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750 N 16th St, St. Louis, MO 63103, United States

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REVIEWS OF City Museum IN Missouri

John Elzy

Oh My God!, if you get out of St. Louis without stopping here, TURN AROUND! this place was a great full day for our girls (9&12). They want to spend the entire vacation exploring here. And we'd be okay with it too! what an awesome idea for an older building right down town, more cities need to copy this idea!

Terri Burghart

Amazing place! You can go for the museum, and you probably should once, but I recommend wearing athletic clothes and tennis shoes and climbing and sliding with the kids. I haven't had that much fun at a museum, ever!

Seth Allen

I love the city museum. This place is really perfect for all ages. Just be wary that this a very active facility typically meant more for children. Although there are some activities for those with disabilities, it will be more limited. The one disappointing thing is that the roof section is closed during fall/winter - but I'm sure they have a good reason

Kimberly Irlbeck

This is a fantastic place to get the kids to move, climb, explore. Even our 14 and 16 year olds loved it. Unless you are a size 6 female or very small man, you won't be able to fit in most of the tunnels. Its an easy place to lose a child who wanders, so keep an eye on roamers, even my husband and I got separated and had a hard time finding one another.

Eric Osborn

Better than Disney Land! What they did here was the most exciting thing I've seen with an abandoned factory. The art, play, circus, food, architecture, everything was amazing. We would travel across the country for this place again and again. From dinosaurs to treehouses to open play and roof top fun. There is nothing about this place I would change. My shirt was ruined from the 5 story side (not even the biggest one), but I don't even care. We spent less than $150 at the place and it was one of the best things my family ever did.

Rachel Stirewalt

So much fun and worth the drive. It lost one star only because I think thier should be more adult things as well. When I had young kids it was a blast but now their was just not enough to do. The artistic vision is out of this world as are the designs. The cost is worth every penny. Do go no matter what age.

Febe Cortes

This place is amazing. Parking is available right across the street, we pay $15 for the whole day. There is a couple of restaurants inside but you can also bring your own lunch. Highly recommend, we had a great time!

Andrey Tyshchenko

"One of a kind! Must go!" I do not say this often. Before entering do not forget to take off your adult suit and embrace your inner child. This is a place for children and large children alike. So much fun chasing our little ones around, enjoying and discovering this madman world. We loved it!

Maddie Ray

Very fun to do with a group. Some places could use some maintenance. Some of the staff couldn't answer questions we had. Other staff were very helpful on the other hand.

Ryan Lintzenich

It's never a bad time. Knee pads, comfy clothes and shoes are a must if you really want to enjoy it!

Noelle McCord

Plan to spend a whole day here! It is incredible and full of things to explore around every turn! For the kids, there are unlimited places to run around, and for the adults, there are bars on nearly every floor :) They have a small circus that performs throughout the day which is a must see and it’s free with admission! They also have an aquarium which I believe you have to pay extra for. The rooftop is also an amazing experience! There’s a bar on the roof, slides, a Ferris wheel, and a great view of the city! Fun fact: you can host your wedding reception here!

Gabi Brink

It is awesome! There are many nooks and crannies to discover. It may take you several visits to fully explore the whole museum! The indoor and outdoor areas are equally amazing, and a daring person is required to jump planes ,plunge through a ten-story slide,and probe an overhanging school bus. Rather than only sounding like a play place, this museum contains many artifacts of ol' St.Louis and valuable preserved specimens of interesting insects. City Museum offers much for its good eats, safe adventures, and admission fee!

Courtney Reed

So much to do!! I would suggest going early and planning to spend the day, we were there for hours and I feel like we only scratched the surface. My kids didn't stop moving from the moment we walked in. The caves and 10 story slide were the biggest hits.

Joseph Miller

Awesome place to go if you are in St. Louis visiting or if you live in St. Louis, it isn’t free like the Zoo or anything but you get a good experience that’s worth your buck. Every time I visit I discover new places and secrets so it’s always fun to revisit, the circus there is nice and the rooftop place is so cool and there are tons of things to explore like tunnels, a human skatepark, or going down the five story or ten story slide. Always something new. And come in on Friday for an all new experience as it stays open later. I give it 4 stars because it is not advised for bigger people and kinda appeals to the smaller people but it does offer open areas.

Mom Madi Mitchell

Our second trip to the city Museum in two years, worth the 8 hour drive for us!! This place is fascinating and each area seems to change a little every time we passed through. Science, Art and activity pour through the entire space. I even have great photos from a ladies room window!! I’m in awe of the imagination and skill involved in the ongoing creation of The City Museum.

Dr. Snodgrass

There are unique sculptures and scrap pieces to look at, which was neat. However, if you go on the weekend or holiday be prepared for lots of screaming children. Which adds to my next thought, this is probably a great place for the kids to explore and climb in. Oh yeah, bring clothes you don't mind jumping around in, is a very active place. Almost like a junkyard playground. If you don't like kids or loud noises then this place is not for you.

homan krishna

Fun play ground for adults and kids alike. A must visit attraction in st Louis. Unlike any other place.

World View 360

Such an amazingly fun place for all ages, playground for everyone. Architecture is super. The way they design and come up with these great ideas is remarkable. Been here twice and would go back in a second.

Kyle Rice

Your kids will love it. Endless places to play and explore. Your kid should definitely be ready for a nap after this place.

Shawn Warren

Fun spot for the kids. Probably better when it's not as humid. Most of the slides are steel so it was hard to slide down due to humidity being around 80-85%. Otherwise very cool place to go!

Amarie Serna

Awesome place! I highly recommend. Super cool huge jungle gym with fun slides for adults and kids. Plenty to do and keep children busy and burning energy. 16 in. brick oven meaty pizza is good and the price is right. I highly recommend you take your own water because a water bottle/drinks will cost you $3.25 -$3.85 not including tax. Good customer service.

Katie Girardot

Wow! Secrets passages hidden in the most unexpected of places, City Museum is an odd, intriguing, and thoughtful maze of movement. Every turn brings surprise and you travel through tunnels, down slides, and up walls. An experience like no other and worth endless visits, City Museum allows for infinitely wonderful.

Joel Wilkins

I first went to the city museum when I was 16. I remember being absolutely amazed and inspired by the creativity, the craftsmanship, and the nearly unlimited options for exploration. Since then, I've been on multiple dates, fun outings, recommended dozens (if not 100s) of people to go, and the city museum keeps on delivering. They've added multiple attractions since that first time, and it just keeps getting better. I'm 30 now and, tonight, I took my three-year-old son for the first time. He couldn't have had a better time. We'll definitely be back for more fun in the future. It's just as much of a gem as it ever has been, and I can't wait to bring him back when he's a bit more independent. If you've never been to the city museum, you need to go. If you're visiting and looking for something to do, this is it. I don't know of any other place like it. If you're concerned that you're too old or your kids are too young, don't be concerned. There's something for everyone.

Jeremy Wicker

Price was a little expensive given what your getting. No employees are up on the attractions, nobody to guide anyone that appears lost or unsure where to go. Being aware of the environment and given company would liked to have seen more employees helping the smaller children that got separated from their parent/guardian. Bathrooms were not clearly marked. Temperature on the inside was very hot in many locations. Pleased with the visit, just a few minor things that stuck out in my mind.

Truman Brody-Boyd

An incredible way to spend a day for all ages. The City museum has something for everyone!! Definitely recommend buying a roof pass. The floors seem endless and there are a ton of brilliant details. Each floor is practically its own art museum. Can't recommend this place enough. So much fun!!!

Trey Breshears

Wonderful place to visit! Sure-fire hit with any adventurous kiddos. Staff were super friendly and very cool with the kids. Be prepared for bruises crawling on hands and knees. Bring a flashlight for the caves. The slides and skate park are totally awesome! Plenty of fun for teens and adults too.

Rosalinda Garcia

Great place for families to run around and play. I love that most of the spaces are designed for adults and children to enjoy. The rooftop is an extra charge but with it! The preying mantis slide is worth the climb. We didn't do the 10 story slide due to the wait and everyone in line looked hot and miserable.

Jume Dabbs

There is a lot to see but there are no maps to tell you where things are. They have areas for different ages but without a map you can't find them. They now charge extra to go to the roof. You just wonder around. They have nice cafe's but try to find them. The exhibits are outstanding and a history buff could spend a whole day. My biggest complaint, no map. Not for older people, stairs everywhere but only one elevator. Kids love the place.

Carrie Smith

My husband and I went during our vacation in St Louis. We had a great time as adults. There is more things there for kids todo though :) It brought out the kid in us for sure. It's more of a big play ground of neat and random things.


Super cool and fun place to go. Give yourself a full day because there is lots to do. My kids played non stop the entire day, by the end of the day they were burned out. Lots of climbing and crawling and running and laughing. If I lived in St Louis I’d have a year pass for sure.

Rachel Terrell

I still haven't explored a lot of this place. It's pricey, but you get a lot for the price. I'd love it if there was an actual time period when there weren't kids around, but there were a LOT of kids considering that we went during the "adults only" hours. Next time I'll try harder to find a time when it's typically less crowded. Is all of it accessible to everyone? No, but I think there is something for everyone. I liked the castle, and otherwise I explored the bottom floor. The caves were literally covered in children, but otherwise they looked nice. The area behind the fish tank was lovely and dark and quiet. I also climbed through a log close to the ceiling, which took some work. Really, I'd like to put some additional effort into my flexibility training and just schedule a day to go here. Will be going again. Would be 5 stars if the "adult time" had been even remotely accurate.

Jonathan Govias

If you could imagine the largest, most fascinating, most intricate of indoor/outdoor playgrounds, your imagination would fall short of what this place is like... Unless you're MC Escher. There is nothing like this anywhere else in the world. Leave at least four hours and prepare to leave both exhausted and stimulated.

Cindy O'Neal

Great place to take kids! I recommend knee pads for the adults when playing with your kids through the tunnels. Expect to be there hours there’s just so much to do!

Clair Adamson

My niece and nephew loved the place! I was able to go around the City Museum without them complaining because they were enjoying the place as well. Art is not the only thing that they display at this museum,they also have a small circus that performs throughout the day which the kids and us adults enjoyed a lot! They also have an aquarium, a bar on the roof, slides, a Ferris wheel where you can see a breathtaking view of the whole city! I highly recommend this Museum!

Danae Rand

I was in a group that had some time to kill so we decided to try out the City Museum for the day. First of all, I would highly recommend that you purchase knee pads before climbing around at the museum. There are so many climbing bars and tubes and caves all over the place and knee pads are 100% needed unless you want to bleed all over the place. They are $6 in the souvenir shop. This museum had about 9-10 levels. There were slides all over the place and one slide was even 10 levels long. They had an amazing climbing wall/ceiling on the top floor and there was a ferris wheel too. Good food options, although it was VERY pricey. A couple negatives were that a lot of the slides were closed and the museum did not seem very clean. There was a lot of trash and disgusting stuff (like throw up!) throughout the building.

Joe Conley

Updated 10/2019 - We went again this past weekend and it was busy but we still had lots of fun. My now 7 year old got to venture out a little more on his own this time and had a great time. This place has expanded quite a bit with no things to see and do. It seems to be ever changing, and a nice place to visit again and again. Have heard so much about this place, and finally made the 3 hours drive over and checked it out with our 4 year old son. He had a blast. We were a bit nervous about keeping up with him and worried about him getting lost, but it was still a great place. We got our exercise that is for sure. I highly recommend it. For 7-15 year olds, that you could let go explore on their own it would be heaven for them I am sure.

Michael Schnur

Always a great time. There's something for everyone. It's great kids and adults. The kids are so busy having fun, they don't realize they're learning too. Friday and Saturday nights, they're open after hours for adults. We're in our late 30s and have a ball. Highly recommend taking the whole family.

samantha griffiths

If you go one place in St Louis, i hope this is it. It's basically a giant museum for adults. No maps, tall slides, a Ferris wheel, a bus hanging off the roof. Chairs that spin you like a top. So many fun things. Absolutely worth every penny. I was entertained for hours. A perfect spot for a date. I came home and tried to buy one of the spinning chairs, only to discover they are $700 each!

Clint Starnes

First time here and wow this place was even better than anticipated. From young kiddos to adults this is a fun, unique, and exciting place to visit. If we lived closer we’d be season ticket holders. A great place for kids to be active and explore. Our family highly recommends a visit here. We spent about 2.5 hours here, but you could spend much longer!

Sami Shelton

Great place for the family to go and have fun. The top part I would say isnt for any kid under 48inches or about 7 years old. Since its height requirement is 48 or more. But the over all is great. Decent priced and good time. I will return with my family.

Valerie Stephan

We loved it! I wish I'd been here as a kid, but I have to say it was still pretty amazing as an adult. I'm sure we didn't see everything in a couple of hours, especially with no map, but we were dazzled particularly with the enchanted caves and all the catwalks and hamster tunnels out & around the planes! Had a great time at the vintage pinball machines outside beatnik Bob's. All in all, so fun!

Alyssa Kregel

SO MUCH FUN!!! Make sure you dress appropriately for crawling around and climbing. I wore jean shorts and it made the slides not as much fun. I'd recommend athletic pants and tennis shoes. City museum is a crazy path of places to play and climb and you never know what you're going to find next!

Nathan R

Went here for a family outing and this place is AMAZING! The kids loved it, I loved it, my wife loved it, and if the dog could have come in sure he would have loved it too! 500/500 would recommend


We've come full circle! This place was my second date with my husband and we just visited for the first time in 6 years with our children! We always enjoy ourselves despite the high admission and parking price.


Coolest place in Missouri!!! Fun for kids or adults!A must see!! Art lovers dream! Great food! Insane detail everywhere!! Get the knee pads in the gift shop before you start your journey! Ride the ferris wheel on the roof! Try all the slides!

Elizabeth Grutza

What an amazing place. Great for all ages. I saw a few people wearing knee pads. What a great idea! Wish I would've thought of that. I did see them for sale before I left in the gift shop. I believe they were $6. Would definitely go back.

Melissa S

I was a little skeptical about this place due to the location and the outside look. I looks like it was once abandoned building that someone bought and said 'Hey, lets make this a giant indoor play ground'. Once you get inside, the smell of nasty feet hits you like a brick wall. I debated if I actually wanted to check this place out when I got inside. I did and was not disappointed. Staff gave us wrist bands and I noticed there was a spot for a phone number. I thought it was odd, but when I started to walk around, i can easily see how someone could get lost in there. I would love to be a kid there. A great family place to spend the day. Even has a bar inside for the adults!!

Billie Jo Greenwood

The place was fun, it was very crowded and hot. The lines barely moved. I would recommend going on a day that it is less populated. I think it would have been more fun if we could have done more of the slides and the little tunnels that you crawl through. I think that it is a little on the pricy side as well.

Kyle Sievers

Rooftop bar was nice for adults. We enjoyed the nachos, beer, and the kids liked the hot dogs. There is lots of climbing, I would recommend for children 6 and above. Smaller children may not be able to do as many activities. Overall we had a great experience, but it was pretty warm in most inside areas as well as outside.

Alexander Harmata

I wish I was 4 feet tall again so I could enjoy this place fully. It is a perfect combination of physical and mental stimulation. Really a blast for a curious and energetic kid. Last time I went I was 6 feet tall and it was not nearly as fun (still pretty fun though).

Jeff Herrmann

By far one of the coolest and most creative places I've ever seen. Perfect for kids in like the 6-12 range. Endless tunnels and paths to explore.

Ross hunter

This is so much more than a museum. Its a massive 10 story play scape that captures the imagination and sends it running wild. Good for all ages there os something to do for everyone, whether its exploring the 10 floors of twisting passages, hitting the classic arcade or relaxing on the roof top hammocks there is lots to do.

Dana Davidson

A must stop. One of the most interesting places I've ever experienced. We could have spent days in this place. I felt like a child and I loved it. There were some areas where my claustrophobia got the best of me though. I highly recommend dressing comfortably and wearing clothes that'll allow you to go both indoors and outdoors.

Lady Loki

Even if you show up early in the morning you may not even be able to fully enjoy what this place has to offer. It is expansive, artistic, every kid and adult absolutely loves it. Reasonably priced and a one-of-a-kind experience. Whether you're looking to spend time with your family or have a group building moment with your coworkers this place will exceed any and all expectations. My one bit of advice? At least once, even in the midst of the chaos, stop and take a moment to truly appreciate the artistic side of this attraction. Indulge your inner child and treat yo self!

Ronnie Garcia Lmt

Took our kids there to let them get some energy out of their system. Was told that we had to stay with them. We would have to pay the same amount as the kids. 25$ + 10$ for roof. So a total of 140$ just to get two kids into play. Bunch of bull if you just want to let the kids play. Parents HAVE TO BE WITH KIDS ON ROOF AND DOWNSTAIRS!!! Very disappointing and would recommend going someplace that the kids could go on their own. As far as this place..... We will never go back again. Besides the rudeness of the young lady at the desk and not actually showing any emotion of our dismay. Very very disappointing.

Bill Dauben

While the kids played I ordered us some nachos and a couple hard tacos from Rooftop Eats on the roof of the museum. Sour cream came on the side. Great jalapenos and very crunch shells and nachos. I really didn't know what to expect but it was all very good.

Baron Cao

This place was so weird, I do not know how to rate it. It did not have anything I expected from a museum, and it had everything I did not expect from a museum. All the slides and tunnels, I am sure it will be heck of fun for kids. Just make sure an adult stays in front of the kid and one stays behind so you do not lose the kid in that huge maze. XD

P. Lamberty

We stopped on our way home from vacation but we should have made more time to explore! We could have easily spent most of the day here. There is so much to see! Definitely wear sneakers if you plan on being adventurous and climbing through the tunnels and passageways. The rooftop is worth the extra ticket. Conquer your fears if you need to, and do the ten story slide and the rooftop ferris wheel! This place is full of so much creativity, it is just amazing and a must-see! We will be back to explore more for sure.

Amber Mynhier

Amazing. Encourages adults and children alike to explore their curiosities. Ninja warrior obstacle course on steroids. Probably best for ages 4 and up. Our family has done lots of traveling and have seen many things: this is the coolest man-made place EVER!

Aimee Villet

This is one of the coolest places I've ever been. You could spend hours exploring different areas and still not see everything. It tends to be crowded here, but that's what I expect from somewhere so unique. You have to experience it for yourself because descriptions can't do it justice.

Erin Lax

This place was excellent! I've heard about it from friends and they definitely did not disappoint. Very family friendly and had workers in bright orange shirts everywhere if you needed help. We will be coming back.

Yvonne Berry

Lots of fun for all ages. What a great place to take the family. A great big playground that was designed extremely well. Lots of art to enjoy throughout the structure also. Amazing place to visit.

Ellie S

The place exceeded my expectations and my expectations were pretty high coming here. Had an absolute blast pretending to be a kid again, climbing through tunnels, caves and going as high as I could on any apparatus I could climb. Everywhere you turn is something fun and creative. The attention to detail is impeccable. If you love slides like I do, this place has 35 of them. The 10 story slide is the best and worth all the stairs to climb to get to. I have bruises from climbing everything and I'm not mad about it. Cannot wait to return!

Beth Wink

This place is nothing short of amazing. Warning : it is very physically demanding-if you want it to be. I wanted my kids to get the full experience so we tried to cover it all (which is dang near impossible). Knee pads I recommend. Possibly elbow pads. Very small places in some spots but that adds to the appeal. This place amazes me. Absolutely amazes me. I would love to meet The master minds behind all this!! The roof is a blast as well. There’s so much to do it can be overwhelming.

Jacob Ojeda

We went for the first time and had a blast! There is so much to do and see! I was really impressed by everything there. The attention to detail and safety are really nice. I love that there is a place like this for adults as well as kids!

Rea Anders

Enjoy visiting this place. Would not take kids under 4 or 5, it would be too stressful to keep track of them ( I have 4 ranging from 0-9 y/o). My older boys LOVE this place. Also, remember to bring knee pads, a lot of climbing on your knees and hands. ( they sell them there but can buy a cheap pair from harbor freight that do the job).

Leigha Lunatic

It's a great place to spend time looking at various interesting things. A place for adults and child to enjoy and interact with. It feels as if you go that you find something that you didn't see before.

MOlly Quigley

This place is really unique and not like your traditional museum. There's no physical map available, but one is available online. Many of the spaces were created for young children to climb through, but many were large enough that an adult could fit. I would recommend wearing pants if you plan on doing any of the crawling/climbing/sliding. Try the Italian sodas offered at the small Cafe near all the pinball machines. Refreshing!

Mike Luigs

The City Museum is a fun and exciting place to go. They do a very good job making this place amazing. Great place to take your friends and family, especially if you are looking for a place to go for a family get together, say a birthday party.

jonathan hunter

There is nothing not to love about this place. Prices are definitely reasonable for the experience. You can spend all day with your kids trying to see the whole place but you'll miss a few things it's so big. The rooftop is definitely worth the extra $. There's a bar up on the roof too and food so why not.

Jeremy Wilson

Very fun place to explore for a couple hours. Has lots of hidden passages, some of which are very small, so if you're claustrophobic, you may not be able to enjoy it to its full extent. Extremely crowded during the weekends with lots of little kids. Visit during the week if possible to cut down on the crowds. Costs about $16 to get in, not including rooftop access, which is cool, but isn't necessary.

Win R

Right when we thought we had seen everything, there was something new! Just don't bring anything if you hope not to lose it. I lost something but ended up finding it again. It's very easy to lose things.

Dylan Jaeger

I visited this amazing place only once in my life. I was a child. Middle school. That was many years ago. Had the most amazing time of my life. Still is a memory i hold close to my heart. I lived 5 hours away and still do so never thought id see this place again...until now. I assumed city museum ceased to still exist until i recently saw a friend on social media share their recent experience at city museum and was overwhelmed with joy to discover you guys still exist. Im now a father of 3 beautiful child and we're making a road trip tomorrow to have an amazing time and make beautiful memories here at the city museum

Deborah S

Best place to spend a day in all of St. Louis. Fantastic. Not enough stars to express the fun we had. Well worth twice the ticket price of $20, including top floor.

Sky Tussel

This place is amazing! It's a huge jungle gym that includes creativity, art, and imagination! Tunnels and slides leading you to who knows where. An adult climbing behind your little one will be helpful, as sometimes only a little kid can fit through the tiny spaces. The building just kept going and going and we spent a whole day exploring and being in awe of what people can create.

Rachel Davis

I cannot say enough good about this place! We are from out if town and came to St Louis to enjoy 3 attractions- the arch, the zoo, and City museum. LL 3 were nice, but the City museum was above and by far our absolute favorite! We had SO MUCH FUN. 4 stories of just the most magical.plau grounds with so many things to climb and explore!!! Truly a very special place!!!!

Soluna Mischeif

Always beautiful and ever changing. You can spend hours here and still not see everything it has to offer. Great place for kids and adults with youthful hearts.

neal bowling

A really fun place for kids (and adults) to explore and play! Probably better for kids a little older, since it’s easy for them to get separated. We had so much fun!

Bonnie Kessler

Best museumever by far. Our family had the best time. Highly recommend going there. Bring a flashlight and knee pads or make sure you wear pants and no flip flops. And leave your purse in the car. It's extremely difficult to go through the tunnels towing your purse or backpack. The best museum in the U.S.

Blake Finney

Sign said for the train they would be back at 3:20pm we were in line at 3:10pm and waited until 3:45pm for someone to finally come over and say oh it’s 4 now. Instead of coming over at 3:20 and someone saying 4pm is when someone will be here. I went to a manager and they said there’s nothing they can do about it. Yeah well I paid $100 to have fun and not waste the time. The kids were looking forward to train ride and they didn’t get it. Pretty bad they couldn’t do anything for the inconvenience

Cody C

Plenty to do for 5+ hours. My kids and I had a blast. Rooftop isn't necessary to purchase. The ferris wheel was pretty cool though

vinod dasyam

Great place for kids. I visited Chicago City Museum once, this is much better than that. Kids favorites include: * Crawling through dark tunnels near caves * 10 floor slide * Climbing from one plane to another * Whale & Elephant ramps/paths * Ball pit * All the artsy decorations all around

Jonathan Siegert

Very cool! No other place quite like this! I'd go in depth on a review, but this is one that you just need to go watch a video to really grasp and understand.

Mx. Emma Rojek

AMAZING! All I can say. If you are tourists you should definitely pick a day to spend here and if you live around st.louis I suggest a year pass. I live 1hr &half away and since we have went 4times this year we have already saved money by getting the pass.

Mitch Moyers

We were here two years ago... I still remember it like it was yesterday. This place is fantastic. We only had a day to spend in St. Louis. Had 5 kids with us, ages 15 to 2. ALL of them had a huge blast. There was something for everyone... Although it was mostly suited for kids, I still enjoyed myself. By the time they were all done, bedtime could not have been more welcoming for them! Highly recommend.

Jordan Stock

Such a unique and cool place to visit! It's like a giant jungle gym...with beer! I'm not sure the roof is worth the upcharge but the inside/outside climbing areas are totally worth the price of admission. A few of the bars have a wide selection and they have snacks too. Check out the small circus acts on the second floor. Some of the climbing sections are too small for adults but the bigger ones are totally worth it!


Great place to visit. Only gets a four star because after going there once already it wasn't as fun as before. The chairs that are like tops are really fun and it's always a blast to explore the parts above everything. I do wish the 10 story slide hurt less or at least the line was shorter, but it's still cool to say that I've been on a 10 story slide.

Bailey Good

This is a must visit for any trip to St. Louis! This is so fun and is more of an indoor playground for adults than a museum. It has 2 10-story slides and well as fun mazes. It's so fun for all ages!

Chris Sellers

My wife wanted to do something fun and exciting on our first night in St. Louis and discovered this place on Google. The City Museum did not disappoint! We had SO much fun!! Be prepared to crawl, climb, slide, and climb through numerous areas. There is no map to this place so expect anything! If you don’t have the ability to move around, this place may not be for you. Spend the extra money and go to the rooftop. The Ferris Wheel is amazing!!

Vince Willaredt

One of the single best places you can take an active child. They have to be old enough to trust them out of your sight, but when you go they will love it. Considering the vast amount of space it is surprising clean and well staffed too. They are working on features and areas for the 6 and under crowd. One of the fastest days you'll ever have with your kids.

Aaron Christensen

This place is absolutely amazing and we can't wait to go back! Our kids are 5 and 2.5. We also navigated a double stroller with our 4 month old twins. And had no problem finding things to do and navigating around. We were the open to close and i wish we had more time. For food options i recommend the bbq on the first floor. Also, kids can play in the oversized ball pit while you enjoy a cold beer.

Jason Jett

This place is absolutely fantastic! Plenty to do and challenging. Showed up and the line was very long but was a breeze to get through. Some reviews will say it was to crowded and I could see the potential for that but didn’t have that problem at all .if you have a young or small child not much for them to do but bigger kids(5 and up) and adults will have a blast . Can’t wait to go back. Would definitely recommend a headlamp and knee pads

Steve Hollars

I'm from Chicago and we visited the area for a little vacation. This place is AMAZING! My daughter and I had so much fun exploring this place from top to bottom. So if you want a unique experience, this place is a must. Nothing like it in Chicago.

Kayla Esmond

The whole place is absolutely stunning! Every twist and turn of the building is an experience. Definitely worth checking out if you're in St Louis.

Michelle Mattingly

So much fun for any age really. Lots of climbing, crawling, stairs and walking. I was so happy we brought knee pads and our little forehead flashlights.

Richelle Squires

I can't say enough about this place. One day and one visit wasn't enough. It is a HUGE building filled with so much to explore. This is adequate for the whole family. MY son loved the caves and all the things he could climb on. We went on so many slides and at times felt like we would be lost (in a good way) forever.

Darryl Jones

It's a maze of tunnels, activities and things to explore for both kids and adults. It appears that they are continuing to expand. I've never seen anything like this in any other cities that I've visited. If you have children and you're visiting St. Louis, you absolutely cannot miss the opportunity to spend at least a few hours exploring the City Museum. Make sure you check out the Ferris wheel and slides located on the roof if you visit during good weather.

Rebecca Rodriguez

Love this place! So much fun. I had knee pads but could have used a flashlight or headlamp in some areas. It gets a bit warm in places, so come prepared to sweat if you're going to be active and you will need water. The kiddo loved leading the way! There are tight spaces, you will get separated from your child (so have a meet up plan just in case), and you will be exhausted - but it's a great price for a fun filled day of exploring, climbing, and playing amateur spelunker.

Rebekah Sylvia

AMAZING!!! Took 4 kids and had a great time for hours. Highly recommend writing your cell number on their arms as people can easily separate. If roof is open I recommend it. No map exisits - it's all handmade with found objects.

M. V.

Strongly Recommended: I believe City Museum is one of the top three must go places in the Midwest! A fantastic place for people with different range of age - it is a fun place for everyone. It includes post modern arts and also entertaining facilities. First time I went there was summer of 2013, and I saw Nicole Kidman and her daughter and also Keith Urban there.

Donovan Smith

This place is the best. I had a little trouble getting roof passes but other then that it was amazing. I took my girl friend out there and we both loved it.

Nicole Schroeder

Incredible experience! We had the staff help us create a scavenger hunt for our friend's bachelorette party. It was perfect, but we couldn't finish in 4 hours because the place is HUGE!!

Mary Catherine Albenzi

My child had an absolute blast there. I have to say, part of the reason I am grateful for this place is that I had left my phone in the bathroom. When I went back it was gone, just as I expected. But I took a chance and went to the little store they had there and someone was honest and turned in my phone to them. I was so grateful, as I was on the road alone with my child. The phone was vital to me then!

Coastie Stacie

Awesome place, and make sure you give yourself at least two hours when you come here. The reason I am giving them 3 stars is because of their hours. During the work week, they are only open until 4 or 5. That is not cool at all. I can understand those hours in the cooler months, but at the peak of summer? Wow. At least stay open until 7. A lot of people travel to St. Louis because of work, and a lot of people miss out on this place. It doesn't make any sense to open early and close early... open later to stay open later. Seems simple enough. If they change their hours, I'll change the rating. Not everyone can go during the weekend, nor would they want to.

Raising 3Dinosaurs

Fun place for kids. Only sad part was that it was advertised as being 10 stories of things to do, but in reality it's only 4 stories inside and the top floor was outside. The slides were subpar. Not enough incline to actual go anywhere and you'd get stuck. Lots of really cool things to see and do but don't think we'd go back.

Rachel Klein

So much fun! Great climbing and exploring. Attended a wedding celebration here after hours and the staff were amazing the experience was epic and I love it very time I go!

Pete Gast

The museum has a cave system to explore that is elaborate. They also have numerous hands-on exhibits to explore and some neat structures to crawl through. The roof has a big slide that I recommend as well as a ferris wheel that I didn't try and very nice views. The ten story slide is a novelty that I didn't try.


Amazing place to be! This isn't just any old museum. There are plenty of activities do try, things to eat, and SO MANY places to climb! The City Museum features a small circus, an art studio, a gift shop, an artificial cave system, a GIANT slide, and so much more! Doing it all will take at least two hours and a lot of energy, so make sure to bring lots of water!

Kate Bousum

Incredible...people told us about it and shared details, but we couldn't even come close to understanding before seeing it. Visually overwhelming in the color, detail, and variety throughout the building. Lots of physical interaction for children. The staff was friendly and very helpful. Kudos to the awesome staffer that helped at the first aid station - a rock star!

Bob Canapary

If you don't have kids don't go here before 5pm. It could have been clearer this was an extremely kid friendly museum. It was suggested by friends and I didn't really do my due diligence in fairness. The exhibits that weren't playgrounds were unimpressive and there was no rhyme or reason to the layout. Pretty much wondered around for 20 minutes and had to get outta there.

Brent Stratton

Oh my goodness!! This is the greatest place on earth (unless you are really claustrophobic) Explore and climb and crawl until you are ready to pass out from sheer exhaustion and you still will have not seen half of what this amazing place has to offer. Beautiful artwork taken from industrial sites and arranged and painted to make a fanciful wonderland to explore kids and adults alike. This alone is worth making a special trip to St Louis!!


This is either an all day or most of the day commitment because there is so much to explore and see! Make sure your kids are old enough that you can trust them going off on their own because you will lose track of them at least once. Fun activity for all ages!

Mark Brouhard

As an adult, it was one of the most stunning man-made creations I've ever seen. Kids absolutely LOVE this place. It's an absolute paradise for any kid that loves to climb, play, slide, crawl and be a monkey for a day.

Vanessa Thorpe

So much to do and enjoy for all ages and fitness levels. Indoor and Outdoor jungle gym, cave system and many slides. They even have a circus! Great for all ages!

David Prater

We loved this place. My daughter got to explore and discover new paths and fun things to do while I marveled at the artistry of the whole place. Beautifully crafted, well thought out, and a lot of fun. I doubled my step goal for the day and feel like there were whole sections I didn't get to see. I'd come back to St Louis just to come back to City Museum.

Shane Urman

Strongly Recommended: I believe City Museum is one of the top three must go places in the Midwest! A fantastic place for people with different range of age - it is a fun place for everyone. It includes post modern arts and also entertaining facilities. First time I went there was summer of 2013, and I saw Nicole Kidman and her daughter and also Keith Urban there.


It is honestly difficult to describe WHAT the City Museum is to anyone who hasn't been there. It is an awesome place to have a great day of fun; really for people of any age. Sure, kids may get the most out of the experience, but the sheer wonderful weirdness of this place and the sense of imagination it took to put it all together makes even a grown-up smile!

Timothy Seevers II

This may be THE COOLEST PLACE I've ever visited with my family! They say to give yourself 2-3 hours to experience the entire museum, but you can get yourself lost (figuratively and literally) for most of a day. Spring a few extra bucks and go to the roof...the views are spectacular and the ferris wheel, conservatory ladders and slides are well worth it. Easily my family's favorite experience on our last vacation!

Thomas Temple

Great for kids and adults kids. Climb, crawl into places, slides and much history of years past. Good eats and amazing engineering of planking ,wire caging and use of many articles of mechanical items in the design. Great place for family entertainment.

Erika Cooper

What an amazing adventure that was had by all. We went with our 3 kids ages 9, 6, and 5 and every single one had an absolute blast. We stayed from open to close and not once ran out of things to do. Can't wait to go again

Melissa Kratz

WOW! What an amazing place to take your kids and well worth the cost. If you are an adventurous parent, you will feel like a kid again. We had a blast and cannot wait to come back someday.

Megan Mayberry

Went for the first time yesterday and had a blast! There is so much to do and see, something for everyone! I was really impressed by everything there. The attention to detail and safety are really nice. The employees were kind and helpful. I love that there is a place like this for adults as well as kiddos!

Phanindra Padakandla

In any other museum you just spend money to see the exhibits. Here you will spend CALORIES as well. It’s like a playground for both kids and adults. There are stairs and elevators to reach next levels. Also you can choose pipes, slides trees and many other structures to reach other storeys. This museum is unique.

Elyssa Bowden

It's really fun. Might take most of your day. You will probably want some knee pads or elbow pads. I'm saying that because I stracted my knees just a little and my elbows a lot. Take the elevator on the first floor to get to the rooftop to do more things. But, most importantly.... HAVE FUN!!

Sheri Hall

My second time here. I didn’t do the rooftop. I enjoyed the mosaic floors and columns in the aquatic area. My favorite part is the old architecture ornaments. Last time I was here I thought there was more old type, sorry to see that’s gone or I missed it. I am looking forward to my next visit.

Adam Wilkie

Very neat and eclectic mix of art! The 10 story slide was too much for me. Lots of things to climb on for adults and kids alike. I'll definitely go back for more exploration!

Sam Matenaer

I didn't really know what to expect but this place is literally just a huge jungle gym. If you take little kids, you might just spend the whole time trying to chase them. Go here with no responsibilities except for yourself. Super fun to explore with friends and try and squeeze yourself into tiny spaces that you don't think you'd fit in.

PJ of Ice and Fire

We went to a wedding of my daughter’s best friend. They set it up all in the vault room and had the reception in the room right across. The vault room was a simply perfect and beautiful place to have the ceremony. There were about one hundred guests not including a 15 person bridal party. We had plenty of room for food, drinks and tables in the reception room, with a DJ and plenty of room to dance. Afterwards the bride and my daughter, who had grown up playing at the City Museum shortly after opening, so they had to do it one more time after the ceremony, joined by the other people in the wedding party. That brought back so many memories for all of us to remember when they met in second grade and are now married and living adult lives. (They has changed clothes, of course) Just a beautiful venue and we really enjoyed being there.

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