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Ship Island, MS, United States

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Where is Fort Massachusetts?

REVIEWS OF Fort Massachusetts IN Mississippi

April Hardin

Great place to explore


Very Nice

Jeanine Van Der Laar

Nice tour of historic site

Michael Stankewicz

Looking for something to do on the weekend at the gulf coast. Take trip to Ship Island. White sand beach and an 1800's fort. Largest smooth bore cannons made on site. 15 inch cannon balls weighing 400 pounds capable of shooting 3 miles. Awesome history and beach area!

Connie Mathews

Had a wonderful time! Would love to come back with the family.

Sean Rhino

Very cool historic site on a beautiful island

Dave Ervin

Great day trip with the family

Annette Miller


hunter rainer

Beautiful place. Extremely relaxing. Best place ive ever been

robin raiteri

So cool !!!

Dasha Peipon

Beautiful!!! Really an incredible historic treasure. The tour is included in the price of ferry ride, and is very educational.

Michael McQuaid

Great spot to visit very interesting

Stephanie Mancinelli

A great tour while you are visiting the island. Worth going on.

Tammy Tague

This Fort was amazing ,will visit again,thanks

Josh Mackey1509

Apparently they're not as loose as I was told with there public nudity laws.

Matthew Blackmon

Clean and well kept Island

Henry Van Der Laar

Really cool civil war era fort. (If you take the tour you learn it wasnt finished until after the war). Definitely recommend the tour. You have to take the ~1hr ferry ride over to the barrier island to get there but if you plan to spend the rest of the day at the nice beach on the island it's well worth it.

Ann Chapman

Worth the trip!

Megan Cromwell

It is free! I recommend taking the ferry (from Gulfport Harbor). The beaches at Ship Island are fabulous. When you need a break from the sun, tour the Fort. It is free, so it's a great (short) historical experience.

Yorktown T-Mobile

Great beach. Great service. Great wildlife. Another solid National Park experience. The fort was small but nice. Impressive at condition with the hard weather it has taken on the islands history.

Jason Sanning

What a way to spend the day at the beach!! Great historic story and the wildlife is truly amazing!

Derrick Dujmov

Very cool landmark. A must see!

Torina Fambro

Beautiful place. Just don't let the mosquitoes fly away with you. Lol.

George Cookus

Great history and a great beach. Apparently the first steps for the regiment that would come to be known as the buffalo soldiers.

Pinkpanther pink

Very awesome experience!

Kyle Beeler

It's on ship island . Nuff said.

Andrew Barstow

The moths swarmed me so bad I cant see.

Jackie Williamson

Loved the history tied to it.

Joey Simcoe

The experience of seeing the fort was amazing

Lori Paul

Very neat place to check out!!

Wayne Dufrene

Hot very hot

April Austin

Beautiful place to go to

Jason Wiggins

Super cool piece of history! This island was discovered in 1699 and the fort itself is I think almost 200 years old. The cannon up top is especially cool, don't forget to check it out of you visit the fort.

Danny Barrow

Pretty cool place even without going on the free tour

Brenda Chu

They have a guide who tells you info about the fort and let's u explore around it and kind of envision how it was for them

Jennifer Shelby

Tour guide was very nice and informative.

Shawn Smith

What a cool place and piece of our history.

J Rey

Not what I thought it would be. Not much to see...

cindy johnson

Loved this place. Cool history info. I took my Parents. They loved it. Rd he boat ride is amazing.

Eric Linsley

Very impressive. Lots of history. Since it is a national park, federal law enforcement was present. Well maintained and helpful park rangers.

Elecia Bowman

Great island, wonderful memories

Yuri Hohman

Nice 1 hour boat ride to Ship Island. I'm glad its historical. Tour presented a lot of information on Blacks during the civil war. Didn't like when I asked "why haven't trees been planted"? The answer was clearly misleading.

Charles Rogers

place was awesome. Water was super green and dirty. Atmosphere was great.

James Patton

Fort Massachusetts is a perfectly intact Civil War era fort that was engaged lightly before abandoned by the confederacy. It was the staging ground for the US New Orleans Campaign. It also is an immaculate fort of the middle 1800’s. Worth a peek but remember that the fort tours are right after the boat arrivals. They also take most of the time between a 12 midday tour boat departure and a 230 departure. If your looking for a massive piece of American history, this isn’t it. But if your looking for a intact fort in the region, pique your history interest, or just to take a break. This may be just for you.

Jason Jernigan



Great place to visit

Ryan Mueller

This is one of several brick forts built along the Eastern and Gulf seaboards. What makes this fort unique is it's shape, a "D" configuration, and the 15" Rodman cannon still in its place on the battlement. You'll also see one of the last remaining hot-shot furnaces. Grab the ferry from Gulfport operated by Ship Island Excursions. It's a 50 minute ride out to the fort. FYI, if you like shell collecting, you want the North shore of the island.

Moneka Fullop

My husband and I went on a whim and had a blast!!!! So private and quiet! We walked forever on the beautiful beach with white and black sand. The Fort itself is absolutely amazing and definitely a piece of our American history that you should check out!

Benetha Johnson

We came to the island by private vessel and the guide on the island was very friendly and allowed our group of 9 to explore the Fort prior to the arrival of the Ship Island Excursions guests. Be sure to dock your vessel closer to the bank to avoid the tour group boats. Great family experience on the island, but leave your pets at home as they are not allowed on this island.

Amanda Moore

Neat place to check out. Guided tours are interesting!

Chipnvirginia Hammond

I interesting historical site. Lot of algae and mold inside.

Ronald Singleton

Interesting, learned about the local history, the guides we're very knowledgeable and fun. The ferry ride was about a hour and was enjoyable. The walk way to the beach was some what long, but not too bad, we walked around the island in about two hours.

Carol Graham

We went on a ferryboat to the island and it was GREAT!!!!!

Isaac Ralston

Great time on Ship Island with the family. Loved visiting the confederate fort, too.

Matthew crampton

Amazing place to visit. Accessible only by watercraft. We rode private watercraft to island. There are charter boats that go there. There are guided tours I think at 1:30 during the week and 11:30 and 1:30 on peak days. Otherwise, you can self guide yourself through the fort. I think it's really nice because, first of all it's free, and second it's not crowded. We were the only ones in the fort except for one employee clearing water out. The beach on the gulf side of the island is actually very nice. They have chair and umbrella rentals, snack shack, bathrooms, and nice walkways. That was really neat. There was a tour boats worth of people on the beach so it wasn't overly crowded. If you can, I highly recommend checking it out.

Gay Boi

Went here during my trip to Ship island. Very interesting historical artifacts and more. Our tour guide was amazing!

Russell Roberts

Our family had a great time! Will return!!

Kayla Zeller

Very cool historic site on an absolutely beautiful island!!!

Melissa Hudson

Great place to spend the day. Great beaches, actual bathrooms and a snack bar on the island

Tracee Bleyer

Beautiful, neat piece of history. Go when it's less crowded.


An interesting fort with a long history made better by the tour.

Bill H

The rangers there vary in knowledge and quality. It is difficult to make an unimportant footnote in history interesting. By the time this was built, it was obsolete.

Amber Sebren

Beautiful place to visit for the day. Relaxing and quiet

Rob Abney

Very cool old Civil War era fort. Always makes for a nice boat ride to see the Clearwater and sit on a Beach that's not really crowded.

Robert Karlen

Fun fort to visit. The tour doesn't take long, but is included in the visit to Ship Island.

Wanda Wolfe

It was ok, really not my thing, but it is for my son, he toured it through n through! But it was just ok, I didn't tour through it! So it would be unfair to really rate it!

Brandon Smiley

Definitely not bomb proof.

E. E.

We went with friends in their boat (vs the tour) and thought it was not only super interesting but scenic too!

russ jones

Good time

James Moody

Love this place

Ms. Ray-T. Cloutier

Worth every penny for the ferry ride!

Emily H

you have to visit. the beach is great and the fort is educational

Shana Saujon

Awesome, history does come to life!

Towanda Sayles

Great experience

Nicole Grobmyer

Very well kept up historical fort. It's on its own island called Ship Island and you get to travel out there by ferry and see all of the beauty. There's also a beach that's right off the Gulf on the other side of this little Island where you can find find the best shells

Krista Fish

John Bauer

Really cool

Tisha Barron

We took a ferry out to Ship Island, which is one of the barrier islands that make up the Gulf National Seashore. On the Island is Fort Massachusetts, used during the Civil War, and the second World War. There was also a manned lighthouse there for a long time. Lighthouse isn't there any more, but the fort is. We love American History, so we found it very interesting. Also glad the barrier island is protected. Had great fun walking on the beach and wading in the ocean.

Pep C

Roxanne Todd

Was not what we expected.

Dyllon Hadaway

This Fort is a very interesting landmark on the southern coast, with an interesting history behind it. The island itself is very pretty, and the beach on the other side of the island was large waves, good for recreation and the snack bar is well stocked every day. The ferry out to the island takes about an hour, so be prepared for the wait, but it's worth it.

Jody May

If your on the island it's worth a visit to see a piece of history still in amazing condition given how many hurricanes it survived. The fort is small and quick to go through. You can explore freely or take the guided tour. There are mosquitoes so bring repellent!

Mike Downing

Very cool historical place

Matthew Cowan

Really cool fort. Was swarmed with mayflies when we were there. They don't bite but they are annoying.

Lynn Evans

A great piece of history on Ship's Island. So well built it withstood Hurricane Katrina!! Interesting.

Yvonne Hayes

Worth the trip in the ferry

Jennifer Huckeby

Very interesting

Megan DeSola

Beautiful place with great history. Amazing boat ride and one of the prettiest gulf coast beaches!

Nicholas Jasmine

This was nice, still has its cannon and the tour was pretty good.

Wayne McGowan

derrick dujmov


Sven Manes

It was okay nice place to go

Travis Pittser

Such a great island and place for an adventure

Jeremy Lee

best beach on the gulf coast

Andrew Newcomb

⚠ WARNING you MUST MUST bring BUG SPRAY if you want to visit and return ALIVE!! Spent years in Florida swamp and this was no comparison. Blood was dripping from several parts of my body the mosquitoes were so vicious even while running! Saw many other people severely bitten as well. Not your average infestation!!

Enrique Mora

Really nice park. I recommend it. It was warm and sunny. We rented some chairs, but one can bring stuff to Ship Island, where the Fort Massachusetts is. Be prepared to see dolphins.

Daniel Wilkerson

Historical and quite a view

Caitlin Brasel

Wonderful tour and beautiful beach

Scott Bemis

This fort is very well preserved and has many surprising aspects of it's structure, content, and history. A park ranger gives a very interactive tour each day that is well worth the time.

Tove Jacqueline Ghent

Volunteer guide made the history of this fort come alive.

Andie Tubbs

I went on an incredibly insightful and educational tour that's offered free to everyone on West Ship Island.

Erin McDonald

Wonderful clean well maintained

Jonathan Kitchens

Great family getaway

Debi Kerr

Good times

Sylvia Young

Love to learn some history!

Andre Perera


Stacey Bullock

Great time! Nice boat ride, awesome history and nice beach. Snack bar is relatively inexpensive.

Annette Black

Watch out for the bugs

Francisco Sanabria Aguila

Nice place

Randy frehill

Only accessible by boat. Nice getaway, great little piece of history and a few famous prisoners. Definitely worth the trip and great way to spend a day.

Suzi Golden

Family fun. Lots of history.

Ryan Carroll

Nice play

John Dicasali

Park volunteers are friendly and knowledgeable. Several info spots around the fort.

Kevin Nguyen

Relaxing place with clear water

Shawn Ward

Great for the location and a place where you can learn about history as well as take a swim off an Island without having to spend a lot of money the tickets to get to the Island we're very reasonable like 25$ for adults and 15 for kids. The boat ride over took around 1 hour and was a great adventure in its self.. The Dolphins swimming beside the boat was exciting the whole way there and other Sea animals where easy to spot as well as the boat has a nice eating and refreshment area to enjoy your self after ir before the Island docking. once you get to the Island there are restrooms, gift shop and eating. All you really need to bring is a towel and a fun spirit.. plus you get to see a Awesome fort that was used to prepare to defend our great Country USA.

Kedron Rhodes

Beautifully kept island and fort. National park volunteer gives a great overview of the fort.

Jed Harris

Great tour of a historic site.

Dennis Koon

Very interesting place if you like history you need to visit the island take plenty of snacks with you and expect to make a day of it

Kyle Groom

It's a beautiful beach

Kim Runyon

Great place to visit

Zach Kunz

Me and my son take our boat there! Cool historical fort!

Maria Zambrano

Is a experience for me

Jamie Freeman

Very good

saundra roberts

I loved this!

Sharon R

Very interesting the guided tour was great!


This historic land mark was as amazing as it sounds. It was so cool to be able to see the history behind the island and the beach was so relaxing. The sights that you see on the island is absolutely amazing. The boat ride was even better on the way up and back. We seen a couple of dolphins and a bunch of jumping fish that were enjoying the waves. There was jellyfish and Sting rays that were amazing to look at. I'm so glad that I visited and it is such a great place to take the family!

michael parham


Colin Cook

Rangers give guided tours of Fort right after ferries arrive. Self guided throughout the rest of the day. Beaches on the island provide for the cleanest/clearest water in the area.

Stephen LaGuardia

Fort Massachusetts is a great example of a third system fort design, well worth the trip. Very accessible with well preserved 15" Rodman cannon. Friendly knowledgeable staff give short tours twice daily on arrival of ferries.

Linda Crowell

Beautiful beach, but be prepared for a long walk.

Catrina Schmidt

Really neat place and super clean

dawn whitaker

Love it! Go every year. Never gets old. History comes alive!

Wayne Kuhn

Like seeing historical forts

robert hamm

Beautiful place to take the family

Auriel Fournier

Impressive fort, great tour by NPS guide.

Yana Savchenko

Very interesting place. A lot of history behind it, when you inside, it feels like you are back in time. To get there, you have to use Ship Island Ferry. Be sure to check out their schedule, because it departs only twice a day. And when you are inside the fort, pay attention to the flags, count the stars

Marcia Raymo

Neat history

Kevin Ebarb

Great place to visit.

Anthony Seymour

Been here SO many times and always find something new to see. The national seashore takes great care of the island. Its a little ride by boat but definitely worth the good times and history of the island.


Family Friendly

Kelsey Gillespie

SUPER COOL. Gotta be able to climb, though. Not the most accessible. But really fun to explore!

Tim Hooker

Loved it. Awesome tour. Its so well kept up compared to some of the other old forts in the region. It was worth the "Excursion" boat ride out.

kelley byrd

The beach was wonderful.

Gwen Pitts

Paul Jack

This is an interesting Fort. It's in ship island.

Karen Dinger

Great island

Karen Salaway

I had to take shelter from a thunderstorm in this fort on Ship Island. Never dreamed that would happen, I felt very safe too! Ha!

Stephen Balser

Really cool to see such an important historical landmark. Strong enough to survive Katrina. Let's do our part in maintaining our history for future generations. The island is gorgeous as well.


Fort Massachusetts en Mississippi
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