers and nature conservation. I love the butterfly house and the tram that is a guided tour of the grounds.

Melissa Denny

The area is so beautiful. My son loves to run and play in the play ground area. The gardens are wonderful

michael gannott

What a great park. There are multiple flower gardens, two playgrounds ( big kids and toddlers separate), a large water feature with a path around it, a couple poke stops with at least one gym. The path splits off to a bird observatory, and another split to the greenway trail. The forest opens to a massive field where people have kite festivals, take photos, play games, and have picnics. The back side of the park has the Japanese Stroll Garden, which is a must see.

Mischelle Reynolds

Beautiful, peaceful, well-maintained/landscaped park. Simply amazing! Great place to just get away from the city hustle and bustle.

Sandi Swanson

My favorite park, period. I love the Japanese stroll garden! It's so secluded you forget your in the middle of town by a prison.

Music Fan

Gorgeous. Flowers, water, walkways. Loved the gift shop too. Nice prices. We will bringing any family that visits us. Had a great day here.

Tony B

This place is great! It has so much character, from the amazing gardens to the butterfly house. The trail around the park is long and has fun playground equipment setup along the way for the kids.

Kyla Mahoney

Great place to get outside and admire all of the plants! The MU extension building has some great events throughout the year also!

Shawn Reeves

Wonderful park for the whole family. Just relax and take it all in.

Toni Woods

This place is so beautiful! I got married by the waterfall, my best friend also got married here & so did my sister. There are 4 or 5 different playgrounds for kids. Tons of picnic space. It's so peaceful & one of my favorite places to go.

Jeffery Parker

Beautiful! Enjoyed walking around the lake and the butterfly house was outstanding.

Blake Johnson

Beautiful park. There are plenty of places to walk around and relax. You couldn't ask for a better place to come and spend time at.

Rachel Schneider

The park was laid out nicely plenty of gardens to stroll through too

Osha Bulger

It's almost as nice as the park in lake Morton in Lakeland Florida perfect for runners with a game plan


Wow what a fantastic place! The gardens are gorgeous and everything is beautifully manicured. There is so much to see and so many peaceful shady spots to relax and enjoy the scenery. The Japanese Stroll Garden is worth every penny of the $4 fee it is incredible.

Allyssa sushi

The park is always clean and beautiful. It has walking space and playgrounds for all ages plus a beautiful butterfly house and educational post along your walk.

Edwenna Krause Hosking

Love the Butterfly House especially with the grandkids. They love the play equipment! But the back side of the walking trail the equipment has been unusable for quite sometime!!! Needs fixed or replaced!!!

Bre Calvert

Beautiful, big, lots to see and do Water and

vali lightman

Beautiful beautiful garden, very good job

Emily Goeken

Beautiful park! Lovely pond that often has a variety of wild life including fish, geese, ducks and their babies! Well taken care of and great walking trails.


It was very beautiful and peaceful at dawn. There's always people jogging but the atmosphere was over all peaceful and safe.

Ryan G

Clean environment, well-maintained landscaping, playgrounds, and a little bit of Springfield history make this park a great place to walk, bike or run. It's also on the Ozarks Greenway Trail, so you don't have to go in circles if you don't want to.

Ethan Kunz

One of the best city parks I have seen in multiple cities especially for the size of Springfield. It has everything you'd want in a park. Walk the lake, get a drink and interface with the conservation center, walk into the butterfly room, smell some Rose's, see the various gardens with herbs, flowers, and more. There is also the historical 1800s site related to the park namesake. Other items well,a great park.

jason spencer

Great photo opportunities, beautiful gardens, interesting old homestead, great place to walk, run or just relax

HeLl0 ImN00b

Great place to go, beautiful scenery and fun parks. It is also a very good place to play pokemon go as there are many pokestops and poke gyms

Judith Perryman

It's a beautiful park. We went to the Japanese Garden, we really enjoyed it.

Janelle Martin

This is our favorite park in Springfield. While the main playground is under equipment the play stations along the trail entertain my kiddos just enough. Not to mention the butterfly house is a must stop at, super knowledgeable and friendly volunteers every time we stop in. Best place for Pokemon go, wizards or hunting for painted rocks.


Beautiful park! I love going on walks/runs here. The staff does a great job maintaining all of the gardens. They are always adding more plants and flowers, so everytime you go, you see something new.

Mimi Pech

Best park in Springfield! So many things to do here. Always clean! If you haven’t been here I strongly suggest you go and visit!

Aiden Kelleher

Visited the end of September. We found that there are multiple names for this single campus of gardens. Each of the garden areas was lovely. The only charge is for the Japanese stroll garden. However, when we were there the sidewalks were under construction so there was no charge. The first thing we did was take a tram ride through the Gardens campus to get an appreciation for the layout and identify which areas we wanted to return to by foot. Our driver was absolutely wonderful. There is also the Gray/Campbell farmstead near the Japanese stroll garden area. Great buildings to tour.

Odis Spence

It's a nice peaceful place as long as the blacks would stop playing their trap music for all to hear. Other than that it's nice.

John Gibbs

It's a nice quiet SAFE place for everyone

Willard Ortiz

Nathanael Greene Park is such a wonderful place to go to get outdoors, exercise and enjoy the beautiful scenery. There are many different varieties of plants in the park which makes it a great stop if you are considering doing some landscaping to your property. The look of the park changes weekly from spring into fall as different varieties of flowers cycle through their bloom. Springfield is lucky to have this gem.

Melissa Falls

Beautiful park and great place to take a nice long walk or just sit in your car and breathe fresh air

Meghana Raja

Great sandwich that made two meals for me! Everything was fresh and delicious. My food came out quickly and was very good

Robert Nimmo

Absolutely love coming here, beautiful lush green everywhere with detailed landscaping and big enough to find own space to enjoy.

Jacob Cochran

Beautiful park, very well maintained. Main building has extremely clean bathrooms which are not what you'd expect out of a park.

naomi cake

Love this park. Gardens are beautiful and there are so many places to walk. Plenty of benches to take in the beauty of this place. Highly recommended.

Amy Cristy

This is an amazing park. It has something for everyone. Beautiful walking trail around the pond. Fun active activities around the entire pond walk. Calm shady areas to sit and read a book. Two fun play areas. Butterfly area when it is in season. Shady hosta garden. They have garden classes you can take in the main building. Informational homestead area. The Japanese gardens are worth the small entrance fee. If you are in the Springfield area check this gem out.


This is one of my favorite places to go in Springfield. A very scenic and well-kept park with lots of tree cover and paths for people of all ages. Also some good bike trails run into it and they have places for picnics too.

Myss Langels

Beautiful park. My cousin got married here. And I recall taking some beautiful pictures with my family on another occasion as well.

glenn howerton

Such a beautiful and wonderful place. I had no idea that such a place existed so close to my house!

Kota bear

Always so clean and nice. Best pokéspot in town

Scott Allen

What an amazing place to have right in the center of town. When you have out of town guests, or just need a quick getaway, this is the place to go.

A. VanBuren

Enjoy this park, nice walking path. The kids enjoyed playing on the climbing playgrounds and looking at the turtles in the pond.

Matthew Mankin

Always nice to walk here! No matter what the weather is like.

Mae Amos

Beautiful place and it's very peaceful! If you love nature it's the travel destination for you!

Marty Marmor

This park is very large and has something for everybody. There is every kind of plant . and flower you can think of and people there that can teach you about them. It’s a great place to come and walk and get some exercise.

Haylee Rethman

Really beautiful this time of year! Took some engagement pictures here, and they turned out amazingly! Loved all the scenery options and colors! <3

Echo Farrow

Lovely park, great if you olay pokemon go

Susan Kim

I was pretty surprised to see that Nathanael Greene wasn't a more popular place for a Yelp Review because it's always been a popular park. Dotted with multiple little specialty sit down areas and a private Japanese Stroll Garden, Nathaniel Greene is a well known home for photographers, field trips (with an original standing school house from the 1800s(?)), a very large duck pond, and bike cruisers alike. It's nice. It's clean. A lot of my favorite memories of Springfield come from this park. Hammocking with friends until the gate was closed, once falling asleep in my hammock and waking up to deer less than 10 feet from me, feeding the ducks, and many, many photography gig meet ups.

Vince Hamilton

I enjoy walking around this park. It is clean and respectful. You don't see homeless or pan-handlers. Sometimes there is live music this is always a nice surprise. There is a section with slides for children, this section has a rubber coating on the ground. Very nice.


One of the best parks to walk at in Springfield. There's a variety of paths you can take through the park. Plus the gardens and trees are gorgeous in the spring and summer. The Hosta Garden is one of my favorites. There's a little fountain in the center and it's nice to sit under the shade of the tall trees and listen to the water.


this place is awsome. great to go with kids. there are lots of activities and beautiful gardens. I saw some kids playing pokemon go. you can have a romantic picnic, they will even set it up for $75. there are places to have weddings and receptions. lots of areas to have parties. they have various venues to rent for all sorts of occassions. great place to spend time with family, exercise or stroll.

Kevin Akenhead

Beautiful park with a great pond. If you play Pokemon go then this is definitely the place for you.

Heather Burns

My kids and pets love it here. Nice to enjoy scenery & let the kids play at the parks. A few are closed due to renovations. But there are public restrooms

Darian Caplinger

It's a beautiful park, but the parking is horrible for some of the features if you are handicapped.

Vanessa Stewart

Appreciate the dog water fountains. Still need ponds for dogs to cool off since they can't get in the pond.

Samuel P

The Japanese garden is $4 per person and worth it if you appreciate scenery. There rest of the free park is really nice as well. Good place for a BBQ!

G. S. White

This is a nice quiet park. It would be good for a picnic or family gathering. It's on the Greenway so you can walk or bicycle there also.

Joe P.

Dont miss the butterfly garden. Pretty great.

Michael Sullens

This is a great park that has a little bit of everything. A lake, good walking trails, gardens with a variety of flowers, picnic space that's both covered and open, and a variety of playground equipment for kids. With its connection to the Greenway trails, it can provide for as long or short a walk/run/bike as you like.

Calvin Bremer

One of the best parks I’ve ever visited. If you’re a Pokémon Go player, there’s tons to offer here too.

Trent Franklin

Beautiful park, Butterfly Garden and pond. Great place for a Venue, or a exercise walk in a park.

Gwen Diaz

Nathanael Greene Park is such a wonderful place to go to get outdoors, exercise and enjoy the beautiful scenery. There are many different varieties of plants in the park which makes it a great stop if you are considering doing some landscaping to your property. The look of the park changes weekly from spring into fall as different varieties of flowers cycle through their bloom. Springfield is lucky to have this gem.

Robert Snook

This is a pretty big park. Lots of trails and good shady spots to grill. Even a pay stroll garden, Butterfly house, and varied gardens to relax in. They have a few good play areas for the kids to. Along the main trail there are little playgrounds to keep the kids interested in walking as well.

Rebecca Cole

Nathanael Greene Park is such a wonderful place to go to get outdoors, exercise and enjoy the beautiful scenery. There are many different varieties of plants in the park which makes it a great stop if you are considering doing some landscaping to your property. The look of the park changes weekly from spring into fall as different varieties of flowers cycle through their bloom. Springfield is lucky to have this gem.

Joshua Ledbetter

I spent 3 hours there this Saturday. They offer plenty of shade on those warmer days and a good area to walk around. Also if you are into Pokemon Go or new Harry Potter game this is a must visit. Plenty to do.

Stephanie Titsworth

This was pretty neat!! Make sure to check out the Japanese garden!

Austin Collins

Nice park to walk around, alot of shady spots to get out of the sun too

Aaron Cook

The best park in Springfield. Good walk trails. Beautiful landscaping and lots of equipment for the kids.

Robin Edelman

Great place to stroll and check out plants also very fun for kids

Robert Hercules

Nice park to visit, paved paths, and gardens scattered throughout.

Earon Babcock

It was beautiful and had plenty of places for a build a bear photo shoot

Jared Beall

Good place to go. Visit. I. Like this. Place to


It is so beautiful here. A great place to just stroll and get "lost". My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed it and we were even able to bring our pup Bella!

Frank Raimann

Great place to walk or jog beautiful scenery. I love the Butterfly House.

KriSta Love

It’s kind of ugly in the fall/winter when everything is dead but I don’t mind. I manly go to walk the trail around the pond and play on 1 of the 2 playgrounds with my children. There are a few play stations along the pond trail that help encourage little ones to walk farther

Darian Erwin

Nice big park with lots of stuff to do. My personal favorite park to go with my friends and family.

Diana Whitlow

Its the most relaxing park to walk around ,a pond,trails to walk among beautiful flowers of all types,lots of shade,great place for kids to play,a butterfly house, take a picnic and enjoy a great day.Lots of spots to stop and sit and take a break and take in the beauty of it all.Most of the trail is paved so strollers and wheelchairs will be easy to move around in. Lots to look at.

George Hoffman

This is a beautiful park. You can walk for hours without seeing everything. They have water features, play grounds, and plenty of space to throw a ball or fly a kite. The wildlife activity isn't dead but it's not immense either. We enjoy this park and recommend it to anyone looking to relax.

Christina Boyce

My favorite place in Springfield Missouri to take a walk. The trails are Meandering and they have very lovely Landscaping. The park is gigantic so even though it's normally well-populated it's still doesn't feel that way. Many places to lounge or play or walk. Right now most of the children's play equipment is out of order so it's not a good part for that.

Michelle Carroll

It's so beautiful and peaceful here. Great place to bring the kids and the fur babies for some outdoor fun

Maggie Wise

Love to walk there around the lake, see turtles, fish, ducks & geese. The scenery is pretty with flowers in different places. They have nice play areas for children. Just don't appreciate people riding bikes & skateboards on walking trails.

Shelly Hinton

A beautiful place to enjoy your time with someone special or time for yourself. I could've spent a lot longer here! I will be back often!

travis grimes

Could really use creativity like a climbing boulder instead of another concrete fountain.

SueAnne Ryann MacMillan

We chose to get married in front of the waterfall in the Hosta garden. It's perfect for a small wedding! Nice and shaded, intimate setting.

Beckie Peck

Beautiful place. You can tell the Master Gardeners put their heart and soul into it.

Myk Brown

Beautiful park. Its so well maintained and its always a terrific visit. And the Japanese Stroll Garden is amazing.

John Stouder

Nice park with wonderful gardens and safe playgrounds. Looks like they have 2 or 3 pavilions for gatherings.


Love taking walks around here with all the beautiful smells from the flowers.

Zen Lee

Love this place! It's always so beautiful! Doesn't matter the season, there is always something cool to do or see it. Photos from the Japanese Garden.

Roger 1

Very pretty. Nice trails.

The Clarks

Love to walk at this place. Nice hard surface walkway and beautiful flowers and trees and gardens. Very nice.

Samantha tabler

This place is simply beautiful. The whole family enjoys it. They are constantly improving the park. Lots of fun for adults and kids.

Roger Benton

My husband and I used to love going to this park. However, our trip today was disappointing due to all the people there smoking cigarettes! Not only was the smell sickening, but cigarette butts were on the trails and grounds.

Caitlin Groh

Beautiful park with lots of interesting plants and nice walking paths.

Marilyn Littlepage

The butterfly house was amazing. Great place for kids

Katie Love

Beautiful gardens and paved walkways, clean restrooms in the welcome center. Butterfly garden was so fun, play areas for young kids all around the paths.

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