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738-, 798 Beach Blvd E, Long Beach, MS 39560, United States Located in: University of Southern Mississippi

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Where is Friendship Oak?

REVIEWS OF Friendship Oak IN Mississippi

Jill Hinkle

Totally awesome tree, worth going to see. I have never seen anything like that before.

Dawn Petrovich

Bring your friends here

Terri McManus

Dawn Crosby

Kimberly Jenae

Never been to Mississippi so I googled things to do, friendship oak popped up and I am so glad we visited. Amazing sight to see

Kaye Covey

Lovely tree along with many others

Debby Watson

Amazing how long these trees have been alive! There are several of these live oaks, I want to see them all!

Buck Massey

Michael Poche

Visited in July. Unfortunately, the tree was damaged.

garry t

Good place

Courtney Kirkham

Beautiful tree, but it recently sustained some damage and is roped off

Myron Lyons

Great part of history something worth seeing

thida chan

It’s alright. Got to see in person what a 500 yrs old tree looks like.

Lydia Zuloaga

It's a 500 year old big tree on the college.

Edmond White

Patrick Malboeuf

Getting cut down

Gene Pharr

Words cannot express the sadness I feel seeing how this great old tree suffers. When I was a student here i spent many hours sitting with this tree just trying to get my stuff together. A mystic and majestic ancient thing.

Kathy TurtleToo Kent

Historical site at USM in Long Beach Mississippi. Has been there all my life which is 55 years and has been there many other life times before me used to it had a fort type wooden platform to walk up into the tree with but could Katrina ruined that. Almost took the tree with it.

Ku'uipo Mcwhirter


john michaels

Awe inspiring 500 year old Oak Tree .Such Beauty !!! If Only they could talk !!!

Rene Noble

Sad to see the Friendship tree getting to old to recover....

Lisa Morgan

What a beautiful tree! Decided to take the long way on a drive from New Orleans to Gulf Shores, Al. Driving along the coast is such a gorgeous drive. The tree is located on a college campus so beware ...out GPS took us to a located a few miles away....finally found it and so glad we did. Really an awe inspiring site!

Steve Minor

misty Roache

This is on a college campus. Beautifully kept, sentimental and meaningful, perfect place to make promises, and lifelong commitments.

sonja scarborough

Besutiful! Worth the time. Great place for pics too!

Read Breeland

It looks sad and hurt, amazing how little it take for major changes in a life.

S.A. Livingston

Amazing, centuries old oak. It's actually 2 oaks that grew together, but now one is dying while the other is still going strong, so it's roped off at present. No sitting in the tree now. The campus on the Gulf is so pretty. A lovely place to stop and visit.

Donna Craft

First visit, if was very well organized. Beautifully set up under the big Oak trees. Loved it.

C Reese

Nice but could be better taken care of. On a university campus. You would think that someone would be interested in it's care.

phillip marshall

Magnificent history.

Eric Campbell

That is a crazy old tree.

Nature Jockk

Wonderful as always

Eleanor Robinson

Everyone that comes to visit has to see this gorgeous old oak.

me jay

Friendly people

Val Evans

Loved this beautiful tree that was here when Columbus landed in the New World!

Michael Goolsby

Joe Z

Very cool place, seeing a tree that's over 500 years old that has weathered numerous hurricanes. We have seen numerous live oaks they the south , this one has its scars but is still standing and growing.

Matthew Allen

Katrina hurt it bad. No more tree house. Still cool to see.

Wesley Boyd

Friendship Oak is a nice place to take photos or to stop and enjoy your lunch. For professional photos please request approval thru the campus office.

Linda Smith

Beautiful oak trees the must-see down on the coast quite a few Oaks to see as well as the Friendship Oak it had some damage. A branch fell it's a shame but still beautiful.

Oladayo Abimbola

Excellent piece of history well preserved over time!

Tracy Newlin

Took lots of pictures, amazing how the friendship oak has lasted so many years

Christopher Walker

Friendship oak, not much more you can say about a 500 year old oak.

Nancy Pitts

Been going since I was a little kid! ❤️❤️❤️

Sammy Sunshine

This is a 500 yr old tree, imagine all the things it has seen.

Lisa Weyhe

Robbin Steen

Nice place to go

Mike Scott

Gray place to enjoy nature.

Dania Merrifield

Very very beautiful. Located on ISM campus I found it by accident and was glad I did.

bob S

Daniel Cuervo

Very nice sight!

James Lipsette

Beautiful tree! With a beautiful story!

Grace Meredith

Very beautiful tree with so much history!!

Thomas Brown

We were here before Katrina and now seen it again today...Nice to see it made it,has a few spots of damage but is still amazing!

tracey antoline

Very beautiful.

Nikki Kraft

I have pictures of me and my siblings in this awesome piece of history and natural landmark. it's been through alot and I dont think you are able to get in it anymore -- sad! but still so beautiful and worth going to see it.

Sara Davis

This was a really neat site on the Gulf Coast Campus of Southern Miss. The tree is 500 years old and has a special meaning behind its name. It is worth seeing if you are riding on 90 along the beach. It is a quick stop and one to check off your list.

Michael Barnard

For being called the friendship oak I don't think I have ever had a more unfriendly experience for simply looking at a tree. I stood there looking at the tree and stretching my legs for probably 5 minutes before a security guard (not a real cop although he wanted to act like it) showed up, asked for my ID (which I refused), started writing down my licence plate number, and then threatened to call the actual cops on me. Sadly, he did not see the irony of threatening me in front of the friendship tree so I just left.

Joe Smith

A place everyone needs to visit

Melissa Shelley

Michel Scott

Sad to see it's branches cut up after so many year, but scars are beautiful and the tree still stands strong. I'd recommend seeing it if you're passing through.

Dana Ledgerwood

If your interested in old crooked trees this is the place to go! Its limb length is fascinating. If it could tell the history it has seen, wow.

Christy Williams

So beautiful

LeeAnn Nequist

We stopped by on a road trip because the tree was only 20 mins out of the way. Really interesting piece of history, the tree is older than the United States.

Melanie Boyd

Rusty Vanzandt

Cool tree!

Vera Kirkmeyer

Chris Vickroy

I was able to see this from my car driving to a meeting on USM. The tree is magnificent, ancient, and beautiful. I'd like to go back when I have more time to see it.

James G

What an awesome tree! 500+ years old! It's a sprawling wonder! Some of the huge limbs have either been cut or supported for safety reasons but the majority is still healthy. The history this tree has witnessed! Worth the stopped to grab a few photos and wonder about the historical events in this part of the country. It's located on the Southern Mississippi University Campus.

Kayla Kuznia

What an amazing piece of history!

Roy Squires

It is amazing how old that tree

Melissa Jones

The tree is so amazingly beautiful, if only it could tell me stories. However my imagination can run wild. I was truly blessed to be able to see this splendid Tree. You won't be disappointed if you love nature in all it's glory. Stop by and visit the friendship tree.

Wendy Smith

beautiful tree, surprised at so many laterals touching the ground. we have two ancient trees in my area (Safety Harbor & Clearwater FL) that are 350-500 yrs old but the laterals are up off the ground. I gave it four stars because the tree deserves better upkeep on the immediate grounds around the tree.

Tonya Baudean


Ellenetta Marshall

Still a great place to do portraits

Tom Rishel

Beautiful old Live Oak on the campus of the University of Southern Mississippi. Huge branches spread to an amazing width, reaching down to the ground and growing back up in several places. All overlooking white sand beaches and the sparkling Gulf of Mexico just across the highway. Stop in nearby scenic downtown Long Beach for a bite to eat and a great cup of coffee at Bankhouse Coffee. Well worth a side trip.

John Sylvia

Tree is off limits and has been losing huge limbs!

Jayna grissom

Melissa Cox

Collin Willson


Jo Darwin Langson


William Richmond

Beautiful tree to see in person

Mississippi Kid

They cut half of the tree down. Probably to prevent spread of rot and disease. Years ago, they took down the treehouse that was in the treat (and probably caused the rot). It is missed, though.

Lisha Marie

Nice place for a picnic

Michael Ritter

The oak tree is over 500 years old. It was found in 1487 and is still alive to this day. It is located right off the beach at the university of southern Mississippi campus in Long Beach, MS.

Lila Harrich

This is an absolutely lovely place. It's both beautiful and comfortable. Great to hold an event.

tonia malone

I do believe the sign beneath the tree you will stay friends forever❣️

LaDonna Stapleton

This sprawling oak tree has a long history on this tiny USM satellite campus.


Valerie Spaht

What a wonder to see a Oak of this age still standing

Larry Dillon

A little tattered by Katrina yet the overall experience is amazing

Nicklaus Costello

Trina Pollock

This tree is breath taking

Donsld Little

Love it.

Yvonne Dixon

This was such a beautiful tree!! Still have my piece of it

Shari Felker

This tourist attraction features the oldest Oak tree on the Ms Gulf coast. It has weathered the test of time and multiple hurricanes. It proudly stands with it's heavy branches draped around it like an antebellum gown.

Dixie Bennett

Miss being able to touch and photo up close

walter abadie

Adriana Williams

Jeanell Wallace

Long beach history. Must see

Deniche Madrid

Cindy Neer

Lisa W.

The history is amazing. The tree is really starting to show wear and tear/aging. It was a 5 min stop for a picture and back on the road.

Debbie Dunn

We love this spot! Sure hate the tree was damaged but it’s still a beautiful spot!

Kerri Decell

The entire campus is beautiful.

Kolby Helton

Raymond Anthony

Touched the tree & so did My Wife of 46 years. Katrina was not kind to it. Lots of damage & surgery. It's recovering. Come & see it.

Monte Belote

Didn't know the oak was 500+ years old. Sad that some branches were gone (presumably from storms like Hurricane Katrina )

Samuel Starita

very fun

Monica Altman

Very beautiful and nice place to have a picnic

Carl O'Neil

Awesome wingspan! I hope for another 500 years.

David Vondahar

Super Dave

Peace, love, serenity. Reflection and hope. Holy.

Jeannie Belew

Simply amazing

Enrique Mora

Geraldine Lorenzo

This was a great spot!

MeWe AllOne


Kurt Lindelow

Over 500 years old. A piece of history.

Jesse Mumphrey

Ideal for tourists

Samantha Barton


dan ellis

I seems to have had its day in the limelight, but still quite awesome!

Adam Edwards

If you like or trees, it's a beautiful one.

XxLil _CrystalgamingxX

I loved it because I like to look at old trees

Robert Newman

Great site but still doing repair work around it

Alysia Davis

paul clifton

We saw it.

Mary Ellen Young

It's worth a look. I love trees.

Nicole Hutchins

I grew up in the country and became a landscaper so I couldn't wait to visit Friendship Oak! It is a beauty! My husband and I had a great time taking photos with Friendship Oak. We visited on our 2nd year anniversary. I'm not superstitious but welcome this lifetime with my husband!

joel burleson

Tim Taylor

Very cool place for a quick stop.

Brandy Birdy Hurst


Keith B


Richard Perrett

Still storm battered but still standing!!!

Douglas Cherry

Victor Lavergne

This campus of USM is lovely with the beach in view and stately live oaks with the incredible Friendship Oak as the centerpiece!

Tammy Tomlinson

Beautiful old tree. My best friend and I stood in the shadow of the tree and vowed to be friends for life as that is the legend of the Friendship Oak

Amara Kamara

Beautiful scenery right within the University of Southern Mississippi's Gulf Park Campus. Even more beautiful is that the location is situated literally 200 feet away from a pure white sand beach.

Brandi Thomison

What a beautiful piece of history.

Teri Nelms

If your in the area definitely check it out!! Beautiful piece of live history

Ian Taylor

Love this place. Just wish the tree was in better shape like when in was a kid.

Micheal Vollrath

So great loved this spot

Lourdes Gonzalez

Impressive tree! 500 years old.

Scott Templeton

My daughter's college - University Southern Miss, Gulfport!! Fantastic &impressive old tree on the campus ! Wow, if only it could talk !

mark rushing

Awesome place, clean and well kept. Great campus.

Peter Rcndz

Amazing to see the 500+ year old tree.

Judith Doyle Word

Perfect for historical and picturesque pictures, as well as to have a picnic under with glass of wine. Beautiful.

leon cooper

Friendly and informative staff

Beth Johnson

What a truly amazing experience!

Rosalie Foster

Big old live oak tree on the Southern Mississippi grounds. It's looking a big old. Some of the limbs appear to be rotting, I think.


Not anything else to do. It's located on a college ground. Still a cool thing to see.

Michael M

There for business, but loved the history if the place.

Bill Redo

Nice tree

Jennimar Rosario

Beautiful place

Karen Salaway

This tree is over 500 years old. Standing in front of it made me think of everything it has lived through and survived. Katrina for one, and countless other storms. The whole college campus is pretty and has many stately old trees.

Dan Rogers


Cindy Pollock


dude iam

It was so pretty!!! I loved seeing something that is so old!!! Very interesting!!

James Brand


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