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17200 16th St, Gulfport, MS 39503, United States

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REVIEWS OF Gulf Islands Waterpark IN Mississippi

thomas andrews

Entirely to crowded. Couldn't even go down the lazy River and stretch out on a tube without hitting other people. With the amount of people in the park there was no way to enjoy it. Think it should have a capacity limit

Mary Whinery

Lots of fun!! Great for a family day out

Sharon Glenn

If you're looking for a nice time to relax and enjoy yourself, this is your place. You won't regret it. There is something for everyone. I didnt get in the water, butI did hang out under the cabana and enjoyed observing the ones who did. The amount of water slides was both amazing and exciting. There are lots of places to choose from to eat, such as pizzas, snow balls and gift shops. They even have cabana service available. The price will save you if you get season tickets, otherwise 40.00 per adult and 30 for kids 3 and up. However, for anyone who gets passes, try to come early because you have to go into a small trailer to have the pictures taken for them. It will save you some time by doing the application for season passes online beforehand. I will be back again really soon. I hope this review was helpful in making your decision on where to go.

Christy Bigham

Lots of soakin fun!

Robert Dobbs

We have really enjoyed visiting this park the past several weekends. There are 2 kids areas that are very stress free for the parents and the kids love it .We received discounted season tickets from a family member who works at keesler Federal credit Union. We have avoided the high cost food and drinks by eating outside under a shade tree. There are no food or coolers allowed in the park, only water. You can get an arm band if you need to leave, this will allow you to come back in. I would recommend a season pass if your local.

Kora Wilson

It’s such an enjoyable place to go to! It’s always hard to find a place that’s close by and fun. This place really does brewing out the joy.

James Nolan Jr

The park was great and the staff was very friendly. I would recommend Gulf Islands to all my friends.

Amy Hixson

Very crowded no way to get on the slides too many people in The lazy River and the top tiger show was not as good. I did however, have fun with my friend. We floated in the lazy river for over 3 hours talking. I did love the water park but, my advice, don't go on a Saturday

Ricky Hall

Awesome place to bring the family to have a fun time

Darryl Sanders

Spent a wonderful day here with the grandkids . The staff was wonderful the food was good and reasonably priced and the restrooms were clean

Deidre Ladner

The food is great

Alisha Johnson

It's definitely a fun family place for all ages, they could invest in more customer service training for their staff, price a little steep, but over all, good family fun and creative seasonal entertainment ideas.

DankVapes Official

This place is great for family time , kids toddlers babys. It's always a calm nice fun evenviroment

Allison LeJeune

Fun, fun, fun! Bathrooms are nice and great family environment!

Tamarah H

We LOVE this waterpark. I buy the season passes, and they are well worth it. My children stay all day, and never get bored. I enjoy the lazy river and laying out, while they play on the slides. The only issue we've had is with a few of the life guards being rude. I'm sure management would take care of it had I gone to them. Amanda is one of the managers I've dealt with, and she's awesome! This is our summertime hangout. ❤

Joseph Schneider

Great day trip. Very nice personnel of staff. Free parking. Good value for your money.

Jason Blalack

I love this place kids can never get enough of it they always have guest appearances be polite Spider-Man ,Dora the explorer and Diego they also have a great gift shop awesome places to eat lockers for all your valuables parking is excellent not far at all to walk and if you really like to go a lot season passes are well worth the money as far as water parks anywhere around here this one beats all especially on the prices if you're anywhere in the area and want to have a good time at a water park go here you won't be disappointed .

Carmen Russell

Went zip lining first. Other than some delays it was great. By the time I got in the water park it was full. Was able to enjoy a few kids area with my son without problems. Didnt try to stand in line for big slides because was happy just to be cooled off by the sprays & kids slides. I would recommend !

Benjamin Bennett

Be prepared to spend while your here. This park is one of the best places near the coast to cool off in water thats salt-free. If you live anywhere close by, the season pass will definitely be worth your while. If you want to save a buck, eat before you come or tailgate while there. Bring some sandals or better yet some swim shoes if your a tender foot, if your not in the water the ground you walk on is on fire. Great place for family fun in the sun.

Bianca Bennett

Good place to relax and have fun on a hot day. Food is a little expensive, but overall the park is enjoyable

Mike Stubblefield

Staff wa as helpful water was wet

John Bourque

Favorite place to go in the summer time after the kids get out of school. Get the summer pass, it's the best deal. Multiple water slides and an awesome lazy river. They have seasonal shows and entertainment.

Joe Toothman

Great for everyone but pricey if your on a budget.


The best it's so fun!

Elizabeth Jenni

Definitely pricey, but it's a Waterpark so that's to be expected. The slides are pretty awesome. Lines are LONG so we ended up waiting about a half hour to go down one slide. We spent $125 on a cabana because we have a baby and there was NO shade at all. We waited at the gate for them to open and still didn't manage to get under an umbrella for shade. There's also a bucket that fills with water and a blaring noise rings out before it dumps. This may be fun for some, but my child on the spectrum had a very hard time with it. I asked an employee if they do "sensory days" for kids like her and he said, "Probably not." I realize that no everywhere can be sensory-friendly, but that bucket alarm going off EVERY FIVE MINUTES (I timed it) was annoying to even the adults in our group.

Florestine Joseph

This was an awesome water park. Fun

Phuong Truong

Terrible service at the snow cones stand (the workers took forever, slouching) and they did not cut the pizza when we ordered it. Small cabanas are overpriced. Literally everything here is overpriced and good services are rare.

Dee Judge

For the price it can offer more than it does. My main problem is the lack of Security-- a big fight broke out and no adults were around to break it up or report it to just teenage workers. Finally the people that were involved were asked to leave the facility, however it was long after the fight took place .

Charlotte Lee

I go everyday I love it family oriented

Melissa Williams

Great place grandkids loved it

Montræl Moore


Elwin Holloway

Park was fun, my son wanted to ride every slide there

Natalie Hamilton

The park entrance is very disorganized. The waiver policy could use a new process that doesn't slow down park entrance.

Nikki Wages

Made this one of our stops while on family vacation in Biloxi, and it did not disappoint! Spent the day there and the kids never once got bored or was ready to go early!

Cory Lefort

My family and I love this place. We bought season tickets for around $65 each for adults and luckily our son was free for being under the age. The pool around the medium sized slides is great with cover seating and in the sun. There’s is a horn that goes off and this big bucket at the top of slides tips over and splashes everyone. Also there’s a lazy river going throughout the entire park which for me was the best part. The food is expensive. I think like $9 for a slice of pizza. Overall great place to go for the whole family

Vera Thomas

The waterpark is a fun place to go, but DO NOT have a birthday party there. We were supposed to start at is 130 now...still no service, not even someone coming by with an explanation. The rating of 1 is for the service.

kryptonite Gaming

Want to Express my appreciation to Ms. Kerri for great customer service

Bee A

This was my first time taking my kids and nephew (ages 1,2,4,8,14) to a Waterpark and we thoroughly enjoyed, even the baby! We are traveling from Louisiana and will definitely be back next summer! Very nice attraction and fun place to take the kids!

Artie Blackwell

I am late to the party on this, but after 9 years of living 1.5 miles from Gulf Islands Water Park, I finally took the kids LOL! I must say- I am genuinely impressed. It’s not as vast as Blue Bayou in Baton Rouge, but it is a lot more family centered, affordable, and safe. Keep up the excellent work!

The Black Cat

It is a fun place to got to relax and have fun with friends and family.

Katrina Acoff

I enjoyed it very much it was very fun for me and my family

LandonYT Vlogs and Gaming

I been knowing this place for years and this water park is awesome!!!!

Jerry Varvel

Did both Zip n Fun and the water park. If you do the zip n fun in the summer bring water with you that you can attach to a harness or wear a hydration system. It gets hot up in the trees in the summer in South Mississippi. Otherwise had a great group of guides!

Megan M.

I visited this park today while visiting my sister, and I had so much FUN! The lazy river was so lazy inducing, and the kids could enjoy whatever. Give it a try!

Wandolyn Davis

Love this place enjoy myself with family next year season tickets

David Kanera

Staff is friendly. Water is cool. Rides are fun. It's a small, entertaining little park. A great way to break the MS heat. I moved from Wisconsin in January, a half hour from the water park capital of the world. Google Wisconsin Dells. This is no Noah s Ark, Mt Olympas, Kalahari,etc. But a nice place to cool off.

kathy metz

Our favorite Water park. The staff is terrific

Molly Haines

Everyone was very helpful and the place was clean

SSS 81

My family and I enjoyed our selves

Wendy Seaney

We love our water park!

master boss

So fun. I love riding every ride there and they have big and small rides. What the lazy river was the best. I stay there for hours upon hours.

Nikki Kraft

If you go when it's not uber crowded you are apt to have lots of fun. We always try to go before peak season. They will search your purse and make you toss things so forget bringing in some drinks or snacks (We have small children and tried to bring in baby food pouches and they did let us have those, but they made us throw away our crackers, fruit snacks, and capri suns). Your feet will burn walking around so sun shoes would be smart. And just know they will yell at you for silly things like linking two tubes together in the lazy river by holding onto handles, but you'll see some horse playing and pointless shenanigans that they ignore but could actually hurt someone.

Kayla Green

Lines moved really quickly, not 5 stars because there weren't as many rides and blue bayou. But amazing for me

Lori Mills

Some of the employee were rude and it is very expensivebut the kids had fun

kallie collins

Always a blast whenever I go! Relaxing in the lazy river to having fun when the waves come on. To the water slides can be relaxing too. But the green and pink one can give you a rush as well.

Williams Karen

Hi Everyone! I go there every year to celebrate my birthday with family. Each year I rented a gazebo to stay cool. It's the best time. Beats picking out a restaurant. Family fun for all ages.

Shannon Tucker

Save your sanity and money and choose somewhere else. Seriously, dont go here.

Brad A

Fun way to spend a summer week day. Not the biggest or baddest water park in the country, but it's reasonably priced for its size if you buy tickets in advance.

wayne zambiella

It was awesome

Anna Bennett

We had an amazing day!

Heaven Leigh

WORST PARK EVER!! WISH I COULD GIVE A ZERO!! Me, my dad, and stepbrother were sitting down trying to calm my little sister down. She was screaming and crying. All of a sudden I see a boy mocking her and the other kids are laughing, including the life guard. We walked away, because we wanted to get away from there ASAP. The majority of lifeguards are lazy and don’t do their jobs well at all. We had some other small encounters with other lifeguards too. Please don’t come here.

Erica Davis

Pretty good experience overall, especially if you go when the crowds aren't too big. They could use another bathroom and water fountain on the other side of the park. Everything is by the wave pool.


A fun place to go swimming with the family. 4 stars only that staff is all young and no one seems to enjoy working there. No one looks happy they seem so sad to be working. I understand it's a temp summer job but no one smiles.


Eh, it was fun I guess. Not fun enough for the price I paid though. My biggest gripe is that this place is WAAAAAAY overpriced. I mean they are SUPER proud of their park. For my husband, myself, and our two 3 yr. olds, it was damn near $150.00. The park is good for small children, however adults really only have a few slides and maybe the lazy river, IF it isn’t overly crowded. I had a decent time, but don’t think I’d ever come back with those ridiculous prices. Also, I questioned how clean the water was. Most water parks and pools you can smell the chlorine. It wasn’t as packed yesterday when I went as I’ve heard it can be and even then, we had issues getting floats, or some of them were just old looking. For all the money this place makes with those prices they should at the very least, invest in some chlorine and new pool floats. SURELY they can afford it after charging people those prices.

Kelvin Connolly

Gulf Island Water Park offers everything a water park should offer. A first aid room, lifeguards, food, drinks, vending machines, airbrush booth, Lockers, Slides, kiddy area, zip line rides, obstacle course, Cabanas with tables and chairs & Some Cabanas offer lockers. Gulf Island Water Park could add more adult slides to lesson the wait time on each slide, by Cabanas 8-11 some more restrooms could be added and some family restrooms could be added to the Park to lesson the walks.

Daniel Wilson

Fun for the family. Highly recommend. Season passes are definitely the way to go. Lots of fun and food is pretty good

Jill Creppel

Family friendly and fun for all ages

Terri Utsey

Fun place. We had a great time.

Brooks Taylor

This is a fun water park that is very reasonably priced. Plenty of slides and attractions to keep you busy. Some of the rides do tend to have long lines so if you can go on a day that's less crowded, do it. The food here is pretty solid, especially the sweet shop. The only reason I couldn't give it 5 stars was the immature life guards, their inappropriate commentary to the younger kids needs to be addressed.

D Stan

Good times. There were a few times when slides were taken out of service and the lines were very backed up, but what ya gonna do? Better maintenance? Still a good time.

Molly Broders

We went to Gulf Islands today for a company picnic. I was pleased with the water slide, but the cleanliness almost made you not want to get in. There was a ring a grime all around the lazy river. Even the tubes had brown grime on them. Sitting at the edge of the wave pool there was a milky film on top of the water that washed up. There was trash on the stairs going up to rides. The lifeguards moved as slowly as possible making it 3 minutes between riders (I timed them). The room our company rented was full of furniture and nasty dirty before anyone was even in there. There was junk in the bathroom sink - and I was the first person to use it. It was gross. I hope we don’t get something from there.

Johnny Rodriguez

We had a blast.... Great place to have some family time...

Javiah Jacob

It was fun even tho I almost filled off a ride

David Baklarz

Nice place but for the season pass price I would expect more benefits between the premium and regular passes. Also the employees are rude and just not pleasant at all.

Cassie Cuevas

Great place for family fun. I Love the perks that come with the premium season pass.

Aki Scott

Visited today for my daughter's 14th birthday and she and her cousins had a blast! With it being a Saturday I thought it would have been a terrible idea to visit but it surpassed my expectations!

Kierstyn Bellard

me and my family drove 2 hours from home just for the waterpark to not be open to the public for a private event. the website said it was opened. nothing was said about a private event today in their event section. we called the waterpark many times with no answer. even though this waterpark is very nice and good service its still aggravating to drive to hours for nothing. it would be nice for yall to actually start updating yall’s online calendar because thats all people use these days. and also answering the phone would be nice too.

Oksana Alabama

We spent 166$ for 4 people. If you arrive after 3pm you will save money. Not as big as Waterville in Alabama, but nice. Clean and k8ds friendly.

Kevin Ruiz

Love it and my kids enjoy this place

Rubi Dontigney Meltz

Season passes are reasonably priced, especially if you purchase a day pass ahead of time and then upgrade. They've made a couple of nice improvements for the younger children over the last year or two and the staff seems to have improved. There are a couple of bridges that get unbearably hot and the kids' pirate cove needs 2 guards at the top. Other than that, we enjoy our time there.

KeKe Williams

My family had a blast. Food kind of pricey but we planned for that.


The facility is nice, the slides are great, but the teenage staff is bad. Most of them seem to be in such a foul mood with a bad attitude. Side note: the pizza is disgusting, so you're better off getting nachos or something else.


Me and the kids had a great time. Don't forget sun screen or sun glasses though! The gift shop is VERY pricey. I bought sun screen, sun glasses, and that strap to hold glasses on your face and spent $60+

Dallan Rodriguez

It’s awesome...great & fun for a family day. Whether it’s a last minute day out or planned ahead of time, it’s worth it. Although please don’t forget to purchase online & save at least 25% from paying at the entrance

Amanda Roundtree

Great Experience for my daughter sweet 16 Birthday! Will be going back soon!

J. K. Glover

Great for the price. Not the cleanest. After noon the crowd was too large to enjoy anything. Even the lazy river was overcrowded. You couldn’t find a raft later in the day. It’s somewhere we will be back to I didn’t even realize it was over there. It was a pleasant surprise.

judy sexton

Nice for teens water and food just to high.

Jamie Riley

I can't seem to find anything that I entirely dislike about this water park. All the tubes and slides are enjoyable, the workers are nice, and it's overall a great place to go to with family or friends. The food is great at a reasonable price, which I prefer their pizza. They always play nice music everywhere around. The changing room, though, kind of bothers me. There's no privacy, so people of every age has to change in front of everyone. Luckily the restrooms are options for changing in.

Nathan Bane

Not a terrible place, but to have roughly 6-8 slides and have prices that are clearly higher than the park is work. Wouldn't pay more than 20$ a person for this establishment. I can say, what they do have is fun, clean and safe.

Torra Watson

This place was very kid friendly my kids didn't want to leave .

Lionel Jones

Great place kids had so much fun

Shantir Harris

Had a wonderful time but couldn't do as much because there were too many slides to climb

Robert Cooper

Great for young children 42inchs and up

Kris Devito

Rides are nice. The cheese burger was good!

Nathalie Jean

Food and drinks are outrageously expensive. Water is dirty towards the end of the summer season. Bathrooms are dirty. Saturdays are packed with people. During the week is the best time to go. Get there early if you want a chair with an umbrella.

Nicholas Wright

A great place to take family and friends and loads of fun.

Dave Grantham

Grandkids loved it. We only come once a year but the grandkids look forward to it.

Oleduddydawg 5

A great little waterpark. My kids love it. It is just kind of out of the way.

Jeff Lemmer

Don' let the pictures fool you. This park is very very very small. Only 4 main slides. It was an expensive day out with the kids. They had a good time. But almost any other water park would be a better value for more to do.


So much fun! I enjoyed the Christian and family appropriate music. The lifeguards were nice and alert. It was easy to move around with our 5 kids. I liked that it wasn't too big. We ordered a large pizza and it took over 30 mins to get it. There was no numbered system or anyway to identify us, so I'm guessing "our" pizza as probably given away several times before we got ours. I had to ask twice (and wait 5-10 min in between asks) before getting it. That was my only complaint.

Susan Ryals

Love going will miss it til next year hope we can see the upgrades.....

m sm

Went the day after memorial day, crowds were low. The wave pool was awesome! We enjoyed ourselves. The staff were friendly and helpful.

Kim Smith

I enjoy this park because it's not over crowded, prices are a little high for food but love the rides

Slime shopee22

Good waterpark to visit and have fun but they don't have a pool and a wave pool and it's kinda small

Mollie Robinson

Romantic afternoon with my sexy husband

Devin Valentine

Uhm first I must say chicken fingers are amazing! They cook hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill! Super good! The only down side is there just is not enough shade fore the equator like heat of the Mississippi summer! Man! As much money as this place takes in they should really use it to invest in more shade. Another downside, you can’t rent cabanas and clam shells the day before. It’s first come first serve. BUT NEVER LISTEN TO THE FOLKS AT THE WINDOW! Always ALWAYS go to the gift shop. The people at the window do not sell cabanas or clamshells for rent. Ironically their all children working so they will just say no we not have any. When what they should say is “please check with the gift shop as they sell the cabanas and clam shells.” We made that mistake. This place is a lot of fun and it’s recommended. The prices vary depending on the day so always check online.

Sheryl Wright

Great place for family!

Michael Dagorret

The park is well supervised and staffed. There are employees constantly making sure the park is clean and issues addressed. The cost of food is reasonable but Better when you use the coupons with the premium season pass. The coupon book is only an additional $10 which it pays for itself in your 1st trip to the park. The bathrooms are clean and fans keep them comfortable and dry. You can’t bring food or drink in but you can get a wristband to come back same day. There are all kinds of fast food restaurants and nice ones within 2 mile of the park including shopping for the girls between swims. My only suggestion would be to consider making it 1/2 price within 3 hrs of closing which allow for additional revenue.

Phyllis Ibos

We loved it. Plenty to do. All staff was very nice and helpful. Lots of fun!

Nathan Rodriguez

Not bad for a small water park. Only issue was broken lockers until finally one was found by staff that worked.

William Whaley

A good place with mostly friendly employees. Clean, good environment. Not very big, however, and while the slides are fun, there is nothing particularly special about them. The kids always enjoy the wave pool and the slides. 4 stars.

Robert Kermit Cole

Enjoyed the park and the experience with my kids. It was very clean and the employees were very nice. Lots of nice facilities and tremendous water slides that make it so much fun. Lots of wet areas for the little ones to have fun in as well. I would certainly come back and enjoy the park again.

Misty Craig

Love going here with my kid

Deborah H

It was a nice waterpark, however, "wave pool"is a bit misleading. It was more of an entry to the Lazy River than a pool.

Alan Duncan

We went for the first time 2 years ago. Had a blast. Went today with the grandkids. Everyone loved it. Great place for kids of all ages. Lots to do. They even had TIGERS this time! Clean. Not too pricey I felt. We will be back!

rawr rawrs

Very fun and the slides are great. Just make sure to have sunscreen, not too many covered areas.

Jeanette Hersey

It's a great place to go and cool off

Nichole Calhoun

I loved this place! We purchased season tickets online and got a great deal. The have a huge lazy river, large slides for 42' riders, a few splash pads, and younger kids slides too. They have a few different food options like burgers, fries, chicken strips, chips, and drinks. They had another restaurant but I already decided on that place when I smelled the grill. You have to pay to rent the lockers which was $5. It was $7 if you didn't return the bracelet they give you. We put our phones in the car and only brought $20 in with us. We left our towels and shoes in front of the lazy river where they have a couple hundred pool beds lined up. We periodically checked to see if our bag was touched but it was good. I would think people have the courtesy to not touch other people's property but you never know. We didn't have any valuables just our car keys. It was a very relaxing environment and I can't wait to spend the summer here!

James Houck

The park is okay, a little pricey and long wait on most of the big rides.

Chris Zwinkel

Recommend 10/10 for little kids and teenagers me and my family had a blast and will definitely be going back, the food is a little pricey but at the end of the day it's an amusement park.

Barbara Morgan

I love this water park! More fun than any resort! It is colossal! Being that this was midweek, the lines were very short between 4-6 pm. I went on the red and yellow slide 8 times in a row! The lazy river and wavepool were not crowded with people and innertubes so I actually was able to swim there. Best to buy a season ticket. You get more than your money's worth.

Brian Dupre

Absolutely awesome place to spend the day. No outside food or drinks allowed in. Pack it up in an ice chest and leave it in your vehicle. Leave out of the park for a picnic and enjoy or buy what you need inside. The food and drink is pricey but to be honest is good. Get the season pass and go several weekends in a row, very worth it after the second visit for a family of 5.

Ava Price

Great place to bring the little ones! My 1 yr. old baby sister loved every minute of it!

Zach Kunz

Nice water park with an abundance of amenities!

Kaitlin Shambra

BEWARE OF YOUR MONEY AT GULF ISLANDS WATER PARK!! If I could negative rate this place I would. I bought season passes online during a promotion for my family and was giving them to my husband for Father's Day. Turns out my husband's work schedule changed right after I purchased the passes, therefore we would not be able to visit the water park as a family since now our work schedules conflict. So, since we had not even been to the park to register our passes, I called and spoke to Sydney and inquired about getting a refund and explained out situation. Sydney took my information and said she would call me back as soon as she speaks to a manager. About an hour later I get a call back from Sydney saying Gulf Island Watermark has a no refund policy but I could transfer my passes to the next year. Since my husbands work schedule is bound to change again, I told Sydney to go ahead and transfer my passes for next summer. Sydney said everything else would be taken care of on their end and there was nothing more I needed to worry about. She said to reference the manager approving the process is Amanda. So, sounds all great right? Well, several days later I received a call from someone at Gulf Islands Watermark saying my passes have been transferred to next summer and how would I like my receipt. Immediate red flags went up because I was NEVER once informed that I was being charged additionally on top of the the cost for the season passes. I expressed to this person that I did not authorize any charge to be made nor was I ever informed. She asked who I have been speaking with then put me on hold. The woman came back on the phone and said sorry I have been misinformed but rules are rules, this twenty-something dollars must be processed to transfer the passes. I raised my concern at this point and expressed the lack of communication. I told the woman to refund the processing fee and I would figure the rest out on my own. Needless to say I have purchased the premium season passes that I cannot even use this summer and do you think I will be recommending anyone to come to this water park? NOPE. After all of that is said and done, I went to work and expressed my encounter with some co-workers. Come to find out Gulf Islands Water park is NOTORIOUS for horrible customer service. A woman I work with said Gulf Islands charged her twice for a meal and one of the inside restaurants and refused to refund her so she went to her bank to dispute it and GULF ISLANDS WATER PARK FOUGHT THE DISPUTE when clearly she was charged twice back to back for the same amount. I can't stress enough, when it comes to your money Gulf Islands Watermark will take as much of it as possible.

Ben Green

Super kid friendly and by far the best place to take our family! Well worth the season passes every year!

Jessica Hoelzel

Amazing fun with my little family. The wife pool kept having to get turned off because of old lady but was worth the trip

big bitch

I love the place everone is so nice and funny i will go again soon

Alex Rothschild

Had a lot of fun. Food was great too

Imogen Cummins

I had a really lovely time with my family and it was my 8 month son's first time and he seemed to enjoy himself despite being so little. Only complaints are, the burgers are bland and thin. They need to sort that out, and also I'm not sure if the water that sprays out in the wave pool is on a timer, but my baby and I caught it just at the right time as we were moving through to the lazy river. The water jetted him directly in the face and the amount of water could drown a person let alone an infant. So that was really awful, my poor baby was crying. Again, I'm not sure if those are controlled or on a timer. I would recommend this place for the lazy river and their pizza alone. Had a great time.

Lee Puckett

First time going on 6-23-19, very nice place with a great layout. Not a huge place but plenty adequate to beat the heat. Bought my wife and I premium season passes yesterday that way we and our four boys all have season passes. We arrived there at or around 12 and the ladies in the trailer were fantastic in helping us purchase our passes. The Cabana's are pricey $85 through the week and $125 on the weekends I was told. Theres ample chairs with umbrellas spread out but yesterday there was a bunch people and finding one for our family of 6 was a task but easy enough to do. The food was great, ordered hot dogs yesterday but they didnt have chili or cheese also there hamburgers were good. Other than that zero compaints on the food. The slides was great, lines took a bit but wasnt as bad as others there were saying they usually get. Nice layout on the lazy river, its ties into the wave pool/swimming area and reconnects back into the other half of the lazy river. Some of the lifeguards language was obscene for the children on the green and pink slides. There was an animal display of tigers and a talking parrot that my kids were super impressed with. I would like to see some expansion of the place because it definitely has potential and is a contender with Blue Bayou. At closing time they had the lifeguards go out and clean the parking lot, sad that the customers can't clean up after themselves but it shows that GIWP prides themselves on a clean facility. Overall it was a nice place to go and I will be back. Good job guys and gals, y'all have earned another family for customers.

Billy Wayne

Fun for the family the food is high but that is normal for a water park but we did us a gropon

Stacy Myers Homan

We loved it!!! The rides are awesome! The kids had a blast!!! Its better than Waterville USA.

Doody C.

Very fun park good food nice staff

Dean Cacioppo

A little bit out of the way for us ....but a great place to spend the day with the kids. Much less expensive than the other parks. They still have more than enough to keep everything busy all day.

michelle simpson

Great day. Enjoyed the water and the pizza. My grandsons first time and he can't wait to come back.

Laura Adams

Wish they stayed open longer in the summer.

Michelle Pelas

It was fun! I had a blast

Sarah B

The water park was amazing! The only issues I had with the water park were that there were more people than inner tubes and the lines were crazy long unless you got there really early or really late. :(. Other than those two issues, this place was pretty awesome!

Emily Connolly

Enjoyed every minute of it.. My kid's didn't want to leave.. Lol


So Fun and relaxing especially on the big pink tube

Another Google User

Fun but needs more shade.

Bo Markovic

Awesome for a day full of fun. 5 large slides. Kids loved the racing slide. Wave pool and lazy river were good to chill after the slides fun was over. Three nice areas for kiddos up to 5 years old. Food was very good for water park food. Rent a cabana if it's raining. They stop the attractions only for lightning. If it's raining with no lightning the park stays open.

Jonathan Roberts, Broker Assoc. C21-BMP

This was a really good time. Loved the racing slide and all other rides. It’s a great way to spend a hot summer day.

jojo suarez

Its good but need shorter lines you wait for like 1 hour

Tammy McAlaster

Awesome place for the kids!! We had a blast!!

marisela mendoza

Very great the people were nice and I really recommend it for anyone that has kids they have good food... However some of the lines were really big and slow... but Overall it is pretty great

Carey Wyatt

Relaxing place to go, cost is high though.

JoAnn Gillum

The entrance fee is a little pricey. The internet purchasing is less expensive. If you don't you will pay high dollar. I took my two grandchildren 12 & 4 for the 1st time. I paid $124.00 for the 3 of us, that's very high. I wasn't getting in the water or in of the activities, and 1 told them so, yet I paid like I was. I wouldn't minded paying a gate entrance fee, perhaps $10. There not enough or any chairs to sit in the shade. They need Benches under an awning for shade. The food is good.

delicia morgan

Nice Waterpark . great family park

Johnny Naron

I went with my wife and kids who have season passes. I was on crutches because of a severely sprained ankle. I was charged $41 to enter. Even tho I couldn't do anything I paid the outrageous amount so I could spend some time with my family. There was no assistance for me at all. They made no attempt at all to accommodate me. $41 is a lot for one day with or without an injury. They need to change that price.

christopher moran

The park is nice all in all except long lines for the water slides lots of people not supervising their children overpriced food and drinks and a few other things that I could mention but if you buy a season pass and the $25 souvenir cup it's worth it in the end if you go several times best times to go is when they first open then you can beat the lines and sit wherever you like


This summer was my first visit (I’m local), and I have to say I was surprised!!! It’s a REALLY nice park and it’s not so big that you spend all day walking. What I really appreciate, as a mother, is how attentive and strict to the rules the life guards are. The cabanas are GREAT! They can be pricey, but if you’re going with a group of people split it up and it’s well worth it!!

Jessica Long

There is a tropical storm today and they are not closing the park or issuing rain checks. We bought 7 tickets not realizing our 2 year old didn’t need a ticket and are now spending another $90 to reschedule for another day.

Melissa Bigger

Water park was great my kids loved it. However, the concessions were over priced, the food was poor quality and the lines were long

Jean Dimanche

The park is great, but they have too many careless teenagers working there. Safety is questionable; but that was my personal experience. My kids had lots of fun and I had lots of fun. I enjoyed the just about everything they had to offer. I wasn't disappointed at all with the food that I got but for the price, I could have at gotten another refill for my $2.75 medium drink. Js!

Becky Locke

Great experience. Our family had a wonderful time...from toddler to the 50s something for everyone.

Austin Thimm

Not too crowded,very fun cheaper place

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