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REVIEWS OF Arabia Steamboat Museum IN Missouri

Camille Glick

Docent had many interesting stories associated with steamboats in general and Arabia specifically. One of the excavating crew was there to answer questions. So many different artifacts, they are doing a great job preserving our past.

JD Lott

Surprising find. My wife heard about this place through the grapevine. I would have likely passed it up, but I was impressed to find the quality of the museum and the extent and quality of the collection that was discovered. An amazing window into the early expansion into the Western frontier. The modern visually appealing and well maintained and staffed museum was worth admission. One of the owners was there to answer questions about his discovery as well.

Allen Mclain

Very nice family owned museum! Lots of information about steamboats and many well-preserved items from the sunken steamboat Arabia which sank in the Missouri River in the mid 1800s. Friendly employees and cute little gift shop.

Melissa Anders

very interesting all the collection of steamboat that there is here!

Don Davidson

A 19th century steamboat that sank in the Missouri River and was recovered in the late 20th century. This museum is full of an amazing array of artifacts that went down with the ship and have been cleaned and restored. Fascinating history lesson for all ages.

william phillips

Great learning experience. What a treasure and a hidden gem. Lots of fun!!

Andrew Syfert

Lots of cool stuff on display and often times you get to meet one of the people who helped recover the artifacts.

Charity Carlton

The guide Connor was great. The museum is fantastic. Well worth the visit.

Brian Bononi

What an amazing museum. The displays are way more than i expected. It was really neat to learn about the whole discovery and recovery. I would suggest maybe they invest in a 3d printer, and since they have not sold anything from the find, create official duplicates of items and see those in the gift shop instead of the irrelevant, gimmicky things they do have.

Micke Ward

Very interesting place. Fascinating items that were found!

Steve Reber

Very nice museum. Lots of items from years ago. Very knowledgeable tour guides.

Sarah Bush

Wonderful museum with so many great artifacts. I always bring friends with me who are traveling from out of town because it is sick a cool exhibit.

Chikorita Lover GAMING

It was actually a pretty interesting tour. Surprising facts about the Arabia Steamboat and crazy yet amazing artifacts.

Kathy Bird

I had heard about this museum.It met all my expectations.More items displayed than I could have imagined.

Tom Prewitt

A little disappointed for the admission fee. Didn't take long to do the tour and see all there was to see. Definitely not entertaining for kids. We didn't have any but those who did didn't last long and their kids were annoying.

Janos Perkins

This is one of the best tours we been on. You And it wasn’t extravagant prices to get in. The tour guide knew her stuff! It is laid out very well. It’s as long as you make it. The guided tour was approximately 30 minutes but allow 2 hours. There’s someone there to answer any questions you may have. Great family museum! Would we go again? Yes

KM Hilliard

So interesting. Great place to visit.

Aubrey Crager

Just the right size. Fun and interesting

Mike Maurisak

The museum has great artifacts. The story of the family that found them is very interesting. Seems like if you go again you'll see new things. All in all the museum experience was even better starting with a tour by Hib. If you go, I recommend asking if he's there. Highly enjoyable.

Aprile Denny

Guided tour was very informative but not overly long. Great tour guide. Information was well-presented and items were fascinating. A worthy stop on your trip to Kansas City!

david meyer

This is a hidden jewel! The nearly complete contents of a 220 ton cargo of merchandise guessed to the frontier in 1856 that has been recovered. Well laid out Museum, definitely worth the time and money. Expect about two hours unless you're a history geek like me, then it could take a lot longer

Allan Cooper

Unbelievably interesting and cool story. Artifacts are incredible as well. Take the guided tour to learn even more history of the era of steamboats. Highly recommend.

James Turner

Excellent tour and artifacts = unique experience

Sara hillix

Great place. Enjoyed it very much.

Calvin McMillen

Way overpriced and not one of those museums where you can take the time you need instead they rush you along. Also a terrible family attraction if you're looking for family entertainment in Kansas City just go to Kansas city zoo or sea life aquarium.

Michael Burger

The guide was very knowledgable and made me a bit more KC proud.

Ian Brown

Amazing museum. Like a window into the past. A must see if you are in KC. Guided tour to start with then wander around yourself. Well worth the entry price.

Jason Dahl

Really neat collection of artifacts recovered from a sunken steam boat. We took the unguided tour. Was a little spendy to see though.

Elizabeth Asire

Great place to visit! Very interesting to learn about this steamboat.

Bruce Willard

Great tour and explanations of how the boad went down and how they recovered a piece of the boat and preserved it. Also, amazing artifacts brought up from the ship.

Jack Hardy

You've got to see this. What they've done here is just short of unbelievable. A testimony to ingenuity and determination.

Dakota Niederhauser

In the heart of the river market. A great museum.

joann R

So interesting! Glad I did not pass this up. Makenzie was our guide and was very informative.

Brad Young

Really fascinating. Amount of cargo they recovered is incredible. The Guide was totally unenthusiastic and did the minimum necessary.

Renée H

It's like the Titanic only better. Guide described it as the Walmart of its day, and that's no exaggeration. I like that it's a privately funded museum, no government funds to support it.

Mike Hanson

Really neat museum. They have a good guided tour and a really good military discount. I wish we had more time to spend here.

Steve Litwin

Great museum, don't let the cheesy gift shop on the main floor fool you into passing up the museum tour. The salvage efforts story from the sunken steamboat is amazing and what was recovered and restored is awesome to see. Well worth the time and money to go.

Molly Datzman

This place was AMAZING!!! Short guided tour that gives you a brief background story of the Arabia. The museum and the collection is beyond amazing. To be able to see something from 135 years ago is a neat experience. Definitely will and would go back to visit again. The price was well worth the walk through.

Daniela N. Iordache

One of the original people that helped excavated the steamboat gave us a little tour and answered all of our questions. It was a very special and unique experience. Would highly recommend it to anyone who loves history and wants to see the beautiful artifacts.

Emily Woodall

A fascinating look back into the life and times of settlers who traversed through Kansas City almost 170 years ago. Fascinating finds—still edible jars of food (yes, the excavators ate some of the pickles) and still-bubbly champagne, clothing and buttons galore, the latest tools of the mid-1800s, and so much more. This is a must-see if you love to see history come alive!

Darleen Clarke

I did not know what to expect visiting this museum but it is well worth a visit! This paddle wheeler loaded with supplies destined for homesteaders in the west sunk long ago. A group of men decided to try to salvage it and were successful. This museum chronicles their endeavor and shares with us the amazing amount of things they recovered including glassware, china, clothing, building supplies, tools,fabric, shoes and boots....rooms and rooms of what they recovered and restored, cleaned and repaired.

Jim White

Cool museum in Kansas City. A steamship, the Arabia, sunk on the Missouri River back in the mid-1800’s. (Apparently, the Missouri was extra tough on steamships as it claimed many of them for its own.) Anyway, a Dad, his 2 sons, and 2 friends located this wreckage in the middle of a farm field and took it on themselves to recover its payload. And, recover it they did! It is remarkable all that they recovered. They have put it all together on display at this museum. You can go through the whole thing in half a day easy. I had never heard of this wreck, but I don’t regret one minute of the time we spent going through this museum and learning the history of the Arabia. Super cool experience!

Rory Colbert

I did not know what to expect visiting this museum but it is well worth a visit! This paddle wheeler loaded with supplies destined for homesteaders in the west sunk long ago. A group of men decided to try to salvage it and were successful. This museum chronicles their endeavor and shares with us the amazing amount of things they recovered including glassware, china, clothing, building supplies, tools,fabric, shoes and boots....rooms and rooms of what they recovered and restored, cleaned and repaired.

Neil G

Definitely worth the trip if you have any interest in history. The sheer volume of preserved historical items is stunning, and the staff provides a good amount of background information.

Ronnie Smith

Fun place to go for the older crowd. A little dated but very interesting local history. Our guide was the preservationists for this museum. Good time. Thanks

Jude Ortega

Have been to city market for years and never paid to go in the only regret I have is not doing it sooner it is so interesting love the history behind it highly recommended to everyone that goes to City Market take the tour so informative so much history

J Williams

The whole River Market area is full of history, however this is by far one of the most interesting. I was pleasantly surprised. The boat sank over 150 years ago and took with a boat load of artifacts. (Pun intended) Discovered, unearthed, and now on display I wish we had had more time to stop at more. This is most definitely worth a second trip back to to see.

Donald Lichty

Amazing to hear the stories of the sinking, the finding, the recovery, and the cargo of 1854. Great presentation.

Perry Locke

All pros no cons. Very cool museum

Ingrid McClure

This is an awesome museum and I highly recommend taking the time to spend some time here. Great story of the discovery and to see the painstaking care they have taken to clean up all the artifacts.

Sherry Engelbert

Very educational. Loved all the artifacts - I think the way they displayed it made even more interesting.

Larry Crowley

Great way to learn some history! The artifacts look bright and clean. The tour guide seems to ignore questions from children, that was disappointing...

Veronica Flores

Beautiful preservation of an amazing find by an ordinary family. There is a guide for the tour who was extremely knowledgeable, we watched a 15 minute video and at the end a family member came in and introduced himself. I cant saw that has ever happened to us in a museum! It's about an hour to an hour and a half to see everything but a neat find in such a huge city, well worth the stop!

Willem Koenders

Wife and I visited on weekend trip to Kansas City. Wonderful story of the family that got together and dug up the Arabia steamboat, and succeeded where others had failed. The guide was awesome, and you’ll be greeted by one of the original “diggers”. The items are wonderfully preserved. The story is very complete - it’s about the time when it went down and the items it contained (as a time capsule of the frontier life), but also of the effort and operation to dig something like this up. The preservation process is still going, today! Totally do it - well worth the $14 entrance fee.

Alicia Young

An incredible discovery of lost treasure right in the middle of Missouri. Allow about 90 minutes to 2 hours.

Jon W

It's a little expensive at 14.95 + tax per person. It is very interesting to see all the preserved artifacts and even their little movie about the recovery process was very interesting! Would like it if you could have the option to not have to wait for a tour guide.

Molly Hudak

I thought this place was a cool piece of Midwest history (a boat got submerged in the river muck and then the river MOVED and left it behind, I mean come on, that's cool), but the two yahoos I brought with me were constantly making jokes. Would go again with different people. Educational and a great place to bring kids.

Ron West

Great preservation and presentation of all the artifacts recovered. The Hawley family did a great job sharing their dream with other history buffs and it was worth every penny. A big thank you for a great exhibit from me and my family from Texas.

LeeAnn Shively Brown

Loved all the sights. A wonderful place. Needs to have some kid appropriate interactivity.

Bill Buden

Fascinating exhibit. Helpful docent. Useless gift shop staff.

Larry Kirkpatrick

Really nice. Amazing actually. The price was steep for seniors but I know they have to recoup their investment.

braeden Brown

A steamboat that sank in the 1860s that has been recovered. Sank on the missouri river the boat carried goods that the settlers out west needed and being cleaned & preserved for viewing. Very informational and a must see.

Kristina Anson

Fun and informative little museum that really gives you a glimpse of pre-Civil war life and the wave to settle the frontier. My kids (8, 4, and 3) really liked seeing the boots (many in their size), smelling the perfume that sank, learning about and seeing the bones of the only casualty--the mule, and seeing the canned food (VERY impressed!). The short screening before entering the museum was informative and the perfect length for young kids (about 15min). This was a very memorable trip that my kids have continued to discuss in the weeks following. The formation of oxbow lakes and the changing course of rivers has been fascinating for them, and I highly encourage folks to get on google earth with the kids to look at the Missouri river! This museum was definitely worth stopping in! We were there for about one and a half hours.

Earl Manley

Most extensive collection of steamboat cargo you will find ,It always amazes me that this is a privite collection and museum, a true Kansas City gem ,a must see !

Danielle Payne

Extremely interesting. Make sure you plan to spend a lot of time here as there is a lot to see!

Dave Burrows

A very well done museum depicting the amazing story of the loss and recovery of the steamboat Arabia. One of the highlights for me was where you can watch conservators working on stabilizing/preserving artifacts that have been stored since they were excavated. One of my must-see sights of Kansas City.

Michael Gray

Really busy but could handle all the people the environment me decent for the humidity of the Midwest and the constant opening of doors the temperature was cool, it's a nice place to stop at while traversing the city market

Alyssa Troyer

Really cool museum! I thought it would be a typical museum, but I was surprised about how much I enjoyed it. The tour guide was very fun to listen to, and to meet one of the men who worked on the excavation was very exciting!

Casey Hermanson

An interesting piece of local history. Excellent displays and informative people.

Virginia Long

Amazing collection of artifacts from westward expansion times. What did early settlements need and value? Clean environment (not like musty museum-smell). So much retrieved, cleaned and on display. Astounding to realize amount of work that went into this. Not to be missed.

Nancy Lamar

Wonderful museum! Fascinating look into the process of the search and recovery of buried treasure. The artifacts are interesting and wonderfully preserved and displayed. Our tour guide, Nancy, was very informative and gracious to answer our questions. A family member spoke to us and answered questions also. This exhibit is ever changing because they are still cleaning and preserving the cargo.

Cynthia Mayo

Really cool museum, nice friendly staff and great little gift shop.

Rafael Flores

Just like they say, "the largest pre-civil war collection". Its amazing what they were able to accomplish. Make it a full day with the market just next door, the numerous small stores and international restaurants.

michael wolf

Very interesting place and story of history. Highly recommended place.

Thomas Lewis

Great experience for entire family. Tour guide was very knowledgeable about the history of the boat and America is the tour was very informative and enjoyed by all.

Sherry Christiansem

Was so cool, had a great time. Learned alot. Can't wait to take grandchildren.

Ethel Petty

It's hard to believe that much stuff could be saved and how much of it looks like what we use today amazing if you like history

Robert Gifford

Amazing. They have many goods from the late 1800s in pristine condition. Tour guide presented the information in a very interesting manner.

Ann Vargas

I love history, especially local history. It's fascinating to know these items were so well preserved and untouched for so long.

Dale Van Houten

Great tour guide. Awesome artifacts. So glad we went.

Ezequiel Orueta

Super cool place. The whole family loved it

Shawn Beatty

Wow this is such a cool little museum. I didn’t have high expectations when I went but I had heard good things about it. Definitely worth going to! Very cool. And that’s from somebody who doesn’t care much about steamboats. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures but it was very cool. Pictures would not do all the cool artifacts justice.

Melody Ellis

Once you pay, wait, and finally get to the basement it is terrific! Just WOW!

Karen Cooper

Great true story and exceptional pre Civil War collection.

Darklordofcats de Vore

This is really lovely museum I went with two young teens and they really enjoyed themselves. I would recommend, they have enough interactions to keep you on topic but it is short enough to not have to fight for teens attention.

Richard Mantle

Liked it but a little pricey for tickets.

Cpl. Charley

Well worth the stop. I was really impressed with the amount of stuff that boat was carrying. Good thing no lives were lost ( Except the mule ) and that the boat and hopefully most of the cargo was insured. ( I asked.) To bad about the whiskey though.

Josh Boring

Very interesting information. A lot to view. Takes about an hour and a half with the tour. Preservation of material is amazing.

Amy Kean

This is a gem of local history and worth every penny. What an incredible collection and the exhibit was very informative. Overall I would highly recommend it and will most likely return in the future with friends!

debra freeman

What a wonderful museum and exhibit. Tour guides are excellent. Steamboat history!

Eden Keefe

Excellent museum. I really appreciate that someone from the Halley family is always there, too.

M Dyer

A great experience and nice to see the great preservation. It was a fun afternoon to wander around and see all the recovered artifacts. Then go partake of the river market.

Mark Wood

A must see while in KC. Right in the heart of the City Market district.

Gene Merlotti

Very good and enjoyable! Tour guide was very good also. It's worth your time and money.

Tina Medlock

We loved exploring here. The history and how it was discovered as well as preserved is fascinating. I will go back without small kids.

Rose Dominguez

Enjoyed the vist and knowledge that was shared on the visit. Very interesting a walk through time and finding of a treasure of history out here who knew

Sarah Eby

Went to this museum just because I was passing through Kansas City and it sounded like one of the better options for entertainment. I came here with pretty low expectations and was amazed. This is the most interesting museum I have been to in my life!!! The story of his these artifacts were discovered is fascinating and I could spend hours looking at these amazing artifacts... the pioneers' medicine, guns, shoes, clothes, food, etc. The staff was very knowledgable and the admission price was well worth it. I will definitely be coming back if I ever pass through Kansas City!

Trevor Clemons

A unique museum-a time capsule from the Frontier days of our country. Must-see!

Viola Wilson

This place is amazing, like a shopping trip for the prairie. Hard to believe one steamship could carry so many goods. Everything from guns to hardware, household goods, clothing and jewelry. The history stories are also fantastic, so much to learn here!a

Nicholas Muller

Very informative and great look at the history along the Missouri River in the 19th century

Jessica Lester

I found out about this hidden gem during a business trip at the airport, the lady swore it was the best museum in kcmo and she was correct! The adventure to finding the lost ship is intriguing the amount of lost good and treasure they recovered was mind blowing!!! You will not be disappointed to learn about the adventure and reward theses guys found all in our back yard when you visit this museum!

David Smit

Thought this was a generic steamboat museum but it’s so much more! We all loved it and once my 6 year old understood that this was a museum about a sunken steamboat from over 150 years ago that was dug up in a corn field he loved it and stood front and center listening to the guide. Great place for a homeschool outing. HIGHLY recommend.


Very cool museum! They are still going through the found items and restoring them from the initial dig for display.

Sam Patania

Fantastic museum, my 8 year old and I joined a tour which I normally wouldn't but the speaker was really knowledgeable and interesting, we both enjoyed the whole experience.

Benjamine Peetz

The museum came highly recommended, and I'll be honest; I didn't know what to expect. I was blown away. The museum is a result of 5 friends searching for a lost steamboat lost on the Missouri River, the efforts to find it, and the results. It sounds underwhelming, but it is amazing. Take the tour, you will not be disappointed.


Great exhibit about the Steamboat Arabia that sunk in 1859 with 200 Tons of different merchandise. All of the cargo was dug up cleaned restored and looks like new in this exhibit. Provides a great look at what life was back in the mid 1800s.

Helena Soles

Absolutely loved it. Was very impressed with the story behind the museum. Will recommend a must see for anyone!!!

Colin Wakefield

Amazing museum and a look back in time to the 1850s. It is incredible how well preserved the artifacts are!

Carla McDaniel

Didnt get to tour but it looks really fascinating!

Tony and Janat H

The museum is definitely worth the visit! It helps to explain the importance and history of an era when settlers where heading west. The Arabia Steamboat Museum is an example of treasure hunters who decide to preserve history instead of cashing in on a haul.

Kathy Moore

Interesting museum located in the downtown City Market where there are many things to see and do. The steamship was found and recovered by a local family and one of them spoke with us and answered our questions which added a very personal touch to the experience. I would not recommend for small children, older children may be mildly interested. I didnt expect to love this museum as much as I did! Truly fascinating story and museum. I urge anyone reading this to visit. You start with a guided tour and movie and then have time to explore on your own. The museum is well ran and you will be amazed at the sheer quantity of items on display!

Chris Krause

Worthwhile experience! Although there is a slight lack of information about the recovered artifacts, it is amazing to see the sheer amount of different things that were all packed on this one boat. Expect to spend at least an hour or two (two if you stop to read all the placards like I did).

alan blount

This was a cool place to see a bunch of old stuff and hear the story of the people who decided to go on a treasure hunt to dig up an old steamboat.

Mister Jon

A great museum with lots of history. It's family owned and run. This is an absolute must see if you like history and/or antiques. There's a guided start to the tour. Then there's a 14 minute short movie followed with the remainder of the tour being self-guided. Be sure to read the story of the mule (near the large Paddlewheel). Lots of neat leather and rubber items that were preserved perfectly.

Tom Thissen

Guided tour was great. Lots of amazingly well preserved history. Friendly staff are eager to answer questions and strike up conversations. Admission is a great value. You are allowed to leave and come back. Family friendly. Staff assured us it was ok if our toddler touched the glass. They clean fingerprints off regularly.

Charlotte Wolfe

Great place full of well preserved artifacts with interesting story. If you are interested in how the west was settled you'll like this. If you are a treasure hunter this story will keep you motivated!

Autumn Reisz

Great museum! The artifacts are amazing. All of the steamboat components are very cool

Nathanael Sutheran

I did not know what to expect visiting this museum but it is well worth a visit! This paddle wheeler loaded with supplies destined for homesteaders in the west sunk long ago. A group of men decided to try to salvage it and were successful. This museum chronicles their endeavor and shares with us the amazing amount of things they recovered including glassware, china, clothing, building supplies, tools,fabric, shoes and boots....rooms and rooms of what they recovered and restored, cleaned and repaired.

Jackeline Diapis

Very interesting! A ton of really great artifacts recovered, it was mindblowing. The tour guide and guests were very knowledgeable and entertaining!

Jason M

Definitely a must see if you come and visit Kansas City, MO

Meryn Rees

Extremely interesting. I would highly recommend this museum...fascinating !!

George Bass

Cool if you are into museum's.....they do have items actually recovered from this era on display price was high otherwise would have given a 5 star

Katie Larson

Was a little unsure walking in, but the reviews on the museum sold me. Boy was I wrong! Incredible history and story behind it all - and the artifacts were amazing to see! Don’t’ll be glad you did!

Chris Sotraidis

It's hard to imagine a more thorough and detailed exhibit and museum to showcase this unique historic unearthing. The artifacts are remarkable given the circumstances, our guide was knowledgeable, and the layout is thoughtful and detailed. So much to learn and know about this. Great gem in KC.

Daren Willey

Well put together. Very informative.

Brad Bugos

Very interesting exhibit. Plus there are many shops and places to eat around it. Farmers market as well. It's an interesting museum and the amount and variation of items recovered and on display are amazing. All the money from ticket sales and gift shop purchases fund the museum. Good place for the older crowd. Kids will find it boring but then who needs them?

George Michael

Outstanding history lesson. The tour guide, the video and Q-A session were informative and entertaining. This is living history! Further more, the market with restaurants and the old bridge down to the river, were crowned with the slow motion railroad and impressive Blue Angels air show, free of charge.

Lisa Tracy

My favorite place in all of Kansas City. I do wish the city would work to keep this museum in the city. It's a shame parking out front is so expensive, I assume it's the city getting this money not the museum. Free parking is on the other side. The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable. My kids learned so much from this tour and it has been their favorite field trip we have gone on this year. Seeing history uncovered and preserved in this way is such a treasure and a gift for all to see and experience.

Chris Belicki

A lot of interesting history, staff has a lot of knowledge and very helpful. Lots of historical things to see and a nice gift shop!

Paul Becker

This is a very interesting place. The story is facinating. A sunken boat, a family's story of finding it, recovering it and reclaiming items for display. It's like "Here's how your family can become archaeologists too!"

Brent Gipson

Super interesting museum. A real time capsule.

Jean Reinhard

It was an amazing, the tour guide is a way to learn everything they did....a must see when coming to Kansas city....

Richard Calhoun

Such a fortunate wonderful find. All of the items used in day to day life during the mid 1800's.

scott Fifield

This place was awesome, the largest and only pre civil war museum in the world. You have to go.

L A.

Go see it , take your kids and grandkids ! Very interesting and neat to see ! It is as they say on the tour “the steam boat is like a floating Walmart of its time” very interesting to see all the things from that time period !

Robert Basinger

Great historical place loved history. I will definitely go back because to much to see in 1 trip.

corinne lattimer

Unbelievable collection from the 1850s. Merchant ship transporting people and goods from around the globe, lost in time until this band of brothers caught the bug for a good treasure hunt. Again, a good reminder of the endurance and perseverance of the frontier people.

Richard Polk

One of the most interesting museums we have seen in quite some time.

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