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REVIEWS OF Tupelo Buffalo Park & Zoo IN Mississippi

MO Mules

Wonderful place to visit. I recommend the being the scene tour its well worth the money.

Jeffery Palmer

Great place to take small kids. They also offer an area to host birthday parties.

Felicia Wise

Love it!!

Maureen Haggerty

Fantastic experience, staff so warm and helpful! We all enjoyed from our 10 yr old to our 1st yr MSST student!! Such a nice experience and they are obviously working hard to expand the animal exhibits. Giraffes, Bisson and Ostriches OH MY!


Very personable staff. Primarily. A former Buffalo farm that has transitioned to a rescue center for various types of wildlife. You are able to get relatively close to the animals.

Shirley Wear

The bird was fun to talk to, he would talk back and the monkey was so cute I wanted to hold him and all the sights are amazing, we loved the bison tour. All in all it was worth the hour and half drive . We really enjoyed this Tupelo Buffalo park

David Webb

Had a great time

Vernon Edwards

We saw no buffaloes

Jamie Cranmer

It was such a fun visit!! Vanessa took us on the VIP tour. She did an amazing job!! She was very knowledgeable, and seemed very comfortable. I got some amazing pictures, and great fun facts about the animals we were seeing. It was a tad warm, and I would suggest bug spray before going, but other than that it was a wonderful day!!

Samuel Wikerson

Highly recommend going to visit. Go when temps. are in the 70's

Jennifer Frangione

Small cages. Animals didn't look well cared for.

xXmaxgameingXx _YT

I love the animals I topically don't get to see in Mississippi.

PrettyFly Jedi

It is nice but when we went they were cleaning out all the cages. I really wish we would have knoen beforehand so we could have seen more animals.

sandra curtis

Fun, fun. But tooooo hot. Most of the animals were in hiding from the heat.

Linda Harper

We had fun a little pricey

Stephanie Williams

Amazing place for family fun

Demetria Myles

Love it, can't wait to go back!!

Joseph Hall

Good 2 to 3 hours. Recommend the tractor ride to feed the camels and buffalo. Not too crowded, great for kids 1 to 10!

Kayla Harris

I took my 3 year old. It was close to closing time. The lady at the front was nice and acted just as excited as my son was. It was pretty clean. The bathrooms probably could have been cleaned but then again it was very close to closing time, maybe that's on the closing to do list. The only issue we had was the HORRIBLE smells around the monkeys and lion cages. It was pretty bad, so we skipped that area of the park. Overall though my son enjoyed himself. We didn't get to go on the wagon ride or ride the ponys since it was so close to closing. I would recommend this place to friends. *Also most of the park was stroller friendly.

Irgo Travel

I got to feed Buffalo! I definitely recommend the VIP experience to get up close and personal with the animals. This was a great day trip from Memphis.

Alicia Ponder

Alot of Fun !!!

Nancy Rodgers

It's a small zoo. It's don't take all day walking to see some animals. My grandson got to pet a albino deer

Justin Cruz

Simple but enjoyable. Theyre making improvements, just be patient. My family loved it!

Maria Garcia

It's great for a family day.. You can walk through out the whole park to see all the animlas.. they also have a Playground for the kids swings and little activities where kids can push buttons and it tells about certain landmarks and tribes. You can purchase a bag of food for $1 to feed the animals as u walk through out the zoo. I can have parties n birthday reserve there.. It's a all around great place to visit for a day of Family Fun

Red Buffalo

I have my own Buffalo herd so I was underwelmed ,good for kids

Linda Garrison

Taking a Horse back ride next time, really enjoyed the time there.

Tracie Wood

Good times

Palbra 86

Was pushed to the side at every turn because they catered to a school field trip. Was even asked to move into a corner in the middle of our lunch so they could sit down. I tried very politely and friendly to leave some constructive criticism without asking for any of my $100 back, only to be chased down at the front door on my way out by the owner to be told “sorry about everything but you always had the option of not coming.” Will definitely be going anywhere but back there on future family trips.

Allen Reddin

Another great place and exciting place to take in while in Tupelo

Joy Jones

As long as my GRANDbabies

The Art In Me

Needs more animals.. should not be $11

Susan Winters

Fun place for all ages


Kids love the animals

Drew Barnes

Had a great time everyone very friendly and your up close to the animals highly recommend

Jacqueline Lowe

Fun for the family and educational.

VickiandJoey Froelich

~Awesome family experience! A must do for all animal loving families! Our family visited today. Our first time being here in years. Pure wholesomeness! This has made our trip! Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Very pleasurable!

Nick&Kim Ates

It was all hiked up to what i thought it was going to be! My daughter enjoyed it. If you have a little 1, bring your own stroller or wagon.

Jamias Hamm

It is great high reccomend

Tonja Tutor

Small, but nice. Wonderful staff & beautiful animals.

Zachary Gregory

Very nice place to go I recommended people are very nice and the animals are awesome

James Overdorff

Great place, plan a picnic stay for awhile

Debbie Aldridge

Beautiful place to visit very entertaining for adults and children. The staff is awesome and very informative about all of the animals in the zoo. They have a lot to offer as far as event's you may have coming up. Can't wait to go back.

Rhonda Hill

Kids had a great time, especially at the pumpkin patch! Interesting animals here.

Nicole Gonzalez

Lovely staff and I really enjoyed myself here. You can feed some of the animals and walk yourself around or take the buffalo tour tram. My one complaint is that I wish some of the enclosures were bigger for the animals

Linda Green

Beautiful family time, very relaxing to view the animals. Purchased a nice souvenir, a hiking stick!!!


At first glance this may seem like a small zoo with only a few animals, and some staff but I can assure you it’s so much more. You can see the smiles on the animals’ faces. You can tell that they are loved. And you can tell that the people who work there care about what they’re doing and the animals who are there. After an unfortunate event, you can see the beauty in the people that work there. Our trip from Florida to Mississippi for a swim meet wasn’t ruined, instead you enlightened it. You let us see the true heart of the people that work there, how life means connection and passion to everything you do. There was never a need to say sorry, in fact thank you for everything. You’re welcome to see us anytime you’re around Sheila, to new friends With love from: Jill, Isiah, Imriel, Eva, and the Cooper City cyclones family we’re sending many more hugs

Kelsey Warden

Knowledgeable tour guide (worth the buffalo tour and trolley ride), clean, respectful employees and well-cared for animals. I liked that it wasn’t about shoving animals in your face. If the zebras are nearby, they are. If they aren’t, you’ll see something else cool. We’ll go again. Bring cash for tips.

Michael Slaughter

Super fun. Vip your was great. I don't remember his name, but that tour guide was amazing and fun. Give that dude a raise. The pumpkin patch was a great addition.

Lanora Spencer

Family friendly,fun kid's enjoyed it tremendously

Penny N

Very pretty animals but confinement way too small. We finished walking and feeding in 30 minutes . Place really small unless you pay extra and take a ride you won't see buffalos.

Greg Patrick

The VIP tour alone is worth the trip. Our host & staff were amazing. Everyone was very friendly & knowledgeable, and the facilities were clean. AND the animals ... awesome.

kasey isbell

Great and fun atmosphere and staff

Nick Evans

Lots of animals.more than u think

Patrick Koch

The emo looking mini pony screamed like a goat and threw a tantrum when we walked off and I was confused the rest of the day.

Claire Wooldridge

It's a great attraction for kids. It can get a little pricey but it's a great for kids and adults. Pumpkin patch is a lot of fun as well.

Violet Grimm

I really enjoyed myself at this park. Many of the animals where friendly and seemed to enjoy the attention. Most of the animals also looked happy/content which is a big plus with me and zoos.

Jim King

Great small town zoo with a VIP tour that beats any large town zoo. Get up and close with the animals and a great tour guide who is very friendly and knowledgeable

Melanie Boyd


LeAnne Williams

Kids love it. Interesting for family outings.

Ashley Parson

Pros: -Reasonably priced -Tour guide on bison tour was great—very friendly and informative -I met one of the animal caregivers, Anthony, and he was also great. Seemed to really care about the animals -You can feed the giraffes and most other hooved animals Cons -so many of the animals just seem sad. Really. The big cats are in teeny tiny concrete enclosures where they don’t have any room to do anything. The male tiger was very distressed -the giraffes are in a VERY small enclosure (for 2 giraffes) -pretty much all of the animals are in enclosures that are way too small, including the birds. It’s just sad. -The horses and ponies used for rides just sit tethered all day until it’s time for a trail ride. -some of the sheep had not been sheared yet, and they were panting very, very heavily in the heat, laying in the shade wherever they could find it. -We didn’t know where to start or stop our tour bc the signs are unclear, and staff didn’t provide us with much direction -It took us a while to get checked in to even start our tour. Staff didn’t acknowledge us for some time but were friendly once they did *They had signs posted about moving the tigers into a new (very large, grassy) habitat that’s currently under construction, which is great, but I wonder how long it will take. And many of the other animals also need new enclosures.

Tiffany Starling

We had so much fun on the Kindergarten field trip with AES Elementary

Lisa Sweeney

Very well maintained.a little overpriced. It only takes about half an hour to go thru but the grandkids enjoyed it and it wasn't too much for my handicap husband.

Kelly M

It was fun, but I think $11 is a bit steep for an admission price. The "zoo" part isn't big enough or nice enough to justify that price. Added to that, you have to pay extra for the bison tour, VIP tour, zip line and the bouncy thing if you choose to do one or all of those things.

Charity Naron

The park and staff are always nice. We did the VIP tour, which I recommend. The gentleman was very kind and showed us several animals up close.

Tammy Phillips

My first time here, had a great time!

Aro Bella

Love seeing the animals and the tours are fantastic and very educational! Staff is very kind and helpful.

Jessie Jones

Had the best day ever at this little zoo. Got up close and personal with my favourite animal for $12!!!

Crystal Cartwright no d no BJ d LP sno

Amazing experience.

leslie grantham

Way over priced for what you get to see and do

Russ Luepnitz

Can't say enough about Tupelos little zoo. Safari type rides to see the Giraffe, Buffalo, clydesdales, and many other grazing animals big cats, monkeys, snakes, and exotic animals. A must visit for all ages.

Kense Woodall

I love this place! I would definitely recommend this place to anyone.

Paul Phelps

It was a great experience. Did the VIP tour it was awesome. The tour guide was highly acknowledge of everything. Highly recommend doing the VIP.

Rena Jones

Had a great time, love the animals and the staff was friendly & helpful.

Marlinda Miller

Great for children.

Denise Kozal

So much fun for the kids, oh and adults!!!

Anna Rutherford

Tupelo Buffalo Park is a pretty neat place to visit, especially if you have kids. However, it's rather pricey and there really aren't just a whole lot of animals or things to do-somewhat of a rip-off! The zebras are cool and SO are the giraffes. And at one particular visit(my child's school field trip), we got to see(and hold) an extremely intelligent, well-mannered, well-behaved, HIGHLY-TRAINED monkey(or maybe it was a gibbon). And where they REALLY get you(take all your money) is in the gift shop(also the only way to exit the park). Your children will want EVERYTHING!! So be sure to bring a loaded wallet!

Rho M.

We traveled-- 24,204-- miles in 2018 with our RV. No doubt one of our most fun experiences out of hundreds over 8 months was touring the TUPELO BUFFALO PARK AND ZOO in Mississippi. We have recited our adventure there with so many friends, relatives and fellow RVers ever since. Your kids will love it, too. Highly recommend to all ages!! We plan to return in October this year when the RV returns from the western states back into south Florida for the winter. Cherokee, a large buffalo/bison, is wonderful around people!! Feed him and you are friends for life:)


Very enjoyable. Kids loved seeing the animals and staff was very knowledgeable.

Daryl Ivy

Awsome place.. friendly staff...

Joseph Neary

Great interactions with animals. Tour guide was just the best!

Michael Smith

So much fun! We started with the VIP tour. Our guide was amazing and knew so much. We got to hand-feed a 3500 lb buffalo. We then did the walk-thru zoo and saw some cool animals for sure. Everyone was super nice. We got to meet the owners and you can tell they love their animals. We also did the horseback trail ride. Our guides were two of the best guys we’ve met in a long time. The horses are beautiful. We will definitely go back.

Lenora Smith

Great place we took our grandkids they had a blast

The Nixons

Great family day! Very friendly staff! Scott really helped give a personal touch to our visit by engaging and explaining some of the animals on a personal level; it was apparent he was knowledgeable and loved what he does. We would recommend to anyone who has a couple hours in the area. It could take less time but the animals are active, so you will want to stay a while! The gift shop also has reasonable prices on items!


This little zoo is so cute! They have quite a few animals to see. You can also pay a little extra and get a VIP tour, which allows you to get up close and personal with the bigger animals! The tour guide clearly had a good relationship with them, as he called them by name and a lot of them even let him pet them! If you’re in the area, you should really stop in and check them out.

Elizabeth Rawlings

The employee who guided the tour was great, and I'm sure the animals are well taken care of, but I couldn't help feeling bad about their small enclosures. I've been to other animal safaris and this was not what I was expecting.

Kathy Griffin

We came from Alabama, had 2 of our granddaughters with us. We waited 15 minutes to pay because the lady at the register was on the phone. It was a personal call because she was on the phone with a doctors office about her son's eye glasses. She never got off the phone to help. She then placed a call to a family or friend while taking our money. The park is small. Our guide for the bison tour was great. Very informative. The animals seemed like they had what they needed but the cages were small. The tigers were beautiful, I sure hope they get the new home built for them soon. Sad to see them in such a small space. Our granddaughters loved it. Glad we got to feed the bison with them. Just disappointed in the size.


Was a fun experience with my kids. Get to feed animals food purchased in gift shop. Was disappointed in a few of the exhibits due to size for animal's best interests but am understanding that the facility is currently expanding and improving continuously. Had a blast visiting the many animals and their individual personalities. The other attractions here are intended for much younger and smaller humans; however, the safari ride within the buffalo fields and all around was amazing and so worth the trip. Will visit again and again to help preserve the zoo. Very reasonable prices for admission, other attractions, and gifts/souvenirs. Will be neat to watch this place evolve each year.

Robert Herron

Great family adventure for any day of the week and kids will love it

John Stevens

Great folks. Beautiful environment and exotic critters

Karen Wilkerson

It was great I got to feed the giraffe

Derrick Kelley

Great for kids, family

Stacey Robertson

Really enjoyed. Need more animals

Katherine Denise Lara

Like the place but it needs more directions on where you start and what’s second and on. Also some of the staff could of at least try to go out side to see if everything was going well or if they need any assistance on anything the we purchase tickets for the horse ride and no one was even there are we supposed to do it our self’s other than that it was a great place my daughter loved the animals we had a great time together trying to figure out where the trail starts and we saw everything more twice because we didn’t know what way to go

james thompson

Great experience for the whole family. The staff has always been very friendly and helpful. Definitely recommend visiting this place.

Jennifer Price

Small but fun. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable.

Gena Vail

Friendly staff. Very helpful. A lot of things to do. Animals are great.

kaitlyn chaney

Great for kids and family. Love taking my nephews there.

Ben Hunter

My kids loved the VIP tour, the zebra, American buffalo, water buffalo and Beefalo were highlights for sure. Courteous and professional staff and very kid friendly.

B BernadetteS

We picked a very hot day to visit. Other than that we had fun on the tour train. They have a wide variety of animals and our grandchildren fed a few of them. We can see how they need money to support all the animals here. The swings were a nice ending to cool off the kids. The entrance is a ticket store and we got snowcones and the girls love their giraffe and tiger on a leash. I wish they had benches through the petting zoo side to rest in the shade.

Ryan Beverly

Loved it, an absolutely stellar trip if I may say so myself, we were in town from a fossil hunt and came across things to do in Tupelo and this was #1 so we decided to see, and let me tell you, glad we did such a great place, make sure you do the ViP tour it's $10 and you can get super close rather than stuck in a bus viewing from a distance it makes the experience that much better, I never thought I'd be face to face with 1,000 + lb bison but here I am, what an amazing experience to be in the presence of these majestic creatures. Anthony our tour guide was top notch when telling us about the animals. The whole place was great and I would definitely recommend trying this place at least once. I'm forever grateful to get to have an experience like this instead of just seeing them on programs and in pictures.

Larissa Dastinot

Had so much fun on my daughters last kindergarten field trip. Friendly and helpful staff lots of stuff for the kids to do and see!

Jordan Kimmel

We had a fun time looking around at everything, even if we did go during an off season. Animals were well cared for and staff was extremely friendly

Kj Shields

Very Exciting in had A-blast never a dull moment

Patty Capella

Enjoyed this even though it is really more of a zoo. Lots of different types of animals not as many buffalo as cattle even long horns. Nice staff with big smiles.

M Bassett

More animals than I thought

Helen Minor

My grand had a great time

George Dee Hawkins

The buffalos here are water buffalos, not the American bison that is pictured on the sign. The only way you can see them is if you pay an extra $10 for the ride on the trolley. We walked through it in 30 to 45 minutes. It does have a nice children's play area.

James Walker

Neat alternative to the memphis zoo not too far away.

Miranda Chapman

The people are so nice and attentive, just wish that they sold pizza. I look forward to coming here again

Earnestine Pope

A good place to take your children

Diana Wiser

We loved this park. Took the trolley ride through the pastures which was great, seeing the animals on pasture rather than in cages was a beautiful experience. Our guide was very knowledgeable about the animals. We plan on going again next year while visiting our daughter.

Kaden Clark

Overall nice place but small cages for most animals like the lion so if they could use their land for the cages it would be perfect

Dexter Huggins

Wasnt what was on their website but was really worth the time and money to see.


Nice place with wonderful and friendly workers! Plenty of things for kids to see or play on. They have a jumpy pillow and multiple play areas. The bison tour is very informative and a fun little ride. They also have a pony ride. Little girl (monkey) was my sons favorite, as you could call her name and she would come climb on the fence by you. You could tell that all of their animals were well taken care of and a little spoiled.

Joe Smith

Great place to visit alsome

Kyle Poe

Something everyone needs to experience at least once. Completely awesome.

Teresa Edwards

We really enjoy animal shows and zoos so this place was awesome! Took about an hour, had beautiful weather too!

Hilda Forister

It's a great place to take the family or just take a friend it's beautiful down there the Fall colors are very right now. Employees are friendly everything is easy to find and it's clean.

Karri Jackson

Super fun and so much to do!

Erica Blue

Love the manager she is so sweet

Jeff Kidd

We had a great time.

Amanda Robinson

Our first time visiting! Such a great place! We will definitely be back!

Pamela Gersh

Love it

Frank Haley

Fun place. I highly recommend the VIP tour!

James Mcginnis

Vip tour was great.

Stephanie Thompson

Great fun!!

Felicia Steinke

Everything was closed or they didn't have it know more

Brett Logan

That's not a zoo. Hardly a park.

Lynn H

Had a day to spare in town and wanted to ride out in the pasture to see the Buffalo but their tractor was down and their side by side was already booked.

Chad Trott

I recommend you take the VIP tour get you up close and you get to learn a lot about the animals..

Delma Mitchell

We started off with VIP tour and Mr Price was excellent tour guide . We loved the small town atmosphere compared to large zoos. Great place for grandparents to take grandchildren . Great place for photos of families . Got great pics of my grands in the magnificent buildings with stone steps . Already have a photo book. Everyone was very pleasant and helpful .Delma and Roger Mitchell and grands ☺

Jessica Watts

Great place for kids. The only thing that bugs me is that the big cats are on concrete. I wish they had grass to live on!

Stan Mann

Lots of animals to see. Buffalo tour is well worth the trip. Sad to see the small cages for some of the large cats, but they are in the process of moving them to a larger area.

Jimmy Cotter

Nice little zoo or park. Great for kids.

Bradley McGregory

Fun, but alot of stuff was closed as far as animals and also activities for the kids

Jodie Nichols

Absolutely amazing place - if you have time to do the VIP tour it is well worth it!!

Christine Allen

Such an awesome place! I highly recommend doing the VIP tour. You get super close to the animals and even get to feed them if you purchase the food! The staff was super friendly and even let my daughter help with feeding a calf. Also buy the thing of feed. We fed animals on the walking trail and used it on the VIP tour. We will definitely be back!

Carl Wood

Nice place for kids, but not enough for a full day outing, couple of hours diversion, reasonable cost.

Sarah Brown

Let me just say that this was some of the MOST fun we have ever had. We took the VIP tour, and our guide who I can't remember his name (very sweet black gentleman) was AMAZING! There's no doubt in my mind that he adores those animals and that he loves his job. We were just a group of adults and let me tell you, we got right next to the buffalo and horses. We also got to feed and pet a calf which was a dream come true for me. Young or old, I PROMISE you will not regret making this trip. It was such a cheap and fun time of our lives. No regrets about this place at all.

Michelle Bickerstaff

Buffalo Park was a lot of fun. A bit expensive though.

Miss Lucid Dreams

Great the giraffes ❤

Michele Robbins

Interesting place to visit. I liked being able to ride out and get so close to some of the animals.


This place was so much fun. It was a little cool when we went so there were few people. The staff made us feel welcome. The animals were great.

Andrew Wood

Nice place but you generally finish doing most stuff in about an hour. Not a whole lot of exhibits but its nice to have something close by in our town.

makayla paige

amazing park ! little pricey depending on what you get but they have EXCELLENT bathrooms & you can tell the animals aren’t sad. you can buy tours & feed the animals.

Tiffani Kiddy

We had a great time

Chris Young

Very friendly staff and pretty animals

Linda Hurley

Too expensive for the product.

Janaya Peters

I have been here multiple times with family from out of town and my son currently 10 months old. He loves all the animals. We have been on the VIP tour a few times and have always had a great guide getting us super close to the animals.

Greta Andrews

This is awesome place kids love it and I did too being that close to a giraffe

Christopher Williams

Took the guided trolley tour. Animals seem well cared for, guide offered some insight in to their care. Walk around portion was a little small and seemed almost like it was simply and exotic pet shop. Tiger enclosure was extremely small, but they did say that they were building a much larger enclosure for them. Decent playground for children ( 12 and under) to burn off some energy. Tourist trap money making parts like the zip line and bounce table cost extra. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Animals well cared for, albeit some with small enclosures.

zach davidson

Lots of fun for family and friends. Constantly growing and bringing in new attractions.

Ian Harbaugh

The giraffes were great. Family really enjoyed the VIP tour.

Revonda Payne

Enjoyable family outing, friendly staff

John Michael Howell

Very run down. Very expensive. Not worth the money.

Matthew Smith

Lot's of animals to see. The facility is clean, but a little overpriced in my opinion. Good for kids. As noted on their website, additional attractions cost extra. Initial admission gets you a general tour of the animal exhibits. Overall I would recommend.

Jemiah The Saiyan Productions

Buffalo park was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I learn so much about buffalo and wild animals. I was even face to face with a field of buffalo. Highly recommended.

Andrea Campbell

The whole experience was awesome. Kind and friendly employees!!!

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