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REVIEWS OF Mississippi Children's Museum IN Mississippi

April Lishman

Love this place. Positive learning environment with opportunity to engage in learning activities.

Sica Lampley

Had a party at the MCM. Despite being told that party attendees would have have access to the Museum the entire business day and not using all the wrist bands that were paid for, my guest were required to pay at the door because they arrived 6 minutes after my slotted party time, which was 24 minutes before the museum closed. Received every possible excuse they could come up with not to refund my guest. Although we did not have a bad time, my family will never host an event here again or pay for a membership; there are many options in the metro area that are more customer service driven.

Cherie Austin

Great experience with my granddaughter age 3.

Monica Greiner

Highly recommend. Felt secure for my grandson. Staff all over the museum. Friendly, caring. Security on hand.

Asia Parker

Great place for the kids. It has lots of activities. A play room, music room ,art room. It's great.

Bobby Scott

Great place for the kids and grown ups too. Loved it, we will be back!!

Trudy Greer

The beat childrens museum I've ever been to. If you find yourself in Jackson with kids, make it a point to stop. It is well worth the admission price. Large, clean, and well staffed with great exhibits!

Sarah Allen

The attractions were very nice. It is definitely a place to take the kids for a day. Although several of the games were out of order or missing pieces. Also the food served there is extremely overpriced. However the staff do activities with the kids using art or science to entertain the kids and help them learn. All in all a good way to spend a day.

Caitlyn Thompson

Great place. Lots of fun for the kiddos.

Patrice Greer

My children always enjoy going to the Children's Museum! I just wish the hours were extended more for members.

Morgen Wright-Pfeifer

This is an amazing place to visit while in Mississippi. We did have an issue with field trips. My three-year-old kept being run over by older kids that weren't being monitored. There were multiple times things were taken straight out of his hands and the kids were just generally rude, and the teachers did nothing about it. But once the field trips left my kids had a blast!

Marilyn Patterson

A nice place to take the kids

Jessica Leflore

My family always has a great time at the Children's Museum. Our most recent visit was to to earn a badge for cub scouts. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the staff was so helpful and friendly.

Dasha Peipon

The museum offers LOTS of opportunities to explore. The kids can have hours of fun. The scheduled events are wonderful - visiting artists, dance instructors, musicians interact with children and create wonderful programs for kids to enjoy. Annual family memberships are affordable and are worth investing into. The only negative my family encountered is the fact many of the toys/equipment/play areas are not in great condition. The obvious minimal wear and tear is understandable and expected (like faded colors or chipped paint), but in this case some of the items are broken and non-functional - it defeats the whole purpose of them even being there. That's the only reason it's a 4-star rate, not a 5. I would still recommend checking it out. It's a great location for hours of fun with friends.

Jennifer Hootsell Betts

One of the best children's museums we've been to! There are so many exhibits and it's always very clean. There's a gift shop and snack bar. We absolutely love this place!

Tim Alford

My son's favorite place to go. Never a bad thing to say about this place. Always fun and the staff is always helpful and nice.

Abhishek Tripathi

Nice place to let kids blow of the excessive energy, my kid loved the place there are activities for 1-7 year olds

Formose Pereira

My kids did not want to leave this place.Check out the pollinators garden too, lots to learn too here

venkateswararao Sadhu

Very nice place for kids

Aaron Johnson

Member. Stellar museum. Awesome place to take kids during any day and especially for events. Well-maintained and full-sensory activities. Best for 2-5 year-olds.

Cherri Taylor

My grandkids loved this place.

Jessica McPherson

My niece loved it! I learned some things too.

Zach Johnson

Great museum with so much to do! We had a great time!

Jamie Dahman

Great place for kids to run and play.

Anice Brennan

My son had a great time and we (dad)and 3yr both had fun

Luke Arredondo

My wife and I have been to a lot of children's museums, and this one is far and away the best one we've seen! Our kids love it!!!

Roman Fields

Great place for kids. The museum should change a few exhibits to keep things interesting.

jarrod street

Knowledgeable staff are always willing to help. They always have a great exhibit going on. They even have a place for kids and adults to learn. Without a doubt this is one of the best places to bring the kids on a rainy. And it’s in the good part of town.

Karron Sutton

Great place

Kfr Newpage

Great Cool as in ac place for kids to play and learn

J. Mark Bowers

Interesting museum...I just hate being nickled and dimed once I’ve already paid for a membership.

Yasir Alruwaili

One of few places that we love in Jackson Mississippi. Very great place to bring your kids to. Staff is so friendly and the museum is so clean and up to date. There are many kinds of activities the kids can engage in whether mentally or physically. It gets crowded in the weekend. The parking is free and available. Handicap accessible.

Baskin Jones

Top notch


For birthday #7......seems to be a pretty good time

Jason Parker

Most amazing children's museum we have ever been!

Donald Leonard

Staff was very friendly and the kids had a great time their all day! Eating lunch there also wasn't very expensive.

Alisha Graves

Had a blast with my family! There was much more to do than I expected! Also had a splash pad I didn't know about so next time Im going prepared!

Matthew Thigpen

Our kids enjoyed it very much. Plenty of activities to spend their time doing.

Michael Medlin

I recently visited the Mississippi Children's Museum for the first time and was blown away by how great it was. We'll be able to go back and visit different exhibits multiple times before we get to everything. Thomas the Train had just opened and the kids loved it. I'm also looking forward to using the splash pad as it heats up this summer.

mark anthony davis

Great for the children. Loved the summer camp. Wish it was longer

Sven Love

Great for children of all ages, many things for them to do and see and experience- just need more places for children to eat as well then it would be perfect.

Edna Johnson

We only used the room facilities, so it's n/a.

Gene Baxter

Great for kids of all ages

Carmen Kelly

This is our go to with the kids when we want to get out of town and attend somewhere that is kid friendly, clean and pleasant. The staff is friendly, the bathrooms are always clean and they even house a nursing room for mothers. I would recommend that all near and far attend this museum as our kids always can't wait to go back and attend again.


I literally just paid for my tickets. I haven’t even began to enjoy this place. I’m giving a 1 star solely based on being turned down for my Military discount. I’m a 100% disabled veteran, asked if they did Military discount and was told it was only for Active Duty. I have a disabled Military ID. Hell, I parked in their handicap spot. I NEVER ask for Military discounts, but the off chance that I do I’ve never been told that it’s only for active duty. I’m beyond upset about this.

Carolyn Ferguson

Fun place for younger kids. Plenty of hands on and interactive things to do. Reasonable price of admission.

Brianna Jones

Lots to do!!! Food was great. But there could be more space for dinning. There is a lottttt for the children to enjoy. Although... I would have to say, parents everything is fitted to be children size.... I was upset that I still had to pay $10 just for entering the building! Literally adults admission should be free! All there is to do is.... SUPERVISE your child! It's true: a child could really get lost in there... My son went down the slide and I had no clue where the come out point was!!!! I had to do allllllll the way around and down the full entrance to find him! It's kind of nerve wrecking. Party area have no privacy! You can see right through the party room!! So no party here for us! My son had fun so that's why this place gets a 3.

Deborah Williams

The students enjoyed themselves They were very excited.

Shellah Young

Beautifully decorated, very festive! The snowflake slide was incredible!

Chris Clark

Cool once. Not twice.

John DeLee

A wonderful place to spend the afternoon. So many fun activities for small children. Nice open area with many different activities for children of all ages to explore and learn. My family and I will definitely return many times, making the annual passes well worth it.

Jeanne Pague

Went with my granddaughter and her 2nd grade class on a field trip. What an amazing place! Lots of learning activities and teachable moments! We'll definitely go back!

Richie McComas

This is a great place for children to play and learn. There are several exhibits for the kids. The exhibits are set up so older and younger kids can play side by side. Bring an extra set of clothes, there is a splash pad in the front outside.

S Flinn

Hours of endless fun

Clifton Collins

We loved the all hands on exhibits. The 4 year old had as much fun as the 54 year old.

Rachel Harris

My kids always have so much fun! Most parts of the museum are not too crowded or noisy, a plus for me.

Angela Jenkins

My kids and I visited the museum for a birthday party. My son was grumpy so I didn't explore much this time! But the party room was nice (they are vert strict on their reservation times!) and the kids enjoyed the museum and the splash pad out front of the building. I'm sure we will visit again!

Dustin Alexander

This place is amazing. My daughter had a blast and so did the wife and I. The price is very reasonable.

Ford Prefect

We had a great time. Some of the exhibits didn't work but that might have been a good thing because I looked around for more to do and in this place there was no end to the things we found. We explored outside. Played giant Scrabble, jinga blocks, puppets, kitchen... We stayed untill it closed.

jonathan touchstone

had fun here

hits johnso

Kids had a great time. Lots to do

jessica clayton

Absolutely love taking the kids here. They're always very entertained.

Antro Johnson

Very fun and educational for children, allowing them to learn and be creative!

Sandrine Holdener

Very nice and cheap place.

cmk love

Good place for small children.

Bridget Clark

Fun place to take the kids. Lots of activities, my kids love the water play area where they can build their own boats and the large outdoor sand play areas.

Courtney Mallard

My boys LOVED this place.

Kalynn Woods

Staff is great. Would suggest a designated are for kids 0-2, 2-4, 5-7 ect. Group of 7 year olds pushed my 3 year old many times and a child with autism at the same time while climbing to the slide. It was very difficult to get to my child since I was on ground level and had to go around to steps out of eye sight to get to him. Over all the activities where enjoyable for both child and self.

Linda Shelton

My niece and I brought our 2 year olds. They had so much fun. Great way to spend a few hours with your child.

Kayla Reeder

My children always have the best time here. They have sssooo much fun, we bought a membership.

Jon-Michael Trimm

My son had a blast, no matter how many times a year he goes!

Stephanie Holbrook

Fun for the kids. Some of the features are not operating correctly or are not working at all. The kids don't really know the difference, but it could be a better experience if they fixed the broken features.

Debbie Coble

For the price it was a big let down

Karen Ellzey

Great place for fun and learning

Julia Koosha

My toddler was non stop go go go as soon as we entered the doors. Very interactive and a great way to get some energy out as we were on a long road trip. Really smart and fun experience. My only suggestion is that the water area was a bit more kept, but overall we love it and this will be a future stop on our long drives. Thanks.

Randy Box

Over rated, and charged 10$ for a 2 yr old! Dang ridiculous!! Won't be going back!


First time going here definitely different than what I was expecting but my daughter enjoyed it.

Salahuddin Shaikh

Awesome and wonderful place to enjoy and spend time with kids. Great hospitality in all staff. Me, my wife and my son specially like their winter slide. Excellent theme and events throughout the year. Worth to go and take memberships for family. Thank you for excellent maintaining good place.

Slayton Duncan

Perfect place for the littles ones! Even the very young ones. I enjoy it myself! Some family member got my wife and daughter and I a yearly pass to this museum and my wife trys to take our daughter at least once a week. She is only 17 months old but has the time of her life! Theres even a little cafe and a nice gift shop! There's even an outdoor garden, splash pad and an walking trail!!

James Shafer

My daughter loves this place!

Gabrielle Johnson

Awesome experience. My kids loved this place. It is reasonably priced with great interactive centers for learning. We live out of state, but will definitely be returning.

dawnie ludwig

Just a fantastic place to spend time with your children all the Hands-On interaction things that they're allowed to do and play with is amazing it's clean the bathrooms were spotless there was a tenant's all over with smiles on their face looking the help I really couldn't say much more about the Children's Museum other than I bought a yearly pass after going through it for two minutes and we stayed from 1 to 5 p.m. it was beautiful and wonderful it was one of the best passes I've ever bought in my life and I recommend it to all who is a family.

Jenn P

Great place for a family fun day. I was visiting with family in MS and brought my kids and nieces and nephews for the day. We had so much fun I bought a membership so we can come back. Mr. Funches was very knowledgeable and helpful staff member who made me and my large group feel very safe and comfortable at the facility.

Andrew LaPointe

Expensive!!! Food and admission are not worth the price!!! The toys and stations were dirty and wouldn't be surprised if kids walked away with hand, foot, mouth disease. The music section was missing instrument items. The design of some of …

Rebecca Jackson

Wonderful experience! Kids loved it!!

Sassy Savage

I was pleasantly surprised. My son had a blast

Camilla Coombs

Super super cute interactive museum. When we went it was super crowded, but it was a holiday. They keep it really clean for a children's museum.

Richard Hicks Jr.

Always enjoy Dr Seuss birthday!

Shay Jenkins

We went mothers day weekend with my infant. She loves it because her father played along with her but its really not for children that xannot walk unless you are fun parents

nancy powers

Great place

Cynthia Rouser

Fun exciting place the Children's Museum have lots to do. I'll take advantage of it and take my children great learning experience.....

Najah Jones

Wonderful place! Your children will absolutely LOVE IT!! FYI:STORY HOUR IS AWESOME!!

Ciara King

Loved how they had guides for each station that made sure the children rotated every so often so everyone enjoyed all the displays. Went with a very large School group about 200+ students, I think. Lots of interactive items. My only compliant is that on the Mississippi display and a few others there is no audio on the placards which makes it difficult for emergent or none readers to experience it.

Mallory Kendall

Excellent place to take your children. The staff members are all extremely nice and helpful. There are many fun activities for the kids to enjoy.

Shilpa Mishra

The staff is not friendly

Crissty Lugo

Great place to visit.

Julia Wise

Half the exhibitsl don'twork.I think for $10 per person they could update and fix their exhibits.

Barbara Gennaro

My 3 year olds favorite place!

Jess W. Hinton, CLU

We've been coming here for 6 years when our son was old enough and he loves it. I remember reach time we came ge would go and do one sta and the next time we came he explored another. The past 2 summers he's done one of the summer camps …

Shawn Foles

Great museum and cost is good for the value. It’s been open a while and some of the activities could use a fresh coat of paint or updating otherwise it would be 5 stars

Ehab AlAmeer

Staff was pleasant. My kids loved it. Admission not bad

Katie stanton

The gentleman that greeted our class wasnt very nice or pleasant however once inside we enjoyed it

Dana Nowell

This museum is one of the best we have visited! We are so fortunate to have this in our backyard. There are travelling summer exhibits, an outdoor garden/literacy exhibit, a splash pad in the summer, and tons of indoor activities. It's a great place to visit when the weather is too hot or too cold because it's mostly indoors. We have been members for years and continue to love every single visit. Great for kids of all ages, especially 3-12, but babies have fun too for sure.

Cassandra Bailey

Gushing three years of membership SO WORTH IT

James Kithuka

My son loves this place! Great to keep the little ones occupied.

Bill Ruiter

Half the museum is closed. I guess we'll come back in a few months.


Kids had fun but the layout of the place makes it easy to lose your kids (especially if you have a runner).

Blow4Blow Music

Good place to take your child fun and learn at the sametime

Adele Thomas

I highly recommend. It's a good balance of fun and learning. Even adults may learn a thing or two. There are activities for kids of all ages. I didn't like that I had to pay for my 12 mth old daughter, who couldn't even walk or engage anything though

Roben Carter

Love it!!!!! Kid and adult friendly! We are having a BLAST! Will be visiting again!

Scott Jones

This place is awesome and engaging! So much to see and do there plus a wonderful venue for events!

Langley Hudgins

We visited for a field trip and had a great time. All of the kids had plenty of activities to do to keep busy.

Lisa Miner

Limited vegetarian options. Family toilets were a bit high. Otherwise awesome place! Great interactive exhibits we haven't seen elsewhere.

Amanda McIntosh

There's a ton of cool things for the kids to do and learn. The 2nd floor has bathrooms on both sides of the building which is great because packed bathrooms with little kids can be obnoxious. There's a splash pad out front that is pretty cool.

Stacey Edwards

We love the museum!! We go multiple times a month. The membership package is wonderful.The visiting artist are engaging and fun. The activities are regularly cleaned and repaired. It's a wonderful place for children and adults. My only suggestion would be more seating for the adults.

Shelia Jones

It was so exciting 1st time there and grandbabies loved it. Will take them again.

Kate Hunt

We traveled from Lucedale to come and visit and we were not disappointed. I was very impressed with how interactive it was. We loved the outside area there were different type herbs in the garden there was also a sandbox and a crows nest. So much do and see at this place. Locking forward to coming back very soon.

Mary Margaret Mitchell

The staff is so friendly, exhibits were great and we had a blast! Will definitely be back!

Kasey Garrett

My toddler loves the Mississippi Children's Museum! We especially loved the Thomas the Train traveling exhibit and are looking forward to Eric Carle next! Staff here is always friendly and polite. We enjoy each and every visit!

Cat Wilson

Phenomenal! So very happy that something this nice is here in our backyard. Well maintained and planned out. A GREAT blend of education and play. Most of this museum is inside (especially good on a hot MS day).

Ariel Bennett

My baby loves this place

Cynthia Posey

My little boy loves going there!!!

Gary Davis

Pj did an excellent job hosting the party

Peter Whitman

We had a blast at the Children's Museum! We went for the space exhibit, which was cool. The kids made their own little air rockets and got to shoot them across the room. The 501st made an appearance, which is always cool. The rest of the museum was fantastic. There were things to learn and things to just have fun. Soooooo many tunnels, slides, and places to climb. My only regret is not visiting sooner. If you have kids and have not experienced the Children's Museum, please go!

John Everitt

Our three year old loves going here. There is so much to get them entertained especially on a rainy day!!

Family Of 5

Awesome. Super clean ans excellent staff.

Staysh E

LOVED IT!!!!! We truly enjoyed ourselves. A must stop activity when grandbabies visit again. Forget "Mouse Pizza Joint" this is way more fun and educational. Did I mention the outside water activities. Safe no crowds and soft on the wallet. Con: Gift shop could sell more branded keepsakes and science themed items besides $15.00 tees and drink glasses.

Kevin Strahan

My kids love this place

Elen Chilova

So many tunnels, slides, and places to climb. locatorinmate com/mississippi-prison-inmate-search

Tim Tucker

A great place next to Museum of Natural Science great educational tool especially for age 6-12

Shane Lauritzen

We love this place and drive almost an hour to get here at least once per month. Membership pays for itself if you go more than three times per year. The staff and volunteers are friendly and engaged. The variety of activities is awesome with something for kids of every age. We have been taking our kids since around age 1&1/2 and it has been a great place to track their physical and mental milestones because each visit they usually try something new or are able to do something they couldn't before. The member only parties and events are great too. Do not deny your young kids this experience; it's well worth it!

Sarah Linfield Wilson

A friend and I have gone to the children's museum every week this summer. We love meeting here and letting our toddlers play while we get to connect and talk while in an air conditioned play area for our kids. The employees are kind, the …

Beverly Collins

We took my grandson and him and I had a great time. Myself probably more!!. Great for the kids

Jenese Bowles

First - time visitors. My 5yr old had a great time. Lots of fun things to do.

Katy Parker

Such a cool place! My 4, 6, and 8 year old all loved it!

krista Franklin

Great activity for the afternoon! Went to a birthday party and have never been to a party at a public location like this and been any better attended to! It was outstanding! Very impressive! Already planning our next trip over there!

Ashley Roberts

Great experience for the kiddos with tons to do. My kids had a blast. Once lunchtime hit it got extremely crowded so I definitely recommend going early unless you are very patient.

Terri Jones

Absolutely love this place and all of the educational opportunities available for all ages!

Endearment Sophia Parker

Soooooo love this museum. !!

Natalie Odom

Fun place for younger kids. The only thing I didn't like was the stairs. too many levels and safety concern.

C Norman

It was fun for the kids, but it was way too hot in there!

Julie Shaw

My mom and I took my one and a half year old son to see the Eric Carlee exhibit and had a blast!

LaurenE Martin

Ok, this place is just absolutly amazing!!! You have to take your kids here, not only will They have fun but you will also. I love how it brought my inner child out, I played just as much as my kids did! Everything is so hands on here, it will most defiantly tire you and your kids out! Trust me, more, so more than worth it!!

Amber Fink

It was lots of fun!

Deloris Trotter

Very good place for children

Monica Walker

My daughter loves this place. Season pass is so worth it. Only complaint is that session pass is for family of 3. Its only two of us, would be nice if pass for 3rd person could be used by another adult that take her when I'm busy or friend joining us on playdate.

Thom Lewis

Grandkids loved this place. They could've stayed the entire day. Some of the activities were pretty worn, particularly Velcro items were not holding well. Staff was always smiling which made us outta towners more comfortable. Thanks for the day.

Joshua Taffer

Cant beat the price. There is so much to do and my son absolutely loved it

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