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100 State St, Jackson, MS 39201, United States

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Where is Old Capitol Museum?

REVIEWS OF Old Capitol Museum IN Mississippi

stephen edmonds

Mississippi history, good for history people a bit dull for others. Closed on Mondays

Thomas Gray

Carol Tally

Very glad it has been preserved!

Kari Livingston

Beautifully restored with helpful docents and plenty of exhibits. Definitely worth carving an hour or two out of your day to explore Mississippi history.

Ian Alexander

My daughter and I loved it. There was more things to see than I expected. The details of the architecture and the size of the capitol was amazing.

Benjamin Lewis

This is a great museum to visit to learn about Mississippi's history. With static and interactive displays, it is enjoyable for all ages.

Jamie Hadorn

Very interesting learning the history behind the old Capitol. You don't see attention to architectural detail like this in new buildings.

Zsuzsa Détári

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Arryn Uhlenbrauck

Fun historical museum on the state capitol.

Sheila W

Don't be silly and get informed before entering a museum so you'll know what topic to expect. I enjoyed this museum. It is well taken care for and a lot of attention goes in the exhibitions. Of you're into (American) politics, history or you're a local from the state, it's a must see. I'm Dutch but still found it interesting as I got to learn about the above topics. The staff is very friendly. They took the time to answer all my questions. in total I've spent 3 hours at this museum. The museum is interesting too for children. The museum took the effort to interact with young visitors by asking questions that make them feel as a detective.

Hunter Poole

Rayburn Clipper

Great venue for IT guys to hold a security conference, very nice space

barry knesal

must see for ms residents. really, the interactive displays are very telling of the sadness of our history

reeser cooksey

very good museum

Andrew Rast

Nice place to get out of the heat and stroll through the historic rooms occupied by the state political figures of antebellum and late 19th century. The remodel looks great inside and one of the rooms has a hole in the plaster to display the original brickwork underneath. Enjoyed the creaky wooden floorboards.

Jessica McPherson

Great Jackson History here.

Jalen Loggins

Jamie Dahman

I was there for the Mississippi Humanities Gala. What a wonderful space!

Greg Wheeler

Great restoration - beautiful building. Worth the time.

Shawn Setzer

Beautiful. Definitely watch the video at the beginning of the self guided tour.

Gary Davis

History of the building and it's use in government. Wish the exhibits changed. If you saw it since the remodel it hasn't changed.


Outstanding! Great museum that gives you a detailed and unique yet insightful journey through time. Learn the history of Mississippi and how the wars shaped thought and opinions. Also wonderful art and architecture here.

marco gozzi

(Translated by Google) Interesting (Original) Interessante

Luis Iglesias

Katrina Beauchamp

Max Wenneker

This was an extraordinarily well done museum, particularly for being free. Informative and interactive while not being too detailed. Gives a good appreciation for both Mississippi history as well as the building itself‘s history. A top thing to do in Jackson.

Sylvie Pailloux

Very nice museum. Interactif activities look good for kids

Demarcus Jones

Jill Rivera

We have had the pleasure of making several visits to the Old Capitol Museum since its renovation. The Old Capitol has undergone an extensive renovation, post Hurricane Katrina, and if you have not visited recently it is surely a must see in Jackson. Step back in history and enjoy one of the finest museums in Jackson. Much history to see, enjoyable and fast moving enough even for younger children. If you only have a few stops that you can make and this is one of your options, we highly recommend a visit.

Jason Douglas

Great museum that shows the history of Mississippi. Kids loved exploring the different rooms. Best part is that it's free.

Mr. Baldhead 1

Radames Lopez

tYRannE liBRa

Lots of information with great ancient architecture

Dina Tassenon

Laquen Holcomb


Wendy McCullough

Great place

sarah gregory

It's three stories of Mississippi history and so much that I never knew about our state! Admission is free to get in as well. Took me about a hour to totally walk through. Open 9am to 5pm. Closed mondays though!

A Nonymous

Renee Clyde

Some very nice exhibits regarding reconstruction of the building, history of Mississippi, and Mississippi constitutions.

Peter Krumbhaar

sandeep kommuri

Escobaria Gracilis

Great old building. Beautiful architecture

Jason van Warmerdam

Jesse Johnson

The job Mississippi has done to restore this museum and national landmark is incredible. Well worth the visit.

Keith Markham

Well worth a vist

Jere Matthews

Fun and interesting place!

Don Patterson

Great experience re-living youth memories on return visit to Mississippi. Old Capitol was not busy at all on this Sunday, and will be closing starting tomorrow for repairs, so I'm glad it worked at to visit this trip. Very enjoyable time.

Mark Burtscher


Joshua Watson

Henry Weidmann McCoy

Hoorah soldier

Donny B.

One of Mississippis oldest historical buildings. After Hurricane Katrina this building was redone to tell its own story.

Юлия Курлянчик

S Schnathm

Nicolas Lespour

Nice and free.

James Saucier Jr

Great place

Annje Jensen

Great place. Loved learning the history of Mississippi

Cheyenne Smith

Great piece of local history!


Clean and well taken care of. Very informative and I love it where kids can interact with some of the exhibits and learn history of the state.

Paul Lancaster

Very rich in the history of the state.

AMcLeod timetraveler3

Very well done. Good use of historical structure

Stephen J Alexander

This is a great museum. Considering it's free, it's very much worth visiting. It's a beautifully restored old building with something for everyone. There are exhibits on the history of state government as well as on the history of the building itself and the politics that went into its building, retirement, and restoration. For an architecture buff it's interesting to see the unique curved staircases and the beautiful rotunda and dome as well as the cutaway details of the restoration.

Darko Sarenac

As far as jackson museums go, this is, well, right in the middle of the pack.


Shashank Neelam

Love the grandeur!

Jesus the Christ Jesus Christ The Lord God Almight

I have never stayed here. I was driving by and I understand it was an old YMCA that was converted to a guest

Grouchy Corpse

Yes, I know it serves as a very important marker for MS history. I just find it very boring, and does not contain nearly as much as the two new museums. The Old Capitol tries to explain MS history and its own history, but it really should just focus on its own history. Especially, because they have the new Museum. Otherwise I would go check it out if you were visiting.

Kenneth Charpentier

Ammy Apodaca

Jessica Bryant

rolf lingg

(Translated by Google) Unfortunately was closed due to renovation until 16.5.2019, but we were in the new Capitol (Original) War leider geschlossen wegen Renovationsarbeiten bis zum 16.5.2019, dafür waren wir im neuen Capitol

tiffany claiborne

Nice but bored me into a coma.

Matt Maranto

Jospao Gomez

One part of the Mississippi history beautiful building

Tunic Plays

Nicole Outlaw

Great experience

Barbara McClendon

Juan Martinez

It happened that I went when there was no people at all, so it was an experience. Good information and amazing interactive material for any ages. I recommend to stop by to learn more about the Capitol and history about Mississippi.

eric beard

Nice museum.

Jannah Russell

Why no 2 star Reviews? I've never been here, but the 2 star category feels left out..

Div Walk

Gracie Alford

It's so beautiful inside and they have fun activities you can like a scavenger hunt. It's so lovely and free!


Fascinating place, also check out the art deco war memorial next door

D Largent

Significant historical building that has become a beautiful and educational museum.

mark nicholson

Architecturally fascinating

Lee Kousek

Absolutely Beautiful! This is an amazing trip back into history! A must see for everyone! ☆☆☆☆☆

Mason Davis

Amazing detail, I'd really encourage you to go

Tameka Wonsley-Gilkey

Well be coming back

Ministerio Mercedes DelValle

Beautiful place, full of stories.

Dustin Middlebrook

Was a nice place to visit and learn about what the Capitol building was used for. Free entry. Great helpful and friendly staff.

Tony Garcia

A good stop to get acquainted with Mississippi. This great, heavy stone, intricate, architecture is astounding! It's a shame not to see this kind of quality work anymore. It's an easy walk through museum. Most of it is "interactive", meaning its equipped with sound speakers and some videos that tell you summaries of the history that revolved around and/or associated with the state capitol.

Madis Särglepp

Samuel Jennings

Lots of history

Simone Kaczmarz

Very nice and beautiful. The staff was helpful und nice. I would definately come back!

Beth Harris

Tonya Varnado

Candice Gurvin

Beautiful inside and out the architecture is a must see

Love DIY

It is being renovated but is an awesome building built in 1839.

Warner Arthur

well done

Martin Brix

Simon Tan

great place to learn more about the government in Jackson MS

Jay Humphries

We had a wonderful experience with our PTK/Honors students.

Sharon Ianne

Marcel Reed

Very educational. Lots of history

J Lee

A fantastic experience! Really gives you a feel for the political goings on of a bygone era. Very friendly staff, patrolled by an equally friendly Capitol Police Force. Very much worth a visit.

Paul Anderson

Really enjoyed the exhibits, although some were closed. Love to learn about my state's history and its people. Also the war memorial next door is moving and worth the time.

Donna Lyon

Beautiful at Christmas! And musical events sound amazing in the rotunda when you can catch them.

Kyle Niedrich

Beautiful building! Nice museum secretary that told us what what to do to see Jackson. Really helpful!

Jacqueline Lovorn

Wonderful experience. Nice and helpful hostess. Beautiful architecture. Must see the renovations and historical significance.

Katie stanton

Nice and well organized

Rachel Gregory

Joshua Herrero

Fantastic building and historical presentation

Doreen Preston

Amazing place if you want to plunge into history. The reception staff is really nice and this is a must visit place whenever you're in town.

Chris McKinney

Awesome afternoon of exploring! The museum is free of charge and filled with great exhibits! They also have different ways of experiencing the museum depending on your interest (i.e. architecture, politics, hidden secrets, etc.). They provided a scavenger hunt for our kids, which included prizes for answering all the questions correctly. This experience far exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend it for anyone in the area!

Elliott Swain

Awesome History

Bridget Miller

Well done museum. Excellent set up & service.

diane revish

Great Mississippi experience

Bobby Minga

I've been to the museum several times on my own and with family. Great place, friendly people. Went to see chief Frank Williams speak about Ulysses Grant reconstruction and civil rights. It was as expected also well spoken with a abundantly amount of knowledge. Thanks for a great time !!!

Yi Zhao

(Translated by Google) Passing by (Original) 路过

Gary Edmond

Steve Ginther

Ken Viney

Good photo op but was closed

Bernard Sanchez

Not very good with mentioning slavery that played such a critical role in the state's history. Otherwise, very aesthetically pleasing.

J Scott

Enjoyed the history and the views. Free self guided tour. Awesome museum.

Michael Becker

laura bastidas espitia

Erin Rose

It is worth the trip. So much great information

rebecca sims

Love it

Raj Hathiramani

Wonderful museum about Civil War era with neat interactive features and historic replicas of what took place in the former Capitol

Cory Williams

Had no idea this even existed. Was the best part of my trip! Very informative and beautiful structure.

Leontyne Wells

It was a good experience

Thiago Acquati Velloso dos Santos

(Translated by Google) The museum has a very good and large collection. It is very well located and if you are in Jackson I recommend the tour (Original) O museu possui um acervo muito bom e grande.Ele é muito bem localizado e se você estiver em Jackson recomendo o passeio

Antje Sauerbaum

(Translated by Google) Very interesting place, nice exhibition, free entrance (Original) Sehr interessanter Ort, schöne Ausstellung, kostenfreier Eintritt

Tammy Frazier

Great place historic place to visit

Theresa Alsobrooks

We had a lot of fun visiting the museum. Always intresting

Alex G

Misty Rader

Very informational and offered a great lesson on Mississippi's history.

Frank Zeimetz

Nice old building.

Katie Stout

Love the information it has in it. Good to take the family.

Samuel Rajkumar

Jake Rogers

What a awesome place! If you are in town, make this place a stopď

cat wu

Cool and informative. Free admission and has good exhibitions.

George Hill

A grand old building. It was a real pleasure to tour this wonderful example of antebellum governmental architecture.


I live a block away and come often. The history in those beautiful walls

Mallory McCraw

Helen Munn

Met a wonderful gent here who toured us around! Our youngsters need to see this monument!

Words We Love By

Very nice tour for kids and adults. Very informative

Shamjith Ahmed

Worth visiting

Lisa Cantrell

Very good renovation of the Old Capitol as it was originally. The first floor exhibits and videos are comprehensive and informative, the rooms are laid out in their original purpose-Senate, Supreme Court, Library etc and there is a Hall of Fame room with portraits of famous Mississippians. Definitely worth a visit.

Pam Powell

Very interesting and educational

Laurel Barrett

Very pretty

Jordan Eldridge

Shequita Townsend

The Old Capitol Museum is the actual spot of the states first official state house. Now turned into a museum it is filled with history and information on the past of the building and how state politics works. It is free to all citizens of the state. It charges a nominal fee to non residents. Not sure how much haven't been in a while. If its still the same it was not much i think around $7.00 or less.

James Gorman


Friendly staff at the reception. Entry is free. Those who are interested in architecture and history, can visit this place. Building has three floors accessible for visitors for self guided tour, it has lift too.

Daniel F Macias

Gretchen McGruder

I had a great experience. The food was excellent. Great atmosphere.

Hal Taylor

It is a great museum on Mississippi history. It is located near the new civil rights museum so that is a bonus as well.

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