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REVIEWS OF Missouri History Museum IN Missouri

Sue Anderson

Went to the Lewis & Clark exhibit. Very interesting. I even got to turn the crank to make a strong rope. Fun stuff.

Margaret Nezhadpour

This museum has something for all age levels. It is very hands on and interactive. My recommendation is to allow more time than you think you are going to need because the narratives, displays, and activities are so interesting. It was a delightful experience and one I hope to repeat.

Dave Hoang

So grateful I live in a city with so many FREE places to go. It's even better now with the kid friendly Clubhouse

Woodie Sayles

The Pulitzer Prize winning photographs we're displayed with explanations of each one. This was an amazing exhibition and I highly recommend it.

Evelyn T Henderson

Greater was very friendly and informative on current and upcoming events, clean restrooms

Sherwin Jen

It was absolutely amazing here, when me and my friend visited, it was free for general admission, which is decent. A lot of cool facts and history here and staffs here are all super friendly. So feel free to raise a question, I am pretty sure they will be happy to answer :)

Laura MacCaskey

Ashamed to admit this was my first visit. Wonderful resource. Will be coming back many times.

Ms. Mason Mz. Mason

I always love coming here for renewing my own knowledge of St.Louis History & any special exhibits they may have!! The fashion that's on display is beautiful, on the lower level & a good place to clear your mind!!!

Amy Goslik

The exhibit of the hundred years of the muny was well done and beautifully put together! I was very exciting to look at all the interactive displays! The museum Cafe in my opinion is no longer as good as it used to be when it was a sit-down meal and they served you. You have to go in order at the cafe and the Greek chicken salad was not very good the chicken seemed prepared in advance and was cold and dry!

Jeffrey P

The History Museum is another gem of STL because not only is it free to visit, but the city is rich in history and the museum does a great job capturing local history. It is located within the fabulous Forest Park, which is the largest city park in the country, and in the summer there are a number of "Twilight Tuesdays" just in the front lawn that feature free live music and mobs of people having a great time. TIP: park at the visitor center and walk the five minutes to the museum instead of looking for street parking (the lot is hardly completely full).

210 Outdoors

Really great place to visit. A lot of great exhibits.

Jim Cakalic

First time visit for the Blues Stanley Cup celebration. Was really impressed. Exhibits are informative and engaging. Want to do the audio tour. Need to go back soon to get the full sweep of Missouri history.

Cheryl Rhodes

Heard the harrowing ordeal of the Rwandan genocide, first-hand from Marie-Christine Williams, herself a survivor of that horrific massacre, the Summer of 1994. What a testament to Courage as she told us her truth in "Triumph Over Darkness". Her example of "letting go of Anger" echoes the words of God, who inspired David of old to record his counsel at Psalm 37: 8-9...for "man's anger does not bring about God's righteousness."(James 1:20)

Bakhrom Abdurakhmonov

Really fun, got a amazing presentation from the workers there.

Don DeFreese

Wonderful exhibits showing past events in St Louis. And entrance is free. Be sure to check out the trolley ride to the Delmar Loop. A bit of nostalgia.

casuelita de tamarindo

Excellent place to go with children. Check out the calendar so you know when there is story telling, arts and crafts, etc.

Fabio Gomèz

Where you can discover how St.Louis became the way to west USA. People must see what is inside and know their past.

Karen Kayira

I love museums and this one never disappoints. I love the exhibits. The always have a diverse variety.

Abby G.

My whole family liked it at the least and lived it at the most. I especially loved the exhibit about the 1904 World's Fair! My 18 year old said this is a new favorite museum for him.

Megan Clark

This was the coolest state museum I've ever been to. The Muny exhibit was incredible and chock full of interesting pieces to look at. A lot of the museum is interactive so its a great place for kids as well as adults. So glad I made this part of my trip to St. Louis.

John Giancola

I always enjoy this place every time I visit. I love history and am thankful for this venue. I visit often.

Luke Fennewald

Tells the history of the park, the city, the state and sooo much more.

Tony Evans

Love this place lots of interesting sites and history of st louis.

Joyce Herman

Amazing exhibits. And the cafe is excellent

Andrew Totsch

Always amazed by my visit here. Staff is always friendly and helpful. Exhibits are great for all ages. This museum makes me proud of my city. It's always great to learn about its good and bad history. Being located in Forest Park is an added gem. It's nice to take a stroll and go to numerous landmarks, museums, and zoo in one visit and not spend a dime. I recommend everyone to go to this museum, you'll definitely get something out of it.

Bernice Crues

I love the ambience at Panorama! A hidden gem for Weekend brunch!!

Bruce Bryant

We always enjoy our visits here. This time, we went with a church group and enjoyed a lecture on Route 66. Recently, the cafe has begun a Sunday brunch, so we plan to check that out in the near future.

Nehemiah Robenstine

Free to park, free to enter. Cafe on top level that serves food and various beverages including coffee. Multiple exhibit spaces including a clubhouse type area geared towards children. Restroom/water fountain on every level. I did not realize the scope of the 1904 world's Fair before I went through the display. Highly recommend stopping at the museum for that or any of the other main exhibits.

Chasing Rainbows

Good for a quick walk-thru, and it's free! My only complaints is they close year round at 5pm, and the information on Charles Lindburg is just newspaper posters placed outside the bathroom. I hope the new area being added onto will have more about him! Also a shout out to Johnathan in the gift shop for the above and beyond friendly service and the great suggestions for sites to see during our stay. Kudos to you, and thank you!

Michelle Ravadge

We enjoyed the museum. It's nice to see how history has built this city.

Lorenda Bennett

Nice visit. In the room for Native People the Personnel when above and beyond in the last few minutes the exhibit was open.

Quintijo Ellis

It's a very aesthetically pleasing space. There is a lot of interesting exhibits about the history of St Louis. The auditorium is nice and can be rented for private affairs.

Lori Kindler

Excellent Pulitzer exhibit and the 1904 Fair is always cool

Landon Riker

Great museum with so many fun and interesting exhibits. Went on a family vacation once and really enjoyed it. Has restaurant inside if I recall and has a wide range of food choices. Amazing architecture and many floors of fun history. Even has a exhibit for kids.

Brad Worley

A really great place to visit. There are plenty of things to see and read. Best of all the admission is free. Be sure to look up every so often as you walk around as there are some things to see that are hanging from the ceiling. Parking was a bit crowded so if you arrive at a busy time you may have a hard time finding a place.

Timothy Rutherford

In order to see all of the Museum I will have to go back and I will be. History is intriguing to me, to say the least and this is chocked full and their always displaying different material everytime I'm there.

Tera Schultz

For all the shiny-ness of the science center and the coolness of the zoo, this is my kids' favorite of the Forest Park museums. The play area is by far the best. They have engaging displays that the kids love and a beautiful library. The exhibits are fantastic. I think a lot of people skip this museum when they have kids, but it is really worth visiting with little ones.

Jamie Brown

Love story time! Great for young kids and very interactive!

Shani Voss

Very nice museum. The staff was very helpful and truly seemed to enjoy working there. The exhibits we're very well done. And I liked the audio aspect of some of the pieces and hearing from the actual figures being showcased.

Sonna Egbers

Went for the Pulitzer prize winning photo exhibit which was fantastic. Everyone should see it if they can. Wish they'd had some photo books or literature on the photos available for purchase.

Raymundo Ruiz

An awesome place. Very well preserved and with a very beautiful view. The neighborhood and the park are also great for a walk to enjoy and remember.

Musings of a Cat

Wonderful children's area. My husband and I took our daughter here and she had a blast for the entire time.

shawn the lesser

Always amazing. A St Louis must see. I learn something new every time.

Alysha Heimberg

It's a great museum and just a nice place to hang out. The trolly stops right out front which is an added bonus and ties into the current exhibit. There is a kid area at the museum that my 3 yr old likes to play in. We go about once every 2 weeks. Food at the cafe is okay, kind of expensive for what it is. We walk over to the forest perk cafe in the visitor center by the playground (which is next to the museum) for another option if we need a bite to eat. Between the playground and the museum we can spend a large chunk of our day there and not spend a lot of money and have lots of fun.

Randall Smith

The current Pulitzer Prize photography exhibit is powerful. It is no wonder the free press is the enemy of oppressive movements worldwide. Highly recommend.

Diane Ellis

The Missouri History Museum always a more than one interesting exhibit at a time. It is amazing that this level of exhibit is free. You can spend as long as you like touring the exhibits. The gift shop is nice too. The recent exhibit with the panoramic photos of St. Louis through many, many years was very interesting to everyone in our group - ages 18 through 80. The Muny exhibit was also very good - celebrating 100 years! If you go early, it's easier to find parking.

T. Gafford

Always have a fantastic time at Twilight Tuesdays. Just grab your favorite beverage, a snack, a lawn chair & enjoy the live music in the ever pleasant Forest Park park along with a friendly St Louis crowd. Don't worry if you forget your food & beverage there's always several food trucks you can partake.

views from the flex

They have a great exhibit on the 1904 worlds fair and a wonderful Pulitzer prize exhibit too!! They also have an awesome st. Louis centered gift shop!

josie johnston

The BEST place for PD! (Especially if you are a history teacher

Robert Langhorst

Nice playroom for kids! Interested structure. Nice place to cool off after the zoo.

Brie Aldridge

Very beautiful place. Especially with the Photography exhibit going on right now.

Robb Roth

We really love this place. Has an awesome kids area. We like to go visit as a couple and enjoy taking our kids as well. We have been 4 times over the last couple years and always see something new.

Bob Richardson

Great experience. One of the best museums in the St.Louis area.

Leslee Jacobson

Pulitzer and Post-Dispatch photo exhibit is very interesting.

Morgun Yogore

Fantastic place to review the local history of the Saint Louis Area. I had been coming to Forrest park for years and had never even realized it was the location of the Saint Louis World Fair in 1904 and that the Art museum was one of the many impressive buildings constructed for the fair. It was an absolutely fantastic visit. The shop in there also had some neat little baubles that I wished I’d have grabbed. My treasure trove needeth more trinkets.

Jennifer Parnell

Super neat. We walked around for 2 hours and loved it. We saw Pulitzer prize photos and it was very emotional. Definitely a must see.

Jose Barron

Hard to beat free admission ... the exhibits, while limited in number, were great and my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our time at the museum

Wendy Walker

I cannot express enough how grateful I am that St. Louis has this gem. The Clubhouse for kids is so amazing, with numerous interactive exhibits for young kids. My children love it and we frequent regularly, especially in the winter months

Candias Jones

I LOVE this place. My husband and I enjoyed the evening immensely. The weather was perfect. The music was great. Combined with the perfect location, the grounds surrounding the Missouri History Museum . We saw our neighbors as well as old friends and even made a new friend or two. Great end to an excellent season. Both Twilight Tuesday and summer.

Roxana Ortiz

Always love visiting museums when in a new city, love seeing the exhibits and the building structures and best of all, its something to do for free which is good when traveling on a budget. Loved the Flores Mexicanas exhibit, seeing the painting and watching the video about the restoration was great. Got a quick bite in the cafe and also have a gift shop where they will definitely have something you’ll want to be taking home. Great find!

Jalen Martin

Museum provided an expansive few of Missouri history. If you're looking to take your while looking at the exhibits you'll be there for 3-4 hours. In Forest Park so many other things to do after or before.

Dave Taylor

Fun history. Great new Pulitzer picture show

Margaret Ann Jones

Twilight Tuesday be the bomb can't wait till next May

Danielle Grein

As we were passing through, we wanted to stop and take in a bit of history. Dan greeted us so warmly at the door. Such a friendly knowledgeable welcome. Thank you Dan!!

David Stolt

Nice museum really enjoyed the Pulitzer Prize winning photograph display.

Becca Maria

This place is SO amazing. I love it! It's so much fun learning about St. Louis. Especially since I just moved here from Florida it's so nice moving to a place with so much history. The museum educates visitors in a fun, interactive and attention-grabbing way. Definitely coming back!

Susan Fried

The History of the Muny, The Threads exhibit, the St. Louis World's Fair were all great exhibits! The Museum Ship had great gifts, too. I really enjoyed the rainy afternoon we spent there!

Jennifer Avey

They really should call this place what it is-- The St. Louis History Museum. I'm not sure if it just so happened that ALL of the exhibits during my visit were directly related to St. Louis and nothing else, or just a coincidence. I find the latter to be improbable. I just wish they'd consider, you know... the state of Missouri when curating the exhibits. It was all early St. Louis settlements, St. Louis industry in the past 100 years, and all about the St. Louis Muny Opera. The kids clubhouse was much the same, just tactile and sensory-driven for the under 10 crowd. (The clubhouse is amazing for kids, however, and I'd go back again just for it... Of all the museums, this is certainly the most kid-friendly!)

David Ingram

Nice and clean.. Close to every trolley and bus for easy access..

Carolyn Swanson Greene

The only thing I didn't like was that I did not have more time to spend there. It was amazing!

Neal Kern

What a beautiful place, they always have interesting exhibits.

Andrea Fonseca T.

A place where enjoy the history, the people what labor at the museum makes your visit unforgettable.

Terry Brooks

I always have a nice time when I go to history museum if I'm visiting the inside or outside Twilight Tuesday for the concert

Kenny Mischke

It's a neat place to see but they should change their name to the St. Louis History Museum. 99% of what they have is old St. Louis items. Don't get me wrong, that's neat too but they need more from throughout the state of Missouri.

Pyper Reynolds

Incredible building filled with interesting displays. Wonderful place for children - with special areas and activities just for them!

James Fredeking

Always e joy time spent learning and looking at the History Museum. Another place St. Louis is fortunate to have.

Duane Kleinhardt

It was HOT when we were in St. Louis and this museum is right off the metro stop for Forest Park. It was a terrific place to learn about Missouri history and to cool off befire heading deeper into the park!

The Joker

Forget about the outside and enrich yourself in everything this incredible relic from the worlds fair has to offer. A must see!

Jessica Hinz

Easy to park. Really nice and informative displays. I learned a lot.

Britt-Marie Montemayor

Lovely small museum for a view into Missouri history. I loved the World's Fair Exhibit. Very nice staff and beautiful location.

CCThePhugal Phashionista

Always a great time with the Twilight Tuesday Crew.

Anthony Bohannon

Twilight Tuesdays the place to be for good music and exciting environment.

Rodney Hearn

Venue is free with the exception of food and souvenirs. Staff is friendly and engaging. Make sure to check out Twilight Tuesday schedule while inside.

Mary Jackson

We had an awards show here, everything was beautiful. I believe the lady that help us was named Heather she was great.

Paulo Costa

Sr Louis Jewel and well managed. A must go to all who are interested in understanding this place

Elizabeth Bowen

Enjoyed the museum very much. Several exhibits that were fascinating. The most enjoyable was the wizard of Oz exhibit and the mint. I think everyone could find something to enjoy here. Parking was sufficient. Be prepared to do a lot of walking

Missy McNees

It's great that the museum is free. The Pulitzer exhibit was fantastic.

CuteTube Haynie

Great kids play area (free) and a huge airplane on a ceilings (my son favourite

Jeff Alderman

Enjoyed the Pulitzer Prize Awards Display tremendously.

Maieee WR

I enjoyed this museum so much. I knew nothing about Missouri or St. Louis, when I left there, I was well informed. The inside layout and the grounds are beautiful.

Lauren Hofer

Great history museum for a amazing price of free. Also the children's clubhouse is perfect for little ones. It provides a range of history and learning tools. Also nice place for kids to play and spend a while at.

Christina Carrillo

If you love history with no entrance fee to enjoy it, our History Museum is awesome. It encompasses all of the history of Missouri.

Amy K.

Great revolving exhibits along with local favorites. Museum is not too large. Being in the trolley stop, it makes for a great day experience when you include a trip in the trolley down to the Loop for lunch!

aj brennan

Awsome look in history in missouri amazing blues exibit right now LGB

B.F. Maine

Having not grown up in St. Louis, this museum didn't appeal to me. It was free, which is nice because my daughter and I were only there for 15 minutes. I'm giving four stars because it was a nice museum and if I had grown up in St. Louis or had a connection there it would have been more significant.

Chris H

Took my daughter here for the kids area and she had a great time. It was nice to read the historical aspects while she played around the exhibit.

Brady Mann

Great exhibits, just no real path through them. Faded signage was hard to read.

Gregory Strong

This place is simply the best as far as local, but also broadly reaching and broad-minded places to visit in the entire country. I adore this museum beyond measure.

Ada Ezenwa-Autrey

Beautiful place. Great and interesting exhibitions. Nice staff.

Dona Fry

Really enjoyed Flores Mexicanas and Pulitzer prize exhibits. The cafe was a delicious spot for lunch, too!

Kyle Studt

Aweso.e museum loved seeing the hostory

Bev Walsh

So much to see. They have Pulitzer price photos dating back to the 1920s. Even sports like the cardinals, blues. Everything was enjoyable. Even wheelchair accessible.

Patsy Barnett

Awesome lecture. Bev is always an outstanding speaker. The programs at Mo Hx are excellent. Always informative and entertaining.

Susan Mueller

This is a wonderful museum! St. Louis has a long and storied history, and this museum presents that history vividly (and graphically). This museum is a must see for anyone interested not only the 1904 World’s Fair (“Meet me in Saint Louie-Louie! Meet me at the fair.”), but in the blossoming of western movement and growth.

Zerk Clinseales

I have been to the museum many times, and they always have nice exhibits. However, this trip I was just to have lunch in their cafe with friends and family. The cafe is located on the upper level and offers a beautiful view of Forest Park. The staff was very nice and helpful. The cafe offers a verity of sandwich, salads, wraps, flat breads, pastas, appetizers, and many other things. The food was very good. I had the Hawaiian chicken sandwich. Others in my party got the roast beef & cheddar sandwich, the grilled steak burger, the taste of the Hill sub, and the soup of the day (which was chicken noodle). Everyone liked their food. It's also a nice place to stop if your just looking for a snack. If you're a member of the museum you get 10% off in the cafe, too.

Byron Thurmond

Sprout and Me on 7.13.19! Great place and event, will come back to show Museum off to friends and family who travel in. Check out the museum the exhibits are pretty amazing.

David Bowers

Fantastic! Great exibits. The only downside is the security staff has about as much personality as a slug.

Jim Sheppard

It was more of a St. Louis history vs state history. But good stuff on worlds fair.

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