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REVIEWS OF Longwood IN Mississippi

Jay B.

Really interesting place. Great tour guides as well.


The tour guide we had the bald headed guy white the white beard was horrible and very disrespectful. Would not recommend and you couldn't take pictures of the the beautiful memories you had to take pics of the old rusted things

Lara Dorsett

Toured twice in 2 trips. Such a beautiful house and history.

Robert Snapp

I enjoyed an informative tour of Longwood Civil War era house. The Longwood house was never finished because of events that led to the Civil War. The house is also unique because of its immense size and unfinished multi-story design, very unique when compared to other plantation-style homes in the Natchez area. The tour explains the sad story of the family that lived there , the loss of a dream and family member and the struggle for survival. The home and tour are unique and well worth the time spent to visit. Guests can explore the grounds after the tour.

Sean Kotalik

Awesome history

Paul Johnson

Awsome, unfinished showed old world craftsmanship.

Robe Harris

Could only imagine the splendor if the family could have finished the home!

Michael Hendricks

Arcitecture was ahead of its time.

Adie Reed

Rather nice!

garlinda walls

Spectacular representation of the destruction and tragedy of the Civil War. My favorite house in Natchez.

Clark Holland

I'm 16 years old and had a great time. If you enjoy history this is definitely a great place to stop.

Linda Darnella Smith

This antebellum museum is a must see! Especially if it is your first visit to NATCHEZ! It is the essence and soul to this breath taking town!

Carol Capanna

Very interesting history of the Civil War era

Dana Comstock

Gorgeous! Somebody posted a review complaining they could only see 2 of the 6 floors. That's because the HOUSE WAS NEVER FINISHED! There are ONLY TWO LEVELS on which you can go. After many trips to Longwood I was thrilled the second floor had been planked. We were able to walk around nearly the entire 2nd floor! We learned more about the plans than we had in previous tours. Of all the homes in Natchez, this one still contains highly personal items from original owners. Loved the portrait of Mr. Butt's "assistant" - one of only 2 existing portraits of "house slaves" known to exist in the state. Our guide said he was know as "Uncle Freddie" to the children, suggesting he was likely Mr. Butt's half brother. Great tour!

Allen Herring

An unbelievable experience! It has to be in the top 5 homes you visit in Natchez. I would have loved to gone all the way to the top to get a better perspective of the construction techniques they used back then. You have to see it to believe it.


Excellent insight into the times of the plantation,civil war and reconstruction era.

Beverly Fauth

Wonderful home that was never finished!

Margaret Warner

Absolutely a beautiful & interesting place to visit. The tour guide was very good.

Hugo Hackenbush

$18 admission. No photos inside the completed section, but OK in the unfinished area. 1 hour guided tour.

Preston Richards

Interesting Historical Landmark. Worth the stop.

Ashley Page

This was such a beautiful house, but it's the story behind it that makes it so fascinating. Construction began months before the civil war started and remains unfinished to this day. Its absolutely worth the cost of admission!

Chance Tuttle

Wonderful place to visit. Worth the admission fee. Great tour guides with hood humor.

Reni Westbrook

Great stories about pre civil war Natchez

AbbyT Mauwong

Stunning, you will never forget you saw this one. Truly one of a kind.

Lauren Pieri

This was an interesting tour, learning about the local & building history.

Ginny Phillips Allen

A monument to the tragedy of war and unfulfilled dreams. Already a tragic era of American history, the Civil War brought pilfering in this home by both Union and Confederacy taking good supply and burning crops. The architecture was moving past Federalism and is the largest octagonal home in the USA. Beautifully planned for flow of air and guests, but never finished, never met its potential.

Jim Bougie

One of a kind.

jene robinson

Great ante bellum mansion. Disappointing guide. Go!

Amanda Reeves

Absolutely stunning! Such a magnificent monument to a once abundant time! Loved it!

Diane Kirk

I loved that the furniture was mostly original to the time when the house was lived in, and that the unfinished part of the house was left unfinished. The grounds are also beautiful, with roses, a few falling leaves, and Spanish Moss in late September. Excellent tour.

Karen Warren

AWESOME!! If you can only visit one house in Natchez, make it this one! The story of this house is so interesting and it captivates your imagination to see what it might have been. Loved it!

Андрей Вырыпаев

Great guide with the sense of humor. Mansion is impressive and the biggest of them all.

Bob Sammartino

Awesome tour in the unfinished mansion preserved as it was .

Laura Turner

Beautiful place, our guide was awesome!!

India Foley

A very unique home to tour! Even the unfinished floors upstairs was interesting.

Tim Sommers

Another great history lesson. Worth the time and money.

Eugene Weber

Not your typical mansion run very well by private organization.

Alex Hemsley

A fascinating and intimate tour with a very unique tail that continued for centuries. Worth the small ticket price. No photos on the lower level.

David Sizemore

Wonderful tour, well worth the money and time.

Bill Townsend

Very interesting place and history. Well done tour and guides. Highly recommend.

Charles Carter

Nice tour.

Lee Robertson

Very interesting tour, wonderful antebellum home. Imagine how the home would look if it had been completed as designed! Souvenir shop was disappointing.

Mary Blocker

A must see home. Sad that it wasn't finish before the Civil War.

MiChelle Pittman

Our favorite historical home in Natchez. A must see

Carol Smith

The house is simply beautiful and so full of history.


Plantation home and gardens are always a great spot to tour for our group when we bicycle along the Natchez Trace. This is one of my favorite homes to tour, and is open year round, not just at pilgrimage tour seasons.

Fred Duplechin

A beautiful example of creative and unique southern architecture. This place was suddenly abandoned due to the civil war, leaving the home spectacular, but unfinished. Very interesting story and well worth the visit.

R Wobbly

This place is a Wow! A must see while you're in Natchez.

S Rehbaum

Amazing ODD designed house, intriquing history behind the design. A must see.

Jacek Nikodem

A good starting point to see Natchez architecture. After I saw this one, I visited other houses - prettier and cheaper.

Karen Reynolds

The building is impressive and definitely worth seeing. Unfortunately but understandably, we were only able to see the upstairs due to flooding downstairs. Our guide was somewhat informative, but rushed. The rest of the staff was not particularly friendly and seemed inconvenienced by us being there.

Erin Marler

Amazimg, beautiful, a must see when visiting the south. Tour was informative and gift shop was nice.

Keith Markham

Most interesting home in Vicksburg.

Vincent White

Beautiful property but the guide was dry

Wayne Herring

Beautiful house a must see

Annette Daffron

Longwood is a very interesting home with it's history entertwined with the Civil War. A must see.

William Coopet

Old mansion beautiful settings very ornate

James Blount

Voted as Mississippi's most unusual house. Basement is normal. Rest of house unfinished and left to imiganation.

Jeanne Pague

Wow, what an awesome historical mansion in Natchez. The home rates 5 stars, The tour rates 4. It really felt rushed. $18.00 per person. We just feel we didn't get enough time to see everything in each room before being whisked on to the next.

Bill Cowell

An interesting house, built at the time of the civil war, was not finished when war broke out and the upper floors were never completed. The owner was killed in the war and his widow and her children survived to live in the basement which was the only part that had been completed. The guide gave a fascinating account of the events at the time of the civil war and the struggles the owner's widow had to survive and bring up her large family. The design of the house is unusual and consists of a central octagonal room with minor rooms arranged around the eight sides.

Nicholas Moran

First place my wife and I visited while in Natchez. Excellent tour guide. Highly recommend!

Natasha Qamar

Lovely peek into the rich history of the south and the Civil War

Donna Cobb

WOW!!!! I mean, just WOW!!! And our tour guide was so great!! The property is a photographer's dream, and the history will actually break your heart. You instantly fall in love with this can't help yourself!!

suzanne cliffe

This is an amazing piece of property with a very interesting history. It is owned by the Garden Club in Natchez. Their tour guides are very knowledgeable and have been able to answer modt questions.

Pam Buccieri

Gay was our guide, she did a great job and welcomed questions

Mark Smith

Great tour guide, a fascinating home, and a really interesting history.

Jean Jones

Amazing to see how this place was constructed - all the open joists, etc. being in plain view. What IS finished is gorgeous!

Rhonda Harrison

Such a beautiful place yet a sad time in our history.

Pam Dixon

This place was overpriced and overrated. The tour guide needed some enthusiasm. She was beyond boring. You couldn't hear her. I was extremely disappointed. $18 was way too expensive $10 maybe. But this was ridiculous. Horrible.

Cody Pace

Very unique! Nothing else like it!

Cindy Scott

Beautiful house

Karen Church

I am having a hard time reviewing Longwood because it's quite a feat of architecture but tickets were quite pricy though for a 30 minute tour. Although it was a scripted, guided tour, the information provided could easily be found online. We were able to see two of the six floors. Both of my kids (ages 11 and 8) were bored to tears.

Natalie King

Visited sister in Mississippi and went to Longwood. A great historic place to see. Was a great educational experience.

Virgil Hoover

I love this house!

Rob Hash

Too expensive. I’ve hosted three trips to Natchez and always brag on Longwood because of its rich history. But $18/person is too much. So we skipped this each time after checking how much the tickets are at the gate.

April Marsh

If I could give this amazing piece of history more stars..I would.

Noel Johnson

Unique but never was finished.


Great tour guide. Very interesting

Mary Pinson

Drove up to the gate & the guard said it was $10 to enter. We thought, great, that's not bad at all! We get to the house & get out just as a bus pulled up. We stood in line with the bus tour & when it came our turn, the guide stood in front of us with her arms spread as to prevent us to pass. She informed us that the $10 only covered a drive through the property, "we're not supposed to even get out of your car" & they would be happy to sell us a ticket for an additional $18 a piece to tour the house. WHAT? Very, very rude & way too expensive to tour a house that was never completed. I do not recommend this tour. If you want to see a beautiful house, with an entertaining tour given by the owner of the home, tour Choctaw Hall.

Rick Spurgeon

Really nice estate. Unique design. Wish I could see it finished.

Len Ware Jr

Good tour. Our tour guide was awesome!

Elaine Twing

A very unique & interesting place to visit. You have to see it to be able to appreciate it. It's sad to think about the family not being able to finish it. I have never seen another house built like it. A must see.

Donna Bodron

A unique antebellum home that was never finished. Construction was delayed because of the Civil War. If completed, it would have been the smart home of the 19th century with a complex and innovative design.

Constance Reed

First time seeing this place and I was disappointed with what I heard. I love history!!!

Steven Eggers

Very unique structure...I can only imagine how it would have looked if it was finished...

veronica milburn

Interesting mansion...never finished. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable about the history of this place. I would recommend seeing it.


An interesting tour that includes some of the local history.

Karen Garnett

Being able to see what is behind the finished walls of many area mansions was fascinating! Since only the first floor was completed, the brick walls are exposed from the second floor up. Many ingenious architectural details were planned for this house: such as sliding pocket shutters! The lower floors are 10,000 feet each. And the girls bedroom floor with sitting rooms and huge closets ... to die for!

Charles Collin

Very nice mansion, but the host was kind of limited in her answers. Most of the talk is about the family for whish I have no interest. We still learn about the manners of this time. The park is also very beautiful.

Bridget D

Very beautiful

Alan Niven

Interesting history, my favorite antebellum house.

Steven Polakoff

Architectural gem, fascinating history

Cynthia Cutrer

A Must See! Very impressive architecture! Even though not completed!

Alyson Stasek

Always a fun place to visit in natchez

Susan Troy

Very cool. If you can only do 1 house tour this is a good one. Guide was very knowledgeable and friendly.

Emily Cole

One of my favorite of all of the Natchez houses. Don't miss the cemetery located close to the house.

James LeGoullon

A must see.

Patrick Elder

That's what she said

Keith Kidd

Fascinating to see a 180 year old unfinished home. This 13,000 sf structure began before the Civil War and was never completed.

mechelle boyd

Cool place but no photography on the bottom floor


Overpriced considering only one level is finished. Much nicer homes can be found in the area for the same price or cheaper.

Raymond Gale

Very informative and interesting.

Barbara Mire

We really loved the story of the unfinished home!

Jess W. Hinton, CLU

Very cool house to tour... biggest octagonal house in the USA... deep history. Would have loved to have seen this house finished.

Sharon Hose

An amazing view into history...well worth the trip!

Blake Remy

Beautiful site with a very interesting history. A must visit if you are in Natchez.

laura shapiro

Fascinating architectural endeavor and incredible story about why this was never finished. Gay was a wonderful guide. The basement, which served as the Nutt's living quarters was interesting. When visiting Natchez mansions this is one not to be missed.

Landon Huey

Our guide was unfriendly. Not the Southern hospitality you would expect. Plus, his phone rang three times in the first three minutes of the tour, very unprofessional. Unfortunately, due to plumbing issues the only floor that was ever lived in was closed.

Bruno Tisserand

It has been my worst experience in USA ! On the 10th of August 2018. When I arrived at the entrance gate, I had no time enough to go on the whole visit and I asked the fee for a short external sightseeing tour. The man at the gate said me that the only possible price was 18$ per person and I considered it as far too much as we were 4 people. The comment of the gatekeeper was "Welcome to America, go back to Paris" in a such an nsultive and provovative way that we were all surprised, shocked and we decided to leave without considering him. I must say that I never encountered such an attitude from anyone since I have been visiting USA over the last 35 years and I wish it will never happen again. Bruno

James Hammons

Beautiful home. Can learn a lot about a time gone by

Kenny Sims

If you go to ANY antebellum home, make it this one. The history is great.

Melissa Creel

Beautiful home and grounds good value

Joel Bof

A must see if you want to see antibellum homes. This one is different, construction stoped in the middle cause of the civil started

Terrie Copas

Would like to have went up my floors. Very nice tour and liked that I could explore the grounds on my own.

Janet Lowe

Great food and service

Will Bresett

Nice but too damn hot...several tour guest had to drop out of tour due to heat exhaustion. Employees were very polite and helpful.

Rachel DeGennaro

Beautiful house, the downstairs is finished but the upstairs is not, which is amazing to see behind the walls, nice tour guides, small cemetery on grounds.


Interesting story about the life during the civil war and the story of a cotton millionaire

Leah Lepinski

Very interesting architecture and history of this home whose construction was halted and never completed when the civil war began.

Jamie Hougas

It was a cool place, but the tour guide was more stating facts than giving a tour.

Gary Callaway

Very nice place

molly boland

Doused in culture with very passionate volunteers

Bryant Boyd

Amazing piece of American history that gives you glimpse into the past. Gift shop on site, entry fee is $20 per adult and free for kids under 12. Would definitely recommend as a must see house in Natchez, Mississippi.

Jeremy Lay

It's Awesome

Marie Bell

Very nice staff and place was beautiful


We absolutely love this special piece of history and enjoyed our personal tour of the home. The grounds are well maintained and would recommend a visit to Longwood to any and everyone.

William Watkins

$20 per person is a little steep compared to other mansion tours that range around $10. My kid wasn't even crying during the tour and the guide made him leave.

Meg Williams

It's a beautiful building. Our tour guide was great and informative, he gave us some interesting facts and history. It was a great experience.

Janis H.P.

We toured 4 mansions in Natchez...Longwood was the most impressive by far. From the tree lined drive up from Hwy 84, to the incredible grounds, the very nice gift shop (I bought a cameo necklace there) to the impressive, massive building called Longwood...unbelievably majestic with family stories that are sweet, sad, real. John, our tour guide, was pleasant, informative, open to questions and fascinating to listen to as he told the stories of the original owners The Nutt family. The story and reasons why this magnificent place was never finished and not finished to this day. The Nutt Family eventually sold it to a man in Texas who donated it to The Garden Club of Natchez with the stipulation that it be kept 'as is' all its unfinished glory. WOW! We were allowed to take pictures of the unfinished areas which are impressive in potential that will never see fruition. There's something very special in that itself.

bryan jones


Gregg Simmons

Beautiful old antebulem, like stepping back in the past.

John Lee Kent, Jr

The most interesting Historic home, in my opinion, in a city of many very interesting Historic places. The Nutt family story is tragic and compelling, like the era in which they lived, prospered, and eventually experienced a tremendous reversal of fortune. Of course, the tragedy of slavery stands over the story of the family of Haller Nutt and the other plantation owners in this area along the Mississippi River and across the South.

Gene Howington

Interesting piece of American architectural history. The tour is informative, but short which can be a blessing in the summer. If you only see one historic building in Natchez, this is the one. You'll understand why Longwood is a favorite filming location in all of its unfinished glory.


Beautiful house and grounds. A shame it was never completed.

Tracy Torbett

Longwood has a bittersweet story, and you need to hear it. No visit to Natchez is complete without paying a visit here. We visited 2/22/19. Admission was $18 per adult. Our tour guide was informative and friendly. The grounds were beautiful- the huge trees with Spanish moss and the first blooms of early spring were captivating. After the tour look on the front walk at the handmade bricks for fingerprints of the slaves who made them and pause to connect with a period of history. You don’t want to miss this treasure of a place.

Darlene Burge

A must see when in Natchez.

Norm Chastain

Interesting home, but since only the first level ever was finished, other homes might be more interesting. Guide seemed quite knowledgeable.

Alan Bagwell

Very interesting place. It's a shame you can't take interior photos. (This was the policy at all of the mansions).

Cyndi Harbison

This property is such a treasure! Amazing that they lived there for so long without ever being able to finish it! The grounds are stunning!

Lennert Onkelinx

Amazing antebellum mansion. Although it was never fully finished, there are several unique features to this place.

Jeannie Steer

Very interesting!

Jesse Johnson

A little pricey at 20.00 a person

Joe Calderone

Quite an interesting your of a place I didn't know existed till yesterday. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. $20 to get in. You can get a ticket online or pay cash at the gate. Tours are about 45min-1hr long.

HB Arka

Unfinished house. It would have been one of the biggest and incredible mansion if finished. The war decided the house would stay like this. You can visit the unfinished floors that is the most interesting thing of the visit.

Lisa Cantrell

I am only giving 3 stars because we could not visit the basement where the family lived in this house. Longwood-or Nutt's Folly (and to see it is to know why it was called that)-started construction in 1860 but stopped in 1861 because of the Civil War. It was to be a very grand mansion with 6 floors and an unusual layout and design but it was never finished. It is shown as it was when the Pilgrimage Garden Club of Natchez took it over. The family, however, lived in the basement of the house for decades. However, due to (I believe it was) Hurricane Harvey, the basement was not part of the tour as it was undergoing renovations. The day was cold with wind whipping through the open space that we toured but our guide was a delight and gave us a really good idea of the place. I would say that unless you are an architect or like building design, to check to see if the basement is open yet before buying tickets and be sure to dress warmly if it's a cold day. You will essentially be doing a 1 hour tour as if you were outside. Nice gift shop and the grounds are beautiful. It's well worth a visit but I do feel the experience is not at all compete if not seeing the basement.

Mona Lynn MG

Love the history and tour, absolutely beautiful

Diana Duangnet

Although unfinished, this is a beautiful home. Great tour of the home to learn about it's history.

kittycupcake101 lover

Great experience but 1st floor is closed for about a week to make repairs after leaks

Fred H

Great tour worth the $18.

Tyler Floyd

Cool house with an interesting history.

Darrell Ralls

So interesting and unusual. A historical site to see!


Fascinating architectural details. One man's idea almost made it to completion.

brenda brasher

Love longwood a Great Arcahtec

Kristy Broughton

Nice tour The basement floor is the only floor the owner ever got furnished, so that's what you see The other 5 floors we're dried in but never completed because of the civil war and the house stands as it did when the workers fled back to safety in Pittsburgh PA Beautiful grounds

Bobby Hicks

I like seeing this home because you can see how they built these huge homes back in those days

B. L. Bonnell

Interesting story. Well worth the effort.

Urban Zombie Hunt

Awesome guides and amazing building to look at.

Dean Hohn

This was by far my favorite home to tour. Full of original furnishings, not just period pieces. This place is huge, but really only one finished floor, and a floor of unfinished dreams are on display. I would love to see the remaining four unfinished floors, just as rough as they were left. There are many homes to see along the Mississippi, this is my new favorite, and will be visited again.

Bob Hartman

Very interesting history of the house and the family who lived there. $20 each for tickets. Tour lasts about an hour.

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