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REVIEWS OF Museum at the Gateway Arch IN Missouri

Patricia West

Even though we've visited here before, we stopped by again. I forgot how awesome the arch is, in size and history. There was flooding there recently along the river and it was sad to see some things closed there, but the arch was open. The exhibits have changed, of course, and the Attendant explained some very interesting tidbits and features of the exhibits. She was soooo super friendly and knowledgeable.

The Man

The arch is very awesome and is taller than the empire state bldg. I remember when the arch had two entrances one on each leg. The museum was in the middle. I loved the museum about the gateway to thee west. There was also q movie about the building of the arch which was amazing. Just knowing that they built both legs at the same time. The best part which was also amazing was fitting the last piece. I mean the men who designed, built the arch were some very intelligent and carefull working men. But they finally got it built. You can also see the train tracks that were used to bring all the pieces in on the trains. The arch is a dream that came true for all of st Louis. Then the arch went through a renovation. The parking lot was removed but you have great parking on the landing. The landing has been there for a long time and has awesome food. The parking lot was replaced with a area for children to play as well as a field for concerts and festivals. There is a bridge that you can walk up and see the old train tracks as well as the Mississippi river. There is also two paths leading to the arch. The steps are still there as well as the two old entrances which was nice so that you can see the original design The new entrance is to the west of the other two entrances. The entrance is beautiful and can be seen by from the old court house. I love the new design and you will to.. welcome to the arch home to st louis and gateway to the west. The arch is easy to get to and have a great time. There is also hotels close by. There are several attractions close to the arch like the old court house,

Hannah Tucker

The arch itself is beautiful, but the history surrounding it is so incredible. St. Louis has so much wonderful history, and the museum does a great job of sharing that, making in interesting for all ages. I was surprised by the pods that take you up to the top, they are very small but it's not scary! We went at night and the museum and arch stays open until 10 PM, which is amazing for a museum. We watched the documentary in Tucker Theater (about 30 minutes) and I HIGHLY recommend it--actual footage of them building the arch, it is so interesting. Then we went up the arch at 8:40 PM, and the city looks beautiful at that time. Then after we went up we hung out in the museum a little reading about the history of the area. The gift shop isn't even expensive as most park gift shops tend to be!! I definitely recommend this

Cindy L

Be prepared for a long wait to the top. It could take up to an hour from your tram time to the time you're actually at the top of the Arch. It can get quite crowded at the top, but worth it. Leave plenty of time. The tram ride up and down is definitely interesting. Be pleasant and make sure you don't have BO cuz this is the closest you'll ever be with stranger in a really small and tight space. Definitely an interesting experience.

Michael Wright

This was a wonderful tourist spot!! The park around the monument were lush and tranquil. Very family friendly! The lines to go to the top are long but they go quickly! There are vendors for drinks and ice cream.

Jordan Uphoff

The cruise was closed due to the flooding, so we had only briefly walked through the museum on our way to the line to take the last trip to the top of the arch before they closed. Was a spectacular view and experience. It was not very expensive and was definitely worth the experience. They have a discount if you have an America the Beautiful Access Card which saved us a few more dollars on the ticket price. The line took a while to wait through to go up and the ride up would be difficult if you are claustrophobic but the views from the top are amazing.

Tamas Nagy

The museum under the arch is really great. It shows the history of the St. Louis area in a fun and interactive way.

Spearit Publishing

The museum inside was so cool and filled with artifacts. I appreciated St. Louis so much more knowing the history of the land and the arch. The staff were all very nice and fun. This photo is from the inside of the arch, of course.

Stanley Johnson

Great for people interested in the history of the area. The new museum under the Arch reminded me of the Smithsonian in DC. The setup is incredible.

Sneekers Nate

Breath taking views! I highly recommend visiting this place. A must see bucket list spot.

Paranormal Society

Very neat place and the amount of things in here for the price is incredible. If you do not go up in the arch the visit to this is worth it is as well.

Kerry Coyne

Awesome place. Tons of displays and material. Definately didn't spend enough time here. Covered the whole history of the territory not just the arch. Will go back without the kids

Martin Kopp

First time back since they completely rebuilt the museum. The old museum was great, but the new one is over the top fantastic!

Alastair Battson

Busy, but worth it. Great feet of engineering. Inclinators are tiny but very cool. The whole thing is air conditioned which is cool, pun intended. Well worth a visit. Just wish the other side of the river in mu shots was not filled with industry

Cody Knudsen

Took a minute to locate the museum underground, underneath the arch. Fantastic free museum a must see if you're in downtown St Louis or visiting the arch anyways. There are 15$~ per person trolly rides up through the arch, very reasonable. There is no cost to enter the park, walk around the arch, or enter the museum. Is positioned on the river, makes a great place for a walk or picnic. Lots a people but plenty of space to spread out. Worth a second visit.

Nelson Minter

New grand opening looks great. Very informative look at the west expansion.

Shannon Knight

Love that the museum is free. The tram tours and movie in museum cost money, but can do museum for free. They just redid museum last year. The changes are very nice. Much more hands on and interactive. Museum is broken into time periods. Nice store and information stands as well. Have a junior ranger program as well.

Riny P

It is highly a must to see Monument to the Dream before taking the Tram to the top of the Gateway Arches. This movie will definitely make you appreciate the Arches more. It would also be best to get your tickets in advance online because sometimes they do sell out fast. Case in point, we had to wait 3 hours before being able to get a Tram but the Museum which is free, entertained us. An educational place to take your kids and learn about how St. Louis was built.

Sebastian Patel

We enjoyed the visit, and made it to the top of the arch. However, it was tough to see around all of the people. There were also a couple of staff members who refused to move out of our way, seeing that my kids were clearly trying to get to the window they were near. Otherwise, we enjoyed the experience overall.

Carl Johnson

New museum is a really nice upgrade. I wish they would make a greater effort to direct people to the new enterance.

Kelsey Mondragon

Pretty cool place. A lot has changed over the years. I like it though. Easy to walk through and cool information.

Rebecca Robinson

Such detail was put into this museum very impressive and FREE! Great displays interactive. Cool for kids & everyone to enjoy. Nice and cool inside because it was hot

keith sorensen

O! M! G! This monument is incredible! The pictures do not do it justice. This is such an amazing piece of engineering and design. So simple and yet so complex. Thank God our for fathers made this structure possible so it can be enjoyed for many generations to come. This is a must see and going to the top to see the views from the windows is unbelievable. People even get married up there. The museum is very well put together as well. All that being said I would give this 10 stars if I could.

Tony Vicich

Down by the river. If you set quietly. You can almost feel the ghosts of early French traders, natives viewing them warily, and thousands of immigrants settling down or heading west. Some places are old. Some places hold history.

Libby Andreas

This is the first time I have been in the museum since it was renovated. It is spacious and beautiful. The trips to the top are well organized and flow people as quickly as possible. The museum itself is free and a great place to stop in Downtown St. Louis.

S Rose

Their museum is really cool, being on top of the arch can be overwhelming with so much people in one tight space. The tram/elevator trip to the top was really interesting, the elevator accomodates 4-5 people.

Sareeya Mcnally

It was very nice exhibit wit lots of interesting facts about the city. My kids enjoyed looking around- very familt friendly.

Steve C

A nice museum with lots of exhibits. It is a place with lots of history to share. The story of westward expansion, Dred Scot case, and so much more. There are so many exhibits that you could really spend a lot of time here. The park surrounding the arch and museum is a nice place to take a walk and take in views of the river. if you are in the area you should really consider giving this area a visit

Tucker Walker

The Gateway Arch museum is a fun free activity to learn the history of how the arch was built! Spending a little money gets you tickets to ride a elevator cart up to the top to see a spectacular panoramic view of St Louis! I would recommend checking out the museum, and a trip to the top of this amazing engineering marvel!

Brenda McAdams

Beautiful day at the arch. Great views from the top. Crowds were down and lines moved quickly.


This was an amazing place. The weather was a little cloudy, but it didn't stop us from going. Gateway Arch National Park is definitely a place to experience rwhile visiting St. Louis.

Matthew Long

Very good place to take the family or go alone for history or just sight seeing. We drove over about 5 hour drive and we explored St. Louis in the day time eat then went to the arch in the evening at this time they where sold out of trips to the top of the arch so if you came and want to go up to the top of the arch make Sure to buy your ticket time ahead or early in the day to make sure or to succeed at getting a trip to the top. Even though we did not get to do the tour at the top of the the arch the kids had a good time and the free zoo about 2 miles away was a good addition to the trip. Also if you go in the evening hours check the curb side parking hours the machine will still take your money even though you don’t need to pay after hours.

Greg Johnson

So normally I only like nature things, but I was pleasantly surprised by this little gem. I think it helped that it was pouring out and thus very few people were visiting but it was a cool piece of architecture in a cool little area of the city. It was interesting to see the arch from different perspectives as I approached it. It is also a National I am assuming the national park pass if you have one would get you into the tram ride/museum for free or at a discount. I showed up after hours so I didn’t check, but maybe be worth calling to check if you are a card holder. I certainly didn’t know it was a National Park until I got there. Enjoy.

Arlene Mcginnis

It was an awesome museum. Very informative. They are opened late, which is great cause it's really busy during the day. Being opened late allows for less crowds, shorter line and once you come down from the top of the arch, it's cooler outside (temperature wise and scenically), you can take sunset pictures with the river or arch behind you. We enjoyed sitting on the steps overlooking the river


Absolutely amazing museum. Highly informative and educational. I had no idea how the role St Louis had played in our history, and how progressive it was with racism and equal rights compared to the rest of the country. Well laid out and organized. I needed to allocate more time as I had no idea how large the museum was and the amount of information available. Planning a trip back just to spend the day here and also go to the top of the arch!

Kelli Slager

Great even without tickets- splash pad out front for hot days, chilly I side if you're taking in the movie (ticketed). The museum was very nice and open. We went on a holiday weekend so the arch view (ticketed) at the top was very crowded- we didn't stay up there long. I'd recommend this as a stop even if you skip the ride up. The free portions are great. Food court was priced Right for the portions- definitely adult-sized.

Kal H

Historic landmark and definitely something everyone should see at least once. Great park and museum complex. Didnt go up into the arch this trip. Maybe the next time.

Ever Starcatcher

Amazing monument! Parking was good. The model miniatures, museum, and cafe were good. The documentary was incredibly engaging and informative. The ride up the arch in the gyroscopic car was unique. Also, the view from the top of the arch was gorgeous.

Alex Howe

Went as soon as they opened. No line to get a ticket, no line for security, rode in the cart to the top with just my wife. Well worth the $16 for a ticket. The museum is free and very nice. Gift shop is reasonably priced. Will come back. This whole area is beautiful.

Kathy Walsh

Highly recommend the museum, film about arch construction, and the ride to the top. Make morning reservations to avoid the crowds, and arrive early to allow time for security and browsing. There is a small cafe in the museum offering basic quick bites which were just okay.

Robert Lister

This is a cool place to visit but the tour to the top is not worth the cost. It is definitely more impressive from the outside than from the inside. The museum is nice enough but there really isn’t much to see.

Stacy Rodolff

Interesting architecture. Amazing how it was done. Only negative, after walking around the entire structure we finally found the entrance. Better signage and explanation by staff would have been extremely helpful.

T.D. Eastvold

I only got to pop into this wonderful place for an hour. There was so much stuff to see that you could spend a whole afternoon at it I bet. It covers a whole bunch of St. Louis history as well as the history of the arch. I gathered that it used to be more of a musty old creepy museum but they just have revamped it here at some point. I found the staff to be very warm and charming. The checkpoint staff was particularly helpful as they must have seen we didn't know if we were supposed to have coffee. They informed us quickly and politely without having to just tell at us. They were so nice! Protip: You can have coffee inside but you can't bring it into the exhibits.

Kevin Hatch

The top of the Arch is undoubtedly the best way to get a bird's eye view of the St Louis area. Plus, if you like history, be sure to give yourself plenty of time to explore the museum; it is wonderful!

Marcus Difeo

I was thrilled with that place, and didnt realize they had a museum, and that it was a u.s monument. I was clueless... very happy I stopped to see it on the way home from my sisters house this year!

Jeremy Murphy

Much better than I remember it from several years ago. Well organized, clean and plenty of room for large crowds. Great staff.

Suman Singh

Dont miss the place if you are on the mother road route 66. Its just so mesmerizing. Plan your tramp ride and river cruise ahead as it could be almost sold out on weekends or holidays and you would be rather regretting. The river cruise is perfect for the sunset and night view of the downtown and its history. Parking can be extremely difficult if its long weekend or in case of game in the stadium next to the arch. Great architecture and now a great historic place! Awesome!

Dana Gan

Tallest man-made monument in the US! The view is amazing and everything has just been remodeled and looks so beautiful! Definitely a must in Saint Louis along with the carriage rides, Zoo, Science Center, Brewery, City Museum, Union Station, the list seems to never end!

Chris Wallace

A whole lot better than a couple of years ago. A lot more to learn about. I would def come back with family and kids.

Mito Allen

Absolutely worthwhile experience. Recommend to anyone and everyone a must for your bucket list

Bec Mcelwain

The museum has been completely redone. It is beautiful, spacious, and more informative! If you haven't been this year, you need to go again.

Dana Fazekas

Super cute puppet show. Very nice displays. Worth a visit!

Justin Moss

Number one, the museum is free. The park ranger are friendly and though their is a security checkpoint, it is fairly unobtrusive and they are only looking to ensure no one has a firearm or large knife. The museum itself is loaded with great exhibits regarding westward exploration, but can be slightly overwhelming due to how much is displayed and the large numbers of people coming through at any time. I would definitely recommend stopping by if you are in the area. I skipped the $20 ride to the top.

Jim Welsch

This place is amazing. Full of fun stuff and Exhibits. It's totally FREE to enter the enter the museum and walk around. You can buy Tram tickets but plan ahead of your looking to go up into top of arch. Have fun we did.

Shibu Narendranathan

Fantastic!! Great architecture - steel steel steel. The ride up was amazing. Makes one ponder on what humans are capable of building...

jessica hess

Absolutely Breathtaking! Very nervous and scared to do the tram up and be at the top, but with my family I was able to do both! Definitely a must do if you are in Saint Louis! Recommend to book your tickets early online!

Brandon Williams

If you’re in St Louis this is definitely the top thing you should see. Even if you aren’t staying in museum it’s work your time to spend a few hours at this location ! The ticket process is slightly confusing but at the end of the day it’s all worth it once you get into the tram to go up and see the great views of the city. Also worth noting that you are literally looking out of the top of one of the largest monuments in the world!

Caitlin Lawson

Came here so many times a child for school trips, while I'm sad to see that the stuffed animals and wax figures didn't make the cut to being included in this National Park crossover, I absolutely love what they have done with the place. So glad The Gateway Arch joined the National Park family!

Diane Ellis

I am now visiting the Gateway Arch. I have seen it for a couple of days from my hotel room and now am getting ready to visit!!!!! The cost was $13 for a trip up and back. It takes 4 minutes up (sort of like an elevator) and 3 minutes down (thanks to gravity). It was nice but the windows are really tiny compared to the Freedom Tower in NYC. You ride in a car that fits 5 people and you start moving vertical to reach the summit at 630 feet. Pretty crowded up there and I noticed several people just sitting in front of the windows talking and not looking out. The rest of us had to wait for them to move over and let someone else look out. Quick ride down and it was a fun trip!!!

Granny Kat

Awesome ride to the top! Fantastic movie ( watch it first). Great museum. Skip the boat ride.

Michael Kane

Even if you're not doing the arch, because you're afraid of heights or claustrophobic, I'd recommend the museum. I was travelling to St Louis on business and stayed at the Hyatt right next the arch. I found time in the morning to visit the museum and ride to the top of the arch. The museum is very nice for a free museum, telling the history of that area from the time of native peoples to the current period. There was also a nice exhibit on the design and building of the arch.

Kanyiba PE

A very interactive Museum for all ages. I visited here during summer and it is cool inside. If you plan to stay for long, you might want to get a layer of clothes as it can get cold depending on your preference temperature-wise. There's a cafe inside and yes, they do not serve French fries! Try their smoothie though. This is a great place to hang out with family and learn about mid-western history!

Cheri Blessing

So much history and amazing to see how it was built!! It was overly bust and the rides to the top took so long. 30 min longer than was scheduled. But still fun!

Maegan Eller

The arch in St. Louis is a must see. If you go make your way to the top to see the breathtaking views. They play a historical video before going up top, watch it! You will learn a lot of the history and how the arch was built. (Which is really cool) There is a park right next to the arch and river that’s nice too.

Gordon Bell

I had an amazing time with one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen on the planet. A truly great and awesome experience

shelby smith

Would definitely recommend riding to the top of the arch! The view is amazing! Everyone working there was very friendly and helpful. The museum looked interesting, though I didn't have too much time to look around.

Ellie S

So incredible to see in person! The museum itself is well done and beautifully put together. If you here you have to bring yourself to go up in the arch. Wasn't a huge fan the tram ride up and down but it's worth the view at the top and to say you've been inside of it. The gift shop has a lot to choose from and there is a little cafe and fudge place inside. If you are a National Park pass holder present when buying tickets to get money off your ticket. So glad we came!

Andy N

The museum is brand new, so nice and very educational. We went up, the views are amazing. The elevator is a big fun!

Terry Tornow

Great information about the history of the St. Louis area and the exploration of the western United States. There was a lot of information displayed in many different ways including interactive displays that my kids really enjoyed!

Millie Kwan

While I enjoy going to any of the National Park Service sites, the Arch is totally amazing! The size, the shape and grandness of the structure is awesome! There are some nice exhibits in the museum as well and the ride to the top is definitely well worth it. The is a cafe (Pappy's BBQ) and a gift shop with some nice items as to the history of the Arch and of course novelty items. Also would visit the Old Courthouse which also had some nice exhibits and the inside of the dome is pretty. Parking in nearby decks and on street. Also great shots of the Arch from the Jefferson Expansion Memorial.

Lupe Gonzalez

This was one of the best things that I checked out while in America. The city and its people just add to this. This Arch is huge, about 613 feet high and the view from it is just awesome. Its a must visit attraction for a visitor. A great site-seeing opportunity! You can spend a lot here but the trip to the top is only $12 and discounted for kids. Lovely views! A must see plus the surrounding park is great for nice walk!

Benjapol Piyawanichpong

Great museum. This is my 2nd visit. It improved a lot from several years ago.

jackie p

What a blast! Bring knee pads and go for it. Take a break, get a beer, play some pinball and go back at it. Fantastic outing for kids and "adults" too! Slide some amazing slides. Act like a kid

J Moose

Amazing place, Full of history and pride. While I was there the park was under maintenance, but it didn't impede my visit at all, In fact it further educated me on how things are done..Just can't say enough about the great experience..Thanks St. Louis.


Nice place. You could spend all day here without spending anything on the rides and paid attractions, that's why it 5 stars undoubtedly. The paid attractions get rather pricey. I do think that they could do better on kids prices.

Sue S

The museum is really cool and very informative! Add the tram ride to the top and the movie and you will get the fill gist if how this was created and developed. It's incredible the skill and creativity of this Arch! Fully divulge yourself in learning how the arch came to be! You will be dumbfounded!!!

Aaron Roberts

Outstanding new museum and grounds around the arch! My dad and I really enjoyed ourselves. We've visited a few times over the last 40 years and this time was a lot of fun. Impressive.

Garrett Scearce

If you have never been up to the top of the arch it's amazing. The ride up is just as cool as the sights but be careful and watch your head in the elevator pods!

Michael Short

My Wife and I did not expect as much to see in the museum as there was so we did not get to see everything but what we did see of the museum was great and very informative from the westward expansion to the current day. Well worth the visit.

Shawna Peterson

Most of the staff were miserable. Not one staff member smiled or was helpful in any way. They all seemed to be annoyed. Possibly because of when we went but the line was very long. It's still a very cool thing to witness or experience but maybe try to go on a slow day.

Dan Jensen

After the renovation all appears to be open and ready to go. New visited entrance is bright and open. The museum is updated and exhibits are well done. The classic part is the ride to the top as it is still the original carts that carry you up and down. The only downside is not friendly to those with disabilities.

Anna Sievert

Oh my goodness! A must see, a check off the bucket list. Love, love, live.

Susan Huckeby

Wonderful exhibits! Great experience for the whole family. Would go there again.

Stacey Mckinney

It isn't bad, but going through security seems to be an unnecessary inconvenience. The focus should be geared more toward providing visitors with information regarding activities, fees and other information that may be of interest to them.

Lila Johnson

History Revisited I had a chance to return to the Gateway Arch in St. Louis for the memories and to introduce a friend of mine to the 630-foot-tall structure that is twice as tall as the Statue of Liberty. With so many changes; a new entrance, now you exit from the legs and a redesigned museum. With a span of history starting from 1764 to 1965, the six galleries are bright, interactive and informative. I was excited to explore the area while admiring the revision efforts of the Park Department. This is a must-see introduction to Americas progression through pioneers, trail blazers, fighters of human rights and the importance of a dreamer that constructed a monument that proved anything is possible. Overall: Better space usage and a wonderful gift shop.

Cynthia Ford

Architecture fascinates me. I was not expecting the displays on African American and Native Americans. Nothing fancy but informative. There was a Plexiglas model of the courthouse and visitors were able to ascend to the top of the dome stairwell. Just two levels under the apex. The gift shop was small. I would have purchased a book on the construction of the dome if such a book had been available. The building was air conditioned and there were places to catch your breath while watching the documentaries. Also, located near other places to visit in walking distance.

Jason Jett

Excellent FREE attraction. Like most places parking can be a headache . Don’t spend too much time looking for street parking and try to parallel park in front , just pay the $10 for the garage and take the short walk. Once in side it’s quiet and cool and you can take your time going through the small historic museum . It will show you the early days of St. Louis as well as the history of the arch . Self guided tour but still informative. Restaurants and clean restrooms inside

Parshuram Kurhade

Magical construction of ARCH. Salute to those engineers. Great achievement of those days. We enjoyed its internal ride and very joyful experience in AUG-2014. Thanks to my son (Ashish) and daughter inlaw (Manjiri) who make it possible to visit.

lavan kumar

Great place and worth a watch. Could be considered as bucket list task as the view from 630ft above is fantastic. People in Midwest can drive up for a weekend. But needs reservation to to get onto the top.

Andrew A

We visited the Gateway Arch in August 2019. The park is expansive and beautiful. We went first thing in the morning and did not encounter much wait or tourists. The new museum is HUGE! So much to look at. We went straight in and did the Arch before the rest. Jeremy was our guide and he is quite a comedian. He will make you laugh and he knows his stuff! Just make sure he has his coffee :) Emily who I think was his supervisor was also very nice and was working on getting him his coffee. The gift shop has so many cool items and trinkets. The only thing lacking to us was nothing Baseball / St. Louis Cardinals. We have a family member who collects baseball items from different cities and we didn't have a chance to go visit many other places. All in all a great visit. Also, get the National Parks Passport and stamp it upstairs in the lobby. We have started ours that day. So cool!

Carol Range

a truly relaxing experience, I really enjoyed visiting this place, I do not live many kilometers away, however I had not had the opportunity to know it, I loved the atmosphere of this place.

Edgar Maisonave Jr

My wife and I really enjoyed ourselves here . It really is a beautiful place. The only drawback is the parking... You have to find parking in the city nearby as the arch has no parking on site so there's a lot of walking. We parked on the south end and found two adjacent parking lots across from each other and parking was only $10.00. Everyone else was charging way more and no security. Granted we had to walk a half hour but we found a cute Mexican restaurant to enjoy a couple of cold beers and a appetizer to help us on our short journey to the arch via the riverfront park which was completely overhauled and what a remarkable sight. It was absolutely beautiful. Lots of beautiful landscaping freshly manicured grass and clean pathways . A great place to spend time with your furry friends. The arch is a exciting and a remarkable work of wonder with a fantastic history behind its creation. For all you veterans and disabled persons make sure you have your VA card so you can sign up for a free Access pass to all national parks and federal recreation lands pass. This is located at the main central lobby between the museum and the entrance to the arch. To reach the top of the arch you'll have to squeeze into a 4 person bubble lift and believe me it's a tight fit and watch your head, make sure that you lower it upon entering . If you served in the Navy you will feel right at home. Your ETA is only 5 minutes to the top and a 4 minute descent. The view at the top is breathtaking. So have your camera ready and prepare to be amazed.


Lots of history. They really did a great job with the remodel. I'm glad I visited again. I've lived in St Louis my entire life and I'm amazed every visit. Also if u love math the beauty of the calculus involved in creating this monument will please you. The width of space between the feet equal the height and that titillates me!!!

Colleen Biri

This was my first trip to the new museum. It was very well done. The flow was comfortable, lighting was good, displays were interactive, informative, and fun. I liked being able to so easily trace the region's history from the founding of St. Louis in 1764 to present day. I particularly appreciated the effort that went into describing the experience of people who were not white men in this area during this time. This museum is a site for our city to be proud of.

adiThya kauShik

The museum is free and is VERY well maintained and informative. The area outdoors and around the arch is nice to hang out in and serene. Only issues are that is it somewhat difficult to get to (get an Uber). Also, the ride up the arch was sold out (book in advance).

willie sims

I love this place. A lot interesting facts about the riverfront and the arch. And the new interactive exhibits are a must see. Fun got the whole family!!!!

Michael Holst

It was Great view from the top. The elevators to the top are a little tight but still not bad. The top of Arch is only like 6ft for head clearance.


Was very affordable and we went in the afternoon during the week. We took a tram ride up to the top. About 4mins up, 3 mins down. Very pretty and definitely a sight to see. But you will only probably be at the top for 10 minutes.

Donald Adams

My favorite place in St. Louis. Please go see this place. Contains artifacts from Lewis and Clarke expedition, history of St.Louis. and Dred Scott court case. Free free free!

Noah Bier

Fantastic museum with interesting exhibits explaining the history of St Louis. Really enjoyed the information about the design of the arch.

Phyllis Fisher

The renovations of the Arch grounds and the visitors center are Amazing! The food was good in the cafe

Amy Moore

Such an experience and many memories made! My kids will always remember this trip for sure! They LOVED it!

Alexis Stark

We enjoyed the visit, and made it to the top of the arch. However, it was tough to see around all of the people. There were also a couple of staff members who refused to move out of our way, seeing that my kids were clearly trying to get to the window they were near. Otherwise, we enjoyed the experience overall.

Scooter McDoo

Awesome experience for both the westward expansion museum & St. Louis arch. Kids should go but adults can also learn.

Douglas Berdan

The new museum is fabulous!! It's well laid out, interactive and very informative. It's a great experience for all ages!

Homeagain 95

We visited the arch in St Louis but we did not go into the visitor's center. The river next to the arch is still very flooded. There are places roped off where you can not go at this time due to flooding. The arch itself is a must see if you are in or around St Louis. I'm sure the visitor's center is nice as well, we just didn't have enough time to go in to it.

Allwyn Samuel

Gateway arch and the museum visit is a must for every one to understand the history. It’s better to book online considering the crowd - even better is to be there closer to opening time to beat the crowd. Kids have the opportunity to do NPS Junior ranger program at the arch and the courthouse.

Robin Mutka

The Arch is a fun place to go with your family or even by yourself ! Before you get on the tram to go up to the top of the arch, you first go through a short security line and then you get to walk around the museum (which is underground !) which has educational exhibits on the history of the Arch and it has a place to eat and a decent size store to buy souvenirs and get old fashioned candy. I reccomend getting to the Arch early to have time to experience and enjoy the museum and store

A. Birmingham

This is a National Park and it is IMPRESSIVE. The museum is filled with information about people and events that formed our country. There are beautiful displays that offer some great photo opportunities. The actual tram to the top is a little scary, and it can feel a little squished, but the view is breath taking. It's an experience that can't be missed

john massey

Love this place. Excellent place to take the family. You can ride the Arch to the top. We have also done the Steamboat ride. Lots of history. It's worth doing!

Aaron Lane

This place is amazing. An absolute must visit if you are visiting St. Louis. Going to the top of the arch is awesome. There are some amazing views up there. The museum is incredible. I could have spent all day in there, but my daughter's attention span isn't that long. Though she had a good time in there as well. There are alot of interactive exhibits that kept her entertained. The museum does a good job telling the history of St. Louis and the history of the arch.

Lindsey Sinibaldi

Super cool place but obviously not like any other national park so have that in mind before you go.

Matt Bass

I'm a big history and museum guy and I really enjoyed the movie showing how the Arch was built and the challenges. As an engineer, looking at the design and construction challenges was worth the time. Will definitely be back to finish the museum as I ran out of time to review it all.

Dalton Davis

I really enjoyed it. I was wondering how they shuttled people to and from the top, and I finally found out. I don't want to give away any details, I want you guys to find out for yourselves! Super fun with some good views..

Bill Morillo

What a cool place, super nice updated museum with lots of great history and interactive exhibits. We did the tour with the guide and it was really great! We didn't go up to the top this time but will in the future.

Aaron M. May

Grounds have been kept up and maintained well over the years. Although, I did not visit the museum on this occassion I have been there recently. It is a great museum and honors the history of the area. The grounds outside made for a great venue during the 2019 St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup Rally. We travel to St. Louis a few times year and we almost always find ourselves at the Gateway Arch. It is the Gateway to the West.

Kirk Davis

Very informative! Be sure to bring comfortable shoes because you spend a lot of time waiting in line before you get the chance to go up the Arch.

Elyssa Bowden

I thought that it was cool to go all the way up, 600 and sum feet, and be able to see an amazing view like that. Definitely something to spend your money on. Anything before, just seems like your waiting in line for an airplane ticket. But, once you get up there, it's a great view

Nikki Johnson

I am from the pnw and am headed to Florida driving, this was on the route so decided to stop and its absolutely stunning!!

Christina DesCamps

We had a nice little visit to the arch.... I got some great pictures and it was the 1st time for my family to visit this park which was beautiful. It even rained a little but that in damper our plans. We found parking just down the street for $6.... And just strolled around for a while. Visit one time if you can

rj s

This is a great place to visit in St. LOUIS, Missouri. The history and the arch are pretty amazing. Also, being on the bank of the Mississippi River is pretty cool. Just be careful on your way in because the road construction detours are extremely confusing and when your in an RV this downtown area feels like a snare. However, once your in it's we worth the visit.

joseph hogan

The museum is very interesting, the exhibits are great. It has some interactive activities and gives a complete story of the history of St Louis and the building of the arch. The arch itself is impressive and the ride to the top is cool. The top section is compact. If you don't like people in your space you might want to skip this part. The views are not that great but, overall well worth the time.

Zerk Clinseales

My first visit back to the Arch since the major renovation. Overall a much improved experience. First the bad, the Arch grounds parking lot has been removed. Parking is now at downtown St. Louis Parking lots. Locating the lots online before visiting is highly recommended. However, since you are now starting your visit downtown a stop at the Historic Old Courthouse is now a natural and probably right on your way. Do allocate some time to visit what this wonderful historic building has to offer.

Al Paul

Want a nice stroll in the park, along with great music and cool sight seeing over 600 feet in the air looking at the great St Louis in Missouri? I highly recommend you to visit Gateway National Park. What a wonderful experience my wife & myself had for the 4th of July 2019 experience. Come here and enjoy your experience to.

Southern truckin' gal

The Arch is massive & beautiful. Arrived too late to visit the museum. Very nice & clean park along the water, very peaceful.

Vincent P. Colandrea II

An incredible life experience shared with a beautiful soul that I hope to spend so many more days and shared experiences with. Fun, beautiful and breathtaking. Worth the experience from anywhere. ~V.

Athena Kesselring

You could spend two days here taking in all the history and artifacts. The museum is beautiful and well laid out. Great place to bring out of town friends who have an appreciation for history.

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