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REVIEWS OF INFINITY Science Center IN Mississippi

Rene Boudreaux

Nice , but a bit pricey.

Kay Wo

My husband and I had a wonderful time. I wish the cafe had been open all day Saturday. That is the only thing I have say neutral about the visit. Pay the $7 for the 3-D, it is great.

J.C. S.

Looked interesting I actually didn't visit they were closed and I was pulling in the rest stop

Barbara Sponsler

This is the visitor center for NASA testing of the booster rockets. We took the bus trip out to the testing sites. We love all things space but even if you weren't this is a very enjoyable stop. We also saw our first wild alligator at the center. Good value for the money.

Erica Estep

Cool place take your kids-

Nancy Yolima

Beautiful stop down the road. Interesting stuff, but expensive for what you get.

Chase Ogden

Fantastic. A very good trip for half a day with the kids. Extremely engaging assisted by enthusiastic staff. Highly recommend.

Mary Ophus

Great place to stop while on a road trip. Try the robot custsrd

Rebekah Wascom

Enjoyed the interactive displays. Best part is the booster tour. It was educational and entertaining.

Amy Carlin

This was a great place to stop for a break on our road trip east. It is much larger facility than I expected. It has great displays and lots of great information. There is a cafe with fairly good food at descent prices too. I'd recommend it for all ages as I enjoyed it and I'm no spring chicken.

Israel Hernández

Amazing place where kids and adults interested in space travel or science can go. There are lots of things to see and play with. They have one of the Saturn V rockets and you can take a bus ride to look at the towers where they test the rocket boosters. You can also take a "Geek test" to get your "Geek certificate".

Gabe Cooper

Great time for me and the kids. The ladies on the bus tour were a blast and a treasure trove of information. It’s a great look at the history of Mississippi. The science center is fairly small but the kids had fun. They had a carnivorous plant exhibit which my 7 yr old loves and the man watering the plants took extra time to show him some of the plants and tell him about them. Great stop!

pat racette

Enjoyed our visit here. Went on a bus tour followed by a movie about space and then we went to see some awesome displays they had and the gift shop. Truly enjoyed it all!

Wesley Dude Bender

Amazing is the word for this place! Do yourself and your family a favor and go here! Amazing lol

Cathy Vines

This is a wonderful place for kids and adults to explore and learn ❤️

Adelita Hernandez

Large fuesal lodge is super cool for kids. Safe atmosphere

diane brinkley

I was not impressed with it for what they charge for admission. I guess if I had been a small child maybe I would of liked it more, but being an adult they didn't have very many things that would appeal to an adults nature.

Martin Peake

Not a huge museum but very much worth the trip. Do the tour, you'll learn a lot. Couldn't believe the size of the rocket engines.

Dominique Marshall

Infinity Space Center was a fun stop for our family. The entire facility is wheelchair accessible which made bringing a stroller easy. It is very family oriented and there are activities for all ages. I did give it a 4 instead of a 5 because I did believe that the price to enter was a bit high.

Norman Ramirez

Really nice! We get here but coincidence and was a good one...

Renzo Labajanan

Great place to take a child who's into astronomy. It's mostly astronomy, but there's small section about plants.

Nancy Vansant

Great experience. Only complaint was no seating in the place to sit and rest other than eating or picnic areas.

Aaron Brockup

Definitely worth the trip. My 6 year old and and us for that matter couldn't get enough.

Jennifer Schelly

Such a well done center! Beautiful location, great exhibits. There's even a bus tour of the NASA center of you have time for it.

C Venney El paso texas

This is the best science technology experience in Mississippi.

Capt Ken

OMG. ! If you love space travel and NASA. History this is the place! You must do the bus tour for full benifit of the museum. Me nd my daughter had such a good time

Railraoders 48

We took a tour here it is so cool and you learn so much from here I had a great experience here

Lee Babin

There were a few cool photo ops and interesting information. However the amount of activities/exhibitions compared to the cost didn’t match most museums I’ve visited. Go if you’re a space enthusiast but skip if you’re neutral on the topic.

Kristen Adams

We took the kids. Unfortunately we started our day late and was unable to spend as much time as we would have liked but it was amazing. The kids had a great time as did the adults. Everyone was super helpful and informative. Highly recommended. Also, check the calendar on the website for special events!

Princess MeMe

Very interesting with lots to learn and explore. I liked that a real astronaut gave a speech. We had fun

Alexander Pfister

Interesting things to learn

George Holetz

Great place to see a part of History in the space program as well as learn about our world today.

Liz Rogers

Great educational experience for you and your family

Sarah Bynum

So disappointed. I have wanted to go back to stennis space center for years now. What I remember was a large, interactive, fun center pack full of NASA. This new center is the exact opposite. It is small, with very little to offer. There are few things that have actually been at NASA. Most are small models or pictures. There were hardly anything to honestly induce awe or wonder. Did the entire facility in 15 minutes. Don't waste your money.

Dylon Burge

A lot of cool stuff but there needs to be a dedicated person at each station to explain the information and tables.

Mn Mike

Informative displays, but facility is geared towards school age groups. Could have much more historical background displays on NASA. Nothing about the two space shuttle diasters. Nothing about the upcoming 2020 Mars mission. Bus tour of rocket engine testing area was disappointing as bus never stopped moving to get a better and longer look. Bus driver did well on providing narration. Opens at 9am, but first bus tour isn't until 11. 50% Focus was on weather, climate, oceanography, and plants. It's worth a visit, but not if you need to go far out of your way.

Kristen Walter

We had tons of fun and exhibits were great.

Jeremy Wheeler

Party of 6, with 4 kids between 5 and 19. Good time had by all but not a ton of main exhibit pieces. However what they do have is quite interactive and educational. Staff are all friendly and knowledgable. Prices are generally reasonable but the add-ons can add up quickly. Of the add-ons, I'd suggest passing on the nature tram ride. It's relaxing and has an interesting pre-recorded audio, but ultimately its 45 minutes of driving through a cart path and looking at trees. The bus trip to NASA test facilities was really interesting for the older ones. Overall if you do all of the add ons, its a full day trip. If you stick to the main exhibits its a couple hours max.

Rott Schmied

Worth a visit I'd if in the area though I wouldn't go out if the way for it. Mouth favorite parts were the bus tour and the shuttle pilot simulator.

BFam Clarkson

Great for people who love Space. The bus tour I didn't care for but it was cool

Amanda Stockstill

Super friendly staff, fun place to take the kids!!

john hamilton

They have a Saturn V booster stage with 5 F-1 rocket engines does it get any better than that

Rebakah Umpleby

The bus tour was the most fun! That was so cool!

Anjel Magee

Friendly & courteous staff. The facility has a great new clean feel! We participated in a homeschool program about bees & the kids loved it. We also did the 3D movie ($6 per person) & it was very entertaining. The main floor had displays & information with activities including a stem section, simulation & 3D show. Has a great trail & picnic area with outdoor play set. Also has a play area indoors with the big blue imagination blocks! It has a delicious in-house cafe’. Would’ve given 5 stars but we preordered our food with specific time & it wasn’t ready until 20/30 minutes after so we had to rush to eat to continue timely with the rest of our planned exploration.

Judith Angelette

I highly recommend this place for all family ,now also they are doing birthday parties on weekends for kids ....

Greg Bollis

Absolutely love this place. We had a really great volunteer (former NASA employee) walk around with us and share stories. So much fun.

josh mather

What a great experience for the little astronaut. He had a great time. The team members were very helpful. Thanks

Mercury Gaming

I expected it to be much bigger but it overall was a fantastic experience. Gift shop has some nice things, didnt go the full experience of all they offered but maybe next time I will.

Robert Fackrell

Bumped into this place by accident on a road trip from New Orleans to Biloxi. Spent a few hours exploring. Definitely worth the money and time.

Lori Revels

My kids and I enjoyed the Infinity Center. Hopefully next time we'll make the tour bus.

Eric Jones

They used to have a free outside exhibit. Now they charge for it. The cost is a little out there, especially for seniors. The Saturn 5 first stage is in horrible shape. My father in law designed the decal used on the first stage and it now looks awful. The spent a lot of money on the facility but none on the restoration. Better space and science exhibits out there in better shape.

Taylor Rouleau

We had a great time and the bus tour was really interesting! Even our toddler had a fun time! A really great way to break up the drive.

marisol harms

We went in to see what it was about, was sad that we couldn't do everything. Wanted to watch the movie but the theatre wasn't up and running.... Still found other things to get into. Did the whole virtual reality, that was alright. I loved the Venus fly traps, the other interactive stuff was nifty. Rolled out of the joint when the school bus pulled up, trying to avoid germs. Over all had a blast!

Harry Millls

Outstanding display, very technical and excellent for young inquiring minds.

HeavyEvy Bycr

While I found some interesting reads here, I felt like it was more of a field trip venue for elementary schools. Ergo, the two stars, but a great place to take a science class for learning

Dani Ahrens

Nice place, but too much money for what they offer..throw in the 3D theater and Apollo 11 experience with the cost of admission and it would be worth it (those things cost extra-so we did not do them)

Taylor Burrell

If you have kids, this would a good spot for them. However, if you're an adult without kids you may want to reconsider. What was offered was mostly geared towards kids and the stuff that wasn't was presented in unexciting paragraphs of information. Screaming children seemed to be everywhere, so if that's not your scene, this place may not be for you. On the flip side, if you have energetic kids this may work for you.

Rachel Randolph

Somewhat pricey. You really don't get close enough to anything on the tour to get much from it or appreciate it. My 4 year old was completely bored. The museum was a let down and not that big. They had like 2 cool things in it... However, the tour guide did a great job trying to make it seem interesting. The staff, except the lady at the bus tour registration booth, were all nice and helpful.

Cherise Tabor

Very educational do yourself a favor and bring you kiddos. Alot of the exhibits are interactive.

Tami Pierce

Love the information you get and the underwater machine was awesome. The bus your was cool and the tour guide was awesome . Mr. Sherman taught us alot.

Pinar Moore

Very educational! Too bad that they don't have the bus tours to the rocket test site!


If you love to learn about space travel and NASA's work, this is the place to be. Very interesting.

Gondola Recycling

now this place is great if you're traveling with the camper and you need to stop dog has to use the restroom family wants to stretch and walk if you just want to simply have a picnic this place is awesome for that if you're the kind of person that likes to see spaceships and know about history of Mississippi this place is even great for that too They have free RV dump and hookups Great place for truckers to stop there's also a if I'm correct a little snack shop And even a customer service area where visitor center you can get information about the place.

Mike Barbour

Super fun to learn about science and space. My kids loved it.


Great spot for very clean restrooms

Redd Man

Very educational and interesting place to take your children my kids loved it

Nez Chula

So many interesting things to learn here , although several people did complain that there was not much to do but if you take your time and enjoy each exhibit to its entirety you will absolutely love this place ! From going down into the sea in a submarine experience to launching in a space pad with the help of VR... A really family friendly place

Nate D

So much to do and see, Amazing experience.

Lesliekay Moran

Perfect little pitstop when you need to take a break from a long drive. We loved the hurricane preparedness and education section!!

Sharon Jorgensen

Very interesting place. Went on a tour to their distant launch sites. Only negative thing was the field trip kids were running all over the place and no one was controlling them. The kids ran right into us. Otherwise a great experience.

Tammy K Pittman

We loved it. It was awsome. My 10 yr old nephew loved it so much that he wants to get the membership. And my sister and myself agree with him. I recommend this for all ages.

Terry Allison

Wow, never know how important this area of Mississippi is to the US Space program. The science center is moderate in size and scope but full of informative information about the space program and natural history. With price of admission you can also take a bus tour of the Stennis space center where NASA tests all their space rockets. Impressive. Exciting and educational for all ages.

ed rhinehart

Really cool lots of fun. Miss some of the older things like the paper airplanes for some reason that has always been the best part to me.

Chris Attaway

Loved it, especially the Apollo 11 Virtual Really experience upstairs.

Tummy Traveler

The 3D movie we saw was inspiring for girls. Center exhibits were a bit schizophrenic, as there is a combination of meteorology, seismology, environmental science, ornithology, . . . It would be good for kids. Not as comprehensive or wowing as Kennedy Space Center, but OTOH, much cheaper.

Sandra Letendre

Great hands on experience. We took the free half hour guided tour. Met the curator and he showed us a few exhibits we may have missed. Wednesdays is $9 senior day.

Stacey Steiner

Never been there. Don't know where or what it is.

Dolly Herron

Very cool place there is a space module in the rest area that caught out attention so being on vacation we wanted pictures. That's when we realised the museum was behind us. Great place for kids and adults if your interested in history.

Kathy Wininger

Well worth the price. Amazing place

tammy simms

I went on a field trip with my grandson didn't think I would like it but it was very educational for myself and my grandson as well very educational on the outer space my grandson enjoyed it and so did his classmates and I had lots of fun

Troy Woody

They are very nice people that works at the gard shake

Matt Penke

Science museum was small but some really cool displays. Didn't do the tour, but the rockets and interactive exhibits were good. Just wish there was more to see.

Mike Colletti

A great place for the kids. Disapointed that the bus tour of the Stennis Space Center has been discontinued. It was half the learning experience.

Joe Morse

A great spot to bring the kids and fairly close to us in Covington (it's easier to get here than anywhere in New Orleans). We went during Christmas break so there were no field trips and that was magic. It was like we had the place to ourselves. The boys (ages 3 2 and 1) absolutely loved it. They talked about the rocket for days. Nothing stirs the little boy imagination like rockets!

Heather Cowart

Amazing educational experience. The augmented reality sandbox, the virtual reality underwater and space games, the alligator,and the space ship were my favorites. My son is still repeating facts he learned there and asking to return. Very cool place for the family, the cafe has a variety of food that was delicious. We spent 5 hours exploring and are already planning to go back. Definitely a must see.

Dorothy Walker

Price is a bit steep but still a good place to visit. My kid wants to go again. Make sure you visit the Simulator. It is awesome!

Jeffery Sanford

Amazing staff! Super nice and the entire place was beautiful!

Eduardo Rodas

Very complete museum, bringing you the experience of being an astronaut and the science behind the space program, as well as the personal stories of locals that became astronauts. Store is a bit scarce in NASA souvenirs, unlike a few years ago, when it had a wider selection, like jackets and mugs with the NASA logo.

pamela evans

Great place to visit very interesting for all age groups

Aaron Moore

I don't think it was worth the $60 I spent for 3 of us to visit here. Was able to see everything in a little over an hour.


Small museum. Not much to see. Stop if you're driving through the area. Otherwise, probably not worth a specific trip out.

James Morris

Really good centre. Would recommend if you have kids!

Murphy Martin

This place is full of adventure from the rockets to the exhibits to the games to the interactive exhibits my children which are ten and six love it. I went this weekend which was December 29th 2018 and some of the parts of the museum or closed because of the government shut down but they still had a lot of fun and we will make sure to have another trip to go see all the stuff we missed today. The price is really good for all the things I got to do the gift shop is really nice with a lot of cool gifts that you can get for your children. The cafe has really good food that is actually really healthy and taste really good too. The 3D model of the Earth and Jupiter during the show did they have their it's one of the coolest things I've ever seen and my boys loved it can't wait to go back again and visit this really nice museum.

Gerardo De Aguinaga Dalli

Great place, a lot of information about the space program. They have uniforms from astronauts like Neil Armstrong, a great tour that last more less like 40 minutes, they will take you to several places and is a must to take it, and is free! Just sign up before the tour starts. They have several interactive experiments and a several vr experience games. Also they have cafeteria. If you're in the area you must come.

Hadi Soufi

It's an educational museum for kids. There are some fun activities, but it won't last you very long. The NASA tours were a highlight

Jason Mathews

I was disappointed for this location. I love all things NASA and this was a let down for the cost. This really is a STEM area for elementary aged children and nothing else. A couple of displays for adults, which takes about 20 min to see.

d driver

Such a great place to take the kids and very educational so do yourself and your family the favor drop the tablets and cellphones and let them indulge in learning some history

Kinsley Welch

Very interesting place. It is a science center, more focused on our planet, but still very cool.

Linda Chandler

A great place to take the family to learn about space and to see how real astronauts dressed and traveled to outer space.

Leaf Houma

This is always a favorite stop for us and the kids. You can learn alot and have fun too.

Danté Caliber

Took my son two nieces and my mother. My son and younger niece loved it but it was not a place for my mother and older niece. The museum was interactive and the movie provided was a lot of fun. If you have been to Cape Canaveral, this does not compare at all. The bus tour was extra and honestly they don't show you much. I truly enjoyed myself.

Bjoern Hamberger

Great educational place for kids, with a few new technologies implemented (though the biggest one using VR come at a hefty additional cost). Great staff. Memorable pieces of space history. And some environmental displays and the essential alligator. Would recommend!

James Tharpe

Amazing place for children, they will get to see authentic equipment used for space travel. Staff was pleasant and polite, the science center had plenty of interactive exhibits. Would come back for sure!

Richard Gonzalez

Outstanding! Great exhibits and interactive displays. Bus tour of Stennis was informative. Trolley tour gave a good history of the local area. Amazingly, even the food at the cafe was very good. Will definitely visit again.

Max McGill

Great exhibit. Easy to see.

ap 3

Really awesome place! It was a nice cap to our family vacation. Stopped on a whim and was treated to a nice experience. The staff was exceptional! The young lady working the vr simulator calmed down my 6yr old girl when she was frightened, they were accommodating of my disability, and explained things with true enthusiasm. Of you haven't been here for a visit you should plan a trip.

Ryan Yokel

Well worth a stop if you are on I 10 and have little kiddos.

Autumn Cannon

I enjoyed the science center. Wished they had more exhibits to look at and more stuff about the planets. I probably wont go back. Only pass the place on road trips. Def don't regret going. The movie was short but awesome. It was 3d and super cool. We got to do submarine simulator. Seeing all the astronauts stuff is amazing. The rocket is the coolest! Cant go wrong there. There are near plants to look at and a play area for kids. Didnt eat the food. The gift shop is cool ! It was an enjoyable experience. Should do it atleast once !

Gabriel Gross

A nice little unexpected pit stop on a long trip. We weren't looking for this place but how could you miss a shuttle sitting outside next to IH 10. We hurried and made the stop to get there just at opening. There were a lot of cool exhibits and the kids were very intrigued. The gift shop was fun with lots of interesting finds at fair prices. If you are on a trip, stop here to stretch.


Great, educational, and fun. It's a bit pricey, but it's worth it to do all the cool activities. Very kid-friendly and educational.

Chris Holdread

Always love stopping by NASA facilities.

Douglas Balthis

It's fun to learn about space and NASA

Renee Richardt

A good and informative time for kids and adults. The bus tour to stennis was ok, just remember it's a drive through bus tour, no walking or touching so the driver makes all the difference.

barbara cross

We have special needs children and they were in heaven visiting. All the hands on science, history and future! Oh goody! It was a perfect teaching and learning day for all of us. Our 9 year old aspberger kiddo, kept telling us details that we missed. Amazing place. Thank you

Lillian-Lotus Buccola

My daughter and I had a BLAST here with her Girl Scout troop for Scouts in Space! We really loved their sphere theater and the Sandbox was a huge hit. Also, check out the undersea interactive. That was fun too.


Awesome museum and shuttle takes you to where they assemble rocket engines. Rest area connected to the science center has about 15 spots for big rigs.

Russel Mills

Wonderful testimony to America in space.

Jeffrey Jordan

Super cool space museum. You actually buy tickets and you take a bus ride over to the actual NASA rocket test facility. the tour guide was super knowledgeable about all the rocket systems and the history of the base. The museum itself has a nice little gift shop, and rocket engines on display. It's right off of interstate 10 and plenty of parking available.

Susan Martin

Really neat place, there is so much to do and learn for the kids. The NASA bus tour was definitely worth it as well and should be on your to so list while you're there.

Ido Gal-Turcan

Interesting and well organized small museum. Children friendly

Carolyn Racette

Staff was great with my autistic son and my handicapped mother. We don't make it to Mississippi ever, really, but if we ever come back, we'll definitely go again!

JeAnne Swinley

Meh. Definitely a better experience for kids... There wasn't a whole lot to see on the tour. It's more a stop on your way through than a destination spot.

Pearl D

Wanted to hike the trail but still closed. They said it was because of a fire. A few months ago they said it was due to government shut down.

Tom Souther

Interesting, but not enough exhibits for what they charge. Was worth it once.

Richard T. Nall

Fun. Informative. Too bad the bus tours to Stennis have stopped.

Chris Zwinkel

Pretty cool place, recommend more for little kids

Kelsey Kleeman

I recommend the bus tour. It includes the other buildings on the NASA campus.

Danielle Blount

Well I visited the rest stop n can't believe the shuttle I always visited as a kid has been moved to the space center. My bunch was a lil disappointed n the attendant thought we were crazy n looking for shrooms w the lights on our phone when we were indeed looking for the space shuttle. It made for a good laugh!

Heather Gorawski

Very neat! Lots for kids to do, and some high tech interactive models to play with. Nature and space, cant get any better! Cage and outdoor patio. RV parking

Kwisatz Haderach

As other reviewers have said, the facility is small but the hands-on exhibits are informative and engaging. I had with me children from 6 years to 18 years, and they all found activities to keep them occupied. We also went on the driving tour of the test sites. It was interesting for those in the party who are interested in the space program & understood what the tour guide driver was saying, but was boring for the younger ones who didn't understand or care.

Hunter Zillmer

Such a fun gem hidden away from the busier towns and cities nearby. Wonderful place to spend several hours learning about not only NASA and space but also NOAA, weather (hurricanes), and nature. Seeing the scale if the Saturn V and accompanying LEM is truely humbling. The bus tour is a must and if your lucky enough you might get to witness an engine test!

chad boike

Extremely small! Paid $43 and spent maybe an hour and a half to two hours there. It was cool seeing the rocket outside but other than that it wasn't worth it. I'll never go there again.

Sue Tranchina

Great fun...if you haven't been, check it out.

Donny Bracey

A really neat place, right in our back yard. It is a good stop if you are passing through Mississippi as well. Just off the interstate and reasonably priced.

Brian Arseneau

Great place I worked for Jci recieved a pension! Great place two work! Nasa

Park park

Cool place, needs more traffic, seems forgotten(sadly)

Christopher Pearson

A must see for those travelling through. Very fun and lots of great information.

Thatkidd Smoove

Very great place I recommend. Going there

Tabatha Reeves

If you or your children are interested in NASA this is definitely an educational experience. The center isn't very big but, has several interactive displays and lots of information. The bus tour was good. You get to drive around the campus and see all the testing sites. Definitely worth the few hours we spent there.

Tim L

This was a terrible waste of money. Nothing but videos on TV. 9/10 hands on activities were broken or turned off or pie es were missing. It was a complete waste of time and money. Even the kids were completely disappointed. There was nothing about space, or planets or stars. INCREDIBLE WASTE!

Lavelle Griffin

Great information about the space program plus they have the first stage of the Saturn V on displayed.

Jennifer Backlin

The kids had a blast, they have an area with giant rubber building blocks for them to play, a few video games, hurricane hunters exhibit, sand and rice boxes,areas for pictures, a real booster from a shuttle, a 3D exhibit set up as a ride that did cost extra, a carnivorous plant exhibit and a walk through exhibit that showed us how the astronauts live in space and more. There is also a picnic area and boardwalk as well as a nice gift shop. It is a little expensive but they offer discounts to vets and groups of 20 or more are half price.

DeothearL Thomas

A fun day trip with friends. Very educational. Will bring the grandkids next time

Carrie Nicole

Very interesting and inspiring. Many hands on and interactive stations set up. Fun for all ages!! A must see if in the area!

Jim Shaw

NASA history plenty to see beautiful place to visit plenty of parking and they have a gift shop and deli inside the new space center right of the highway next to the Mississippi rest area if in a motorhome or semi park in rest area and walk over worth the visit freindly employees family atmosphere "Space the final frontier" enjoy I did

A. S. Harvin

A mist visit when in the area, lots of history of the local area and info we didn't know of the local contributions to the space race and industry. Great for all ages.

Spiro Latsis

Very interesting place. Worth the visit

T Armstrong

An awesome quick visit and the 3d movie for the extra 4 dollars is worth it. We learned some thing about the future of space travel that we didn't expect to and the exhibits are really cool

peter sutcliffe

Inspiring and informative a great place to visit

Paul Jack

Interesting place to bring both the young and old to learn about the space program. There's a nice cafeteria for grabbing a quick bite to eat. Indoor and outdoor seating. Add for the learning experience the activities are geared towards elementary school aged children. But, being an adult, I appreciate the quality of what is being taught here. I enjoyed the activities. Plenty of hands on and instructional activities. I did not see any bored children here.

Ashley Bratton

Not too big, but still cool stuff to look at.

Timothy O'Neill

The tour was so amazingly informative.

Ben DeVries

Meh, not worth the time and $$. We took our two kids and it wasn’t what it’s cracked up to be. I’d recommend skipping it

Sonia Tamez

Very educational. Self tour to better understand what you read.

Russel Madere

The museum is over priced for what used to be free when the museum was on the Stennis Space Center. There isn't much about the history of the area. We paid extra for the nature trail tour. We got a great view of biomes full of invasive species and a poor attempt to reintroduce longleaf pine back to the area.

Priscilla Delhomme

So interesting and informative. Great place to visit.

Jason Joubert

It was a great place to take the cub scouts. I believe most young kids would enjoy a visit here. We were able to receive classroom instruction due to our association with a group/cub scouts. There is a snack bar there if you decide to eat and stay.

Raul Trujillo

Waste of money! We went to NASA space center in Houston and there is a lot more stuff to see for less money! Spend $58 for 2 kids and 2 adults, 3 interactive games were down, also they charge extra for 3D videos.

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