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REVIEWS OF Hattiesburg Zoo IN Mississippi

Amber Riels

Always fun at the zoo! ^_^

Reonna Rice

We loved it. They have a splash pad were the kids can play too.

leah tuttle

Love our zoo! It's a great size for our little city. The kids love the train, carousel, ant hill, and of course the splash pad. I love the Australia exhibit where you can walk around with the animals. Staff is always friendly. And they have great special events.

Travis Edwards

Always have a great time here and they are always adding something new. They also go all out on the Halloween and Christmas events! Zoo boo was great this year

Kristina Langley

We love the prices of admission, stroller rentals, and the cost to ride the train. Theres a GREAT variety of animals, quality food, a splash pad for the kiddos, and a playground. Check out their Wallaby Walk through!

Buck Dingler

Small but well put together zoo. I enjoyed the visit. The prices were great

Tammy White

It was a very nice place very clean and friendly would have liked to see more animals but a great day for us

Debra Deese

Very nice for a small zoo. I thought the areas the animals were housed in could have been larger. It was a wet day when we went because it had rained recently and it was muddy throughout the park. My granddaughter really enjoyed the trip. The staff we had any involvement with were are all very friendly and knowledgeable. I would give them five stars. They had an area where you could pet the animals and feed them. We really enjoyed the day.

Meg Eldridge

This was our second trip to the Hattiesburg Zoo and we had fun both times! Excited to see what else they add!

alina farrell

Great zoo with different areas. Friendly staff. Spend nearly 3 hours with little one. There is a cute train you can ride around the zoo. Has different zones for different continents with animals and birds. Splash zone for kids to play and you can buy quick lunch and drink. Really enjoyed it!

Sherea Vittitoe

Took my 12yr old to the Egg-zotic! Easter egg hunt..... ABSOLUTE AWESOMENESS!!!!! Happy to Say we were very pleasantly surprised..

Gerren keys

Great place to take the kids

Courtney Barlow

This is one of my favorite places in Hattiesburg. Exhibits are neat and animals are well cared for and visitor areas are kept clean. If you get lucky or time your visit right, you can catch one or more of the ambassador animals doing rounds with a keeper to meet visitors and learn a bit about the animal up close.

JJandKatie Cuevas Fuentes

This zoo has gone through fantastic changes since I used to go here when I was a little girl and they are still adding attractions. They even have a splash pad. It is most definitely a place you will want to visit while in Hattiesburg. Go see it!

Tamantha Wilson

Its a wonderful place!!! Great place for the kids!!!

Rini Shaji

Loved petting the kangaroos and the goats. Around 1:30pm they feed the alligators. Got to watch that too. You can spend 2-3 hours here.

Megen Tilley

One of our favorite places to go! Love the splash pad in the summer and they are growing and adding new exhibits. My kids also love the train rides!

Lisa Neldon

It was so much fun playing with the kids and seeing all the wonderful people that showed up at my dads Campaign Rally for Sheriff of Forrest County. Beautiful place!!

Tara King

I was really surprised this zoo was great and didn't cost allot either I never been here cause everyone told me it was too small. It is a small zoo but not how everyone made it seem it has great animals and plenty to do will definitely go back great way to spend the day with the kids

Alice Clemmons

Wow....I had so much Fun. This is a wonderful family place for everyone. ❤

Thomas Liebert

Great place for kids and adults who appreciate nature.

Chase Davidson

My son loved it work in progress can bot wait to see the editions great price over all for the family to go.

Shira Wade

Nice and clean not very many animals, they need a elephant at the very least a bear

Jake Otis

Nice little zoo. The tiger was beautiful as was the panther. For $5 it's a great value and a pleasant way to spend a couple hours with the kids.

Tim Dobbs

A small community zoo. Given the area we live in I am very happy to have a zoo. The staff was very friendly. That animals are taken good care of. The improvements to the facility are much appreciated. Everyone should take their family by for a visit and support your local zoo.

Daniel Wise

Tickets are very affordable, especially considering the alternative- the Audubon Zoo in NOLA. This zoo is smaller, but much cleaner and more family-friendly. All in all, it’s a great spot for families of any size.

Lucas Carter

For what it is, it's a very nice, family friendly zoo. There's plenty of animals and attractions to see, especially for children. Thankfully they are working towards getting more animals and attractions for the future.


Love the zoo. Very reasonable. Excellant for families

Michael Goolsby

Best zoo value ever. Go every summer, and always something a little new or upgraded. Daughter, now 9, has been 5x and continues to love it.

Brenda Petrey

Went with my grandkids we had a blast

Deitz Strong

Great for kids but needs more for older people

Oladayo Abimbola

An amazing place to be. Well kept with a wide array of species.

Khaalis Muhammad

Great place. Really helpful guides and very fun activities. Most important of all lovely animals.

Kemp Nolan

Fun few hours for the family. Kids enjoyed the splash pad, merry go round, and the kids play area. Not a whole lot of animals but enough to see in an hour walk. Parking can be hard to find at the Zoo, you may need to park at the store's parking right before zoo on the left.

Kaleb Hill

Better than the New Orleans Zoo in my opinion!


They have really worked on improving the place over the last few years. You can get through the whole thing in an hour, but you can also take you time in several areas. There's a splash/fountain area for kids to play in the summer, prairie dog tunnels to crawl through, petting zoos, and play areas inside the zoo. They have a rope course, train, carousel, gem finder, sloth experience, and little cabanas by the splash pad, but these all cost extra. The walk-through Australian exhibit is awesome, but be sure to have a hold of young ones who will want to stray from the path! I believe they're adding a giraffe exhibit soon. For a fairly small city, it's a pretty good zoo. I suggest looking at a feeding or zoo talk schedule and planning your day around that so you can hear interesting things about the animals.

denise d

Wonderful place to go on any day with the family!!

Dania Merrifield

Small zoo but very cute and well kept. lots of extra things to do. Great one day trip.

Leighanne Chavez

Beautiful Zoo.. Would've loved to see the Giraffes but they weren't in their habitat.. Would definitely loved to have seen a Hippopotamus...

carl hughes

Great place to take kids to see all of the animals. Plus the entire family will enjoy this place.

Myra Byrd

Love it just wish they still had the bigger animals. Still under construction so a little messy still but kids didn't care they rode the carousel and the train.

Joey Frye

I attended the sloth experience today and it was awesome! I got to hold Chewie. He loves having his back scratched:)

Ceil Butera

It was a weekday so it wasn't too busy. All the animals were out which was nice. It's always well kept and clean. The children love it!

jimmy edwards

Very Clean, Staff was very helpful and answered all of our questions. WE HAD A GREAT FAMILY DAY HERE

Elena Villar DeLeon

I have a 1.5 year old and the size of the Zoo is perfect. The summer splash pad is amazing and I love all the various events offered throughout the year. The high ropes is pretty fun even as an adult (it has a 350lb weight limit I think) but was a little more expensive than I would like. We had an annual pass this year and anticipate getting one next year!

Larry Harper

We have not been here in years. Greatly improved exhibits. Splash pad was a big hit with grandkids.

Jonathan Gardner

Great for the whole family. Zoo associates are very knowledgeable about animals and always explain facts about them. We love that zoo.

Robert Mueller

The High Ropes Adventure Course Sky Trails is awesome, I plan on going back many times.

madeline cuevas

Best zoo around. We always always have a good time. We love that it is laid back and not over crowded. They almost always have hands on things to do. We also enjoyed the homeschool at the zoo school.

Deborah Vaughan Vaughan

Go it's fun and cheap

Average Bright

Wasn't expensive, and the fam had a blast. Great for a get out of the house day.

Nydia Campbell

Small zoo but very nice and well kept. Will definitely be going back.

joel raines

Went of field trip with my daughter we had a great time

Dustin Alexander

Great for the whole family we all had a blast.

Tera Marie Pruitt

Everything was wonderful except the popcorn vender was rude and charged me $3.00 for a half bag of burnt popcorn...

Erin Mier

My family's favorite zoo

Mary Davis

Been going to this zoo my whole life, just keeps getting nicer. Looking forward to the new additions. Visiting friends and family are always interested in a zoo trip. I think it's unique to have a zoo in a town this size. Definitely a great place to spend an afternoon.

Mandy McC.

Pros: Clean, readable signs (not so detailed that you can't read all of it at young-kids-at-the-zoo speed), some hands-on experiences, animals are well care for. Cons: The big Africa exhibits are under construction as well as the flamingo habitat. Everything costs extra except for the splash pad. As we were stopping by on our way across the country, none of that was evident from the website.


This was a nice place to visit. Not to much walking between animals. They also had the splash pad. Overall we had a great time and the shaved ice in the back was a hit. We will be going again in the future. The only thing I wish for was a straw for my drink. Other than that everything was fun for the kids and we all had a great time.

Bryan Young

$5 entrance fee for adults and an easy way to spend an hour or two enjoying a nice collection of unique animals. Happy I visited and the animals seemed pretty happy as well.


Enjoyed or visit to the zoo. Just wish the were more animals. No giraffes, no ed elephant.

Laura Hoffman

Great little zoo. Has something for everyone. Very family friendly.


Great little zoo.

Brandy Thornton

Such a fun zoo with interesting exhibits and the admission price can't be beat!

Cari White

Much better than it was 10 years ago but the kids were really disappointed there weren't any elephants or giraffes. Iknow they're supposed to have a giraffe exhibit sometime next year. The wallaby walkabout was really cute and we definitely want to try out that awesome high rope course next time we go. They have a fun splash pad for the kids and bathrooms all over the place.

Joanna Brooks

Nice zoo, smaller then New orleans but very family friendly. Love to take my kids

Katie Marnien

Small zoo. A bit expensive. Good food tho. Only took us a couple hours to walk and see every thing. But theres a train and a carousel. A splash pad petting area and stations to feed some goats and ducks. One area had a grass mountian you could slide down and a bug themed play area. All in all a fun place for kids.

Katherine Mason

We had a wonderful time bringing our daughter to the zoo! Everyone was very friendly and made the experience even better! I'm very excited that they are expanding and adding new exhibits!

Susan Aycock

Wonderful small zoo for young families.

SGT Kevin Robinson

Great for children. The zoo is under construction. Nees more attractions. Alot of exhibits was closed...

Josh Crowley

A very nice smaller zoo, and you simply can't beat the price for a few hours of fun! Lots of great animals from exotic places. A fun way to spend some time in Hattiesburg.

Fat Man92

It's not as good as it was when I was a little kid but it's still fun

David Bonner

Nice, clean zoo for a great price. Perfect if you have young kids that you know can't handle hours of walking.

Kristyn Kennedy

It has been such a blessing to watch HBG Zoo grow and transform over the years! The growth, upgrades and overall revamping have been awesome! Such a fun, family friendly place for Hattiesburg!!!

Pamela Austin

It was a fun trip and the staff there was friendly.

April Anderson

Fun place to take kids. Just wish u Could see train without buying zoo tickets. My kids r small n they bore fast

Balaraj Menon

My wife, 9-year old son, and I enjoyed every bit of our visit. All of the exhibits were clean and well-maintained. The animals looked well-fed and happy. The staff was knowledgeable and super nice. We got to feed and pet the goats and sheep. It's small compared to other zoos we've visited, but that's nice, because the experience isn't overwhelming. And the entry fee is only $5 (minus the train ride).

Alex Hagwood

I loved my experience here! I’m so glad the price reflected the number of animals that they have here. It was a good 1.5 hour visit for myself and my boyfriend. $5 entry for 2 yrs and up. They have a jaguar, monkeys, birds, and more! My only complaint is that it’s kinda hard to see the reptiles due to the glare of the glass. I loved all of the animals! And loved how they had free roaming peacocks and guinea fowl. My bf’s favorite part was the Chinese goose who is very friendly!

Sara Hale

The zoo is smaller than many big city zoos, but the quality is exceptional! Everything is clean and decorated, and the zoo staff is very friendly!

Mandy Guy

Had a wonderful time!!! Very friendly people and the facility was very clean.

Ryan Cress

Nice small town zoo.

Jacelynn Guidry

This place is disgusting ! Wild and exotic animals are not meant for close up encounters with humans!! This place needs to be shut down for its inappropriate exposure of these animals.

Randy Box

Lots of fun for the kids! Animals looked well taken care of.

Snow Man

Nice for lil kids but kinda sux. Id go to new orleans

Sherry Fitzz

Small, but wonderfully decorated for Halloween!!

Payton Glass

It was awesome, the food was the best I've had folsom a zoo in my life and I had fun an the thing you can climb and do stuff on and all of the animals were really cool. It was the best zoo ever.

Angela Kennedy

Renaissance Fair was fun for the kids, and my visitors enjoyed themselves greatly. Great place for family and kids. Clean. Well managed. Beautiful grounds.

Pam Everett

I really enjoyed how they upgraded the zoo with numerous of fans that blows a mist of water which helps with keeping you cool. My granddaughter loved the extra entertainment for the children especially the splash pad as well as the variety of animals to view.

Sarah-Ashlyn Barber

A small zoo, but sometimes that's what you need! If you're looking to do something cheaper that is still a lot of fun and doesn't take an entire day to do, the Hattiesburg Zoo is definitely a great choice. The entire grounds are very clean, the staff are very nice, and the animals seem well fed and happy. As a college student, I have been here on a surprise date and again on a family outing. Both occasions seemed to fit just fine. It's usually not too crowded either, so all around a very pleasant day kind of fun!

Jeremy Seth

Entry prices are fair and very affordable. Especially compared to bigger facilities like Audubon. It's a very clean and family friendly zoo. A fantastic splash pad/hangout area for the kids. Good exhibits, and more every time we visit! Animals seem well kept and the staff is super engaging! Will always be a favorite for us!

Mike Breaux

Very clean zoo and friendly staff. Great prices on admission, food and gifts. A lot of construction going on but growth is always good. Great place for the family.

The Nixons

We visited the park. The small pavilion is full of bees and ants and the pavilion needs to be painted writing all over it that is offensive to families.

Jeff T

Great for kids around 3! Older kids and adilts should also have a lot of fun reading about the animals. Good price, hard to find. Solid facility overall. I would like to see the incorporation of narrated videos available for viewing on mobile devices. It could be done with qr codes for the exhibits.

Amanda Smith

The Hattisbur zoo is a fun place for all ages The staff is very friendly and will help you with anything

Julie Hodges

I think my kids impantigo came from the splash pad

amy davis

Nice zoo. Clean. Super busy! Fun place to bring your kids or adults too! For everyone!

Rafaela Pike

I love the zoo their alot of awsome pets their

David Spires

Had a great time with my family

'Jean Gray'

So proud of my little home town’s zoo. It’s grown so much over the years, and it’s nice to see they’re continuing to give kids wonder like it did for me as a child

Patty Herrington

Love the zoo! They have done some amazing upgrades to this place. Must see in Hattiesburg. I love the Halloween and Christmas events they do.


High rope course was the best part. The idea that follows the South American SnoCone using takeout boxes & you pick the flavors is AMAZING!

Amy G.

Cute little zoo. My kids had a blast

Mark LaValle

Very nice zoo for a small city

Bryttney Dennis

The Zoo is small but it has alot of great animals.. The kids can interact and feed some of the animals. Very fun for the family

Monica Altman

Love this place animals r well taken care of n play places for kids n picnic tables to eat lunch

Jennifer Moore

Great family place. Kids loved the splash pad

Faith Moran

Such a perfect little zoo!

AJ White

I am under the impression that more animals are coming, but as of now it seems its mostly birds. The reptile exhibit is very hard to view due to class and the sun light hitting it. It's a nice zoo, but could use some attention.

James Barnhardt

Always enjoy going to the zoo. Getting better every time we go.

Marquessa Taylor

Love the Hattiesburg Zoo at Kamper Park!!! I just wish that we you have arrived early enough to be able to see all of the animals!!! The splash pad was a HUGE hit with my grandson.

Jules McDermitt

Zoo was great, staff was great, animals were great. The girl in the gift shop was rude, 8/4/19 @ 12:45pm.

Rhiannon La Passioneria

Too small but perfect place for kids.

Tony Taylor

Just the right size and all the employees are so nice.

Gabriella Janssen

A zoo for only $5?! This is a really nice place for kids with lots to do and oh so affordable! Will visit often!

Michael Alan Hughes

It's a sweet inexpensive place to spend the day when visiting Hattiesburg.

John Longawa

A very fond memory with my little boy and my daughter. Cute little zoo that has a big bang effect to you when you leave. Staff for the train was in a hurry and informed us that there are no more rides after 4:48 p.m. They officially close at 5 p.m. That would be my only complaint. Make sure they finish there day out and not put visitors on the back burner.

Dandy Danielsjefi

Very impressive improvements and it is also an awesome place to study nature and animals not indigenous to our country.

Angela S

It Was Our first visit. We had a blast! I don’t know how they only charge $5, charge more and get the tiger a friend.

Mike Langley

Let me tell you, this is a hidden treasure! While it may be on the small side of zoo's that I have visited (13 acres total), it is packed with information, animals, and activities for a full day of fun. My wife found the Hattiesburg Zoo just looking for a day trip to take our daughters on. While it was a bit of a drive for us, 5 1/2 hours, we made plans to spend the night and make a weekend of it. We are sure glad we did! The draw for us was the "Goth Sloth" lunch. Our girls love sloths and this event did not disappoint. Attendees were encouraged to dress in Goth attire for the chance to win a prize for best costume. Ticket price included lunch, souvenirs, discussion with the zoo vet and handlers, photos with a sloth, games, free train and carousel rides. All attendees were allowed to play Plinko to win prizes such as free admission. Our oldest daughter won the costume contest and our niece won the top prize on Plinko which was an animal sponsor of her choosing. Needless to say, glad we decided to stay an extra day in Hattiesburg. We are going back to the zoo tomorrow for some more fun! The park is laid out in a good flow from one exhibit to the next. There is a splash pad with available Cabana rentals during the warmer months. There is a rope course for kids of all ages. We also were able to see several of the animals being fed, and the handlers took the time to answer questions and interact with the kids. You can tell the folks running this park care enough to make it fun and an interactive learning experience for everyone.

Belinda Brady

They have lots of stuff for the children to interact and do.... there's a lot of animals and their very clean with lots of space. Theres lots of cooling stations. I would recommend to young and old.... we had a wonderful time..

nancy dunnihoo

Small. Clean. Spacious.

Charlene Cobb

Great zoo! Something's new everytime we go. New play areas and animals. Excited for the new things coming. Admission is good price. Cant see much when riding the train however the kids liked it.

Mary Margaret Mitchell

Love our sweet zoo! The staff was friendly and we enjoyed seeing the animals. I wish the exits were marked better as we had seniors with us. We will definitely be back to visit!

Stephanie Ward

Pretty great option for the area. It's a smaller zoo without every animal your kid can think of but they do have a wide assortment of animals and seem to keep it up pretty well. Definitely recommend if you're in the area. Very affordable day out with the family!

April Smith

Not real big but it's still fun and cheap. Has a splash pad.

Wilma Luke

Friendly staff and animals seem to be well cared for.

Airon Beattie

We stopped here on our way back home from New Orleans. This is by far one of the more enjoyable zoos I have been to. I am originally a native Detroiter and have gone to the Detroit Zoo a bit, Hattiesburg Zoo, although smaller in size, is better in comparison. The price is very reasonable for the exhibits and extras they have available are very reasonable as well. If we didn't live in Michigan this would be a regular family outing.

Crystal Ham

Zoo Boo 2019 was great! The Ham Family enjoyed everything! Thanks Hattiesburg Zoo , great job!

Leah Bennett

Alot of shaded areas with Fans. It made it comfortable even on a hot day.

Randall Dias II

The zoo is definitely a great value. For $5 you can easily kill a couple hours and see a decent variety of animals. The Australian exhibit is really neat as it puts you inside the exhibit with the kangaroos and emus.

Dean Oliver

Great for family with small kids.. very inexpensive and fun!

Forrest Parker

This place was amazing! Very cheap. Well staffed. Nice and clean facilities. Great place to come on a date, with the family, or just to kill some time. I will definitely be back soon.

Cris Wikstrom

My kids loved it. They loved the playground area and splash pad. I liked the price. Only $5 a person!

Valen Magee

I appreciated the quiet space they have and love that they let me wander around and draw the animals. Cheap prices and a amazing zoo. They treat the animals great and really care and it shows

Joanna Ishee

Always love feeding the ducks and petting the sheep

Tammy Lindsey

Nice small zoo. Splash pad was wonerful for the hot August visit

Jared Reeves

You cannot go wrong with the Hattiesburg zoo. I mean... come on, it's clean, the employees are nice and most importantly, the animals look more than content. We went during the Spring Break event so it was packed which really added to the joy of it.

Nae Harrison-Smith

Fun & family friendly. Lots of things to see & do! The train ride was great!

Troy McWhirter

Its a small zoo that grown ups might not get much enjoyment from but a great time for children my favorite part was the train ride even though all i did was laugh and make fun about how slow it was moving. The zoo could use a little more exciting exhibits or sonething to bring a little more fun to the whole experience to coming however i didn't do the rope climb maybe i should have. Its a small zoo so it won't take all day to see it all but a great spot if you just want to kill a few hours of your day.

Aaron Richardson

Knowable employees, good exhibits, clean grounds

Cilla Hughes

Cute little zoo. Only 5 dollars admission.I most definitely recommend.

Justice Devine

Nice quiet area over the bridge on the side of the playground. I read and my puppy chases birds and squirrels. Peace and quiet

David Conway

Good range of animals for a small zoo

Arielle Lusich

This place is amazing!! The prices are very reasonable and they have so much to do! I highly reccomend coming here for some family fun.

Joseph Forehand

The price is amazing $5 and the animals are close enough to see. Food and snacks are reasonable. It read hot but there are plenty of cool zones and a big splash pad.

Paul Wilson

Awesome trail. Good climbing and locals are always friendly. Steer away from staying at the Baymont Inn though...

Charles Olsen

This is a great little zoo. Was not too crowded when we went and there was enough shade. It was really quite hot. The kids enjoyed the train ride.

Dareatha Tatum

A lovely zoo experience, handicapped accessible, nicely shaded places to rest and watch the animals. Big cooling fans and refreshments. I recommend and intend to return.

Gabrielle Stringer

Great experience every time we go!

Angie Hartman

We did the sloth experience it was AMAZING! LOVED the zoo & exhibits also!!

Tammy Otrin

Small zoo very well kept, has a splash pad, a small park next to eat great for picnics, a train will take you all around the Zoo. Beautiful little Zoo.

Kristin k

Clean facilities and friendly staff. Every time we go back they have made 50 more improvements. Our money is being well spent to provide a bigger and better zoo all the time!

Jean Sullivan

Kids had great time Zoo has lot's of fans all around and seats for people to set and enjoy the zoo had lots of shade was great will definitely be going again

Jeff Boyer

Awesome zoo and staff. Great for any age..

Bill Sweeney

Very nice zoo for a city this size. They are building an area for giraffes which will be exceptional. Staffed is very friendly and well informed.

Andrea McSwain

I love that we have such a great zoo/park so close by!! It's a great activity to bring my family to. Very inexpensive! Great fun!

Brandon Hayes

Such a good way to kill a little time on a lazy day. It's cheap and family friendly but you don't have to be or have a kid to enjoy. They're constantly making improvements and adding new exhibits which keeps it interesting.

Linda Ann Boutwell

This is a great place for a weekend afternoon. The price is perfect and extra activities aren't very expensive so it's a great value and a nice family experience. THE HEAT WAS OPPRESSIVE AND INTOLERABLE. AVOID JULY. We ate beforehand and only had snowballs which were melted before we sat. But they were definitely worth $4. Giraffes are coming soon! Check them out!

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