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Where is Bridal Cave?

REVIEWS OF Bridal Cave IN Missouri

Troy Williamson

Very good tour by Blue! Funny guy and has lots of knowledge about the cave. Made it very enjoyable. Lots of tight fits in the cave down to 4 foot spaces you have to walk thru but made it all the more authentic!

Evan Wright

Tour was good and the cave was great.

Peter Carr

Unbelievable beauty in this cave. Stunning rock formations. Worth the price of admission. Our guide was knowledge, interested, answered all of our questions, and was beautiful to boot. The gift shop was exactly as you expect, overpriced rocks, but the pictures of all the wedded couples was fascinating!

Beth Rowland

Really interesting and a great choice for something to do no matter the weather. Our guide, Becky, was fun and knowledgeable!


❣️me and my hunny got married here May of 2012!❣️ So beautiful and everyone there always seem to be kind, and helpful, and thoughtful, making sure all needs get met. You can't help but love the whole place. it's unique, it's charming, and leaves every guest with a lasting impression. Thank you, Bridal Cave!

Heather Mansell

Great guide, beautiful formations! Absolutely loved it!


Kid friendly, knowledgeable tour guide, great souvenir shop.

Carlton Anderson

Very enjoyable cave tour

Machelle Combs

A little pricey for such a short tour. The guides were awesome though. It's a one time thing for sure.

Jo Dunk

Loved our tour guide, Kelly! This cave is fantastic and Kelly was very knowledgeable. The price is $20/ person and the photo is $10. Minus a star bc of the price.

Rob Thomas

Good time for all of the family!

Andrew Myers

Didnt see that you had to pay to go in to the cave not worth the money

morgan greer

Best part of my vacation at the lake!!

William Goodman

It was quite an adventure. My wife and I loved it.

Clinton Knox

Fun cave to visit. Kiddos loved it.

Wesley Carlisle

This was a great experience for the family, and was a very interesting glimpse into the natural beauty around us. There were a couple tight squeezes, but I made it through, and I'm chubby.

Geetha Ravi

Cave is soo beautiful. Amazing stories how native people got married in bridal cave. There is dock with big catfish, we can feed them. Fish food is available in the store.

Joe S

Unique, not a lot of difficult walking.

Jody Watkins

Fascinating, great tours, don't miss!

Abriel Jull

I need to make a trip to the cave again! My toddlers loved it. The tour was perfect for them and the guide was wonderful.

Corey Fair

One of a kind and well worth the tour price. Make sure to nring in some loose change to make a wish inside the cave. The money goes to a local Camdenton student college fund. Be sure to pick up a gift from the gift shop and notice the photo albums of wedding photos and the t rex footprint on the wall!

david stiefferman

Was really fun. The guides are great and daughter loved learning about the caves.

Matt K

Neat place. It's a little pricey in my opinion, but... Kids would really like this place I think.

Justin Carlson

Fun cave, nice guides.

Brian Thomas

Tour was a little crowded. Knowledgable tour guide.

Narinder Singh

Good guided tour. Amazing formations.

Joshua Dickinson

This is a very good cave experience. It takes about an hour with constant 60 deg F temps. Some warnings there are several places that were very tight and several stretches of 4 foot ceilings.

annony mous

my whole family including 3 year old enjoyed it!

Cinti Laird

Bridal Cave was lovely. What I have discovered about the Caverns and the actual cave formations is that once you've seen one in a particular region - you have basically seen them all. That is unless you are into the outter suroundings of the actual caves and their unique historical significance. The unique location of the Bridal Cave on the Ozark River makes it unique. The beauty of the lakes add to the history of it being a romantic location for weddings. The gift shop caters to this fact and offers decades of photo albums depicting actual couples married within the Bridal Cave. This was a fascination for me and a stroll through wedding fashion history too. Then there are unique creatures who enter the caves like the poisonous snake who insisted on taking the Bridal tour with us today and staying on till the end. There are also the delightful and tremendously large catfish who get excited to receive fish food. They are like pets who live in the wild. I also saw Memerek Caverns today and heard the unique history there associated with Jesse James. Also the role this cavern played in the Civil War is substantial. Again location a d hisorical significance set these two caverns apart. Both worth the visit for different reasons since the actual cave formations are quite similar.

Raven Dachiana

My partner and I were planning on having our wedding here but after seeing where the reception would have been held we decided against it. It was a beautiful cave but the other people on the tour were rude which I know is not the companies fault but I still can not bring myself to give it a 5 star review.

Bonnie Garcia

Great place for the entire family, fun for all ages. The cave was very beautiful and our guide Ann shared lots of facts about the history of the cave. She was wonderfu with my rambunctious grandson, she let him be the helper

Chelsea Smith

Awesome tour. The guide was so passionate about the cave and was great about answering questions and making everyone feel safe and comfortable. It was a gorgeous cave. Id go back again. It was absolutely breath taking:)

Brittney Bell

Amazing place to go. Employees were super nice and made the entire experience a fun learning experience

Beth Beseau

We enjoyed visiting. The staff was very patient with my rambunctious kids.

Patrice Rubin

This was our first cave tour and we had a blast. It was so much fun to look at all the various formations and wonders this cave holds. River was our tour guide and he was very knowledgeable and made it fun. Great way to cool off for an hour in the Missouri heat! It’s definitely a must see!

Jennifer Searl

This is a nice little tourist spot. Tours begin every several minutes. The tour guide was knowledgeable and friendly. The cave is quite cool and damp. Parking is available for both cars and boats. There is a gift shop on premises, and a lookout spot with a pay-per-use telescope for viewing the lake.

Donald Rutherford

Very beautiful cave. Small so guided tour is rather quick. Being the third most decorated cave in the USA means lots of formations to photograph. Also entrance borders Lake of Ozarks so great views out as well as in. Super friendly staff. Road in and out is a bit steep but well worth it.

Vanessa Hughes

A Lake of Ozarks hidden treasure! A guided tour through cave systems that date back thousands of years and a few artifacts left behind by early discoverers. Would definitely be an amazing spot for a very small wedding since the chambers do not allow for large groups and include passage ways that are extremely tight but necessary to get into the main chamber for the classic Bridal Cave photo that they will take for you and available for purchase after the tour. Definitely recommend gift shop full of cute small jewelry and larger geode creations for purchase $$$

GJM 0627

Very nice viewing. Our first guide was new and not from the area, but did a good job and was quite engaging. The second time we went the following year, the guide was not as enthusiastic. Small cave, but has a lot to see with assorted situations, like squeezing between the sides of the cave, etc. A bit slippery. Also the entrance between the outside cave entrance and the store where you pay comes down a long and steep set of stairs that could be easily tripped on. An accident waiting to happen...Hold the rail!!

Lyndsey Straub

Great Tour! Friendly people, informative.As far as caves go There's a lot to look at in a fairly small cave. Our group had a great time!

marcar Packin

We did not expect the bridal cave to be that interesting. The tour guide had been there for years and was very knowledgeable and funny. We suggest you see this! Its affordable and fun.

Robert Decker

This was very neat cave. I had never been and the tour lady was very fun and informative. Amazing how many actual weddings have taken place in there therefore the name. Seeing the old exploring stuff down there and how ppl actually explored the cave long time ago was neat.

Anthony Jensen

Guide was excellent. Staff was friendly. The only thing they could do different is hand out flashlights that you return at the end. I wish I would have brought one.

Anna Payton

We had a nice time at Bridal Cave, but it felt a little expensive for what it was. Our tour guide did a great job, and was very knowledgeable. There is also a walking trail, a beautiful lake view, and a little mining area for the kids.

Julia Feeser

This is a very cool piece of nature that is totally worth seeing. The tour guides were great and the sights are amazing. Learning about the cave's history, how it has been used for tribal weddings and how the minerals in the earth create the amazing stalagmites, stalagtites and columns (see, I pay attention) certainly peaked my curiosity. However, $20 for a fairly short and VERY crowded tour was a bit frustrating. I would say there were at least 100 people in this small cave at once, having to squeeze past each other in small groups. This was during a holiday weekend (labor day) so I doubt it is this busy normally, but I really don't think they should allow such large tour groups in at once (roughly 30 per group, several groups at a time, spread out through the cave). Though it is a little frustrating that the family who owns the cave seems to use it for such a profit, I do appreciate them trying to preserve it as much as possible. Telling people not to touch the walls (avoiding the undoing of hundreds of years of the earth's hard work) is helpful and noble, I think having smaller tour groups would help to truly prevent it (people at the backs of the groups touched the walls without thinking about it several times). Overall, I'm glad i decided to tour this cave, but I hope some improvements are made to help make the viewing experience more enjoyable and continue to preserve this gem.

Mostly Her

Awesome place! Tour guides are very knowledgeable great way to see the cave!

christol forrester

Awesome reasonably priced couples or family activity !!!!

Roger Jantzen

What a beautiful place. Such a friendly and helpful staff. Things could not have gone better for a memorable marriage and moment in my life.

Nate Olszak

If you haven't been to bridal cave it's worth the visit. There are a few caves in the Ozark area and would recommend this one as well as others. By boat or by car you can get to this location.

Gary Simmons

Awesome tour. A must see picturesque cave.

Shay Lyn

Absolutely Beautiful. My father-in law brought my Husband, my two children(son-6yr, daughter-2yr) and I here while we were visiting him for a week. This was the first time for my kids and I to be in a cave, and it definitely did not disappoint. It was purely beautiful. There was a few tight squeezes that my daughter(2yrs old) was not fond of, but besides that there was plenty of room to move and take pictures. The tour guide was great and gave alot of detail & info that really added to the experience. Also, they have a great gift shop with beautiful Geodes and different rocks & minerals. My husband bought me a wire wrapped Amethyst tree and a black & purple geode. I would recommend the Bridal Cave 100%. Absolutely breathtaking.

Charissa King

So beautiful, great tour... Loved it loved it

Anne Simmons

The cave is beautiful! It is amazing how each room has a different personality and the formations are unique . I would highly recommend to see.

Ant Oine

Gorgeous place to visit . The cave is incredible and all the room and tour that goes with it. Must see in the area

Venus Elder

Our guide does the 2:30 Tour on Tues. 7/9/2019 was very knowledgeable & entertaining. Gift Shop staff & guides were enjoyable to talk to and were very dedicated to the mission of education & preservation of the cave system ! I've been to many state park cave systems in the US. The Bridal Cave system was just as awe inspiring as any I've traveled to ;)

Laci Carlisle

Nice tour, funny guides, easy walk.

Sally McIlvaine

Tour guide was very knowledgeable and friendly, the cave was a cave... so if you like exploring nature and caves then you should definitely go!

Nancy Holm

Well I got farther than the first time I visited. An accomplishment for a claustrophobic. FYI- Some areas to go thru are tight for larger people. So when I went back, I wanted to still explore. Through the observation deck above the cave there is a rough terrain path for 3 mi. It has a seating area (outdoor theatre ) at the beginning when it snakes back going up where the sign is. Path goes for a ways then loops back to the beginning.

Susan Benson

Great cave, friendly staff. Would have given five stars, but the "total darkness" experience failed. The guide turned off the lights for literally one second, and turned them on. No one had time to turn off their phones, so it was not dark. Bridal Cave staff: next time, ask everyone to put their phones away and then give your guests at least 30-60 seconds to experience the darkness.

Tammy Treichel

Great way to spend a few hours.

Jon Letourneau

Captivating cave covered in stalactites and stalagmites, the bridal cave is the third most decorated cave in the US. A great place to visit

Elizabeth Themm

Great family adventure. Worth the price. Take time to enjoy the views outside of the cave as well

Aaron Hartman

I have been to caves all over - and this was okay. There are quite a few tight spots to get through, and you have to pack into areas because they run so many tours through. You are on your way into the cave as another tour is coming out - it makes for some wait time. They turn the lights off to signal to the next tour that a room is available - but it would have been nice to have the lights on as we were exiting the last part of the cave - one of the tightest spots.

Jeremy James

It's a good sized cave with a fairly easy walk through. The reason this cave is exceptional is the tour guides. They talk to the people before the tour so that the tour is detailed to the group. The care about the safety and enjoyment of everyone and will slow down a tour for those with slower mobility. I can't say enough good things about this group of guides.

Lorenzo Tieghi

Very interesting and factual. Much deeper cave than I thought. Trally enjoyed it. The view outside outsid cave is probably the best of the entire lake

Michele W

Very beautiful cave. Some of the spaces on the walk are a little tight squeeze but that makes it more fun.


A very unique experience!! Awesome place to see !❤️

Keith Play Channel B

Great place nice trail. Bring good comfortable shoes. Didn't take the tour

nikhitha reddy

This was my first cave tour , it was the best experience to look at all the various formations and wonders this cave holds.

Dan Curtis

A great tour for most ages. I would inquire if there are small kids in the tour as it would be worth your time and money to wait for another tour to go in.

Cheryl Whitmer

It was amazing & unique It was about 68 degrees inside the cave & about 97 degrees when we came outside.

Kendra Suvanto

Great staff and beautiful sights! Can't wait to visit again!

Vasundhra Dewangan

It's a live growing cave and the guide we had shared lot of interesting information.

Jessica Martin

it's worth going to for $20

Kortney Nowell

Very pretty cave and area. I wouldn’t plan my whole day around it Bc it’s only takes maybe an area to view the whole place but it’s well lit and very pretty

clinton schneider

Great place, kids loved it

austin woodin

Family had a great time here. Definitely worth a visit.


Amazing formations. "River" was an outstanding guide. Loved it.

Miranda Patton

Wonderful place, we will definitely be back! Went with my kiddos school field trip - everyone was amazing and wonderfully helpful! Looking forward to going back with our family.

Kathy Daugherty

I won't complain. It was a neat experience you get offered. It was a little pricey for how short the cave was. But that's my only complaint. You get to interact with wildlife there such as, carp. They do very well for all the other competition around them.

Brenda Bennett

This is an absolutely beautiful cave. This was our first time ever coming here. Definitely recommend it to anybody. The prices in the gift shop areas are pretty expensive. Other than that customer service was wonderful. And our tour guide she was awesome. Thank you again

Ben Lobo

If you are visiting Lake of the Ozarks, this is definitely worth a visit. Cave guides are really fun and interactive. The cave demonstrates how amazing nature is!

James Johnston

Great experience and tour guides

chip Tabor

Wow, just wow.... this place was great!!! Me and the wife went here, what a treat!

Teresa Griffin

Very nice guided tours for most ages.


It was a very nice your.

Jovy Jones

We are definitely going back to this place. Friendly staffs and love the giftshops too.

Erika Peterson

Loved it! Friendly staff beautiful cave!

Rosea Hamelau

Had a great time!

Susan TroxelDeWitt

Awesome cave, friendly staff, great experience!! Really good rock shop as well.

Joe Kurz

One of a kind cave. Tour was informative and gave great factoids which helped distinguish this cave amongst others. Also great gift shops. The whole family got various souvenirs and we typically don't buy much at gift shops.

Alexander Ross

The tour guide was very knowledgeable of the life and minerals and history of cave. The caverns themselves we're beautiful and the tour lasted over an hour. We really enjoyed our visit and my son especially enjoyed panning for crystal and minerals. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a relaxing stroll through a beautiful cave. Keep in mind that some areas are a bit tight, I wear size 36-38 men's pants, and it was manageable, but it would be a bit of a challenge for someone much bigger than I.

Brandon Ball

This was a great place. The staff was extremely friendly and informative. It is a great kid friendly attraction that has beautiful views. It is also surrounded by hiking trails anf it is truly a place you can spend the day at.

Chris N

Fun place and even better than I expected! Tour is about an hour long

Kathleen Graham

The lantern tour was amazing!

Justin P

Bridal Cave is a beautiful show cave open for tours on Lake of the Ozarks near Camdenton. Our tour guide was Sarah and she did a really great job of informing us about the history and geological features of the cave. The tour lasts about an hour and a couple of the highlights were the Pipe Organ, Frozen Niagara and Mystery Lake. Definitely recommend taking a tour of the beautiful Bridal Cave.

Nick Will

Nice cave for the Ozarks. Not as large as Marvel Cave at Silver Dollar but still amazing to see.

Kelly Turner

So much beauty in this cave. Guide was knowledgeable and very informative and interacted well with my grandloves, ages 7 and 11. We were the last tour of the day and had the entire cave to ourselves and our guide and one other park employee. The gift shop is nice and has some beautiful finished stones and slabs for sale, as well as stone jewelry, coasters, lamps and other really nice items for sale. Something my grandloves really enjoyed was the sluice. We purchased bags of sand and minerals/stones in the gift shop and the kids washed the contents in the sluice discovering a nice amount of treasures to take home. Definitely worth the price and we lucked out and was able to purchase a "season pass membership" for only $5 more on the day we visited. We live about 35 miles away and plan on returning to enjoy the cave again, as well as the hiking trail and dock on Lake of the Ozarks. The kids were given fish food after the tour and they enjoyed feeding the huge carp that live near the dock area. The dock is provided for those visiting, arriving by boat.


The cave is soo pretty and the staff is super friendly.

Michael Fox

Beautiful cave and outdoor area. Our kids had a blast and we learned a lot from our guide!

Anna Crow

Very fin place to go small and short but fun and u learn a lot there

Ginger Morrison

Would Love to go there

Karen Frye

Great views of the lake. Cave is beautiful! Tour guide was very nice.

Tamie Jamison

It's just a beautiful creation of God, that we can injoy, as long as we take care of it.

Jacquelyn Dinvaut

Loved it. Cass was an amazing guide. I highly recommend!

Troy Layne

Awesome cave. We go to caves whenever we can and this one, inch for inch, has a very high concentration of beautiful formations. There's really no blank or boring spot in the cave, every step brings more incredible views. You could go a few times and still see new things each time.

Thomas Kisor

Really cool place to see


Nice pleasant trail. Fine gift shop.

Alice Bonasio

Really nice tour, this is a truly spectacular place.

Debbie Stewart

Beautiful cave! And scenic location. Easy to get to and well marked signs.

Jake Lazzell

This is a guided tour where the tour leader stops multiple times to talk about the cave. We had multiple small children in our group, so this was not ideal. It's neat and informational, but not for kids under 6 probably. There are also some tight spots to squeeze through, which could be difficult for larger people to fit through.

Chris Fryer

Great hour long tour through an amazingly beautiful caves system! We had River as our tour guide and he was fantastic and very knowledgeable. With the heatwave this was a great escape from the heat! Definitely will be back again to pan for stones or crack some geodes in the visitor center.

Kylee Korte

Our guide (unfortunately I can't remember his name!) was great - very knowledgeable and personable. The cave was beautiful, and all the staff we encountered were friendly.

Sandra McAnany

Absolutely loved this cave tour. There was a great variety of formations to see and the tour guide was able to answer questions in detail. Experienced, professional staff.

Jacob Amann

We had a great time. We are glad we came during the off season because we got a 6 person tour and got to take our time to experience the cave. Very kid friendly. Staff is very passionate about what they do.

Jessica Bunch

Love visiting here the cave is so beautiful I would caution those that are pretty tall there is a few low spots so watch you heads

Dominick Argenziano

Great family experience. Awesome cave tour. Went there by boat and enjoyed every minute. Plus it's right down the lake from Nautifish rum bar and restaurant. Great place to eat after.

Laura Bailey

Giving 4 stars only because it's small compared to Meramec Caverns so the tour is quite short BUT it's in no way short on beauty and legend. You can buy a seasonal pass and visit as often as you like, shop the gift shop or even get married in the cave. Come learn why they call it Thunder Mountain and take in the gorgeous views. Around Valentine's day, they hold an event where you can come and renew your vows! A lovely place to visit!

Matthew Smith

This is the most beautiful cave I have seen. The tour includes lots of interesting history too. Our kids loved panning for gems outside -panning only available in the summer


Photos inside bridal caves speak for themselves

Kalah Matthews

Amazing cave! Tour guide was interesting and funny. My kids loved it too

Wendy Lindsey

Better than expected. Worth stopping for.

John Daniels

Amazing rock formations and sights, knowledgable tour guides, legit neat stuff in the gift shop. Tours run a little slow and a little long, admission is a little pricey.

Priyanshu Kumar

Good tourist attraction place. The staff is very nice and fun. The tour is not too long so you don’t become bored of seeing the rock formations. Outside the caves, they also have free fish-feeding and some other activities (I think).

an ceitean

I won't ruin the surprise ending... There will be places where you have to squeeze, and duck, and squeeze again. This cave has made it into Ripley's Believe it or Not! The tour guides rock!

Randi Sack

A little expensive. But it was a lot of fun. Our tour guide was great and very patient with all the kids that were on our tour.

Christina Freeman

Awesome place! Was a little disappointed we didn't get to see the mystery lakenvery well, but otherwise, it was soooo cool. Great experience for the kiddos too!

Daniel McAdams

Wow! Super cool experience! Anthony was an amazing tour guide and very friendly and knowledgeable. Definitely recommend checking out Bridal Cave if you are in the area.

Jean Throckmorton

Beautiful. Excellent balance of information and fun from the guide. Also quite lovely nature trail from the cave entrance along edge of the lake.

Lynne Tisoto

Nice setting, really beautiful inside cave. Friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced staff.

Baylee L

SUPER cool. Awesome experience, very nice knowledgeable tour good. Reasonable price

Sherri Arnold

Enjoy venues like this, tour guide was informative

Brendon! at the disco

It was a lot of fun! All the structures are cool, and the tour guides are extremely nice. Definitely recommend for a family tour!

Sierra Mings

Great experience here. We did have a huge group but was still able to see and hear the whole tour.

Mike Heger

Beautiful and something different to do

Jeff Mcelwee

We had a great tour guide, the only down fall is the price is a little higher than I would like to spend. Having a big family it's gets pricey. Over all a good time.

Joe Olson

A great cave to visit. Not the longest tour of a cave but great all the same

Camilla Williams

It was very wet and interesting. Learned alot.

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