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2400 S Scenic Ave, Springfield, MO 65807, United States Located in: Nathanael Greene/Close Memorial Park

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Where is Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden?

REVIEWS OF Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden IN Missouri

Donna LeMonier

Oh was it beautiful and inexpensive!!!! We loved it BUT there are no names of the trees/plants. Receptionist said ", Japanese do not like naming/labeling things so they make a brochure to kinda go by." Many plants are not listed. We so enjoyed seeing plants but I really would have enjoyed knowing their names. It would be like going to a zoo to see animals and not knowing/seeing their names.

Jimmy Garcia

Really relaxing and serene garden. Lots of flowers, water features and trees. 4 dollars per adult is a great price as well. Came on a Friday at 10am and it was very slow.

Joshua Renfro

Well worth the cost of admission.

MaryBeth Stearns

I'm not sure it's worth the admission charge.

Angela Tiller

Beautiful, very peaceful and nice place just to get away and take a stroll with nature.

Ginelle Graham

This is my favorite Zen place in the Ozarks. They have a wonderful Japanese Festival 2x per year. * and my husband proposed to me here during a special event evening stroll.

Michelle Strickland

Fabulous! The flowers, bushes, and trees are beautiful. Plenty of gorgeous Japanese maples. Lots of shady sitting areas and covering along much of the stroll path. Several nice water features. Many stone lanterns throughout. Well worth the annual Friends of the Garden pass to visit any time (which ALSO covers the entry fee to many other parks across the U.S.)!

Jim Young

The Japanese garden was beautiful filled with Christmas lights. Although it was cold they had hot chocolate and a couple of fires to warm you up. Well worth seeing.

Stewart Blake

Nice clean

Shirley Taylor

We love Japanese Gardens. If a town we are visiting has one, we visit it. This one in Springfield is lovely, well maintained, and a good size for a 45 minute stroll. It is rather simple in design giving it a calm and serene ambiance.

Abraham Rodriguez

It was so relaxing and peaceful. Ready to go back again.

Jonathan Lee

Love this place!

Rolan Logan

Beautiful and very well kept. A great place to relax and enjoy nature!

Lacey Boehning

This is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. Lived here my entire life and can't believe I waited so long.

Sue Westrich

Even though they were putting in a new path, so there was construction, it was still peaceful.

Barb Lent

Beautiful, peaceful and self-paced.

tim neff

Worth it once a year go during the kite and pinata festival and it's free of charge

Jason Lee

Beautiful, well kept gardens. Wonderful place to go for a walk on a nice day. Great spots for photos as well. So glad we have something like this in Springfield.

Beth Ware

Beautiful, peaceful walking paths, just gorgeous

Toni Tallman

Good times and memories here.

Joshua Spurgeon

Worth the $4 admission fee. It's like a $20 value to me. We spent about 2 hours here. Great picture opportunities. Tranquility paths and seating areas. Beautiful in the fall with the leaves changing color. Wish my back yard looked like this place.

Carlos Hernandez

Amazing place to take pictures!

James Smith

Very peaceful

Julie Kellogg

I love this place! The streams and other water features are wonderful, and the place is so peaceful. We've been to the Japanese festival every year since 2012 and I never get tired of walking through these gardens.

Travis Rykbos

The gardens are beautiful, highly recommend going through them.

Adam Texeira

Beautiful and free

David Cates

Awesome place

Dianne Daugherty

Beautiful Garden. Love their commitment and connection to Isesaki Japan.

Ash Vernon

Such a beautiful garden. Absolutely peaceful getaway for meditation and inspiration.

Erin Edwards

Amazing!! Super cute

Belinda Jasper

Very relaxing!

Melody Marlay

A beautiful place to walk or also has benches to sit and ponder life. It has many plants and beautiful gardens to stroll and a lovely water installation. I would highly recommend.


This is a beautiful place to go for a walk. It is relaxing and peaceful. A lot of people come here to take personal and professional photos for all kinds of occasions. They also have events during the year that are family friendly and fun to attend.


We came for the Japanese Fall Festival this year. Every year this event get's bigger. It was a blast. Lots of shows, plenty of booths, and of course the Stroll Garden. An amazing gem with nice walking paths, benches, shade, koi ponds, tea houses and wonderful plant life. It's an affordable way to spend an afternoon or early evening.

Aiden Kelleher

The best $3 admission we've spent in a while. The Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden offers a pleasant walk through a variety of pathways, with Asian plantings and garden art. Several small buildings, ponds, etc. Very zen and relaxing.I wasn't feeling my best that day, and wish I could have enjoyed it more. It's an easy stroll EXCEPT if you want to try the stepping stones across the water. They're a little far apart for short legs ... I got onto the first one, turned around and hopped back onto dry land :) It's an excellent location for photographers, and we saw a couple of pros photographing their clients in various poses and spots. Bet the shots came out beautifully.

Rachel Schneider

Beautiful grounds lovely stroll

Christopher Stamps

Had a great time there it was such a lovely park

Lisa Woodall

So pretty and peaceful

Laura taylor

Been many times one of my favorite parks to hang out in. Lots of things to do or not.


Tranquil and beautiful. There are plenty of spots to sit and relax.

Jason Buchek

Always a nice place to go. Lots of places for kids to play and a beautiful stroll for couples We actually just decided to go ahead and become members. We usually just pay for each time we go but membership is cheaper and it supports the city's park

joe men

Uh... so... um... it's a perfectly fine garden for a stroll. Hard to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city when you can her the city from the park. By all means visit, bring a date, have a lovely picnic. It only costs $4 per person and you get what you pay for. This place just isnt anything special. Rather standard for a garden.

Starr Loll

Beautiful and relaxing!

Tamara McKinney

It’s a beautiful stroll garden, but to pay $4 per person to walk through a park is ridiculous. $8 for two people to walk through a garden is too much. i wouldn’t mind paying like $2 per person but seriously?! I know up keep on a garden is not anything near what they’re charging to enjoy a view.

Donna Oblinger

This is a lovely, peaceful place. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Ethan Kunz

Very well maintained, and the various gardens and streams are well set up to guide you into different scenes. The price is fair and it's nice to be next to the other park as well, stop by the conservation building and get a drink.

Dina Wilson

beautiful and worth the inexpensive entrance price. walking through here is an enchanting experience everyone should enjoy at least once while in Springfield.

linda sullivan

Love it!

Kellie-jo Phillips

Love this garden so peaceful and relaxing!

Ian Heimburg

Went for a wedding, wonderful breeze, plenty of shade. Lovely garden for all sorts of events.

Domique Dehant

I felt like was in Japan when I was walking around.

Toni Johnston

Serene and gorgeous

Shane Burks

Beautiful place to visit and walk through

Cave Colors

Very pretty good memories

Lucky Sundew

Very amazing place. So calm and relaxing. Perfect spot to take photos

Rebecca Renuard

Definitely worth visiting! Admission is only $4, and children are free. The gardens are so beautiful and peaceful. They are an awesome place to take photos!

Janette Romero

Beautiful experience. Peaceful and breathtaking. Would highly recommend the tran tour our even just walking around having a lazy afternoon.

RICHARD Hernandez

A beautiful and relaxing visit even on a cold winter's day. Spring and summer visits are extra special.

Rebecca Clement

Beautiful and peaceful. Will definitely be going back. Great for a nice stroll on a gorgeous spring day!!!

Corey Garoutte

Love to walk here. Most pristine place to be.

Tim Boos

Absolutely beautiful place. Very romantic

Cassandra Novack

The park was beautiful and well worth the $4 entrance fee. We loved the water features, bridges, and foliage.

Christopher Pickrel

Beautiful scenery. Very enjoyable especially on nice days. You can tell the environment that was created would be good for weddings, ceremonies, etc. Very peaceful and enlightening.

Bel Hamilton

This place is absolutely amazing!! A nice little piece of serenity.

Krissa Cheyenne

I really enjoyed walking through this ! Really beautiful ! Tons of time and effort was put into this neat little place ! Perfect for photography !

Julia Cottrell

The stroll garden is wonderful, even in the rain! Don't miss the annual Japanese Fall Festival!

legally human almost

It's beautiful and peaceful I love this place

Bruce Cable

A beautiful walking park. I was a little surprised at having to pay an entrance fee for a city park. Especially after moving to Springfield from Louisville, Kentucky, which has 140+ year-old Olmstead parks, (designers of: Central Park, Boston Commons, the U.S. Capitol), all connected by miles of tree lined Parkways, a huge Ohio riverfront park with a new pedestrian bridge crossing to Indiana, all of which can be enjoyed free of charge.

Maliah Velasquez

So beautiful!

Koal Trayne

It was absolutely gorgeous. There's a nice path, beautiful and interesting scenery, you're pretty much guaranteed to have a great time.

Landon Brixey

Saw the Christmas lights, it was fun for the kids.

Shannon Smetana


Jonathan Brewer

Beautiful scenery and tranquil atmosphere. Perfect for a walk or to sit and read.


Beautiful. Pace yourself to enjoy it.

Mae Amos

Beautiful garden, so quiet and peaceful to walk around! It's also only $3 to go ino so it's very affordable.

Amanda Story

They do events y'all! Beautiful place. Its so much bigger than I thought!

Ava presto

Its very claming and there was a fair tofay with fun activities a

Tracy Novack

A must do even with the small entrance fee

Katie Daniel

We visited during the special Holiday Evening Strolls, and the lights were gorgeous! We look forward to going back during the day and seeing it when the gardens are blooming.

Susan Kim

We stopped at this lovely little garden on our way home from Branson, MO. It's part of a much bigger park that is split up into several, smaller themed parks. This one in particular appealed to us from the pictures online and the good reviews. When we arrived, we learned that there was an admission price though there were several places online that stated it was free. It was only $3/person, so we went ahead and paid. There is also an option to buy coi food for $1/bag, so we grabbed a couple of those as well. Right near the pay booth there is a little area with a couple of trees that are perfect for climbing, and they let you. So my family all climbed up into one of the trees while I remained ground-bound to take pics. After, we went into the actual stroll garden and it was so beautiful. There is so much nature and serenity that one could easily lose a whole day. Because we were on a time schedule, we couldn't really lounge like we wanted to, but we did spend a good amount of time there. My boys and husband skipped rocks on one of the bigger ponds and we all walked the trails and little bridges in order to feed the coi and spot wildlife including chipmunks, turtles and domesticated ducks. We rested in a little gazebo and then backtracked to our car.

Tiffany West

Stunning and free. Don't need money and family friendly!

Sarah Chavez

This is one of the larger and nicer Japanese gardens, and only $4 each.

Mac Dank

Beautiful area. I love the scenery, vegetation, vibes, and the sound of the water flowing. It seems to be well kept and clean. I highly recommend checking it out on a nice day with clear skies. It is good for the soul. The only thing that I have to say negatively about this area is that it's really small. I spent a few hours soaking in the experience, but it is only one small singular loop. I feel like I've seen all it has to offer. I would go back once more again if I lived close to the area, but seeing as how I'm about an hour from Springfield, I most likely won't come back. Check it out at least once.


Peaceful place to stroll but the plants are not labeled. Unless you already know what they are you will have to look them up.

Tandra Riddle

Such a beautiful place to visit. Tranquil and quiet with so many varieties of plants and flowers.

Michelle Ray

Love the Japanese gardens and super worth getting a gardens membership just to visit this gorgeous and relaxing place.

Crystal Woods

A true hidden gem! A must see for anyone who wants a quiet and beautiful place to visit.

Lance Crider

Great place for a picnic and stroll. Staff is super friendly!

Samuel P

Worth the 4$ each. There are a few little waterfalls and ponds that are nice.

Esther Derevencha

Loved it here. So quiet and still. A nice place to reflect

Ashley King

Absolutely beautiful. Well worth the low admission price!

Rusty Shackleford

Gorgeous stroll through a lovely park

bat jitsu

Awesome place. Very authentic, except the time they put red wood chips in the rock garden. They have since replaced the mulch with pea gravel.


Beautiful place, My one suggestion is that at the entrance to the left before the gate to enter the garden they should really plant a row to cherry blossom trees. Come spring, that would be a beautiful sight before entering.


Beautiful stroll garden and place to spend an afternoon

Kaylon Lewis

It was great. It's only $5 to get in. It's a pretty peaceful setting. Not really much on the Japanese side, but it does have a few things sprinkled in here and there. Really enjoyed it

Faye Sortor

A very pleasant place to walk. It has all the required features of a Japanese garden. The reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that one measure of a Japanese garden is how much they fit into a small place, and the resulting hidden spots. The designer of this garden had no space restrictions.

Teresa McCullough

Beautiful, quiet, picturesque. I went for a wedding, and it was nice. People strolling through were respectful. It was peaceful. It was very hot the day I went, but there were plenty of places to get out of the sun. If I wanted a place to just think and have beautiful scenery, this would be the place.


Beautiful outdoor space that really does relax you!

Highland Lora

A hidden gem! Very pretty and peaceful

Anna Kleier

Absolutely beautiful and well-kept!

Pam Taff

Very beautiful. Very well maintained grounds. Only cost $4 a person.

Crystal Primm

Got to be one of the most peaceful parks in the area, absolutely beautiful too! Only $4 per person 12 or older, definitely recommend

Elexsis Gregory

My family loved walking here. Such beautiful landscaping & gardens. The tea house was so perfect & simple. We will be back without the kids for a more romantic stroll soon.

krista endicott

Beautiful scenery and interesting landscaping. Everyone can enjoy this amazing garden space.

Carey James

Beautiful stroll gardens. Lots of places to explore. It is very calming here. So many good places to get pictures taken.

Leandra Deerwester

It's a great place but it's more Japanese American than Japanese.

Tom Thissen

What a beautiful garden. Great place for photos. Beautiful buildings and bridges. Very serene and relaxing. Would definitely go again.

Ian Wood

Awesome place for the whole family

Lenny Nesta

Love to stroll the park at the Japanese festival lots of people to talk to and good food had a great conversation with the Master Gardeners awesome ladies

Joseph Anthony Dias

Loved it!

Daniel Cook

My favorite place in town to go and unwind in nature. Costs a couple bucks to get in but it's a very peaceful and relaxing place.

Kevin Foster

What a treasure! It felt like I was back in Japan, while being in Springfield Missouri?! This is a beautiful garden, with many authentic Japanese designs. Very surprising to find in Missouri. If you want to experience the tranquility of Japanese temple grounds without traveling, this is surprisingly close to the real thing.

Jarrod Perry

Awesome place

Andrea Blanton

Closed but park around was beautiful

Yelena Yakovleva

Loving it! Beautiful and peaceful! And not a lot of people!

LeeAnn Tran

We really enjoyed the christmas lights and music. You cant beat a nice stroll in December. The displays were pretty and for $3 you wont find a better deal for familys.


Beautiful, romantic, peaceful, tranquil, relaxing, wonderfully stimulating for those that love all things Oriental and flowers, trees, rocks and koi.

Christina Maria

Beautiful and peaceful! We had a short amount of time but was able to walk through the whole garden in about an hour.

Silkia Cardona

Place was great. Beautifully maintained. Would definitely visit again.

Shelly Hinton

It's a great place to get away and just clear your head, enjoy some peace or take the family for a picnic! This just may be my new go-to

Robert Johnson

It's a beautiful, well maintained garden with coy ponds and a tea house.

Cheray Bisaya

Very wonderful place to visit, unwind ,walk and enjoy the serenity of the place. Been here several times, took family members, relatives & friends who lives out of town/country and everyone had a fabulous time.

josh virtue

Visit several times a year, different seasons, it is always enjoyable. My kids love being able to stroll through and see the differences from season to season.

Deana Moskalenko

10/10 recommend, it’s a great place to go to when stressed out. Thy hive a few small structures. Also two ponds and a lot of small rivers.

Rojin Tiwari

Not necessarily a must visit place, $4 per person to get in the garden. There are more parks and gardens around it for free

robert dalton

Nicely kept. Very relaxing stroll. Took some nice photos.

Shelley Koestler

Serene and beautiful

Leona Bellingroehr

Love this place. Been coming here for years

Sean Brier

Very relaxing walk. The $4 is well worth it for the peaceful and beautiful park. It’s very well kept and has plenty of places to rest along it.

CasualPineapple 21

Always in love with this place!!

Becca Godsey

Definitely worth the small charge to visit this serene garden.

Sam S

It was a cheap but lovely date day! So beautiful

Melissa Webster

A pretty place to get a nice walk in

jerry mcbee

Lots of various conifers, Japanese maples, cherry, dogwood, and various other deciduous flower trees.

Fedo Life

Small but for 4 bucks u can get some cool pictures

Curt Beers

Very cool, would love to visit all seasons

Moshe Meir

Beautiful park to seat with family nice little place for a stroll.

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