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REVIEWS OF Busch Stadium IN Missouri

Paranormal Society

We were hear during the Cubs vs Cards game and it was an amazing experience. The views were incredible. We were able to see the ball field clearly and the plays while they were questionable was fun to watch. The prices of the snacks and souvenirs are expensive but that is expected when you are visiting a place like this. If you do not want to spend it on gifts go to a local sport shop or Warehouse and it will cheaper and equal quality. Go Cardinals!

George Sackett

This is a modification of previous 5-start review. The stadium is a nice facility with decent seats and good views from most of the park. Even though I expected things to be expensive I was blown away that everything is tremendously expensive. I was there on a night with excessive heat warnings. Beer was over $15 a bottle. Water was $7. I bought a bottle which did not last long. In an effort to stay hydrated without breaking the bank, I asked about a water fountain. A nice usher told me exactly where to find it. If they had not, I would never have found it. They had blocked it off with a large piece of equipment and then threw tarps over that. What a cheesy way to force people to buy their exorbitant beverages. Next time I will bring my own cooler with my own non-alcoholic beverages.

Angelia Garcia

Great stadium, food and atmosphere. Tickets are reasonable for a family outing. St. Louis IS a baseball city and is kind to visiting team fans also. Definitely recommend going if you love baseball!

Russell Rings

Very good sightlines of the game from virtually any seat. Nice atmosphere for family. Easy to get to and park. They have giveaways almost every Saturday. Prices are typical for ballparks, but cheaper than Chicago or Kansas City.

zach massey

Love this place! Love that you are allowed to bring in snacks. Makes bringing my family that much easier. Such a great experience. It was the first time for 2 of my kids. They loved it! Got the win!

Claudia Vaughn

I am a Dodgers fan but since I was visiting my cousin and the Cardinals where playing at home, we went to the game. Loved the stadium. Our seats were just right. Their ushers were nice and friendly. We were lucky that we picked a give away night. we got a free jersey!

Lisa Elliott

Who doesn't love Busch Stadium? Seriously though, bathrooms are ok, tend to run out of paper towels and tp and could be a bit cleaner. Food is expensive as hell (but its stadium food so you expect that). We had tickets for the Red Jacket Club and it was pretty hard to find our seats and had to ask several people where to go so better signage would be helpful too. Seats are good, haven't had a bad seat yet with a variety if tickets. People have been nice and helpful.

Bryan Oxner

Great stadium, the staff I encountered was extremely kind and helpful! I didn't buy any food but it smelt and looked delicious. Just an overall great place!! Go Cardinals!!

Dave Grissum

Home of the Saint Louis Cardinals. The facility is great aisle are wide even when people are entering or exiting you can breathe. Food is outstanding. My advice is to spend a little extra for a ticket and buy one in the all-inclusive section such as the National Rent-a-Car Club. After a couple of drinks and some food it will pay for itself. Plus, not a bad view for the game and you might be able to find some shelter from rain.

Rhonda Moore

I haven't been to St. Louis since the old stadium was here. I loved it then and this new stadium is awesome! We are staying right across the street from it which made getting here so easy! You need to come!

Marshall Little

Great place to watch a game. This last game I attended, I sat all the way up in the upper deck directly behind home plate and the views were still fantastic. I honestly couldn't see there being a bad seat in the place. Well taken care of and great spot in town, I would live to go back and watch another game there again in the future

Wendy Schaefer

Love this stadium. The margaritas were excellent. We went to see the Cardinals and they lost. Boo hoo

Victoria Patton

Busch stadium is always a good time. Have the kids? Great, they will love it! Adults only? Awesome, check out Ballpark Village while you’re there. You can’t go wrong.

Lorie Reiners

My first ever major league game at 55, check off the bucket list. Was great, exciting and an unforgettable night. Staff went above and beyond helping my husband to and from our seats with the trolley service. Thanks is not enough!

Hannah Hymas

Great stadium! Good environment. Safe and clean. Don’t get the burgers. I paid 20 for a double cheeseburger and fries that was public school cafeteria quality.

Susan Stahler

Great stadium! Love the layout and the food! Being a Cubs fan, we were expecting the worst kind of greetings. However, every Cardinal's fan we met was awesome. Great city. Great people.

Jan Dobson

Even though I'm a loyal Cubs fan and nothing will ever beat Wrigley Field, I have to hand it to Busch Stadium. It is a great venue, easy to get around, nice seating, friendly staff. Second best place to watch the Cubs play the Cardinals.

Chloe Wilson

The facility was well-maintained and the view was gorgeous. My only complaint is the price of the food, because it was ridiculous. But overall, I enjoyed the Cardinals game, and the stadium was beautiful and easy to navigate.

Carla Hertlein

I love Busch Stadium. Great atmosphere and the fans are wonderful. I wish on the $5 ticket days they would have more concession open, I waited 20 mins in line while my guests and kids sat in the seats. Also, when going through security, the person opened my purse and then my small wallet and my cash was hanging out. Not sure why my wallet needed to be open. I understand security, but this wallet only hold cash and a few cards.

Roland Moy

Red Jacket Club is the best all inclusive in the ball park. Chicken rice dish was fantastic. Cherry Life Saver mixed drink is the best and the seating in right field was better view than any other inclusive area.

Matthew Johnston

Home of the St. Louis Cardinals. Enough said. No really you will have a great time here. Fans are the best and you will meet new temporary best friends in the rows in front and behind you.

Barbara Gunther

Great stadium! Cardinals of course! All staff at the stadium are super friendly and have all the answers! Great seats wherever you're at. Have been there many times and you can clearly see the field from all sears!

Bruno Abreu

Fantastic ballpark. Really good seats, great view of the play field. Plenty of options for food and drinks, but they are quite expensive. There is also a lot of good bars around for warming-up/cooling-down. Lines to get in the stadium were long but the flow was good.

Steve Webb

Always an outstanding experience at Busch Stadium! We were fortunate enough to get some hospitality suite tickets with food and drink included. It was an amazing way to watch a ball game. All of the staff were extraordinary and really went out of their way to help and make sure we had a great time.

Dj Guarino

St. Louis vs. Houston. Game was good, despite the Cards losing. The staff and other attendees were welcoming and enjoyable. The stadium itself was AMAZING. We had a great time and would definitely recommend the barbecue!

Michael L

Outstanding. You can't visit St Louis in the summer without taking in a baseball game. Busch stadium is a gorgeous building and the spirit of the fans and excitement of the game make it a memorable experience. There are many great seats that offer a view of the city that make you feel like you're in a postcard. As you can see from my picture the view was great. The stadium and the ballfield are impressive. You haven't experienced a game of baseball until you've watched a Cardinals game in Busch stadium Get tickets a few weeks or more in advance and you'll find unreal prices for prime seats

Katie Feldmann

Is only the best stadium in the best baseball town in the country. Need I say more. Yes food and drinks overpriced but you can bring in your own non alcoholic drinks in a soft side cooler, and snacks.

Robert Lister

Busch Stadium was an excellent venue to watch a game but the stadium tour was awesome. My wife is a super fan who lives far away from St. Louis. We were worried when we showed up for our stadium tour and there was a large unexpected group of elementary school aged kids. The tour guides were worried about it as well and made sure that our experience was excellent as we toured with all of the kids. Even though we have watched games in many stadiums this was our first tour but won’t be our last.

Kyla Thyer

This is a great large baseball stadium. There is a large parking garage. There are many stores inside to purchase merchandise or souvenirs. There is a play are for kids (&adults:) in the stadium. There are lots of seats to watch the game from. You can buy meals or snacks including ice cream, popcorn, fries, and more.

eric fink

Best fans in baseball. They will not disappoint. Standing ovation for military appreciation does it get better than that?! Love STL!

Steve Kirkpatrick

Concession stands (and souvenir shops) everywhere, however selections vary. Had to walk to the other side to find a pizza, passing by 20+ places for hot dogs and pretzels. Some have 2 draft beer choices others have 3, or 8, some have only bottles, some have only soda. Great place if you're ready to walk a lot and wait in line. Or just eat before you go if you want to be all fancy and sit down for the game.

David Grant

Very nice ballpark. It seats 46,000 wild and crazy fans. A lot of choices of ballpark food. I got a piece of cheese pizza. Huge and lots of cheese.

Julia Vogel

The renovations and updates to the stadium have really held up. We had a private suite to watch the game from and the tickets were under 80 dollars. It was nice because you could come in and cool off but still catch the game on the screens. The bartenders and staff were super pleasant.

J Johnson

Saw the Cubs vs. Cardinals baseball game.⚾ Had a burger and a tequila sunrise served in a plastic mason jar. The plain nachos and french fries were ok. On the plus side, I had a great seat with a clear view to watch the Cubs win!

Danny Williams

Bush Stadium is a great baseball venue considering it's located within the city like it is. Easy to get around in, plenty of food court areas and super friendly staff that are always eager to assist. I only give 4 Stars because, like all other sports venues I've been to, everything is so costly. From tickets to concessions it can cost a family a small fortune to enjoy a game.

Diana Eichholz

My husband and I were in one of the luxury suites at Busch. We stayed cool while eating BBQ brisket, chicken breast, pasta salad. There was brats, hot dogs, nachos, and dessert. Nice experience that made watching the game that much more fun!

Chris Taylor

A great place to watch a baseball game. Parking, rail and bus service for getting to the game. Concessions inside and outside the stadium, you can still bring in food, soda and water unlike some stadiums. Very helpful staff, ushers and concessions. Great fans that know the game and appreciate good play.

Leslie Murphy

The best and most knowledgeable baseball fans in a baseball heaven! Great food, friendly seatmates who always know in depth info about our beloved Cardinals. I love hearing the stories of their grandparents which hits close to my heart every time.


Anytime I can go to St. Louis and Busch Stadium to see the Cardinals play is a great day. We took our grandson to his first major league ball game. Cardinals won it in the bottom of the 9th. We had a great time. Can't wait to go back even if it is a 6 1/2 hour drive for us. We are in northern Indiana.

Martha Jayne

Busch stadium is great. Easy to get to. Surrounded by great places to also visit. And deep in the midst of American history.

Tim Baskin

Some of the best accommodations for any sport activities. Very friendly people who guide you to exactly where you need to be and any type of food available will satisfy your cravings and beer of course the best and coldest in the midwest. Enjoy yourself and explore some of the best city offerings

Katie Sincox

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our green seat experience. The pregame buffet was delicious. Our server was great and kept us satisfied. There were a couple of phenomenal plays. Our only complaint was the home plate umpire.

Reed Radcliffe

Its Busch Stadium - home of the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals! The spirit in this building is off the hook - it's exciting just to stand outside in front of the giant Stan Musial statue. It is a place of pride and happiness for the city. I love the Cardinals and Busch Stadium and always will.


Bush Stadium is pretty nice! There are places that you can get food and drinks quickly in addition to the traditional food places that stadiums have. The people working the seating area were knowledgeable and friendly. The park was very clean and looked like it had been redone recently. Good interaction with the fans and stadium is directly across the street from a humongous bar and restaurant facility.

Kevin Rust

I looked out because it's Busch stadium. They keep improving things, and it makes the whole experience better. We're lucky to have had perfect weather for our game. No only if the Cards had WON....

David Manning

Baseball Heaven! Focused on the game... Not too much pomp and circumstance. The game we love in a place that fosters generational experiences.

Jim Harr

The stadium is great! Delicious food and the team that plays there is great (bias I know). This stadium stacks up to the other stadiums I have seen, (Milwaukee and Cincinnati)

Zane Stringer

I may be heavily biased but Busch is one of my favorite ballparks out of the 6 or so I've visited. If you're coming from out of town, it's hard to best the Redbird club which is behind home plate (my photo is the section above the club). If you're looking for cheap tickets & to make your visit more of a social outing, the left field bleachers are a great option with multiple drink vendors.

Kevin Akenhead

The photo with the high up view was taken from the Hilton across the street at the bar on top of the hotel. but once you're in the stadium there's not a bad seat in the house and everything is always clean. They definitely know how to run a good ballpark as well as play some amazing baseball.

Tommy O'Keefe

Great ballpark with a very old school, vintage baseball feel. The fans are very nice and extremely into the game. There are great baseball fans in St Louis. The food leaves a bit to be desired, so I suggest getting food from the vendors outside and bringing it in. Drinks are fairly priced for a typical stadium.

Andrew A

Neat stadium! You will definitely get your steps in, especially if you sit in the 300 or 400 levels. We visited for a Cardinals vs. Cubs game in August 2019 and it was quite fun. It was an evening game and the breeze was nice. Great view for the ticket price of both the game and surrounding city skyline. Food and drink were everywhere and you had many many choices.

MOlly Quigley

This place is massive! I was very impressed with how well people were able to easily move about the stadium. The train is nearby which it easy to get to/from the stadium from other parts of the city. The stadium was extremely clean. The food options were pretty standard for a baseball field. They did have an interesting market for craft beer options which I thought was creative and allowed for more variety. You can bring in empty water bottles to fill up.

David Woodward

Always a great place to go for baseball. Especially if you're a Cardinal fan. Easy to get around and stadium is layed out very well. If you love a baseball atmosphere you'll love Busch Stadium.

Kristy Wipperman

Loved our visit to Busch stadium. Beautiful stadium. Nostalgic but modern. Very friendly staff. (The security for our section made sure everyone had sunscreen.) No parking at stadium, but street parking is free on Sunday. Can use parking panda to find available parking and prices. St. Louis is a beautiful town. The arch is very close to the stadium.

Ryan Lowery

What can be said? Historic Busch Stadium houses the best fans in baseball and world champion Cardinals. The atmosphere here is unlike any other ballpark in the country. The amenities from the Family Patio, Ballpark Village, and all inclusive seating this park offers are great as well. Baseball fan or not, this is a place to enjoy a friendly atmosphere and make memories while catching a glimpse a America's past time.

Johnathan Brown

Great stadium ! I love the expansion Ballpark Village. Lots of Parking space. It's such a great view no matter where you sit. I love going here !

Judy Cook

Seats were comfortable. Crowd wasn't enthusiastic. Announcer sounded like he'd rather be anywhere else than there. Comparing the experience here to being at the Diamondback's stadium a week later, the Diamondbacks were superior in their entertainment during pauses in the game and their crowd was more energetic.

Mike Luigs

Busch Stadium is a very cool stadium and are the home to the amazing St Louis Cardinals. Every seat I have been in has been a good seat. The front row seats feel like you are on the field. The all inclusive boxes are amazing nice. The upper deck seats take a little bit to get too, but they have elevators if you have a hard time walking. Very nice stadium. Food is expensive.

cole chadderdon

I was in the All Star suite. I've never experienced anything like this period I highly Recommend the All Star suite to anyone if you get the chance to visit please jump on it I've never experienced something so wonderful in my life. The indoor outdoor seating was top notch especially for a summer game. The drinks were cold the food was warm and delicious the service by the bartender was incredible if you get a chance go!!!

Myra Meadows

I love Busch Stadium and the St Louis Cardinals. I come from out of state a few times a year to see a few games. My visits have always been fun and memorable.

Chad Hart

I was in the Champions Club for the U.S. Men against Uruguay . The food was phenomenal from the nacho bar to the shrimp taco bar and drinks a plenty.they also had a dessert table that had different kinds of cookies and brownies. It was definitely worth it !!!

Matt Owens

Great stadium. Legends club ticket is the best value you could ask for in a sporting event. All inclusive can't get much better

Matthew Harden

Busch Stadium is great for baseball game of all ages. It is easy to get to and navigate once you're in and if you do need help there are ushers all over to help out.

Bryan Lawless

World class venue reasonable price as professional sporting events go. Great time with the family. Look forward to going to more games soon. We love our Cardinals. They have a lot for kids of all ages including the big kids. They have a batting cage speed pitch and Ford plaza they have a mini base path that the kids can run. Also Ballpark Village makes for a great full day.

russell holder

Very nice stadium. The baseball fans of St Louis are very nice too. Would have given five stars if the concession stands were a little better. Very high price for very slow service with staff that seems like they are all rookies. So far being a Cubs fan the best one has been Coors field in Denver.

Beth Ann Eftink

Home of Fredbird and the amazing Saint Louis Cardinals! I always find parking to be a pain and food can be a little on the steep side, but it's always good. The staff is friendly and helpful. And unlike many ballparks, you can bring a soft-sided cooler and drinks, snacks, etc. (The website has the full restrictions, but basically no glass or aluminum) Would highly recommend a visit if there's a game. There truly isn't a bad seat in the house!

Brian Montgomery Jr

I love everything about this stadium. I swear St Louis has the best fan base. Bird nation baby

Susan Rice

We bought cheap $10 nosebleed seats and had a great time exploring the Stadium. It's so much more than baseball. A great activity for friends and family.

Jeni McGuire

Well, we may have picked the hottest day of the summer to sit up here at the perch. You will want to avoid this section during day games as there is no hope for shade here. Now, I will take this seat all evening long as the view is perfect.

Jessica Weber

My family and I always love coming down to Busch Stadium. From the crowds of people, to the teams but most of all the workers. I have never had an unpleasant moment due to ant of the stadium workers. Hats off to all of you for putting up with us loyal St. Louis fans!

Garrett Grasshoff

Best Ballpark in the Country! Love going to Busch and watching the Cardinals play! The hotdogs are delicious and the Nachos are a must. Love all of the recent renovations and all of the options. It's a beautiful ballpark and you can't go wrong wherever you sit.

Muriah Johns

Hints: buy your ticket 45 minutes prior to game online. You will get some great seats for a great deal. You can take in a cooler. No beers though. You can also take umbrellas, rain coats, strollers, etc. If you don't bring anything but your phone and wallet, go to the express line. There is a kids play area and plenty of spots to get out of the sun if you feel overheated.

John Olds

Great stadium. Fantastic back drop of the Arch and always a fun experience. Dont come hungey(ballpark prices are up there), for me and the wife we avg $40 for food but if you get the all inclusive suites it's well worth it. All you can eat buffets and all you can drink, yeah beer is included but whats worth its weight in gold is to have your own server and your own bathrooms!!

Gary Davidson

Super nice stadium. But $9.25 for a beer. $9.00 for a bottle of water. Rip off. Game was fun though. Second time I've been to Busch Stadium and the crowd is flat. No energy at all. But the nicest Stadium I have been to.

Debitcard Darrell

Great place to see a baseball game! Especially if it's the Cardinals! Theyve done some nice remodeling to concessions too.

Robbin Oehler

Always love going to a ballgame. Even in the nosebleed section you can see the game easily. Really like the design of the new stadium.

Jan Davenport

St. Louis has the best baseball team ever!! We did the stadium tour yesterday. If you haven't done it yet, check it out. Lots of interesting things to see and great tour guides. We had John and Terry. Lots of fun.

Daniel Sellers

We sat on the third level. Great seats and a fantastic view. The food and drink was expensive, but it was my first professional baseball game so I do t know if that's normal. Easy to get around and in the middle of a really cool part of town.

Tom Hirstein

Always good watching a Cardinal game, sometimes the outcomes are better than others. Food is generally pretty good and beer is cold. Some things are a bit pricey but typical for sporting & stadium Good place to hang out with friends and make new ones. Great place to people watch.

Debi Shaw

I LOVE Busch Stadium (it's beautiful) and I LOVE the Cardinals!!! I started going to games when I was 10 years old, when the last Busch Stadium opened. My mother worked at the new Stadium Club and would bring my brother and I to work with her when there were weekend games. We always sat at table #1 or in the seats right outside of the club. I love baseball! I was against a new Stadium because I loved the last Busch Stadium. But I was wrong because this Busch Stadium is so pretty and so well constructed and so nice!!! There was a print in the Club in the last Busch Stadium that said, "A winner never quits, and a quitter never wins". I always loved that so!!! I wonder whatever happened to it?

Dan Pabst

Top 5 stadium in the country. Great staff, clean stadium. Lots of SRO only spots (check out 300 level behind home plate) and Budweiser Terrace is great. Concessions could be better.

Mark Wiseman

Almost no bad seats in this stadium. The lines are efficient to get in. Check their website for what you can and can't bring in the stadium. All of the staff are super friendly. You can almost always find reasonably priced seats. Also, St. Louis is a friendly baseball town so the atmosphere is always great!


Horribly expensive for ANY drink or food. There is no reason for that gouging ! $7. for a water, $8. for a soda, $9 for beer ???? Cotton candy $8 . a bag .$10.50 for little donuts ( about 6) in a souvenoir bowl !! I stopped pricing because it was outrageous ! Shame on you Busch ! The American family can't bring their family because it's way to expensive . My aisle seat for my disability ,had people constantly walking in front of me so I was, @times , unable to see plays and batters up. People were just taking seats that didn't even belong to them. Our tickets would have been great tickets ,IF, these people were made to take their actual ticket seats. By the time the game was going , they were fussing and we're rude for everyone else trying to see. Not my best experience. Not happy with the Busch corporation or anyone involved becoming filthy rich by gouging families. I will watch on TV and see better and have way healthier , better snacks. So , do yourself a favor, stay home too. 3 stars is for staff friendliness and cleanliness.

Debra Austell

Me and some of the Patients and some employees I worked with ENJOYED so much from the sitting, food, and most of all the game. The workers were very friendly, helpful. We are planning another trip for next year. Thanks

Linda Doucet

Love this stadium. Nice room in all seats, room for getting past someone in your row and chairs really a decent size for your body. Lots of food options, the nachos are so good here.

Heather Smith

A sea of red was blinding me... What a great bunch, those Cardinals fans are as loyal and fun as can be!!! The stadium itself is a sight to behold!! You must attend if you are in Missouri, or are a baseball fan. You wont be disappointed.

Richard Martinez

The place is awesome. The Redbird club is awesome Too. The staff is friendly. Seats are comfortable. But u need a better selection of beer.

Joe Abellard

Nice, clean stadium. The lines move quickly outside but not so much inside. It is always easy to find seats. Prices are ridiculously high as expected for a stadium. However, visitors can bring in sealed non-alcoholic drinks and snacks.

Don Whitacre

Despite the 2-1/2 hour rain delay the game was worth watching. The Cards won seating was pretty good and the stadium was not packed like a can of sardines. Our only "beef" would be the prices of the food and bottle of water. That's robbery without a gun.

Chuck Newton

We have been too about 7 mlb parks. This one is at least among the best. The Club seats are wide. The club area is air conditioned. The graphics inside the stadium are pretty good. A tiny gripe is there is no screen with constant basic game info.


I'm probably biased but this is the greatest park to see a game in. Now, setting aside the bias. There isn't a bad seat in the house. Everything is relatively reasonable as far as concessions go. Well except beer but I don't drink so it doesn't bug me. Ballpark village is an excellent addition and has a ton to do there. You won't be disappointed even if your team loses. The ushers and staff have always been super friendly. Plenty of facilities are easily marked and conveniently located. Pic are from the bleacher seats to give perspective.

Codie Smith

Love this place. So much to do other than just baseball! Great promotional items, place for kids to play, and ballpark village is right across the street! No fans like St. Louis Cardinals fans!

C Mischeaux

Home of one of the greatest teams in MLB. Busch Stadium is great, the seats are roomy & there are a ton of food options. From the high dollar seats to the nosebleeds you'll have a great view of the field anywhere. We love that it's family oriented & you can bring in your own food & drinks!

douglas davis

Man how I loved going to Cardinal games... last visit with my wife and 2 kids; 4 tickets (good seats, not GREAT) over $150 each face value, $30 to park... over $650 before walking in for a businessman special. It was a miserably hot day too so that soured the experience. Didn't get the enjoyment I had in all the years past. Keep in mind, I'm not following the Cardinals like I had in the past; 2 young kids, wonderful wife (we often went before kids), work... just different priorities at this time in life. Still an awesome stadium, and if you search there are good "package deals" to be had. Hoping next visit will be a better experience!


I love this place. There is nothing like being at a cardinals game. Even better if it is a day game. The beer is always flowing here and there are some great spots to eat. Parking is 35 dollars near the stadium. You can find it as low as 5 dollars if you go a few blocks away. The line to get In if you have a bag or purse was a bit ridiculous. They should have had more people checking than just 1 person. I haven't been to a concert at the stadium yet but I would imagine that would be a great experience. Ballpark village across the street has some good eats and drink. They are also building apartments that over look the stadium. How cool is that? Love love Bush stadium!

Sheyna Edwards

The game was awesome but out was so hot. Not sure why people spend the big bucks to sit near the dugout in the scorching sun. The ushers need to be more educate on the stadium layout it took 3 of then to figure out where our seats were located.

Michael Lambert

First opportunity to look around a major league baseball stadium. Great experience. Beautiful arena and field. Maybe next time can catch a game.

Jesus Ornelas

They allow outside snacks. Place is well maintained. Very courteous and friendly staff. Love that they employ diverse people. The also are very age diverse. It is great to see a place that hires the older working crowd. Food prices are within reason. You can always find someone to help you if you should need it.

Josephine Lyttle

It's a pretty big place. However there are great places to get a bite to eat or just sit down and enjoy a drink while watching the baseball game. The seats are very comfy. Lots of bathrooms everywhere

Edward Hall

Would have been a 6 except for food prices. $6 for a plastic bottle of water!! $10 bucks for a Bud!! A classic ballpark! Probably not a bad seat in the park. 4 of us sat on 1st base side in 330 area. 10 bucks each. A perfect evening except for beverage pricing. I'll know better next time. Water fountains are free.

Diana Duebelbeis

Best Place on Earth. My home away from home. I love being here. Love The STL Cardinals and everything about Cardinals Baseball and watching it live. It’s in my blood. ♥️♥️♥️

Danielle Tuite

Very nice stadium! Have been to quite a few of them and this is towards the top. Lots of shady seats for an afternoon game. Great deals on tickets at the box office ! Very enjoyable atmosphere to enjoy a baseball game in! Easy to get to from the freeway as well with lots of parking options available! As a first time visitor to Busch Stadium we were very impressed !

Kimberly Johnson

Had one of the greatest experiences here. So much fun with the family, great seats, the weather was gorgeous that day, however I had to deduct a star because the prices for the mediocre food was ridiculous. $14 for a brat and fries (that truly was awful) and $7 for a cap of ice cream is a bit steep, but the food wasn't enough of a hindrance; I will definitely be back to enjoy another awesome family get-together.

Eli Burdette

As a Cubs fan in Missouri, I visit Busch at least once a year to catch my team. The Stadium really is beautiful, the food options are amazing, and everyone is friendly. Highly recommend visiting, no matter which team you're rooting for!

Zerk Clinseales

My son and 80 other young men were completing their swearing in ceremony for the Navy at the stadium. The staff were helpful and gracious with our recruits as well as with us parents. The stadium is beautiful. There are many floors and directions. We were always able to find someone who knew how to get us to where we were trying to find. The stadium showed these young men grace and honor. It was a great experience. (And the Cardinals won.)

Cathy Helenhouse

The stadium and staff are great. The food however is extremely over priced. A bottle of water should not cost $6. The good thing is the stadium allows you to bring in your own food and water!


This is a new stadium. Very clean, fast getting in/out. Great location. If you go before the game on top floor on the right of the board there is a bar, you can get drinks at a very good price! A lot of bars and restaurants in the area as well.

D.J. Dupree

Really fun place, great experience, easy to find your way around, lots of parking surprisingly close to the stadium for reasonable fees. The stadium show is as enjoyable as the baseball game, as it engages the crowd while encouraging participation, adding to the fun and novelty of being at the ballpark!


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Titanic Museum
Titanic Museum
Tourist Attraction - Missouri


Ha Ha Tonka State Park
Ha Ha Tonka State Park
Tourist Attraction - Missouri

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