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839 State St, Jackson, MS 39201, United States

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REVIEWS OF 601 Escape Rooms IN Mississippi

lovestolaugh Davis

omg....AWESOME FUN. Worth every penny.

David Hopkins

Ronny Caluda

It was fun... and they have beer.

Noir Entertainment

This place was awesome and challenging! The rooms definitely made me and my friends put on our thinking caps. If you are looking for a different type of fun, THIS IS THE PLACE!

Chase Ogden

Fun place, friendly staff, and we escaped! Downtown location is not sketchy, deserted and well lit is a better way to describe it. Definitely recommend

Colleen Price

Kaylyn Chappell

Jessica Jones

Clarence Creel

It was really fun.

Alice McGee

Christina Martin

steven bono

Was a blast.

Ashley Marie Biggs

Kierra Boyd

Great experience

Drew Dempsey

Brianna Dang

Great escape room experience!

Kati Atkins

Such an awesome little spot. Perfect for a cheap weekend trip out the house to do something different.

Chenise Watkins

Jared Ivy

Jazz H

WC Lloyd


It was very nice!! The escape rooms were very tricky but the staff were very nice and friendly

John Allen

Mr. Krabbs

Alisa Taylor

James Bush

Had a great time

Amanda Mullins

This place is awesome! Great friendly staff amazing rooms and the first escape room I've seen with a room catered to children! My kids are 7 & 8 and they loved it!! If you want something fun to do for the whole family you should really try the place out... u won't be disappointed!

Ancy Rushing

Very nice and fun for any age

Beverly Perkins

The kids loved it, had my 11 year old granddaughter birthday party here and they had a blast,

Gen La Coss

So much fun! Can't wait to go again!


The best, most fun, suspenseful, and challenging escape room I've been to yet. Stopped by during Hurricane Irma with some company member's, and absolutely loved their creative designs of each room. The staff/owners were incredibly sweet and friendly!!!

Rocky Garrard

Madison Morrow

Rebecca Stewart

Loved it! Had a blast. Harley was awesome.

john kratochvil

My Son and classmates went and had a great time

Derrick Brewster

I'm going again soon

Gloria Petty

No words can describe how much fun this was. I have been bragging on this place since July 12th and it's had such a huge impact on how I view the people I went with. Me and my work family/friends did the "Prison Break" room. We all work at a jail so this should be a breeze we thought. But oh were we so wrong. It took us working together as a team to escape with just two minutes left. The intensity was at an all time high after thirty minutes had passed. We laughed "ALOT", the staff were so helpful as they helped us with the clues. It was so hilarious and serious at the same time. This would be great for team building. Get you the best group of like minded people you know to enjoy the fun with you. Its going to take all of you to win. Very challenging and exciting. It's worth every cent...I can't wait until our next visit. I will go anywhere with the group I was with, because I know we will survive anything together. Have fun...♥️.

Daywana Mclaurin

grant gutter

Amazing like always

Jeffrey T. Mote

Russ Tafari

Awesome escape room! We had a lot of fun and were so close to solving the puzzle! Looking forward to trying another one of their rooms!

erin hargrave

This was my first time doing an escape room and I had the best time with my friends I highly recommend it. If you are looking for a fun place to visit this is definently the place..

Price Chadwick

Took 8 10-year-old boys for the prison break. They almost made it out. I, as the mandatory adult in the room, had to help them a few times and the staff provided clues as well. This was a lot of fun. They thoroughly enjoyed the hour.

anthony chambers

Wimer Darby


corina smith

The best!!! First time there but best believe won't be the last, we had a blast!! Thank you 601 escape team, customer service didn't exist southern hospitality at its finest felt like friend & family from entry to capture, lol we ain't make it this time!! Next time we will be victorious!!! Thank you all!!! Great first impressions and experience!!!

Karaline Kennedy

Great place for a group of people for some fun. Very friendly atmosphere and very welcoming. Instructions are very clear on what you need to do. The rooms are not too hard to where you can not comprehend what you are doing, but they are a good challenge. And who isn't up for a god challenge? Can host parties there or just go with a group of friends. I thoroughly enjoyed going in and doing a room with some friends. I felt very relaxed and comfortable there as well.

Bren s

Had a great time!

Brad Templeton

Devin Jones

Justin Gell

I have done 6 or 7 escape rooms in the past few years. This was one of the good ones. We did the prison escape room (I forget the name), and we were successful. There were only three of us, which I think was a good thing, because the room was very linear. That's not a bad thing, not at all. However, I think that if we had had a larger group there would have been some people standing around waiting for something to happen. For three people, it was perfect though. We really enjoyed ourselves! The girl running the show was VERY polite and VERY friendly. We ended up chatting with her for a while after we escaped. All in all, a very good experience, and worth your time if you like escape rooms!

Steven Ferrell

Kenny Morgan

Andrea Foster

Great experience. Worth the money.

Anami Cohly (student)

I had an amazing time! My mom and suite mate went there tonight and had a blast! We did the Lost Cabin. The staff was very friendly and sweet! We will definitely be coming back and recommending this place to all of our friends!

R Company

Super fun, guide was super friendly place was very clean and nice will def do another room soon

Ucona Carter

Hayden Hunter

Demetrice Davis

Loved it!!! Awesome place for fun adventure and team building exercises!!!

Mista Magic

Had a great time, had friends from out of town they had a blast. We will be coming back for more. This my 3rd time going I'm old can't remember anything so it's fun for me to keep coming back over and over again.


I made a reservation here for our annual Spirit Day at Cintas.This place exceeded all of our expectations! Everyone had a blast and the staff were awesome! Please come and check this place out!

Angie Pulliam

We had an amazing time at 601 Escape Room. The staff is so friendly and fun! Grab some friends and go!!! You will not regret it!

J. K.

Mama Mia

We had a great time in the LostCabin. We got out with 8 minutes to spare. Fun new mechanisms. Go to the rest room before you get locked in!

Grouchy Corpse

I really enjoyed it here. I have gone here on two occasions. The 1st time I went with a birthday party group of a group of roughly 6 friends. We really enjoyed it. But, it is actually pretty hard. The second time we escaped with not a second left, literally. It is most fun with smaller groups though. I say this, because it can get kind of crowded in one room, and you may end up doing nothing in a large group.

Kristina Hawkins

Brooks Taylor

Really fun rooms. We had Hayden as our game master, he did a great job of keeping us moving without giving too much away. We did Prison Break today, challenging and fun. Recommend this place if you're looking for something outside of the box for entertainment.

Jonathan Neely

The lost cabin was a great time with friends and family. Awesome team builder, it took all of us to escape the cabin! TEAM WORK..!! Oh! and they serve beer too!!

kross cotton

Paul Landry

As far as escape rooms go this place sets the bar! They have great puzzles and room designs. There was so much detail in the Lost Cabin room. You can really tell how much work has been put into these room designs. Great staff!! Super friendly and outgoing. I would highly recommend! Can't wait for them to get their other 3 rooms completed.

Christopher Nichols

Alysse McDaniel

Jason Wood

Nice place.

Janet Berry

Great escape room!!! Will definitely be going back. It also has a kid's escape room and my son wants to have his birthday party there. Great change from the normal bounce house or having to clean my house for friends coming over.

Roshandra McGloster

Brian Herring

Excellent escape room

chris blansett

The lost cabin room was probably the most fun I have had in my adult life! My daughter took some family and friends for her 12th birthday party. It was clean and exciting family fun. Everyone from the 10 year old to the 50 year old contributed to our escape with 48 seconds remaining! I literally smiled the whole way home. I can’t wait to try a different room. Shout out to our game master Bob who kept us going with some subtle, but clutch clues.

Harley Love

My friends and I had a great experience at the 601 Escape Rooms. It’s a very easy location to find off of State St. in Jackson, Ms. The employees were very respectful of everyone’s time. I can’t give away any spoilers but the rooms I’ve played there are very well put together. I would recommend any group of friends, family, or coworkers to try out a “escape room” at 601 Escape Rooms!!

Paige Smith

So much fun!! The staff is the most welcoming bunch you'll find! The place is so nice, clean and super cool. I can't wait for them to finish their new rooms. The Lost Teddy, the kids had so much fun!! And the Cabin we did and loved! Highly recommend! We will be back!

David Grimmer

Great fun


We went today and we did not eh l escape. We had a great time. The staff were very kind and helpful. They sale quality beer and cater to kids also. I recommend you check it out. Lots of fun. Chris Lemacks

LaTisha Jackson

It is sooo fun. I am totally addicted to the puzzles and games. If you havent had the experience, then you are missing out!

Betty Bailey

Steven Coke

Incredible experience. Highly recommend if you like a challenge.

edgar franklin

David Kazery

Vicktorhia Sharon Harris

Love it. Excellent group excursion

Rachael Curtis

Christopher Walker

Great, friendly staff. Lots of fun!

Megan Whitacre

Andrew Culpepper

Well put together

Jon Cole

Clarice Lewis

Great entertainment!

Sharon Brown

Kris J

Great place to have fun with friends

Kathleen Smith

Really enjoyed this escape room! The decor and environment was very nice from the second you step into the building. Loved the ideas within the "Cabin" room! I highly recommend!

Sabrina Gell

I love escape rooms! We have been the last two weekends, and I really enjoyed it here. I've been to several rooms in a few different cities. The first room we did was good but not great. The second room was awesome (Lost Cabin)! Lost Cabin might be one of my favorite rooms. Both times we had Brianna as our gamemaster. She's fantastic; she didn't give hints out easily, which I think is good, because it's supposed to be challenging. She was helpful, though. Can't wait to go back and do another room.

Paul Prestage

Great time!

Blake Bell

Morgan Johnson

Lots of fun! Bob is a great game master! Even though we did the hardest room and didn't escape, it was a good experience. :D

Court D

Lots of fun, very interactive. Awesome for groups.

Nam Truong

Larry Gladden

What a GREAT experience. This is perfect for a group of friends, an employee outing or team building. I will definitely be back to try the other rooms.

Tahkera Anderson

Marty Walden

Cedric Thames II

We had a great time at 601 Escape Rooms!!!!!! Room was definitely challenging our group made it with just over a minute left!!!!! We will definitely be going back!!!!! Shout out to our game master Hayden...keep up the great work guys!!!!!

James Morgan

Vanessa White

Roshon Rockingham

Eboni Johnson

This was a fun experience and the staff was very friendly. Definitely would do this again.

Forlisha Fisher

Jami Watson

This was awesome!!! Can't wait til the other rooms are open and can come back again!

davon mcgloster

Dallis Ketchum

Excellent experience! We can't wait to go back!

Emily Ballenger

Michael Bilbo

Nate Cooper

Great fun place

Travis Morgan

Luretha Burns

Awesome place to visit. Our mistress of ceremony went right into character. The puzzles were not really difficult so you're not discouraged to continue. Had a wonderful time and was even given 5 more minutes to complete the last room puzzle! Thanks you.

Cassandra Stubblefield

We had so much fun!! It's worth the drive and the money! Great for some group fun! Great staff! All I will say is bring your thinking caps!!

Kirstie Bailey

Brittany Riley

Patrice Crockett

Awesome! Will definitely be going back to do another room!

Janice Bradley

Trudy Ivy

This was my first time in an Escape room. I loved it. 601 Escape Rooms are fantastic!

aisha walker

Great fun

Nichole Lemacks

My husband and I had a great time! It was his first time visiting an escape room and my second. Everything about the experience here was great, the people, the atmosphere and the room was awesome!! I highly recommend!!! We will definitely be back!

Heather McLendon

Loved everything about this place!!

Jomeika Ruth

We Had A BLAST!!! Great brain exercise!!

Zoe Robinson

Mahalia Pennaman

Frankie Young

Nick Castleberry


Wendy Stucker

This place is really cool. The room we did was very fun and challenging, but we escaped with a few clues and only seconds to spare. It's a great team building activity, especially for businesses' employees. The staff is excellent. They are very creative and friendly. I was amazed at the woodwork in in the lobby and found out that one of the girls there built it. Very cool! I highly recommend it!

Deanna Walley

Ivan Mims

Greg Clark

Joey Fletcher

This place was amazing! Took my pregnant wife on her 37th birthday with a group of 8 and we all had a blast! The room was challenging enough that we failed to escape but fun enough that we had an amazing time. I can't remember the last time that 60 minutes past so quickly! All of the employees were incredibly friendly and helpful. Highly recommend to anyone needing a good, wholesome activity!

owen smith

Makes a great friday night!

Anna Celeste

AJ Mafia

Justin McCabe

So much fun and they really took care of our group!

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