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REVIEWS OF Enter/Locked Escape Rooms IN Mississippi


Small rooms but it's very fun and hard rooms to get out of

Erin Alford

Great escape room! We had so much fun and can’t wait for more rooms to open up! I would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good escape room. Top notch company.

Rachel Banks

7 friends and I did Murder Motel and we had such a great time! It was very well thought out. We were so close but not quite! We’ll definitely be back!

Shaun J

Was a great experience.... wouldn't mind going thru it again and try out the other scenarios.

Alyssa Ables

LOVED IT! Murder Hotel was such a great room! Awesome original games and we had such a good time! Can't wait to go back when the new rooms open! Glad to have somethin like this in Ridgeland and their place in Jackson! Both were great!

Paul Lancaster

Barely made it out alive. A lot of fun.

Patrice Greer

I really enjoyed myself here! I will definitely be coming back!!


Richard Sween

We went with a group of four and had an absolute blast. We played the Murder Motel and the Pizzaria and escaped both with only a few minutes left. The rooms themselves look and sound amazingly real - the team does a awesome job here. Our game masters were great giving us only the occasional nudge if we got stuck. Everyone there is super friendly and helpful. We can't wait to go back and play the Temple and Rooftop rooms!

Dasha Peipon

Incredible!!!! It felt like we were in a movie. Don't want to give away too much and not sharing any spoilers. But this is high quality entertainment and would be perfect for a birthday celebration, a team building exercise or just for fun. Highly recommend!!!

Jaclyn Marie

Challenging and fun.

Sarah Hagwood

Frequent escape room player here! This place is good enough for me to say it's worth the money especially with little to no competition within close proximity. The puzzles function for the most part and the rooms are challenging enough that most will actually require the whole hour to get out. The downside is that this place is aesthetically "so-so" and there are about 2 or 3 puzzles per room that I'd consider "reaching" when it comes to actually using logic/deduction... there's more puzzles than I'd like to see that require basically guessing how to solve it instead of finding clues in the room about how go solve it. I wouldn't be surprised if the staff is used to the same puzzles requiring hints due to players not understanding what the puzzle is asking for. My last criticism is that the quality of the room materials is "so-so". We encountered two puzzles that, when solved, did not "open"... even after trying for over a minute to make the mechanism operate. After confirming with the game master how we solved the puzzle, he instructed up to just "keep trying". One was a wall piece that required turning and the other was a magnetic connection that had to be just right. After all of that being said, I usually look at reviews first in order to decide if the rooms are worth the drive & money. These rooms are definitely worth the money. They function for the most part. Which is a big deal. But...If you're going to travel far, make sure you have additional plans because I don't think it's worth the trip for this escape room alone. Not the worst rooms by any means... just not the best either. Would I go again? Yes... if I already had plans in the area.

Isabella Lacourrege


Scott Miller

Deborah Donnell

I liked the murder motel room. I loved it and we made it out

Michael Conguista

Anne Arlington

This is one of my favorite escape rooms ever. Always a great experience and the nicest hosts. The Pizzeria room was so much fun! I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an amazing local escape game with fun themes that you won’t see anywhere else.

Landry Lemoine

This place is so fun!!! Very challenging, my team won with only a minute and a half!!! Love Enter/Locked!

LivLov EnjoyLife

Austin Westbrooks

Almost solved it but we had a really good time

Will Caves

Kenneth White

Sarah Helen Skelton

Very well done, put together and organized! I have played lots of escape rooms, and Murder Motel is easily my favorite. It has interesting technology that keeps you on your toes while keeping the game refreshing and exciting. We had a mixed group of people who have and haven't played escape rooms and everyone was able to contribute and have a blast! Fun weekend activity that will have you wanting to do more.

Aimee Barnes

This place is a real gem. I’ve played all 3 of their rooms and every one of them was incredible, incredibly well made and decorated. The games are super fun and challenging! I would replay them all over again if I could. No other place even comes close! I would recommend it to anyone and everyone! Great job Enter/Locked!

Jill Rivera

Went with family, as a birthday present, to this Escape Room business and it was great! It was a lot of fun trying to figure out the clues and piece the puzzle together. There are a lot of different level rooms, and you can choose the difficulty you'd like. My family and I will definitely go back to try out the other rooms (probably the easier level ones) and we all had a great time. One of the owners of the business was very nice and she gave explained everything afterwards and gave us some tips on how to do a little better in the future.

Paulina Krakowska

Shera Higbee

Hands down the best escape rooms that I've played! A group of us did both Murder Motel and Rooftop. There was plenty of space for the group and lots of puzzles for everyone to work. The rooms were fun, challenging but not frustrating, and had great unexpected elements. Can't wait for the next room!

Kia Lane

Pizzeria was a great escape room. Enjoyed every second

Ashley Williamson

Shundobie Coleman

Alisa Taylor

Seth Lenoir

Challenging and fun, this was my first experience at an Escape Room and it did not disappoint. The staff was friendly and professional and the puzzles were well designed.

Amelia Barker

We hosted a small group of VIPKid teachers at a local meetup. The staff at Enterlocked went above and beyond to make our experience great. They made some minor modifications to the room, hiding a few of our company's props in the room for us to find/unlock. They even customized the storyline, which was a pleasant surprise! The game master was awesome - giving just the right level of hints without giving away too much! And the room was one of my favorite ones I've ever done, and I've done many in cities all around the US. I will DEFINITELY be back to do all of the rest of the rooms. Thank you for an amazing experience!

Joseph Kotnour

The most fun I’ve ever had while wearing shoes. Absolutely awesome!

Madison Holcomb

Absolutely amazing time!! These creators have It going on!! The rooms are beautiful and this is tons of fun for any group or couple! Put your mind to the test with these puzzles and see if you can escape in time!!

Gracie Lunardini

Had a lot of fun here! The game master was very helpful since it was our first time doing an escape room!

Cassidy Stafford

We have been to several escape rooms in the area and around Mississippi, Enter/Locked is by far our favorite! The rooms are very unique and I love that they are private! Also super nice owners!

Khaalis Muhammad

It was great, I've been to 601 escape rooms and it was not as good as this one. These guys did a great job on this place

Amanda Ritchie

We had a great time. We played "The Rooftop." We enjoyed the storyline and felt that the room was very well-designed.

Cindy Feduccia

Had a great time with the Murder Motel!! Definitely recommend this! Will be back to try another room out.

Lashelle Cook

The Murder Hotel room was a Beast!! It was fun, very challenging, and most importantly, the struggle was Real!!! Loved it, will be back!

Retonya McDole

LMBOOOO! This was such a great experience for my family and me! We reeeeaaally enjoyed this escape room event! We had the Murder Motel which is on a difficulty level of 9 out of 10. We got up to the very last clue and ran out of time! The Game Master was very helpful with guidance throughout the game without giving away too much! We had so much fun and it was worth it! We will definitely do this again! Ready to try out the other rooms!

M Scott Anderson

I’ve played all three of their current rooms (the motel, the rooftop, and the temple) and am anxiously waiting for their next two. Their rooms are designed real well, where they make you feel somewhere else and their puzzles are fun to figure out.

Sonny Sweatt

Fantastic trip. Went as a work outing and had a great time. The level of detail was exquisite, the staff was friendly and we, all-around, had a great time!

Casey's Portable Buildings and More

Awesome rooms

Morgan Nutt

We took a large group of 20 to play multiple rooms at Enter/Locked. Everything was planned and orchestrated for us upon arrival. We had such a great time! The staff is great, and the rooms are challenging but fun. We will definitely be returning to Enter/Locked Escape Rooms!!

Scott LaRoc

Great experience and challenging for any group!

L Gower

It was so much fun and very experimental. I will most definitely visit again.

Kody Liston

Phenomenal experience! Their rooms get better and better with each one they produce! We absolutely love playing their scenarios!

Maureen Malingkas

Ive been to the pizzeria, it was awesome Great challenging puzzles. Paulina and clint are so talented! The design is spectacular and every detail is accounted for. Cant wait to try their other rooms including the newest one, the cleaners!

Ashton Gibson

Just did the temple room with some friends and enjoyed it. The room is very real looking and the puzzles are very challenging although fun. A very helpful staff that gave us a very welcoming experience and that helped us when we got stuck. Definitely plan on coming back soon.

Jameion Spencer

Ronald Young

The Murder Motel is awesome!

Rachel Achenbach

The Murder Motel was seriously awesome. I've done a lot of rooms around the world and this was one of the best. It is set up really well and looks realistic, and the puzzles are awesome. High quality stuff- not tacky like some escape rooms are. Their rooms get better every time, and I can't wait for the new ones to open!

Jayce Miskel

Went today for my birthday with a large group. Had a great experience. Staff was nice and the room was well put together. Will definitely be back.

Jay & Kay

Chauncey Craft

Wonderful staff and experience!

Mama Mia

We had a great time. You're able to leave this escape room to use the bathroom (Important!). We played the Rescue Mr. Waffles room. New puzzles we haven't seen before. You get 3 clues that don't add time to your score. They've only got 2 rooms right now (they use to have another building downtown that they've run many room from).

Paul Wetherby

Definitely the best escape room around! The Motel room was challenging but that's what we loved about it! Great fun for the whole family.

Brooks Taylor

We played the murder motel this weekend and it was awesome! Very challenging but they do a good job of giving u little hints to keep u moving (without totally giving u the answer). We didn't successfully complete the room but all 8 of us agreed it was a great time and we plan to go back to try their other rooms. Very friendly staff. Clean and nice facility. A fun night out if you're looking for something a little different.

Ryan Reynolds

We had a great time! Clever games, friendly staff, and great location! Can't wait to go back for their new rooms

Kim McKinney


Amanda Riddles

Their new Motel themed room is so exciting. My friends and I loved it! I can't wait for their two new rooms to be opened up this summer. I've played their other rooms, which are also amazing, but the Motel was my favorite! I definitely recommend!

Ashley Craig

We had the best time. Great staff! The rooms were thought out in detail and the facility was very clean.

Jerelle Berry

Loved it...

randy craft

Had an awesome time..The Temple was really close to getting out!

Micory Huff

The employees were kind and very helpful while we were in the escape room. The temple was super well done and well made; I would do this over and over again if I could.

Chase Harman

This is the best escape room in the Jackson area. I am an escape room junkie and have done over 20 rooms and this is one of the best ones I have done the production value in the room is great and the game masters pay attention and understand what clues help. The only thing I would like to see is a timer showing you your time located in the room since it is common in most rooms.

Lauren Hutchinson

Amazing! I've played a lot of escape rooms in different states, but this one definitely stands out! Everyone in my group loved it. Very friendly staff too!

Leslie Perry

We took our son (and his friends) for his 13th Bday. It was his first time and we had a lot of fun! The staff was very friendly and patient with our bunch. We chose The Temple and it did not disappoint! I would recommend going and we'll be visiting again to tackle another room!

Danny Beard

Adam Haver

We had a great time! This was our third room that we have done that has been designed by this group and they keep getting better each time. Highly recommend visiting their new location in Ridgeland!

Darren C

We were traveling back from MS to TX and a friend said we had to stop here. It was a little off our path so soooo worth the detour. This place is amazing! First, the people - Ryan, Paulina, and Clint - were all so incredibly welcoming and gracious. They worked with the chaos of our schedule and then let us chat their ears off afterward. I cannot say enough about their professionalism and customer service. That alone was worth the 5 stars. But wait, there's more... Those rooms!!! Goodness! The Rooftop is easily one of my all-time favorites now. It's such a unique premise and then they did such a great job with the visuals. They place you smack dab on an apartment rooftop in the middle of the city. There are car horns and pigeons and a few other fun little bits that I won't ruin for you. We walked in and I let out an audible giggle of excitement when I saw the space. It was so perfectly done. Now don't get me wrong, if you are looking to play a game on a real rooftop then climb up up to your roof at home with a board game This is an interpretation of a rooftop and a very well done one at that. I used to live in NYC and it brought back that city feeling perfectly for me. I will note that I was a bit apprehensive to do The Temple. Since we first got mixed up in this escape room insanity, we have done multiple temples and only once have I been impressed with the visuals. Well, I guess it's time to change that statement to twice, because this is such a brilliantly done version of a standard ER theme. Right from the moment the door opens and you're hit in the face with vines, not a spoiler since you can see them from the waiting room when the door opens, you're in this world they've created rather than feeling like you're in a decorated room. Now on to the puzzles, both rooms had some great games in them. There were several I had never encountered before and the ones I knew were reimagined to fit their theme beautifully. They varied in difficulty and skill but there wasn't a single one that made me frustrated or angry because it was poorly designed or thought out. Everything made sense and felt like it helped move the game along. There were two of us playing and we never hit a bottleneck where someone was standing around bored. I want to make sure I mention that both rooms would be fun for both new players and enthusiasts. There's enough here to make everyone happy. Ryan, our Game Master, did a great job of interacting during the game. He didn't toss hints without asking or push us in anyway. When I got stuck and couldn't figure out how to get to the answer he asked very politely if I wanted to use a hint rather than just giving the information and ruining the experience. This also made me feel like he was actually watching and invested in our game. Often we find ourselves spending precious moments trying to get a GM to just notice that we need help, but he was on the ball. When I finally took his assistance, he gave me useful hints without giving direct answers. He served as my guide, as a good GM should, rather than just shoving the solution in my face. I simply cannot say enough good things about this place. I don't want to give too much away, though, so I'll just stop myself here and tell you to go and play at Enter/Locked. If you don't live in MS then add it to your next road trip. It's definitely worth the adventure.

Catherine Summers

The absolute best escape room in Jackson. All the rooms are awesome. Very friendly owners and staff. If you haven’t been - you’re missing out!

GC B23

A big win! The whole experience was great from start to finish. We decided to split our group into teams of five and each team took a unique room. The Rooftop scenario was wonderful. The difficulty level is hard but fair, you have an hour to solve it all and we succeed (with a little help from the moderator) and it was right down to the wire. The clues and puzzles in the room were more detailed than we imagined and that’s a great thing! Five stars indeed, we encourage everyone to give this a try! Update- returned to the venue with the work gang once more and it was fantastic. Another successful escape and they opened up slightly earlier than scheduled to accommodate us to. First class!

Amy Montgomery

The staff was friendly and helpful and the room was well planned!

Bria Carbo


Matthew Nemero

Dustin Ezell

Really nice setup and well thought out puzzles.


We ran out of time but had a blast anyway. My advice: if you see something that looks out of place that's because it is. Speak up.

Melissa Shapley

Parent night out! So much fun and can’t wait to go back!

Leslie Potter

My group of 8 had a great time escaping The Murder Motel! The tension was high and puzzles hard, but Tristan was an awesome game master and gave us just the nudges we needed to get out alive...with 1 min. 41 seconds to spare! Glad we had 8 heads cause they were ALL needed in this room - Can't wait to go back :)

Kayla Sween

Andy Bynum

Ok, but stupidly hard. EDIT: About those 3 clues; our "guide" forgot to mention those until we had a less than 20 mins left.

Jake Magee

Tyler Gray

We took the Eupora High School Cheerleaders to Enter/Locked before our competition and they LOVED IT! The facilities are really sharp, the staff is super friendly and helpful, and (according to the girls) the rooms were really fun and entertaining. We will definitely come back next year!

Jason Goodman

Awesome place! Had a blast! Great location, highly recommended!

Allie Smith

One of the best escape rooms we've played - very well thought out. Great location and nice hosts - we will be back!

Tyler Sneeds

Very dissapointed. Would not reccomend!

Dragon Wizzard

Our group of 6 had an excellent time! Cant wait to come back and complete the other rooms. Already making plans. Much more challenging than I expected. Was nice to really make our brains work overtime to figure things out. So much fun and would absolutely recommend! See you guys again soon!!!

rushil patel

This was an amazing experience. It’s something that challenges your mind and fun to go with your friends.

Seth Williams

This was my first time ever doing an escape room, and I loved it! The location is gorgeous and very welcoming. The staff was very helpful as well. The games are exciting and truly make you feel like you have entered into another realm of mystery and determination! Proud to say this is my new favorite place in the Jackson metro. I look forward to coming back and sharing ENTER/LOCKED with my friends and family.

s.m.l tiger

Valerie Thomas

It was so much fun even though we didn't get out in time! This was for my daughter's 16th birthday and she said it was the best time she and her friends had. The staff was super friendly and helpful! Take a jacket because it was very cold in there.

Sabrina Gell

I love escape rooms! This is part of Jxn escape rooms, and just as good. I've played several of this companies games, and they are all fun. I love that they aren't linear, so even groups can enjoy. You can be working on several things at one time, and it helps to work on communication. Great location! Can't wait to try new rooms as they open up.

Natalia K

The Rooftop room was so much much fun! We've played other escape rooms before but we've never seen anything like it! The room was very intricate and original but not overwhelmingly difficult. Would recommend to anyone of any age and will definitely be back to this awesome company!

Laura Guidry

Five of us played Rooftop and Murder Motel and had a blast! Both rooms were fun with unexpected twists. Each team member was able to contribute to the puzzles. I highly recommend!

Latisha Young

What's not to love about this place. The rooms are very well created to puzzle your mind. I love that you can access 3 clues to help if needed. It's worth every penny, great for groups. Love it!!!!

Turner Martin

Loved this escape room! One of the coolest ones I have ever done!

Natalia Michalak

Great place, one of the best escape rooms I've played

Trisha Gilbreath

So much fun! The Temple room was so unique. Not your average escape room. Great fun for a small group. We laughed so much and had a blast figuring out all the puzzles!

Melissa Mercer

This is by far my favorite escape room. We really enjoyed Rooftop. If you haven’t done this particular room yet, you definitely should (save Mr Waffles!). And the staff is friendly, knowledgeable and creative! Shout out to Sarah for being a great hostess!

Jamal Shelby

Gardner Richey

We did this escape room for a work party, and everyone had a great time. The game design was excellent and very creative. It was just the right amount of challenging. We had a lot of fun. The staff was also very friendly. I will definitely go back in the future.

Jane Hinkle

Ramey Kent

Steven Mohler

Enjoyable time. Did rooftop, puzzles were hard enough that a couple of hints were needed, but doable. Will go again.

Rhyan Davis

This escape room went above and beyond others I've been to. So much more engaging. It was difficult but in a good way, and there was more to do than just solving puzzles and figuring out patterns. Everyone in our group had something they were good at and could contribute to the room. The room we did was built to look so authentic and engage all of the senses and I can't wait to go back to do the other rooms.

Katie Williams

Awesome place! The escape room was captivating, and the experience is one to remember. Can't wait to do another one soon :)

Adrianna Hicks

Absolutely so MUCH fun. Staff was amazing and we even got stickers. We did the temple room which was pretty hard but really cool.

Life With Reginae

I loved the experience

Chris White

Cassandra Mergi

It was a get experience. We had six players and that was plenty to get through. They are consolidating their other two locations into this one.

Amanda Spikes

Joey Gabbard

Corri Montgomery

Great host and great mystery. We had a wonderful time.

Natalie Roberts

We loved it! Excellent place and location, extremely nice staff. Very original room with some unique puzzles. We've played a lot of escape rooms and this one is among our favorites. Highly recommended!

Cynthia Conguista

Mark Campagna

Ryan K.

Our group had a great time! It was challenging yet fun, and we will definitely be back!

Gordon VanLandingham

So a group of friends and I did both of the rooms here. We had so much fun! There were some elements in these rooms that I hadn’t seen in any other rooms. The puzzles were great and the themes of the rooms were really immersive. I would totally recommend this place to any escape room addicts!

Austin Fortenberry

We had a great time! Murder Motel was awesome. I’ve been twice, and the experience was enjoyable both times (even though we didn’t escape the first time). Having done several Escape Rooms, I was a bit skeptical of a local one; however, I was pleasantly surprised. The rooms are well planned & make for a great experience.

Isaac Ting

sherry curtis

Staff is super friendly. Rooms are distinct and fun. Great night out activity.

Joanne Williams

Rachael Crellin

Hitixa Patel

I’ve become quite addicted to escape rooms and have had the opportunity to complete many rooms in multiple locations....big cities, small towns, large franchised locations, small independent locations, etc. Enter/Locked is a single, currently non-franchised location run by a husband and wife pair who envision, create, build and execute these rooms with minimal outside assistance. I do not exaggerate when I say they can hold their own to the big boys with the big budgets. Their rooms are very well thought out and executed, with many unique elements that you may not encounter in other similar establishments. This is not your typical lock and key. I highly recommend Enter/Locked, as I’ve completed and escaped all four of their current rooms...they do not disappoint!

C Trim

So much fun!!

Hannah O'Bryan

I did the murder hotel with three other people. It was very challenging, but we made it out with three seconds left!!! The staff was very nice, and they even allowed us to set up food in the lobby for my birthday. I would definitely recommend them for any party or just a fun night with friends!

Samantha Hicks

I've played several escape rooms in different states, but The Rooftop room at Enter Locked was my absolute favorite! So much fun for all ages, my whole family had a blast! Highly recommended!

liya wilson

Xavier Jacobs

Sebastian Strong

The room I did was great. The attention to detail was incredible, making the experience feel incredibly immersive. I will definitely be back soon!

Patrick Fox

We were in Jackson for the weekend and we decided to come here on Friday night, we had so much fun that we came back again the next night! (We escaped both rooms too!) Would definitely recommend checking this place out! We’ll be coming back to do the other rooms next trip for sure!

John Caleb Grenn

We had a blast at EnterLocked! Great puzzles, friendly staff. Made our party super awesome. I will go back, hopefully soon!

Mary Lee Reed

Friendly staff insured our family had a fun time.

Mary Brooks


T Slaughter

It was fun and exciting!!! We Escaped!!!

Tracey Williams

This place is Awesome!! I had a very large group and they did everything to make us comfortable as we waited for each group to finish!! The customer service is the best!! The service that we were given is hard to find. If I could I would give them 10 stars!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this place!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Felicia Hoard

Very challenging but exciting place. My team made it out of the Motel.. ready for the next room


madeline worth

It was really fun!

David Lacourrege

Absolutely loved doing the murder motel scenario! Very immersive and super fun. Would highly recommend this for a family night out.

Endearment Sophia Parker

The temple escape room was sooooo Amazing!!! Wayyyy better than we imagined it would be.

Janice Jackson

...Our church group is scheduled to go in a month. We stopped in to get group pricing and a tour.The owner Pauline was so wonderful and very helpful. She helped us decide what level of challenges would be a fit for our group and gave us a peek at one of the rooms. The facility is extremely modern with a streamlined appeal.computerized signin and convenient secure parking. Everything about Escape Room is well planned and thought out. There are different levels of and games within the game. The room we viewed was awesome and the owners skillfully crafted and designed it themselves...they should probably be designing for theme parks or movie's just that good. We can't wait for our trip. Groups of 10 or greater get the best discounts. Visit their them or stop's better to make an appointment for the drop in visit. But the owner is wonderfully nice.

Paulina Niedźwiecka

Sandra Greer

Do not miss this experience! Our family had an amazing time and we highly recommend it to young and old!

Paula Smith

Fellow escape enthusiast here. We've played rooms all over the state and this place is our all time favorite! People who run it are very passionate and the staff is always super friendly. I appreciate the originality of the themes and the fact that most of the rooms are booked privately, so there's no risk of playing with strangers. The rooms are bigger than any other place we've been to, there's always multiple spaces to explore. We never felt crowded like in some other escape rooms where they put 10 people in a closet-size room. My personal favorite was the Rooftop - such a cute idea! Can't wait for them to open more rooms so we can visit again!

Michael Montgomery

Ireyele Kennedy

steven green

Awesome experience! If you're looking for a fun challenge this is the place. Incredible staff! Guaranteed laughter

Jackie Brown

So much fun! Great attention to detail. We'll be back!

Elizabeth Fike

This was my first escape room and it exceeded expectations!! Such a fun activity for the Jackson area! Would highly recommend to anyone. Really kept you on your toes and made you think. Anyone that likes logic/puzzles would love this! Would go again! Staff was very sweet, knowledgeable and accommodating. Building was very cute and clean.

Cathy White

JD DeShane

Fun an entertaining

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