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REVIEWS OF Science Museum of Minnesota IN Minnesota

Super Stoltz

Great place to take the kids or a date. Tons of exhibits with hands on learning for the kids and a good revision for the adults too

Kymberlyn Booker

Makes learning fun. Great for all ages, exhibits change often enough and has great views.

Jim Jackson

Poor customer service staff made us feel like we were bothering them when getting tickets. VERY hard for handicapped person to use the theater. The whole staff could have cared less if we were there or not. The National Park movie was a joke, better shows on National Geographic channel, save your money. Bad show,crappie employees.....not worth the hassle...

Nate Mitchell

Exhibits are fantastic. The chomp grill on level 3 was a different story. Horrible service. I will not return here again.


Love this place! You will never get bored and the Omni theater makes it twice as fun and awesome to visit

Rebecca Ts

Good place to spend your saturday! Bring your kids.

Glenn Duffield

Great place to spend an afternoon if you're visiting the Twin Cities. Interesting science exhibits for young and old plus excellent movies in the Omnitheater. Reasonable prices. Try one of the salads in museum restaurant if you get hungry.

Faisal Masood

Minnesota Science Museum is a fun activity place for the whole family. Lots of things to learn, experiment and play for Einstien in you. Omni theatre there has excellent documentaries. Sands of the world, dinosaurs, health science experiments, egyptian mummy, cultures of world information are amazing.

Taylor W

I went here for a work event once. Very nice place.

Mick Dutcher

Absolutely great way to spend a day with the family. You can easily spend several hours here and not see it all. Everything is very hands on with multiple floors of learning and fun for kids of all ages. The displays and activities will appeal to kids with all kinds of interests ranging from biology to weather and technology. Definitely give yourself plenty of time to enjoy it. Plenty of parking on site by virtue of a parking ramp located under the building. If you plan on visiting more than once, consider a family membership, which may be more cost effective for you and includes discounted parking.

Asante Simmons

Idk which is more fun science museum or kids museum. Either way I love both. Can't wait for the NASA exhibit to come to the science museum.

Zachary Young

Exhibits were nice. But warned of closing only 10 minutes before close, got to the gift shop 5 minutes before close and they turned us around and wouldn't let us purchase anything.

J Carl

Always fun to look around and liked the new BodyWorlds exhibit.

Alanna Halloran

Such a great place to visit with your family! Always new attractions; it never gets old! Totally recommend for all ages.

Joey Diderrich

This is an excellent way to spend a day. It is incredibly interactive and informative. If you are willing to make a five-ten minute, you can find free parking on weekends.


I was up here for meeting and wanted to see some site at the museum. Checked web site to make sure it was open. It was. Uber over walked in and was told that it was close for cleaning. Not from here didn’t know and wasn’t on web site that it wasn’t open!! Cost me $60 for rides and didn’t see anything. Wasn’t happy. I was given a pass to get in for free at later date but want be here to use it.

Isaac Romsdahl

Incredible collection of questionable medical devices. Lots of dinosaur displays. Omnitheater is a must see. Rotating smaller exibits are always worth a visit as well, right now the biomechanical display had lots of facts I did not know about grip strength, jaw bones, and the evolution of flight between birds, mammals and insects.

Gilbert Vera

Awesome place to take children, theres so many things to see and explore from ancient fossils to bears and much much more. They constantly add new stuff!

Dana Aycock

I've been to several science museums around the country (St. Louis, Portland, etc.) and this was, by far, the best one I have been to. Most science museums are geared more towards children. This one had a lot of activities for children, but there were also many exhibits that were adult friendly. You can spend a lot of time here, if you wanted. There is a café at the museum so you can spend a few hours looking around and then eat lunch. There are many interesting exhibits and displays I enjoyed the seeing the dinosaur bones and fossils. There is also a real mummy, which was very interesting to learn about.

Jerel Howland

An amazing science museum. Lots of and hands-on activities, and the amazing Omnimax theater that fills you view with the movie.

Douglas Gawtry

Always a good place to take the kids on a day when it is too hot or too cold. My kids love all of the interactive displays. The omni is always fun and the fact that they built the entire building around the mechanism for it is pretty cool too.

Brett Johnson

Just moved from California and this is one of the best science museums I have ever been to. It includes a great regional science area as well as tons of dinosaur bones, hands on exhibits and live shows. Don't miss the Omni theatre that is on premises.

Sarah Wolfert

This was our first stop on a Best Friend Road Trip in mid-June. Entrance was less than $15, and the museum is HUGE. 3 levels of interactive exhibits, as well as an impressive collection of fossils and dinosaur bones.They also had a real mummy! He's pretty hidden, so make sure you find him, you won't just bump into it. I will definitely go back if I'm in the area again.

Michael Nordstrom

I took my adult daughter to the Science Museum and the Omni Theater to see the film, "Wolves". The film was grossly dated (circa, mid-1990's) and our visit was January 2018. That wasn't the worst part, however. The film definitely had a "lecturing" spin to it by blaming the Europeans for the demise of the wolves and hailing the American Indians as the only righteous humans that existed. If you're looking for an afternoon filled with some White Guilt finger-wagging, this is the ticket, otherwise find something else to do for 40 minutes.

Foxymaniac 7

Ohhh where to begin! This place is unbelievable!! If you have kids heck even if you don't you need to visit this museum! Great for kids or the parent that's still a kid at heart!! So many things to try, play and just do. It's a 5 star museum all the way! They always have something new when we go. You even find new things even if you come here a lot! If you're in Minnesota this is a must go place! Bring the kids bring the whole family. Either way your going to have a blast!!

Josh Kirkpatrick

A great place to bring kids of all ages! There's always so much to see here. My kids love the Omni theater, dinosaurs, and the changing new exhibits every year.

kenna ballard

I've always loved the science museum and have been taking my kids for years and now would like to start taking my grandbabies. However, they are getting too political for me....between joining the climate strike and the racial justice exhibit they have crossed the line of being for everyone! I would rather not waste the $$$$ paid for them to push their political views.

Paula Monk

All the exhibits were amazing but what truly made the experience one of a kind was how welcoming, knowledgeable, and kind all the staff were. From staff at the food counters to exhibit staff and others doing demonstrations, it was a wonderful day.

Robert B

What a great place. The kids have as much fun as the adults!

Joel Anderson

Avoid when busy, and parking + ticket price is too much. Otherwise great for kids.

James Greathouse

We have been members of the Science Museum of Minnesota for several years. There is always something new to discover even after years of going there. The Omni theater is always great to see interesting documentaries.

Jacqueline Whylly

Great place to bring your family.

Renato Quinn

When we visit science museums(which we do frequently) they are often filled with things that are broken or are under repair-kids play hard & break stuff. Here though, we only found 1 thing that didn't work! Everything was clean and the right amount of informative. We really came for the video game exhibit which made the teens happy as well as their 40-ish parents. Everyone got to play lots of classic and modern games. I'm sure there were things I should have read and learned, but really it was just fun to play them. Later we watched a dry ice show with a great host who explained things very well. The sports part of the museum made some in our group happy too. Don't miss the musical stairs either-4 kids cooperating can actually play a song!

Johaun Nguon

My whole class went and the other two classes,went to for are field trip I love this place its amazing

Jason Essig

Very cool place, great learning experience for children. Tickets were just under $20 for an adult but you can easily spend a couple hours there. The show I wanted to see sold out right as I got to the counter after waiting in a 40 minute ticket line, it was a Saturday afternoon though. I recommend buying tickets online, the $3 convenience fee dissuaded me from doing so on my phone as I was waiting in the line but in retrospect it would've been the right decision.

Anthony Pena

They have the Best Fossil exhibit.

sanjith abraham

Awesome experience , lots of interactive exhibits and live presentation. Kids will really enjoy the time

Richard Meaux

Lots of fun interactive exhibits. Omani was great too.

Will Kibbe

One of my favorite museums. Lots of very informative hands-on exhibits and great films.


Great place to spend an entire day! I love the way it's set up so it doesnt seem so crowded when it's actually packed. Also love that they have traveling exhibits so it's not all the same everytime we go. Easy and accessible parking - love that. We also love all the food places there, good and fresh eats and friendly staff. Gift shop needs work with items offered and helpfulness of staff. Overall, a great experience every time though!

Arthur Rodriguez

Lots of informative hands on areas. My 3 year old had a great time.

Marc Asch

Wonderful for kids and adults. Imax is great. The special exhibits see well chosen. The exhibit on the entry of Europeans to Minnesota is very well done. The musical stairs are a treat. So by the National Park Service desk by the entrance.

Anil Maddimsetti

Super fun and educative place to spend time at. Great exhibits especially the space part of the museum. The IMAX dome is an amazing experience with the super large screen that moves around for the show, along with an awesome seating arrangement.

Michael Jansen

Took the family this past weekend and then to the Omni theater to see Apollo 11. The exhibit on race was interesting, but I thought the museum might offer a lot more newer exhibits. I think some of the exhibits I saw were there when I came on a class trip as a kid. The Omni theater was good. But in this day and age of digital, it was a little bit of a let down. Film was grainy and not shot for an Omni screen, of course. But we still had a pretty good time and would recommend going at least once.

Amanda Danielstad

We always love coming here! So much to do, so much to see. Can't wait for our next visit!!

Michael Kearns

Fun, but not cheap. Admission for a family of four, two kids, two adults, was $56. Parking is also $9+ depending on how long you stay. Lots of stuff to see. Interactive for the kids. Would go back.

Mike Verhulst

The museum was awesome; though it felt fairly small. (That may just be due to the fact I'm so very used to the museum of science and industry in Chicago, however) The museum is very interactive and a lot of fun, so long as you're okay with waiting a moment to try the interactives. As a side note- The food is heavily over priced, so you're better off bringing something from home.


Soooo disappointed. This is a bonafide children's museum. What little there was to see was overrun with kids (there was an extra group of 129 of what looked like 2nd grade kids added to the usual amount). Some areas were utilized like a neighborhood park for moms to visit and let the kids run unrestricted. The Omnitheater was closed on Friday at 2pm. This was a phenominal museum at one time and we wanted our son to experience that. Instead he left with a headache.

Andrew Meyer

They consistently have great exhibits, and it’s a favorite destination for our family. An annual membership pays for itself with a couple visits. It includes Omitheater admission.

Maria M.

Took an hour to find parking...worse experience EVER.

Daniel Harris

The always rotating exhibits mean there's always something new to see and experience. It's always so much fun.

KB 954

The Omni Theater is closed until October and a lot of the science exhibit that kids can experience are not in working order.

Judith Hale

Fabulous place! Omni theater on rocky Mountain express was incredible. Thank goodness for pioneers. Beautiful scenery

Oscar Tavera

This place has tons of interactive exhibits, the layout is separated in different levels but it is very well organized. It looked like they were updating some sections in the prehistoric area but everything else was vey well maintained. It was a great place to stay during the rain and in 4 hours I was able to see and read about 95% of everything. Would definitely recommend visiting. Great for children and adults

Michael Tangen

A fantastic learning destination for kids and parents alike, but plan on going elsewhere for lunch....really. Our kids enjoy almost everything about the Science Museum and there's a lot for them to do and see — but the food is terrible and extremely over-priced. Quite frankly, you'd be better off taking a short walk to some of the other restaurants nearby for lunch, and then coming back to finish out your day at the museum.

casper Disaster

Cool, but not as hood as it was when I was a kid.

J Hiers

Just visited the Science Museum and toured the Mummy exhibit. I thought it was laid out strangely and there wasn't much that stood out. The lighting was poor and it was uncomfortably warm. Also attended the Omni Theater National Parks show. I enjoyed the material but the video and audio were fuzzy and of poor quality. How can my neighborhood theater be so much better than this fancy production The Science Museum doesn't hesitate to charge top dollar for everything they're selling including food and beverages. They cap it off by charging $10 to park for 4 hours. Restrooms are hard to find and good luck locating a water fountain. Most of the staff seems uninspired. Not a good experience, I won''t be back.

kelly Obinger

We took our kids to the Science Museum this week and was again amazed at the learning experiences for our kids. We try to go every year and our kids just love going. They learn something new each time we go. We love the tours and all the special exhibits. What a wonderful treasure to have in our Twin Cities metro area.

Mista DRG

This place is a lot of fun, it's definitely family friendly. I'm looking forward to going back

Betsy Donaldson

Always love coming here. There are so many things to do and see and we can spend hours every time!

Ina Nikutsyeva

I would come back. We spent there 3-4 hours there and ot was not enough for us. Very cool place for kids

Casandra Eimers

This was great for my two children 1 and 3. Variety of learning from historical to science. Alot of activities throughout the 3 levels. They also have a space for you to be actively involved with your body

John Incha

Great place for all ages!! I've been coming here my whole life. A wonderful place to learn and spend time with people. Must go if you're visiting the Twin Cities.

Corin Globstad

I've been here many times and it hasn't really changed except the special exhibits. But it still so much fun for the whole family

Brittany Miller

Great Museum, but wish it did not cost so much for entry or events. LOVE the musical stairs and the omni-theater is great!!!

Serra Crowley

This museum was one of the highlights of my trip to Minnesota this summer. As an engineering student, I had a blast in this museum that had exhibits from many different emphasis areas. I also enjoyed the Mississippi River exhibit which was an in depth look at life before the city was built.

Jenny Collins

I have been to the Museum a handful of times and always had a lot of fun. It really fun to go with friends, your family, the exhibits are all very fun and the IMAX movies are usually pretty interesting. But the food quite bad, it’s best to bring your own snacks. I would really recommend visiting the Museum.

elizabeth zocher

Excellent museum! My husband and I (late 20s) visited on a snowy day off. Plenty of “child” type exhibits, but PLENTY to see for adults as well. We highly recommend the hands-on bottom floor! The only complaint is the price. We didn’t get to see everything, but we can’t come back during this vacation because the price is a bit too high.

Joe Pettit

I love this place, its a bit different from what I have traditionally experienced with a museum, most of the stuff is interactive and hands on. On the bottom floor they have a pretty neat assortment of interactive displays demonstrating a variety of things with electricity. They have dinosaur fossils (who doesn't like dinosaurs?) and an interesting health oriented exhibit (including some interesting outdated health devices - think shock therapy, light therapy, things like that). Highly recommend picking up the membership, definitely worth it.

Heather Breyer

Love the exhibits, but they're always out of food for my kid so we have to leave early. If you go eat beforehand.

Taunya Dev

They took away so much, not alot left to do there, need to change it up again.. bring back special things to see, I remember it being bigger ...and more stuff to look at and learn about, and now changed it to more interactive with kids. Which is fine but don't take away from the adult aspect of things.. some do not have children around anymore. And want education.. not the same exhibits and every time you go it's even more kids things.. keep the body's, mummies, dinosaurs ...and st .paul past.. but just change it up more adult.. there is a children's science museum for a reason. And for 19.00 should be worth it, and just not anymore. I was not happy last 3 times going there.. more and more disappointed every time.

Phoenix Goodboy

Came here for a school field trip and I have some awesome memories. It's huge and fun. Just all around Amazing experience. Will take the family here from time to time.


Decent. We came at about 2 and there were about 8,000,000 kids per square inch. After the omnitheatre, which ended at 5, then the whole museum was a blast!

Melissa Lee

Awesome way to spend the day with my 8 year old! We are members and have made great use of this wonderful place. We’ve seen almost all the Omni movies and especially loved the Game Changers Exhibit. Once we were there and saw a whole crew of Star Wars characters that were so real looking!!

Lonny Strommen

Always a good time, so much to see, the staff and coordinators must work super hard to put it all together, great job

Tina Huang

Love it. My 7 year old still loves the science museum and we've had a membership since he was 4. We just went to the Pixar exhibit which he and his friend really enjoyed and he never gets tired of the hands on exhibits. This is also the first time we haven't watched an Omnitheater movie despite having already watched the same one 3 times already.

Jeffrey Brightman

I enjoyed this museum! Lots of fun interactive props and the staff members are friendly and knowledgeable. Also, the gift shop has a lot of cool things for all ages.

Christina Coden

What a fun place!! We stopped in because it was freezing, and they have quite a few interesting exhibits, as well as numerous hands-on exhibits! Check it out!!

Olivia Villeneuve

I've been there at least 5 times and it's always a great time. The permanent and traveling exhibits are both very nice each time I go

Amy Policarpio

We really enjoyed our day here while visiting Minnesota. Lots of hands on activities, we loved all the exhibits. It's a beautiful location as well. Parking was a little frustrating, but other than that we loved it

Bessie Petty

Can easily spend an entire afternoon here. Many, many exhibits to keep everyone entertained and curious. Great for all ages but not really great for the very young. I would say 4 or 5 years old is the minimum age otherwise you'll want to visit the Children's Museum.

Indy Larsen

Fun, but the gift shop was lame cuz my mom wouldn't let me get the stuffed dinosaur://

Pat Pullaguari

I really recommend it. There are a lot of things to see. I enjoyed visiting the museum.

Matthew Deweese

We visited here with a large work group of Exhibit designers. We had an amazing experience! About 95% of everything was interactive and very well put together. Even as adults, we played around and learned for over 2 hours. The variety was also really well thought out. The next exhibit is on vintage video games! I wish it would have been ready! Highly recommended for families or just anyone that wants to learn and tinker!


My family loves this place. There is so much to see and do. I do avoid this place when it’s busy. I would also recommend that you don’t bring a stroller and have a need to use the elevator. They are slow and when it’s busy, good luck! The food that I have gotten here has not been good. I got a pretzel and a slushy. The slushy was so sour I couldn’t have any. Neither could my family. It was a waste. The Omni theater was fun. It’s kinda old and needs updating. The projector is loud. The overall experience is good. Staff throughout the museum are friendly and helpful.

*.Claire Bear.*

It was cool and there is a GIANT astronaut by the stair case. There's musical stairs, massage chair, a treat spot. But it has learning stuff that children might not like but the activities are great!

Kamel Man

- Amazing. - Make sure you go all the way down & see . - the Top Floor Has an Amazing View to the River .

Nora Kirscht

Exhibits were fun and educational! Went to see Apollo 11 and that was a let down. I don’t think it was made to be seen in the Omni theater. It was also boring.

Kellee ' Krouse

Great exhibits! And delicious food

Jennifer Nguyen

Great place for curious little ones and adults. There's so much to see from dinosaur fossils, Minnesota history and culture, an exhibit about race and a few traveling exhibits. Recently checked out traveling exhibit "the science behind Pixar," it was awesome!

Hannah Gustafson

Enjoying taking my kids there! Lots of fun activites to do and keeps them entertained for hours. Also the place is kept cool with lots of restrooms and drinking fountains. Also, good food options though a bit pricey.

Faustino Garcia

The science museum is a fun place to go for adults and children. There are many exhibits to see and there always making it interesting because there's always something different its never the same thing. The omni theater is awesome as well as the staff that work there. I suggest people plan a visit to the museum its a good learning facility for everyone.

Mick Birtles

Had a good visit here with the family highly recommend this place

Nathaniel Tower

Great place to take kids. My 6-year-old loved it here, especially the dinosaurs and the musical stairs. So did I! We could have spent the whole day here, but it got really crowded and it was tough to get to a lot of the hands-on exhibits. If you can, I'd recommend going on a weekday. Will definitely return.

Jesse Gardner

Been going here my whole life. Fantastic place with awesome experiments and learning activities

J Benson

Went to an event which was marketed as a speakeasy night. It was HORRIBLE. Left right away. Waste of more than $50. The whole night was a bust. If the people running this place had any character, they would refund everyone for this terribly ran event.

Randy Studt

If you have children, this is a must experience. My 10 year old daughter enjoyed many of the exhibits. As an engineering major and professional pilot I could not get enough. The location has a beautiful view of the river and the area seemed safe for public transportation from the Mall of America. The food options were pretty fair for a museum as well. It is a little expensive for admission but there is a variety of exhibits and shows and you could be there for hours. I highly recommend for anyone.

aslam himatzai

Great place and a great experience , just visited today!

Nicosia Hammond

Great museum for all ages... a variety of interactive exhibits for all ages. Way tj get to located in st paul right on the Mississippi river. Lower member prices for lowerncome individuals. Several floors with dinosaurs, human bodies, light, water, animals until 9pm..even great for dates!

Scott Graham

This is ONLY for children. Everything is interactive and ready to be banged on, twisted, or pushed. Fine for kids, but there is absolutely nothing for adults AT All.

laura Wright

We had a great time here! It was floors of fun and you can stay for hours with new stuff to do! I love the experiment section! You must must go!

Armando Gutierrez II

Always 5 stars here adults and kids! Come see Pete Talbot and his amazing cardboard art before they leave on the 12th!

Sean Whelan

One star review for the IT department from a member family living locally with small children. We all love the science museum, treasure our family membership, and have never had an ill interaction with any staff member or volunteer. The online experience however has been so aggravating that to say tech support isn't doing its job would be false: there is no tech support. We've filed complaints to no avail, no acknowledgement of receipt, no improvements in our experience the next time. The worst is watching employees and volunteers having to apologize for a problem they are unable to fix, nor do they seem to even know who to report to in order to begin addressing issues like this. Regardless if this, we will keep our membership and continue to attend exhibits and films with our kids. The museum and its staff are worth the aggravation.

John Apples

While amazing, I wish that they could update to new exhibits more often!

Ramesh Ramakrishnan

it will pick the intellectual curiosity of an 8 month to an 80 year old

Francis Esmonde-White

Terrific museum. I hope to return. Could easily spend a whole day here.

Bucky Strong

We had the bestest time and I do know how to spell but it begs the extra spellege...that isn't a word either but who cares?! We acted like children and we ranged from 60-90 years of age. Dang it was fun and entrancing and just such a dang good family thing to do. Kids were having a ball and so were the adults. You can challenge yourself mathematically, physically, mentally, artistically, visually, musically...just everything! Wowee again. Extremely highly recommend for EVERYBODY OF ALL AGES!

Tammy Leroux

A great place to visit. Make sure to save the whole day for this. We spent a lot of time on the main floor. There is an area where you can trade stuff in and get points. There were 2 guys at the counter and they were very informed with all the stuff. We spent so much time talking to them and seeing all the neat stuff they've collected. I never thought rocks could be so amusing. They also have ginormous astronaut! We didn't care much for the second floor, so we skipped it and went to the bottom floor. My son and I loved building the dinosaur bones and seeing evolution through the fossils. The guy there didn't really know much when we asked questions, that sucked. We also really liked the athletic area. The racing was really fun. We were also very amused with the stairs. They are like a piano. We played songs then tried really hard to not make a sound, my son loved it.

Kassandra Harrison

Way too crowded! I wish workers were manning stations to be able to give more kids chances- when there are school groups there forget about being able to do things because the kids all budge and don’t respect lines!

Jess Tiffany

Amazing family fun!

Mark E

First, it is a science museum which are awesome. Second, the exhibits are great, from the dinosaur fossils to the new mental illness feature. The Lego skyscraper s are amazing and worth seeing on their own.

Scott Peitzer

This is a great place to bring your kids. It’s fun for grownups too. I recommend it highly.

Bridget Bengtson

Never a disappointment.

Jill Casiday

A must visit location that is fun for kids and alot of fun


My first science museum, pretty cool. There are games that you or your children can play. There are very awesome things and things about history, a lot of science things. Great museum overall it was fun.

Bridget Nicholson

Was a very cool place to go with a lot of interactive exhibits for children. The place is giant! Have been there about three times, will probably go back if given the chance.

Leaf Fael

Awesome science museum! I've been to many different science museums all over the US and this is the best one! Plan to spend 3+ hours. Friday was too busy with summer camps while Sunday was the perfect volume. From hands-on to high tech you will not be disappointed. Also, the gift shop had the best selection of science items...well thought out!

child of darkness

The exhibits were fun and very entertaining and hands-on. This is a great place to bring children. Kids of all ages -- yes, even your teenager! -- will enjoy the things the Science Museum has to bring. I strongly recommend watching something in the Omnitheater, it's AMAZING. A wonderful place to be!

Eric Draeger

We visit every time we are in St. Paul area. Took our nine year old this visit and she absolutely loved it. Interesting things for adults to do and lots of hands on things for children. Omnitheater is excellent as well and a great deal if you buy combo museum/ movie tickets.

Ryan Hunter

Very few places have figured-out Experiential Learning quite like the Science Museum of Minnesota. If you have a Novelty Seeking (NS) personality with a bent for exploration and discovery, you’ll know exactly what I mean. And if you grew up visiting the SMM as a kid (like me), you just might find your childhood imagination all over again. Btw, the Elements Cafe has Taco’s Pastor that puts other Mexican restaurants to shame. #MustTry Minnesota wouldn’t be Minnesota without SMM. #BringAKid

David Reimer

** Review for Omnitheater Only ** OUTDATED FILMS We were excited to see two of five shows at the Omnitheater, advertised in our AAA magazine. We saw "Ring of Fire" and "Tornado Alley". We were terribly disappointed in the film quality, not as much for Tornado Alley, as that film was made in 2012, but for Ring of Fire. The date of production on that - 1991!!!?? The volcanic activity along the Pacific rim is super fascinating, but you're telling me you can't get your hands on newer data and a more up to date documentary than from nearly 30 years ago?? For that reason alone, we will not visit the Omnitheatrer again unless we can verify the date of their films first.

Brian Wiedeke

Always a fun time, the kids find new ways to engage with the activities every time. Science of Sport exhibit is lots of fun for the kids.

Najeem Baysudee

Amazing fun for kids and adults alike! They have plenty of exhibits and things to see/do to keep you and your family entertained for hours. They also have convenient Cafe's where you can grab refreshments or a light lunch to keep you going. It can get a bit expensive, but it's totally worth it!

Raul Vazquez

Definitely one of my favorite museums. You can easily spend all day there. Love the omnitheatre.

Jake Kelley

the science museum has always got something very interesting going on. the displays are always stunning and you have a great opportunity to learn a lot. however, I have had the great pleasure of working with the science museum on a few different occasions and honestly the employees there are so much more interesting than their artifacts. these people are brilliant minds with such colorful backgrounds and such intriguing stories. I love this place for so many reasons. a great way to spend a day.

Jeremy Lattimore

We always love taking the kids to the science museum. So much for them to see and do. The traveling exhibits are always so fun. This time we got to see geek out to video game history exhibit that let us play games from the original days all the way thru to the new ones. The girls also loved the sport science area where they could learn so much about the science behind sports. So much hands on available!

Ashley Fuentes

pretty good place

Jennifer Sofie

We love the Science Museum! So much to see and do. We come at least four times a year!

Jeannine Marie

Such a cool place! A must-do for anyone in the Twin Cities! Also, for those looking for a wedding venue- this is such a fun and unique option! I recently photographed a wedding here and it was such a blast! The staff did an amazing job and I had so much fun exploring the museum with the couple & wedding party for fun photo ops!

Jessi Sylvestre

Lots of fun and very educational. The free fall show about gravity was pretty cool. My 5 year old son's favorite part was learning about sound waves.

Renée Gherity

Fun for the whole family. Social Science nights are great for date night or an adult night out. The experience is pricey but worth it. Parking can be difficult and/or an added expense; take public transit, if possible.

Jared M

I was very disappointed in the science museum. I get the opportunity to travel and in make it a habit to visit museums in my spare time and sadly this was not a good science museum. Less than half the museum was really science related with an oddly large exhibit area related to social and race justice that didn't fit what should be in a science museum at all. I don't know who the museum and exhibit directors are but they seem confused. The Omni theater was ok, but seems like it is due for an equipment upgrade. Overall the museum had a few good exhibits, but was very disappointing.

Francis Picard

I love science and therefore I adore and love the Science Musem of Minnesota! I honestly wish this place had an age restriction because when people bring their ill mannered children that are all under the age of 5, this place turns into a zoo. Not the museum or the children's fault, but rather the lazy adults that these kids unfortunately have to call their mother and father. Help them and the rest of us Science Museum of Minnesota; let's keep it educational and professional.

Dolores Olson

Super modern building, great exhibits, extremely clean great way to spend an afternoon!

Will Gayther

Costs and Scheduling Are The Worst. It's like travelling back to 1995 when no one was any good at online scheduling. My credit card got charged for the tickets, but then no confirmation. Do I have them? Will they be there when I show up? No way to know. They charge you extra for buying tickets ahead of time. Be prepared when you show up to pay a large amount of money for parking as well, something they don't mention online. One section of the site lists some things, another lists others, there's no section in your account for the tickets you bought. Just awful. Every few years I forget how awful it is, sign up for something, then am reminded.

Linda Gillin

This place is fantastic. We brought our boy here and spent over 4 hours, and still didn't see everything. There's tons of interactive displays, things to learn, and interesting things to do. We all enjoyed it.

Tori Flores

We brought our kids here for the first time ever and they loved it! There's just so much to see and do. Some of the best parts were the dinosaur exhibits, the box-building area, the tornado, the sports science area, and the omni theater. This is a great place to spend the day! Also - if you are on any kind of government assistance, just bring in proof and you'll get in for DIRT CHEAP. We showed our kids' MA cards to the ticket-taker and she let all four of us get in for less than $20! Because of the deep discount, we decided to splurge and eat dinner there, which was insanely delicious.

Allison Wright

Loved the science museum however not a ton of stuff that we found for my two year old to do. There is an awesome mini golf course outside on floor 1 (costs extra!) and my son jumped in one of the rivers so went shoeless the rest of the afternoon. If you plan to go to the Big Backyard exhibit bring a whole extra set of clothes including shoes! Or wear sandals! We will definitely come back!

Bruce Bekkerus

It was a great time. Do not be in a hurry. All day is great! Lots to do and see.Good food!

Joel Baker

SO much to do, so little time! The signs explaining the different exhibits are thorough, and encourage learning by doing. Almost everything is hands on. Their new "Sportsology" exhibit was some of the most fun I have had in a long time! Where else can you sprint in a race side-by-side a simulated T-Rex?

Ima Highass

Well, it's the Science Museum, so it's obviously a great place to spend the day discovering and learning. Be sure to check out Omni-Fest, we look forward to it every year. The museum has many engaging permanent exhibits and continues to bring in many new and exciting limited time exhibits as well. Membership is very affordable and offers a few benefits, such as: discounted parking (even for event parking), free Omni Theater tickets for every visit, and a discount in their amazing gift shop. And speaking of the gift shop, you have to try the "astronaut ice cream" and old fashioned rock candy. No trip would be complete without any treats!

Jason Bryant

Good: Awesome exhibits for kids. Bad: The snack bar near Sportsology says it closes at 7 pm. We tried to order a Cobb Salad and a few things for the kids and were told they were getting ready to close. So we had to get some things in the tray. The kids things were still available - but when you “start to close” at 6:25 ... that’s laziness. It wasn’t like we were ordering a three-course meal at 6:55. There were still plenty of patrons but the menu was there and hours said open until 7. Shutting it down at 6:25 will make us re-think our food options when we visit in the evenings again. Great place other than the lackluster service.

Dean Perry

Good family fun lots to see

West Altenburg

I came here on a class trip and quickly became bored. When I went to the chomp Cafe I was disgusted by the health hazards such as the cooks grabbing food with their bare hands and not cleaning surfaces after dealing with meat. I will not be recommending this museum to anyone

Andrew Chasengnou

Spent about a good 4 hours here. A great experience for all ages. If you go on Sundays, there is free parking near Rice Park. It is also cheaper to park there versus the $20 fee for the parking ramp.

Mark Caruso

This is a great place to bring your family and especially your children. This museum has amazing views of the Mississippi River also it even has a mummy exhibit and a steamboat exhibit that looks out to the Mississippi River. The only bad thing about this place is the admission fee is a little bit expensive.

Clay Magnus

Best musuem in the twin cities. Check out the biggest movie screen around.

Billy Howell

This is the absolute best museum I have ever been to. I have never been to a museum where there is so much stuff to interact with. It’s gigantic as well so you’ll be in for a 3 hour outing. It’s very educational as well. Fun for all ages!

DIO'S World

I absolutely love this place there is no reason whatsoever to hate it and if you dobits on therw terms not the Museum's like come on the people here act like children.

ehron pena

I love this place ice gone to many museums however this one was fun for adults and kids they even have a caribou coffee inside what else can you ask for ?? The dino exhibit is cool and interactive on many levels with lots of great information as well. One of the highlights to me was the piano staircase it played notes as you walked thru... my nephews loved it, but so did i . They even have the dome theatre which is also pretty cool I watched a dino movie of some kind which I enjoyed. Over all I spent all day here and loved it. Side note: you do have to pay for parking and for admission.

Phil Seibel

We had a blast here, great fun for our entire family, it's was a great mix of levels of activity and lots of hands on learning. We spent 4 hours there and could have stayed longer. For the price it's a great value for family entertainment and well worth it. Parking in the ramp is convenient and it was handy to have multiple snack options. Highly recommend!

Stephanie Petersen

This was so much fun! Everything is interactive, lots of fun and family friendly exhibits. Loved our time there, and perfect for a date night!

Jay Wilson

My kids love it here....I do to lol

Rob Liebhart

The Science Museum of Minnesota is definitely a highlight of the Twin Cities! Becoming members will pay for itself in two visits, as it includes a free IMAX ticket each time. We thoroughly enjoyed the many levels of exhibits, including the interactive Sportsology ones. The higher levels also feature incredible views of the city and of the Mississippi River. There was way more than we could adequately explore in one visit, and we are already anticipating our return trip!

Mark Sundsrud

What can i say but its a great place for the whole family!!!

Keren Amaya Santodomingo

It was a nice place to visit, always great to go through all the science behind things. It is a little small I would think, but it's nice if you are bringing someone for the first time to a museum. I loved th giant astronaut in there and of course, fossils. I must say, and don't want to sound hateful, after having visited the science and industry museum in Chicago, I was not that impressed by this one, but I had fun.

korina rongitsch

Love this place and it's great for all ages. Great exhibits and the whole family loves omnifest. A highly recommended destination for visitors and locals.

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