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366 Ft Adams Pond Rd, Woodville, MS 39669, United States

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Where is Clark Creek Natural Area?

REVIEWS OF Clark Creek Natural Area IN Mississippi

Tactical Black Guy

The overall experience is nice. It is less than what I expected. I drove for 3 hours to see what essentially is a hiking trail and creek. There is a small waterfall as well. Signage is adaquete and the restrooms are ok. It does cost 4 dollars to enter this area. As an avid hiker this was a challenging hike of about 6 miles, which is why I am rating it 5 stars. If you are expecting a large waterfall you will be dissapppinted. Great rock formations, lots and lots of bugs and a nice creek with wooded stairways throughout

Rick Huber

Great outdoor experience

Jan Marchal

Hiking tra u ls, waterfalls, family operated snownall stand , scenery is beautiful!

Katherine Pennington

I loved this place

Ariadne Blayde

Some of the prettiest hiking in the state. Lovely waterfalls. Very crowded on weekends and holidays.

Helen Ruiz

Great experience. The weather was picture perfect and a weekday made for a secluded walk with nature at its best. Highly recommend it.

Richard Ammon

Great hike, amazing waterfalls... spend 5 hours and still didn't make it through the entire trail! Going back again next weekend!

Jeff Cagle

Great day hiking! Terrain like nowhere else in 100 miles. Waterfalls and great trails.

Mike Duhe

(I'm reviewing as a hiker) The (real) primitive trail is tough. Its tough because its like a rollercoaster and there is never really a pay-off for your efforts. On the far south end is a very cool/steep 40' drop that ends up in a creek and you hike the creek for a while. I do not plan to return because its extremely busy with unattended children and loud teens. Its like they were told, "You can act like animals here!" Its a very beautiful place but the untamed visitors can diminish your experience.

Charlie Alford

Nice nature area with waterfalls.

Jennifer Romain

Be prepared. I brought my dog thinking we would walk around a little just to see what it was about. Next time I will be more prepared with more water and time. Could spend all day here. I only gave myself a few hours.

Chey Spiller

Great hiking!! Lol you have to be in shape!!!


Great hike. Great waterfalls. Love that its dog friendly!!!

Latrice Coleman

I had an awesome experience.... It's not for the faint of heart!!!!

Brad Grass

Best experience in the area

Heather Rose Collins

This was SUCH a BEAUTIFUL DAY for a wonderful, beautiful, and soothing adventure ♥️

jill johnson

So beautifuk, love coming out here to hike and see the waterfalls and adventure!

Amanda Cleland

My favorite place in the world to hike. Beautiful waterfalls and lots of boulders to climb over in the creek.

Molly Bergeron

This place is absolutely magical! By far one of my favorite places to hike with lots of waterfalls & gorgeous butterflies! The hike downhill to the trails & creek is only the beginning, & there are different trails for varying skill levels. We chose to hike along the creek itself, as we usually do, because the water helps cool you tremendously as you walk. It also is the quickest path to at least the first 3 waterfalls that are the easiest to find. Try to go earlier in the day to avoid mosquitos & horse flies, & make sure to bring plenty of water, a swimsuit if you want to swim in the waterfalls, comfortable shoes that can get wet, & a change of dry clothes for when you get back to the car. Highly recommended hike for nature lovers & those looking for a great workout!

Kevin Bailey

The trails aren't for the novice in my opinion, none the less a really beautiful place.

Wes Jamison

Absolutely beautiful park, though it is definitely not for those who tire easily: most of the hiking is at steep angles, there are lots of large rocks to jump over, and it is over all a long hike. Favorite for this region.

Felicia Dotson

Awesome experience! Follow the creek! Wear comfortable shoes that you don’t mind getting wet/dirty. Enjoy the beauty of nature.

Doug Welch

A nice walk in the woods. The primitive trail is very rugged and hard but not impossible to follow. I would not go in wet weather. The streams can rise very quickly and the steep hills would be very dangerous to hike safely. However, in dry cool weather the place makes for a very nice walk. It is not wilderness and is very popular. You can expect to see plenty of people on the week end.

Tyler Peacock

A beautiful spot!!! I would recommend following the trail until you get to a giant two story stack of stairs. From then carry on through or next to the creek if it's low enough! There's some beatuiful waterfalls that make a great hangout spot. The terrain can be a quite steep at times. Nothing to crazy just breath taking

Grant Miller

I live in Baton Rouge and decided to make a trip out here one day with my dog and girlfriend. It is the best hiking area I've been to within an hour of Baton Rouge. Lots of area to explore and get some good hiking done and only costs $4 per vehicle.

Shelly Bourque

Love coming here!!!!

Chuck Cantrell

For the deep south, you can't beat this trail's scenic beauty and hiking experience.

Kade Summers

Best place ever I actually work out there it is beutiful

Leslie B. Gubitz

So fun! Great time with the family!

Derek Major

Fun for family (and pets)... Great exercise.

Sarah Dunn

Yes Louisiana has waterfalls


Great for the family. Be prepared for heavy hiking.

Barry LaFleur

Nice hiking area with waterfalls and boulders in Mississippi

Ash Godeaux

If you love nature, photography, or hiking this is a wonderful place to visit. Also great for family outdoor time. Just make sure to bring enough snacks and water!

Amanda VanVeckhoven

You cannot camp here but it is well worth the trip. The terrain is not the best for the elderly as we watched one lady have to turn back. Take lots of water if you plan to walk the whole area. It was more adventurous walking down the creek instead of the main trail. (Just be prepared for rough terrain) Lots of hills and rocks (boulders). Only bathroom is in the parking lot. The area is clean and has trash cans throughout so please clean up after yourselves. The falls were beautiful and the kids could play in the water. I don't recommend flip flops!

Ricky Truong

Beautiful and clean.

Rachel Menser

A beautiful place to go hiking. Those hills are pretty steep though. I do have a good time when I do go. :) ;) ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Nicolas Van Tomme

An ok but very steep trail. Waterfalls are so so and it is 4 usd to do the trail.

Taryn Alexander

A beautiful place to hike and probably the closest waterfalls to New Orleans.

Pop Trizzler27

I had a very good time with family and siblings hiking!

Mc Gibblez

River trails are fun to hike with a few nice waterfalls to play in. Primitive trail has a really nice waterfall and water is deep enough to swim in. Only downside is primitive trail markers were not that good and my group ended up spending a good portion of the day trying to figure out where to go before finally just turning around.

Melissa Larson

Beuitiful. Be careful recommend keeping young children on the main trail. The primitive trail was worth the hike but, I wish I did it when I was younger. Lot of climbing in tough Terrain

Brian Hartley

Walking trail

Willlam Kilgo

Beautiful scenery and hiking trails..Brought my camera and captured some excellent pics..Thought I was in pretty good shape for a 59 year old man but I found out otherwise .Definitely inspired me to work on my cardio..

corey vizina

I love hiking here always so much wildlife. Never any litter and the water is always flowing and clear I've been here multiple times and never been disappointed.

Kerry Hughes

Great memory with the guys.

Clay Marionneaux

Highly recommend

Cody Guidry

Great hike.

Kristy pierrotti

The primitive trail is the best hike you will find locally.

Stephen Eric

Great park! Must walk the primitive trails!!


My family went her on Sunday Feburay 3 ,2019 and by the time we got back to the cars our legs were hurting. This place is amazing, I love it. That was our first time their.

Howard Thomas

Best hike to get away from Louisiana swamps. Nice rocks and clear water Beautiful oh yea and waterfalls

Danielle Felice Davis

Best hiking I have done in awhile.

Samuel Keaton

Beautiful trails and and amazing waterfalls.

R Johnson

It's a great hiking experience. Pets and children are welcome! It boasts 5 waterfalls and the primitive trails are tough!

Ryan Vedros

One of my favorite natural places in Louisiana/Mississippi

Jamie Keller

Great place for a hike! Only a little over an hour from where I live in Baton Rouge. I enjoy going down at the first waterfall and following the creek instead of the trail. Great exercise for dogs too!

Boaz Thomassie

Primitive Trail Helpful Tips -The Primitive Trail starts at the ~7' bridge on the right, they're is a small yellow sign. -While on the trail white blazes (markings) are on the trees to show you the way, sometimes though they're orange reflector blazes, a few red spray painted marks and also orange spray painted marks. Not sure why they did this since it's confusing. -The Primitive Trail is highly not recommended when wet, there are some very steep declines (around 80 degrees) that aren't passable if wet. -Primitive Trail not recommended for kids or those out of shape -Don't try to do the trail in reverse, the exit to the trail is impossible to find unless you've completed it before. -Try to wear pants or leggings, some of the trail is overgrown with vegetation so your legs will be exposed. -After you see the brown "PARKING" sign towards the end at the creek, there's no other blazes on the trees, but only an orange spray painted marking on the ground on top of a hill, so don't worry. -Bring about 1.5-2 liters of water

Anna Goetz

This is the most amazing place to hike with waterfalls, lots of steep hills, rocks. We love it there! Everything is blooming right now!

Mason Inman

The scenery is great but the hike is very exhausting and precarious. The views are great but the amount of trash and litter hold the park back from a full 5 stars

Cassandra Bartholomew

Pretty demanding but worth it

Traci Musso

About 2 hours north of New Orleans you will find a hiking area with trails, hills, and waterfalls. Located in the small town of Pond, MS (the one store in the town is near the trail head....a good place to get a snack and a map of the trails), this is an excellent adventure for the family. If you are not used to hills be prepared. Plenty of water and a few snacks would be helpful for you. There are developed (stairs at the steepest areas) and undeveloped areas of the park (trails that you really need to be in decent shape to naviagate). Dogs are welcome on leash. Honor system is $4 per car to pay for park rangers and upkeep.

Cathy Bruner

Great place to hike, beautiful!

Keidra Scott

This place is so beautiful. Lots of walking and rocks and water so be prepared.

Benjamin Myers

Great hiking and primitive camping spot

Elzeca Smith

So nice. .... going back soon!

Paige Didier

Been several times over the years. Beautiful scenery, but it gets busier every year.

Stewart Segura

This place is great! Usually packed on the weekends but during the week there are only a few people. Costs $4 a car (up to 6 people) There are 3 waterfalls on the trail we usually do. We were there about 3 hours or so. They upgraded one of the walkways at the second waterfall, so it is much easier than it used to be to get down.

Peggy Naquin

Not for the weak of heart or out of shape!!! Beautiful scenery

Ector Garcia

Crazy hills and waterfalls in the South East. We drove 3 miles from the Lake Charles area to hike the primitive trail and it was a great day. The hill back to the parking lot is killer after a long day but boy was it worth it. We will be back to do the trail in the opposite direction. Bring plenty of water if you plan to do the primitive trail.

Drewster 123

It is a great experience hiking. This trail is for those who can handle steep hills. Also they have very cool waterfalls.

Daniel Keith

Good for families, team building, and exercise.

James Zimlich

Beautiful natural scenery. Fantastic trails among picturesque waterfalls.

Theresa nuf

Oh my! Beautiful but...are you ready for a workout?!

rebeka haynes

Wonderful trails and waterfalls

Mary Billiot

Fabulous hike! Always a great workout!

Kelly king

This place greatly exceeded our expectations! Definitely will be returning for more beautiful hiking!!

Joy Purser

Love this place so beautiful

Reeana Flores

An amazingly beautiful place. Went here on a date, best date ever. Absolutely loved it here. Waterfalls are absolutely wonderful. Would love to bring my little girl. She would love it!!

Nicholas Bradley

Beautiful and secluded. Can be a challenging hike for a novice, fun none-the-less. Hiking the creek beds will lead you on a more direct path to many of the falls. The sights are well worth the effort. Frequent trips will have you in shape in no time flat! Bring plenty of water, especially on hot days, or bring a life straw and suck it right out of the creek! Add some sandwiches and snacks to your daypack. There are some phenomenal views to take in while picniking. The trails are litter free. Be sure to keep it that way if you visit! #onlytrashleavestrash

Tiffany Martin

A beautiful place for a hike and fun! Our group had an amazing time!

Kimber King

Amazing place. Great family outing. Absolutely beautiful. Bring lots of water and lunch. Makes for a great day

Becky Riddle

My daughter, Grand daughter and I hiked Clark creek a couple of days ago and found it a wonderful adventure, somewhat challenging. The waterfalls are small but beautiful. A lot of uneven area and tree roots, so a trekking pole or long stick is very useful for stability. The weather was perfect in march but I would not try it in very high heat. Loved it and would do it again.

Brandon Hubbard

My girlfriend and i really enjoyed hiking down the trails and in the creek beds. The waterfalls were wonderful!

John Maske

I loved hiking here. Both improved and primitive trails offer beautiful views and the chance to see waterfalls. It is important to understand what this park really offers, though. These are not going to be the most impressive waterfalls you have ever seen, and even on the improved trail, effort is required to get to them. Also, PLEASE do not underestimate these trails. The easier, improved trail has significant inclines and declines, some are fairly slick if it's been raining recently. The primitive trail requires climbing over and under downed trees, traversing small ravines and hiking through a creek bed for a significant portion of the trail. My wife and I are in fairly decent shape and exercise regularly and we STILL found the primitive trail challenging to say the least. The trail markers require a lot of attention in order to keep on the trail, which is not uncommon for a trail like this, but I think it could take people by surprise if you are not prepared for this. Bring plenty of water and dress accordingly for the terrain. I really enjoyed the natural beauty of this park, but I like trees, streams, small water falls, and peace and quiet. From other reviews I read and comments I heard on the trail, it seems like people expect more than this. You really are just hiking through a forest with a creek and some small falls, and in my opinion, you have to put in a decent amount of effort that may be disproportionate to the payoff for a lot of people. To sum it up, I loved this park and will be back, but please don't underestimate the "hiking" portion of these trails. I would highly advise against bringing a family of 6 kids deep into the trails with only 2 bottles of water between them. We actually saw this in the trail, and they looked like they were beginning to panic a little. Come here to enjoy the nature, but don't expect a casual, easy stroll.

chris hurley

Good 6 mile loop. Some steep sections.


Beautiful, great experience

Sedrick Hollins

Great for connecting with family

Sean Bonano

Be in shape. It's beautiful but tough

Johnny Meyers

I have a YouTube channel where I give you a virtual tour of this location called Off The Beaten Trail look it up The waterfalls were very beautiful and very well worth it but when I went it was in the the middle of May and the horse flies were the worst I have ever seen in a location and there were also a lot of people on the trails as well if I were to go back to this location I will plan to go around October or maybe April when it's not so hot and the horse flies are not insane

larry bertrand

Great experience and a good workout. Beautiful landscape and well kept trails.

Jerrod Ewing

I hiked the primitive trail with my dogs and it was relatively challenging. A good workout and some pretty views. Trail markings could be improved on the primitive trail.

Joni Davis

Wow! This place was such a surprise! Gorgeous creek bed that you can follow to see a few waterfalls. They are small but beautiful. My dog was beyond happy to be there. Lots of big rocks and sand banks to rest on/eat lunch etc. We hiked down and spent 3 hours in the creek. Hiking back to the parking lot is mostly uphill and pretty steep. You should definitely be prepared for a serious work out.

Emery Taylor

Absolutely beautiful. Without a doubt

Joey Huckaby

Amazing place to hike!

Joey Edwards

This place is awesome!

Hollis White

This place never gets old! Very pretty place. Go right after a good rain.

Jeanie Sproles

The best place to go hiking


i will always love bringing family here. its too bad my dogs legs are weird and he can't come anymore. he used to love this place.

Dogtor Jen

Pure nature. No service. Lots of rocks to climb over. Can be dangerous so don't go by yourself. Going with groups is way more fun anyway. The maps are confusing and the off trail will leave you with ticks. The creeks and waterfalls are the best.

Michael White

Favorite place to go hiking

Brandy b

Awesome place to hike with waterfalls and all

Pam Williamson

Loved the trail! Just be prepared to pay $4.00 fee in cash. There is no one there to make change. We were able to scrounge up $4.00 in cash & coins.

Shay Seefong

Nothing like what all the brochures or hype lead us to imagine it would be like. It wasn't bad but it wasn't nearly as beautiful or as inspiring as we had thought it would be. It was a three hour trip made for nothing in my opinion. The parking is very disorganized and people have no respect for the area. That isn't the fault of the park but it makes a bad impression on first time visitors like myself.

Jonathan Combel

For the Baton Rouge area, this is the closest area you can get to with significant hills for a trail run or hike. The improved trail is short, but generally good condition. Accessibility has its downsides: lots of loud juveniles and families that don't quite get nature appreciation, and leave behind a fair amount of trash. The park crews, volunteers, and other visitors good at picking up after them. Just dealing with the occasional noisy crowd...

Justin P

Clark Creek is 700-acre state park in the southwest corner of the state containing a number of waterfalls. I visited trying to get a waterfall in all 50 states. The improved trails follow old roads leading to a couple of waterfalls and are fairly easy, though surprisingly steep. The primitive trail is about 2.5 miles and more strenuous, leading to a few more waterfalls. But to really explore this area and find the waterfalls, you need to walk in the creeks. For creek walking, it's pretty easy as all the little tributaries have little water flow. Water shoes are recommended to make it easier but you could probably do it with dry feet by rock hopping. Although small (10 - 30 feet) and low flow, the waterfalls and gorges are really beautiful and it's a really wild area. Totally unexpected in Mississippi. Would highly recommend a visit to this park, but keep in mind it's more of a rugged wilderness experience than a walk in the park.

Michelle Hamilton

Amazing place. Beautiful and kept up very nicely. Peaceful but can be a little hike if you have little ones who dont like to walk. Defintely would go again but without the kiddos.

Ness Carter

Made for a beautiful hiking trip with my family. Loved the little waterfalls. Definitely would recommend this place.

Everett Normand

Amazing trails

Adaia Gutierrez

The kids loved the hike 8 and 3 years. Waterfalls are worth all the walking

Jennifer Fitch

Wonderful place to hike and enjoy nature

Jennifer Badon

Loved it. My two boys 6 and 5 loved the adventure and climbing over and through everything to get to some amazing waterfalls. It was an incredible experience.

jacob andras

Good hiking spot for novice and expert hikers alike

Dylan Raborn

Lil bit of a razzle dazzle experience to be had here!

Jason Stoddard

Beautiful place to explore, definitely deserves a return visit.

Melissa Miller

We had a great time there

Jeff Haddox

Beautiful place

Tim Jackson

A chalanging hike that any one can do. The waterfalls are beautiful and the trails are clearly marked. I come here again and again. Bring your bug spray though. The good stuff. And 4 dolars for the honer box. You can be ticketed by the oark ranger if you dont. Bring your swim suit and bath in the falls. The cold water will restore your soul.

JC Adam

Beautiful park!

Atman Dave

While this park needs a little maintenance, the fact that it is a Hidden Gem and fairly close to Baton Rouge makes it great.

תֹ֙הוּ֙ וָבֹ֔הוּ

Great day hike location. Gets real busy around lunch.

Kelly Osterhout

Wonderful place to visit. Beautiful waterfalls.

Desire' Oliver

So much fun to do w the fam.

Amy Alexander


Stephen Hawkins

Love love love. I take the trail to the first waterfall and the just walk in the stream. The water is cool and fed by springs. This is the perfect summer outing.

Bryan Valdez

Not for the weak lol

Ashlee Moll

Beautiful hike and campgrounds.

Fouad Harb

Loved nature, recommended for everyone

Brandi R

Great short hike to see waterfalls 1, 2, and 3. A fellow hiker told us to follow the creek bed for a shorter walk to the falls. It was beautiful! There were no maps to follow so if you can get one on line before arriving, it would be a good idea.

Jason Rauch

Took the kids here just to get out and baker for the day. Nice area all in the woods.

Josh Giberson

Actual hiking with hills and waterfalls, definitely worth the trip

Jennifer Green

It had been a while since I had last hiked here! It's just as beautiful as it ever was! Might I add it I was definitely exhausted by the very end. Its gorgeous and serene. The campground is very clean and stocked with everything you can possibly need or want. There is electrical hookups and a grill that sits over the fire pit so you can cook up some nice steaks and eggs and sausage in the morning, just bring a pot or outdoor grill,minus the grill part. There is also a port-o-lot and a solar shower. Also a sink basin to wash your dishes. The best part I believe, was the beautiful sound of the local owls hooting at night.The bugs weren't even bothersome. I'm in love with the tent site. It's well manicured and high above the cabins,which too, are very nice. Especially if you want to bring the kiddos. As for the actual creek to hike, it's much cooler to walk through the fresh stream that runs along the trails at the very bottom of the hike. The water is cool and refreshing and the waterfalls are a sight to see. Mesmerizing and enchanting. I didn't want to leave. The only issue we had was the maps that are posted wherever they are. They weren't very helpful and if you are not paying attention to your surroundings, you may end up walking ,I mean climbing in a circle. Stay on the main trail if you aren't an Olympic champion!! The primitive trail wore my butt off. At the end of it all, my man had to nearly pull me up the last hill.

chad palardy

take your kid, your dog your camera and don't be in a rush. this was amazing and I'm sure the little punk will remember this forever!

Charles LaVoy

What a great spot! I'm so happy there's a trail like this so close to New Orleans.

Nicholas Maurstad

excellent place to wander around and have a picnic.

Joshua Mcclain

Very nice and clean place.

Syreta Evans

Family spent about 4 hours walking the trails and creek beds. By the end of the trip we clocked over 6 miles and my legs were feeling it. The primative trails were a beast. Calves were burning. However, the kids enjoyed exploring nature and spending quality family time with no cell service.

Nushrat Humaira

Absolutely perfect for long hikes. Kids can hike easily on the trails as well.

Andy Rainey

Beautiful arae to hike in if you are not too far away. Be aware that some of the hike might be too strenuous if you're not use to creek walks.

Papa bear

Have to like hiking,but if hiking is for you the waterfalls are gorgeous!!!!

Umbreon 127

It was a great hike just take lots of water and look at all the waterfalls

Lourdes Hanemann

Great place for family outing. Must be able to hike distances for full experience. We saw several falls. The children enjoyed walking by the river. There were rocks to climb and mud to play with. Bring lots of water, snacks, walking stick and a swimsuit. Restrooms at the entrance by the parking area. $ 4 per vehicle for 6 people. $0.50 for additional guests. Hilly but not extreme.

Matt Barley

Tough hike, but alot of fun!

Shawn Jacobs

Great hike today! Went on a Thursday, arrived right before 8 AM. It was sunny all day, 60s when I arrived, 81 by mid day. Insects were insane in the parking area but out on the trails they were tolerable while moving. I had brought a hommack and lunch to cook but no way with the blood suckers. It hadn’t rained in almost a week so trails were mostly dry. Even creek crossings I was able to keep my shoes dry. Okay, print a map and take a GPS, not a phone, if you have one. Trails are poorly marked in some areas and even a few intersections. You’ll see blaze marks on trees every 20 feet and then nothing when you need them. Which path? So there is one big loop trail with lots of side trails to waterfalls and shortcuts. After parking follow the gravel road all the way to the bottom where it meets the creek, right after the steep wood steps. Going back up this first road was the toughest part of my day. At the bottom across the creek you’ll see a white arrow and blaze marks (in this case plastic squares screwed to trees). You can turn left and follow white, this will take you on the main loop trail. You’ll have to pay close attention to the map to see where trails are for waterfalls. If you decide to go right here you will be following orange marks. For the first part of this trail each left takes you to a waterfall and each right keeps you on the loop trail. I took walking pole and found them very helpful. The whole thing took me about 3.5 hours. I would have explored more if the insects were not after me, I had a really good insect repellent too.


LOVE! We find a new waterfall each time we go back! By no means is it the most beautiful place, it’s an amazing place that I wouldn’t have expected to be where it is. It’s worth going on a day trip. Lots of people bring their dogs and a lot of people do not leash their dogs. Be cautious if you bring yours.

Kathy Webb

Beautiful..Hot at this time of year!! Great fun and the waterfalls were actually running..Loved my experience and will be back when it is cooler!!

Joshua Robinson

The primitive trail is a great experience if not an easy one.

Randall Barringer

Waterfalls and clear water near Louisiana!

Amanda C

Beautiful place and great hike!!

Lonnie Matise

Great hiking experience.. Beautiful water falls.. Go during rainy season

Lori Fonseca Bennett

This is one of my favorite places ever! For us south Louisiana people that are both blessed and cursed with wide flat terrain, this place of beauty is a wonderful get away. It has beautiful, lush trails spotted with waterfalls and winding creeks. My husband and I love to take the primitive trail. It is not overly long or difficult, but its not too easy either, and since its only two hours away, its our go to day-cation.

Geetha Prabhakaran

Awesome hiking experience, kids friendly, say from the age of 4 or 5, not lesser than that. Loved the mini waterfalls that one gets to see after a bit of hike every now and then. We loved it!

Veronique Vanhooren

Nice small park . Heavy hike .

Epling Epling

Not a huge waterfall. Bathrooms.

Stephen Keaton

For the adventurers at heart. A awesome place to do some serious hiking! Been hiking these trails since I was a toddler, but it's different every time due to erosion. Please note that recent attention to the park has brought in a lot of traffic from people outside the state, who unfortunately don't seem to care about the condition of the park. If you visit please keep in mind that the destruction of park property and nature will ruin the future of it.

William Decoteau

Good exercise. Little waterfall.

Nathanael Ribar

Beautiful landscape! Trails were challenging but not too bad if you're prepared. So many giant trees, and there's always opportunities to spot wildlife. One of my favorite places in the State!


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