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400 2nd St, Indianola, MS 38751, United States

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Where is B.B. King Museum & Delta Interpretive Center?

REVIEWS OF B.B. King Museum & Delta Interpretive Center IN Mississippi

William Hibler

A must see for all, blues & BB King fans..with hands on multi-media, videos, photographs, memorabilia, located in BB's home of Indianola, MS.

Thelma Green

Friendly staff, beautifully designed exhibit, fantastic videos!!

Michael Miller

Good museum for a legend. Very nicely built. Includes a former cotton mill where BB King worked as a kid. There are plans to expand the museum in the near future. Price is slightly high in my opinion. You will need about 1.5 hours. If you can come on certain Thursdays, there is live music. Call ahead and ask about it.

Robert Osborne

Extremely well presented museum and final resting place of The King of The Blues World Wide!

Gareth Latcham

It was ok

Snake Plissken

Rest In Peace B.B. King. Your The Thrill is Gone is a masterpiece

Norma Marshall

Awesome information.

Jaquez Rich

The history was cool

Corky Wicks

Super experience

Wade Sudderth

An awesome museum! Great tribute, to a great man. What a wonderful man BB King was.


Very well put together museum that covers B.B. King's life. It makes good use of artifacts and videos to supplement the placards and pictures.

Bridget Igo

So happy I got to share this experience with my 11 year old daughter! This is a place that represents such a vital time in our society & runs MUCH deeper than music! Thanks so much! Got movie "The Life of Riley" Highly recommend!

Charemi Jones

Very informative!

Matty Garrett

Excellent Harvest Host site for overnight RV stop. Museum is worth a visit, learning the history of the Delta Blues and B.B. King's life.

Mattie Clark

I love the way they displayed BB King life

Reba Beckworth


Marc Lucas

Simple. Tasteful. Staff is pleasant. Well worth stopping by for fans of the King or the blues in general.

Rae Jane Araujo

This is a wonderful museum. I learned a lot about B. B. King

Jessica Mosconi

Great place and very interesting.

Aaron Johnson

Superior museum for a superior musician and local legend.

Stella Collins

Need a food court, would be more appealing.

Fred Becker

Even better than I expected. Don't miss the display on progression of blues musicians to the modern era (listen on headphones to their music and then how it influenced specific artists and songs) we spent over 4 hours. Great price with the Groupon too... See if it's still available

Veronica Wilson

Awesome staff❤

Kathy Huckabay

What a learning experience in the history of the blued

Caralyn Silver

Absolutely a must see. Fantastic museum showcasing the life of the late BB King. There are extensive artifacts and amazing detail of his life from birth to death. There are many interactive displays which really bring the whole attraction together. Do not miss this tribute to the amazing life of BB King.

Melissa Elliott

Great place to visit!!!

Cody Shell

This place was incredible! A lot of history to learn and very good attention to detail.

Amanda Petties

Lovely memorial

Stuckin D'South

Very nicely put together.

Gregory Blair

Beautiful place, dedicated to a beautiful man.

Carole Richard

Such a great homage to the King of the blues. The exhibit is beautiful, punctuated with videos and artifacts. The text isn't heavy and is easy to read. We follow his career and also get contextual information. His grave is next to the building and his tour bus parked outside.


A good size collection of BB's life with plenty of background and history too.

Kelvin Davis

Great experience......

Patti Simmons

Had a wonderful time. Learned a lot.

Sage Brown


jaz jackson

Learned so much

Jason Lee

It was really right there's so much history in this town I loved it I think so many photographs it's unreal

Madi Gearhart

Very clean and interesting

Aaron Zornes

If you are or were a pro musician or music fan, allow 2+ hours to simply walk thru, read & listen to these great exhibits Outstanding music museum (!) Do, however, AVOID the Ebony Club captive restaurant of the Museum ... mediocre food experience even when included as part of your tour (mine was)

Juanita Proffitt

Loved it, wonderful

Mamie Jackson

A great visit in Indianola,Ms at BB King Museum

Jacek Nikodem

A great museum. I learnt so much

Allen Johnston

Had a private tour with the COO of the Museum and the Director of the Jus' Blues Music Foundation. Got a chance to see the outstanding work the museum is doing plus the plans for growth

Tyler Pickard

Awesome place to visit! A must see for any blues fan!


We love and miss Mr. Riley B King. This is real fine and wonderful tribute to Mr. King and a good historical perspective on the civil Rights movement at the time.

Jennifer Massey

Great museum! Went here for the premiere of the Fannie Lou Hamer Find Your Voice Student Film premiere and the location was excellent, the staff was friendly, and the museum was very clean and nice! The pictures are of the room where the film was showcased. I'm not sure what the requirements or fees are to use the room, but it was so nice inside there!

ced grant

Great experience staff was friendly and knowledgeable..

Marshall Morgan

Showcasing the history of the legendary B B King. From birth, to his humble musical beginnings to his rise to international Fame. Must see.for any fan of the blues.

Tracy Fickett

A great museum about bbking

AFrame Wind Kits

If you are a lover of the Blues and the blues heritage then you must go here. Rich rich history and also the final resting place for blues great BB King

William Coopet

Excellent place to revisit BB King all sorts of memorabilia watch the great film of his early days visited his grave

Joyce Vernon

I Really Really Enjoyed!

Denise Revard

Have plenty of time.

Wendy Wallis

Wow, wow, wow! I didn't even know I liked BB King nor how very talented he was until I visited this museum. Very nicely arranged with lots of brief but engaging videos, pictures, artifacts, and writings sharing BB's life story in a respectful manner. It hasn't been updated since his death, however, other than the fact that his burial place is on the grounds for people to visit.

Jennifer Darce


Lisa Williams

Wonderful information on a legend. Who really loved people

Charlotte Roberts

We'll worth it.

ann marie c

Very nice and clean, videos to watch Learn a lot

Gary Bigglestone

Great place. A must see.

Gordon Latcham

It was interesting but still in the development stages

Joel Weiss

A marvelous musician and a great person

Sandra Larson

Best ever

Lisa Maydwell

This museum is filled with history. Great for the entire family.

Teresa Jump

Neat place

Kay Burley

Nice place to visit.

Catherine Hackney

Great museum and artifacts.

Charles Anthony

Wonderful story, about a great man. Think I'll write a song bout it.


I had fun

SGT Kevin Robinson

You take your family to see the BB King history

Cedric Floyd

Well worth the ride! The facility is very modern and clean and the staff could not be more friendly. They take the visitor from childhood to superstar and everywhere in between using mementos from every aspect of B.B.'s life and just as he was the museum feels accessible addr though he were there.

Will Gilbert

Excellent place in blues history. Staff is friendly and I learned a lot.

Dave Cook

Great tribute to the King. So glad we made the effort, it's a wonderful Museum. He projected his sound profoundly to all of us that have been fortunate enough to see and hear him live! Thanks BB!

Big Ben Thiessen

Very informative. Great stop on a road trip!

Mrs Curry

Everyone on earth need to come and see.

jeff wolf

A truly great and Hidden Gem. A great place to learn about BB King and also the conditions that he lived in while here in Mississippi. Would recommend to anyone even if they are not a fan of BB King.

Shirah Frazier


Linda Boykins


VIC Johnson

It was a good place to go. I enjoyed it..

Terence Marria

Awesome tribute.#Speachless

Sandra Lewis


Pat Canterberry

Great time had with my family

Annie Harms

Excellent! Very moving and educational!

Anaconda Nailer

I really enjoyed the BBKing Muesem today very enlightening. Very nice clean environment.

Sheila Devonshire

Beautiful exhibits. Well worth the trip!

Karen Hill

Incredible man and an incredible exhibit!!!

José Carlos Nepomuceno

The best place to visit...amazing things about "The King of Blues"

Peggy Punday

OMG. This place was so cool and so informative. Not only about BB King but the experiences of him and his band went through during there travels.

Bonnie Sellars

Very very nice clean and friendly

Saranda Washington

Friendly and helpful people. The museum is really great and informative

Geoff Doerre

A well done tribute to a legend. Worthy of the King of the Blues.

Cidney Kirk


Brad Randall

Incredible! Two and a half hours never went by so fast.... This is a WORLD CLASS museum! It's an amazing tribute to the blues boy's talent and rich history. A MUST SEE!

Curtis Brown


Chris Johnson

Omg...speechless and very friendly staff. And the museum was b b king you defently left a legacy

Karen Grimm

Very well done.

jim p

A real pleasant surprise. Very well put together and you could spend an hour or all day there and come away feeling a lot closer to the man and his roots.

Robert Hicks

Really good

Fred Anklam

Great experience. Cool films and collection. A window into a Blues legend.

Fam. Bernhart

Very informative and impressive museum!


A lot of great memories from the legend Mr. B.B. King. A wonderful place for the entire family to visit.

Alan Parker

Life and times of bb king, best blues/jazz artist ever. Thought you knew about his life? Go through this museum and find out.

Shanitra Finley

Great musuem, take the whole family!

Miriam Latasa de Araníbar Marsal

Wonderful museum built to commemorate a wonderful man. Perfect to find out more about his history.

Jeffrey Jackson

Great place

Gennell Goodman

It's a great tribute setup for B B King there who tells a great story about his life I enjoyed it very much everyone should go check it out

Keith Wilson

It's a great museum for a great man. The exhibits are instructional and interactive. The self-guided tour takes about 2 hours to complete if you view everything and interact with the interactive components. The gift shop has reasonable prices. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Be sure to leave a donation.

garry smith

Gives great insight into the life of the young Riley King

Ross Moore

This was a bucket list item for me. A beautiful museum and BB Kings burial place , all on the same grounds. A blues lovers must visit destination.

FreeByrd Vlogs

Inspiring BB King Experience


Great museum! Amazing musician and life. B.B King

Maxence Raballand

Great museum that explains B.B. king life very well. Great museum

Kenneth Horton

Very good Experience

James Bowser

Great tribute to a great man.

Tammy Dyess

Beautiful place!! We enjoyed it very much.

Delta Rollnstone

B.B. King. That's all that needs to be said

andre frazier

B B King had a lot to teach

Dave Owens

Got to visit the museum sometime ago, guess I did not realize just how important it was when I was there . rest in peace baby millions of fans will miss you, always in our hearts never off our minds forever.

Percy Williams Jr.

I Enjoyed The Place.....

Fred Bexte

A must-see for any BB King fan, or blues fan. Great staff, great exhibits, very informative, pleasant atmosphere.

Laura Restrepo

It is a really good museum!! I highly recommend it even if you don't know much about BB King. It is highly educational and entertaining. It was remarkably done. We spent about 2 hrs and we read everything and did everything! Really good

Michael Torrento

Well done

Jaz Jackson

Great place. Long Live B.B.

Ann Strickland

Great place to visit very well set out worth a visitif in the area.

barbara murphy

It was nice. Here you make your own fun by interacting with the Band at BB King's Blues Club. The food alright not the greatest but g9id if you hungry. No free parking but it is a controled security area for parking for tourists, etc. where there's then plenty walking down Beale Sreet to patronize blues clubs, and sight seeing for all Beale Street businesses. It is all the way live music that makes you feel good with that "Down Home Blues". I really enjoyed my visit as I'm from Chicago and Chicago loves the Blues.

Carthal Thrower

To high for poor people. To do

Inez Jackson

It was good history there.I enjoyed it.

Lara L

Wonderful exhibits and music. You can mix music or play the guitar too.

Samantha Mcclenton


Duncan Echelson

If you like blues and BB King, it a good museum and tribute.

Debbie Sayles

What a heck of an amazing place this is. I was totally overwhelmed with the vast amount of memorabilia and items from BB Kings iconic history. I highly recommend this place and that you allow sufficient time to see all of the exhibits

angela roy

Amazing place with rich history

Skull Master


Linda Humphreys

Loved looking through the history

David Nichols

All things bb!!

Matt Mitchell

Great museum preserving BBs legacy

JT smith

If you love blues go to this museum

Annie Thomas

A part of history for everyone to share with others

Jacqueline Magsby-Bryant

Nice tribute to BB King

d o meade


Thomas Wichie Jr.

This Memorial of the king of Blues it was life changing for me. And I say the delta blues spirit is well and alive and its worldwide by the power of the holy spirit of God. It is my earnest prayer that the museum will open up a small little music store for the children that can afford a piece of instrument to play music to God like BB King did Amen in Jesus name.


A 5 star tribute to the King of Blues. A moving testimony professionnally displayed. Be prepared for a few tears of yours. Give yourselves at least 2 hours.

Darryl Fletcher

A must visit if you claim to love music..

Linda Beckworth

This is a wonderful place to visit and learn about the blues..

Libby Spears

Awesome place. Educational and entertaining. Staff is extremely nice. BB would be proud!!! Well worth the trip.

Deb Van Alphen

Very interesting. Nicely done.

Trena Smith

I loved it....everyone was so nice and helpful.

Chris Ruhs

World class museum, worth a visit!

Debbie Bryant


Diana Duangnet

Incredible museum on BB King, music, and of the history of the area. Worth the stop if you're in the area.

Carnette Hudson

Loved it! Must return!

james bruno

It is worth the stop if you're passing through

Gail Bianco

We totally enjoyed ourselves. Gift shop was reasonably priced and had lots of good stuff. Staff very nice. Couldn't get close to his grave though.

Sherene Carter

We absolutely love it!

Dan Barber

An amazing opportunity to get a glimpse into the life of B.B. King. Great audio and visual exhibitions of B.B.'s life and music. Gail, one of the museum staff, is a wonderful hoast who makes you feel welcome and starts your visit with a brief presentation on the museum and B.B. A must see for anyone who enjoys Blues music.

Gene Hill

Very informative. I highly recommend a visit. Very well done and managed.

Lisa Wilson

Very informative alot of BB King personal items and alot of history

James Davis

It was totally inspiring

David Kaminski

Well done display, lots of good history. It covered some of the early years for BB King well, but it felt like there were gaps I wish they had filled. Feels a bit like a tourist draw than a complete tribute.

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