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Where is Windsor Ruins?

REVIEWS OF Windsor Ruins IN Mississippi

Frantz Joassin

It's really just ruins but there's just something about this place that's really fascinating.


Beautiful place. I recommend tourists and locals alike go and visit this landmark. A little hard to find at first, but it is worth it!

Dave Cipriani

Great little history lesson. Beautiful drive up to the mansion, and the views there are amazing. Best part, it is free to the public, and open everyday during daylight hours.

Robin Schallot

Cool place to spend a few minutes. I think it is very pretty. Feels like you are in the middle of nowhere (you are).

Violet Boggs

Really neat place with a lot of history

David Dickerson

Very cool place to see.

alan brant

Another place just 10 minutes off the Natchez Trace. Incredible to thing they build this way out here way back then. Plus the ride out has some pretty spots.

Valentina Caldito

Amazing place . Full of history and beautty . To get there , It s a little dificult. The enviroment is terrific!

justin bell

I like it alot

Michael Willis

The place was beautiful. If only we knew what it looked like! So thankful that it is being preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Stephanie Hodges


William Drown

Cool but creepy free spot to take family on budget

mary raynie

Awe inspiring.

Jason Roberts

It was a slight let down I expected a bit more history. But it was sit well worth seeing. These 100 year old pillars that have with stood the sands of time. It's a shame the house was lost it would have been a sight to see.

Christofor Martin

I love this place such a amazing piece of American history


Very pretty place that is worthy of a visit. Cool history behind the ruins. Much larger than I anticipated.

Tracey Buckles

Beautiful destroyer

Marissa Oldiges Borrego

It was neat to see, especially since I have a picture of my late grandma there. It’s sad that it’s all fenced up now and you can’t actually go in them. Neat little side trip.

john williamson

I found the Windsor ruins while riding the nearby Natchez Trace. I visited right at dusk and I could hear the insects filling the night air with their noise. I was the only one there, and it was amazing.

Lisa Rumain

A little ways out but it's a fun piece of architectural history.

Roddy Merritt

I've always wanted to go and it was so cool

jarrod street

This is a great place to explore some of Mississippi's mysterious past. These ruins have no pictures of what the original structure looked like. This was originally built in a time when photography was limited. Based off of the layout and other mansions in the area it has had an educated guess as to what it looked like when built. It is definitive off of the beaten path but well worth the drive

Jamie Cutrer

Very neat looking . Really makes you wonder what this place was like. Neat little stop.

India Foley

It may not be a lot still standing but it is very worth the visit!

Barry LaFleur

The ruins are of an antebellum mansion that burned after the war, and the plaster coated brick columns remain. The printed information about the site seems to "whitewash" the history. It tells us the name of the plantation owner who "built" the mansion, but makes no mention of the slaves who actually supplied the labor.

Ramona Howell

Very interesting but not much info

Cassandra Hall

Awe inspiring and larger than life. You really can't imagine the scale until you see it in person. I got some wonderful photographs.

Charles Carter

Interesting. About 10 miles off the Trace and not much to see.

Nicolas Van Tomme

Small and not really worth it but if you pass by here why not do a quick stop.

Kfr Newpage

Amazing that the columbs are still there.

Mary Trigg

Fun roadside stop. Pretty remote for no more than 15 or 20 minutes worth of circling and admiring. Recent improvements include a fence, a few signs and a trash can.

Faith Calvert

Beautiful site. Worth the drive. To think about the splendor of once was and days long gone .

l r

Slave labor built this! Commentators noted the indolence of the slave owners, the hopelessness of the slaves, & the sharecroppers who had to compete against free labour. The Dixie Brahmin still push the caste system so to divide labour against itself, and their poor acolytes still fall for it, hook, line & sinker. If you don't like competing against offshore labour, why assent to mutual wage suppression by dint of racist oppression? Amer. WASPs claim to like economic freedom, but they lose out when they're complicit to divisive politics, vote suppression, & beggaring their neighbors. Freedom for the 1%, perhaps.

Brandi Taranto

So amazing yet sad

Jack Phillips

I was really excited about this unique stop. After driving a lonely trip, I arrived to a fenced off scene. The separation really seemed to lower the experience. The pillars are incredible. The story really has some life lessons.

Jared Davis

Impressive site, but not much nearby

Bonnie Maynard

You can't go inside there's a fence around it

Mendy Starnes

It was breathtaking, and fascinating history. So much detail in the construction of the columns. It is a must see.

Shawn Newbury

Beautiful too bad we will never know it's true splendor.

Patrick Wiench

Unexpected and interesting

Karol Gawrych

Every bit as magical as the pictures and subsequently your imagination crafts personal expectations. It is fenced off, but that is for our own protection; the ruins are old and may crumble at any point. There are plenty of rocks scattered around the vicinity where you can easily hop up and take a bevy or photos satisfying your social media needs. Best the crowds and go early in the morning!

Hanako Hashiguchi

There wasn't really a gift shop or any place to go to the bathroom. But the actual ruins them selves were quite incredible.

R Wobbly

Quite a drive to find bit worth every minite. The scale of this place is awe inspiring.

Bob Green

A must-see. Has to be one of the most iconic places on earth. Grant crossed the Mississippi nearby on his way to Vicksburg but did not burn the house down, a guest at a post war party did that. Go there and you can't stop taking pictures. Be fore warned, it is way out in the boonies. Hard to believe it is real.

james willis

Talk about beautiful. I can only imagine what it would have been like to see this house in it full glory. The columns are massive and for the time period it absolutely blows your mind. Make sure to stop and see this if you’re ever nearby. It’s completely worth it.

Robbin Steen

Nice place to go

Laura Domingue

This place is wonderfully mysterious. Beautiful, quiet, haunting.

Sharon Barclay

Stunning beauty of old south wealth and loss. Great place to take photographs. The columns are fenced so it is challenging to get photos of the ground to sky beauty.

James Lipsette

It's a neat place to go see if in the area

john kratochvil

Nice curvy road from Port Gibson, Just the ruins no amenities very quiet and peaceful.

William Floyd

Such a beautiful little place to visit

Russell Hudson

Such a haunting historical site. We found it quite by accident while on a trek down the Natchez Trace. Fairly unlikely, since this is actually a few minutes away from the Trace. So glad we did. You can't really get a sense of how big these ruins of an old plantation really are without visiting in person. The thought that someone could or would build something so grand in those days is hard to believe, yet here it is. Of course, in the deep south in that time plantation owners build their fortunes on the backs of slaves, and that makes this all the more haunting. The sadness conveyed by what's left of this place is impossible to describe in words.

William Coopet

not sure why we stopped there just a skeleton of what used to be back in the day

Susan Dow

Love Windsor Ruins! Have been several times!


Soooo beautiful

Joe Revette

A really cool place. Def enjoyed seeing this.

Ali Brie

A neat place to visit. A bit off the beaten path buy worth the 30 min round trip off the main road. Good perspective of the grandiose scale of Southern living in its heyday.

Donna Cobb

These ruins aren't spooky -- they are incredibly magestic and legendary!!! A photographer's paradise!!

Leslie Moniot

Beautiful and worth seeing, but not enough info. Definitely a drive by, take a pic, and carry on type thing. Cool to see, want to learn more now.

Charles Douglas Jr.

Bet this building was lit going down



Karl Kepper

Visiting Windsor Ruins anytime of the day is fine, but if you go, try to be there just before twilight; the tranquility is absolutely awesome.

Eugene Marshall

A beautiful, haunting place, but on reflection probably not worth the massive detour it took to get here. Visit if you have lots of time allocated to see the trace, not just a day or two.

Nick Thomas

Great historical site ! You can really get a sense of what it once was from the story and the remaining structure.

John Partesius

Deep South Architectural Ruins.

Jim Kler

A great piece of history off the beaten path. Just remember to go to the bathroom before you get there. There are no public restrooms. Bring yourself a picnic lunch.

TJ NoneYa

Very cool place!

Nothnx Peeps

Because I do love history, this was pretty neat to look at. Read a little about the area & the Windsor house before going. It was worth the stop

Ray Rayborn

It's hard to believe they had the means to build something like that that long ago

Ryan McCann

I was surprised to see such massive coloums still standing as a constant reminder of a gone era. It would have been nice to have more historical information about the mansion and it's architecture.

Mihran Naljayan

Pretty place. Should’ve probably read about it a bit before heading there but they did have a small narrative. There are no guides there. It is really in the middle of no where but it is quite peaceful

Scott Hall

Very cool place!

jamie taylor

Eerie place to see. So sad the home was lost.

Sarah Crosgrove

Quick but interesting.


Great piece of history on an off the path road. Plan about spending half an hour here. No services. Port Gibson is about fifteen minutes away.The road is curvy and great for motorcycles and was recently paved.


Absolutely beautiful

Mona Sabau

Beautiful sight! Worth the drive

David C.

If you are in the area, why not swing by. Might not be worth a detour for it though.

Michael Gray

Such a ethereal place

Bill Kearnes

Three of us were riding the Natchez Trace from Natchez MS to Tupelo and took a detour to see this site. This was hauntingly beautiful and a bit eerie knowing we were staring at the shell of what was left of a Southern Elitist Mansion. Definitely worth the detour we took, if I am ever near Port Gibson in the future, I will stop again.


Great get away to explore the history around us. You can just feel the majesty and walk back in time. Very peaceful setting!

Sharon Nunez

If you like architecture and history, take the drive?

Robert Walker

One of my favorite photo spots! Make sure you go in different seasons and weather to fully experience the ruins

Jerome Gordon Jr

Nice stop to stretch your legs and learn a piece of history

Doug Stringer Outdoors

Beautiful place to see

GrazingHills Ranch

Its like stepping back into "Gone with the Wind" what a find in the middle of nowhere.

C. Bullard

Worth getting off the hwy to have a look.

Melanie Coffman

Really a neat site


Great place for history lovers

Alisa B


Johnny Meyers

It was very beautiful unfortunately the area is fenced off due to the columns being unstable hopefully Mississippi will continue working to restore the site and one day you'll be able to walk through the ruins again I show more content of this location on my YouTube channel off the beaten Trail

Joshua Deason

I love the site. I plan on going back and taking a blanket and lunch with me. One of my friends, Lyle Phillips, took me here, and it just feels magical.

Kay Chesson

It's just the columns and some of the ruins of a plantation house that burned in the mid-1800's, but it has a strange beauty to it, particularly on a quiet morning. Also, be sure to stop in at the old church you'll see on the way there (built in the 1840's) and sing a song - the acoustics are wonderful.

Dawn Noldan

Not exactly what I expected but it reminded me of Athens and Ephesus.

James LeGoullon


Johnny P Wert

We will be going back to explore more!

Southwest Studios Photography

Beautiful ruins. Massive live oaks on property, Native American mounds on property. Must see and the drive down Natchez Chase is peaceful.

Gloria Calamari

A must see!

Ian Bennett

Really majestic and striking for about thirty seconds. Then it’s just hot and boring. The site has nothing else there, not even a bench to sit on.

Kenneth Jones

Love it

Kevin Kindt

Impressive structure. Such a great shame the main structure burned down. It would have been a majestic sight.

Brittani Barbo

This is such a lovely place. It's just the ruins of a old mansion and all that's there is really the columns but it's still something to see. If you're traveling that direction it's worth the stop.

Jin Zou

Even ruin , you can imagine how beautiful and gorgeous it was!

Seth Holton

Absolutely a must see if you are in the area.

Hugh Carpenter

It must have been a beautiful house. The ruins are hauntingly beautiful.

Sébastien Julliand

A nice site, but it's only made of pillars behind a fence. If you go past it, make a stop. But otherwise, it's not really worth a detour since it's in the middle of nowhere. Taking a couple of pictures and going around the site will take you approximately 10 minutes.

Courtney Carter

Very cool place to visit if you are in the area. I would recommend reading about it before you go so you can get the full experience of the site of the columns. The history leading up to what it is now is pretty interesting. When I visited, the road leading to the ruins was closed for construction. I had to take a 30 minute detour to come in the back way. When I got there, there was only two other women visiting. So, I would not say you will have to worry about a crowd. It is pretty much a drive up and look/take pictures thing. There is a fence around the columns because people keeps stealing the bricks. When I was there, someone had broken down a part of the fence to get into the ruins. On another note, one of the ladies showed me a print out of a mansion in Texas that was molded after the Windsor. Pretty cool. I would visit here again.

Kitty Garley

I have been captivated by the ruins all my life. My father sketched them for me and I have sketched them myself.

Jessica Dalton

There is a 6´ tall chain length fence that now surrounds the ruins in order to help preserve them now. The drive there is makes for a fun journey.

Pete Johnson

Great historical architecture. If you like hunting for out of the way places, this is one of the best.

Charlie Bordelon

Milky Way photos!

Cameron Blanchard

Definitely worth checking out. It’s not a very big place, but the sight of the ruins is enough to make just about anyone say wow. This is just one of many of the very cool things around this area.

Roman Gardner

It's a step back into a time capsule. I am glad I made the effort to see this.

j lowe

Like stepping back in time.

Daniel Garcia

It is a wonderful thing to see go see it while you still can it's falling down

Chris McKinney

Great quick visit off the beaten path. To envision how large this mansion actually was, just based on the height and placement of the ruins is pretty mind boggling. A trip to the Windsor Ruins is a free 20 minute visit (tops). It’s worth a stop if you’re in the area. However, not a destination in and of itself.

Shane J

Definitely worth getting off the beaten path to check out this place... Pretty impressive!

Amy Fountain

In the middle of nowhere and no cell service, but absolutely beautiful. The Mansion must been breathe taking...

Sourav Dutta

Remnants of a pre civil war era mansion built by a cotton plantation mogul who owned about 21000 acres of land in Mississippi and Louisiana. Currently, only some pillars holding the outer facade of the erstwhile mansion remain standing. The exposure to the elements ensure a steady rate of erosion and decay. Nevertheless, the remote location, the rusted, splintered ironwork and the defiant ruins of the pillars behind a protective fence are sure to transport you back a few centuries. Situated to the east Port Gibson, about 50 minutes South of Vicksburg. Combined with the drives through southern countryside, the quaint town of Port Gibson and a sumptuous lunch at Old Country Store serving the best friend chicken in Southern US, this makes for the centerpiece of a killer Saturday excursion.

John mattson

Nice historic site. Go see it!

Gryphon's T.F.

Beautiful place

John D

A lot of history here. Be sure to read all the Plack's. All because of a smoker. Pleasant ride from Vicksburg.


Amazing find

Joy Underwood

It's beautiful and historical! :)

Kevin King

Beautiful and full of history. Would have loved to see this him in all its glory.

rachel bomar

It's a good bit off the beaten path. But its worth a little drive out to see the site. Very unique.

Samantha Macy

Fascinating piece of local history.

David Goodin

This is one of the most mysterious and intriguing locations in the south. It is majestic. It is beautiful. We drove down the Natchez Trace and viewed it with the ruddy, red afternoon sun in the top of the trees. You will feel the need to quietly meditate - I suggest you do.

Roger Morgan

Didn't dislike it but it wasn't worth the detour to get there, fine if you were passing. Was meant to be used by Mark Twain as a navigation aid and can imagine it was spectacular at the time. Surrounded by trees now so can't see the river.

Brittney Winborn

Definitely worth trekking off the beaten path to find!

Matt Ames

Definitely worth it. Stunning and surreal.

Rena Gann

Did not disappoint. How cool to look back at history.

Rob Sellers

Can't really comment on service or facilities, because the place is just ruins in the middle of nowhere. But they were very cool, and if you are into history, you will enjoy it.

John Levins

So Amazing these old ruins need to be saved for future generations.

kenneth bahnsen

This is a nice bit of history .

Matt Ziegler

Awesome place to visit. Very beautiful!

julie broberg

unexpected and a bit off the beaten path. wish you could go in and check it out a bit closer, or at least be able to photograph it without an ugly fence in the way.

Russell Turner

Interesting historical site, not crowded.

deborah keller

Fabulous history


This place is full of history.

Michelle Higginbotham

Breathtaking! Well worth the trip. As soon as you see the columns, you are transported back in time.

Leslie Chisum

Great history

Belinda McGuinness

Interesting place that would have been an amazing sight pre fire. It is free to enter and walk around the ruins.

Denise Arnold

Great piece of history!

Leigh Ann Goldsby

Such neat place. Worth the trip.

Jesse Johnson

These collums are amazing.

Yana Savchenko

Nice place, not so much to do there, but you can get creative with your camera. The nature around it is stunning, you are literally in the middle of nowhere, but a very beautiful nowhere. Beware of high water and deer. Closes at the sunset, even though Google maps say at 7:30

Doshia Lea Ellis

Just beautiful. To imagine what it looked like in its glory is just amazing.

Kristy Broughton

Awesome, beautiful Room for RV to turn around

Heather B

Hauntingly beautiful!

Becky Lege

It must have been a gorgeous home before it was destroyed by fire. The remaining columns are so beautiful and massive.

Celeste Winkle

Simply extraordinary

Steve Bostic

Interesting part of history. Watch out for rattle snakes.

Casondra Wada

It's a bit of a drive, but it is a beautiful drive. There is a little dirt lot/ drive to park in. We went on a holiday weekend and it was not crowded. When you leave, drive around the city. There are some great Civil Rights murals to check out.

Rowan Stormrunner

This place is beautiful...but so tragic. Just knowing a home as amazing as this stood for only 29 years but saw so much death and destruction is humbling. Strongly recommended a visit. Just the drive to the ruins are amazing!!

Ruud Smets

A long drive, very desolate, but certainly worth the visit if you know a little about the place's history.

Dean Hohn

Haunting to look at and visit! Was a interesting home to visit after the homes in Natchez.

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